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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  January 21, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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type. fox 5 is all over the winter weather alert. sleet and rain already falling. snow on the way. all adding up to potential trouble for the morning commute. good evening. i'm brian bolter. i'm maureen umeh in for shawn. let's get right outside to sue palka with the latest on the track. >> what we're seeing out here tonight in northwest is mostly a real cold rain with a little bit of sleet mixed in. it's gone back and forth all night. i can tell you from the people i've been talking with tonight getting in touch with us at fox 5, they seem to be going back and forth between rain, sleet and even some snow, enough to coat the ground out in winchester but even in winchester, it's gone back to cold rain. that's how it's going to go tonight back and forth. into the street light we go to show you it's rain and light rain at a pretty good clip out here.
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we will see it go back and forth all night long. here's a look at radar. you're going to see several different colors on radar. in the pink is where we are seeing a mix of rain and sleet. that is predominant, especially north and west. from d.c. on south and east, it's going to be all rain. i think that's going to be pretty much all you get. you might get a little sleet mixing in here and there. trueview shows a bigger picture. we're in between two storms. a coastal is developing and taking over rather rapidly. and it's going to go out to sea rapidly. so it may cut off this precipitation pretty quickly for a lot of us. even so there' going to be enough -- there's going to be enough to cause some issues. that's why a winter weather advisory has been issued. it goes ll 6:00 tomorrow. you'll be seeing northern fauquier, loudoun and frederick were added to that you may have enough to cause some trouble spots and off to the west again a combination of rain, sleet, and the very coldest spots we've also had a touch of freezing rain tonight. all of us will likely see it end as snow during the day tomorrow. but there will be bigger
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problems north and west and we'll see across most of the rest of the area. temperatures at this hour still above freezing. so we're not seeing problems on the roads just yet. of course as we go through the night we do expect temperatures to drop closer to freezing. we'll see it go back and forth. i'll have more of a timeline for you and when we can expect it to shut off, who may have delays in the morning with the full forecast. >> we'll see you then. speaking of the roads, road crews are already out in full force tonight treating the roads. if you have to drive in the morning allow yourself extra time and slow down. if you end up behind a salt truck, be sure to allow plenty of space between the truck and your vehicle. you can get updates any time of the day on fox 5 morning news will be on air early tomorrow morning. join us starting at 4:30 for any cancellations, the latest forecasts and road conditions. we are staying on top of a developing story at this hour. several water main breaks have
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left basements flooded, business also and residents without water in northeast. it's all going on in trinidad. the mains all broke around the same time this afternoon. fox 5's roby chavez live in northeast with an update. >> reporter: brian are the water has stopped gushing out of the ground but the mess continues. we're just outside gallaudet university. let me show you the work that's going on right now. as you can see these workers busy working tonight to repair this ten-inch water main near on florida avenue just outside of gallaudet. earlier today the water disturbing down the street, on to sidewalks and into people's basements. a sloppy mess was left behind in the basement of the good samaritan baptist church. you could follow the muddy trail outside on the street. firefighters rushed in to pump out the rapidly rising water. >> a big problem. a lot of water. our customer service unit from the firefighter found that there were some pretty significant flooding.
