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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  March 6, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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. tragedy on the national mall. a jogger killed by this tractor- trailer. now the search is on for that driver. the accident happened around 6:00 this morning at 14th and constitution. police don't know who the woman or the driver are, but they have released new clues they
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hope will help crack the case. fox 5's jennifer davis is live in the newsroom with more on this mystery. >> reporter: 14th and constitution is often full of tourist, joggers, cars and trucks all coming and going in every direction. several traffic cameras are also keeping an eye on all of the action. tonight police are hoping the images captureland help answer the many questions they have in this case. 6:12 saturday morning. surveillance cameras capture the unidentified female jogger running southbound on 14th. she successfully crosses 14th and runs out of frame. moment itself later a tractor- trailer is headed north. then the woman was hit. >> they found a woman in the roadway would apparently had been struck by a vehicle. >> reporter: police think the woman was clipped by the truck as she attempted to cross 14th. cameras capture the truck continuing north crossing pennsylvania and then new york avenue. detectives don't think the driver knows he hit anyone. investigators are trying to identify the asian or white
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female runner they think was in her late 30s or early 40s. she had dark hair and was wearing exercise closes. >> a multiple colored top, black spandex and a walkman. >> reporter: she didn't have i.d. on her but was carrying a green key chain with three keys. the flat bed contained a scissor left and rack tang regard crate. while police continue their investigation, joggers crossing the same intersection this evening say it's a reminder for joggers and runners alike to be especially careful. >> it's a little scary. you have to payattention, watch out. >> i don't listen to music ever. pay attention in all directions. make sure you look for signals and really check to make sure -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the jogger suffered a head injury when she fe. she was pronounced dead at the hospital within the hour.
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if you know who was driving the tractor-trailer, they would love to hear from you. >> jennifer davis in the newsroom. thank you for that. another big story we're following tonight. a family outing cut short after a car crash. it happened in montgomery county. three people were airlifted to the hospital with serious injuries, two of them teenagers, the other a 7-year- old. matt ackland is live along dr. bird road where the accident is still under investigation. matt? >> reporter: maureen, this all took place right around 5:30 this evening. you can still see that montgomery county police are blocking off the road. the accident happened not too far away from where i am standing, and witnesses say this happened between two cars and one of the cars, four members of a family. they hit so hard, the collision hit with such force, it sheared the roof off of one of the cars. [ woman screaming ] >> reporter: this cell phone video was taken just seconds after the collision. >> it was bad. mom screaming, all the kids in
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the car. >> reporter: eddie and his wife rushed out to help after hearing a loud crash. >> real loud noise. something yonever hear. >> reporter: police and paramedics responded to the scene to find the mangled wreckage in the middle of the road and several young victims in need of medical care. >> officers found two cars that had collided. one car had essentially tore the roof off another car and ended up side by side. >> reporter: he says the two teenagers and 7-year-old were airlifted to the hospital. and the driver of the other car, a ford gt with racing stripes and a number on the side was detained by police. >> we have no idea how this occurred. we have some witnesses we'll be interviewing. apparently ey were able to see the accident. >> reporter: we are hearing from the scene some witnesses say that when the driver of that ford gt got out and the police came up to him to ask him what was wrong, the driver apparently said out loud that his pedal stuck. but police say at this point
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that's still under investigation. they're still on the scene. they'll be there throughout the night. they are asking if anyone else saw this. they would like to hear from them. when it comes to that family of four, the three people, mawr even, that were airlifted to the hospital we're told they're in serious condition tonight. >> matt ackland in silver spring, thank you for that live report. the shooting at the pentagon thursday night has gun law activists asking for stronger laws. the brady campaign to prevent gun violence says more needs to be done to keep guns out of the hands of people with mental illness. john patrick bedell walked calmly up to two pentagon police officers and opened fire with a 9 millimeter handgun. the officers returned fire hitting bedell in the head. he later died. bedell has a history of bipolar disorder and other mental health issues. he had been in and out of treatment for years, and his arents we recently worried about his erratic behavior. >> shootings like the one at the pentagon the other night show how weak the gun laws are
