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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  October 15, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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temperature is not going to budge a whole heck of a lot today. be ready for that thanks for being here. i'm gurvir dhindsa. i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's say hello to tony perkins. off to a cold start again. >> yes, indeed. you and i are wearing the same suit. that's funny. >> kind of in the same boat today. >> that's funny. yeah, we've got chilly temperatures. a few sprinkles out there this morning. we'll see more rain certainly during the course of the day today. let's take a look at what's happening right now. current conditions being reported out at reagan national airport. our temperature is 47 dress. relative humidity is 80%. winds are out of the northeast at 9 miles an hour. barometric pressure 30.05 and that is at this hour steady. here's a look at the radar for the region. you see some of the rain showers that came through yesterday evening, afternoon and evening. this morning a few early morning sprinkles. we'll see et rain increase -- we'll see the rain increase during the course of the day. take the umbrella with you.
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you'll need it. the forecast cloudy, rather breezy with periods of rain during the course of the day. our temperatures not moving a whole lot. right now it's 47 degrees. we're going with a high of 48 degrees in washington. 49 in fredericksburg. 45 in hagerstown. more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> tony, thanks a bunch. let's say good morning to julie wright on this thursday morning. hi, julie. >> i guess we didn't get the memo to wear the gray and the blue. >> not today. >> i figured there's enough gray skies out there, i didn't need to wear gray. waking up to wet pavement and a cooldown. after georgia avenue before but you retch connecticut avenue, the pole down is on the right side of the highway. state highway is on the scene. unfortunately it looks like a car has been damaged as a result of that pole being down. so be careful. outer loop of the beltway before georgia. the pace looks good as you continue southbound leaving
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germantown. no accidents to report down south at the american legion bridge. traving 66 eastbound coming in, traffic merging in from 50 continuing on to 66 and continuing in towards 123 at speed. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. we're staying on top of a developing story in the district this morning. police are working a possible motive to a deadly shootout. all of this happened in broad daylight tuesday on clay terrace in northeast washington. the shooter fired off more than 30 rounds. five people were hit. two teenagers died and a third is now in grave condition. detectives think the shooting may have been part after neighborhood feud between some sort of clay terrace guys and those who live in the 37th street neighborhood a few blocks away so far there are no arrests in this case. d.c. sniper john muhammad wants to live and hopes the u.s. supreme court will let him live. he's scheduled for execution november 10 for the murder of dean miers, one of ten people he killed during the 2002
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sniper shootings. the lawyer will appeal to the supreme court about a week before the execution date. a father who killed his three children will never see freedom again. a judge sentenced mar castillo to three life sentences without the possibility of parole, this after he made a surprise guilty plea yesterday in court n. a taped confession he calmly described how he drowned his 2, 4 and 6-year-olds last year in a baltimore hotel room. a local army major sits in jail accused of horrible crimes against a child. daniel wolferton videotaped himself engaged in sex acts with an infant and then posted it on the web. investigators believe there may be more victims because they found more images at his home. health officials say they're doing everything they can to protect the public from the swine flu. efforts continue to vaccinate thousands of people at a single location in a matter of hours to avoid the spread of the h1n1
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virus. sarah simmons is joining us live in greenbelt where a mass vaccination clinic is being held later today. >> reporter: gurvir, we saw yesterday how concerned people obviously are about the swine flu. people just lined up in montgomery county to get the h1n1 vaccine. here in prince george's county today health officials, they are expecting a big turnout today as well. the next flu clinic being here at spring hill lake elementary. that is expected to be from noon to 4:00 today. here in greenbelt, maryland here at the elementary school. yesterday people lined up for quite some time before that. i think they're expecting quite a turnout today. let's take a look at scene in montgomery county where people lined up at least two hours before that swine flu clinic there. it opened at 9:00 a.m. and the line at that point was snaking around the building for people waiting to get inside. adults and children both to get