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>> reporter: workers say the river of water quickly found its way downstairs into the church in a banquet room and dangerously close to the electrical panel. >> most of the water, you know, was outside in the street. it was just hard to know the actual damage because like i said, most of us on the sidewalks -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: there were four breaks in all that affected a five-block area. gushing stream of water poured out of this broken 36-inch water main. there were also two a 8-inch mains and a 12-inch pipe that broke all about the same time. the breaks caused major problems for both residents and commuters. >> we have our engineering staff taking a look right now to see what was going on in the system and see if this was related to the weather or other activity going on. >> reporter: wasa first wants to figure out if all the breaks are related. tonight the water is off but the work continues. this banquet room at the church
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has to be cleaned quickly for an event friday. >> got to start cleaning up right away. try to get the isse resolved and get back to business. >> it was a steady stream, steady, steady stream of water. you could tell something major happened. >> reporter: back live now. as you see the work continues here on florida avenue. workers going down into the pit there. that section of road actually buckled today when the water started pouring out for the 10- inch water main break. wasa says a number o people tonight still without water. they expect to have the water mains, all four of them fixed by the end of the night. hopefully before the morning. we should mention that florida avenue here near west virginia remains closed as this work continues. again they expect it to be finished by the end ever the night. we should -- of the night. we should give a big shout out for the workers working in the cold, wet rain trying to get the water back on. >> roby chavez tonight. the crisis in haiti, tonight there's a new plan to help those left homeless. the island nation says it will
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move 400,000 people from the capital to temporary camps on the outskirts of town this month. fox 5's craig boswell has the latest from port-au-prince. >> reporter: t race to get vital supplies into the hands of earthquake victims continues. and on the streets of port-au- prince, some are taking bold steps to survive. as relief crews strive to reach more survivors, some are taking matters into their own hands. in port-au-prince hundreds blocked the path of the semi truck stopping it in its tracks, desperate for the food inside. across town volunteers at the new hope haiti mission are overcoming big obstacles with veryth. they've set up their own supply chain by swapping food and medicine with our orphanages. >> i tell everybody take what you need and if you have any extra, we'll take it and bring it to the next place. >> reporter: more military might is on the way to haiti. officials expect the number of u.s. troops to almost double by
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the weekend. >> hopefully we can put a couple of smiles on their faces as best as we can. >> reporter: three more airports are now open, a vital step to ease a backlog of relief flights. >> because ever the size and the magnitude of the assistance required, we have a waiting list of over 1400 flights. >> reporter: former president bill clinton met with the u.n. secretary-general to discuss the needs in haiti both immediate and long term. one plan, a cash for work program putting people to work clearing debris and rubble. >> it's really important to give young people something positive to do and a lot of people there want to be a part of rebuilding their country. >> reporter: doctors are warning of an outbreak of disease in the tent cities where 500,000 people live with no sanitation. haitian government is planning to bus survivors into camps outside the city once those camps are ready in about a week to ten days. in port-au-prince, haiti, craig boswell, fox news. the u.s. military is treating injured victims off the coast of haiti. patients are being transported by helicopters to the baton. the ship is off the coast of
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port-au-prince. the ship has six french creole members. members of the howard university community opened their hearts and wallets tonight giving what they could to help the victims in haiti. a benefit concert was held on campus. roz plater continues our team coverage. >> reporter: recording artist, d.c.'s own, a crowd favorite and the headliner at hands for haiti a benefit concert at howard university also featuring the student singing group the divas. a loot of -- a lot of times when things happen it's so far away from us. but we have friends in our class who have a family member
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or more out there that he can't reach. >> i'm also from the caribbean myself. i'm from trinidad. you know, haiti is not too far. you know, anybody who's human first and foremost should be able to identify with human suffering. >> reporter: the concert was organized by a sophomore journalist student who says covering the story moved her to action. >> i was hurt. i saw my fellow howard students in tears. that to me broke my heart. from there i kind of knew i had to do something to help. >> reporter: one of those students still hurting, the president of the school's haitian student association. four days ago she finally reached her father through the internet. >> he's doing his best to help people. he hasn't had time to get back to me. the only thing he said to me the last time we spoke was all the dead bodies. >> reporter: among the dead seven of her friends. >> i lost a lot of friends who haven't been able to have a proper burial because what's
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going on. that's what aches me the most. >> reporter: she's counting on the continued support of her fellow students. haiti, she says, will need their help for a very long time. now, the concert sold out which means students raised $15,000 all which goes to the university's haitian relief fund. on the campus of howard university, i'm roz plater, fox 5 news. the d.c. council hosting blood drive to show support for the american red cross efforts in haiti. blood supplies are low in the d.c. metro area right now and every donation helps. it's part of the city's dr. martin luther king day of service. here's a way to help the vicle tips of the haiti earthquake -- victims of the haiti earthquake. the telethon. we've just learned beyonce and madonna have joined the list of performers. it all starts tomorrow at 8:00 right here on fox 5. tonight we're getting a glimpse into the mind of a man
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accused of a deadly shooting spre in virginia. what his family says may have pushed him over the edge. a teacher under arrest. this big loud bang came out of nowhere. >> what he found when the dust settled and now has the smithsonian stepping in. you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. our 9 on-minute power block is just getting -- 90-minute power block is just getting started. dreams are amazing things. and in hard times, sometimes, a belief in a dream, a belief in what is possible - can transform everything.
