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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  October 16, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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temperatures again, we have $ them in place as we speak cñthis morning. let's lo4vat what's going !w/on out there cñhd radar, we'll 2chow you sprinkles jfmoving across the wúkdvymêp)ea at this hour. you can a/sqq hem there, p-many areas all area, e& annapolis, gaithersburg, ÷all getting jfshower activity. we'll see ÷this continue through the course of the ç/fning and indeed through the course of w the day. let's go to ÷úthe graphics, i'll -9ñ show you another 9image here, g"7 another i ñ see here the (w that is falling to pthe north across a@urjn ania, upstate new york winter wonderland @jup there. we'll talk about that right now2p current tn?i humidity 89%, wind out of the u,bñ north at 12 miles per iklour. the forecast for today, you f an probably write this /+one, showers, ókkrdrizzle continues, cool l and cloudy once a gain our high only in zvthe upper 40s.
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ña xgclot of road spray this ls morning. >> let's check and tsee if that will i'm sure it q=1b >> a oálot of road a/sspray, unfortunately a lot áíof rain. it depends where lpyou're traveling g my trip saturated with wet stuff commute. traffic volume myworking in our favor. there'í:hno delay. here bwe are ' south of 118, no p=incidents, but again as iñyou're pointing out @
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the country was vñon edge as we ÷all colorado with a boy 1srqked to v@$ inside that balloon. it t,f and authorities don't believe this ñ was a %/lpu!hoax. the larimer cou[i;hsheriff says@rñ he will meet j
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comes ontd >> during a c'cnn yminterview, t:wy boy claimed we did this for 6nbthe u! show. richard heene whose a+4family has been on myreality ÷úshows, adamantly dh we will show you that in,qyiew that is is sparking questions xñ this jfmorning. 'ñnew this morning an " 4"vymêrgvestigation underway ]inow after a pedestrian sawas struck in rock creek park last night midnight. police say a he person was 3o7p:hhit by ña car. the driver j3 clear if the u!driver will face the victim was taken 5añto washington is said ) condixon. police in e montgomery county ,0 trying to figure icyywjwhy a man óo was stabbed near the he would cht ton metro. one man was stabbed on orgeorgia avenue @gqbefore 9:00. metro says u.jthe victim ran into the station and 4ñup to lpthe kiosk 'dnñ for help. it's uncleaápgn the suspects chased him & there. he is in the $jhospital this morning. and a brutal okcrime in a ht small virginia gjñcommunities.
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a well kn? nd respec father found ço[dead inside his éhk[y mêudrift store o r road pc5 in stafford. 66-year-old w james lerose was shot in lphe back during a you can (?arsee the bulle4gq÷ shattered e officials are 8v])n saw who was vlnear that store be
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ninth ward. to communicate. more of you zomwill be able to talk #80r8hcell 2n ñiñi/ñb.ñ stations. e( y is live koñ2n >> reporter: state judiciary square &cí(j] as you v'2mention don't bring your s ell phone out yet ko for thmorning commute because d8 you won't be able to u!start talking w3@way until midnight.j tonight and only s7ñat the u! underground platforms q÷'cñfor now. s]
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each station and /+on the train ride. >oheum because i can be htin touch with people i need )÷" be in touch with, when i'm running uaá 0@6cj% which i am tonight. twnw's a safety thing =c:for me. >> reporter: now that morñ#iêtq will be able 9ñto talk on their ocell phones, the question and will this ht,0end up being a noisy hglnoisy commute for those @
