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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  October 29, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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coverage starts at 7:30. coming up at 6:00, president obama has signed into law a bill that would expand hate crimes protection. at 7:00, it is fenty on fox. d.c. mayor adrian fenty will join us live to discuss a number of issues including the latest clash with the city council over questionable contracts. i'm scared already. do you believe this ghosts? holly is going ghost hunting live from a local museum. looking ahead to 9:00 this morning, can you believe it is here already? 55 shopping days until christmas. we'll have tips for shopping and saving as fox 5 morning news is just getting started. and good friday eve to you. it is october 9th. there is a live look at the washington monument today, you which is kind of nice after the last few days and it was so foggy and rainy out there.
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good morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's say good morninto tony perkins as well. i know we have the video. they put up the christmas tree in bethesda yesterday. >> oh, did they really? >> it is october 29th. >> that is pretty early. >> maybe they're just hoping people are going to get in the christmas spirit and start shping and spending. >> maybe that's it. >> not i. no presents for you all this year. we'll start with the satellite-radar composite. as far as our precipitation goes, we got none. none out there. that is good. it will be a dry day today. there are some clouds pushing in. some of those clouds pushing in from the east. so a day today where we'll see kind of a mixed bag but with mostly cloudy skies is what we believe. currently, reagan national airport reporting a temperature of 57 degrees. relative humidity, 74%.
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that is less than it was yesterday morning at this time. currently, your winds are out of the northwest at sick miles per hour. those winds will shift to easterly winds later on today. forecast for today, mostly cloudy is what we'll go with. i think it will be a mixed bag but more clouds than sun and a high again today we believe in the low 60s. >> are you sure about that? >> well. >> it's okay if you don't get it right. >> if wore ahe going to get it wrong, the way we did it yesterday is the way to do it. >> julie wright, they both said when i said no presents for you all, they said why should this year be any different than any other year. >> i was going to ask if i had a gift uner the tree. i guess steve chenevey will tell me no now. >> it's okay. give it a couple of months. >> come on, already. >> i need to save up for two months to get you a reese's cup. >> in this economy, it might take that you long and then there will pbably be a bite out of it because i have to share it with tony.
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>> that's true. >> coming across the 14th street bridge, lanes are open, no accidents to report. light traffic volume on the beltway between annandale and merrifield. southbound # 70 in good shape headed out towards the split. all land are open northbound between 370 and mva where they were clearg the construction. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a big show of support from president obama for americans serving in afghanistan. president made a surprise visit to delaware to greet the bodies of fallen service members and government workers whose dignified transfers occurred overnight. sarah simmons is in studio with us with more on that. >> reporter: president obama returned to the white house just a short time ago after spending a few hours at drover air force base in delaware. this surprise visit came as the president pondered whether to send more troops into the afghan war zone. the president left the white house last night and arrived at the base just after 12:30 this
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morning. president was taking part in a solemn process grating the flag draped remains of 15 soldiers and three civilian workers that returned on a c-17 aircraft. mr.obama went aboard the plane each time witnessing silently as the chaplain said a prayer for the fallen, the family and the country and the war effort. the three civilians were local drugenforcement agency agents killed in a helicopter crash in afghanistan on monday. forrest lehman who just moved to dale city with his pregnant wife, chad michael from quantico, and michael weston a harvard grad living here in d.c. their helicopter went down while leaving a fight with the taliban. they are the first drug agents killed since the dea started battling drug lords in the war zone. this comes as the president continues to review his war strategy in afghanistan. the president is considering
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sending fewer troops to afghanistan next year than was being requested. general stanley mcchrystal is calling for 40,000 additional troops. that is in addition to the 68,000 already there. but sources say the president believes it is still possible to protect afghan cities using less u.s. troops. the white house wants to hold off on announcing the troop decision after afghanistan's runoff presidential election. that is scheduled for november 7th. but before he leaves for a trip to issue i can't on the 11th. so far, no official announcement is set. the violence in afghanistan intensifies. yesterday, taliban militants stormed a u.n. guest house killing 11 people including five u.n. workers. the taliban threatens to continue attacks against afghans if they don't stay away from the polls for next week's elections. the president says he is changing the business' usual atmosphere in washington as he signed a $680 billion defense policy bill that he says
