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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  October 2, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> and i'm steve chenevey. a chilly 55 degrees or so. let's say good morning to tony perkins. >> good morning to both of you. a fine start to the day. might encounter a sprinkle or two as you are heading out. some light mist, but nothing significant. not a bad day today. we'll start with the satellite- radar composite for the region. you will see some of the clouds we have in over us. more cloud cover this morning than we had yesterday morning. you can see it there. you also see some of the precipitation off to the west. again, we can't rule out a sprinkle or two early this morning. nothing showing up on the radar at this moment. currently, reagan national airport, 55 degrees. and the forecast for later on today, we'll see morning clouds give way to partly sunny skies later on in the afternoon. temperatures will be in the 70s. 74degrees in d.c. 7 # warrenton
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winchester, 72. baltimore, 72 for your high. more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. let's say good morning to julie wright with an early look at traffic on friday. >> happy friday but already a busy commute. if you are traveling on the snowbound side of 355, accident activity involving a box truck and another vehicle. northbound side is what appears to be blocked. some traffic is able to get by on the southbound side. this will impact your commute headed down towards the silver diner. they've been busy widening this stretch of 355 out for some time. the northbound traffic like like it is turning around at the scene. there is a police officer there but we don't see anybody directing you through there. southbound traffic is able to squeeze by single file to the right. no accidents report ad lo 395. the lanes are open as you continued north from duke street to seminary road out to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic.
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now, to our big story this morning. president obama and first lady michelle obama are in denmark lobbying to make their adopted hometown of chicago the host city for the 2016 summer olympic games. windy city is competing against tokyo and rio and madrid for the games. earlier this more than, the obamas made their case by speaking before the international olympic committee. >> i never dreamed that the olympic flame might one daylight up lives in my neighborhood. but today i can dream. >> i've come here today to urge you to choose chicago for the same reason i chose chicago nearly 25 years ago. the reason i fell in love with the city i still call home. >> so here is what is happening today. each host country is making a 45-minute closing presentation. committee will then ask questions. the committee will then begin several rounds of secret balloting. that is expected to start about
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11:00 a.m. our time. an announcement is expected about 12:30 this afternoon our time. topping international affairs, during nuclear talks in geneva, iran agreed to open its newly disclosed nuclear plant to inspectors. the country has two weeks to do so according to president obama. they must show the program is for peaceful purposes and not an effort to pursue deadly weapons. the president says the u.s. is prepared to put more pressure on the country if it fails to meet obligations. survivors of two natural disasters say relief is slow. in samoa where tsunami victims say they need help now and in indonesia where powerful earthquakes killed at least 1100 people. that number is sure to climb when heavy equipment to help crews comb through the shattered buildings arrives today. the u.n. mew marne tarn chief said thousands are hurt around scores more remain trapped in
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the rubble of destroyed homes, hospitals and hotels actually powerful quake rocked sumatra island on wednesday. less than 4 hours later, a powerful aftershock made matters worse. a mass funeral and burial set for next tuesday on sam on a. they traditionally bury their loved ones near teir homes but that seems almost impossible as the tsunami wiped out many villages. police were called out to walker mill road in capital heights. this is the fisk homicide minister county in the past week. matt ackland has the late of the now. >> reporter: it has been a deadly week here in prince george's county. the latest homicide happening right around 9:30 last night. we have video for you as prince george's county police investigate the scene here behind me.
