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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  November 11, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EST

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latest on the controversy. mayor adrian fenty still catching flak for the bike ride caught on camera. we will hear what the mayor is saying now about that. at 8:00, it is d.c. photo week. that is the margest international photography festival in the world. we'll have details on that. also, looking ahead to 9:00, we are chilling with robert wallay. he will join us in the studio. fox 5 morning news is just getting started. the execution of john allen muhammad has been carried out under the laws of the commonwealth of virginia. death was pronounced at 9:11 p.m. >> he died very peacefully, much more than most of his victims. >> the man who terrorized the d.c. area for three weeks in october 2002 is dead this morning. sniper john muhammed t o
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death last night at 9:11 p.m. without complication and without saying a word. good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox 5 morning news. twenty-seven people witnessed the execution including some of the victims' relatives. first, let's get a quick check of weather with tony perkins. >> it's wet start to the day today and it will be a wet day today as well. we'll start with our hd radar and we can show you that pretty much the entire area is seeing at least light rainfall at this hour. there are some areas where we have a little bit of heavier rain where you see the yellows there near fredericksburg, salisbury, dover, delaware. most of us are seeing light to moderate rainfall and it will be with us through the day today. here is a look at the broader piure as tucker showed you just a couple of moments ago. yeah, there it goes. it is not really moving that fast but it is moving across the southeastern united states, has pushed into the mid-
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atlantic. this is rain from two different sources, from a cold front that is out to our west. that will be pushing through here and from the remnants of ida all pushing into the region. it will give us a wet couple of days as a matter of fact. our current temperature, 53 degrees. relative humidity, 71%. winds are out of the north at 15 miles per hour. it will be breezy today too. here is your forecast for today. clouds, rain, breezy conditions, cool temperatures. our temperatures remaining fairly steady. we are looking if a high of only about 55 degrees. we are actually at 55 an hour or so ago. we might get there again but that will be about it. more details on the forecast and the cha for the latter part of this week that are coming as well. >> thank you. let's check in with julie wright and say good morning on this wednesday morning. >> good morning to you all. it is a wet federal holiday and
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we are dealing a with a jackknifed tractor-trailer. be careful traveling the out are loop coming from colesville road headed around towards georgia avenue. this tractor-trailer reportedded along the right side of the highway. we are anticipating lighter than usual traffic volumes out on theoads but the wet pavement will make for an interesting commute for those who do have to make the trip into work. so plan accordingly and leave early. close in as you make your way past nutley street to the beltway, all of your lanes are open with no incidents reported. that's a check of your fo5 on-time traffic. seven years after unleashing a reign of terror on the d.c. region and beyond, the ultimate punishment is carried out against the sniper mastermind. john allen muhammad died last night at 9:11 p.m. his execution the price he paid for killing 10 people. he dlined to meet with a spiritual advisor but did spend some time with immediate family members. >> sarah simmons has more on
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that. >> reporter: the 48-year-old died by lethal injection last night. by 9:00 p.m., john allen muhammad was on the table in the death chamber with the drugs ready to be administered. when the warden asked if he had any last words, he said nothing. as for his last meal, he did have one but we understand that he did not allow the department of corrections to reveal what it was although an attorney said it was a chicken dinner with some cake. after the first least-drug cocktail was administered, muhammed blinked repeatedly and took about seven deep beghts. within a minute, he was motionless and pronounced dead at 9:11 p.m. muhammed was technically executed for killing dean maryland meyers at a gas station in manassas in october 2002 but muhammed and his accomplice, lee boyd malvo were responsible for killing a total of 10 people over three weeks that fall in maryland, d.c. and virginia. last night, a prison spokes person recounted muhammed's last moments before the
