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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  October 7, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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let's look at what is going on. there is a wind advisory that will go into effect for our area at 8:00 this morning t will be in effect until 6:00 p.m. all of the counties you see shaded in are under that wind advisory t does include washington, d.c. that is because winds could gust today up to 50 miles per hour. you want to secure anything that you have outside your home. if you have a patio or deck or some yard furniture or something like that, it will be rather windy and gusty later on today. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite for the region. you can see the clouds we have over us and some of the precipitation that has moved through during the overnight showers. not seeing much around the washington area at this hour but we'll check another radar later on. here are the conditions being reported at reagan national. 6egrees. lative humidity, 7 #%. winds are out of the south at 14 miles per hour. that tells us the front has not come through yet because once the front comes through, those
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winds will shift out of the west or the west-northwest, something like that. here is forecast for today. cloudy skies but we will see some sunshine later on today as well. chance of a few lingering showers this morning and windy conditions throughout the day with very strong wind gusts through the late morning and afternoon. more on that coming up in a little bit. >> okay. lots to talk about. thank you, tony. we are following breaking news. that accident on the beltway is blocking lanes in montgomery county. it is happening on 495 just after georgia avenue in silver spring. sarah similar monday is joining us live from the scene with the latest on what could be a very messy commute today. >> reporter: it certainly can. you can see behind me that the inner loop is shut down. we are diverting traffic onto georgia avenue north and people are having to make their way through to get on the beltway in other ways. now, this has been shut down. there was a tractor-trailer
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that broke down being jackknifed around 2:16 this morning. a couple of montgomery county police officers stopped to help out touring that time when they were outside of their car. another tractor-trailer then came upon them and slammed into the police cruiser. luckily enough, a female officer was able to get out of the way. we understand that he jumped over the side of the beltway, over an embankment. it was a 4-foot-drop that she went down and fell onto a fwrasy area near a foot and bike path. a very lucky officer this morning. we understand she went to the hospital with head and neck injury but that could have been a lot worse. both of the tractor-trailers have been moved off the beltway. the police kraus are aswell but they are still in the clean- up process. they are hoping i'm hearing that maybe in the next hour they will able to open up this area to traffic. but right now, a very lucky
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scenario that that officer was not more seriously hurt. traffic is starting to back up here. they are still diverting cars around onto georgia avenue north. but in the grand scheme of things, this could have been a lot worse out here. we will bring you more details as they come to us. back to you. >> thank you so much. let's check in with julie wright and find out what advice she might have for folks. >> if i'm not mistaken, i think sarah is standing between the two exists for georgia avenue. they are diverting traffic off at georgia avenue. can you go south to silver spring. if you are coming out of bethesda off of 270 from 355, you have two options. exit southbound georgia avenue into downtown silver spring or exit right here northbound 97, northbound georgia avenue which would lead you up to wheaton.
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on my trip in, that long exit ramp very much a tricky spot. a lot of motorists were bailing out on to the shuler area trying to make the exit. by the time they arrive, then those motor itss were cutting them off because they were trying to exit properly. that is quite a tricky scene there coming off the inner loop of the beltway. all traffic is being diverted off onto northbound or southbound georgia avenue. it is a tight curve there. so you can exit at 355 and pick up 410. the same with those at connecticut avenue. 410 is an option to get you through cul verdict spring and back on to the beltway at 29 colesville road or can you stick with montrose road, exit up at randolph and continue on your way there. you want to avoid this stretch of the beltway until further
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notice. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. another big story we're following, no school today for one prince george's county high school because of a swine flu scare. the st. vincent pilati school in laurel says it has five confirmed cases of h1n1 and this keeping kids out of school as a precaution. >> 100 students called out with a variety of illnesses. the principal says this is just a precaution and no need to panic. >> i'm happy they're taking precautions, making sure the kids are safe. >> i was using the hand sanitizer, making sure no one sick around me. >> i think it is just better to close school and make sure everything is safe. >> the school is having a cleaning company come in and disinfect all common surfaces and class will resume tomorrow morning. d.c. councilman marion barry is waking up in a hospital bed today.