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the swine flu. the internasal spray for children and the shot for adults. marynd's health department expects all doctors who ordered the vaccine will receive some in the next two to four weeks but many high risk children, pregnant women and those with chronic conditions are really unwilling to wait and are concerned and want to get this vaccine as soon as possible. one vaccine maker out there says one shot may not be enough for children, that half of the children between 6 months and 3 years old had enough protection from that one shot, but 75% between -- and 75% between the ages of 3 and 9 also had enough protection. so there is some concern out there about whether or not one shot will be enough. but people are at least lining up to try to get the one shot that they can. the swine flu clinics are very popular. again it will be here at spring hill lake elementary in
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greenbelt from noon. we'll probably expect to see people line up before that. sarah simmons, fox 5 news. >> thanks very much. if you want more information, you can go to we have everything you need to know about the swine flu posted there. you'll find an interactive swine flu tracker, a list of h1n1 symptoms and tips to keep your family healthy. for the first time right there. for the first time in more than a year, the dow above the 10,000 mark. surprisingly strong earning numbers from intel and jpmorgan chase helped drive up the market. financial expects think the symbolic number just might be the confidence booster they needed. >> you're seeing little by little confidence coming back into the market. that's not to say tomorrow we'll be trading at 11,000 but i do think we're on our way. >> analysts say the dow's comeback is the most visible sign yet that investors believe the economy is recovering from the financial crisis and
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recession. the nasdaq saw a 32-point increase overseas in tokyo. president obama continues rebuilding efforts along the gulf coast ravaged by hurricane katrina four years ago. he's traveling to new orleans today to get a firsthand look at progress on the ground and hear direct feedback from residents of louisiana. the president will also hold a town hall event. this is going to be mr. obama's sixth trip to the area since katrina hit. it's the first event opened to the public. we're following developing world news. growing tensions between norpt and south korea, talk of a possible confrontation. >> more deadly attacks in pakistan. we'll check world headlines coming up next. stay with u ♪ ♪
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tensions are rising between north and south korea. the north accused its neighbor of sending warships into its waters and warned south korea to back off or face a fierce fight. the problem is south korea doesn't recognize the border and wants the united states to
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redraw it. it's led to bloody battles before. pakistan officials say they will not stop pursuing terrorists despite two new attacks. gunmen opened fire killing seven people. shots were also fired at a police academy on the outskirts of the city. in pack -- pakistan has seen a wave of attacks as it prepares to launch an after fencive along the afghan -- an offensive along the afghan border. the faa wants united to pay $3.8 million for reportedly ignoring maintenance rules. accusations include stuffing towels inside a jet engine instead of using protective caps. the feds are also calling for u.s. airways to pay more than $5 million because of disregarding maintenance procedures. making local headlines this morning, your commute on metro might get a little bit longer. >> it's all part after new effort by metro for operators to follow the letter of the
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law. coming up we'll explain. also coming up in a few moments we'll let you know what's happening with today's weather forecast. take the umbrella with you. there will are periods of rain. julie wright is also here to take a look at the morning task. stay with us. right now it's 5:12. ge
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the shields brothers last night battled it out in arlington at the clarendon grill for the title of fox rocks. they'll join us tomorrow. >> it's 5:15. joining us right now is tony perkins with a look at our forecast. >> th look and und pretty cool. that's great. good stuff. we'll start with hd radar and show you what's happening acrossed region as we do have -- across the region as we do have a few rain showers.
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take the umbrella as we'll likely see rain showers during the course of the day today. eastern maryland and cambridge you're seeing some rain, including a couple of spots of rain near st. mary city and off to the south and west near manassas seeing rain showers as well. we'll see some of that rain fill in during the course of today. let's take a look at the broader picture, the satellite radar for the eastern united states. a couple of things going on here. you have the cloud cover. today will certainly be a cloudy day. out to the west this is an area of low pressure with an associated frontal system that's making its way eastward. this is part of what's going to be bringing us some rain. but really the main focus of our storminess during the next couple of days is going to be this area of low pressure pushing out this way forming another low off the coast and moving up the coast. that will be a nor'easter. that will bring wet conditions and breezy conditions to much of the mid-atlantic and northeastern united states for the next couple of days. meanwhile our temperatures look like this. a cool start to the day. current temperature 47 degrees.