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execution. >> he came in under his own power, escorted by the officers. he seemed quiet and relaxed. i never heard him utter a word or say anything in particular at all. he watched a bit of the procedure that was being done on him. after that was completed and the curtains were opened back up. he had his head tilted slightly to the right an his eyes were closed. that is the way hery maned. >> reporter: the rope for the 2002 attacks still remain unclear although his accomplice malvo had said that muhammed wanted to extort $10 million from the government to open a terrorist training camp for children in canada. as for muhammed, he never gave a reason as to why or why he chose the victims he did including a middle schooler on his way to class. >> thank you. john muhammed received the death penalty for the murder of dean meyers outside of a manassas gas station. my ears' brother bob witnessed the execution. he says he misses the way his
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older brother used to laugh and describes dean meyers as generous. >> we don't see any winners in this situation. we are not gloating about that or going to celebrate john muhammed's death. at this point, it is time to pay the debt to society, not just for dean's death but for many other deaths and for injuries that he caused. >> the victims were all killed at random as they went about their daily lives. these are the faces of the ten local men and women who were killed during the three-week rampage. three other victims were killed in louisiana, alabama and arizona before the shooting began here. police think they committed other shootings too but the two were never formally charged in those. one of muhammed's attorneys spoke to reporters about two
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hours before his execution began. wendell gordon says he wasn't remorseful because he says he was innocent. >> he is not remorseful although he does extend his condolences for the families who what they went through. it was tragic on every level. and given the injustices in this case, what mr. muhammed went through was equay as tragic. >> muhammed's attorney claims his client was mentally ill and should not have been executed. we'll have continuing coverage of the execution of john muhammed throughout the morning including live reports from the yensville correctional center in jarratt, virginia. we are for himming a number of other stories including making bros from prince george's county where there has been a bad traffic dent. the arrest of an airline pilot accused of drinking too much on the job. we have the details. and the nation remembers 13 fallen heroes and while they do
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that, the controversy continues over the investigation into the fort hood shooting. plus a reminder, today is veterans day. several memorials are plan ad cross the area including one at the vietnam veterans memorial. you are watching fox 5 morning news. ( piano music playing ) by putting an end to paper medical records we have ushered health into the digital age. saving lives sometimes when seconds count. managing
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breaking news from prim coun this more than wring a man is fighting for his life after being struck by a car early this morning. park police tell fox 5 the victim was struck on the suitland parkway near naylor road. the car that struck the man did stay on the scene. westbound lanes are closed right now at branch avenue. other stories making headlines, a united airlines pilot is accused of being over the alcohol limb out while on the job. british authorities pulled irwin washington out of the cockpit before the united flight took off from london to chicago. no word on washington's blood alcohol content. the blame game has started
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within the pentagon about who knew what about the fort hood shooter. a sad farewell for the 12 soldiers and one civilian who were killed. president obama told stories about each of the victims whose empty boots lined the wall. he said it is hard to comprehend the twisted logic that led to this tragedy. >> this much we do know, no faith justifies these murderous and craven acts. >> government officials say a pentagon terrorism investigator looked into major nidal hasan's contact with a radical imam. that investigator said the check the did not advocate violence. now, a military official denies any prior knowledge of hasan's cokts with muslim extremists. this video landed mare fenty in hot water r apparently violating federal code while riding his bike. he says he didn't know he was doing anything wrong.
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>> we'll hare what promise the mayor is making. we'll bring you the latest on today's forecast. take an umbrella with you. it is wet outside. we expect lighter traffic than normal this being a federal holiday. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. save up to an extra 30% when you use your jcpenney card. save even
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what iced to be hurricane ida now just falli apart. it was downgraded from a tropical storm yesterday. it didn't have much of an impact along the gulf coast or cause any serious damage. officials say the center of the storm touched land in alabama before going to florida actually 70-year-old fisherman knocked off his boat is now presumed dead. >> a lot of rain inis what they got down there.