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. we're learning more about the man who killed eight people in appomattox. those who knew him say he had a history of mental problems. police say speight shot and killed his, brother in law, niece, nephew and four other people at the home tuesday. he was never the same after his mother died in 2006. a teacher at the prestigious sidwell friends school is charged with sexually
10:15 pm
abusing a student. the school has already fired the seventh and eighth grade social studies teacher. claudicoffey has more details on the teacher's arrest. >> reporter: 65-year-old robert a. peterson taught seventh and eighth grade social studies at the sidwell friends school. according to charging documents filed in montgomery county, peterson repeatedly invited a male student from the school to his home, showed him pornography and touched him inappropriately. montgomery county authorities began investigating the allegations last september. >> a yng person who is in the care of a trusted authority type figure and over a period of time these abuses took place. >> reporter: a neighbor of peterson says he was married with grown children and recently became a grandfather. she finds the alegations hard to believe. >> a typical neighbor, very
10:16 pm
friendly and nice and i'm just dumbfounded. >> reporter: no one appeared home at peterson's house. neighbors say they have not seen him in days. >> nothing out of the ordinary. shocking. totally. it's just very sad. >> reporter: in queen anne county home of camp cores came where peterson was a former director, he was charged with fourth degree sex offense and sex abuse of a minor. the sheriff department says the charges stem from an incident last summer. he was released on $250,000 bond. his attorney says they will fight these charges. in northwest, claudia coffey, fox 5 news. an anne arundel county police officer is charged with sexting with a teenage girl. the 47-year-old exchanged exually explicit pictures of the girl through text messages. he has been suspended without pay. he's a 27-year veteran ever the department. -- of the department. a reward fund up to $26,000
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tonight if you can help catch a killer. carl deiner was stabbed to death in arlington. it happened december 29 while he was walking home from work at a nearby gym. good whoever committed this crime certainly didn't bargain for the whole community rallying together and putting a price on their capture that increases by about $1,000 a day. >> the contributions keep pouring in because so many people thought so highly of deiner. he was a retired government worker. a woman's body dumped alongside the prince william parkway but she was murdered hundreds of miles away. according to investigators she was killed in middlesex county, new jersey yesterday. the suspect then drove to virginia to get rid of the body. a man has been arrested and charged with murder. the woman's name has not been released. john edwards admitting tonight to something practically everyone already
10:18 pm
suspected. he fathered a child during an affair. in a statement the former north carolina senator and presidential candidate said he fathered the baby with rielle hunter. former edwardside andrew young took responsibility. the whole family is relieved now that the truth is public. the man who could shake up the health care battle made the rounds on capitol hill. two days after his stunning victory massachusetts senator- elect scott brown came to washington. as fox 5's jennifer davis reports, his arrival leaves democrats struggling to figure out what's next. >> reporter: senator-elect scott brown comes to washington. meeting with his democratic counterparts, key republicans and the democratic leader whose agenda he disrupted. >> i'm hopeful that we can, you know, work to solve the problems of our great country. i thank you, mr. leader. >> reporter: brown's upset victory in tuesday's massachusetts special election has really shaken up
10:19 pm
washington. and the g.o.p. could not be more pleased. >> i think it's safe to say on behalf of all republican conference, we're really happy to have him here. >> reporter: senate democrats no longer have a 6 on-vote super majority which she needed to pass the president's health care reform plan. >> this bill is dead. maybe it's not quite as dead as i want it. >> reporter: the white house isn't saying that. >> the president believes it's the right thing to do to let the dust settle and give those on capitol hill some time to search for the best way forward. >> reporter: perhaps they may break the legislation down into several bills. >> in every meeting we've had there would be nothing to give me any thought that that bill could pass right now the way it is. >> reporter: senator-elect brown could be back quite soon. he says he could be sworn in as early as next week. on capitol hill, jennifer davis, fox 5 news. president obama is calling
10:20 pm
