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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 3, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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. three developing stories and fox 5 has you covered. international terror ties under investigation in the botched
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times square bombing. investigators are on the hunt for a person of interest with ties to pakistan. a murder near campus. a university of virginia lacrosse player found dead and her boyfriend is under arrest. tonight we're learning more about her alleged killer and his ties to our area. plus, breaking details in the murder of a beloved d.c. principal. four suspects arrested and tonight the district is dropping a bombshell. good evening. i'm brian brian. i'm shaun -- i'm brian bolter. i'm shawn yancey. tonight top d.c. leaders some of those under arrest should have already been in justdy. fox 5 has team coverage of this still developing coverage. roby chavez starts us. >> reporter: detectives are still putting the pieces together of this extensive investigation together but here is what we know. some of the teens have extensive criminal backgrounds. as you mentioned, at least two of them were supposed to be in the custody of d.c.'s troubled
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youth rehabilitation services but apparently they walked away from that home. betts was targeted for using a phone chat line to get money. >> we believe the motive for this crime was most likely robbery. >> reporter: montgomery county police chief thomas manger announced new details into the murder of principal brian betts himself. four people have been arrested. three will be charged with the murder. detectives believe three 18- year-olds preyed on betts who used a phone chat line to meet at least one of them. >> further investigation has revealed that one or more of the suspects was connected with betts after mr. betts used a phone chat line. >> specific reason for the meeting between the individuals has not yet been confirmed, as far as why he was a victim that night.
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>> reporter: evidence indicates that 18-year-old shrif lancaster's fingerprints were found at the scene. >> we have information from witnesses who observed things in and around the bett as home on the night of the incident. we had folks that came forward. >> reporter: fox 5 captured these exclusive pictures of the arrest of a fourth person on 5th street northwest. 46-year-old artura williams is lancaster's mother who lived just blocks from where the suv was dumped. police say she allegedly used betts' credit card to buy $100 in groceries the day after his murder. when police arrested the suspects, they also found personal belongings. police say the suspects used
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brian betts' credit cards in silver spring, hyattsville, oxon hill and d.c. this is a very dynamic investigation. using the resources from police departments in montgomery county, prince george's county and the district. all of the four suspects go before a judge tomorrow. we should learn just a bit more information on how they targeted betts. for more on the suspects who are on the loose, we turn to fox 5's wisdom martin to continue our team coverage. wisdom? >> reporter: roby, according to the attorney general peter nickels, two of the teens arrested were supposed to be under the custody of d.c.'s youth rehabilitation services. during that time we now know according to police they were involved in the murder of brian betts. nickels said they started a few days ago reviewing files of the suspects involved and their connection to d.c.'s youth facility new beginnings.
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nick hims is looking into the precise circumstances of the commitment, the history and nature of their commitment and what happened while they were at the youth facility. the bottom line, the suspects were not where they were supposed to be and now the fenty administration wants to find out how this happened. >> they're on abscon dense and being sought by police. there were periods of time that -- [ indiscernible ] that is, they had left the area of confinement. as i get into the files as appropriate under the law, i'll be able to spell that out in some greater detail. >> reporter: the mayor says the agency is going through a transformation. you may remember for years that facility in laurel, maryland was called oak hill and had a history of problems.