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am i wrong in presuming that that is what we're getting here. >> we are getting it today and for the next couple of days. it did dump a lot of rain across the southeast, up to seven inches in some locations. atlanta, i'm told had about five inches of rain from this system. so heavy rain and that is moving north and east. let's show you what is going o we'll start with the hd radar. we'll show you right here in our region, we are seeing mainly light to moderate rain aross the region this morning. now, there are a couple of spots where you are seeing some heavier rain primarily down to our south. it is moving south and southeast. there you go. salisbury, seeing some heavy rain there. down across interstate 95 below fredericksburg or south of fredericksburg, i should say where you are seeing heavier rain. this is light rain in baltimore. light rain across the region. let's take a look at the bigger picture. we'll show you how things are going with this. now, two things going on with
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this. we told but this yesterday. a cold front. you can see where that front is quite clearly out to our west and then the remnants of ida being kind of driven north and then aligning with that cold front. it is enhancing the rain we would have gotten anyway just from the cold front that. wouldn't have been much rain. you get the tropical moisture in here and it is bringing pretty good sfrawl. the heaviest rainfall amounts well to our south and west across southwestern virginia. western portions of north carolina, eastern portions of tennessee. this will be a soupy mix for a couple of days the way we are thinking right now. here is what we think we'll be seeing. first of all, strong high pressure in place up to the north. that is helping to suppress some of the rain. it will probably stop it from going far to the north, say across new jersey and new york city, places like that. it keeps it generally speaking from the mid-atlantic down south. heavier rainfall amounts down on our south in the carolinas,
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places where you will see stormy conditions. did i see one flash the lightning interestingly on my way into work. 51degrees in washington currently. temperatures aren't going to change a whole lot. 46 in gaithersburg. 52 in annapolis. 50 in quantico. the forecast for today looks like this. i want you to watch this. we have changes. cloudy and cool. this is not a change. we expected this. periods of rain, high only in the low to mid-50s for your veterans day. then your five-day forecast, tomorrow, 53 degrees. we have a chance of rain tomorrow and friday and maybe for the first part of saturday and then it gets out of here t look like the rest of this week is going to be wetter than anticipated earlier in the week. now, let's get an update on traffic. for that, we go to julie wright. >> all right. we are still trying to clean up the mess on the outer loop of the beltway before you reach georgia avenue. we are told it is a jackknifed tractor-trailer now tying up two right lanes. possibly a fuel spill involved in this. on the outer loop of the
5:20 am
beltway, heads up coming from colesville road headed around through silver spring. we are anticipating light than usual traffic volume out on the roads. for those that have to make the drive into work. mother nature is throwing you a curveball so plan your trip accordingly. outer loop of the beltway, it doesn't look too bad coming from colesville road, but the two right lanes are blocked just before you reach suitland parkway. naylor road, we had an overnight crash involving a pedestrian that steve chenevey was talking about. plan your trip accordingly trying to get through southeast. live shot of 66 east, lanes are open headed in towards the beltway. i'll do everything possible to not only make traffic flow better but to make sure that everyone is as safe as humanly possible. >> d.c. mayor adrian fenty apologizing for backing up traffic during his bike training. it is a fox 5 follow-up but he may have a lot more explaining
5:21 am
to do. a wtop report says in the past two years, the mayor used federal homeland security suv to take him and his wife to 14 races. he initially came under fire when cameras caught him stopping traffic on clara barton parkway with the police detail and it and he blew through some red lights too. >> so it is illegal to ride a bicycle on the clara barton parkway. >> i didn't even though that street prohibited bicycles until wtop brought it to my attention. i talk tied lot of bicyclers. they didn't know that was the case either. >> the mayor went on to say ignorance certainly isn't a defense. now back to the ish, using homeland security to transport his bicycle. now, back to the issue of using homeland security to transport his bicycle.
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plwous ..rn-9
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on this veterans did i, weigh pause to honor those who have served this country in the military. we honor their sacrifices. >> two young girls want to make sure those on the home front are not forgetten. we want you to meet kelsey and rachel oak goon dear rachel and kelsey, greetings from germany. >> rachel and kelsey read a letter that speaks sole yums. >> i'm sending you my thanks and an ample dose of admiration. i'm scheduled to return to iraq later this year. >> we thought it would be a n summer project. let's see what we can do. let's try to write a book. >> that project has become a nationwide nonprofit to help families of military personnel, an effort inspired by a soldier and neighbor. >> these lives kitty corner to us. if you look out the house, can you see his house. when he moved in way purple
5:26 am
heart and as a 6-year-old daughter, it really demonstrated not only what he had to go through on the front lines but what his family to go through on the home front. >> thanks usa provides scholarships for the spouses and children of men and women in the family. >> we realize with the tiny acts of kindness, those kindy acts of random kindness, that really made an impact. it was up to us who given so much to give it back. >> while on vacation out west, rachel and kelsey decide treasure hunt was a great way to raise money. they came up with a book, an on- line game. their only request, donations. in the last five years, thanks usa has given 1800 scholarships totaling more than $5 million. >> it is that spirit we always want to inspire others to pay it forward in the littlest ways. even if it is a donation or starting like a lemonade stand or a car wash. it all make a difference.