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hospitalized after ,bad reaction o she was on a plane about to q/2 take off for london when 6ozshe fell out of nbher seat. the court said she had @ga reaction to nba sleeping pill and ?;ñ cold medicine. ginsburg ;o@was released from washington iw5hospital center ]ancj% yesterday morning. > are being closely !uñmonitored today after they were given ymñthe wrong dose of nbthe swine flu ko vaccine, about two dozen offg#im were given a dññole dose on thursday bore that ;w mistake was caught. they ,0were ordered to report to gk"xáhe clinic for a follow xdup. health experts say éthere shouldn't be any r>serious side effect from m/ythe double dose of the the officers will bbe closely watched for ñthe next two weeks or ]iso. and there are d flu clinics f])rour area for people in soçjfvirginia. loudoun county okschools are students with 2ípermission. middle and high i. will m begin next xñmonth. another clinic is taking place at nthe manassas qmall from 3:00 to 7:00 open to ildren and priority groups zvlike pregnant women [or people ágéwith
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preexisting medical myconditions. swine flu oris closing the jf saint james school .gin hagerstown for >'vone week, suspending classes and october 26thment there are ó[two confirmed c9 of swine flu and some yuiáu f ko÷s tflu strain. ko ó[ñi really don't think a e can, we're paying írfor everything h now. >> nbget ready #;wto maybe spend f more cash, why aág mêáá end. laterh(]bay it will be wet on xgc the d8roads. tony? it will slow you u!down this morning and during t(á=pá of the day today, more=rrain falling ñoo across mywashington metropolitan area as xdwe speak. we'll cool ymday too. stay nba mv:with us, i'll have the a look at traffic when fox 5 morn>;/i.tu:hmá5continues.
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so!the naacp is in rthe midst of á0 celebrating it's =/100th anniversary. a red carpet gathering at the lincoln it's 6&oabout celebrating the civil
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showers t?,ji leesburg, places 1e like that, little 1/activity across the wuchesapeake p ay 4h across the xdchesapeake bay b you may gencounter fog. i n't be fsurprised if that's what's showing up nbon the radar ;çt out there. let's look at nbthe bigger picture as far knas the'útellite radar goes. a couple w you, snow falling +ñin portions of q/h pennsylvania, upstate new -/hyork, heavy 3wñwet snow. it will nov'rbe around, the ground fo it #ñ84kdvymêrrás the ground. it rgpis weighing d
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right now 39 é÷begrees as well. so th2forecast for today so!looks like this, %qshowers, drizzle continue v of zvthe day. high about about it. then for v:tonight we'll see another iñcool night, /manother messy night, @
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lanes iñ open toward sout are open oçhof laurel okheaded towards the ÷capital beltway. lanx -gl%ná continue to "o"work your tway easasugd leaving nuttily street /+ toward p=the 9ñcapitol beltway, no inns don't &jreport. beltway n9in s irginia travels ñi with ease. that's a check of your okfox 5 on time _9%9 would you be willing ."o pay to get 1earound thtraffic jams we have? there is a new ymplan that might bring an end to r>he free ride on [j) some of our most =)highly the new plan wodb ease some of the worst tcongestion in #elzthe country. it involves ánúraising tolls when as írour reporter finds out e)yñsome drivers are :oinot happy about this tolls on g#our roadways? >> i +ñdon't think it's i really don't think it's 0&fair because we're paying l5dé
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everything now. >> reporter: but who want÷pu this. >> i commut%. 80 miles in two and wéwhalf hours this fmorning. >> washington 8area governments are thinking about charging 4& commuters a fee to drive existing roadways during 7srush c hour. >> ñit's orcñqclz0gza pretty hey duty approach. >> reporter: to raise money for transportation issue. >> it's driven by a recognition and s7ongressional reports úb9u the gasoline tax ç f gas. >> reporter: rs o.jv s director of transportatioídf planning for 7sthe metropolitan washin:;g council of ;overnment. he says charging ua fees might ]/ also reduce ftraffic. >> the argument is that ço[a lot of folks d congestion really, youuow, don't need to be there ÷úat that there were, you know, )/ban incentive to %qdo so. >> sy0 ommuters say they don't have a piulchoice. >> people have to get from work and gopwe have, you know, ?oi 9:00 to 5:00, set kivñwork hours. i don't see how rêáqp&ly deflate the