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here is what we know at this point. an adult male victim was found with a gunshot wound by police last night. he was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. as you were saying, it has been a deadly week here in prince george's county. the list of homicides is long. let me run through it really quick. there was one last saturday on bank run terrace. on sunday on marlee drive. on tuesday, buchanan street. then last night on 56th avenue. and then -- excuse me. should have said the night before last on 356th avenue and then on walker mill road. that was last night. police are not saying whethe or not these are connected n this situation here in district heights, we are told there is no suspect and no motive known at this point. we'll stay on top of. this have more for you throughout the morning. back to you. >> thank you. in montgomery county, police are asking for your help
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in the search for a missing 10- year-old boy. noah robert kaiser was last seen at roberto clemente middle school. he is 4'11" with brown hair d brown eyes. the case is considered critical. the first batches of the swine flu vaccine are due to arrive in a couple of days. there are new concerns about the virus. she was kidnapped and held captive for nearly a year and now, elizabeth smart is telling her story. troubles for late night comedian david letterman. details of alleged extortion activity. ic
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stores open early satuay with doorbusters. sweaters for her are just $14.99. st. john's bay sueded polos are $12.99. go to and see everything on sale. jcpenney new fears about swine flu just days before vaccines start arriving p and doctors well that preeing manhattan women get the vaccine. so far, the cdc says 100 pregnant women have had to be hospitalized in intensive care and 28 have ded. if a third of americans wiped up with swine flu, hospitals in 15 states could run out of beds
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and that includes maryland and virginia. whether it comes to seasonal flu, get the vaccine while you can because new shipments may be delayed until november. she was kidnapped from her utah bedroom seven years ago and found with her alleged abductor nine months later. now, elizabeth smart is telling a shocking story. this was the picture of smart from her missing child poster back in 2002 yesterday, smart, who is now 21 years old testified in a competency hearing against the man accused of abducting her. she told a judge she was raped repeatedly every day after she was suspected and that the suspect told her he would kill her if she yelled or stride to escape. she also testified that mitchell was motivated by sex. david letterman's monologue turned into a confession about his past. a man who worked on the cbs show 48 hours is accused of
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threatening pose his sexual relationships with his staffers. >> now, my response to that is yes, i have. i have had sex with women who worked on the show. and would it be embarrassing if it were made public? perhaps it would. especially for the women. >> letterman said he wanted to protect his staff, family and his job. he went to the police. letterman gave the man a fake check and that is when police arrested him. nervous times for d.c. teachers amid layoffs. hear who says the pink slips aren't seen necessary and the mayor and school chancellor may have other motives. another heads up for metro riders. t ready for major changes during the columbus day
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weekend. we have the details on that. and then more importantly, how about this weekend? >> i guess i better look into that. your forecast for today and the weekend and julie wright is here this morning. she will tell us what is happening on the roadways as far as our traffic goes. stay with us, folks. fox 5 morning news will be right back. right now, it is 5:12. ♪ (announcer) we all want to stay active. we don't want anything... slow us down. but even in your 30s... ...your bones can begin to change. overtime, you can begin to have bone loss. calcium and vitamin d work together
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a number of d.c. teachers on edge this morning. the mayor and schools chancellor say a $40 million budget shortfall will force larger class sizes and an unknown number of of teacher playoffs. >> vincent gray crunched the numbers and says it may not be necessary.
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>> we feel like the council is being scapegoated in this, that it was not budget action on our part that led to this and that it is a way of getting rid of people that they want to get rid of. we have an update on your forecast as we get ready for the weekend. >> yeah, the weekend will be kind of a mixed bag but it won't be a bad weekend. i'll tell you about that in just a moment. first, let's take a look at the weather headlines for today and for the next few days as a matter of fact. first of all, we got a mix of clouds and sun today. more clouds early. a little more sunshine in the afternoon and then more clouds building in again tonight. temperatures jump into the 70s. yesterday, only the mid-60s, folks for methamphetamine of you. some showers could move through the region this evening, probably overnight. saturday, looking a little better than what we had been talking about. let's take a look at what is
