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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  November 16, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EST

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we are weddedded to baltimore where one man is baking up some dangerously delicious pies. ate money management expert joins us to go over new rules for roth iras and how you can benefit from them. coming up at 9:00, black and married with kids. a new web site connecting black couples and families. ay with us. fox 5 morning news is just getting started on this monday. it is november 16th. 5:00 on this monday and hopefully, we're off to a pretty good start after a beautiful sunday. we're glad you could join us for fox 5 morning news. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> and i'm steve chenevey. let's say good morning to tony perkins. great day yesterday. >> beautiful yesterday. today will also be beautiful but we won't get the temperatures we had yesterday. we'll be in the 60s today. >> that's all right.
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>> yeah, it will look good. we'll start with the satellite- radar picture for the region and, for the most part, things look pretty good. got a couple of clouds out thrai. few clouds move throh during the morning hours. we'll see a lot of sunshine today as well. right now, reagan national airport, current temperature being reported is 5 # degrees. relative humidity, 89%. the winds are calm. barometric pressure, 30.03. your planner for today looks like. this a few clouds early. a lot of sunshine during the coursof the day today. seasonable temperatures. a little bit above normal, highs into the low 60s. we'll have more details on the rest of the forecast for this week coming up in just a little bit. >> okay. that is a good start. >> it is. >> you it. let's say good morning to julie wright with a quick check of traffic early this monday. >> off to a good start with no
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incidents reported traveling south on 95 and 295 out of laurel headed down towards the capital beltway. no incidents to report northbound 95 leaving springfield headed up onto 395. for those traveling eastbound on 66, easy ride shaping up out of manassas in towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. south a quick commuter report for vre. train on the manassas line will operate on their full schedule. a 9-year-old is agained down inside his hope home and today, family and friends plan to hold a prayer service for oscar fuentes. >> this happened at 14th and columbia during all hands on deck. this more than, the killer is still out there. sarah simmons joins us with more. >> reporter: police on saturday took several people into custody but still this morning
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no charges in the shooting death of 9-year-old oscar fuentes. this happened on columbia road. we know that the little boy nt to raymond elementary school and was very well known in this area. police responded in columbia heights here saturday night just seconds after he was shot because it was all hands on deck. several officers were actually nearby at the time. right away, officers took several people into custody and residents of the buildings along here say that gang activity ito blame for oscar's murder and they say the building is a haven for gang members. councilman jim graham showed us the door where the bullet was fired there and oscar was on the other side it was. >> this is not a warning shot. this was meant to kill. >> reporter: now, residents are hoping to have three doors to
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the building actually repaired that apparently don't even lock right now. they are saying this is obviously a problem here in the building. again, no charges right now. we are still waiting word on that and there is a prayer service expected to be held by oscar's family later on today. a man who frequented a virginia flea market now charged with murder in a deadly attack. 87-year-old george parks was beaten to death at the parking lot of his business. police identified the suspect as 6 #-year-old julian burke. investigators say this was apparently a dispute over money. >> the rescue people was already out there trying to work hymn. it was shock, pure shock. my husband was it the right and their view was being blocked from seeing mr. parks and mine
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wasn't. you don't ever want to see that. >> authorities say the suspect is being held without bond and is scheduled to appear in court next movement. montgomery county, police say a predator is still on the loose. saturday night in aspen hill, police say a woman was getting off a bus when a man followed her. he assaulted her, forced her into the woods and tried to rape her. she fought back and he took off. police have only a vague description of the suspect an are warning women in the area to be on alert. new this morning, president obama speaks to hundreds of students in china. he held a town hall in snghai overnight pressing for greater freedoms in the country and talking about web censorship. the president told the students that the united states and china should not be adversaries but instead allies any mutually beneficial relationship j the united states insists we do not seek to contain china's rise. on the contrary, we welcome china as a strong and prosperous an successful