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we're not going to see a lot of movement in these temperatures. 43 now in gaithersburg. 46 in fredricksburg. out in martinsburg it's 39 degrees at this hour. going to be chilly really for the next several days. we're going to see temperatures well below normal. so the forecast for washington for today looks like this. rain likely. unseasonably cool. high temperature only 348 degrees. s that -- only about 48 degrees. that's 20 degrees below normal. our average today would be 68 degrees. tonight rain continues. more clouds of course and a low of about 42 degrees. so again you see not a lot of movement in the temperatures for today. five-day forecast, check it out. tomorrow more -- i've been using the word "raw." i think for later today and tomorrow, that's what it's going to be like. windy, cool rain, temperatures only in the mid and upper 40s. saturday same thing. rain could continue into early sunday. not that it's going to rain state through all of these days but there will are peris of rain dur the course of these days -- rain during the course of these days.
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and in fact some of the western suburbs sunday morning could wake up to a dare i say it rain- snow mix. we'll talk more about that later. that's a look at the five-day forecast. let's find out what's happening with traffic if she's still standing there. here's julie wright. >> did you hear me? i said what? >> i know. nothing to worry about. nothing that would stick. >> you know, i don't know if they still do this at school but you have that little eraser. you just need to erase that corner right there. let's have a do over. outer loop of the beltway, that's where we had some problems early this morning as you work your way from georgia avenue to connecticut avenue. it was a light pole that came down. state highway there trying to clean that up for you. right now we're on the beltway, new hampshire avenue, on wet pavement this morning so watch your speed. no incidents to report as you continue over towards silver spring where the lanes are open. southbound 95, 295 in great shape out of laurel. if you're traveling 395 northbound coming across the 14th street bridge, light traffic volume as you work your way over to the southeast
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southwest freeway. light traffic volume working your way northbound on the beltway leaving dale city. steve, back to you. >> thanks so much. metro bus drivers say they're going to follow the letter of the law. that could mean long delays for you. the union is behind a safety push and advised drivers not to give metro any roin to dis-- any reason to discipline them. how is it going to work? we get the details from fox 5's john henrehan. >> reporter: metro operates one of the biggest combined rail and bus businesses in the country. since the catastrophic june 22 accident on the red line which killed nine people, metro managers have been cracking down hard on bus and train operators who nod off on the job, who read books while driving or who use cell phones while driving. there have also been a couple of fatal pedestrian accidents involving metro buses. penalties have ranged if retraining to firing. the union representing metro's operators is calling on those
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drivers to, quote, perform all duties strictly by standard operating procedures. don't give metro any reason to write us up, suspend us or fire us any more, says the union website. drivers tell us that rolling only at the speed limit and operating the kneeling function at most stops will slow down bus service. some bus riders say they have noticed bus bunching and subsequent delays in service, especially on tuesday. >> the other day is was about two or three hours before the bus came to silver spring. >> reporter: so there was a long delay? >> it was a long delay. >> reporter: on the rail side, train operators have great latitude in deciding when to take a train out of service for doors not operating properly. but rail passengers have not noticed a decline in service. any problems or hiccups on metrorail in the last day or two? >> not that i've noticed. >> reporter: john henrehan, fox 5 news.
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>> metro managers say they don't have a problem with the union's push to follow safety rules more strictly. in this morning's on call, there are new findings in the possible link between cell phone use and brain cancer. coming up next, we'll tell what you researchers are saying and why they have a special warning about cell phones and children. a medical alert for pet owners. there's a new flu vaccine for dogs. i'm getting my kids vaccinated on friday. i just had the flu shot this week. so we say the dog is a member of the family. why not get her the flu shot, too.