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he is being treated in the icu at the hospital. his press secretary says doctors moved barry to intensive care to treat his dehydration more aggressively. he had a kidney trapt back in february. he is expected to be in the hospital for a few days. police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened when the family of a woman who was struck by a metro. that family is making funeral plans. they don't know what happened with the woman. she got off one bus and walked into the path of another. witnesses say she was not in a crosswalk and the bus that hit her was changing lanes to move head of the bus she had just stepped off of. so far, no charges have been filed. new this more than, today mark the eight-year anniversary of the war in afghanistan and president obama is talking strategy. up next, we'll tell you one thing the president says he won't be doing. a car came crashing through the wall for a second day in a row at a business. depends on our connections.
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president obama's approval rating is up to 58% from 50% in september. 46% approve of the president's handling of the war in afghanistan. yesterday, he ruled out shrinking the effort to a counterterrorism campaign. he met with a group of more than 30 congressional leaders for talk about the war. >> it is very clear that the president is headed in the right direction. strategy before resources. >> i hope that at the end of the day, the president will follow the advice of some of our finest generals who we believe know what it would take to stabilize the situation in afghanistan. >> president obama is gathering his national security team for another strategy session later today. the bodies of six american soldiers are now back on u.s. soil including an army specialist from northern virginia. the flag-draped transfer cases carrying their remains arrived
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in deware. among the soldiers, specialist steven mace from virginia. he tells fox 5 he was one of eight soldiers killed in afghanistan this past weekend in. while exanding foes in the middle east, general david petraeus quietly waged another battle. in february, doctors diagnosed him with early stage propose at the time cancer. he underwent two months of treatment at walter reed medical center. the pentagon said it was successful. he did not disclose the dogs buzz he considered it to be a private matter. there is more loud backlash over those d.c. teacher layoffs. students are taking up the up the fight at schools and all at city hall. we'll tell you who is talking about a possible new soccer stadium in baltimore. >> baltimore united? we'll take a look at today's weather forecast. there are a couple of showers
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out there and we have winds that will be increasing as the day progresses. i will tell you all about that. julie wright will be along to update us on the traffic situation. there is a mess on the beltway in silver spring as there has been a major accident there this morning. we'll update you on that as well. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. the choice in this election for governor is really pretty simple: do we move virginia forward by continuing the pro-business economic policies that i helped put in place... or do we go backwards with the failed economic approach that ruined our economy? creigh deeds knows keeping taxes low and controlling spending is the right way to keep virginia the best place to do business. and i agree. because rebuilding confidence in o economy starts with responsible leadership from a new governor like creigh deeds.
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blessed, lucky and thankful is how a locality of witnesses felt after watching this car fly right by them t went airborne and crashed into a salon in downtown bethettes da. officers think the 82-year-old driver turned into the shopping center and lost control. she barreled into the cement barricades right into a sal son. the driver and two salon employees all ended up in the
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hospital. baltimore's mayor has asked the maryland stadium authority to consider building a soccer stadium in baltimore for d.c. united. the franchise plays at rfk but is said to be look for a new place to play.