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last year it went through a major multimillion dollar renovation and now it's called new begins. we'll have much more on the story coming up tonight on the news edge at 11:00. >> thank you. we are also following another big story tonight. a university of virginia student athlete murdered. the suspect? her former boyfriend. george huegley a fellow student at the university is under arrest charged with her murder. we're learning more about his local roots. >> reporter: shawn, here at the university of virginia, the campus is describe as devastated by the murder of yeardley love. she was a lacrosse player here and was also well loved by those who knew her. she was scheduled to graduate in may. now her former boyfriend who also played lacrosse here is charged with her murder in what police called a tragic set of
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circumstances. yeardley's friends and teammates called her an angel. this morning police were called to her apartment for what was reported as a possible alcohol overdose. police say her roommate found love's body around 2:00 this morning inside the bedroom of her apartment dead. later that morning police arrested her former boyfriend george huegley, a men's lacrosse player from chevy chase, maryland and charged him with first-degree murder. court records show he was arrested in 2008 and convicted of resisting arrest, public swearing and intoxication and was sentenced to probation and fines. police won't say how love died, only that no weapon appears to be involved. >> patrol officers arrived on the scene. it was quickly apparent to them that this young lady was the victim of something far worse. there were obvious physical injuries to her body. >> shock and disappointment and
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concern of course is magnified by the fact that she was murdered by one of our own. >> reporter: today school officials say both lacrosse teams, the men and women's lacrosse team, met with counselors to help them deal with this tragedy that has struck both those teams. huegley is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow morning at 10:00 on those murder charges. we'll have much more for you coming up tonight at 11:00. >> we'll see you then. a developing story in new york city. the terrorism task force now taking over the investigation into saturday's attempted bombing in times square. they're checking out this surveillance video of a man changing cloapts steps from the -- clothes steps from that smoldering suv. tonight we're learning more where the nissan at the center of all this came from. will thomas is live with those details. >> reporter: more big developments to tell you about. we understand they are looking for a person of interest described as a naturalized
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american citizen who just recently returned from pakistan. they know his name and we're told they are closing in on him. and just moments ago crossing the associated press wires, two new bits of information. one, they believe this person of interest is of pakistani descent. and two, they believe he is the one who actually purchased the suv. it's one of the strongest pieces of evidence so far. security camera footage showing a man described by police as caucasian in his 40s. he's standing in an alley near the bomb-laden suv parked in busy times square. the man takes off an outer shirt and stuffs it into a bag. this video was shot about two minutes after a street vendor noticed the suv was smoking and heard loud noises coming from it. >> when we first heard the popping sound and it was like firecrackers going off. and black smoke and then that's when everybody just ran down the street. >> reporter: fox news has learned investigators now have a picture of the face of the driver of the suv taken from
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this police surveillance camera on broadway just north of where the vehicle was parked and left to explode. and sources tell fox that driver is the same man seen changing in this video. there is even more progress. investigators determined the suv was sold through a craigslist ad in connecticut about three weeks ago. they spoke with the man who sold it. he is not a suspect. he told authorities the man who bought the suv paid cash, looked middle eastern or latino, in his 20s or 30s. a pakistani taliban group released a video that claimed responsibility for the attempted bombing. it's believed it was posted from the connecticut area just prior to the incident giving the claim credibility. >> new york remains a target regardless of what's going on in the city. i don't think there's any question what we have seen over the course of this year is a determination by those -- by terrorists to try to inflict
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damage on my hometown. >> reporter: let's recap some of the big developments now. there is a person of interest. he is believed to be a naturalized american citizen who just returned from pakistan and moments ago we learned he may be of pakistani descent. they also have a photo of the man seen driving that suv into busy times square. he's believed to be the same man seen changing in sure shubert alley. we could be talking about multiple people here. finally as we've been saying, there is a pakistani taliban group that is claiming responsibility. live in the satellite center, i'm will thomas. sean, back to you. >> will, thank you. the fox 5 storm force is tracking some wet weather moving through the area. in fact, we had a few morning showers, a few evening showers but things are much calmer right now. sue palka is live in the weather center keeping an eye on things. what can we expect the rest of this evening? >> reporter: it's really winding down as you mentioned. certainly people getting an early start to the day had some pounding rain to deal with this
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morning. tonight on radar we're down to one last shower. some of these pulsed up tonight. it is moving slowly to the east. a look at trueview. you can see we did have some showers developing and now the clouds are beginning to break up. and from west to east we're going to begin to see these clearing skies. that's because we have a frontal system pushing on through. it's been really humid today. it's still humid at this hour. winds are still out of the south. as this front continues pushing away, it's going to take the clouds and it's going to chase the humidity and drier air will push in behind it. we're still going to have a warm one tomorrow. tonight we'll see the skies clearing out. it will get less humid in the city mid-60s and perhaps near 60 in the suburbs. but we're still going to have to deal with a few 80s. i'll have that forecast and we'll take a look at the five- day and see when our next chance of showers and maybe thunderstorms roll into town. do you eat shrimp? drink coffee? like bananas? then this oil leak in the gulf could be a big problem for you.
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prices could skyrocket if it isn't brought under control soon. we have the latest on the push to stop the leak. the health alert that every parent needs to hear. a slew of children's medication is under recall. we have what you need to know. also ahead tonight... >> reporter: their mission? crack down in an unlikely place that may be selling alcohol to minors. underage agents just ahead. here's to the believers.