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. this morning's on call, more evidence that cell phones could cause brain cancer. a research team lead by a south korean cancer center found long- term high quality studies show a mild link between mobile phones and brain tumors. researchers from the university of california at berkley says there is clearly a risk and says you should not allow your kids to use cell phones without a separate headset. two new studies giving insight into how elderly patients in nursing homes should be treated. putting residents with kidney failure on dialysis does not improve quality of life. others say hospice care would be a better option. some medical experts suggest caregivers and families focus on making life comfortable for patients on the verge of dying instead of treating them as if there is a cure. president obama wants to say sorry to seniors with a
5:25 am
$250 check but it's not clear where that money would come from. the government will announce seniors will not receive a cost of living raise in social security next year. so the president wants to give them a one-time pavement of $2 -- time pavement of $250. that would cost the country $13 billion. while doctors are keeping a close watch on the spread of the swine flu, veterinarians say you should be keeping a close eye on your dogs because the dog flu is very contagious and can be costly. >> reporter: people aren't the only ones at risk for the flu this season. dogs are, too. not from h1n1 but from h3n8, the canine flu. luckily there's a cheap, ew vaccine. >> i'm getting my kids vaccinated on friday. i just had the flu shot last week. and so we figured our dog is a member of the family. why not get her the flu shot, too. >> reporter: humans cannot catch canine influenza but it's
5:26 am
extremely contagious for dogs. most will only have mild symptoms a cough, sneezing, runny nose but some will get pneumonia and die. >> my concern is if my patients are exposed to boarding kennel, walking down the street or coming to this office, a hundred percent will be exposed to t. 80% are going to get sick. a smaller number, perhaps 8% could die from it. that's just unacceptable to me. >> reporter: originally a horse flu that mutated and jumped to dogs, it was first spotted five years ago in florida greyhounds and has since broken out nationwide. it's spread by exposure to a sick dog or contact with objects, balls, clothing, even our hands as the virus can live two to four ays on any surface. after charlie gets the first shot, it will take four to seven days for his body to mount the initial antibody response. then he needs a booster. after that he's protected for a year. the vaccine may not prevent infection all together but it does ensure if your dog gets the flu, it won't last as long.
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>> it's not a cause for panic. animal owners need to be aware that it exists and take precautions. i haven't decided if i'm going to get the flu shot but it sounds like a good idea for my dog. so we're going to do it. >> reporter: in wedgewood, new jersey, fox news. mean time worries about the swine flu in humans could create more long lines in our area today as people race to get vaccinated. sarah simmons is following that story for us this morning. sarah? >> reporter: a greenbelt school is really getting ready for the rush they expect on the swine flu vaccine. coming up, the latest clinic and what you need to know before you get your swine flu shot. i'm sarah simmons. i'll have the test coming up when fox 5 morning news returns. get to lowe's for a large selection
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for delicious fall flavors. for a short time, we have all your seasonal favorites. try any of our authentic hot lattes, including our pumpkin latte, for just 99 cents. america runs on dunkin'. . 5:30 right now on this thursday morning as we take a look at the washington monument under chilly conditions this morning. temperatures in the mid-40s in most places. >> the roads are a little bit wet out there this morning too. >> quite a bit of rain last night in some places. >> in some plieses -- owe in some places -- let me ask you a question. yesterday i was in the tysons corner area. i called chuck. i said guess what i'm getting right now. a little bit of sleet yesterday afternoon. a little ice bouncing off of my car. >> what time were you at tysons? i was over there, too. >> you were? >> yeah. >> you need to coordinate. >> i guess so. >> we'll talk privately.