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in this country. basically we don't keep very much information. we don't do much with the information. we don't analyze the information. we don't make it very hard for dangerous people not to get guns and because of that we end up with shootings like this. after the shooting occurs it's too late. we ought to be doing something beforehand. >> bedell's mother discovered in an e-mail her son sent to a friend that he may have bought a gun. she did relay that information to police when she reported him missing. a rockville soldier has been killed in afghanistan. 30-year-old u.s. army specialist anthony paci died thursday after the vehicle he wasriding in flipped over. his mother tells fox 5 his body was flown to dover air force base yesterday. he will be buried at arlington national team taker. he leaves behind a wife and -- cemetery. he leaves behind a wife and three children. gay and lesbian students at state schools should not get legal protection from decides
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crimination. -- from discrimination. since the commonwealth itself does not offethe protection in writing, state schools and universities should not either. it is a position that has many students at george mason university surprised. >> just seems wrong. like they would just take that away and they can discriminate all of a sudden against that. kind of a low below. >> right now in the time we're living in, it's important that there's protection for -- against discrimination. >> reporter: including gays? >> yes. >> there weren't many students on campus today because it is spring break, but one graduate student we did find did not want to go on camera but said he did agree with the attorney general's legal position. a university spokesman told us the school's president was not available for comment. the medical examiner is trying to find out what killed a person found dead in rock creek park this afternoon. the body was found at park road near pierce mill around 4:00. investigators are not releasing any information about the person or how they were found. back here at home, a push to keep african-americans safe
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from h.i.v. and aids. the numbers are nothing short of alarming. according to the cdc, by the end of 20061.1 million americans -- 2006 1.1 million americans had h.i.v. 46% of them were black. americans accounted for 40% of all the aids-related deaths in 2007. it is because of those numbers that food and friends held a free event to educate people about h.i.v. and aids and offer testing and counseling. here in d.c. 81% of all aids cases are among blacks. >> hiv-aids is a huge issue here in the washington, d.c. area. and it's something that we need for take -- to take control of. it's definitely impacting not only those who are infected but also those who are affected by hiv-aids. >> food and friends organizations sve the area by providing thousands of meals and nutritional counseling to people with life challenging issues. most of the people they serve have hiv-aids or cancer.
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it is an election weekend in iraq. still ahead, how iraqi women are taking part in the political process. and the hurdles they have to overcome. plus, a political debate here at home. lunch and loaded. a fight over guns inside a virginia restaurant. the economy side lined many construction projects but a couple of contractors have found a way to make money. 
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turning now to chile. we're getting video of the earthquake and tsunami. you can see it turned streets into raging rivers of water. the secretary-general of the you nighted nations just arrived -- of the united nations just arrived to see the damage himself. >> reporter: a moment of silence for those killed in chile's earthquake the swrowt going president -- outgoing president vowing the country will rebuild. >> we are going to get the
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country back on its feet and do it together because this is a task for the entire country. >> reporter: following an aftershock which reportedly rattled the city for more than a minute, an up close and personal look at the damage. the united nations secretary- general will report what he sees to other u.n. members. >> i will discuss how best united nations can help. how best we can mobilize high man tearian assistance. >> reporter: -- humanitarian assistce. >> reporter: from clean water and food to help, just a few of the necessities. the government estimating the quake ruined at least a half million homes leaving people in need. one group of volunteers is hoping to make a difference. >> we are building emergency homes for the families that lost everything in the earthquake and tsunami. >> reporter: bankers are back up and running but the earthquakis expected to take
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a major toll on chile's economy from the copper mines to the wine industry. >> orders are being placed and we are worried about getting the bottling lines working so we can fill the orders. >> reporter: economists say if international aid comes through and reconstruction begins quickly, the economy could bounce back in the second half of the year. a country in cry sighs trying to preserve a -- crisis trying to preserve a democracy. sunday's vote in rye rack has sparked worry. none of the major political parties will win an outright majority and that could mean months of wrangling. security is tight in the runup to the official vote. police and military troops are patrolling the streets after warnings that insurgents will try to disrupt the voting. iraqi citizens in the u.s. will be allowed to vote at various polling locations. a lot of women are running for office in the iraqi elections. by law one fourth of the seats in parliament are guaranteed to women but iraqi women are still having a tough time.