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don't. >> reportl neither does r@bñaaa. >> they call that trying déto reduce v:travel demand3wñwe think c' that's bogus. says he 0&supports tolls on new roadways ("f9q he icc ÷úin maryland and $xñbeltway hot lanes in northern virginia. >> but out there, that's not t5a toll road, 4ñthat's not new ró/capacity, and say s ell maybe if we charge gn tolls on rush hour we locould zv reduce traffic, u a ñi[úbad idea. ld all they're doing is ;seeking federal funding to nñstudy the ma4jéár0@6cj% >> it's a ñgreat theory, the technology is there, but it's going iñto impact yméfpeople's lives. and that's ÷ú%q ]the issue. funding along with out of control vnitraffic problems k@ve officials considering other ideas as vodwell including 1e gps and ;o@odometer readings zvñto á
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a c'consumer alert this morning to jo>be aware o unlicensed contractors, coming + show you the +mess that one crew left w9.j and how you can learn from this ok tough %-lesson. >>&%coming up next, cñcan you dance like ím=michael jackson? we'll show %elyou who pulled off c the bet j moves /jat this v:local competition next on fox 5 z3m morning 7snews, xda5ñ ÷it's 5:21. sige
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c >> ♪[ music íi=ñ]♪ look at michael jackson maybe at his best, no better king of hpop classic 4hthan perhaps thriller. jackwvq#ñmay be gone but uñhis legacy will [live on. who could pull htqñoff the best q÷ michael jackson '7ç oves. > ♪[ 6vh♪ >> pop he is ymquinns, single white glove oand that moon walk. l'uz >> eight strutting to t7ñtoe tapping, ñivh fingke6popping, head !/ebobbing, unmistakeableñ of pop. >> i've been doing tn8amince i wa3a1like five, ÷my [os÷randmother has old tapes and stdg. i was little. >> one of my d8first memories y/ as dancing in front of çj3the tv to p
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apartmeoêqker since like lpi just always 5dy!6cj% like have to start dancing wn rr i hear the music. looking for ÷úthe baddest a ancers t in the as .w tribute to michael jackson. >> orwhen he diepúsit touched my heart and xwnvtouched everybody's heart. >> a 'm glad everybody really r nizes the talent that had rand what world is missing ñ right now. >> this s also the lead up to u! a fundraiser, the nonprofit is looking for hele sito pay u @e bills for the fneedy. >> electric (alpand gas, in partnership e with watson, we pay 4nsi f the water fufor individuals, low individuals are facing [shut off. >> the u! standing room < ñonly crowd. this 18-year-old fromé-x baltimore, a crowd favorite dance. >> i do gmxhip hop, p=i tqf some ballet, i'm that. just different jáné).qpgce, you know. >> reporúj): what do you want to do ymwith it? cêrbw]
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performer. >> the competition zvin the audience too, /[;in the end the g# judges narrowed the a ield to the v top five. úand on halloween night #gthe audience will #gchoose the winner ãe )ican ymidol pstyle, q/ht@rh0the prize? $2000. ♪[ [osmusic jo>]♪ in northwe .c., fox b5 news. that u was pretty good. tho)jlittle ones are xdso cute. really cute. there g many people m >> >o on friday uñmorning today. >> reporter: good pmorning, gurvir have you ever been zoon metro needed "o"to jfawxmake a ñia.íñ ñl well, a lot more people will be able to dial up. metr vm expanding its wireless i/ñ coverage underground. we'll tell you who will ok ble sfim get r ÷ ñ
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♪ find your favorite brands from head to toe. all the looks you love and the colors you crave. for an affordable unforgettable fall. style, quality and price matter. jcpenney. welcome ÷úback, it's 5:30 on r> this ó[ñfriday morning. the headlights z9$ed in with road spray óoóthis morning, it's very ;e out there, 6opchilly, but k,- we'll get those for you +ñto with its cold i guess. of the >> yes. things ó[ñwill remain consistent through the iñday and tomorrow, and injç:ugday as well a he way thinwith thjisatellite
5:30 am