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going on out there. we'll start with the temperatures around the region. we are now at 56 degrees here in washington. 54 at dulles airport. temperatures are quite consistent all across the area. hagerstown, 50 degrees. fredericksburg, 54 degrees this morning. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite for our part of the world. now, you notice some clouds moving through there. we've got pretty good cloud cover during the course of the morning hours. also, some areas of precipitation well out to the west. we don't expect to get that moving in here. we could see a shower or two. i wound rule out a sprinkle this morning here or there. we're in the seeing it right now but we could. some rainfall moving through tonight as that frontal system comes through. -- i wouldn't rule out a sprinkle this morning here or there. warmer temperatures today. we have to get the sunshine in here. that will take us to 74 degrees. i think that is going to happen. then for tonight, we could see a few showers overnight and skies become mostly cloudy again. 62degrees. if we don't get the sun that i
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think we'll get in the afternoon, we could bust out at around 70 degrees, something like that. tomorrow, got a front coming through. with that front, we'll have more clouds. chance of some showers here and there and maybe a thunderstorm or two in the afternoon. however, we don't think it will rain allday long. it won't be a washout saturday. there will be showers around, intermittent showers during the course of the day. 78 for your high. sunday looks better. i think we dry out. if there is a lingering shower, i think it would be early in the morning. monday looks good, tuesday, more rainfall makes its way in. now, let's go to julie wright and the trfic. >> we are busy right now. you are in montgomery county, this is 355. this is the northbound side of the highway which is temporarily blocked with a lot of fire and rescue equipment on the scene. we still have the box truck involved in this crash there as wel traffic on the northbound side comes up to the intersection, makes a u-turn there and heads back in the southbound side. if you are coming southbound,
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you will find traffic is able to squeeze by single file to the light. at this early morning hour, not much of a delay to talk about but something to watch out for. now, it appears -- okay, now, we are awatching the northbound traffic. it looks like you can't get past the scene at all. they are still forcing you to make the u-turn at the scene. if you are traveling 66 eastbound coming in close to the beltway, all of your lanes are open out of manassas towards 495. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. police are investigating an accident at a whole foods store in the district. a car was in the parking garage under the store on wisconsin avenue in northwest when it crashed intopart of the building exposing an elevator shaft. the driver had minor injuries. no word on what caused that vehicle to crash into the wall. some advisories to pass along if you are hopping on metro this columbus day weekend. there will be some route chains because of track work on the green and the yellow lines. fox 5's john henrehan explains. >> reporter: in addition to
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inspecting the bridge that carries yellow line trains over the potomac river, metro plans to replace the hundreds of fasteners that hold the rails tonight ties. the bridge will like i be oust service for the entire three- day columbus day weekend. but rather than end yellow line service at the pentagon, metro has decided to reroute yellow trains onto blue line tracks. so yellow trains will run from huntington station to stadium armory. another part of the project, replacing the switches at the l'enfant plaza station. that will effectively stop continuous green line service into prince george's county. metro passengers will have to use shuttle buses between gallery place and anacostia. when metrshould shutt down the national airport station on labor day weekend for similar maintenance, some passengers complained. >> 45 minutes extra. >> reporter: but metro officials say it makes more sense to schedule major maintenance over a three-day weekend and get it done all at
5:21 am
once. >> if we do it normally, it takes four weekends to do. it is a measuring the customer impact if we do it over a three- day major holiday weekend where our ridership on that holiday is about 60% of the normal weekday and then we are affecting less people. >> reporter: on columbus day weekend, the archives station and the waterfnt station will be closed completely. free shuttle buses will take passengers north and south. john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> metro says trains should run every four minutes along the blue line to the stadium armly to help with the crowds expected for a planned gay rights rally. it was a hot night on the ice for the capitals. a certain number 8 8 off to a fast start. >> ovechkin scores! >> alex ovechkin wasn't the only cap to put the puck in the net more than once. we'll have highlights coming
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up. the redskins showing support for the number one fan, chief z. we'll have more coming up next. the choice in this election for governor is really pretty simple: do we move virginia forward by continuing the pro-business economic policies that i helped put in place... or do we go backwards with the failed economic approach that ruined our economy? creigh deeds knows keeping taxes low and controlling spending is the right way to keep virginia the best place to do business. and i agree. because rebuilding confidence in our economy starts with responsible leadership from a new governor like creigh deeds.