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finally cuts wasteful weapons projects. a measure to expand hate crimes protection to include sexual orientation, gender and disability. house democrats have reached agreement on a key element of the health care reform bill that would vastly alter america's medical landscape. it would extend health coverage to about 959% of americans. house speaker nancy pelosi will present that bill in front of the capitol and it could be up for a avote as early as next week. we have the latest now on the swine flu worries. two more people in maryland have died of swine flu bringing the total number of deaths in maryland to 12. both were adults who lived in the baltimore area. neither had underlying medical conditions. there are several h1n1 vaccination clinics scheduled for today in our area. two of them are in the district at hardy middle school and wilson senior high school. both of them are from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. there is also a clinic every thursday aprince george's county. too many people and not
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enough vaccine. that forced hundreds to leave a clinic in silver spring disappointed. once again, the line to get into north wood high school was as long as the eye could see. that clinic started at 4:00 yesterday afternoon and by 4:15, just 15 minutes later, officials started turning people away. there are no more clinics scheduled for montgomery county. our coverage of the swine flu is always on. you can click on the health page for a list of symptoms, ways to protect yourself and see where clinics are being held in your area. a deadly shooting during an fbi raid near detroit. it happened at a warehouse and up next, we'll tell you why agents went there. some good news if you are in the market for a new home. we'll tell what you congress has just approved that will save you a little bit of cash. stay with us. you're watching fox 5 morning news. ♪ ♪
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. making headlines this rning, aommunity in pakistan picking up the pieces this morning after a car bombing that killed more than 100 people. this happened at a crowded market in a northwestern city. secretary of state hillary clinton was just three hours away meeting with government leaders in the capital when a
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bomb went off in a market. officerwent in with hopes of arresting a radical islamic leader on weapons charges but it ended with a hail of guire with that leader killed as well as a police dog. the shooting happened in detroit. the fbi says he refused to surrender and fired on officers. they shot back, killing him. the incident involving two northwest airlines pilots would overshot the minneapolis airport by more than 150 miles because of advertise tracted flying could change flight rules for effect. the pilots confess they were busy using their laptops to work out crew schedules and lost communication with the airline and air traffic controllers for about an hour and a half. the faa is looking at the possibility of banning personal electronic devices and laptops during flights. you still have a while to get that dream home and get a tax break. the senate extended the popular program to the end of april. it provides a tax credit of up
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to $8,000. it offers a reduced credit of $6,500 to repeat buyers who have earned their home for at least five years. big debate on the new intercounty connector. >> the cost to drive on the road already has drivers outraged. we'll do the math for you and let you know what it will cost you. lots of papers here. lots to go through and learn about. but coming up in just a few moments, we'll tell you what we expect to see as far as our weather goes. also, julie wright is here with an early morning look at traffic. do stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
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there's one. >> hit town the right field line. it is 1-0 nillies. and a shot.
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>> and there's another one. >> what a night. 2-0 philadelphia. >> they did a good night. the philadelphia phillies have taken the first game of the world series. they beat the bank yankees last night 6-1. cliff lee outdualed cc sabathia. >> that might have been the best of the game right there. can you catch game two tonight at 70 here on fox 5. good for the phillies -- at 7:30 here on fox 5. >> good for the phillies. >> the yankees are hungry now. i think it is 2000 the last time they won a world series. >> something like that. it makes for good baseball. >> what is going on around here? >> we have clouds out here this morning. it is a mild start to the day is what i would say. i think we'll see fairly cloudy conditions. big story in the weather is what is going on out west. want to show you some videotape of colorado. we were telling you about all
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the snow out there. twelve to 18 inches of snow expected before this is all over. western portions of denver see something snow as well. this is highlands ranch, colorado and the storminess continues out to our west. we have a live shot of what is happening out there as well this morning. some light snow falling. this is in denver. light snow falling so winter has come to colorado. meanwhile, here, we've got -- these are yesterday's high temperatures. as predicted -- well, not really. temperatures made it into the low 70s. i tell you what. it got quite warm with a couple of hours of sunshine out there. much warmer than tucker and i expected but i don't think anyone is complaining too much about that. 73 was the official high. we were only off by 10 degrees. here is a look at the current temperatures around the region. 58-degree here in washington. 55 in gaithersburg. frederickings is at 57 degrees. off the east, leonardtown, 54.