5:27 am
>> kelsey and rachel go on the road to meet scholarship recipients. >> they are just so sincere in their thank yous. but i mean really you can't forget that it is them that we have to thank for all their sacrifice. >> a simple letter is all the thanks these girls need. >> friends and family keep asking why i go back. well, i just tell them about my neighbors from mclean and their two little girls who aren't so little anymore. i tell them about what they mean to me as the girl whose recognizedded at an early age the importance of giving back to this great nation and whose hearts are as big as their smile. i can only hope my efforts make this world a better place for the two of you. all my love, lieutenant colonel lanier ward, aka, your old neighbor. >> they were really amazing. so mature for their ages. they are 14 and 11 years old and coming up later, i'll get out to reagan national airport
5:28 am
and some troops and spouses head out for a trip to vegas thanks to kelsey and rachel's organization. our top story is the execution of d.c. sniper john muhammed. >> sarah simmons is live on that story for us this morning. >> the mastermind behind the 2002 sniper attacks is put to death. coming up, his last moments leading up to the execution when fox 5 morning news returns. ♪
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welcome back. you can tell from that picture right there, it is not the prettiest start to the day out there but the temperatures are mild at least. that is some positive but you will feel some rain. we are glad air with us. tony is back to tell us what is going on. >> at the very least, we have rainy conditions across much of the area, at least light rain. some spots seeing some heavier rainfall this morning. a wet start to the day. i think today will be a fairly wet day. take a look at hd radar. we'll show you the areas where we are seeing precipitation. they are the areas in green. heavier rain to the south now, just south of fredericksburg. let's look at the satellite- radar for the eastern united states. we are seeing rainfall across the southeast into the mid- atlantic. off to the west, you do see the cold front. you can see at line there clearly defining the cold front. clouds, rain, a lot of that
5:32 am
rain is moisture associated with the remnants now of ida. area airports, current temperatures, right now, 51 degrees at reagan national. dulles at 49. bw incident marshall is at 50 degrees. your forecast for today, cloudy, cool, no big changes in our temperatures. we may have seen the high for today already. periods of rain and rather breezy winds out of the northeast 10 to 15 miles per hour. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> okay. thank you very much. we are following some breaking news this morning from prince george's county. a man is fighting for his life this morning after he was hit by a car early this morning. park police tell fox 5 the victim was struck on the suitland parkway near naylor road in marlow heights. it happened about 3:00 this morning. the car that struck the man did stay on the scene. the westbound lanes of suitland parkway are closed now at branch avenue. we want to head out to julie wright to find out how the loads are looking elsewhere. i was concerned about the road spray out there this morning
5:33 am
coming in. >> not only the road spray but the leaves especially in your neck of the woods or anybody coming in off of route 7 or georgetown pike where you do have the long and winding road. you get the combination of wet pavement and leaves and it becomes very slippery out there. with it being a federal holiday, we are anticipating lighter than usual traffic volume. we've been talking about this crash involving the jackknifed tractor-trailer. two right lanes are blocked and we are starting to seat delay form on the outer loop heading around towards georgia avenue. two right lanes blocked before you reach georgia avenue. already, delays beginning back at colesville road. if you are traveling in virginia, northbound i-95, no incidents to report leaving lorton headed in towards newington. lane are open on # 95 beltway to the 14th street bridge. -- on 295 beltway to the 14th street bridge. the execution of john allen muhammad has been carried out
5:34 am
