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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  December 4, 2009 5:00am-6:01am EST

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morning. despite a security breach and shaking hands with party crashers at his first state dinner, president obama says he trusts the secret service 100%. the head of of the secret service testified yesterday that the security breach ways mistake and three officers are on leave. we've heard the infamous voice mail left by tiger woods. the internet craze is just getting started. listen to this now. >> take your name off your phone. do this for me. >> all right. this is a slow jam remix of tiger's voice mail. just one spoof getting thousands of hits on-line. tiger's transgression could cost him big time.
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coming up later this hour, we'll share what we've learned about his prenup. a look ahead at some f the stories we're working on for later this morning. the redskins are taking on the undefeated new orleans saints sunday. we've got your friday football forecast. more on the uninvited white house guests. eleanor holmes norton joins us to talk about the salahis no show on capitol hill yesterday. at 8:00, we are working to save you some money. ai had have on -- avoiding investment fraud. at 9:00 a.m., we take a look at the hottest holiday toys broken down by age group. fox 5 morning news is just getting started. it is 5:00 on this friday
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morning. taking a bird's eye view of the u.s. capitol on september 4th. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm tony perkins. >> gwen is here for tucker this morning. >> early-morning hours. take my hat off to you guys. the cooler air woke me up this morning. today, temperatures will drop. we are getting a realy check to where we should be. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite. we've got fairly clear conditions across the area. just a few clouds to the far west of us. but we'll see increasing clouds as we head through into tonight. that will be just ahead of a system that we're keeping a close eye on. take a look at the national satellite-radar composite right now. you see some snow and rain down there through parts of texas cutting right through the central portion of the state and today northeast. that is associated with a system that will head our way.
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we'll see a low pressure system that will develop as it moves its way off the coast and head its way straight up towards us. that is what we're keeping an eye on as we move through into saturday. it will be some of the coldest airwave had all season not to mention it could be our first snowflake in the area. here is a look at current temperatures. 44degrees at national airport. we've got 37 at baltimore. and temperatures pretty much sticking around that for the next hour or two. make sure that you are bundled up if you are heading out. here is a look at your day planner for today. by about midday, we'll be around 49 degrees. 50degrees at the 4:00 hour. that is pretty much what we're talking about for a daytime high. the first week of december and that is exactly where we should be. the 65 degrees we got yesterday was nothing but a little bit of a spoiler, a little tease from mother nature to get you out there. hopefully, you have to adjust to normal. we'll have an update on what we can expect on saturday because we do have some snow.
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>> thank you. let's get an early look at traffic this friday morning. >> we are off to a quiet start with no accidents reported if you are traveling the top stretch of the beltway leaving college park towards 270. easy ride shaping up off the dulles toll road coming in from the greenway and working your way in towards wolftrap. light volume here as well as along 66 leaving manassas continuing in towards 495. again, 270, quiet start for you guys out of germantown head southbound from father hurley boulevard working your way into rockville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. one of the national zoo's biggest attraction could be going away. >> the beloved giant panda cub tai shan is heading back to china. it is part of an agreement with the smithsonian. sherry ly joins us live from the zoo in northwest with more. >> reporter: certainly a sad
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announcement for a lot of folks especially for the kids. but we always knew this day was going to come. this panda bear that we have come to know and love will be going back tchina. the 4-year-old giant panda was born at the zoo on july 9th, 2005 and has drawn millions of visitors since. he has been on magazine covers and merchandise from wall paper to a postage stamp and has his own fan club. under the loan agreement for his parents, tai shan was supposed to be sent bk to china when he turned two years old. zoo paid $600,000 for the original stay. then the national zoo northed a two-year extension. now that, window is up and earlier this year, the zoo said the beloved panda would be returned. it was just a matter of when. today is the when will be answered. the zoo has scheduled a press conference later this morning with the announcement. tai shan grew before our e the size of a stick of butter
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to a now 205-pound giant. his parents have failed to produce another offspring. now, panda areendangered species and native to china. three other zoos? the u.s. do have giant pandas under loan agreements with that country. tai shan's parents, mei xiang and tian tian are here under a deal with china. they are scheduled to foe back home next year. >> thank you. in other news, the number of unemployed americans is still going up. that was one reason for yesterday's job summit at the white house. president obama met with 10 business leaders trying to come up with ideas on creating jobs. the president says some of the ew ideas will be part of laws congress will consider. >> there are things we're doing here in washington that are inhinting you, then we want to know about it. we want to leverage whatever public dollars are spent and we
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are under no illusion that somehow the federal government can spend its way out of this recession. >> the president is heading to economically depressed allentown, pep pep today to meet with business leaders and later this morning, the labor department releases new unemployment numbers for november. they are not expected to be much better than the 10.2% in october. now to the latest on health care reform. democrats in the senate rejected an amendment to the president's health care bill that would reverse cuts to medicare t would have stripped out money needed to pay for expanding coverage to millions of uninsured americans. republican lawmaker have said medicare is in trouble and needs to be fixed and not raided to create another new government program. democrats say seniors won't lose any guaranteed benefits. the secretary of state now at nato head quarters in europe trying to drum up support for president obama's afghan policy. hillary clinton left for brussels after giving testimony on capitol hill yesterday.