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>> same outfit. >> we even went to the same place. this morning just a couple of rain showers out there here and there and cool temperatures you can see right here on our hd radar, manassas getting some rain as we speak. portions of eastern maryland as well. just near st. marys city. cambridge getting a little precipitation. rehoboth is seeing a little bit of rain as well. let's look at the satellite radar for the eastern united states and show you the big picture. the big picture features clouds. today will be a cloudy day. more precipitation out to the west. some of that will indeed make its way here so that will be some rainfall. an area of low pressure develops off the coast. becomes a nor'easter. moves up the coast. it will bring us more rainfall and wind. it will be a damp few days. here's a look at the temperatures at the area airports. reagan national 47 degrees. dulles 44. bwi marshall 46 degrees. your forecast for today rain likely. cool, cloudy, high only 48 degrees. that's t. we'll have more on
5:32 am
the weather coming up in just a little bit. >> thanks, tony. pretty much where we are right now. let's check in with julie wright and found out what's happening with traffic. >> reporter: hey are you guys. tony, i've got to tell you when gurvir is at tysons and calls me, she doesn't mention sleet. she mentions the gucci pumps she just bought. >> n i say something? that's a thing of the past with these two babies at home now. no more gucci pumps. >> reporter: i'll go buy the pumps then. >> there you go. >> reporter: you know, we're not looking so bad on the roads. waking up to wet pavement. incident free. we had the incident on the outer loop of the beltway with the pole down between georgia avenue and connecticut avenue that activities that cleared. that's good news for you. now we're checking out southbound 270. out of high yachtstown lanes open with no accidents to report. you're going to find lanes are open headed out towards the split. no accidents to report. northbound i -95. this is a live shot for those traveling north of lorton
5:33 am
continuing up towards the capital beltway. 395 still at speed as you work your way north of the beltway headed out towards duke street. that's check of your fox 5 on time traffic. e are following a developing story in the district as police are working to -- on a upon motive to a deadly shootout t. happened in broad daylight on tuesday on clay terrace in northeast. more than 30 shots were fired. five people were shot. two teenagers died. a third is in grave condition. detectives think the shooting may have been part after neighborhood feud between people at clay terrace and a 37th street neighborhood just a few blocks away. so far still no arrests. with time slipping away, d.c. sniper john muhammad is going to exhaust all means to stay alive. his execution is set for november 10 but his lawyers will appeal to the u.s. supreme court about a week before that. the death sentence came down for the murder of dean myers during the sniper shooting in 200026789 he was one of mum ham mad's ten victims. two teenagers from potomac sit in jail.
5:34 am
police say they killed ali zaire last mother's day on a walking path in potomac. they are charged as adults. investigators tell us they found evidence in zare's car and bedroom that linked the teens to the crime. swine flu fears continue to grow. the evidence can be seen by long lines wrapped around this building in montgomery county where h1n1 vaccinations were being given yesterday. today more people will flock to get vaccinated. sarah simmons joins us live from an elementary school in greenbelt where a mass vaccination clinic is being held today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, steve. like you said it was such a huge turnout in montgomery county yesterday. you've got to imagine they're expecting one here in prince george's county as well. flu clinics, swine flu clinic is being held here today at the spring hill lake elementary school here in greenbelt, maryland. that is going to be going on from noon until 4:00 today. but we saw people lining up
5:35 am
yesterday way before that time frame. that clinic started at 9:00 a.m. now yesterday as you saw, that video was showing people were lined up for hours. when that clinic opened at 9:00, the line was snaking around the building at that time and people have been lining up two hours before it. now, most of the vaccine so far, it has gone to hospitals and clinics likthis one that you see. t maryland's health department expects all doctors who ordered the vaccine will receive some in the next two to four weeks. but many that are at high risk like children, pregnant women and those with chronic conditions are unwilling to wait which is the reason that we are seeing such huge turnouts. >> this is the largest flu clinic we've ever had in public health in the history of montgomery county. so this is many more people than what we expected. what they showed in the clinical trials is that people get a very good immune response so that's a good thing. so the vaccine is the best way to protect yourself against the