under the laws of the commonwealth of virginia. death was pronounced at 9:11 p.m. >> he died very peacefully, much more than most of his victims. >> the mast are mind behind the d.c. sniper shootings is dead this morning. >> sniper john muhammed and his teenaged accomplice lee malvo killed these 10 people during thee terrifying weeks in october of 2002. >> sarah simmons joins us live with more on our top story. >> reporter: muhammed was technically executed for killing dean maryland meyers back in 2002 at a manassas gas station but homed's cold- blooded killing spree killed 10 people when it was all said and done but it impact the the lives of so many. the 4-year-old was put to death by lethal injection. by 9:00, john allen muhammad was lying on a table in the death chamber, the drug ready to be administered. as for the last meal, muhammed had one but did not allow the demeanor of corrects to he veal
5:35 am
what it was. although an attorney told reporters it was a chicken dinner with some cake. after the first of the three- drug lethal cocktail was administered, he blinked repeatedly and took about seven deep breaths. within a minute, he was motionless and pronounced dead at 9:11 p.m. muhammed and his accomplice were responsible for killing 10 people over three weeks in october of 2002 in maryland, d.c. and virginia. the terror ended on october 24th when police found the two sleeping at a maryland rest stop. last night, a witness to the execution from the media described muhammed's last moments. >> at 8:58, john muhammed was walked into the death chamber. he kind of staggered n he was in a blue shirt, blue denim jeans. he was kind being held up by corrections officers. he looked around mostly to the floor. he is very clean cut.
5:36 am
they strapped him by his legs first, then his waist and than his arms. at 9:06 they pulled the curtain back. you you could see muhammed strapped there. they asked him right after that, mr. muhammed, do you have any last words. he didn't say anything. reporter: now, the reason for the attacks in 2002 still remain unclear although malvo had said that muhammed was trying to extort $10 million from the government in order to open a terrorist training camp for children in canada. as for muhammed, he never gave a reason as to why and why he chose the victims that did he incling a middle schooler who was on his way to class. >> thank you. the mother of the last man killed by the d.c. area snipers was in virginia for the execution. sonya holidayingsworth sat in a car outside the greensville correction center surrounded by friends and family. her son, conrad johnson was killed in october 2002.
5:37 am
she said she did not want to witness the execution but she did want to be there. >> he will be out of our lives. we can move on. i'll always remember conrad. i'll go to conrad's grave maybe tomorrow or the following day, put some flowers on his grave and pray. she said she will never get complete closure and called muhammed a quote, unquote demon. >> one of muhammed's lawyers spoke to reporters about two hours before the execution began. wendell gordon said muhammed was not remorseful because he maintains his innocence. >> he is t remorseful although he does extend his condolences to the family. what these families went through was tragic on every level and given the injustices in this ase, what mr. muhammed went there was equally as tragic. >> moment's lawyer also claims his client was mentally ill and
5:38 am
should not have been executed. >> a group of supporter with that seam sentiment also showed up holding signs saying thousand shalt not murder. one said muhammed should have serve a life sentence instead. >> we don't forgive anybody anymore. there are people right behind us chanting that this is a good thing but they will be the same ones sitting in church on sunday. >> muhammed's accomplice is serving a life sentence in prison in virginia. he originally claimed he was the only shooter but eventually changed his story. his sentence carries no possibility of parole. we'll have continuing coverage of the execution of john allen muhammad throughout the morning including live reports from the scene in jarratt, virginia coming up in less than an hour. making headlines this morning, could a chemical commonly used in plastic bottles be causing you sexual problems? we'll tell you what researchers are saying about that. new developments in the
5:39 am
alleged blackmail case involving david letterman. you are watching fox 5 morning news.