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>> reporter: it's a male dominated world with women struggling to make their voices heard. the iraqi constitution requires that 25% of parliament be women. that's higher than the roughly 17% of seats that women hold in the u.s. congress, but numbers alone don't translate to power. female lawmakers in iraq say the quota has a down side. >> men are satisfied that women have had their fair share. they have a quota. that's it. they don't get anything else. >> reporter: sometimes political parties fill their quotas by selectg a woman only for her family connections, contributing to a perception that women are unqualified. >> the political parties to accept and nominate the strong woman or the woman with political or with political background is still very weak. >> reporter: women lawmakers complain they lack any real influence. they're rarely called on to speak. committee heads and political
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bosses are still mostly men. political observers say women can gain respect and influence by banning together to form a caucus by working hard and proving they're good at what they do and by pushing for representation at all levels of government, in committee rooms, in cabinet ministries and within each political party. in october 2008 female lawmakers made a first show of collective power. they felt insulted by former parliament speaker after he said women make poor leaders because they're too distracted by fear that their husbands will take a second wife. the women boycotted the chamber until he apologized but women activists say they expect the contoday sending remarks -- contoday sending remarks to continue in the upcoming elections. >> [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: in the last national election ballots listed only the parties. this time voters can choose individual candidate itself that could ben -- candidates
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that could benefit women who get a lot of votes. >> that gives that womanpower. a mandate from the people because so many people chose her. >> reporter: for now men are in the front row, but at least a few women are not far behind. in baghdad, fox news. a big victory for the u.s. army in pakistan. soldiers found in underground taliban cave complex near the afghan border. the complex is a nerve center of taliban operations with more than 150 carefully constructed caves and tunnels. some of them still had blankets and beds it comes after a series of losses for the taliban all part of a pakistani campaign partly funded by the u.s. there are concerns tonight that iran could be using american construction equipment to build its nuclear energy complexes. a caterpillar which sells bulldozers and other construction equipment to that country taking action. >> reporter: the one secret nuclear site in iran is just one example of the massive
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tunnels the country has dug to protect its disputed nuclear program. allegations that american-made construction equipment may have helped build the complexes has now prompted one company caterpillar to make sure its earth movers and bulldozers aren't used by the iranians. they >> it's irresponsible for an american-based company to be doing business in iran and providing the heavy equipment, if you will, to support iran's oil and natural gas indury and perhaps their nuclear program. >> reporter: caterpillar says it does not directly do any business in iraq and there was no way to determine where some of its equipment is used. the company acknowledges it cannot control would ends up with its products. and insists it always abides by u.s. laws. following fox news inquiries, caterpillar has announced it has gone a stop further y
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prohibit its nonu.s. sib sid-years from receiving any orders where the subsidiary knows the product would be shipped to iran. >> if caterpillar takes that step, it will result in a true private sanction against iran. >> reporter: iran's construction energy has become a u.s. target. just last month the treury department slapped sanctions against four construction- related companies. while there's no indication iranians are using caterpillar machinery, the comny's new ban will make that prospect much less likely. contractors hit hard by the recession are having trouble finding work in the building industry. more and more people are making home improvements themselves. but a pair of enterprising builders have figured out a way to make a living while teaching you how to do it yourself like a pro. the california duo started what they call a diy academy.