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annapolis is at 58 degrees. take a look at the satellite- radar composite for the eastern united states. you see some lingering precipitation in new england. that is ending pulling offshore. we have some clouds in around here. we'll start to see some clouds push in from the east. but i'm going to say it will be a mixed bag again today leaning towards more clouds than sun. so expect mostly cloudy skies out to the west. there is that storm system producing rain and snow in colorado, wyoming, places like that. forecast for us for today looks like this. we feel pretty confident about this one. plenty of clouds, seasonal temperatures, our average high for today, 63. we think we'll be right about there. for tonight, can't rule out some patchy drizzle late tonight into the very early hours of tomorrow. cloudy skies continue. lows will be in the 50s. that is a look -- no, it's not. i want to show you the five-day forecast. tomorrow, 64 degrees. halloween, let me tell you
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about halloween. right now, chance of some scattered showers in the evening. i know that is not what you want to hear but that is what now. we'll keep you posted but a high in the 70s on saturday. now, let's find out what is happening with traffic with julie wright. >> do you give out full-sized candy bars or just the miniatures. >> nothing but the full-sized, julie. >> i will be knocking on your door, reining the bell. >> what's new. >> someone's knocking on the door. here we are out on the roads right now. the construction cleared, 270 looks good out of hyattsstown. overnight construction north of 370 head up towards mva has cleared. live shot of 66 headed in from 50 fair oaks towards 123, light traffic volume with no incidents to report. 66 also at speed between the two 234 interchanges out of manassas. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic.
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>> thank you. a commuter alert this morning involving a debate over tolls. the new intercounty connector not even finished but commuters are up in arms on how much it will cost to drive on it. up to $1 if you drive e whole thing. tom fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: welcome to the cafeteria at high point high school in beltsville. >> you will be speaking next and if you would like to come up front. >> reporter:he question this night wasn't what is on the menu but how much people will have to fork over to drive on the intercounty connector. >> so this looks like a classic bait and switch. it is not fair to the public. >> reporter: the 18. # mile icc will connect i-370 and i-95 from montgomery to bridge county. and under the tolerates being considered, the round trip would cost between $8 and $11. the icc has been planned as a
5:21 am
toll road for at least five years. >> ron freeland, executive director of the maryland transportation authority which will set the tolerates says the toll will help pay for the $2.5 billion road without resorting to taxes. >> simply because they are user fees. the fees are paid by those people who actually use the highway. >> reporter: back out in the cafeteria, some folks said not only do they think the tolerates are too high but they question why they are needed at all. >> i do not believe in toll roads in general. >> one of the ideas was to take cars off the beltway. the pricing structure will not do that. >> reporter: that feeling is shared by maryland delegate barbara thrush. she says if the road is too expensive, no one will use it. >> very few people are going to be able to afford t even the $12 trip willing outrageous. >> reporter: if there is outrage being turnout this tight would make it hard to
5:22 am
tell. only about 0 people in the audience and only a handful getting up to talk. >> anyone else here in the audience who would like to testify this evening? >> reporter: well, the public will get another opportunity to put its two cents in on the icc toll plan. tt is when thursday night another hearing will reconvene at #:00 p.m. at gaithersburg shady grove school. >> there are no plans to let drivers pay with cash. they are planning to make it an e-zpass highway only. a maryland judge on the wrong side of the law. >> still ahead, we'll tell what you one judge did to a woman's car that landed him in court apologizing. that is coming up in about 0 minutes. up next, metro is now part of one map's frustrations with the redskins? see how he is trying to get daniel snyder to sell the team. good luck to you. we'll be right back. - we know technology can make you more connected.