for new regulations to limit the size and complexity of large financial institutions. the proposal would limit the bans ability to engage in high-risk trade and would keep them from growing too big. >> we've come through a terrible crisis. the american people have paid a very high price. we sily cannot return to business as usual. that's why we're going to ensure that wall street pays back the american people for the bailout. that's why we're going to rein in the excess and abuse that nearly brought down our financial system. >> it is now up to congress to pass those new regulations. you're probably going to see even more campaign ads during elections thanks to the supreme court. in a 5-4 ruling the court decided that businesses and unions can spend as much money as they want on ads. justice anthony kennedy's opinion arked that businesses are protected under the rights of free political speech. assenters argue it undeines the integrity of institutions [
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inaudible ] a risky rescue sends a maryland teen crashing through the ice into frigid waters. his story of survival still ahead. plus, something shocking crashed right through this roof. got to hear what the incredibly rare mistily object -- mystery object turned out to be. toyota issuing another major recl. we have what you need to know before you hit the road. 
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a surprise from above in lorton, virginia after a meet right the size of a baseball came shooting down from the sky and slammed into a doctor's office. no one was hurt close one, though. john henrehan found out it was a real close call for a couple of doctors. >> reporter: when lawrence reese was cleaning up his subshop in lorton, virginia late monday afternoon, he heard a tremendous impact outside. >> loud. loud enough that you could hear it from maybe a block away or two. that's how loud it was. i'm surprised it didn't break our glass. that's how loud it was.
10:25 pm
>> reporter: something had come hurdling out of the sky and crashed through the roof of a nearby doctor's office landing in an empty examination room. >> i thought something -- [ indiscernible ] my office is right over there and his is next to mine. i thought a bookshelf fell on him. i ran out. he was okay. i looked to the left and saw the debris in the hallway. >> reporter: the debris was smoldering and metallic. the two physicians puzzled over the item which had broken into several chunks concluding that parts part of an airliner had come off and fallen into their office. an acquaintance subjected the possibility of a meet right so the debris was sent to the smithsonian's natural history museum for examination. >> it's definitely a meet right. it has a black crust which tells us it passed through the atmosphere. >> reporter: most are small, the size of a pea. the one that landed in lorton is bigger than a fist. no space debris has ever landed closer than this one did to washington, d.c. a group of government scientists actually
10:26 pm
spent part of the day looking around the area for more meet right fragments. they did not find any. >> pretty good size hole. >> reporter: the roofers who examined the hole say it appears the meet right was a single solid chunk when it slammed into the building with tremendous speed. the physicians who were inside are still counting their lucky stars. >> i'm the most likely one to have been in that doctor chair. so i'm happy god's not done with me yet. >> reporter: the two physicians and the owner of the building have donated the meet right to the smithsonian for further study n. lorton, virginia, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> pretty amazg. a risky rescue nearly cost a teen his life. wisdom? >> reporter: a 13-year-old boy and his pet end up trapped in this freezing water. so how did he end up surviving this ordeal? i'm wisdom martin. that story is coming up. it was a legend in the joust here but a-- legend not
10:27 pm
just here but across the country. we'll take you inside the memorial service for george michael. boss: so word's gettint geico customers could save even more on their car insurance
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this adorable dog fell into an icy pond and so did a teenager who ran after it. it could have ended badly but it turned into a story of survival. the boy and the dog got out alive. wisdom martin live in the newsroom with details on the risky rescue. >> reporter: brian, this is not just a story of survival but of people being in the right place at the right time to change the outcome of what could have been a very bad disaster for a maryland family. saturday, january 16, brandon white was walking his dog buster with his sister brianna and her friend. as they stood near the frozen pond in the townhouse subdivision, buster took off. >> he ran out chasing some geese. i immediately reacted going out there thinking the ice was
10:31 pm
thick enough. >> reporter: it wasn't thick enough. buster fell through the ice and so did brandon. >> at first i was just trying to stay afloat. then when i started sinking, i thought to myself that this is it. >> reporter: meanwhile a neighbor katrina garland heard the commotion outside her bedroom window. >> i looked out the window. i knew kids were out there. i saw a dog swimming back to shore and then noticed the boy's head out in the middle of the pond. >> reporter: she called 911. little sister brianna had to run to get help. >> we just ran and started knocking on doors. >> reporter: she knocked on chad's door. he had just gotten back from the gym. >> i heard a knock at the door. i anted. there was two little girls. >> reporter: the girls explained what had just happened. >> my first fear was, you know, is he going to go under. that was my concern. >> reporter: rick rushed outside and was ready to jump into the water but the 911 operator told katrina to stop him. >> there is an adult out there, about to go in after him. she said no, tell him not to go