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kids love totino's party pizzas. in sports, they picked up right where they left off. the caps beat the bruins in their season opener 4-16789 that is one of ovechkin's two
5:25 am
goals there. he also had an aassist. the caps have their home opener tomorrow night. they will take on the toronto maple leafs. james wright he supposed the teams through the high asened and lows and now chief z is down on his luck. >> he is dealing with failing health and financed but refused to ask for help. wisdom martin has more. >> reporter: he is arguably the most well known fan in history. chief z has been at about every redskins home game. >> we're number one in the sports world, not just the nfl, in the sports world. we're going to get it together. >> even before i got here, you would see chief z on tv when talk williams was here playing. he was a big fan then. then to get here and become a good friend friend of him. >> reporter: now the man who has been so loyal to the burgundy and gold and supported the team for so long needs support. recently, he lost his job. he is dealing with fume russ
5:26 am
health issues so he is swamped with medical bills. >> i had aneurysm surgery in 2006, blood clot that they said went down in my leg. they had to amputate my toe. i'm not going to give up. >> eans icon in the area. >> he brings up morale for everybody. everybody is screaming his name out in that parking lot. >> i don't care how baddening is, everybody, when you see him, he make everybody happy. >> reporter: they say it's small thing they can do for someone who has given so much of his time supporting the redskins. chief z says it will make more than bad health and financial problems to keep him from watching his team. >> i could never pay them back. i really appreciate it, man. because when you in need, you show. what i'm in need, they show.
5:27 am
we number one. >> all right. former redskin and current houston texan kerry campbell came one the idea to have some fundraisers to help him out. the former special teams player met chief z about six years ago and they became really good friends. >> he says the chief was too proud to ask for help so he orchestrated the fundraiser for history. a late night on capitol hill. the hot topic, health care. detailsf last-minute changes to the health care bill. we are following another deadly crime scene in prince george's county. ohh... how many friends does a person need, sharon ? 'cause i'm thinking 90,000 is 90,000 too many. i can't imagine having too many friends, lewis. oh i can. i open the door to my apartment and 90,000 friends jump out from behind a futon scaming "surprise, happy birthday !" i would be in seventh heaven. i'd be in emergency cardiac surgery. you know a real friend would be giving me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation right now.
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welcome back. it is 50 on this friday morning. taking a look at the beltway out at 29, looks pretty good so far. the forecast looks pretty good too. 57 at reagan national airport. >> not going to be a bad day. some clouds around during parts of the day and maybe a little sprinkle this morning but not a bad day at all. let's take a look at the satellite-radar. i want to show you the cloud cover that we have moving over us. there it is on your satellite- radar. the gray stuff, that is clouds, folks. out to the west, more activity. they will be hanging with us for the morning hours. i do think we'll get some sunshine later on in the day and we'll get a warm front moving through here, help us
5:31 am
take our temperatures, we believe into the 70s. airport temperatures, 57 now at reagan national airport. 54 at dulles. 55 at bwi marshall. forecast for today looks like this. partly sunny, becomes partly sunny. warmer temperatures we believe into the 70s. 74-degree for your high downtown. more details on the forecast are coming up in just a little bit. stay with u >> thank you. let's check in with julie once again with a look at traffic. >> good morning to you. we are checking out your ride around town and so far, so good to the beltway with no accidents to report. it is still clear between college park and bethesda. it is 55 where we have the accident activity. still some police activity here on the scene. we have the left lane blocked off in each direction. at this time, at this hou very light vaiveg volume traveling between rockville and kensington. not too much a backup. left lane still blocked here at the scene. if you are traveling northbound
5:32 am
on i-95 out of virginia, no accidents to report. the lanes are open up towards 395. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our big story, a pitch of olympic proportions. the president and first lady are hoping to put chicago on the map for the 2016 olympic games. >> president obama and his wife michelle are in denmark where they spoke before the international olympic committee trying to persuade them to choose chicago to host the 16 games. the windy city is competing against tokyo, rio and madrid. >> i am dreaming of an olympic and paralympic games in chicago that will light up lives and neighborhoods all across america and all across the world. >> we can make it if we try. that is not just the american dream. that is the olympic spirit. it is the essence of the olympic spirit. that is why we see so much of
5:33 am
ourselves in these games. that is why we want them in chicago. >> here what is happens today. oche host country makes a 45- minute closing presentation. the committee then asks them questions and after that, the committee will begin several rounds of secret balloting eliminating cities one by one. we expect the announcement of the host city around 12:30 this afternoon. durindiscussions in geneva a iran agreed to open up its newly disclosed nuclear plant to u.n. inspectors. president obama says the country has two week to do that. he says iran has to show the program is for peaceful purposes and not an effort to pursue deadly weapons. >> we are not interested in talking for the case of talking. if iran dos not live up to its obligations, the united states will not continue to negotiate