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member. the community of nations, a china that draws on the rights, strengths and creativity of vim chinese like you. >> the president said, quote, more is gained when great powers cooperate than when they collide. tomorrow, mr. obama heads to beijing to meet with the chinese president. the obama administering has its eye on an illinois prisons for a possible on for terrorism suspects being moved from guantanamo bay. officials say the thompson correctional center, about 150 miles west of chicago, is just one of the options they are considering. the defense department would lease a portion to house fewer than 100 guantanamo detapeees. a white house official said security would be ong the tightest in the country but republican lawmakers question bridging suspected terrorists to u.s. soil while the country is still at war. and in sports, finally a reason to celebrate. redskins snap their four-game losing streak beating the
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denver broncos 27-17. lidell betts gets the start with portis being hurt. redskins' first win since october 4th and the first time they have gotten 17 points all season. >> to be able to come out with a win, you almost don't know how to feel. yet, wremember very quickly and we sure like winning. it was exciting for our football team, for our franchise. for our fans. >> it feels better because you beat a good football team, not a team that is not up there in the rankings. we definitely beat a good football team. that was encouraging to us. >> dave ross is going to join us later this hour to break down the win in our monday morning quarterback segment. another victory for redskins fans as you can now once again bring signs to fedex field. before the game yesterday, red scun owner daniel snyder lifted his ban on signs releasing a statement saying, quote being some fans want to express their feeling with signs and they thud do so as long as they stay within the boundaries of good
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taste and don't block the view of other fans. we're following several other adlines this morning. coming up next, space shuttle atlantis is sitting on the launchpad ready for liftoff with a 30-pound package on board. we'll have details. new developments in the disappearance of a five-year- old girl. her mother is now charged. details coming up next on fox 5 morning news. 
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police hope the time is not slip ago way in the search for a missing 5-year-old in north carolina. her mother is now charged with human trafficking and child abuse. investigators say davis knowingly gave her daughter up as a sexual favor. a surveillance camera recorded the man charged in shania's kidnapping carrying the girl into a hotel room last week. today, crews will continue their search. it was an emotional weekend for military families across the country. loved ones were laid to rest. six of the victims gunned down at fort hood in texas. meantime, the "washington post" is reporting the radical imam who communicated with the fort hood shooting suspect claims he
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never pressured major nidal hasan to harm americans. but the attack was called acceptable under islam. general motors will begin paying back $6.7 billion worth of u.s. government debt by the end of 2009. that is according to a person familiar with that matter. the automaker could pay off all of that portion of its aid by 2011, four years ahead of schedule. gmeceived $52 billion in federal aid including $6.7 billion in loans. space shuttle atlantis ready for liftoff. nasa plans so send the shuttle and its crew into orbit this noon to carry 0,000 pounds of parts to the space station. six astronauts will do three spacewalks to unload the hardware outside of the space station. this is the first of six remaining launches before nasa retires the shuttle prament. we'll he show you how one community has raised the unsentive for folk to recycle. >> but some scam artists are also cashing in. we'll let you know about
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the recast. it will be a fine day today. julieright is all here to tell us how the morning roads are shaping up. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. ( piano music playing ) by putting an end to paper medical records, we have ushered health into the digital age. saving lives, sometimes when seconds count. managing chronic conditions. making amazing new discoveries. and, oh yes, saving a lot of trees. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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your world delivered.
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welcome back. yesterday just made up for all the lousy weather we had last week. it was just gorgeous. >> as we thought it would. i went to the playground, took my son to the playground yesterday afternoon. there were more people out there -- >> i bet. >> it was so crowded. >> it is good. >> we'll go back to yesterday. we'll show you the high temperatures we had across the region. as expected, into the 70s. reagan national, 72 degrees and at dulles and bwi marshall.