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there is nothing like game day at fedex field. but these days not so much to cheer about. some fans so upset, they are taking extreme measures with a new grassroots campaign to plaster ads on buses pushing dan snyder to sell the skins. >> as beth parker explains, it is not because the organizers think he will do it.
5:26 am
they just want him to pay attention. >> reporter: after heard of a masked man. this is a masked fan. a redskins fan who made a few t- shirts that say snyder stinks. that chat with friends led to requests from strangers. >> they say love the thirty, how to i get one. some people like to complain about snyder to me. other people just want a thirty. >> they use it as free therapy. >> exactly. >> not quite free. the shirts are $15. he wears the mask because he doesn't want to create problems at work for criticizing skins owner dan snyder. reds skins fans aren't just wearing their hearts on their sleeves. some are hoping to express themselves in a much more public forum. >> i think people don't realize it is our team. >> reporter: charles and chris went to high school together in annandale. they've teamed up with friends to create sell our team dan
5:27 am
dwri boy.come. the guys are life long skins fans. chris painted his car burgundy and gold. after this season's carolina game, he towed it back with the flag upside down auction sign of distress. they are trying to raise about $8,000 to buy sell our team danny boy ads on metrobuses. >> you have to do something. >> reporter: charles has dropped his season tickets. chris still has his. they are urging fans not to go to the games. beth parker, fox 5 news. time is up for one local high school football am. find out why the rest of their season has been canceled. our top story a serious one. president obama making a
5:28 am
surprise overnight trip to honor some fallen heroes. we are coming right back after the break. more and more,
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it looks like -- that is fog out there now? >> yeah. >> temperatures are really mild after the heat we had yesterday. >> yeah. >> did you say heat? >> it was nice.
5:31 am
>> it was warm. it got up to 73 degrees yesterday. >> that is pleasant. >> it is very pleasant. warmer than expected but we'll take that. today, i think we'll top out in the 60s. let's take a look at what is going on. we'll start with a look at the radar image so you can see some of the clouds that are out there. some of the clouds that we're seeing in parts of the area as well you can see some of that is indeed pushing in from the east. that easterly flow tends to help keep us under clouds so we expect to see mostly cloudy conditions today but you see a little bit of a break there out to the wst similar to what we had yesterday so that is why i'm calling it a mixed bag of a forecast. regional temperatures look like this. currently, we are at 58 degrees p. up in new york city, it is 50 degrees. norfolk, virginia is at 60. roanoke is at 48. forecast for washington for today looks like this. mostly cloudy skies, seasonal temperatures, highs will be in the 60s. the low 60s, i believe, and in
5:32 am
fact, our average high for today, 63 degrees. we'll be right about there. >> more details coming up in a little bit. >> thank you, tony. let's check in with julie and find out how traffic is moving this morning. >> not moving so bad. we've got lane open on 95 and 295 out of laurel headed down towards the beltway. we have light traffic volume in each direction south of town at the wilson bridge. all lane are open at the top side as you travel between college park and bethesda. this is the live shot for those coming past colesville road. you will find yourself at speed as you continue around towards 295. no incidents to report along northbound i-95. the pace good for go as you travel through woodbridge and travel up to the occoquan. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our top story, with the violence escalating in afghanistan, president obama is making a big show of support back here in the u.s. >> fox 5's sarah simmons joins us live now with details on the president's surprise visit to
5:33 am
delaware. >> president obama just returned to the white house a short time ago after spending a few hours at dover air force base in delaware. now, this is video we just received within the hour of his return on marine one to the white house. now, let's take a look at some new video just coming in of his visit there. you can see soldiers saluting some remains as they prepare to go to the base mortuary. we also know attorney general eric holder was there for dignified transfers as well. the surprise visit came as the president pondered whether to send more troops into the afghan war zone. the president left the white house last night and arrived at the base just after 12:30 this morning. he was taking part in a solemn process greeting the flag- draped remains of 15 soldiers and three civilian workers that returned on a c-17 aircraft. the three civilians were local drug enforcement agency agents who were killed in the helicopter crash in afghanistan monday. forrest lehman who just moved to dale city with his pregnant