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they teach people how to do everything from laying tile to updating akitchen. >> you can tell mostly immediately the difference between a homeowner job and a professional job. what we do is we give them the tricks of the trade to help them do a more professional job. >> you get to say i did that and look at it and say that's exactly what i wanted. >> they say their train coming save their students thousands of dollars. it looks like some general motors dealers are getting a second chance. g.m. says about 600 dealerships can now stay open. they were supposed to be shut down after last year's bailout and restructuring but the dealers complained they were treated unfairly and appealed the decision. 2000 dealerships were on the chopping block. it is down to the wire for lawmakers. the president wants a vote on health care before the end of the month. still ahead, why some republicans think president obama needs to start over. plus, the legal way marijuana users are now getting high. smokers are using incense sold over the counter to get their
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now to the battle over health care reform. president barack obama is talking to lawmakers urging them to pass legislation within the next month. but many republicans want the president to start over. >> reporter: the pressure is on after the president said this week democrats would seek an up- or-down vote on health care he repeated his call for action today and it was met by a republican accusation that he's trying to, quote, jam through a massive government takeover of health care. health care was the subject of the president's weekly radio and internet address as he continued trying to sell his plan to a skeptical public and to waiverring democrats. he indicated once again that now is the time for action because of skyrocketing health care premiums and the republicans are standing in his way. >> now, despite all the progress and improvements we've made, republicans in congress
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insist that the only acceptable course on health care is to start over. but you know what? the insurance companies aren't starting over. >> the president said he met with some insurance executives this week and they couldn't give him a straight answer on why they're raising premiums. now to pass health care, house speaker nancy pelosi and senate majority leader harry reid will clearly have their work cut out for them. the party is divided on the issue with many democrats worried about the political implications of passing the plan in this election year. the republican response to the president's weekly address, congressman -- [ indiscernible ] -- suggested the democratic leaders are misguided. >> the wst thing we could do is to have the federal government decide what policies and what procedures would be done in hospitals or in position offices, what would be paid for, and what would not be paid for. >> reporter: griffith also said the way to fix health care is a step-by-step approach focusing on lower costs.
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in washington, fox news. fox 5 on call tonht with why you might be having a hard time finding a diet that works. low fat might work for some people but for others it is the carbs that counts. some researchers believe three specific genes affect how food is metabolized. a small study shows women whose diets match their genetic makeup lost as much as five times more weight than the women who were trying something that did not match their genes. bar fights break out but what happens when fists become guns? some gun owners virginia be allowed to pack heat insidebars and restaurants? t
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a battle over guns at starbucks. protesters in alexandria are upset the coffee business will
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not ban weapons from its stores in virginia. virginia is one of 43 states that allows people to carry weapons openly or concealed. businesses have the right to ban them from their property but starbucks says it will not issue a ban in any of the states where weapons are legal. meanwhile the virginia house of delegates has approved a bill that allows people with concealed weapons permits to bring their guns into bars and restaurants but many people are asking how the proposed law will be applied. >> reporter: sitting down at a meal in a restaurant should be an enjoyable, safe activity. in a lot of restaurants customers can choose to have an alcoholic beverage. >> i just think it's crazy. >> reporter: carol hawkins isn't opposed to the idea of a drink. she's opposed to allowing concealed weapons into establishments that serve them. a bill was passed allowing concealed weapons but prohibits handgun carrying patrons from consuming alcoholic beverages. >> if you come into a place that serves alcohol, more than likely you're going to drink and it's going to be hard to
10:31 pm
control them not doing take. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. >> i'm a responsible citizen and i'm not going to go into a bar with the intent of getting drunk and carrying my weapon with me. >> reporter: governor bob mcdonnell is expected to sign the bill into law. he thinks the legislation is balanced. >> we've had a long-standing tradition in virginia of not discouraging people from using their constitutional rights not favoring prior restraint. but we punish people very severely when they break the law regarding a firearm. >> i'm only going to use my weapon if my life is physically in danger. if somebody wants to punch me in the nose, that's not endangering my life. that's going to make me mad and i'm going to want to punch them back but i'm not going to pull a gun on a guy. >> reporter: still joe has kill told 10 on your side he's concerned about liability and enforcement.