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a fine, fine day today. today, some nice weather as well. i don't think we'll get up into the 70s but take a look where we are this morning. current temperature here in d.c. is 52. 51degrees on this map. 51 in d.c. 46 up in gaithersburg. 4 # in frederick. a cool 37 degrees out in culpeper, virginia. satellite-radar, we'll show you, got a couple of clouds that will come through during the morning hours. you can see some of the clouds out it the west although they actually seem to be breaking drown as they get closer to here. got a weak cold front that will be coming through the region but we don't expect any rain to move in here. we've got high pressure in place but later on in the week, we'll get another front that will come through that could bring some showers the latter part of the week. for today, fine, mostly sunny skies. cooler temperatures. but these temperatures still above normal. 63degrees for your high today. then for tonight, we are going to see partly cloudy skies, a cool overnight lows in the low 40s in townened we'll see some
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30s again in some of the suburbs overnight. then for your five-day forecast, not a bad week. 58degrees tomorrow. sunshine, a few more clouds on wednesday. thursday is the day that we expect to see clouds and rain. high, 62 that day. we try out for friday. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get more on this morning's rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> no accidents to report if you are traveling in virginia coming from the wilson bridge out toward the spring field interchange. however, traveling south on 270 looking for a crash before you reach 121 clarksburg. southbound on the beltway still in great shape past colesville road. no accidents on 66 heading in from nutley street. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. steep budget cuts for parks and libraries in fairfax county as they are looking at a $15 million shortfall. the county executive has asked the park authority and public
5:19 am
library system to propose 15% reductions for fiscal year 2011. would you recycle more in you received rewards in return? that is the idea behind one new program and, as fox's laura ing left reports, even though it has brought out a bad apples, overall the system is being called a success. >> reporter: it is sort of like earning points when you use your credit card. you get to redeem them at stores and restaurants but these points reward you for helping to make your city a little more green. and just like any type of opportunity for freebies, there are reported scammers out there trying to earn a free buck. in dhery hill, new jersey, president res dense are turning tra into cash through a joint program with the town and a company called recycle bank. the delaware companies that created a system with points. some people are weighing their trash bins down with wet knauss pepper, brick and other heavy
5:20 am
items to get more points. the people would aren't scamming are trying to do their part in the single stream system which means that the recyclable materials are separated by the collection facility and not the resident. >> instead of having to separate out the recycling, we throw everything into the same bin. i think that in and of itself, the convenience of it has really increased peep's interest in recycling. >> reporter: the single stream system is being adopted by many sees. in the recycle bank program, even bin has an electronic id tag and upon collection, the recyclables are weighed. the point are redeemable for things like donor coupons, school supplies and groceries. local business owners embrace the system. >> at this point, we are receiving anywhere from five to coupons per day and it is actually becoming very successful and has generated a lot of business for us. >> reporter: the town of cherry hill has saved over $800,000 in disposal fees since resickle bank pays for all the cost of
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of the bins to pickup and disposal. the company makes the profits from selling the materials after they're processed. in new york, laura ingle, fox news. drive-through service at jail. coming up next be we'll tell you how one suspect made it easy for police to catch him. a big hit at the box office stirring up fears of a doomsday. is there any truth to 01's grave prediction p we'll hear from a biblical expert next on fox 5 morning news. -- is there any truth to 2012's grave prediction? we'll hear from a biblical expert next on fox 5 morning news. ♪
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the end of the world raked in wig buck in theet these are weekend -- big bucks in theaters this weekend. disney's a christmas carol fell to second place and the acclaim drama, precious broke into the
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top ten as it expanded from limited release. movies like 2012 have many wondering if the world will end that year. >> for skeptics of the doomsday scenario, the new film offers a chance to set the record straight. fox's lauren green has more. >> reporter: the movie 2012 presents a worst case scenario of biblical proportions for the world appear last gasp. it is based on the premise that the ancient mayans predict ad major event occurring in december 201 when their calendar ends. >> while there is a similarity that there will be a time of cataclysm, there are big differences in what the bible says and what the 2012 viewpoint sets forth. >> reporter: all the major relionel ons have independent- time prove he isies. in christianity, armageddon brings the final battle of good and evil and the second coming of jesus. judai sees the rebuilding of the temple in jerusalem and the