10:32 pm
in. >> reporter: instead of jumping in he coached the teen on how to maneuver his way out of the water. >> he was obviously nervous but i told him to kind of make a swimming motion with his arms. >> reporter: in a matter of minutes brandon made his way to safety just as the ambulance had arrived. katrina and rick wrapped him in a blanket. >> he came out and actually one ever the first things he asked about was his dog. was his dog okay. >> reporter: it's a miracle that brandon who doesn't know how to swim was able to find his way from the middle of the pond. his dad is just thankful for the kindness of strangers who turned a near tragedy into a story of survival. >> they're heroes. they're absolutely heroes because they went outside out of their way to help another human being. you know, they don't know the child from adam but they went outside, they helped the child. they're heros in my book. god was looking over my son. >> they went out of their way to help me. i'm just glad they werthere.
10:33 pm
>> reporter: all stories don't turn out that way when you're dealing with ice. so having said that, the prince george's county fire department says any body of water covered in ice should be considered extremely dangerous and should not be approached at all. >> wisdom martin tonight. the firefighters injured when that floor gave way beneath tm yesterday are home from the hospital. the fire burned out a home in lothian, maryland. five firefighters plummeted into the basement when the floor gave out. three got out safely. investigators believe the fire started in the basement but still don't know how. giants in the sports world from all over the country returned to washington today to remember legendary sportscaster george michael. a memorial service was held at the national cathedral. sports director dave feldman joins us now. dave? >> reporter: maureen, george michael was a larger than life figure. it's only apprmbered today in a that boasts the highest point in the district. the service was loud and funny and sometimes in your face, just like george. dave ross attended and
10:34 pm
chronicled a star-studded memorial. >> george was the person we toasted and the budget of -- butt of all the jokes. wee have wanted it. >> he went beyond the games and he went beyond the scores. >> george was also always there us for. he wasn't just an interview. he wasn't just a journalist to many of us. he was a friend. >> reporter: the national cathedral was packed this morning as hundreds of athlete, colleagues and coaches came to pay their respects to legendary sportscaster george michael. >> all of us knew george. we respected him. some of us loved him. that's why we're here. >> reporter: the man simply known as the king ruled the d.c. sports airways from 1984 to 2007. and today many of those people that he once put on the hot seat returned and recalled some of those fond memories. >> he's an unusual person that could ask you the tough questions. he was great at what he did, but he never felt like to me that he was trying to get me,
10:35 pm
you know what i mean? he would -- and wee say things to me like -- he would say things to me like, you don't believe that. i would get halfway mad. i'd go yes, i do. >> he saw things so clearly and he was able to articulate them loudly and right in your face boldly without being ashamed. wee apologize before he -- he would apologize before he started speaking but he would still speak the truth. >> reporter: george not only had a passion for the teams and people he covered but he also changed the way local sports was covered forever. >> with the george michael sports machine, before you thought about espn and how it was a worldwide leader because it had a presence on the sports scene, you thought about george michael. >> george had a way of entertaining people. he was a showman. he could do more with videotape than any pers i've ever seen and i've not seen another one like that and i don't think there ever will be. >> reporter: while his unique style of broadcasting won't soon be forgotten his
10:36 pm
personality is one that can never be duplicated. >> you don't get to have people commemorate your life in this building unless there was something incredibly special about you. >> my father used to sign off the sports machine each weekend saying thanks for letting us be a part of your weekend. today i think he would say to every one of us thank you for letting me be a part of your life. we love you, daddy. >> george is survived by his daughters michele, his son and loving wife and long-time co- worker pat. conan o'brien saying goodbye to late night television for now. we have the inside scoop on his big deal. find out where cameras may have caught their first glimpse of tiger oods. toyota recalling millions more of its vehicles. we have the list right after this break. 