5:36 am
flu. >> reporter: here's one thing parents may not like to hear. one vaccine maker out there says one shot may not be enough. this is for children under 10. some researchers claim children under 10 may need two of these shots. they claim half the children between 6 months and 3 years old did not -- they had enough protection from the one shot. 75% between the ages of 3 and 9 had enough protection from the shot. so at this point i think people are just glad to at least get the one dose. and then worry about a second dose at that point. so i think, you know, as the swine flu vaccine just rolls out in these areas in these swine flu clinics, we're definitely going to see probably a pretty big turnout here this morning as well. again noon to 4:00 here at spring hill lake elementary in greenbelt, maryland. back to you. >> thanks very much. with everything that you need to know about the swine flu. you'll find an interactive swine flu tracker, a list of h1n1 symptoms and tips to keep
5:37 am
your family healthy. we've taken another step toward fixing this country's financial mess. it was a major milestone for the dow. [ bell tolls ] >> there were claps and cheers when the dow closed above 10,000 points for the first time in more than four years. intel and jpmorgan chase gave the market the nudge it needed on wednesday to clear that milestone. it's the first time it's closed above 10,000 since last october and it marks a 53% gain since its low point back in march. it's not all good news though. rising unemployment helped push the number of people caught in the foreclosure crisis. foreclosures are up 5%. 938,000 properties defaulted in the third quarter compared to about 890,000 the previous three months. the unemployment rate is now at a 26-year high of 9.8% and it's not expected to peak until the middle of next year. making headlines this
5:38 am
morning, rush limbaugh's efforts to purchase an n.f.l. team apparently have run out of team. coming up next, why it looks like he's not going to be owning a peefs the st. louis -- piece of the st. louis rams. letters written by beth truman to her husband area coming up. you're watching fox 5 morning news where it's now 5:38. if you want to know why your 3g coverage works so well on verizon wireless, there's a map for that. or why you can watch videos at 3g speed, almost anywhere, there's a map for that. and if you want to know why some people have spotty 3g coverage, there's a map for that, too. yep, with five times more 3g coverage than at&t, there's lots of reasons to switch-- to verizon wireless. come in now for great deals on 3g phones, like the samsung rogue r 99.99.
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making headlines this morning, the group trying to buy the st. louis rams dropped
5:41 am
rush limbaugh from its roster. limbaugh was a potential buyer and it set off a wave of controversy. n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell claims he's too divisive and a dozen players said they'd never play for him. he resigned in 2003 after some call he made racist comments about quarterback donovan mcnabb. we're getting a peek inside the life of president harry truman and his wife. the first lady wrote a series of letters to him it 1923 and 1925. long before they lived in the white house. now the letters are on display and the first lady's grandson thinks she would approve. the letters were found recently in the truman family home. >> grandma came home in 1955 around christmas time and found her in front of the fire burning stacks of her letters to him. he stopped her. he said what are you doing? think of history. she said oh, i have. >> if you'd like to see them, the letters are on splay at the national archives. there's a new exhibit on
5:42 am
vernon. president george washington's famous dentures. despite the legends these are not made of wood. they're made of hippopotas ivory. also on display is washington's last real tooth. his dentist had it encased in gold and glass and attached to his pocket watch. we have a consumer alert this morning. coke cola is about to launch a big new product or maybe we should say a small new product. we're going toax plain coming up next on fox a morning news -- going to explain coming up next on fox 5 morning news. it's $4.98. where are you going to find that? >> high end merchandise with deep discounts at a place you might not expect. we'll tell you where. you're watching fox 5's morning news.