5:34 am
indefinitely. we prepared to move towards increased pressure. two days have now passed since earthquakes and tsunamis devastated a chain of island and thousands in independent nearby what remain trapped under the rubble after the earthquake struck there. plans are under way to bury victims of the deadly tsunami. first to indonesia where rescuers rescued a teenager who survived under piles of rubble for 40 hours when her college collapsed. the official death toll stands at 715 but one u.n. estimate says as many as 1100 people may have died. it could take at least a month before power returns to the capital of american sam owe a a tsunami rav aged the islands killing at least 169 people. relief is on the ground and soily making it to survivors who say they are just getting by. convoys of military vehicles have been bringing food, water
5:35 am
and medicine to the samoans. a mass funeral will take place on tuesday. new this morning, there has been another deadly shooting in prince george's county. that makes at least five homicides in the county in the past week. police were called out to the latest scene about 9:30 last night along walker mill road in capitol heights. mir aimal kasi ackland is there with the latest on this investigation. >> reporter: good morning. it has been a deadly week here in prince george's county. like you said, the latest one happening just hours ago at 9:30 last night. we have video that we want to show you of the scene as authorities comb through this area trying to investigate this homicide. what we know at this point is that prince george's county police responded to a shooting last nate at 9:30. they found an adult male victim with a gunshot wound. he was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead a short time later. as we were talking about earlier, it has been a deadly week here in prince george's county. let me just run down a list
5:36 am
here for you of some of the other homicides. first, saturday, there was one on bank run terrace. then on sunday, marlee drive, a home invasion. on tuesday, buchanan street and then yesterday, you remember two teenagers were shot. one of them, a 16-year-old was killed. back out here live in district heights, authorities are saying at this point they still do not have a motive and they do not have any suspects in custody. live in district heights, matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> thank you. earlier this week, we told but a stabbing at the springfield mall. it turns out it was a hoax. fairfax county police say the victim made up the entire story about being robbed and stabbed after he cut himself. detectives reportedly found inconsistencies between the man's story and evidence they found at the scene. police are searching for two men they say held up a bank some mclean, virginia. one was wearing an orange jack
5:37 am
wet reflective stripes a yellow hard hat and a black mask. the other was wearing all dark clothing. police say they robbed the wachovia bank. if you saw them or you know anything, call 1-866-411-tips. it was a display of courage captured on camera as a man risk his life to save a little boy. >> we'll have details of that amazing rescue and a late night on capitol hl as lawmakers made some last-minute changes to the health care overhaul bill. we'll tell you would would be impacted the most by those changes. fox 5 morning news continues right after the break. spars
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making headlines, an incredible rescue still generating a lot of talk. there was screaming and flames shooting out of an apartment building. a man climbed up and the firefighters handed him a 4- year-old boy and he carried him down. he admits he was scared until the boy opened his eyes. >> i heard the screams coming from upstairs and when i looked, you just couldn't see nothing. it was too much smoke. you kicked in gear. i put the ladder down. i went upstairs and i did the best i could. that kid is lucky to make it. he is a strong kid. >> but you were there this. >> anybody else would have done it. >> he carried the boy back up
5:41 am
the fire escape so that firefighters could carry him to safety. he made the rounds yesterday of the morning shows and he even proposed to his girlfriend. democrats made last-minute changes to try to ease the impact on working class families for health care. the bill aims to protect million of people with unreliable coverage or no coverage at all. democrats hollywood a 13-10 majority. they are expected to win the final committee vote next week. an historic debet will begin late they are month in the full senate. china marking years of communist rule. she showed off 50 of its newest weapons. this was followed by a huge fireworks display at night. citizens were told to watch on television out of fears of saab damage from the western world. the first round of the swine flu vaccine is scheduled to arrive in just a few days. now, there are some concerned about the virus and pregnant women. >> up next, we'll tell what you
5:42 am
has doctors worried now and details of who will be vaccinated first. also, keeping an eye your commute this morning and your weekend forecast. we'll check in with tony coming up. you are watching fox 5 morning news. e
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5:45 am
welcome back. you've been keeping close watch on the weather here for the past few days because tomorrow, it is really important that it not rain. >> oh, boy. okay. for this? >> we've got the 4th annual country fair. this is to benefit youth for tomorrow which is the school for at-risk youth that joe gibbs founded years ago and i'm honored to be the honorary chair. i will be out there along with coach gibbs and brit hume. it will be going on tomorrow. i was talking to them yesterday and they said please tell told tony to help us out. >> i tell what you. whether it rains not, the cause is a great cause. it is a great event. people will be out there regardless. >> they have lots of stuff going on, rides, a corn maze. they will have an auction. so it should be fun. >> i think the main threat of significant rain would be in the morning.