5:34 am
wife. chad michael who is from quantico an michael weston, a harvard grad living here in d.c. their helicopter went down while leaving a fire fight with the taliban in western afghanistan. they are the first u.s. drug agents killed in the four years since the d the ea started battling taliban drug lords in the war zone. this comes as the president continues to review his war strty in afghanistan. he is considering sending fewer troops next year than what has been requested. top u.s. commander in afghanistan, general stanley mcchrystal is calling for 40,000 additional troops. that is in addition to the # # thousand already there. but sources say the president believes it is still possible to protect afghan ciies using less u.s. troops. the white house wants to hold off announcing the troop decision after afghanistan's runoff presidential election on november 7th but before he leaves if a trip to issue i can't on the 11th. so far, no official announcement is set. >> thank you. with the presidential runoff election just around the
5:35 am
corn are, violence in afghanistan continues to intensify. taliban militants stormed a u.s. guest house in kabul early yesterday morning killing 11 people including five u.n. workers. the taliban is threatening to continue attacks against afghans if they don't stay way from the polls next week. one bill, two big outcomes. the president signed a defense bill to stop what he calls wasteful spending on war weapons no longer needed. tached to tairks measure to include more protections for people involved in hate crimes. the expansion now includes sexual orientation, gender and disability in addition to race, color, religion or national origin. house democrats have reached agreement on key elements of a health care reform bill that would vastly alter america's medical landscape extending health coverage to about 59% of americans. house speaker nancy pelossoy will present the bill this morning in front of the capitol. it could be up for a vote on the house floor next week. the latest on the swine
5:36 am
flu. it claimed two victims in maryland. both of the victims lived in baltimore. one was identified as 18-year- old walter books, jr. you still have time to protect yourself against h1n1. several h1n1 vaccination clinics will take place today, two of them in the district at hardy middle school and wilson senior high school. both are from five until nine:00 this evening. there is also a clinic every thursday in prince george's county at cheverly health center but that one is by appointment only. get there early or get turned away. it happened to hundreds in silver spring yesterday. the clinic at northwood high opened at 4:00 and by 4:15, hopeful parents got a big dose of reality. too many people, not enough vaccine. >> just kind of looked at the facts and felt it was worth while. she has a younger sister at home so i want to make sure she is not bringing things home to her. >> no more clinics are planned in montgomery county and
5:37 am
officials say they are just about out of the injectable vaccine. the small amount left is for preeing naptd women available next week by appointment only. federal health officials say most the production problems have been fixed and h1n1 vaccines should start rolling off the assembly lines quicker. more than 2 million doses have been shipped so far. were sent out in the last week alone. the united states has ordered 250 million doses of swine flu vaccine. health officials say it should be available to everybody next month. our coverage of swine flu is always on on click on the health page for a list of symptoms, ways to protect yourself an also to see where clinics are being held in your area. happy hour has been cut off at one bar in the district of a big fight broke out tuesday. two off-duty firefighters recovering from injuries after a height of celebration turned to chaos. owner says there is no evidence a weapon was used during the fight but d.c. police chief kathy lanier decided to shut
5:38 am
down the place anyway for a few dies during the investigation solve the its game over for crossland high school. principal canceled the rest of the season. the reason? the team's unports man like behavior during and after the games. they plan to start rebuilding the program stting with all new coaches next year. making headlines at 5:37 this morning, he is accused of murder but he has an alibi. he says he is too fat. coming up next, we'll explain why one man says he couldn't have done t. a battle over a winning lottery ticket. day store clerk run off with a customer's million dollar ticket? you are watching fox 5 morning news. made hot and delicious, all day long, from the highest-quality freshly ground beans. and that's why more folks choose dunkin' donuts coffee to get their day off to a fresh, delicious start.