5:26 am
coming of the mess eye a and sh. ia muslims believe in the imam's return. all predict some sort of cataclysmic event precreeding those days but none give a time frame. >> no, i don't think the world will end in 2012. i think usually you are talking about like a shift in consciousness. >> in that, many experts agree. date is significant in many ancient cultures but it has been blown out of proportion. >> i explained how we got to the doomsday predicts. it is the calendar ends. >> oh, it we understand, ma means time ends. guess that means the world ends. >> in new york, lauren green, fox news. our top story is here, the murder of a nine-year-old boy over the weekend. >> sarah simmons is following that story. >> reporter: oscar fuentes was
5:27 am
gunned down in his own home. police took several people into custody, yet still no charge this is morning. i'll have a live report coming up on this case when fox 5 morning news returns. more and more,
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at&t. your world delivered. welcome back. there is the shuttle on the launchpad down in florida this morning getting ready to blast off a little bit later today. hopefully, they get some good weather today. gentleman we know we have it
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here. >> yeah, it started yesterday. this morning, not bad at all. >> we have temperatures in the 40s and 50s across the area. we'll see a mild day today. not a warm day like yesterday but still mild temperatures with above normal temperatures aswell. let's take a look at the satellite-radar. we can show you that things look fine outsi. mostly clear skies. this is a look at the radar image there and you can see that skies are mostly clear. we've got no precipitation to be thinking about for this morning or even for today. temperatures across the region look like this currently. 51degrees in the district. elsewhere, 54 degrees in new york city. 54 in norfolk, virginia. pittsburgh, 49 degrees. here is your forecast for d.c. for today. mostly sunny skies, cooler temperatures, high about 63 degrees, not bad at all. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> before we get to julie, we do have a quick commuter alert
5:31 am
to pass along to you. vre is going to operate at full service today. they had expected some delays on the fredericksburg line but crews did wrap up work on the track sfals early so everything will be back to normal this morning. trains on the manassas track will also operate on their full schedule. right now, let's check in with julie and see how the roads are looking out there this morning. >> not too bad. i've got to tell you, it is a nice ride out on the roads this morning. overnight construction along 270 was in the process of being cleared when i came south out of gaithersburg. no incidents leaving father hurley boulevard headed out towards the split. light traffic volume on the beltway traveling to and from the american legion bridge. again, 66 an easy ride out of manassas. this is a live shot east of gallows road. you will found light traffic volume between annandale and merrifield. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our top story, his family thought he was safe in the comfort of his own home and now
5:32 am
they're planning a funeral for young oscar fuentes. >> a single bullet went through his front door in columbia nights killing the 9-year-old and there have been month arrest this is morning. sarah simmons has more on the search for the killer. >> reporter: good morning. police took several people into custody saturday night after the shooting but yet still no charges the last that we have heard in this case in the shooting death of 9-year-old oscar fuentes. it happened just a few doors down here on columbia road here in columbia heights. we know he attends raymond elementary school. he is well known in the area for playing outside here. the family does intend on holding a prayer service later on today at some point. police responded in columbia heights saturday night just seconds after fuentes was shot. it was an all hands on deck operation. several officers just happened to be nearby. right away, officers took several people into custody. residents at a building along
5:33 am
columbia road here say gang activity is to blame for oscar's murder. they say the building is a have phone gang members where he -- a haven for gang members where he live >> i think what they want more than anything is for this building to be cleaned up. we've got to get the gangs out of this building. we've got to get repairs made. we have to maintain. we have to make sure that the building has police protection immediately and all of that we've taken steps with. we have assured 4-hour police protection. >> reporter: now, when the councilman was talking about the repairs that need to be done, apparently there are three drs that do not lock on the building and something residents say is obviously a big problem. they want to have that fixed. no charges in the case. we do hope to hear something from police soon and a prayer
5:34 am