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5:41 am
welcome back. we're following developing news from prince george's county this morning. these are live pictures from the scene of an accident where a man is fighting for his life after he was struck by a car early this morning. this is a live picture. police tell us the victim was
5:42 am
hit on the suitland parkway near naylor road. the web lanes of suitland parkway are closed at branch avenue. we'll talk to julie more about that coming up. a man killed his wife, shot two of her coworkers and killed himself in oregon. this happened in suburban portland. the man showed up at his wife's job at a drug testing lab and fired shots outside before going in. one coworkers has multiple gunshot wounds the other has nonlife-threatening injuries. the maaccused of trying to blackmail david letterman is asking the judge for drop all the charges against him. his lawyer claims halder man was just trying to sell a screen play when he being contacted letterman. the judge hasn't ruled on the request to throw out the charges. researchers say heavy exposure to a chemical widely used in hard plastic bottles has been linked to sexual problems among male factory
5:43 am
workers in china. bpa is used in a wide variety of consumer products. scientists have been concerned that bpa exmow sure might harm the reproductive and nervous systems. it is now illegal for some teenagers in our area to use tanning beds. up next, the latest on a new landmark regulation. and library books are a valuable resource for the public. they are also apparently valuable for thieves we'll hear how book bandits took tens. thousands of dollars. we'll check in with tony and julie right after the break. save up to an extra 30% on beautiful and affordable fall style at jcpenney. come in for your extra savings card to get an extra 15, 20,... ...or 30off all sale and regular prices when you use your jcpenney card. save even more with doorbusters this friy and saturday.
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♪ ♪
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warm pillsbury cookies made with gooey hersheys mini-kisses. spontanious joy may occur. welcome back. it is 15 minutes in front of #:00. tony is back with another check on our weather this morning. i was a little nervous driving this morning. rain was coming down. the truckers were out there on the roads. >> yeah, we're goingto deal with this through the morning and, indeed, through the day today. periods of rain today. we told you yesterday we expected that. change in the forecast is that now we expect rain for a couple of days across the region because we'll get some of ida up here. take a look at hd radar.
5:47 am
we'll show you how things are shaping up across the region. we'll go to the bus top. my fault. bus-- we'll go to the bus stop. my fault. bus stop. you won't see the sunrise but it is at 6:46. a messy start to the day. kids will need the umbrellas and maybe -- do kids still wear rain boots? if they to, put them on. let's go to the hd radar. most of the area is seeing mainly light rain. head towards baltimore, it is more like a mist or drizzle. down to the south, pockets of heavier rain just south of fredericksburg. mainly light to moderate rainfall across the region. now, i want to show you the bigger picture, satellite-radar for the eastern u.s. first of all, out to the west, western maryland, west virginia, pennsylvania, no rain there. you don't have clear skies.
5:48 am
there are still clouds. but then the cold front begins to push through this region. in advance of the front, we always have some rain. in addition today, we've got the moisture coming up from ida. it will be a fairly slow-moving system. that area of low pressure will move off the coast and regenerate some rain which will bring us reinforcing rains i think tomorrow and friday, maybe early saturday. current temperatures look like this. 40s and 50s. 51degrees in case. 48 in manassas. annapolis at 52 and 50 in baltimore. forecast for d.c. for today looks like this. cloudy, cool, periods of rain for this veterans day. high about 55 degrees. we may have seen that. temperatures aren't going to change a whole lot during the course of the day. five-day forecast, tomorrow, now, temperature, hold true. we have added more rain for tomorrow at least a 60% chance of rain. i think late saturday we begin to dry out and by sunday we lok good. 67degrees and a good a sunshine.