and #gradar composite. yg may encountereoñareas ofú8&i, there r>is fog and mist reported across portions of ÷úthe [jja including jggreagan national airport. and there are tw) that /ñwe see moving across ymthe .ob region. and to the írnorth snow. so just çbe happy we ) 4hot. snow, a heavy okwet snow across 6c portions of pennsylvania h1 upstate htnew york. s>írpá we expect is for nbthat to cause zvsome problems there with é with some m/yof the tree limbs and the like because s t's a heavy v:0&-9ñ wet snow. had 43 degrees in 56&ythe ÷8nation's capital nb47 !w=in pittsburgh, >2big difference in temperatures from south to north. a a ot of clouds around, n see periods ) rain ht and drizzle i êjdand on throughout the day it 4kdvym will be m.da wet, damp, ; highs again only oin thep5rupper 7s 40s. 47 éin r
5:31 am
mid-40s elsewhere, 46 baltimore, 44 s n hagerstown. more on cwhthe forecast in a thank lpyou tony. we have
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time traffic. l3thank you. to our s ig story you probably ; saw this unfold yesterday. the caser>of a six-year-old you'll get another the nation yesterday when /+the balloon landed and 5.&he boy was nowhere to/éñbe found. >> the 'ofq,ñboy was safe. there are ' are skeptical about htñwhat xd happened. laura evans >> reporter: heart v:stopping video, ña balloon hurling p through the colorado [sky, a six-year- old boy believed ágéto be on board. the balloon traveled 50 miles ]i sometimes up to 30 miles qper y' hour. it all unfolded z3mon television leaving v:viewers captivated. emergency o0m) balloon for x =ñhours as ymit floated 9000 feet in htñthe sky. when it landed it ÷ú/uwas empty. richard heene, the orm,father of six-year-old falcon told police d his sons were playing near (athe balloon when it his six-year-old vclimb in.
5:33 am
a déneighbor saw the brothers right ÷úafter ymthe balloon launch glad two of the q÷boys were on i.e the roof of the house xvñwith a camera :pvrgg something 8a bout their r brother having, you deknow, i thought i4)0;was an bq)plane, w small airplane. didn't k&i >> reporter: on +ñthe jlñoff chance little falcon didn't get w3in the balloon, the i]xdsheriff's zv department searched the home and iñ couldn't find then searched i searched the house twice, i co: can tell +o you, obviously they didn't #osearch thoroughly b enough. >> apparently the boy hsyzbeen there the wuwhole time. he has zvñbeen hiding öin iña box, cardboard box in $t=)he attic above the /+arage. we don't know why. c: >> reporter: richard heene >kksays he may know v >> this little g inside the xñutility 4h9/$ wcompartment nñ underneath. so a
5:34 am
inside of it@ds thought he did anyway, according to brad he said he saw it htand videotaped !,%ñ it. we watched it sure yzbough he /j got sqscin, but obviously howa ot r> out. so we don't ÷know -- he says he á is hiding in ht< ñthe ttic. and because i yelled at him and i'm u0çreal him. >> .oball right. last night during q%a cnn ,)rk"xrgterview another twist, as 5añ young boy falcon answered a ]puq:urjr88á come out &÷when he heard people rm- calling for him. take a listen. >> uh-huh. >> you (adid? >> you g#did? >> why didn't ÷úyou tañcome7kl5 ñp ut? >> ) we did for the lshow. >> yeah, kx0rgg to cause confe1)jnr0@6cj% the family apparently has been ÷ on s7a f&mcouple reality. othe q÷county
5:35 am
sheriff will meet lp with investigators téc the v case warrants further $ñ investigation. police /fin montgomery county 7o are investigatiní%w near the he would ton metro v'r station bnlast night. one man was stabbed %qn georgia covnue before 9:00. the ÷suspects reportedly chased the vis!7 into the metro. police re looking for those suspects this q/hmornilgé in stafford county virginia the jébp)ch is on for suspect%é following a bruldñcrime s long warrenton road. a man (awell known in his a ;o@thrift store. the sheriff's udepartment sayóbx 66-year-old jhr lerose was shot in the back 5añduring a ã÷q see where the b87ád shattered the @jglass. officials are hoping somebody .ûnrwas near the #gstore saw twqsomething between 6:00 and ó61 8:00 q%m. cell /ophone customers should have ó[service at metro tñstations soon. starting tonight p,ñat midnight more of you will ébe able to make cc4kdvymêpgd receive calls bon underground platformsjúd sherri ly is on the story lpthis morning, and joins q%us live.