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but we're also in the showing-kids- new-worlds business. and the startup-capital-
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for-barbers business. and the this-won't- hurt-a-bit business. because we don't just work here. we live here. these are our families. and our neighbors. and by changing lives we're in more than the energy business we're in the human energy business. chevron. fox 5 following the developing story in the gulf of mexico. engineers from bp and the federal government continue to search for some way to stop the huge oil slick from coming ashore. fox's phil keating has more. >> reporter: for 12 days now every attempt to block the leak has failed. >> we've been trying to stop the flow with these remote
10:17 pm
vehicle, robotic submarines but unfortunately they have yet to be successful. >> reporter: the result? above the surface is a rust colored body of oil growing and spreading uncontrollably estimated to be about two million gallons so far. on mississippi's coastline, dead sea turtle, sea gull, pelicans and horseshoe crabs have washed ashore. so far five of 25 neck necropsies have shown oil as being the killer. >> as secretary salazar said we'll keep our boot on the throat of bp to ensure they are doing all that is necessary while we do all that is humanly possible to deal with this incident. >> reporter: within a week bp hopes to deploy its dome collection method. this involves dropping a 40 foot by 25 foot dome cap container 5,000 feet down to right above the spewing oil. this could collect oil there and pump it up to an awaiting
10:18 pm
barge. however, this method has only been used before in shallow waters. short of figuring out how to cap the well, bp believes the best long-term solution is to drill -- [ indiscernible ] that began tonight. then there is the gulf current. the worst-case scenario is the still growing oil slick entering the current and then being taken down florida, up the keys and up the east coast. in venice, louisiana, phil keating, fox news. if you are traveling to ireland in the next few days, ireland's aviation authority is banning all flights in and out of the country tomorrow morning. the agency claims ash from the iceland volcano is now drifting into its air space. iceland says the change in the wind direction is pushing the cloud to the south. but british airports are not expected to be impacted.
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a major airline merger is taking flight. united and continental are moving ahead with plans to join forces creating the world's largest airline. united will buy continental for more than $3 billion and operate under the name united. the airlines hope to draw more last-minute business travelers. federal regulators still have to sign off on the deal. this may not be much of a surprise. the airlines made a lot more money nickel-and-diming travelers last year. according to a government report, the airlines collected $7.8 billion in extra fees. that's up 42% from the previous year. the biggest chunk of change came from checked baggage fees which were introduced in 2008. delta airlines by the way raked in the most money. a consumer alert for parents. there is a problem with the ingredients in some common over- the-counter drugs. it has led to a nationwide recall and brands of some of the most popular children's medicines are affected. money reporter melanie alnwick has those details. >> reporter: certain types of
10:20 pm
children's tylenol, zyrtec, benadryl and motrin are among the recalls. we have the information on our website. the fda says they discovered problems with ingredients and contaminants during a routine inspection. some of the medicines, all liquids have a higher concentration of active ingredient than they should. some have ingredients that don't meet testing requirements and some macon obtain tiny particles. the specific lots are identified by the ndc number which you can find on the box and on the label. parents should also check their products at home but they shouldn't worry about empty shelves. >> definitely not. the generic alternatives are just the same. they work the same. >> reporter: the fda says this is a precautionary recall. there have been no adverse events reported and the risk of a serious medical reaction is remote. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. the supreme court is
10:21 pm
closing its iconic front entrance beneath the words "equal justice under law." starting tomorrow visitors will enter the 75-year-old building through a central screening facility right to the side of and beneath the central steps. the new entrance was built to improve security. opening day of nuclear talks at the u.n. and it did not take long for the fireworks to begin with iran. the iranian president delivered a speech denying his country has developed a nuclear weapon. then the accusations started firing. the our iranian leader claims the united states is the real nuclear threat. the white house called his speech predictable. >> the possession of nuclear bombs is not a source of pride. it's possession -- its possession is disgusting and shameful and even more shameful is the threat to use such weapons. >> as you all heard this morning, iran will do whatever
10:22 pm
it can to divert attention away from its own record and to attempt to evade accountability. >> secretary clinton accused iran of not complying with u.n. nuclear rules. deadly storms dumping on the southeast. three months of rains falling in just 48 hours. entire towns under water tonight. we're going to take you to the flood zone coming up next. plus, an out of control hot air balloon makes a dangerous emergency landing and it is all caught on camera.