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>> you know, i saw the roads air little bit wet i know in river coming in in the bethesda area. we had sprifngals cross portions of the area as expected. there are a few more showers out there too but all of that will wrap up during the morning hours. we'll show you where the showers are right no you can see a pretty good line of showers out to our west including a couple of little spots of heavier rain up near gaithersburg. this is all to the north and west of washington. there is that area of heavy rain right there along 70. we see some up towards westminster into leesburg, north of reston is where we're seeing most of that rainfall. herndon probably getting a little bit of rain right now. we have a wind advisory that goes into effect this morning at 8:00 and lasts until 6:00 p.m. current temperatures, 66 degrees here in d.c. 6 # up in gaithersburg. much milder than it has been. a bit more humid as well than it has been for most of this week. 67 down in fredericksburg. annapolis, at 65. stevensville, 64. you see the temperatures are in the 60s. they haven't dropped off a whole lot and won't increase a
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whole lot today either. let's take a look at the satellite-radar for the region. this clearly defines the frontal system. it's virous u.s. cold front pushing through here. once the winds pick up, you know the front is coming through. behind the fronted, things dry out and clear up as well so we'll see more sunshine later on today but it will be very windy. forecast then for washington for today look like this. clouds this morning. a couple of early showers but then becoming mostly sunny. windy at times. high around 71 degrees. kind of tough to call today's high. that is what we'll go with. the wind could gust up to other miles per hour. then your five-day forecast, we'll show you that tomorrow. thursday, not a bad day. 72degrees. a little breezy but the wins die down. friday, saturday, highs in the
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upper 60s. let's get to julie wright with traffic. >> sarah simmons is reporting live from the scene. two jackknifed tractor- trailers. this occurred back in the 2:00 hour this morning. all traffic is stopped. this is a change in what we showed you at the top of the hour. they are allowing traffic to exit both north and southbound. now, they have temporarily blocked all traffic. no one is moving right now off the inner loop of the beltway. this will impact your commute for motorists coming off of bethesda. off of the southbound 270 trying to continue around towards college park. on my trip in, delays were just beginning before that long exit ramp to head southbound on georgia avenue. this is a live shot. this angle is between the two exits for georgia avenue. this is traffic that was allowed to exit off the beltway to head southbound to downtown
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silver spring. for right now, the inner loop is ate astand still as you travel eastbound 495 trying to head out of cul verdict ving to together he is da. you can bail out at 355 or connecticut avenue, pick up 410 and use that as an alternate route. -- trying to head out of silver spring to beesda. with nearly a month until john allen muhammad is scheduled to be executed, we are hearing from his ex-wife. >> she talked one on one with our on shawn yancy. >> the man who i was married to for 12 years wanted me dead. that is something i still have not wrapped my brain around. mu) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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email and broadband. you wanted to run your business from anywhere... and instant messaging to stay in touch with everyone. you wanted apps to find music, news, or the way home. ok your wireless companies... grow your world. she was once married to the convicted d.c. sniper and now the ex-wife of john muhammed is talking about him. >> she is sharing her story as a survivor. shawn yancy has this fox 5 exclusive. >> the man that i was married to for 1 years who fathered
5:24 am
three -- for 12 years who fathered three children with me wanted me dead. that is something i still have for thewrapped my brain around. >> reporter: it has been seven years since john muhammed ali unleashed a reign of terror on the d.c. area killing 10 innocent people. in her new them war titled scared silent, mildred muhammed ali describes how john changed from a loving fort and husband to a man she didn't know. >> the forecast where he was the life of the party. effect wanted to be around john. he was always happy. >> reporter: after the war, mildred says he became emotionally and mentally abusive. >> john had already told me you have become my enemy and as my enemy, i will kill you. >> reporter: fearing for her life, she divorced him. during a scheduled visitation, he kidnap their three children disappearing with them for 18
5:25 am
months. >> i couldn't sleep. i cooperate think. i couldn't breathe. >> reporter: eventually someone tracked down john and the kids. a judge awarded mildred custody and she fled to maryland to hide from her ex-husband. >> witness you got here to maryland, did you think you were safe from him? >> no. i knew he was going to find me. i knew it because he said he was going to kill me. it was just a matter of time before he figured it out. >> reporter: as the sniper shooting began, mildred never suspected john was behind the terror. his motive? it was all a plot to kill her, blame her death on the sniper so john could then take custody of their three children. mildred hasn't had any contact with john since prior to the sniper shootings and neither have their kids. >> i asked them the question, if your dad would want to see you, would you want to see him and they said yes.