5:46 am
so maybe in the morning. it may be rather damp but hopefully, the main -- we'll get th rain out of here. we'll see if we can do that. >> good deal. >> let's take a look at what is going on out there. i want to show you the bus stop forecast. we have mostly cloudy skies this morning. cool temperatures again but we've seen cooler temperatures this week. temperatures are in the mid- to upper 50s. sunrise today at 7:05. you may see a few rays of sun at sunrise. right now, 57 degrees. winchester is at 50 degrees. owe someone city, 64. and in baltimore, it is 55 at this hour. satellite-radar composite, i'll show you that the cloud cover that i'm talking about. you can see it moving in here. it looks like thicker clouds will move through here shortly. we'll have the clouds hanging around his morning. later on, i think we'll get some sunshine. all this rain, i know you're going oh, no, first of all, rain is not necessarily a bad thing. secondly, a lot of that will move to the north and wash out
5:47 am
a little bit before it gets here. here is a look at the surface map for today. there are your morning clouds. high pressure is off the coast now. we've got a couple of fronts that will make their way in here. the warm front first. that will help take our temperatures into the 70s. so teen it is not the sunniest day, i do think we'll get our temperatures into at least the low 70s with some sunshine. i think it will be mid-70s. then there is a cold front. that comes through tomorrow. we're not going to worry about that right now. but that is the front that could bring some rain i think t tomorrow will be during the morning hours. during the afternoon, a chance you have astray thunderstorm or two in the front gets hung up around here. for today, clouds this morning becoming partly sunny. clouds building in again tonight. warmer temperatures. 74 we think for downtown. five-day forecast for tomorrow, some rain in the forecast. i think primarily in the morning. it won't rain all day long and maybe a scattered shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon. warmer temperature in the upper 70s. sunday looks to be nice, 74.
5:48 am
there is a look at the beginning of the next workweek. now, let's go to julie wright for an update on traffic. >> would you please tell gurvir if she wants to get people out to her event, it is nice that we have the rides and all of that. it is about the food, honey. it's country fair. >> you got good food? >> yes. it is not my event. >> corn dogs? >> corn dogs? >> julie will be there. >> caramel apples, kettle corn. >> there you go. >> i just got a whole slew of vienna coming and going to manassas tomorrow. you got to get them with the food. >> all right. >> here we are. southbound # 70. lane are open out of rockville. doesn't look too bad right now. this is d.c. rout295 kenilworth avenue and again, all of the lanes are open coming southbound from the bw paray headed out towards kenilworth avenue. this continues down to pennsylvania avenue. lane are open once again there.