5:36 am
>> reporter: good ?;ñmorning, ste(sé you know, the key word koyou said right there ñfáis platforms. this expanded wireless coverage will only be available ch the platforms jodfor now, but in the e coming weeks, that too will 4h change and metro #ñ]t:hto have full coverage myfrom the street all the d8way down into bxdthe tunnels. until now [only (a/)verizon customers ; could use l/phones s n trains ug[ight n sprint, at&t and t-mobile will be koalong for i]the ride. at d8judiciary square, the equipment ready $xñto begin ?%oat midnight. 20 of lthe busiest underground hg5 station also get /oexpanded wireless service %qis starting only at platforms, but not eventually anywhere cvlon the r> trains. for many metro customers that means nnfno longer iñgeing stranded on the ortrain, unable to make )/ba call. x[rñit's my first >2day here, first $q few days here answered didn't '5get off on the la
5:37 am
couldn't cdo that. >> i [think that people really ne%r/to stay connected even &j down here, írspecially down here @:9 actually. you don't know u/xwhat's ,nhappening sometimes. 32y mêr wo be &ja win, win for : riders zvon metro as well as metro. the 4ñcell phone companies #qx actually installed oall of this equipment at 3wñno cost so that 8=ale can begin ) their cell phones w and in ( the next 15 years 'cñthis wireless contractöñ/7make metro ymñ$25 million. live from judiciaryyñuare, sherri ly, fox p5 news. thank you i.every much. we are oralso following a 1ldeveloping story thi/@morning. the search for om7a missing pilot ñooafter wok 2f16s collided hglin midair. >> there are no @gdetails about ko the alleged 24xtortion plot against édavid letterman. tracks çjust as the train is d8 pulling into the station uñlpright there. >> a ánúood ending to the qsz%e.
5:38 am
stay with us, we'll nm÷xplain m,xd coming up.w
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+gñare following developing news as pthe air fym7ix 6cj% crews are searching for a pilot after two jets collided night 40 c'miles off the jfcoast of the beach tnear charleston, r>a3 south carolina. officials say one ólof the f16s %w landed safely coúat charleston air force base, aó
5:41 am
p+isá still < ñmissing. bush is l2ñhosting president obama in6vtexas later today part of 5.- the presidential forum on service bj [y mêpgd is meant to build a/;on president wkyobama's challenge /o!to s amerik%l to c'=) community service. the first president bush is new details about alleged extortion plot against - david letterman úzas a, a #mcbs 5vnews producer letterman. producer sent e,euju. lay, and xfjdiary pages. ÷oj- letterman's world was about to to x the diu.. we have a n'bconsumer alert for you 1rzñthis morning, be w aware of myk k6cj% unlicensed contractors. >> get up and look o(at it in the t morning it makes me x#uick. >> 5añi trusted i trusted ymhim. i thought that he was nñgoing to do the zvjob. >> coming up next we'll ÷÷show
5:42 am
you the mes9!údat one crew left behind in awxthis woman's house õw&c how you can learn from hglit. speaking of a little ddbit of a mess out b.ñthere, we'll have xsju on :ha÷our own commute 42 incredible video from zvdown tracks as a fsztrain pulls into q% the station. >êude got news tale wacxof survival. that's coming ht[whwo1up next. dunkin' donuts is your destination for delicious fall flavors. for a short time we have all your seasonal favorites. try any of our authentic hot lattes including our pumpkin latte, for just 99 cents. america runs on dunkin'. get to lowe's for a large selection of maytag appliances. like the latest performance series washer. the first and only to keep your laundry smelling fresh even after the wash is done. with dynamic venting technology