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two prince william county teenagers have been expelled but their mother isn't going down without a fight. they wrote a swastika and a kkk across a parking lot with four friends. she says her sons acted stupidly but they were expelled for a year and she says that is simply too harsh. she is appealing the decision to the school board. >> there are students throughout the school system right now that have done violent acts and are still attending school. my children haven't been to
5:42 am
school the entire year. >> she says her sons now understand the ramification of their action of a visit to the holiday cyst museum. she says they completed 30 hours of community service and wrote a paper on civil rights. how this is for a defense against a murder charge. henry yates is accused of running up and down a flight of stairs to kill his son-in-law. his lawyer says they pegged the wrong guy because his client is not in good enough shape to do that. imagine winning the l.a.ery and finding out that the clerk at the store where you purchased your winning ticket ran off with his cash prize actually texas man says that is what happened to him. he is suing the state lottery for $1 million. authorities say the former employee lied about how much the ticket was worth and possibly fled to his native nepal. he i charged with claim august lottery prize by fraud. we have a consumer alert before you take your children
5:43 am
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it is still october but look at this. halloween a couple of days away but you wouldn't know itly the looks of things in downtown bethesda where our crew grabbed pictures of this christmas industry that went up yesterday outside the burn and noble on bethesda avenue. if you are curious about the countdown, you have 55 shopping days left until christmas. >> it is pretty. okay. speaking of the holidays, plans are in place for the lighting of the national christmas industry down on the ellipse. that ceremony will be on thursday, december 3rd at 5:00 in the afternoon. about 17,000 tickets will be given out in an on-line lottery system and we've posted information about how you can apply on under web links. >> all right. it is coming whether we like it or not, ready or not. >> i mean i'm happy it's coming but, you know, it's two months away. christmas tree up already? >> yeah. >> it is crazy. i don't like it. >> i guess we don't have the christmas temperatures right now. >> no, temperatures yesterday
5:47 am
in the 70s. today, it will be in the 60s. it's just weird. the bus stop forecast, it is mild. i'm not even going to say it is cool. it is mild. temperatures in the 50s. primarily in the mid- and upper 50s. we do have cloudy skies and your sunrise today will be at 7:32. some of you will see a little bit of that sunrise this morning. current temperatures around the region right now here in the district, we are at 59 degrees. 55 in gaithersburg. 58 at dulles airport. leonardtown, 55 degrees. baltimore, 57 degrees. and cooler air out to the west, of course, in culpeper and winchester. 52degrees at this hour. satellite-radar composite for the region. here you go. first of all, clouds out to the west. some out to the east and it is making its way in here later on today. high pressure is the primary weather feature for our region for today so that will mean calm conditions. i don't expect rain during the datoday but we will have some
5:48 am
clouds hanging around. it will be kind of a mixed bag of clouds an sunshine in some locations during the course of the day. your surface map looks like this. again, we mention high pressure. there you go. can't overstate it. big ridge of high preure an strong ridge of high pressure is what i should say. and again, with that easterly flow, hasn't developed yet but we do expect to see some easterly flow in here kind of keep manage clouds in and that is helping to give us some fog in some locations early this morning. the forecast for washington for today, plenty of clouds. seasonal temperatures, high about 62 degrees. average high, 63 degrees. then for your five-day forecast, tomorrow, 64. mix of clouds and sun. saturday, mix of clouds and sun with a chance of some showers in the evening it looks like right now. timing on this not exactly certain so we'll keep you abreast of that. 74degrees for your high saturday. sunday and monday, highs in the 60s. that is a look with atta what is happening with the weather.
5:49 am
now, let's get an update on traffic with julie wright. >> i liked that 74. >> you must have liked yesterday, 7 #. >> that means the chocolate will melt in your trick or treat bag. >> that is why you have to eat it fast. >> for once are we are seeing dry pavement. hallelujah for that. southbound 270 at speed headed out towards the split. light traffic volume along it is top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. if you are travel ago long northbound 395, this is the drive headed north from edsall road up north. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a charles county judge is on the other side of the bench. he was caught letting the air out of somebody's tires in the courthouse parking lot and now he has pleaded guilty and saying i'm sorry. fox 5's john henrehan has the story. >> reporter: at the courthouse in charles county, maryland, construction on a huge ad dig has gob you would up a large part of what used to be
5:50 am
parking. so it is tough to find a space around here. 51-year-old gene wilson of waldorf would works a second job as a cleaning lady here figured, as staff aroofing in the late afternoon and working until nighttime, she could park in spaces labeled rtricted so she did so on august 10th. nobody told ms. wilson this is where the judges park. and one of of those judges got so annoyed with the interloper taking up a space, he took action and an ask he now regrets. circuit judge robert nally deflated one of the tires on the cleaning woman's car. law enforcement officers witnessed the judge's action. he was cited and judge nally has now pleaded guilty to tampering with a vehicle. in court, the judge personally apologized to the woman who works two jobs in order to make ends meet. i am profoundly sorry, said the judge. i am ashamed of the conduct.