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5:45 am
so no matter what mcdonnell claims, all signs say he's not from around here...anymore. . welcome back. we're off to kind of a messy start today. >> we are. >> the weekend looks like it will stay that way. >> yes, you're right, absolutely for the next few days. messy weather conditions to be sure. cool temperatures. we'll have a lot of rain during the course of the next three, four days, something like that. let's take a look at what's going on right now with the bus stop forecast. as you getthe kids ready for
5:46 am
school, showers are likely. not everyone is going to get a shower this morning, but by the end of school today, many people will be seeing rain. so showers likely. cold temperatures. kids will need a jacket. temperatures in the mid-40s and the kids will need an umbrella or rain slicker or something like that for today. current temperatures around the region, it's cool, 47 degrees here in the district. let's see. baltimore is at 46 degrees. annapolis at 49. quantico 46. culpeper 43 degrees at this hour. a look at the satellite radar we'll show you where the rain is this morning. again noeveryone is getting rain. in fact relatively few people are getting rain at this hour. there's spots of rain here and there, but there's a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. we've got a low pressure system headed this way pushing a front that has a lot of rain associated with it. so we will get some rain showers developing. then as the couple of days go by, we'll also get that area of low pressure developing that will bring more rain to the region. let me show you what's going on. this is the jet stream. now, first of all it is
5:47 am
unusually far down to the south for this time of year. that's going to allow some pretty cold -- it's allowing already some cool arctic air to make its way in here. but over the course of the weekend, we'll get a reinforcing blast that will keep our temperatures cool for a few days. there's the coastal low that forms later on today. depending on how close it is to the coast, that will help determine just how much rain we get. it is already leading to some gail warnings and wates and coastal flood advisories and all of that along the eastern coast of the united states. so the forecast for washington for today looks like this. rain likely. unseasonably cool. 48 degrees for your high today. th your five-day forecast tomorrow more of the same, 47 degrees. more rainfall, breezy. so kind of a raw day. saturday some periods of rain, 48. sunday right now we think some rain. we'll have to wait to see how fast the low moves up. then monday we sta to get mild we are a high in the upper 50s. that's a look at what's happening with the weather. now let's get more on the
5:48 am
morning rush hour traffic from julie wright. wet roads mean we have trouble. outer loop of the beltway at georgia receiving word of an dent there tying up the right side of the road. southbound 270 still in the clear out of rockville leaving falls road headed towards the split. both the main line and side roads holding steady. inside of beltway 66 at glebe road we're receiving word of a crash. 395 at edsall road as you travel northbound, the main line and hov running at speed. no incidents to report crossing the 14th street bridge. southbound baltimore-washington parkway at 450, we've received word of an accident there. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. one of america's favorite soft drink makers is cutting back. coca-cola will lunch 09 calorie mini -- 90 calie mini cans.
5:49 am
they'll be sold in an eight- pack. they'll debut here in d.c. in december. caught on surveillance video, thieves stealing a gi basket intended for a cancer charity raffle. a slew of tip comes in when it aired on local television in missouri. police got their suspects and the gift basket was returned. people were so angry about what happened though they donated enough for a second gift basket for that charity. call it the sign of the times. shoppers looking for high end merchandise with deep discounts and a lot of them are finding it at goodwill. sales have spiked. roby chavez is here now with more on what's behind that success. >> it's a beautiful 100% leather skirt and it's $4.98. where are you going to find that? here is ann taylor loft blouse disblrks at good "best" will, they have good -- at good will, they have good deals.