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she and general stanley mcchrystal arrived there several hours ago. while here in d.c., the carnegie endowment is holding a forum assessing the strategy. is osama bin laden in afghanistan? a taliban prisoner is claiming that he was across the border in afghanistan earlier this year. he says bin laden does not stay in one place. these claims cannot, however, be verified. the mayor of palmetto says she has regrets about her fraud trial but she stopped short of a full apology. a jury found sheila dixon guilty of using gift cards intended for needy families. dixon says she regrets that residents had to go through the ordeal of her trial. she still faces perjury charges for another case. president obama admitted the system did not work when two ununviet guests crashed his
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first state dinner. three secret service officers are on leave now because of the breach. the salahis did not show up on capitol hill yesterday to testify. now, they may get a subpoena to appear. >> if they get a subpoena, they will come. they only compound their problems and they are in deep trouble now and that they will come and take the fifth. and i believe they will take the fifth because they are pathological liars. >> we will hear more from delegate norton coming up in our 7:00 hour. he she will join us here live on fox 5. stay tuned for that. another day, another revelation about the salahis as we have learned that their charity is not sanctioned by the u.s. polo association due to concerns over financial dealing. new charges in the chandra levy case plus some closure for a local mother whose son was beaten and killed. that is coming up next on fox 5 morning news.
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the search is on to find whomever shot a pepco worker. this happened on rhode island avenue in northwest last night as pepco crews worked on a cable. a group of men approached them, an argument started and one person pulled out a gun and opened fire. the pepco worker is expected to be okay. the pepco crew has to return to that site to finish working on that cable. a maryland mother says she wants to forgive the teens who killed her son but it will take time. in court, a 6-year-old admitted to punching christopher jones back in may. it happened in crofton as jones was riding his bike. he later fell and died. javel george will be sent to a juvenile detention facility wherhe may stay until he turns 216789. the man suspected of killing chandra levy now facing new charges. he is accused of threatening to kill a witness. according to new documents, he wrote a letter from jail and had it delivered to his home.
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metro riders, your commute could be getting a bit more expensive. details on a possible rate hike in the works coming up next on fox 5 morning news. >> it is beginning to look a lot like christmas. the white house now decked out for the holidays. we will take a look after the break. we'll be back in a moment. (announcer) you'll get big savings at the jcpenney appreciation sale.
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three, two, one. and the holiday season officially arrived in the nation's capital as the first family lit the national christmas industry. president obama, first lady michelle and their daughters hosted the annual tree lighting on the ellipse just south of the white house. a record 7,000 tickets were handed out to the family friendly event. >> they seemed very nice and really -- they're not just oh, i'm the president or the president's wife, you know. and i really liked it. i would recommend to anybody to
5:18 am
come again. >> and there were plenty ng sin crow and jordan sparks. we talked about tai shan leaving the national zoo but the zoo also kicking off its third winter celebration. there will be a lighting ceremony. zoo officials and special guests will flip a switch to 50 light displays and announce which young artist has won the zoo poster contest. that will happen tonight at 6:00. >> i may win that poster contest in my mourning for tai shan. >> she is probably one of tai shan's biggest supporters. >> i am. >> you actually every day check the panda cam y yes, and his size gets you confused now with his mother. >> you can still see him on a panda cam. you just can't go and see him in person. >> i am going to miss tai shan. >> a lot of people are. >> maybe some snow. >> we have to talk about that.