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the stormy weather is being blamed for the deaths of more than 20 people in mississippi, kentucky and tennessee. heavy wind and rain is now battering parts of the southeast but it's the flooding that's the biggest problem. we look at how people there are coping with this severe weather. >> reporter: forget traveling by car in parts of downtown nashville. a boat is the only way around. flooded vehicles completely
10:26 pm
submerged. >> there's an antenna in the water right there. >> reporter: one car looking more like a submarine. music city is playing a soggy tune. >> the national weather service advises us that flooding is expected to continue along the river. >> reporter: hundreds of homes flooded and tourists forced to flee as water forces in leaving thousands stranded taking refuge in emergency shelters. >> some people are only left with the clothes on their back. >> reporter: in parts of kentucky? >> this is the worst i've ever seen. >> reporter: a similar story. heavy rains caused flooding in bowling green and other -- bolling green and other cities. >> we didn't lose electricity so we didn't think of getting out and getting supplies and things. i guess we're stuck here for a while. >> reporter: in mississippi more flooding and evacuations. the rising water and currents carrying merchandise right out the front door of this k-mart. >> i've lived here all my life. i have never seen it this bad.
10:27 pm
>> reporter: officials are keeping a close eye on the weather and rivers on the rise. glps back here at home, teens buying booze and it's caught on camera. but this time there's a catch. they're working hand in hand with the cops. we're taking you along with these undercover agents next. local high school athletes rubbing elbows with the redskins. the important message the skins are sending out in the off- season. we're going to go one on one with "24" star kiefer sutherland. find out the inside secrets he's spilling as "24" nears its final episode. beeping ]
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♪ my country ♪ 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land ♪ of liberty ♪ of thee i sing [ laughs ] ♪ oh, land ♪ where my fathers died ♪ land of the pilgrims' pride ♪ from every mountainside ♪ let freedom ring ♪
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it is prom season and police are working to crack down on underage drinking. fox 5 goes under cover exposing how easy it can be for teenagers to get their hands on alcohol. investigative reporter tisha thompson shows us how it might be just as easy as picking up a phone. >> reporter: i have a couple of friends that also participate
10:31 pm
in this. she's a high school senior by day. sort of a secret agent by night. we can't show you her face because she's working undercover. >> a glass of white din fan zell. >> reporter: for the montgomery county department of liquor control. >> i don't enjoy getting people in trouble but i do enjoy doing this. >> reporter: one of the few minors who can actually order a drink in front of law enforcement. >> they're very special people. >> reporter: alcohol and tobacco enforcement specialist carlos says it takes a certain kind of teen. calm, confident to pull this off. >> they can't make it. they're feeling uncomfortable because they're too bashful or don't feel comfortable going into bar, then it's not going to work. >> i'm sorry, i can't. >> okay. >> reporter: with a year under her belt, this 18-year-old is
10:32 pm
cool under pressure. tonight's mission, try and buy alcohol not in stores or clubs. she's visiting hotels and putting room service to the test. >> i want to get an order of the blackened chicken alfredo and do you have a bottle of white zinfandel? >> reporter: we wait in the bathroom with the agent. >> that's great good can i please see your i.d.? >> of course. >> reporter: the attendant does what he's supposed to do but sees that she's underage, asks for someone over 21 to sign the bill. >> you have someone over 21? it's just me. >> reporter: they're trained to keep chat to a minimum. the attendant ends up taking the wine with him unaware he just passed the test good sorry. >> they have the choice to make whether or not they're going to leave the alcohol behind. >> reporter: it's a struggle
10:33 pm
for some attendants. this employee repeatedly apologizes for doing the right thing. >> [ indiscernible ] sorry. you can't. >> reporter: others fail the test entirely. >> be right there. do you need an i.d.? >> yeah, please. just tell me. i figure you're over 21, right? >> reporter: the attendant takes her i.d. which clearly shows she's underage. in maryland all minors have vertical licenses. even mentions recent compliance checks. >> there's a lot of inspectors in town. >> are there? >> yes. >> reporter: but he leaves the wine bebehind telling her she's cleared for the rest of the night. >> [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: that's when agent and the officer waiting outside