5:51 am
the judge added his deflating the tire embarrassed this community and his family. visiting judge robert wilcox from anne arundel county levied the maximum fine, $500 ordered judge nally to write a heartfelt letter of apology to jean wilson who declined to be interviewed. the consequences for judge nally may get worse. it was confirmed through testimony in court that the commission which oversees judges in maryland is investigating this case. that commission has the power to fire judges. in charles county, john hen real estate hand, fox 5 news. a consumer alert just in time for quick trick or treating as targ has recalled halloween flashlights. the consumer product safety commission says they could get too hot and they could melt. they are sold in both regular and mini sizes. if you have them be take them back to target. you can find more information on our web site. go to and click on win links. stocks stuck in a losing streak this week. on wednesday, the dow took
5:52 am
another triple digit drive. the nasdaq fell 5 # points. in tokyo, the nikkei plummeted 183. the is good news for the redskins. tight end chris cooley may not miss the entire seas. >> but what about the offensive line.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
it is5:54. turning to sports now and game one of the world series goes to the defending champs. the phillies beat the yankees last night. >> it was close for a lot of the game and the phillies pulled away. top of the third. chase utley at the plate. full count and he golfs one to deep right field. nick swisher gives chase, but it is just out of reach. that is a solo shot for utley. phillies up 1-0. top of the sixty sixth, outly at the plate. 0-2 count, same result. his second solo shot off sabathia to give them the 2-0 lead. phillies plead 4-0. up the middle quickly backhands it and throws to first for the out. lee goes the distance. little smile there. he ended up striking out ten and the phillies take game one. >>good news, bad news for the redskins. the good news is that chris cooley won't be done for the
5:56 am
season. >> he had surgery to repair a fractured ankle and he could be back in four weeks. the bad news is repairing the offensive line may not be as simple of a traffic. chris samuels and randy thomas both done for the season. and their replacements have struggled to fill the huge shoes. because of t jace son campbell has been spending many a play on his back or under pressure at least. addressing the o line's depth or lack thereof has been easier said than done. >> if it was chris samuels and randy thomas, would it have been better? absolutely. if you use a pro bowler, it will drop off but i guess where w're standing right now, to have more depth would be great. >> these guys haven't been at it at those positions for very long either. it would be like us trying to get them ready in a preseason giving them experiences and they're going now into battle for our regular season. tough deal.
5:57 am
tough deal to ask them. >> don't expect to see signs like this or any kind at fedex field. the team has banned fans from bringing signs or banner to any more games. >> that will solve the problem. >> maybe make dan snyder feel a little bit better. the team says it is to prevent injuries to the fans and make sure the view isn't be instructed. last sunday, jets quarterback mark sanchez caught on the sidelines discreetly trying to chow down during a game. he apologized afterwards saying needed to eat something. he made up for his breach of sideline etiquette by toneating 500 hot dogs an hamburgers to a soup kitchen in ?iewj. a lot of the veteran player say they've snuck some food on the sideline. you have to do a better job of being -- >> i didn't realize you couldn't. >> i don't think it looks so good when you are supposed to be playing the game. straight ahead at 6:00, we do have a serious story we are
5:58 am
following. president obama's surprise overnight visit to honor some fallen heroes. >> we'll have the latest on that and check your morning commute as well and your forecast. we'll see if today with rival yesterday. we're back in two minutes.
5:59 am
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