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saturday, we have to keep a close eye to the skies. in the meantime, wave got some sun for you and a few clouds in the course of today and talk about a temperature change. wow! we were into the 60s yesterday. it felt like spring but today, we're back to reality. temperatures where they should be into the low 50s. a much cooler day. we'll have some sunshine but we'll see increasing clouds as we head through later into the afternoon owe be prepared for that. coastal low pressure system is moving in saturday and, as i said, could see our first snowflake so far of this winter season. the weekend will end with some sunshine. it is not all a winter event as we would say. we'll show you exactly what you can expect. here is a look at those temperatures yesterday. 65degrees at national airport. 62 at dulles and 64 at baltimore. as i said, we really should only be around into the 50s, the low 50s at least. this morning, a little chilly start. grab a jab jacket or sweater.
5:20 am
make sure -- grab a jacket or sweater. make sure. we have 37 degrees at baltimore. temperature will pretty much remain pretty steady into the low 0s and 40s into the course of the morning and gradually move their way up as we head into the all-time high of only other today. a few clouds to the west of us and some to the south of us. we'll see a fall clouds but the clouds will increase as we move through into the later part of this evening and for tonight all ahead of that developing system. snow and rain right now and some freezing drizzle and all kinds of ice and issues into parts of texas. some parts of texas here not used toeeing in. we'll see the low pressure system develop off the coast of the carolinas and that will head its way right up of southeastern seaboard. that will be our weather maker. here is a look at what we're expecting. here, we also put our forecasted precipitation underneath this so can you see what we're talking about. we have a lot of cold air moving in from the west.
5:21 am
this coastal storm will evenually start to push its way towards the north. with it, the colder air settles in and all that moisture, and this is where we'll see the snow start to settle in. we have the rain/snow line that will push its way across the i- 59 area. areas to the far west, the northwest, they are expected to see some of this snow start to begin into the course of the early-morning hours, late overnight. tonight, we have a slight chance of just seeing a few showers starting to develop. but this is going to be out of here by the time we get into the evening hours of saturday. so it will push its way through. but we are talking about right now accumulation on grassy surfaces so far. we are not talking about a lot of snowfall at least right now that is what the model are saying. we are watching it closely for you. but going to make the roads a little slick and not anything that is going to accumulate on the roads as much as on the grass because thsurface is just a little too warm. for today, 50 degrees, partly sunny a much cooler day. northwesterly wind at five
5:22 am
miles per hour and here is a look at your five-day forecast. it improves pretty much once we get past saturday. we'll keep an eye on that winter weather. how are things looking on the roads. >> not as busy as they are in the weather department. we have lanes open along northbound i-95 and continuing southbound out of baltimore. northbound i-95 headed from from dumfries, leap are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. -- lanes are open. metro's money problem could soon cost you more. the budget deficit is even worse than we thought. metro admits it has gone up by millions of dollars in the last few months. john henrehan explains how bad it is and why it may end up costing you. >> reporter: it is early in the budget process for metro but fare hikes and service cuts are now on the table. general manager john catoe and
5:23 am
the chief finance officer opened a two-hour budge budget briefing with really bad news. operating the biggest rail and bus transit systems will slide from $144 million in the red next year to $175 million worth of red ink. the problem? lighter than expected ridership on both rail and bus, probably because of the recession. among the options listed by the general manager for the board to consider, raise fares, cut service or borrow money. john catoe did not recommend specific fare hikes but, as we reported wednesday, a draft internal document at metro envisions a 15% hike of peak and off-peak rail fares and a 0% hike in bus fares. tease board rep jim graham suggested rather than big fare hikes, metro consider using new federal an ocal funding for safety improvements as part of the system's operating budget that sparked a stern response from maryland board rep peter benjamin who believes metro has
5:24 am
to spend more money on structural improvements. >> we cannot e in a situation where last year we decreased our capital program by $10 million a year every year forever because we don't ever put that money back. >> the board will likely debate fare hikes versus service cuts over the next months. once the board decides o go forward, there must be final hearing before the decision is made. the daughter of a u.s. senator carjacked. it happened here in the district. officers were able to use a high-tech tool to track down the suspects. we'll have the details. coming up next. tiger woods has a lot at stake including his cash. ahead, those transgressions could cost him big time. what we've learned about the couple's prenup. fox 5 will be right back. especially if you're shopping for a chevy.