10:34 pm
jumps into action. at first the guy says he couldn't see her i.d. because he didn't have his glasses on. >> he told her he was going to call downstairs for alcohol to tell the service she was already checked. >> reporter: a costly mistake. >> this citation for selling alcohol to a minor, okay. >> reporter: he faces $1,000 fine and possible jail time. the hotel also gets a citation. >> all accuses -- all excuses aside, you can't sell alcohol to a kid. >> reporter: on average he finds one in four businesses will sell to the minor. that's much less than just two years ago when liquor control started these checks with police. >> we're actually -- we have to go out and actually do 600 checks a year. essentially we're -- we're always out there. >> reporter: the underage volunteer will likely testify about what happened tonight and hopes to continue working undercover until she is turns 19, the cutoff age. >> i'd like to do it but i
10:35 pm
can't. >> reporter: when another undercover teen will move in. >> hi. i wanted to order something for room service. >> reporter: hoping to make the county safer one order at a time. in montgomery county, tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> the county has five underage buyers right now. they do get paid. for more information, go to our week site click on special reports under the news tab. thomas circle in northwest d.c. was shut down for part of the day while police investigated a suspicious package near 14th and massachusetts avenues. the bomb squad was called in to check it out. some buildings were evacuated. witnesses say police arrested a man. >> we saw somebody taken into custody by the cvs. he was loud for a minute. we couldn't understand what he was saying. >> reporter: he was yelling? >> he was yelling. >> reporter: what happened? >> they just had him sitting over there with his back against the wall. they ended up putting him into a wagon. >> turns out it was the homeless man who triggered the
10:36 pm
scare by pushing a garbage can up against a building. police gave the all clear and the man was released. a sheriff deputy's life in danger. you have to hear who came to the rescue. one of the most famous sets of golf clubs up for sale. find out how much these will set you back. >> reporter: ceens competing in the national science bowl had a special treat today. a memory from the white house they'll never forget. 
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tense moments caught in california. a hot air balloon had to make an emergency landing. it ended up touching down just
10:40 pm
feet from a couple's home and the power line. the balloon ran out of fuel. the one man riding in the balloon thank goodness was not hurt. another unusual landing. the pilot of this cessna was forced to make an emergency landing at a commuter bus station. it happened sunday in fair view heights, illinois. despite its unusual location, no one was hurt. the plane and the pilot are from the columbus, ohio area. two inmates saved an oregon sheriff deputy's life when he collapsed. they were out with a deputy on part of a work release group. the deputy collapsed. the inmates didn't hesitate. they used the driver's phone to call 911 and performed cpr on the deputy. the men say they never considered not helping. >> i care about people. there's absolutely no way, not even for a split-second thought. >> he's somebody's father, somebody's husband. he's just like us.
10:41 pm
i'd do it for anybody. just knowing he's still alive is all i need in my heart. >> the deputy is in guarded condition. parker is serving time for contempt of court. smith is in jail on an assault conviction. one is set to get out of jail next week, the other in june. can you believe it? "24" just weeks away from its final episode. we go one on one with star kiefer sutherland coming up. the important message the redskins are sending. today we've been tracking a few showers. one or two thunderstorms. when can we get rid of the humidity and more chances of rain in the forecast. we're going to talk about all of that with a full report coming up next.
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>> first lady michele bow obama helped quiz some of those kids. >> a nice warm welcome. >> reporter: the occasion was the 20th annual energy departments national science bowl. the two highest ranked teams couldn't hide their excitement at the chance to shake mrs. owe bah ma's hand -- mrs. obama's hands. >> find the coordinates of the point of intersection of the lines given by the following two equations. >> reporter: did she say two equations? she'd already lost a lot of people who were watching in the audience. >> 2x minus 3y equals 11 and 3x minus 2y equals 14. >> reporter: undefeated albuquerque academy from albuquerque, new mexico up against gail ranch middle school from san ramon, california. the pressure was on. >> five seconds. >> one, three. >> sorry, that is incorrect.
