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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  April 25, 2010 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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6789 the areas in yellow over delmarva is where there is a severe thunderstorm watch. other than that, the watches have ended. but we still have a lost storms and cloud to ground lightning and heavy downpours as well and i'm going to tell you to be very careful out there because these storms are very dangerous as well. flooding in the low-lying areas fewer going to be driving anywhere, do not underestimate what kind of danger definitely lies ahead there. i'll have more details and a look at the work week. how long will the rain stick around. we'll got the low pressure system heading across the mid-atlantic on monday. on tuesday a cold front. when will the sun return in that is the question. it's been an active and busy night. i'll have the answers after the break. with tornadoes or possible tornadoes left widespread devastation in the south last night mississippi was the hardest hit with a confirmed ef 3 touching down but there were storms 'nother areas too including here in
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chatooga county georgia. authorities are trying to determine if it was in fact a twister that hit. >> it is overwhelming when you look around and see the things you work hard for and we go through our lives making plans what we're going to do next weekend and walk out your door and see this. it changes your perspective. there are folks in mississippi today that are mourning losses and we don't have that so i can't complain a bit. >> the ten people in mississippi died in the storm. three were children. today the president and vice president paid tribute to the 29 men who lost their lives in the west virginia mine explosion, speaking at the memorial service the president says the nation would honor the miners by improving safety for the mine industry. fox's nicole collins has the story. . >> reporter: weeks after 29 cole miners died president obama traveled to west virginia for a somber tribute. in a eulogy honoring those lost he offers words of
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solace. >> if any comfort can be found it can perhaps be found by seeking of face of god who quiets our troubled minds, a god who mendz our broken hearts. a god who eases our mourning soles. >> reporter: family placed helmets over crosses, unable to holdback tears. they lost their lives on april 5th when an explosion ripped through the upper big branch mine run by massey energy. the president is planning to do whatever possible to prevent another mining accident. he has ordered a review of all cole mines with poor safety records and urging federal officials to strengthen laws. >> our task here on earth is to save lives from being lost in another such tragedy, to do what we must do individually and collectively to a sure safe conditions underground. >> reporter: for those who lost loved ones it's difficult
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for words to ease the pain and heart break. >> i will always be haunted by the sound of gentle sobbing in the distance, that of a grandfather who sat in his car all week, gently sobbing, waiting for word about his grandson. >> reporter: despite being hit with dozens of safety violations over the years, massey energy insists it has a good safety record. the company officials say they're committed to thoroughly investigating the accident. in washington, nicole collins, fox news. a robber picked the wrong target. we are everywhere at 11:00. the robber mistakenly targeted an off duty prince georges county police officer. it happened on old silver hill road in suitland. investigators say the officer fired his gun at the suspect but did not hit him. the robber got away with the money. authorities in minnesota say alcohol may have been a factor in ahead on car crash that left six people dead including three teenagers. a 16-year-old who got her
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license less than three weeks ago was behind the wheel that crossed the center line and hit an oncoming suv. the suv burst into flames killing two inside. the 16-year-old driver is in serious condition. thousands of protestors are in arizona rallying against this tough law targeting it illegal i am grants. they're promising to march in the streets and even got arrested by refusing to comply. the reverend al sharpton joined the protest and vowed to fight what he called an abuse of civil rights. the new immigration law could take effect in july unless reverse ed. dream homes turned into nightmares. imported chinese drywall is making thousands of homes unfit for living. phil keating shows us the problem and what it costs to fix. >> reporter: for up to 100,000 american homeowners this is their only solution. rip out every scrap of chinese imported drywall and then have basically every kre advice of the house misted to kill any
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microbe rational sulfur left behind, rebuild at an additional cost of 100 grand. >> it's a nightmare. >> that's exactly it. >> reporter: becauseness gene and darlene wilson's florida retirement home. instead it's been an infuriating financial drain. >> there is nobody giving us any money. no government agencies, nothing. it's -- everything we're doing is coming out of our 401 to do it. >> reporter: just in case the wilsons ever end up in court one day they've saved as evidence of what happened inside their house. here's the chinese drywall that they ripped off their studs and the drywall actually causes everything that is copper toned to turn black. all throughout thelous. even jewelry core oedz. the sulfur compound within the chinese drywall makes the house unsellable because of the smell. but the worst stench for the impacted homeowners has.fact that no one has offered to pay for this mess for nearly two years. now new hope.
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a federal judge has issued the first ruling against china's gypsum company ordering it to pay $2.6 million to 7 virginia families and in florida another class action lawsuit on behalf of thousands is in the pipeline. florida senator bill nelson is urging china's president to take action and is asking secretary of state clinton to press for long overdue results when she meets with the president. >> it's enough is enough as far as i'm kurnd from the day one i found this out and many other victims like us. no one should have to go through this in their lives, no one. >> reporter: fracture the american dream. in cape corral, florida, phil keating, fox news. next up, did you see it? hundreds of mutts taking a strut around the track. we are taking the edge off after gwen's forecast. she's promising better weather in the five-day. keep it here.
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talk about an active weather night. take a look at these shots. we shot these up in urbana earlier this evening. plenty of lightning and lots of heavy rainfall. as you know this is not too far from frederick where they had a lot of hail this evening about 1 inch to 1 and 3/4 inch size in that particular area. it was a very active night. the skies lit up and rainfall just nonstop. that's also an area where we had flash flood warnings as well. we look at radar for you and you can see our watches have finally all ended. our warnings have finally all ended. we have plenty of rainfall and storms. a lot of cloud to ground lightning and spots where there is heavy rainfall. areas of west virginia and virginia saw up to 3 inches
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of rainfall and nraed flash warnings and watches in that area. thing are starting to wayne down a little bit with the loss of daytime heating but there are still storms. we're going to have to deal with a fair amount of this as we move into the overnight hours. let's look at truview. these storms have been racing through anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour and pretty intense as well. earlier this evening as maureen had mentioned we had a tornado warning in effect for one part of our area but as i said right now all the watches and warnings have ended. let's go to the weather map. we had hail throughout many of our neighborhoods from a quarter inch s1 and 3/4 inch. here's a look at future cast. as we move into tomorrow, expect showers in the morning and a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. you can see heavier pockets of rainfall by the 4:00 hour. by the evening hour, still another batch of rainfall coming through and still lingers into the early part of tuesday as well before it's all said and duvenlt the
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low pressure system associated with this is going to push its way through the region as we head into monday. then we've got the frontal system that is going to follow it. this is all lifting up but with it still we've got cooler air aloft from the north and warm air lingering to the south. that's going to cause a little bit of instability so you're going to have to bear with it for another day or so. temperature wise, 59 in the district. 52 at gaithersburg, kicking in at 52 at frederick and 57 at manassas. here's a look at your five-day forecast. a chance of storms by monday afternoon, and monday night. starting off on tuesday with maybe a shower and then by wednesday that ridge of hope builts in that brings us back to plenty of bright skies. i'm happy to say it will be dry through the end of the week. by friday not only dry but we're hitting into 75 degrees. temperatures well above seasonal. it was actually 80 at dulles today but that just helped to fire up the instability that we had with the results we had the storm. so that's a look at your five-day forecast. maureen. >> thank you.
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so did you see it? the put strut at the indianapolis motor speedway. hundreds of dogs and their own ers took a stroll around the world famous oval. even the rain wasn't enough to keep these canines and human companions from participating. look at all a the breeds represented. too cute. they even raised money for the humane society of indianapolis. i love to see those. that's a cute one right there, isn't it? that does it for us. the news is always on, have a great night. geico sports xtra 2 minutes away. 
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