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the daughter of a u.s. senator carjacked and it happened right here in d.c. >> this young woman's father is tennessee senator bob corker. she is still shake p up this morning after being carjacked by two men. the suspects are already behind bars. fox 5's paul wagner has more details. >> julia corker was just a half block from home when police say she decided to pull over to make a call on her cell phone.
5:28 am
as she made the call, two men knocked on her window asking for directions. >> she rolled down her window. they grabbed her and took her out of the car. >> reporter: the men then jumped into the chevy tahoe with tenton plates and took off. >> she was shaken. there was no hospital treatment but she was shaken. >> reporter: within an hour of the carjacking, d.c. police say the two men had driven at that time hoe to this taco bell here in seat pleasant. little did the men know they were being tracked by the onstar satellite system. when the car came ut the tahoe was here, all seat pleasant police had to do was walk out their front door. julia corker lives with her father and works for a real estate firm n this photo, she is just to the right of her mother. senator corker, a republican senator from tennessee releaseed a statement which reads in part she is a brave young woman and she handled herself well. the police wee incredible. all of them were very, very
5:29 am
professional. they found the suspects very, very quickly. julia and i went over late last night and she identified them. police say no weapons were used but the men use a common tactic to disarm the 22-year-old. >> try to get you to engage in conversation and you kind of -- you let your guard down, you kind of free yourself up and as you engage in the conversation, they have in puget sound what they want to do. >> reporter: the two suspects, 22 and 25 years old are current will you locked up in prince george's county. paul wagner, fox 5 news. the accused white house crashers facing problems not just on capitol hill t in the state of virginia. >> there is an investigation under way into the charity event the couple runs. we have the late up next on fox . sherry? >> reporter: well, one. most famous washingtonians is leaving home for shine actual the national zoo's giant panned arc tai shan, the cub we have watched grow up, will be leaving soon. we'll have the details for you coming up. p] ( sighs )
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5:33 am
we have a ridge of high pressure moving off coast heading off to the northeast but you can see a line of clouds to the west of us. those are going to start to move in as we head through into tonight. wind are very light. nothing going on there at all. that is a far cry from where we've been. and as far as temperatures are concerned, a little cool start today. we are at 44 degrees right now officially at national airport. 37degrees at baltimore. 35degrees at dulles. and as we take a look at what we're expecting today, temperature-wise, we are going to be pretty much close to normal. looking at a daytime high of 50 degrees. by midday t will be around 49 degrees. mostly sunny skies. a few clouds starting to stream in throughout the day. by later on this evening, it will be mostly cloudy. a very slight, slight chance that tonight we could see a shower. but that is kind of a slight chance right now but that low pressure system is what we're watching. >> more on that. >> thank you very much. let's check some with julie and look at traffic. >> it is not looking so bad
5:34 am
right now. overnight roadwork along northbound i-95 as you work your way up from massaponix has cleared. the pace is good as you continue up to the capital beltway. the beltway itself at speed headed in towards silver spring. light traffic volume on southbound 29. lanes are open south on 270 leaving germantown for the split. traveling northbound on i-95, no incidents to report leaving dumfries out to 395. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new this morning, time is running out to see one of national zoo's biggest attractions. >> the beloved panda tai shan heading to china. this is part of an agreement with the smithsonian. sherry ly joins us live from the zoo in northwest. we knew it would happen. it seems to still sneak up on us, doesn't it? >> reporter: it sure does. reality really hits and it sort of stinks for i lot -- a lot of people would have come no
5:35 am