10:46 pm
x equals 4, y equals minus one. >> reporter: there were plenty of correct responses by these kids who even the first lady acknowledged are squarey smart in all kinds of math and science. >> the president and i, and he is fully aware that i am here, i went over some of the questions with him. he didn't know many of the answers but that's okay. neither did i. >> reporter: mrs. obama was determined to show how cool science can be and talked about how the future depends on these students as the next engineers and scientists. the first lady says the white house is hosting a science fair this year so some of these budding geniuses may get a chance to meet the president just like any winning sports team. these students from takoma park middle school in silver spring tied for fifth place and won a thousand dollars. >> i like economics and physics and math. >> reporter: at least one of them liked mrs. obama's message that girls should be encouraged to succeed in math and science. >> my mom always says that,
10:47 pm
too. girls are just as good as everybody else. we should always try really hard. >> reporter: they start out young. maybe this little girl will grow up to be part of the next generation of american scientists. in washington, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> too a look at this. believe it or not that is snow. left over from the back-to-back blizzards. there's a little bitty piece to the right. all that from february outside a garage at bwi. this picture was taken this morning. it's a good bet the -- [ indiscernible ] we have another picture taken in march to show how big the pile was. there it is. 77 inches of snow fell at the airport this winter. it's gotten all the way down to that sliver. i'm surprised after sunday, anything is out there. it was broiling hot sunday. >> must have some time in the shade because that is amazing that anything was left, right? >> i'm stunned to see that. >> maybe it's dry ice.
10:48 pm
the rare dry ice cell we had over bwi. >> didn't we spend many days wondering if we would ever ditch this snow. now we would like to ditch the heat. >> the humidity is what i would like to get rid of. >> the humidity has been the big story. it's the kind of thing that will get you going. it's still humid tonight but will be better by morning. we might still pop a shower or to tomorrow afternoon. we have one more cool front that would like to swing through the area. don't let that surprise you but on balance i think you'll find tomorrow a much easier day to take in materials of the humidity. we're starting to see the skies clear tonight. first stop will be radar. we still have one or two showers popping up. this is the second one. we saw one go through happen han knock earlier and it's -- through rapahannock earlier and it's fizzling now. that's about it. this is a front that's sagging through the area. it will continue sagging south very slowly, though. only a few miles per hour. satellite and radar on max hd
10:49 pm
we'll show you the times lapse a bit. you can see we were watching a few lingering showers and a couple of thunderstorms generally moving from west to east right along 66 and then through the beltway during the day today. now you can see that the clouds are trying to gradually get out of here as well. but we -- i mentioned we might have another shower tomorrow and it would come from this line. there's one more frontal system to come. that's going to swing through in the afternoon. there might be just enough instability aloft to pop a shower in the afternoon, maybe an isolated thunderstorm. not even as much as what we saw today. temperatures are dropping in some spots into the 60s. 66 for manassas. here in the district still pretty warm, 73 degrees. and last night's overnight lows were record high minimum temperatures. so very sultry when you're seeing that in early may. 67 for pittsburgh. detroit at 59 and columbus at 57. so a bit cooler air coming in but tomorrow we'll still get right back into the 80s. really close to what we hit
10:50 pm
today which was 82 at reagan national. dulles 83 and bwi mar 82 -- bwi marshall 82 degrees. the humidity should be better. most of this week i think is going to be in the 80s. 82 tomorrow but again less humid. wednesday 81 degrees. thursday 83 and friday 83. i've got to tell you that friday we may have some more showers and thunderstorms in the forecast and can't even rule out an early morning shower on thursday. but those will be very quick hitters. nothing in particular. we're talking about spotty afternoon showers or thunderstorms tomorrow because that one front is still going to swing on through. most of the activity will be gone. high pressure is going to be building in so there's going to be a lot of sunshine. that wind out of the west, northwest will be a drier wind. then we'll watch late in the week, wednesday night, thursday we have one more front that will get a little closer. we'll have showers with that. as it swings through thursday morning, a brief shower is possible. but the rest of the time we're looking at warm, sunny days and should be pretty pleasant. tonight's forecast, we are talking about clearing skies.