10:32 pm
he argues his employees can't be expected to know someone has a concealed weapon so they can't prevent such customers from drinking. >> who is going to be responsible? the insurance companies may over the first shot. >> that was kate young reporting from portouth virginia passed the same bill last year but then governor tim kaine vetoed it. the current governor bob mcdonnell plans to sign it into law. marijuana users are getting high legally. they are smoking a new popular brand of incense that is sold over the counter. but as fox reports, this new high can be dangerous. >> reporter: this incense is sold over the counter all across america but very few people are using it as intended. watch this. even though it looks like this guy is breaking the law, he isn't because that's not pot. it's potpourri. jeff is smoking k2, the chemically enhanced incense that sold legally across
10:33 pm
america. users say it has the same effect as marijuana but won't show up on a drug test. >> yeah, i could go look for a job now without fearing that i might get tested and not get the job. >> reporter: k2 sales are sky high because it's currently a way to -- [ indiscernible ] >> with the economy everybody is so stressed up and they're a bundle of nerves all the time. they want to be able to sit back and say hey, this is cool. i can sit back and know that i'm not growing to get in trouble by the law. >> good job, guys. >> reporter: but the party may be over for k2 fans because missouri and kansas are moving to classify these so-called synthetic marijuana as a controlled substance and ban it. >> there's no way to test to see if you're impaired by this drug because it's not an illegal substance yet. >> reporter: emergency rooms have noticed an increase in k2- related trouble. apparently people who smoke it think it's safe because they can buy it over the counter. >> it is not what you're
10:34 pm
expecting from mom and pops marijuana from the 1970's. it's not mellowing people out. it's making them agitated, sometimes deliaruous. >> reporter: this much k2 costs 30 bucks. that's more than most people would spend for three grams of potpourri but they're lining up for the legal high. in chicago, fox news. drunk behind the wheel, a helpless child caught in the middle. tonight a school bus driver accused of putting lives in danger. what he did even after his drinking was exposed. beyonce helping a special group of people learn how to give a fabulous look. we'll take you to the opening of her new school. speaking of gorgeous, gw, equally gorgeous, the weather -- [ indiscernible ] >> me or the weather? that's all right. we have gorgeous weather on tap for you. take a look at the temperatures here to the south.
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guess what? they're heading our way. i'll let you know when and what to expect. some gorgeous weather after the break. ♪ [ male announcer ] ready to make this year a great year for your small business? ♪ verizon is here to help with everything you need to make the most of every dollar -- and every opportunity. you'll get high speed internet with a dedicated line to your business for consistently fast speeds; free wi-fi access from thousands of hot spots nationwide; plus unlimited calling to customers and spliers across the country. call right now and we'll include two free extras for an entire year: our advanced internet security suite, plus 25 gigs of online storage, enough to safeguard all your important business files. it's a total business solution backed by the reliability of the verizon network,
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scott hamilton is coming back to the ice. he retired a few years ago but after a successful battle against a brain tumor he has decided to return to skating. he's opening up about his retirement and comeback in a new documentary. from the ice to the hardwood, lindsay murphy has a jam-packed show today. fill us in. >> we thought they would be a little more active than they are but at least they're finally trying to make moves. the redskins have signed their first free agent. he can play tackle and guard and spent the last four seasons with the minnesota vikings but mainly as a backup. over the last three years hicks has started only 13 games. his three-year deal could be worth as much as $9 million. one other note next week steelers running back willy parker is expected to visit.