know and love the panda. just a few months ago, he celebrated his fourth birthday. this is a day we have always known would be coming and soon, we will know exactly when tai shan will be going back to china. he grew before our eyes from the size of a stick of butter to now a 205-pound giant. he is all grown up and that means it is time for the 4-year- old giant panda to go back to china where the pandas are native. the black-eyed boy bear was born on july 9th 2005 and has drawn millions of visitors to the zoo. the smithsonian paid $600,000 for tai shan it pay two years and then he would be sent to china for breeding. the zoo northed a two-year extension but that too has passed and earlier this year, the zoo did announce that tai shan was going back, the details to be worked out. later today at a press conference, we'll learn when. tai shan's parents, 10-year-old mei xiang and 11-year-old tian
5:36 am
tian are here under a 10-year, $10 million loan agreement and are scheduled to go back next year. tai shan is their only can you be. three other zoos in the u.s. also have giant pandas. t shan clearly a favorite here in washington. he has been covers, in zoo merchandise, from wallpaper to a postage stamp. and he even has his own fan club and many people followed him from the time he was born on those panda cams and have watched him really grow up. so he will certainly be missed. the announcement coming later this wering on just when we'll have to say good-bye to the beloved giant panda. >> hate to think about the when part. thank you. tony? >> the hunger for publicity appears to stop at the committee room door. >> they are probably now the
5:37 am
most infamous party crashers ever. not invited to the white house but they went anyway. now, everyone wants to talk to the salahis. this won't be a friendly chitchat. congress may subpoena the couple to testify because they respectfully declined to appear on capitol hill yesterday. now, an event run by the salahis, america's polo cup, has come under more scrutiny as we learn it is not sanctioned. maureen umeh is investigating this. >> reporter: it is bill as the world's largest and most prestigious polo experience. fox 5 has learned that tareq and michaela salahi's america's polo cup association isn't sanctions by the united states polo association and may not even be valid. that is according to a governor with the group. he didn't want to talk on camera but tells fox 5, the association has had concerns about various aspects of the 3- year-old america's polo cup.
5:38 am
the charity is run by the salahis. donations were supposed to be given to the leukemia and lymphoma society and multiple sclerosis. the web site boasts companies like the ritz carlton and st. regis hotels and land rover as sponsors for the 2010 event. tareq salahi report the said the event raised $250,000 no charity in 2007. the documents showed that same year the foundation donated just $5,000 apiece to both the leukemia and lymphoma society. the state is investigating the america's polo cup. delegate eleanor holmes norton, never one to mince words, is calling out the couple. >> they are pathological liars. they have lied their way throughout this region into making people believe they have some money when they are more
5:39 am
broke than anybody. i know that they are some kind of of world polo committee. >> and the 2010 america's polo cup is supposed to be held on the national mall. we'll talk about all of this when d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton joins us live at 7:00 this morning. steve? >> thank you. now the latest on the tiger woods cheating scandal. >> i have found a life partner, a best friend. elin has been incredible for me. >> that was tiger talking about his wife elin. now, that no allegation have surfaced about woods having at least three mistresss, many are wondering how long the marija will last. the prenup states that she would have to stay with him for 10 years to get up to # hundred million but lawyers say that agreement could be revised given any infidelities. one of the women links to
5:40 am
tiger woods was supposed to peek out yesterday but decided not to talk. lawyer gloria allred represents rachel uchitel. they called a press conference but then canceled it sighting unforeseen circumstances. the press conference is not being rescheduled. a 10-year-old boy tasered by police but no complaint from his parents. up next on fox 5 morning news, why they say the officers did the right thing. an update on the virginia girl that couldn't stop sneezing. doctors say they now know the problem. how they plan to treat it. we'll tell you about that when we come back. 