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a consumer alert tonight for anyone who drives a toyota. these are the models and years that are affected. 2.3 million of them. toyota says the gas pedal may ware down and that could lead to sticking or making it difficult to slow down. they don't know if any accidents or injuries are from the problem. how well are you protecting your password? e-mail, facebook, online banking all vulnerable to hackers. take a look at this list. if your password is on it might want to change t. these ever the five most common passwords in use. that makes them easy for hackers to guess. this list was compiled from a security breach at thewebsite -- [ inaudible ] microsoft has issued a fix for security holes in its internet explorer browsers releasing the patches because hackers figured out how to
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employ a weakness. you can go to microsoft was website to download the patch. the storm coming from the other- the snoring coming from the other side of the bed might be more than just an afor instance. it could be down right dangerous. we have the hidden health danger. radar is a real eye opener. mostly a cold rain for a lot of us but it goes back and forth between sleet and even some snow and potentially some freezing rain in the highest elevations. i'll have your full forecast. what you should expect for friday morning coming up next. dreams are amazing things.
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it could be the first picture of tiger woods since his infamous day after thanksgiving car crash. national enquirer has obtained pictures that supposedly show the golfer at a sex hab clinic in mississippi.
10:45 pm
the agent declined to comment on the photo. woods hasn't been seen since the crash outside his house. a $33 million goodbye. conan owe brian has struck a deal with nbc. what is next for the comedian? fox's shepherd smith has the story. >> sorry if i'm a little late. i had a job interview at lady foot locker. >> reporter: first the agreement. conan will reportedly get $33 million. the rest will go to his staff. >> i guess at first i thought it was really gullible. they said the staff would be taken to a gig farm where they'll be allowed to run free forever. >> reporter: but this very public battle could end up costing nbc a whole lot more. >> we're going to introduce newcombdy bits that aren't so much funny as they are crazy expensive. with that in mind, say hello to our new tonight show character -- [ indiscernible ] there it is, the most expensive car in
10:46 pm
the world dressed up like a mouse. and if you can hear the mouse's theme song is the original master recording ever the rolling stones classic "satisfaction." total price tag for this comedy bit $1.5 million. sorry, nbc. >> reporter: conan will end his seven-month stint as the tonight show host tomorrow, but he could return to tv in september. so far fox is the only network that's expressed interest publicly but last night adam sandler gave conan another option. >> i made you a deal. you're doing well and here's-- >> i'm going to be in movies? >> only with me. we are so watching that wicked weather out in california. it is getting ever ug letter. take a look at this apartment complex in pacifica.