5:26 am
so we're just waiting to see what happens or not happens. >> reporter: john muhammed ali is scheduled to be executed on november 10th. do you think justice is being served by having him executed. >> well, you know, we have to give respect to the laws of the land and a jury of 12 people decided this was the best outcome for the crime that was committed. this is what i go by. i have to handle it in the best man fore my children because if i'm a mess, than they're a mess. and i refuse to allow them to be a mess. >> despite john muhammed ali being on death row, mildred muhammed ali still carries a restraining order in her purse to this day. >> she is remarried and she continues to run an
5:27 am
organization that she started to help survivors of domestic abuse. you can read excerpts from her book on our web site, be sure to stay tuned live to fox 5 morning news on friday. mildred muhammed ali will join us live in the studio. -- mildred muhammed will join us live in the studio. we are getting new information this morning into the newsroom that traffic is starting to move again. coming up next, we'll get a live update from sarah simmons. stay with us. you are watching fox 5 morning news. out for breakfast..." "but it looks pretty nasty outside" (announcer) grands at only $0.25 a biscuit you'll find any excuse to eat in
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welcome back. there are live pictures now. this is a good sight to see. traffic moving again on the beltway near route 29 in the silver spring ar following an accident. >> let's check in with sarah simmons. >> reporter: i can tell you that the traffic just opened up here on the inner loop just a few minutes ago so things are moving fine. this has been shut down for over an hour. there was an accident here. montgomery county police tell us there was a tractor-trailer that had jackknifed here just after georgia avenue between georgia avenue and university boulevard.
5:31 am
we understand montgomery county police officers arrived at the scene to try to help out that tractor-trailer diver. during thatime when they were outside of the police cruiser, one of the officers was on the way back to the cruiser when a second tractor-trailer somehow lost control and slammed into the police cruiser. luckily, that officer was able to jump over an embankment, not realizing it was a 24-foot-drop down. she landed on some grass right here a foot and bike path. she has head and neck injuries but is expected to be okay is what we're hearing from montgomery county police officers. they are still investigating at this time trying to figure out what caused this accident. it was raining in the county tonight but it is unclear whether or not wet roads actually contributed to that. so at this point, they are still trying to figure that out to see if any charges will be filed. it is still too early to tell. a lucky montgomery county police officer this moring. >> no doubt. >> absolutely. nice to see traffic moving again too i thought it would be
5:32 am
a big mess this morning. >> it would have been if that stayed closed. we'll keep an eye on it. better news now than what we had half an hour ago. sarah mentioned the raindrops. >> take precautions. there is a little bit of rain out there. right now, it is primarily west of the district and north of the district. you want to be aware of that. just a little bit of rain is enough to make the roads slick and dangerous in some spots. so here is what is happening right now. we have 66 degrees at reagan national airport. 81% humidity. wind are out of the south at 13 miles per hour. here is a look at the satellite- radar for the region. you will see the rain showers. they are aligned with a frontal system making its way through here during the day today. once that fronted comes through, you're really going to feel those winds pick up actually wind advisory go into effect for our region at 8:00 this morning and lasts until 6:00 p.m. because of very strong wind gusts. we could see winds gusting up to 40, 45, maybe 50 miles per hour later on today.