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
deliberation began just a short time ago in the case of 22-year-old amanda knox who is charged with with stabbing her btish roommate to death in 2007. police in colorado taser a 10-year-old boy and his foster father says she did the right thing. it happened when police showed up at the home and found a boy going on a rampage with a two- foot pipe. he was swinging it around wildly. so officers used taser guns to get him under control. the boy is back home with his foster parents now. police say he faced several charges. a 12-year-old virginia girl might finally be able to
5:44 am
breathe normally now. she has been sneezing thousands of times a day ever since she had a bad cold weeks ago. doctors have diagnosed her with nandes. they say it could be treated with bonts. president obama recently ordered the klein-up and restoration of the chesapeake bay. now, the maryland and virginia governors say that will cost $365 million a year. governor marten o'malley and governor tim kaine snt president obama a letter asking to help with storm water, control an steam restoration plus other assistance. up next on fox 5, you know the saying sex sells? it likes that is the idea behind a new holiday window display because but not everyone is hatchy about this advertisement. what you need to know about when it will be here, how much we'll get and jewel way will update our commute as well. you look at traffic in the uke on hill area out in the beltway. 'syo dd
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welcome to christmas town -- a busch gardens celebration. tickets available now at we are back with an update on a terrifying wreck.
5:48 am
an suv slammed into a day care center. four of the victims were children. the other was a driver who worked for the day care. one of the children is critically hurt. two people in the suv were arrested. amazing video here. a daring rescue on the top of cowboys stadium in dallas. two workers slipped and fell at least 50 feet. the only thing that stopped them from plummeting to the ground, the lip of the lower roof on the building. rescue crews had to scale the roof, grab both men, put them in baskets and lower them through a hatch in the roof into the stadium. one of them has severe head, chest and leg injuries. another hurt his back. this time of year, stores like to put their best stuff on display in front windows but bun one display that new york city is also drawing some big crowds and criticism as. we not your typical holiday display as the models apply their make-up, check their e- mail and undress to promote the store. >> you are bringing your churn to look at the windows and then
5:49 am
they're looking at and seeing someone undressing. i don't think it was appropriate. >> there is nothing sexual or overt about t it is all just playful and cute and like we hang out in normal life. >> some life they live. the model are told to ignore the gawkers. they say they've never done anything quite like this before. >> that is -- >> marketing. get the publicity. >> that is fair outrageous i would say. and steve, what store was that and what is the address in new york? >> don't worry, tony. you forwarded me the e-mail earlier. >> i knew it. i just knew it. >> good advertising. >> so you all want gift certificates for christmas from that store. >> tony just wants a train ticket. >> you want a chartered plane, how is that? >> oh, my. >> moving along here. >>en is talking about -- and i have to say i don't know ow word slipped out but as early as monday of this week, the grocery stores, someone said
5:50 am
hay is it going to snow this weekend? how do you know? we're keeping that to ourselves. >> there is a chance. we've got a chance it see some snow and the models are a little bit of disagreement about what could happen so it is something we have to watch very closely and keep updating everything and having a look at all the model data as it comes in. we'll see what happens. but so far, looks like we could see some of the white stuff before the weekend is over. in the meantime, today, we've got sunshine. the only white stuff i'll give you today are some clouds and by later today, we'll see those increasing across the area. most of the day will be fairly nice. 44degrees now at d.c. wave got 4 at gaithersburg. 35 at dulles. 36 to the south at fredericksburg and 30 drees at culpeper. here is a look at the cloud deck that will start to move its way across our area very gradually throughout the course of the day. we'll see that little bit of sunshine is going to just kind of start to dip minute issue
5:51 am
-- diminish as the day moves on. not could bad at all. we have snow and rain into parts of texas. some of those areas getting hit that aren't used to getting hit there. we are going to be watching a system that will develop off coast of the carolinas and move its way straight up the eastern seaboard. in the meantime today, ridge of high pressure in control. that will move out and we'll see the clouds increase as it does. it also opens the door for the coastal low to push its way up into the area. we'll watch this closely. right now, it looks like into the early-morning hours of saturday, we'll start to see some precipitation. some of that already starting in parts of the far west into the panhandle and far areas of northwestern virginia. so one of the models bringing it a little bit closer in. some now. look like we'll see accumulation mainly on grassy areas and in the on the streets. but if the temperature should change, then we'll see a little bit of a difference there. otherwise, not doing too badly in terms of today but we are going to have to keep a very close watch as far as the forecast is concerned as we