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the run iñaway balloon, i @> that is cñ'cñwo1really ?;ñincredible. i think the trf9 somethif . 90 jffeet. >> scary. a little @> pa5ñyeah. >> wow. i know. mêrñall right. you 'ofknow what, yesterzçywas just down right +o nasty day,
5:46 am
we're off to :jiñthe same today. today, s4 sunday, kind of remains to m,be scene a littlekbit. right now we think way it ymwill be. so you have to get 2g-used to it. here is >o what i can tell %giyou, next week kdvymêu rebound back into nice ; weather for koñthe middle 4[part, nicer temperature toss. &,>> i don't mind this weather as long as oyou don't have to be out in it. >> there tyou go. let's look at 3wñwhat's going on right nog0áwthe bus bestop forecast, getting the 8kids ready for school, you w heard t, showers, some light cain, drizzle across zvthe area, cold temperatures in cñthe upper 30s. so [óyou have to dress the kids oná warmly and have t rain. it will ñbe raining this morning c0 and likely raining ñoothis afternoon, when qó1hey come out. looking at u!the satellite zvradar, now for us 1eit's mainly light rain htand drizzle, not a =/whole lot of it out ?oithere, but we do )/b have some. /the bulk of the precipitation is well to &÷the north in pennsylvania a lgnew yobñ
5:47 am
it part. we 4ñwill get more precipitation mn ng in here later on toda x and certainly zvfor tomorrow. i'll show you why bñ just a %x"xsá.r0@6cj% first let's take a look at "o"the current temperatures around =)the vek region. 40s qand 30s, a3 here, 39 "nin /-vmêpgnapolis, 45 -- e i'm sorry 39 i'm / manassas, 45 myin s apolis. 41 at dulles, ym38 wéin martinsburg. here is a look bat the g map for today, here's t(what's going on, we have e cold air in place, we nñshowed you the jet my stream yesterday. a lot of ; northeast and mid-atlantic. a /÷
5:48 am
óm] during the course of the day, a ?;ñ little breeze, ylooks like )4z3@6c we'll have more rainfl the first half of another =÷cool one, ; monday if we're lucky jfup to 60, some of you zvin the zfupper 50s. tuesday 65 myand by the end of nexdweek we'll be swpin the 6zñbupper g#@< ñ 60s. that will be pretty good. that's aaizujr8u our weather. now more on the rush hour traffic with julie wright. i'll tp8r you you know it's cold when -/hyou're laying on the t( couch with the dog and the ñidog lays his head on bpthe blanó and just nods, cover me up. >> i'm inthe right it's 7okind of that damp weather that uñkind of fgets right to the bones, makes w you chilly. on the roads -]the lanes pare open, in spite of the %qwet pavement, no accints to soçreport south on vr' 270 looking good. we 4hare slowing a little high yachtstown, çwhich is normal, toward wokthe truck scales, the lanes &jare w open to g#ó[ñtthe split. a crash at the end iñof the htramp
5:49 am
northbound ym495. the beltway +o remains 7sopen. 295 northbound oo3north of 198 a crash rerted out kof lláq&. 395 looks great, /ñno incidents. le i9g duke street toward the 0lñ 14th st>&eybridge. that's a check of your ]fox 5 on r time traffic. thank you +jpvery much. you payî
5:50 am
ventilation and air conditioning >> reporter: not the v:result marion robinson dreaqki wfwñ when she paid $40,000 for this %q addition. >> all this stuff q%ñwas moved from the ñkçkitch, the wall was torn down ñ@> i jfkoreally trusted ; i ÷ofáu:uqb him. i xdhought that he was going ñg finish the job. >> reporter: the ñcontractor did show marion zoa license, it was v not valid in the statesxv:of $uaryland. that's why smith says koit's so important to w check either online or by calling the zvhome improvement i]commission. >> they're u!left with having y spent so in 6 >> reporter: the work is so i. bad, it m!3jneed to be torn 9ñdown completely. honj if the contractor had dpñbeen licensed marion ácould at ÷úleast get some r]7ment from the 9á. improvement insurance ÷úfund.