10:47 pm
residents were evacuated because the building is so close to a crumbling cliffside. more than 1200 homes are in danger. five counties under a state of an emergency because of the storms and the threat of mud slides. that's getting ugly out there. in our area we have rain, sleet, just a mix disturb of things -- mixture of things. >> it's actually one of those california storms. that is weakening now and becoming a coastal storm. typilly when you hear coastal storm for d.c. you're like whoa. but it will go straight out to sea. it's in the process of doing that right now. that will have an impact on our forecast as well but it's mostly rain we're seeing right at the moment across d.c. but let's check radar once again. because if you were watching earlier, especially at the top of our newscast, there was a lot more pink on here. look how quickly things change. some of the mix bag is up to our north. we've gone back and forth between sleet, rain and snow several times an hour in a lot of locations. but there is a small accumulation in some spots north and west. this will go off and on throughout the night although i
10:48 pm
think really in the immediate district area, we'll probably not going to have too many big problems. temperatures will stay a little bit above freezing so what we do see accumulating a combination of sleet, maybe a little bit of snow later tonight will mainly be on grassy areas. here are the headlines. rain and sleet. any accumulating snow primarily well west of d.c. here are a couple other things you need to know. it will be a combination. we'll go back and forth between sleet, rain and occasionally some snow and we may end this whole thing tomorrow with a period of snow but no really big issues here close to d.c. or south and east of d.c. a slushy and small accumulation mainly north and west. i'll show you some totals in just a moment. possibly some friday morning delays north and west. there will be some slick spots no doubt about it because north and west we know temperatures will be right around 30 degrees. satellite and radar showing you the progression and showing you how changeable this has been. with the snow especially out to the west up to an inch has fallen in some areas. when i show you the wider picture here, we'll take a second stop. i want you to see the first
10:49 pm
storm is fizzling out. the second storm is developing but moving out to sea rapidly. and so that may leave us in between with not a lot of precipitation. and this thing perhaps not producing as much as it could ave. so that's why we think the impact is going to be fairly marginal, especially closer to d.c. but we are also aware it doesn't take much to produce problems. winter weather advisories have been issued. where you really got to keep an eye out, maybe delays for frederick county, loudoun county, northern portions of fauquier. a lot of what you see accumulating out there may be in fact sleet. the ice pellets that tick when they hit your window. there have been pockets of freezing rain. that's not growing to be eliminated, especially higher elevations and primarily snow out to our west. temperatures right now still above freezing in some spots but getting down to freezing right now in gaithersburg 32 degrees. frederick you're getting there at 34. martinsburg 32. winchester 33. had a burst of snow out there that was enough to cover the streets but then it went back over to rain and sleet so some of that melted. so bottom line is with all of
10:50 pm
this changeability, not a lot of one thing is going for pile up. 34 in pittsrgh. beckly 31. new york city 37. not a lot of cold air to feed this system, that is for sure. overnight lows will be very close to freezing. 29 for front royal. manassas 32. frederick 30 and arlington 32. we'll watch for the possibility of some slick spots. bridges and overpasses will get colder. they're elevated so keep that in mind as well. max h futurecast showing you some snow, sleet and rain south and east of d.c. our future cast is showing a lot of breaks by morning with primarily rain and maybe not much going on in the suburbs but out in the highest elevations take sleet and snow continues. it fills in a little bit at the noon hour and then it's all gone. i'm pausing this friday because i want you to see the second storm i talked about. it gets in here sunday. a second california system, maybe heavy rain off and on through the day on sunday that will take us on into the monday time period. last thing i want to show you
10:51 pm
and i beg any producer's forgiveness, two to four inches in the highest spots. one to one-inch of slushy accumulation mainly for the suburbs north and west. metro d.c. over to the east, i think it's going to be all rain. we have warmer temperatures that will promote a rainstorm for us. after we get through the morning mess tomorrow. again i think there will be some problems. i'm glad fox morning news will be here early at 4:30 to keep you posted. saturday is a dry day. sunday a wet day. maybe a real wet day with potential flooding problems. monday showers taper off, 52 degrees. a warm system that's coming in next and that lingers into tuesday. >> thank you, sue. happy ending for a colorado couple and a haitian girl following last week's earthquake. the couple were in the process of adopting an 11-month-old when the quake hit. after all they could do was wait for news on her fate. they eventually found out she was one of 150 orphans flown to pennsylvania. she's now in denver