service later on today at some point not 9-year-old oscar fuentes. back to you. >> thank you. now to a shocking crime at a flea mark net virginia. an elderly man allegedly was beaten to death by a frequent customer. 87-year-old george parks was fatally beaten in the parking lot of his business at that flea market in beale ton. the suspect is this man, 63- year-old julian burke. witnesses say burke lured the victim outside. >> it happened within 45 seconds. guy had him down, got his wallet and cell phone, got in his car and drove away within 45 seconds. >> investigators say there was apparently a dispute over money. burke is being held without bond and is scheduled to appear in court next movement. a baltimore lawyer says he is carrying out one of the executed d.c. sniper's wishes
5:35 am
by writing a book about his life. wendell gordon says the book going to tell john muhammed's story without filters and rules of evidence that prevented him from getting things in court. gordon says he and muhammed forgeed a strong bond during his first trial and it was muhammed who suggested he write that book. the convicted sniper was put to death last tuesday for a shooting spree in 2002 that left 10 people dead and terrorized the d.c. area. new this more than, president obama speaks to hundreds of students during his first ever visit to china. at a town hall meeting in shanghai, the president pushed for greater freedoms in china and spoke out against internet cents irship. china's youth has shown support of the u.s. president. they welcome his promises to hold dialogue with other countries. >> i do believe our nations hold something important in common and that is a belief in the future. neither the united states nor china is content to rest on our achievements. for while china is an ain't shent nation, you are also clear lie looking ahead with confidence, ambition and a
5:36 am
commitment to see that tomorrow's generation can do better than today's. >> the president heads to beijing to meet with the chinese president. the redskins have snapped their four-game losing streak. they beat the democratic denver broncos yesterday. coach zorn talked after the game. >> to have a win like we had today, it was decisive and i felt good for the organization. i felt good for the redskin nation, really excited about savoring for a day at least. >> the redskins next face the dallas cowboys and coming up in about 0 minutes, dave ross will join to us break down the win
5:37 am
in our monday morning quarterback segment. a another victory for redskins fans, can you now bring signs to fedex field again. before the game yesterday, the owner lifted the ban on signs. he released a statement which says some fans want to express their feelings with sign and they should to so as long as they stay within the boundaries of good taste and don't block the view after fans solve the a surprise delivery at jail. see how one suspect fell right into the arms of authorities. there is controversial surrounding t time of several suspected september 11th terrorists. we'll hear why a decision by the u.s. government has a lot of people upset. you are watching fox 5 morning news. ( sighs )
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studies show that people who eat more whole grain tend to have a healthier body weight. multigrain cheerios has five whole grains... and 110 calories per lightly sweetened serving. more grains. less you. multigrain cheerios. making headline, police have made an arrest in the murder of # 1-year-old george rawlings at a bus stop in the district. it happened last we had morning on h street in ortheast washington. rawlings was beganned down as he was getting on a metrobus. police have arrested a 17-year- old they say is going to be charged as an adult. rawlings is the older brother of dan attempt rawlings who was shot two years ago. the debate over the legal decision seem to be divide down party lines.
5:41 am
some republicans say the 9-11 attacks were an act of war that should be tried before a military tribunal. the obama administration says the decision to try the inmates in new york is based on information that has not yet been disclosed. this vid vote shows police strugglinwith a driver as he tried to make a mad dash out of a jail. the rash came as no surprise to the driver's family because they say he has not driven a vehicle in years. time now is 5:40. there is more encouraging financial news. coming up income, your retirement fund could be on the rebound. we have some tips to get the most out of your life savings. you are watching fox 5 morning news. [ thunder rumbling ]
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welcome back. we had all that sloppy weather last week and finally yesterday i guess was the payoff. >> yesterday was the payoff. a nice day, temperatures into the 70s. today, we kind of continued that trend but we won't be in the 70s. still a nice day though so not too bad. ready for school, here is a
5:45 am
look at the bus stop forecast. >> what was that? >> it was okay. temperaturein the upper 40s this morning and the low 50s. sunny skies. seasonal temperatures. today, we will see the sunrise. get the kids ready. they need a jacket this morning because of the cool temperatures. let's take a look at what is going on with our current around the region. currently here, 51 degrees. 58degrees out in annapolis. baltimore is also at 51. we do have spots in the 30s. manassas, 39 degrees. culpeper, 37 degrees this morning. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite for the area. now, there is d.c. a little bit of cloud cover off to the west. some of that will make its way through but a lot of that is breaking down as it moves eastward. this is a weak frontal boundary out to the west that is bringing some rain showers to portions of illinois, indiana, ohio, places like that. we don't expect to get any precipitation in here for us for today. take a look at the surface map.