10:39 pm
on the ice the capitals got some great production from one of their new additions scott walker. that was on thursday night. another new face made an impact tonight. we start in the first period. no score here. the capitals on a two-man advantage. watch this passing here. it's deflected to eric fare who scores his 17th goal of the year t. is all the capitals would need. 2nd period, the ball is turned or -- the puck, excuse me. later in the 2nd period, still 1-0, in front to eric. the new cap scores his first goal since being acquired from minnesota. the capitals shut out the rangers 2-0 making it 13 straight wins on home ice. maryland at virginia in the regular season finale, second half, virginia turns it over. gravis vasquez inside. terps up. virginia would cut the deficit
10:40 pm
to 3 but vasquez answers with three of his own. he had five three pointers, a game high 23 points. maryland holds off virginia 74- 68 to earn at least a share ever the acc regular season crown. georgetown fans welcomed austin freeman back, just six days after being taken to the hospital and diagnosed with diabetes. second half, hoyas on the break. joshtown was -- georgetown was up 8. the clock winding down. freeman had a game high 24 points. great to see that. georgetown crushes cincinnati 74-47 to clinch a bye in the big east tournament. maureen, we showed you all those highlights. we'll hear from the hoyas and the terps all coming up. good night tonight. >> thank you for that. man's best friend certainly living up to the title. a mountain lion burst into this colorado family's home. how their pooches protected
10:41 pm
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to news, traffic and weather without changing the channel. i will be ready for whatever the day throws at me. uh, looks like torrential rain, bumper to bumper traffic and some kind of weird smell downtown. i will be working from home today. my sister's coming. i can make it. i'm sure she's lovely. [ male announcer ] instant weather and traffic without changing the channel and 2 times more very satisfied customers than cox. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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a mountain lion attacked a colorado family in their home. the family's four dogs tried to fight off the big cat but one did not survive. to others lost an eye in the attack. the mom was home alone with two small kids at the time. good there was a big animal right in this hallway chewing on my dog and my son was standing right over there. so i hurried up and grabbed his arm and drug him through the house. >> blood everywhere. the bed was soaked. it looked like somebody had been murdered in there. >> the mom hid with the children in a bedroom frantically calling 911 and her husband. when animal control officers arrived, they tranquilized the mountain lion while the husband
10:45 pm
rescued the kids through a bedroom window. the other three dogs are expected to be okay. now to a disturbing story for anyone on the road and especially parents. a school bus driver arrested for being drunk behind the wheel in minnesota. a dispatcher for the bus company smelled alcohol on his breath and while they were calling a manager to find out what to do, the bus driver took off on his route. >> she was quickly making this phone call to get direction from them. the driver turned around, walked out of the building and had already pretripped his bus. simply got in it and drove off. she went out in the parking lot immediately to grab him and he was gone. >> and he was driving a special needs bus and already picked up one child. police are waiting -- were waiting at his second stop. he told them he onlyd a couple of beers the night before but his breathalyzer showed a .102. anything over a .041 a dwi in minnesota. a picture perfect day
10:46 pm
today, enough to spark a little spring fever. the sunshine bringing a lot of people out to the national mall today. and all those potholes, though, left over from the blizzard, yeah, you've got to take the good with the bad. the district is working on a plan to get them all filled up and soon. for the next month the district department of trsportation will fix all the potholes that is identified within 48 hours. that is their promise. the normal response time is 72 hours. the mayor called it pothole of palooza. you can report potholes by calling the mayor's pothole center. let's stick with the happy thoughts, warm thought, sunshine. >> we've all seen some doozies. a beautiful day today. >> it was. >> if anybody wanted to order it -- [ indiscernible ] i think i can dish out another round, just for you. >> thank you. >> we've got some pretty nice skies. they're clear. we don't have clouds to talk
10:47 pm