10:52 pm
adoptive parents. relief for haiti is coming from a place you might not expect inside a home in silver spring. an 11-year-old boy has been working to help kids in haiti and he started long before the earthquake. he's part artist, part educator and he's making a difference. 10-year-old matthew can certainly color inside the lines but he pays no attention to borders, at least not international borders. >> everyone is equal. but matthew learned early that life is not equal for everybody when he was 4 his mom did some charity work to help kids in haiti. >> they didn't have any food, no moms or dads and that their waters were really dirty. >> reporter: so matthew started making greeting cards. he calls them cards of joy. >> when you purchase a card, you can -- shoe have a feeling that -- you should have a feeling that wow, i'm helping someone that i don't even know. >> reporter: all the proceeds go to a nonprofit called beyond borders that helps poor people
10:53 pm
in haiti. >> it's a really cool feeling because you know you can make a difference. it doesn't matter how old you are and you can just help. >> reporter: so when he heard about the haiti earthquake. >> i was very sad. i got tears in my eyes. >> reporter: matthew made this be happy card just after he learned about the quake good so now i look at it, i feel it's true, i should be happy and have hope. >> reporter: matthew first started selling the cards a few years ago here at his parent's hair salon but he soon decided he needed a website. >> he bugged me. i think it was a good six months. he kept saying dad, i want a website. >> reporter: now he sells the cards on the web. >> las vegas, california. >> reporter: some are funny. >> you may nag me but i do better. >> reporter: somechool friends surprised him by giving up their recess to help make cards. he also sells cards made by young haitians. they're decorated with the bark of banana trees. >> if you bought this card, you could feel it. >> reporter: easy' raised a lot
10:54 pm
of money for charity. >> $1,100. >> he touches my heart. he's a good kid. >> reporter: matthew says he would like to go to haiti some day. for now he'll keep his heart open, his feet on the ground and his markers moving. in silver spring, beth parker, fox 5 news. if you're one of the millions of americans who donated money to the haiti relief effort, you have an early tax break coming your way. congress gave final approval to donations to be included on their 2009 tax returns. president obama is expected to sign it into law. coming up next on the news edge at 11:00, his father is the most wanted man in the word. a son of osama bin laden has a message for the u.s. tonight. also ahead... >> reporter: is capitol hill becoming carjack central? i'm bob barnard where a rash of crime has folks living if this part of the city on edge tonight. i'm dave feldman in the fox 5 newsroom where the caps are taking on their archrivals, two
10:55 pm
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snoring can ruin a good night's sleep not just for the person making noise but everyone in the house. you don't have to suffer through it, though. we take a look at what could be causing the snoring and what you can do about it. >> reporter: david used to be a heavy snorer. >> i was constantly waking up throughout the night and it was disrupting my sleep. >> reporter: after living with the problem for years, he eventually got help. >> his nose was totally obstructed. >> reporter: this doctor is a specialist and says there are many reasons people snore, the most serious being sleep apnea, a potentially life-threatening condition where the airways get blocked while sleeping but there are other things that can
10:59 pm
lead to snoring. >> your sinuses can be congested from sinus infections. >> reporter: he says getting relief can be simple. some treatments are available over the counter. >> if the problem is a sinus problem, first nd foremost we treat patients with medicines and that would include irrigation with a netti pot to wash out your nose and get rid of the infection. if you have a nasal valve or pinch unit at the tip of your nose, there are strips you can put over your nose to make cones or different things you can stick in your nose so while you're sleeping it opens up your passageway. >> reporter: your doctor may also prescribe a nasal spray or antibiotics but if these treatments don't work, your snoring could be the result of a more serious condition requiring surgery to open up the nasal passages and even though this concept scares a lot of people, he says it shouldn't. >> typically people come in the morning and go home the same day. there's no black and blues, no packing and in most cases most patients could actually do the surgery without general anesthesia. >> reporter: david had surgery and he says his snoring stopped
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