5:46 am
i'm explain to you why. first of all, high pressure really in control although it is gradually pushing out. this weak front will bring cooler temperatures. so, as i said, yesterday, we were in the 70s. today, we'll call it the 60s and then for the bulk of the week being our highs will be in the 50s and 60s. kind of fluctuating back and forth. today, 63 degrees. mostly sunny skies. a cooler day. winds willhift out of the north at five to 10 miles per hour. five-day forecast, as i mentioned, tomorrow in the 50s. same for wednesday but lots of sunshine. clouds build in here thursday. actually, they start wednesday night. rain showers on thursday. 62 for your high. friday looks like a mostly sunny day with 63 for your high temperature. now, let get a look at traffic with julie wright. >> all right. traveling inbound suitland parkway, alabama avenue, they are checking for an incident right now. if you are traveling the top side of the beltway, you are in good shape leaving college park
5:47 am
head around towards 270. southbound 270, had the crash at 121 and clarksburg. lanes are open as you travel south. nice, easy ride southbound 95 and 295 out of laurel and coming across the 14th street bridge, light traffic volume here and lane are open. d.c. council will take up autism legislation this week. councilmembers plan to introduce a measure that would require insurance companies to improve coverage for autiic children. if the bill passes, d.c. would join a growing number of states that have passed autism insurance requirements. many insurers don't cover treatment for the condition. behavior therapy can cost up to $50,000 a year. some financial appear lifts say wall street is on the rise again and that means your retirement fund could follow the trend. that is if you plan accordingly. fox's eric seidle explains. >> reporter: as the improving view from wall street inspires investors -- >> wall street has been on an
5:48 am
historic upswing over the last eight months. >> dream of a comfortable retirement are once again in view for many of us. >> we've seen about a 60% return in the standard and poor's. normally, you should expect about a 10% return per year. we've had about 60% in eight months. >> reporter: deplated 401(k)'s and other retirement plans are being rejustify naitd. you may need to rebalance to avoid an overload of stocks in your portfolio. >> you need to diversify. >> jeff simon as how much risk you should take depends on how close you are to retirement. that is number one on the top five list of mistake that people make with their 401(k). >> people spend more time planning their summer vacation than they to planning their retirement. that is a big mistake. >> reporter: in other words, strategize, get advises and a plan for how much your investments need to grow to meet your retirement needs. next, don't be overconservative. >> what you need to do is have a balance of stocks and bonds
5:49 am
and you need to do calculation on a egular basis to determine whether you are on target. >> reporter: third, don't overinvest in your own company's stock. >> if it goes up, you're lucky. about it is an enron or another company that tanks, your retirement fund will just evaporate. >> don't miss out on the company match. >> that is like getting free money from your employer. if you don't participate in the 401(k), you are saying i don't want free money. that is a big mistake. >> avoid borrowing from your 401(k). >> once that money is taken out, it can't broe for you. you miss the time and the opportunity. >> if you must, make sure it is only for the short term and that you can replace the money by a certain date because economists expect good things in 010 especially for those who plan correctly. finally, a mapy monday morning for redskins fans. their first one in more than a monday and a milestone on the scoreboard. >> coming up next, dave ross is here in the studio to break it
5:50 am
all down. it is monday morning quarterback coming up after the break. ♪ ♪
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we are talking about the time time game last night. a battle for the ages. the colts scored with 13 second left to beat the patriots an remain undefeated. the patriots had the lead with about two minutes left. they tea sided to go for it on fourth and two for their own 28th. that gave the colts the chance to win. an amazing game. so, to the redskins now. finally some good news on a monday morning to talk about as the redskins pull out the win. >> can you believe it? >> beating the once-undefeated denver broncos. >> a few weeks ago. >> a win is a win. they got it. we'll just talk about the good times today. >> lets me just say this.