about. we don't have any precipitation to talk about. a little cool, however. it's going to be a lot colder in the burbs as well. the winds are very light. got a little bit of a shake in the camera going on there but the winds are fairly light tonight. we're not looking at anything in terms of gusty winds or anything of that sort. a chilly night in the burbs expected to be into the 20s. be prepared for that the sunshine sticks around as well. that's at least some good news. what else are we talking about? we have for you temperatures on the rise and they're going to be really soaring above seasonal so that's going to be nice. unsettled weather as we move into mid- to late week. we're going to talk about that and tell you what that all means and what to expect. for today we did very well. 54 degrees at national airport. 52 at both dulles and baltimore. temperatures above seasonal so we're getting some sunshine and finally a rise in those temperatures. well deserved after we've been through what we have this whole winter. and right now it's 46 degrees at d.c. we have 45 at fredricksburg. a little cooler, 28 degrees at
10:48 pm
manassas. 41 degrees at dulles and 39 at baltimore. the overnight lows are going to be as i said a lot cooler in our suburbs. 46 degrees for boston and 45 degrees for new york this hour. skies as i mentioned are clear. we have really not too much to deal with and we're really being influenced by a ridge of high pressure. the good news is that pattern is going to continue as we head through into the next few days or so. all the action is in through the central portion of the country. we have another system affecting areas of the southwest. that's going to move its way across the southern plains. en we'll have to keep an eye on that. in the meantime a ridge of high pressure in control for us. and as we move through into tomorrow, we're talking some sunshine. temratures are going to be a factor into the week as well. all this nice warm air here from the south that we're going to see, that is going to move our way. that's going to give us a really nice rise in our temperatures and it's just going to get better and better as the week progresses. the warmth is definitely on the move. the sunshine is going to be in place for the next couple of days. we could see some 60s around here. unbelievable but very nice.
10:49 pm
i'm sure very welcome as we move through into the extended forecast. in the meantime for tonight clear skies, chilly. mid-20s in the burbs and we're talking light winds. tomorrow plenty of sunshine for you. much warmer. could see a 6 on or -- 60 or two popping up. here's a look at your neighborhood weather where we're going to see temperatures in the upper 50s, low 60s in our neighborhoods, emily to the south -- especially to the south. by midday we'll be about 56 degrees in the city. once again no shortage of sunshine now. there's your day planner. as we put it all together for you then and wrap it up, here's a look at five-day forecast. things are going to change as we move through into wednesday. we're going to have a slow moving low pressure system to keep our eyes o. by tuesday night, we'll start to see some clouds moving in. by wednesday we're looking at some rain showers and thursday looks like a wet day as well. 59 degrees on monday with sunshine. not bad. >> exactly what i ordered. >> we get three days to really enjoy and not too bad. wednesday we're going to have light rain but the good thing
10:50 pm
it's rain. we're not talking any snow. >> those are seasonable temperatures. >> we should be about 50, 52 degrees. we're actually going above. near 60 degrees, i don't think anybody is going to complain about that. >> no complaints whatsoever and if they are complaining, take it somewhere else. >> you heard from her. they're celebrating st. patrick's day early in alexandria. a parade complete with a car show, marching band, clowns and of course the shriners made its way down king street. the color of the day was green and many people dressed for the occasion enjoying all the fun, including some irish dancer. st. patrick's day is actually a week from next wednesday. and at the ymca on rhode island avenue, dozens came out for the kids in the kitchen event. it's all part of an effort to teach families about healthy living. the kids got to cook with chefs from reality tv shows and local restaurants. they little got a chance to work out with the redskins andre carter. the junior league of washington
10:51 pm
helped orpg the event to teach -- organize the event to teach kids about childhood obesity. the stage is set for the most glamorous night in hollywood. the oscars are tomorrow night and this year there are ten films up for best picture. jill dobson has a behind-the- scenes look at the work going into the glitzy event. >> reporter: we're on the oscar red carpet. you can see oscar behind me all suited up getting ready for the big show sunday night. you also hear the sounds as they're doing a little construction, getting everything underway down there where he big oscar is where the stars will come in. we're looking forward to seeing sandra bullock, meryl streep, matt damon and many more arrive for hollywood's biggest night. the media is here setting up their cameras, their lights getting ready to capture the huge event in hollywood and as we look up, there is a tent above our heades because we are expecting rain on oscar weekend. and as you may remember, we had rain for the golden globes and all the stars were walking in with their umbrellas.