5:52 am
popov through into saturday and see how things develop. it all depends on the temperature as well. julie wright, what is happening onthe roads? >> right now, not a lot. wave got a quiet trip on northbound i-95 where earlier incidents we had have leaned up and been moved out of the way. no accidents to report if you are leaving the college park area and continuing around towards 270. conning from new hampshire avenue, we have light traffic volume as you merge on from 95 to 295 headed west. lane are open southbound on 9 and 295 continuing down towards the beltway. wave got light traffic volume south on 270 out of germantown. lane are open northbound i-95 with no incidents reported headed up towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> u.s. investors way be carefully watching for the november jobs report due out today. it is not expected t be great. traders were already anticipating that yesterday as the dow jones fell 86 points. the nasdaq also closed down 11
5:53 am
points. in tokyo, the nikkei finish wade 44-point gain. the federal reserve's actions have contributed substantially to the significant improvement in financial conditions and to what now and to be the beginnings of a turnaround. >> and that is federal reserve chairman ben bernanke peaking his case for a second term before the senate banking committee on capitol hill. the he defended the central bank's response to the financial crisis and said his agency would take a more pro- active role in the future. under his tenure, the fed has slashed bench mash interest rates it near -- bench mash -- benchmark ierest rate to near zero. dave ross serving up your sports break -- breakfast
5:54 am
right after the break. (dial-up modem) remember when connections to the internet sounded like this - when high speed internet was out of reach of most american families and small businesses? as recently as the year 2000, only three percent of american families had high speed internet. then competition drove innovation - spurred private investment, and the internet took off - at record breaking speeds. at at&t we're taking the lead - investing some thirty-eight bill and wireless networks over the past two years. last year alone we invested more than any other public company in america. and at at&t we support a national plan that makes high speed internet available to every american family in the next five years - because we know that now is not the time to stall momentum or to stifle innovation or investment. the future is at stake, and at at&t,
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explore all 25 delicious flavors. yoplait. it is so good. the big match-up at fedex field as the redskins host the undefeated new orleans saints. >> new orleans undefeated so do the skins have a prayer in dave ross has your sports breakfast. >> a good friday morning to you. on sunday, the skin know they will have their work cut out for them because the saints are 11-0. they have a quarterback playing like an mvp and all their receivers, they can all make big plays. besides all that, this should
5:57 am
be a lay-up for the burgundy and gold. jim zorn and the boys back at practice trying to prepare for the possible upset of the year if it were to happen. and if it were to happen, this guy would be a big help to have him in the line-up. albert haynesworth sat out the past two games with an ankle injury but his presence would be greatly appreciated in disrupting one of the most effective quarterbacks of the game. >> i think he is going to play. he looked quick at some point. but there is a find line. if he works hard right now, i don't want him to reinjure it. we are just injecting him and he looks like he is going to be available. >> reporter: now, hopefully, big alwill spend quality time with this guy. that is the quarterback that make it all go for the saints. he leads the league with 27 touchdowns and has the highest qb passer rating of 112.6. he has thrown for over 3,000 passing yards, almost 700 more
5:58 am
than jason campbell. the saints 11-0. carlos rogers knows they have to be prepared. >> we've got to step up and try to shut that down, give him different look and try to stop some of the perfect throws he is throwing. if he with can stop him from throwing the ball, it would get us a better chance but the offense will be real key for us to keep him off the field. >> no alex ovechkin last night for the caps. does that mean, because no alec the great, no win for the caps? let's found out, shall we? and we shall. no ovi, no problem. for the caps again the panthers becausin the first, it is stemmons, his tenth of the year. just over a minute later, the wrister. a wicked wrister and a floodgates would open up from there. in the second period, caps with a two-man advantage and that is
5:59 am
just too easy. lick las backstrom camped out in front of the net. and the cops win. i will see you monday morning when we wreak down sunday's showdown between the saints and the skips. until then, have a great weekend, everybody. >> the junkies coming up in about 45 minutes. also at 6:00, girn's outoing governor making a big move concerning same-sex benefits just week before he is set to leave office. and d.c.'s panda cub headed to china. we'll be back in two minutes. (announcer) you'll get big savings this friday and saturday at the jcpenney appreciation sale. use your coupon for an... extra 15% off all regular, sale, and clearance items. no exclusions!
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