5:33 am
so the forecast looks like this. as far as our temperatures go, a nice day. yesterday, 71 degrees. day before that, 71 degrees. today, we think high around 70 deagd or so and those temperatures will start to drop off -- around 70 degrees or so and those temperatures will start to drop off. that is the latest on the weather. >> thank you. let's check some with julie wright and find out what she's talking about. looks like better news on the beltway. >> absolutely. just a few moments ago, we had the beltway completely blocked off at georgia avenue with all traffic being diverted off onto southbound or northbound georgia avenue. we have tape of what it looked like on the beltway just about 10 to 15 minutes ago. this is what it did look like. it does not look lick this now. all traffic was being diverted off onto north ansouthbound georgia avenue. now, we do have the beltway reopened. so lanes are open once again as you travel eastbound 495 out of bethesda headed in silver
5:34 am
spring and around towards college park. delays were forming on the inner loop of the beltway before georgia avenue to continue eastbound 495. so an unusual slowdown, anen usual traffic pattern you are not used to seeing at this our of the morning. again, all lanes now open as you travel eastbound 495. out are loop of the beltway, that is where we have another incident reported before connecticut avenue. car apparently spun out now facing the wrong direction. you will roll up on that at speed so be careful there. 66 traffic behaving nicely out of manassas into centreville and over towards 495. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the swine flu continues to hit close to home. so close in fact that a local high school is forced to close
5:35 am
its doors for the day. the problem is at the st. vincent pillotti school in laurel. >> they have five confirmed cases. 100 kids cled out sick. now, school officials are keeping kids out of class today as a precaution. parents were notified by the principal via e-mail. the school is having a compleening come come in and disinfect all of theommon surfaces and class will resume tomorrow morning. >> i was just trying to be a little proactive to make sure the parents realize we want for make sure if we can minimize the spread of this, we are going to try. >> the principal says this is just a precaution that the school is closed and there is no need to panic. the first round of swine flu vaccine is arriving in our areas the district received 36,000 doses yesterday. in virginia, 8 # thousand doses arrived. they are ing passed along to hospitals, clinics and health departments. all are of the nasal spray version. the shots are expected to be shipped out sometime next week. the cdc says about five to 10%
5:36 am
of the population has had the swine flu leaving 90% or more still vulnerable. has everything you need to know about swine flu. click on the health section of the home page. you will find facts on the vaccine, the latest on the local cases and the top 10 tips to keep your family healthy. there are health concerns this morning over d.c. councilman marion barry. he is in the icu at howard university hospital. the former mayor is reportedly suffering from dehydration and a mild infection. his press secretary says doctors moved barry to the intensive care unit for treat his dehydration more aggressively. he is expected to be in the hospital for a few more days. ed a kidney transplant back in february. a woman struck by a metrobus in northeast has now died. stephanie richardson got off of one bus and stepped into the path of another while crossing the street. the driver of that bus has been placed on leave. richardson was not in the crosswalk at the time. police are still investigating. the trial of a rockville man accused of drowning his three young children last year
5:37 am
in a baltimore hotel bathtub continues today. jury selection is expected to begin and two detectives who took statements from the suspect are set to testify today. yesterday, the court reviewed wednesday for potential jurors and also heard arguments for a motion to suppress statements. they were caught on camera allegedly willing to help a prostitute run her business. then congress defunded the community group acorn. but the organization's leader says she is staying put. find out why coming up next on fox 5 morning news. actor mel gibson wants his legal record wiped clean. the response from a malibu judge when we come back. right now, she's saving money and it's not by giving haircuts at home that she does for fun she's found an easier way to save so easy, it's automatic with suntrust, she sets aside money every month without having to think about it which is good
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because her boys would really appreciate her full attention right about now more and more people are turning to suntrust to help them live solid and bank solid
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all the looks you love and the colors you crave. for an affordable unforgettable fall. style, quality and price matter. jcpenney. back now with the latest on the video controversy involving the community group acorn. the workers who were caught on tape allegedly teaching a couple how to set i'm prostitution business, just one of several undercover videos that sparked a federal investigation. congressional lawmakers voted to defund the organization. acorn's ceo has respond to the criticism and accusations acknowledging the wrongdoing but pointing to acorn's good history. >> let me remind you, we are the people who successfully led ballot initiative in over six states, out for for 10 years
5:41 am
until the minimum wage was finally raised. we wrested reforms from treadtory lenderred and we estimated that we helped get in and save over $6.2 billion in fees and interest. >> she says despite rumors, she is not resigning d she says that acorn wants to keep her on board. actor mel gibson now officially has awe clean record. he was arrested for drunk driving back if 2006 p as a first time offender, he was eligible to have his conviction expunged after successfully completing probation. during his arrest, he made anti- semitic and sexist remarks. he later apologized for those comments. before you pack a meal being a warping about some food that is supposed to be healthy. >> turns out things like lettuce and tomatoes may actually pose a danger. we'll run down the foods that made a top ten dangerous list and we'll hear why. we'll check your morning commute and the forecast. look like things are quite better now. we're back after this. 