10:51 pm
the isolated showers we're seeing in rap han mock county should wear them sells out. 65 in the district. near 60 or upper 50s in the suburbs. maybe an isolated late day shower or thunderstorm tomorrow, 82 degrees. here's your five-day forecast. we watch for our temperatures to stay in the 80s but a little better humidity for the next few days. definitely looks more like a june forecast, though, than a may forecast, that's for sure. unfortunately it does look like the weekend is unsettled again with chances for showers and thunderstorms. but this far out timing can change. we got through this weekend fairly rain free with the big batch of rain holding off till tomorrow morning. make we can do the same this weekend but at this point it does look a little unsettled. >> we still have time. that's what you always say. >> most definitely. for $250,000 you can own a piece of golf history. according to golf digest, someone is selling the clubs tiger woods used to win his tiger slam back in 2001. you remember woods
10:52 pm
consecutively won four matches over two calendar years. the clubs went up on e-bay last night. the washington redskins are making good use of the off- season. players hosted more than 100 high school students at fed ex field. they're hoping to discourage the athletes from using performance enhancing drugs. dave ross has the story. >> reporter: there are no playbooks to be found at fed ex field today but rather workbooks for area high school athletes. >> we'll see if we can get a hundred percent. >> reporter: they have implemented the atlas and at then that practice -- athena program. atlas targets boys while athena is aimed toward the girls. it encouraging healthy nutrition and exercise programs. >> it taught me if i study hard and work real good, i'll become a better athlete than i am right now. >> i think it's good for girls to know because a lot of girls
10:53 pm
are saying it's easy and you can eat whatever you want at this age but learning this is helpful. >> reporter: redskins fullback mike sellers and offensive lineman edwin williams joined the students to discuss the perils of steroid use and the dangers they pose at all levels. >> i'm not perfect but i can see from experience and let you know it's not worth it. if i can change anybody's life by telling them how bad it could be, that's my job. >> they tell you not to take steroids. >> reporter: the 125 student athletes that arrived today at fed ex field were not here to play football but rather to learn a much more important lesson about the game of life. frank knows firsthand the dangers of high school steroid abuse and feels these programs could have helped save his son's life. >> he just thought that steroids back then was a cool thing and it was a ticket to the n.f.l. if he would have taken this program, we would have found out that's not true and wee have found out that there are
10:54 pm
other ways. >> it's not like a movie, you know. this is real life consequences, you know. steroids are true and they have real life factors. they can really affect your body and your family. >> reporter: at fed ex field, dave ross, fox 5 sports. coming up next on the news edge at 11:00, the standout student athlete murdered at a virginia university. how the campus is trying to cope with the tragedy. plus, major changes might be coming to four d.c. streets. find out why some are worried traffic could be made even worse. the news edge next.
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10:57 pm
hollywood is mourn be the death of actress lynn redgrave. she died in manhattan after a seven-year battle with breast cancer. there is video of her performing in a one-woman show at ford's theater in 1994.
10:58 pm
the 67-year-old died at home with her children. she was a member of the redgrave acting dynasty. her death comes a year after her niece natasha richardson died from a skiing accident. it's the end of the line for the most rivetting 24 hours on television. jack bauer and the cast of "24" will wrap up the final season, at least on the small screen. we have a sneak peek at the highly anticipated farewell. >> you're not thinking clearly. >> right now i'm the only one who is. >> reporter: the clock has officially stopped for the cast and crew of "24" and during the wrap party, kiefer sutherland expressed mixed emotions. >> it's bittersweet. i think on our last day, the crew was very, very funny and there was a real sense of accomplishment. but when we went to shoot the last shot, it got very sad. >> reporter: on screen few survive working closely with jack bauer but mary lynn is the exception to the rule and chloe isn't finished yet. >> are you threatening me?
10:59 pm
>> i don't know if it's her time to stop the clock from my perspective. i mean, i'm okay with it. i think it's definitely had a long run but there's a part of me that thinks it's gone this long, why not keep it going. >> reporter: two of this season's high profile casualties say dead or not the experience was well worth it. >> why should anybody be sad. every great thing has to come to an end and especially when a big thing comes to an end -- [ indiscernible ] they want to see more and you say okay, done. >> groundbreaking, iconic. i don't think there will ever be anything quite like it. >> reporter: the series may be in its final hours, but don't worry. kiefer says the "24" movie is alive and well. >> it's not a rush but we do have a screenplay we are working on and as soon as we have a production schedule, i will let you know. >> i feel a lot better knowing you were on the job. >>


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