5:49 am
that is how the forecast shapes up. now, let's find out what is happening on the roads. for that, we go to julie wright. >> all right. we have live pictures from the scene in downtown. if you are traveling suitland parkway over near naylor road and branch avenue, around 3:00 this morning, a pedestrian was struck and he has been transported to prince george's hospital. if you are traveling the suitland parkway right now, live pictures from the scene. suitland parkway shut down westbound at branch avenue with the accident occurring at suitland parkway at naylor road. you are denied access on the inbound side of the suitland parkway. can you go no further than branch avenue. as can you see, there is an ongoing investigation with a left police officers on the scene right now. inbound suitland parkway remains closed at branch. if you are traveling elsewhere along the top stretch of the beltway, outer loop slowing as you work your way from colesville road to university boulevard headed to georgia avenue. jackknifed tractor-trailer here tying up two right anes that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> it is not what you typically think of when you think about how thieves could rake in $87,000. a dozen people are accused of
5:50 am
stealing books from the public library and reselling them. fox 5's john henrehan has more on how police took down the book bandits. >> reporter: nowadays, some books are very expensive. phil robeling is a manager of the towson book exchange. >> here is an $81 used textbook, would sell for about $120 new. so a student could get up to maybe $60 for that if they were selling it back. >> sometimes it isn't students who are selling the high-value volumes to the book exchanges. sometimes it is people who are stealing the books from public libraries. >> an employee here at the hyattsville branch the prince george's county public library who was working on overdu books noticed one patron had failed to return a lot of books that had exceptionally high values. >> reporter: hyattsville police began an investigation. police at the university of
5:51 am
maryland baltimore county announced arrests for a similar pattern, thefts of valuable library books and their subsequent resale. the pattern was noticed gun at the library at harford county community college. >> ironically, i did find a number of books on ethics, philosophy butly and large, they fell in the science field and medical field. are. >> reporter: the local investigate of library thefts went into high gear. detectives believe that high- value books were taken from 12 of the 18 branches of the pg county library system and now 12 people have been indicted on charges of theft over $500. >> this is a public trust that was violated for personal gain and i want to say this too. the grand jury, some of the feedback we got, pardon the pun but they wanted to throw the book at this group. >> reporter: prosecutors say the value of the stolen books from pg county alone exceeds $87,000. in maryland, aperson convicted of stealing something, over $500 in value, can face a
5:52 am
prison sentence of up to 15 years. in hyattsville, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> the washington wizards in an early season slump already. another loss and a possible key injury. >> we'll have highlights of show downwith miami. sports breakfast is coming up.
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this is the power of human energy. chevron. welcome to your wednesday edition of ports breakfast and the woodward were trying to break out of an early season slump. losers of four straight coming to play last night in miami, the heat being one of the teams included in that losing skid so maybe a little revenge. the wizards against the heat came out on fire. gilbert arenas is agent steer owe but that is worth three points there. wizards led by six after one. in the second, things turned. randy turned an ankle. he is out of the became and wouldn't come back. heis having x-rays. let's hope those are negative. how about quake wade of miami,
5:56 am
i mean on fire. at 29 points in the second half alone, 41 for the game including some good defense which turns into better offense. the lay-in and oh, no, what do you know? the wizards lose for the fifth straight time. they fall to 2-# after the 90- 76 beat in miami. the skins are 2-# mired in a four-game losing streak. the terps are 2-7 and dealing with their own four-game slide. one season can be salvaged. the other sadly cannot. the one season that can be saved, the washington redskins. they still have eight games to play and starting sunday against the denver broncos, the broncos are reeling. they've lost two straight. they do have a good defense, third best in the league. redskins will try to break a if you are-game losing streak and break a recent trend. >> every week, we erase what happened to the week prior and try to some of on and throughout the week, we are
5:57 am
upbeat, having fun, getting back to the basics and we feel like this week is going to change and then we get on sunday and it's the same old results as the week prior. so we have eight got to break the trend and change something. i don't know what it is. >> the one season that condition be saved, ralph figgen and his maryland terrapins. the terps will not be going to a bowl for only the third time in ralph's nine ars in maryland. the terps have lost a slew of close games including this weekend at nc state. >> we are all hurting. it has been a huff year from a lot of different stand points. i think saturday's game epitomizes what we've been going through. we had opportunities and we just, for whatever reason, with can't seem to cash in on them. >> that will do it for this edition of thbreakfast. i will see you tomorrow.
5:58 am
we'll have the highlights of the caps as they drop the puck against the island irs. stay tuned for that. we will see you then. straight ahead at #:00, an early holiday gift for people who like to stay connected while traveling by air. free wi-fi. we'll explain. your morning commute and your forecast. it is raining out there. we'll see when that is going to stop. we'll check in with tony coming up after the break. we'll see you at6:00.
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