10:52 pm
the academy does not want that to happen here. everyone is most excited about is best picture. will "avatar" take home the big prize? of course it's directed by james cameron and has made more money than any movie ever, $2 billion. nations with "the hurt number locker." lots are saying it might take home the big prize and it's directed by cameron's ex-wife katherine bigelow. but we've also talked to some insiders who say "inglorious basterds" would sneak in and take home the prize. we'll be keeping an eye on best picture and of course bringing you all the celebritieses and all the red carpet glamour from right here in hollywood, jill dobson, fox news. >> so who do you think should take home an oscar? get your picks in now on click on the entertainment tab and then on pick the winners. then you can compare your picks with the fox 5 morning news team on monday. you might some day see an actress strut down the red carpet with an alexis designer
10:53 pm
gown but her creations will not break the bank. still ahead, how the maryland teen is showing others how to get high fashions for low prices. and then on the news edge, the search for the person behind the wheel of this tractor-trailer, police say the driver struck and skilled a jogger along the national mall. ♪
10:54 pm
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beyonce has already topped the charts in music and made a name for herself in movies. now she's lending her name to a beauty school. the grammy winning pop star has opened a cosmetology school in brooklyn. >> i was so touched by the women's stories. i wanted this to be something i was a part of forever. it was just a dream and now it's a reality. it can change a lot of women's
10:57 pm
lives every year. >> the spokeswoman for laurel has agreed to donate products to her school. you've got the hair, the make yum. now what about the clothes some spring fashions are hitting the stores but high fashion does not have to come with a high price tag. money reporter melanie alnwick met a young local designer who's making fashion news on a budget. >> reporter: the fine arts academy, the fashion design students are learning how to create tomorrow's trend. one young designer will now be sharing her style and saving tips with the nation. it's a tip qeal busy morning in the fashion design work room at west potomac high school's fine arts academy. >> we teach the students about the whole aspect of the fashion industry from marketing, merchandises, buying, visual merchandising, pattern making. you name it. >> reporter: for alexis foreman, the work doesn't end
10:58 pm
here. she'll be exchanging her sketch book for a digital camera to share her style secrets with teens all over the country as part of 17 magazine's style council. >> on the back they have a little detail. >> reporter: finding high fashion with low finances can be a challenge for teens. >> i always go in stores and see stuff i really like and then i see the price tag and i have to put it back sometimes. >> reporter: but alexis has found ways to make it work. >> i love thrift stores. i get a lot of my stuff in thrift stores. >> reporter: for her the secret to budget sheik is to hit the sales for basic pieces. >> just dig, find, don't go for what you first see because you can always find something better at a cheaper cost. >> reporter: save the bigger money for accessories and jackets. >> this is what i would wear on the weekends. >> reporter: and finish with an accent. >> i'll try it this spri. i like the blazer and the top and the belt. i like the way she stietled it. >> reporter: she'll be blogging about her fashion signs and emerging trends.
10:59 pm
she and her fellow students are using their skills to bring those styles home. >> they can come in here and pay for fabric and make their own garments because fabrics are not that expense expensive. >> reporter: perhaps create some of their own trends in the process. the fine arts academy's fashion design program is two years for juniors and seniors. the 17 style council gig is for just one year. we have a link to her blog on our website >> alexis foreman, that's certainly one name to watch. itself news tonight far from over. the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. the news edge on a hit-and- run case in the district. a woman running along the national mall killed by a tractor-trailer. investigators don't know who


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