5:51 am
she has no money l÷á to make sthe fixes. >> nothing that i can ko;do now. >> reporter: except live with ) the mess, and hope contractor will be made to u!pay for the damage /fthat ÷was(?>done. the g improvement commissaz filing a/s criminal charges against 5/nthe contractor. he faces up to > ovechkin on áthe goprun, cñ ovechkin, he scores. >> gñrahead highlights of w the caps zvgame. th%k i2or another showdown as players have a message for á;vçthe team's g# upper management. we'll tell you what we u!talk skins as 4 news ÷ov: it's 5:51.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
ovechkin on athe road, reflects çand 2÷ahe q/2 stepping in ffires ; >> a good combo, [whdoesn't get better ahthan ovechkin =÷who scored two goals in 28 .obseconds as ko he caps snapped a ñ$:. winless streak, he "m4hwon last ovechkin' seven seven ñgames. the capitals t ko;have lost 11 straight to mysan a/)jose. both are the !mafly nfl teams v: to play five straight l teams. v: u/xv the 0-5 chiefs come togñ the stadium
5:55 am
media session, #gplayers and ñ reporters like tone axx?nroot canal. should the bglskins' =÷upper $á ÷ public endorsement. >> ñ. would p,be ñrnice to e/chave him, where eêudis whole saga galveston is going. that would smse nice. it doesn't matter, s ecause, you know, q%the greatest thing about all the stuff@÷that's going on outside u!the locker room, zieñi írñ get to t4xa5ñnb >> every day, people coming at us5ieat will take a lot of that away. if they come out and say, he'll ; be here the a hole year. that will take hat away. i can a/)move on and /[;play goá football. >> college lpfootball howard and wíéé8rstate, howard needs a score to btie it, but korichard wilson comes up /7]with the my interception and xytough :oiko. 14-7zv. high "o"school will battlefield kohigh school and osborne, ]%qthey received 45% uñof
5:56 am
the fwñ[vote. g#robinson will miss games, after a ÷úshoulder injury. the xñwizards opeabthe regular season jodoctober 27th at .&ñdallas. game s ne aof b.ñnlcs, phillies trailing p)ñxfgthe dodgers, ruiz w3 with a 4hthree-run htshot, a five '7ç run-in. the phillies !/ezowin 8-6. the american é÷league championship sji5 gets underway jj 7:30, game on%of the angels and q% yankees. media day çófor áthe maryland g6m men's &vvbasketball gary eu)s&iams coming wo17sñback after 21 seasons. >> sht only way to measure voíhow you feel about kwcstill coaching is to t$oñwait until oo3right before quit or you're tirt after the end of )w.the season. so, you know, yourself çóa chance and, you part of it is 0your players, i really like ú dulast hglyear, how they hung in
5:57 am
$h nuá] had r>to hang through. and v:they're back, htñexcept for dave @> hopefully ÷straight ahead at kvj6:00 the redskins hoping 3wñto get back on track ( as they face another sw$ winless team on sunday, the kansas cityém :r0@6cj% we'll check in with %xte jggjunkies from ht106.7, the fan they will breaxít down in a few a inutes q%ox 6cj% when they join us e-kin the 6:00 hour on ífox 5 morning -9 news. the oo3television screen tells the story it's ?7óa messy one [nyout there, rain is comyf watch v:out for road spray. tony is checking our 3v=forecast, julie will get 8you around the mess on /oçíthe roads. we're back 8zo%in two. get to the jcpenney lowest prices of the season sale for beautiful and affordable fall yle.
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