5:49 am
that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >> we'll talk about the stock market which took a big dive on wall street. dow plummeted more than 200 points. final taal question was 203 on the dow. in tokyo, the nikkei was down 246 points. might be a good time to buy a home or refinance the one you already have as well as rates on 0-year fixed rate mortgages dropped below 5% for the first time in four months. the national association of realtors reports the number of signed sales contracts went up though for the seventh straight month. >> the centers for disease control and prevention says the swine flu vaccine is in the mail. doses should start arriving sometime next week. maryland and the district are two of the first places to receive it. fox 5's roz plater has more on who is at the top of the list
5:50 am
for vaccinations. >> reporter: the first round of the h1n1 swine flu vaccine is on its way and who is being urged to get it? medical workers, the very young, patients with an underlying medical conditn and pregnant women who there are now new concerns about. the cdc says 100 pregnant women have had to be hospitalized in intensive care with the swine flu and 28 have died. >> these are really upsetting umbers, i know. and i just want to remind women and doctors and nurse midwives that antiviral medicine can be a very important treatment for pregnant women would have respiratory illness. >> reporter: there is more. in a new study, cdc researchers have also discovered that, in about a third of the flu fatalities they tested, the patient who dried had an underlying bacterial infection, usually pneumonia creating a kind of one-two punch where the virus weakens the body's defenses and the bacteria moves
5:51 am
in. >> the important message is that the majority can e prevented or the risk decreased by vaccination. >> reporter: scientists say the study points out the need to get the pneumonia vaccine. that vaccine is recommended for children under five, people 65 and over and people with chronic illness such as heart or lung problems and diabetes. roz plater, fox 5 news. >> the swine flu vaccine should be headed to a hospital or clinic near you as early as tuesday of next week. that is a lot earlier than anticipated but the feds are promising noby cut any corners. our swine flu coverage is always on at click on swine flu. that is under the news tab. you will find the top ten things you need to know to keep your family healthy. the redskins looking if a clean slate on sunday. they will get that at home. the defense knows what it takes to get a win. they need to stay off the field. coming up next, we'll get you ready for sunday's important showdown versus the bucs.
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all around the puck. nothing to show for it yet. owe stretch caned he scores! number three, going to the goal now. score! owe stretch skin again! >> picked opportunity where he left it off. in sports, an impressive start for the washington capitals as they beat the boston bruins in
5:55 am
the season opener last night in boston. final score 4-1 caps. over ovechkin had two goals and an assist. the redskins switching guys at strong safety. read dowdy is in. chris horton is out. horton had replaced dowdy in the line-up and started 10 games last year but dowdy is the guy sunday versus tampa bay. speaking of thdefense, it was a sore point on sunday. e redskins defense ranked last in the nfl in conversions. >> i threw my notebook way from the first three weeks and just got a nw notebook and started over. kind of not writing down pretty much everything the coach has said. taking a little bit on the field. if i can take a few tips and give to them guys and they can give me a few tips, we'll be all right. >> later on down the road, we'll play the giants. i'm sure they'll be writing the same tough.
5:56 am
i haven't really thrown away my note ecome but to me, every game is a fresh start. >> redskins game day starts at 11:00 followed by gei redskins pre-game show at 11:30 and then the bucs at fedex field at 1:00. you votedded at northwest jaguars versus the churchill bulldogs grabbed 32% of the total vote. we'll be live at that game at 5:00. before the game, we'll bring you highlights on the news at 10:00 and also on the web. to the nationals in atlanta, top four, ryan zimmerman drives one to deep right center almost a home run off the wall. harris will come around to score. it is zimmerman's 105th rbi of the season. game tied at one. bottom of nine now, nats up 2- 1. zimmerman with a die be stop does it with the glove. this is a 5-4 forceout to end
5:57 am
the game. o's beat the rays -2 to end their 13-game losing streak and hopefully avoid 100 losses on the year. wizards now. flip saunrs holding court at virginia commonwealth university. all eyes on the big three but one guy would could come into its own this year, andre blotch. >> i had a real good talk with my mom. she told me don't get too lackadaisical out there. i totally agree with her. i said i'm going to focus more and be more serious about my job. i changed my whole attitude, approach and identify smoke us and everything like that. >> wizards open the regular season october 27th in dallas. straight ahead at 6:00, jon and kate are making more headlines. jon says he wants his children off the show. >> so will it happen? we'll have the answer coming up. we'll be checking out your friday morning commute for you and tony has a look at the weekend weather.
5:58 am
stay with us. fox 5 morning news at #:00 will be back in two minutes -- fox 5 morning news at 6:00 will be back in two minutes.
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