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i know landscaping, but i didn't know how wireless could help my business. i just don't know how wireless can help my business. tara showed me how i could keep track of my employees in the field and get more jobs done faster. i was blown away. i'm blown away. only verizon wireless has small-business specialists in every store to help you do business better. we should get you a hat. now buy any blackberry, like the new tour, at our lowest prices ever, and get one free. welcome back. a little bit breezy out there this morning. you can sort of smell the rain in the air. >> and you will be able to feel the wind in the air a little
5:45 am
bit later today. >> you're right. >> what's going on? >> nothing. the rain you're smelling is primarily to the north of the washington area. of a got a good nose. >> is that why you were laugh something. >> yes. can you smell rain. >> yeah, you can. >> here is a look at the hd radar. we do have rain showers out there. we even had a couple of spots of earlier but that has dissipated. look how the showers are pushing off to the east. getting rain in columbia, severna park, you are seeing some showers. the run has moved east of gaithersburg. got some clearing going -- i won't say clearing because there are still some clouds out there butt rain is pushing out at least. there is washington there. most of this is to the north. another little batch off to the west so we keep our eyes on that as well. but this mainly light rainfall or sprinkles, light showers moving through the area. now, the other story for today, wind advisory goes into effect at 8:00 a.m. this morning t lasts until 6:. it does include washington,
5:46 am
baltimore, all of the counties you see shaded in in cities like leesburg, dale city, annapolis. this is for strong gusty wind that will occur during the course of the day. some of those wind could blow up to 40 to 50 miles per hour as a possibility. 66degrees here in washington. everyone is in the 60s. man aas is at 64 degrees. hagerstown, 64 degrees. out it our east, cambridge is at 66 degrees this morning. annapolis, 65 degrees. here is what is going to happen today. take a look at the surface map. high pressure is pushing out. lop is in control now. it is off to the north and it is dragging this frontal system in towards us. it is a vigorous cold front so once it comes through, those wind are really going to pick up. right now, they are out of the south in advance of the front. they will shift to out of the west when the front comes through and they will be rather strong during the course of the day. forecast for washington for
5:47 am
today, early showers becoming mostly sunny later but indy. high about 71 degrees. five-day forecast, tomorrow, a nice day. high about 72. lots of sunshine. clouds build in again for friday and then we have a chance of showers friday night into saturday morning but i think the afternoon saturday will be fine. we'll see clearing and sunshine. sunday look fine too but with a cooler high. that is what is happening with the weather. now, let's get more on the morning rush hour traffic from julie wright. it has been very busy on the top side of the inner loop as you travel between bethesda and college park. now, we've got all lanes open. brief delays as you approach the scene at georgia avenue continuing eastbound headed around towards colesville road. if you are traveling northbound i-95, lanes are open out of woodbridge traveling through dale city. no accidents to report as you continue headed up onto # 95. still an easy ride from the beltway headed out towards the 14th street bridge. all lane open on the beltway
5:48 am
between annandale and merrifield. that's a check of yr fox 5 on-time traffic. the world markets rebounded in the last session. no doubt a big day yesterday as the dow jumped 1 # 1 points. strong gains in tokyo once again today as the nikkei closed overnight with a 107 point gain. also learning more about what can you expect to pay to heat your home this winter. yesterday, we told you the price of natural gas is dropping. now, government says all sources of heat will cost you less. the energy administration expects that the costs will drop about 8%. people would use electricity or oil could expect to see savings up of up to about $60 on average. and natural gas users could save about $280. the predibs are based on a mild winter and cheaper fuel. now to some concerns over popular food items. you probably have one of two of these things in your kitchen. we are talking about berries, tomatoes, spinach, even eggs. all are in the top ten when it
5:49 am