5:50 am
perry ellis, nordstrom, kenneth cole, brooks brothers and other designer shirts if only $6. christian wright walked away with these secondhand leather shoes for just six bucks. >> i think some people obviously want to -- are proud of how much they paid for something and some of the other half of us are proud of how little we paid for something. >> another satisfied customer. >> reporter: that attitude has business booming while other box stores are closing, goodwill of greater washington is expanding. ten new stores will open over the next five years and it's got a new customer base. >> the demographic profile of the typical goodwill shopper is much different than most people would expect. 44% of our shoppers have an annual household income in excess of $50,000 a year and almost 50% of our shoppers have a college degree or higher. >> reporter: the parking lot of goodwill stores, it's not uncommon to find jaguars and mercedes. inside it's all about the money. customer traffic over the last year has increased an amazing
5:51 am
9.5% over last year. >> i found this really unique little piece, this pendant. just something different. i look for something different that you might not find at bloomingdale's. the price is nice. >> you'll also see some colorful signage, the dressing room sign, the women's wear, the home signage. these are all designed to make the stores a little more colorful and contemporary and more appealing es netically to the shopper. >> reporter: it's just not a new look but a new attitude from shoppers like christian wright. >> you remember when we went to college it was always used clothing or secondhand clothing was kind of fun and different. i think some of us have carried that with us into adulthood. >> reporter: roby chavez, fox 5 news. >> each store your honor a net profit of $200,000 to $400,000 a year. all of that money goes back into the community for job training. the wave of criticism just keeps on coming for the washington redskins. the latest target? head coach jim zorn and it comes from a familiar face. >> jim, you, too, are not a
5:52 am
football coach in the n.f.l. high school? definitely. you can coach in high school. you can coach my son in high school any time. >> that's riggo. that's not all that john rig gons had to say about the redskins -- riggins had to say about the redskins troubles. if you want to know why your 3g coverage works so well
5:53 am
on verizon wireless, there's a map for that. or why you can watch videos at 3g speed, almost anywhere, there's a map for that. and if you want to know why some people have spotty 3g coverage, there's a map for that, too. yep, with five tes more 3g coverage than at&t, there's lots of reasons to switch-- to verizon wireless. come in now for great deals on 3g phones, like the samsung rogue for 99.99.
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welcome back. it's five minutes till 6:00. wednesday turned out to be another dreary day at redskins
5:55 am
park. >> speculation growing about jim zorn's future. the redskins off fence has been the primary reason the team has lost three games. the second quarter safety against the panthers don't help. the redskins have not scored more than 17 points in a game all year. 11 games are left of the season. the question is how does the team keep up morale leading into sunday's game against another winless team the kansas city chiefs. >> the key word positivetivity. no negativity. period. don't give none. don't show it. be positive. >> okay. >> a lot of people would agree with mike sellers. one hall of famer does not. former redskin john riggins offers his less than flattery take on coach jim zorn and vinny cerato. >> you have to lose the blanket. oh, yeah. the blanket, that's vinny. this is a mess.
5:56 am
you've got no offensive linemen. that's your problem. you've got wide receivers that don't appear to be able to play. all right, now, for jim zorn, jim, you, too, are not a head football coach in the n.f.l. high school definitely. you can coach in high school. you can coach my son in high school any time. you're out of your league, jim. no offense to you but i don't think you're going to grow into this job. i don't think you' molded from that cloth. i don't think you could be an offensive coordinator. but i wish you luck when you are gone. >> a lot of fans may agree with him. last night the wizard, gilbert arenas scored 18 points. they went on to beat the cavs, 109-104. the final world cup qualifier, the u.s. hosting at rfk. nine minutes into the game, fans pull out number 9 in tribute to charlie davis who was seriously injured in the
5:57 am
car accident on the bw parkway. end of the game, u.s. down 2-1, robby rogers on a corner kick. that equals it up. the u.s. your honor a 2-2 tie which is second -- with just seconds left in the game. major league baseball is back. a reminder the american league championship series can be seen right here on fox starting tomorrow night. game one between the angels and the yankees. kickoff -- it's not really kickoff time. the first pitch is at 7:30. straight ahead, more on the dow passing the 10,000 mark for the first time in a year. so what should we expect today? we'll have more on the letters written by former first lady bess written to her husband harry truman. get ready for kind after yucky day out there. we'll be back in two. get to the jcpenney lowest prices of the season sale for beautiful and affordable fall style. like worthington tops for just $14.99 ...and your favorite bras starting at $11.99. save even more with doorbusters
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