5:54 am
about the patriots and colts game f that happened with jim dorn and went for it on fourth and two from his own -- he would be fired today. >> he would be fired with a minute left in the game. >> we'll talk about it. he will get criticized. can you believe that? have you ever heard of a situation where the coach goes for it. fourth down with a six-point lead and you basically give away a ball game. it is unfathomable. luckily for the redskins, they did not do that yesterday. tony perkins is happy today. >> you know what the best part was esteay? after the first like 10 minutes. game, you thought they were going to get torched. >> they come out and give up the two big bombs. you're like here it goes again. another we can we have to look forward to of us bashing the team. it wasn't so. the is clinton portis, sat out with a concussion. lidell betts did very well in his stead. i have no idea. i think this a still back with the redskins. have you seep a guy more wide
5:55 am
open. >> yes, the next play. >> he is thinking what is going on here. this might have been one of the worst coaching jobs ever by denver. they ran this play the play before and then they ran it again. wide open. great throw. he use tiebd high school quarterback. >> he showed off that arm. -- he used to be a high school quarter lack. >> finally. >> that is what we've been saying all year long with guys like devon thomas, malcolm kelly and fred davis. they all played we had yesterday. >> get hungry and step up. >> how about lidell betts yesterday, 114 yards. it is a happy day for the washington redskins. they go on to win 27-17. steve, 27 points. >> that is the whole season's worth of scoring. >> they hadn't scored more than 17 all year long. finally, they get over that magical hump i guess to get over that number and they get a
5:56 am
win and a happy locker room for jason campbell and jim dorn. let's take a listen. >> to be able to come out with a win, you almost don't know how to feel. yet, we remember very quickly and we sure like winning. it was exciting for our football team, for our franchise, for our fans. >> definitely feels better because you beat a good trouble people, not a team that is not up there in the rankings, high in the ranking. we beat a good football team and that was encouraging to us. >> you could just hear how excited jim zorn was. >> was that relief or elation. seemed like a lot of relief. >> it is good either way. good for lidell bets. a couple of years ago when clinton got hurt, he came n. >> how about andre carter, another game where he has one and a half sacks. having albert haynesworth in the front four is making a huge difference. can you not single block these guys on the outside. when you get that type of production and we've talked about in in other games, when
5:57 am
you can rausch the quarterback as they did effectively yesterday, you can get wins. now, all of a sudden, and we don't want to goiesy, we don't want to tell tony to get playoff tickets or anything like that. they are 3-6. you look at the rest of the nfc. the dallas cowboys lost at green bay. the philadelphia eagles lose in san diego. the new york giants have lost four straight game it is not impossible. it is not out of the realm of possibility if the redskins take it one game at a time as the players -- and i'm the first one to say. >> i'm he going to give it another week. >> i am the first guy to say they were crazy. they kept saying everything is still out there. we can still reach the playos. i thought, are they insane? they believe it. that is all that really matters. if they can go out and get a win, it is dallas week inform they can somehow get a week down in big d next week, i say
5:58 am
anything is possible. maybe that 2012 mayan prediction comes true. >> when you look at it and you look at the bad teams out there p, the redskin are much more taal ended than -- >> they are. they've been saying that. the players have been telling us, we have talent on this team. well, let's see t they actually showed it yesterday again. when you get the young big three making plays, all of a sudden, it opens things up for the other guys. this team, 27 points against a very good defense in the denver broncos. i say con fwrat lags to the redskins d tony perkins. >> straight ahead at 6:00, a new place for metro passengers to park. we'll explain what that is all about. you can still land some thanksgiving travel deals but you have to act soon. we'll check your monday morning commute and forecast.
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