come to contamination. melanie alnwick has more on the food fears. >> reporter: leafy greanz is the top of the center for science the in the public interest's risky food list. e. coli, salmonella and norovirus in our salad have sickened more than 13,000 people since 1990. they say that the problem with greens is that they are mixed from a variety of sources and mass trbtded so a little contaminant goes a long way. >> you see more people getting sick from a single item because that item is spread across the country. >> reporter: they found more than 1500 outbreaks definitivelilinged to 10 foods, leafy greens, eggs, tuna, oysters and potatoes make up the top five. next are cheese, ice cream, tomatoes, sprouts an berries. >> we would never suggest that consume ares avoid these items. these are some of the most
5:50 am
nutrition foods for us. >> reporter: after several widespread outbreaks, the fda had deep scrutiny over its ability to regulate our food supply. the fda said we wellened we need to do more to prevent food- borne illness. it is why the obama administration and coke are working to overhaul our food safety system. the fda has issued new guidelines to minimize hazards with tomatoes, greens and melons and approved irradiation for lettuce and spinach. outbreaks will happen. gentleman it is not a question of if. it is just a matter of when. >> reporter: consumes are should remember that food safety is in their hands too. >> the cspi recommends these foodractices. handle carefully the food that you eat. keep cold those foods that you need to keep cold and cook that food thoroughly. legislation is now working its way through congress that would
5:51 am
provide $508 million to overhaul our food safety system. the major league baseball playoffs today start today but fans were treated to a tafty appetizer last night. the detroit tigers and manhunt minute twins battled to see who would be moving on and who goes home. a hot night on the ice in fly. a big night for the two alexs. sports breakfast is next. you are watching fox 5 news.
5:52 am
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welcome back. the turf at fedex field is getting a makeover that. field has taken uite a beating lately. four redskins games, a soccer match, paul mccartney concert and the u 2 concert too. >> what about the plays are who run around on that field? timothy mcveigh ross has our sports breakfast. >> good wednesday morning to you. we have an interesting development. sherm lewis has been hired as the fontsive consultant it the team because let's be honest, the offense could use a little consulting. the offense ght now, well, struggling. after ranging only 14 points a game. that is 27th worst in the league but these seven points on sundays, huge. jason campbell, 59 yards up top to santana moss. campbell was picked off three times in the game but moss says you got to take shots deep and
5:55 am
eventually things can pay off. >> i would rather have the opportunity than say i don't want to throw it. for a quarterback, i can understand it is kind of hard to throw those picks and be ridiculed or criticized for throwing them. when you have play are that are eager to make a play, sometimes you have to give them a chance. >> to lerj now where the terps are still basking in the glow of the win over clemson. it was their first acc game of the season and a much-needed win snapped a two-game losing skid. despite the big win, the head coach will not let his team rest on their laurels. >> i think it is human nature to just relax. we have to keep going. that is my job to keep us going. i was kind of fired up last night. i was kind of pushing them and i think they understand. but i know how they want to feel and i'm not going to not allow them to do it.
5:56 am
>> the caps try to stay perfect so far on the young seen traveling up i-95 to take on the philadelphia flyers. but these days, these caps stand down to nobody and we like that. this was a wild game. scoreless after one but in the second, seven goals. two by the great eight, alex ovechkin. watch him in front of the net. this is unfair. just undressing the goal tend are with the backhand. we go to overtime. all tied up at five. but in the extra period, oh, no, say it saint so. danny bruyere celebrating his 32nd birthday. celebrate some more. that is the game winner. the caps lose a heartbreaker 6- 5 in overtime. baseball now, winner take all between the tigers and twins. this was a wild game as well, tied at five in the tenth. a shot to left. here comes castillo. would he score? no gunned down at the plate and
5:57 am
more baseball. the tigers are still alive. but in the 12th, would they survive this it is there he is again, going to squeak this one through the right side? here comes carlos gomez. the throw is late and celebrate. manhunt minute wins the al central in dramatic fashion 6- 5. they will play the yankees later today in the al. the major league baseball playoffs are upon us. we'll have all the high heights from round one tonight. straight ahead at the top of the hour, the swine flu vaccine has arrived here in our area but what are doctors saying about it. >> we'll have answers and we'll check out your morning commute which was pretty messy earlier today. things are improving. fox 5 morning news is back in two minutes. get to lowe's for a large selection
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