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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  May 23, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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a teenage bicyclist is killed. a driver of an suv ott of control hitting him. then as investigators search for clues after a deadly plane crash in india, survivors are speaking out. then caught on camera, sarah ferguson, duchess of york, selling access to her ex prince andrew. we'll have more coming up. good morning and welcome to fox 5 morning news sunday. i'm sarah simmons.
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>> and i'm melanie alnwick. we were just discussing a lot of the rain came down last night. >> maybe that woke you up. and gwen tolbert is down in the weather center. it will stick around, is that right? >> it is, sarah. into the beginning of the week at least. so keep the umbrella handy unfortunately. and we started to see those storms picking up quite a bit last night as we were just getting into the 10:00 show which went on close to between 10:00 and 11:00 and the storms were starting to pick up across areas of the west. let's look at true view because we have the showers all night. this is a weak system associated with a low pressure system moving to the south across our area. but all of the rainfall stretches down, moving from south of new york into philadelphia, all the way to our area, the tail end of it producing some showers into georgia. let's take a closer look with our fox 5 live doppler radar and show you our neighbors
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where you can see we have a couple of heavier spots of rainfall in through leesberg and last night there was more than that. but we do expect this to change and pick up into the course of the day. to our maps now. we do have a fog advisory. one quarter mile visibility or less and that's for the shenandoah valley and includes front royal and charlottesville and harrisberg. and that's until 10:00. into the 60s everywhere. and our high today at about 74 degrees. expect to see some thunderstorms this afternoon. more details later. back to you. thank you, gwen. despite the weather, crews are hoping to open the chain bridge tomorrow. it closed on friday and will not open until 6:30 monday morning. the 71-year-old bridge is being renovated. crews are hoping to finish the deck repairs this weekend.
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and good news for beltway drivers. the construction project west of telegraph was finished ahead of schedule. at one point traffic was only getting through on one lane. but everything is expected to be back open today. a crash in fairfax now has high school students struggling to cup with a loss. kidley -- abdelouhid chadli was hit by a car. his friends came to the scene of the crash. we talked to the girl who was him when the crash happened. >> reporter: at the site of the accident, friends of abdelouhid chadli arrive. one girl was with him when it happened. >> we both heard a big boom and we looked behind and it was
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coming at him. >> i moved out of the way. and i turned to the right and it hits him straight on. it was an immediate death. >> reporter: abduhl was a senior at fairfax high school. he was well-known for his smile and the ability to make others feel better. >> he would do crazy stuff sometimes. >> reporter: he excelled on the wrestling mat. his coach spoke about him, saying his skills were well beyond the training he had. >> he's very good on his feet with take-downs and just had a nonstop attack. he would go six minutes nonstop, leave everything out on the matt and there were times when he could barely walk off the mat, that's how tired he was. >> reporter: as friends try to cope with the loss, a full investigation is under way. at this point they aren't sure what caused the driver to make that fatal move. matt acland, fox 5 news. >> and the driver of the suv is
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31 gary thorne of manassas was also killed in the accident. an autopsy is being conducted to find out if a medical condition may have contributed to it. survivors of a plane crash in india are beginning to tell their stories. they managed to escape the mangled jet just before it burst into flames. they will help investigators piece things together. but right now there are not many clues. >> reporter: disaster in southern india after an air india jet over shot a runway and crashed into a ravine. the plane broke into two. emergency crews struggled to reach the crash site in the hilly area. close to 160 people are dead, most of them charred beyond recognition and some with seat belts still strapped on. there were only a handful of lucky survivors like this one. >> i jumped out from the smoke. there was another passenger
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before me trying to jump so i pushed him out. he gotten tangled in the cable. in the process of helping him out i burnt my face and hands. >> reporter: both the pilot and co-pilot did not report any problems before trying to land. all of the passengers were indian nationals, many returning from jobs in the persian gulf. the airport is on a streep -- steep hill. the secretary of india's civil aviation dismissed the dangerous situations. >> i would like to emphasize from 2006 there have been over 32,000 landings in this runway. so now i don't think it is fair to make this assumption unless we have other evidence. >> reporter: officials from boeing and the national transportation safety board are
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heading to india to help in the investigation. molly henenberg, fox news. >> and updated numbers. officials say 158 people are dead, eight survived the crash and all of them are still in the hospital. well the mothers of three american hikers held in an iranian jail are back on u.s. soil but without their children. the women say they are grateful for the visit but extremely disappointed to have come home alone. they traveled to tehran hoping to get leaders to release the hikers. the three were arrested when they crossed into iran from iraq and have been in prison for ten months. the mothers say their children have become the victims of politics. to afghanistan where the taliban is claiming responsibility for a nighttime assault on nato's biggest base in the country. insurgents tried to storm kandahar airport. it is the second such attack on
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a military base this week. sever civilians -- several civilians were injured. and their up coming service was told many would be called into harm's way in iraq and afghanistan. anger and frustration over the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. bp said they can't seal the gushing well until next week. but there is a new idea that could clean up both the oil and water and environment too. >> reporter: under increasing pressure to find a way to stop the spewing oil well in the gulf, bp now said it won't have its plan ready to go until tuesday at the earlier. >> we just have to remember this is all being done at a depth of 5,000 feet and it's never been done at these depths before. >> reporter: the company will try what is called a top kill by shooting mud into the gushing well hoping to clog it
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and stop the flow of crude oil. meanwhile oil hathe beaches and marshes of lousiana. governor bobby jindal's frustration is palpable. he wants the federal government to give permission for a emergency permit to build barriers around the coast and for bp to hire more workers to help clean up. >> the day we feared is upon us. the heavy oil has made landfall. we have to fight this away from our wetlands. >> reporter: with many ideas on how to clean up the spill, this scientist said he has the answer. >> something edible. >> reporter: a food additive that soaks up the oil. >> and it will absorb the hydrocarbons and release it back into the water and then after you take this, you can recycle it. >> reporter: some coast guard officials say they too are
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frustrated and admit they need to press bp harder for a quicker response to the oil spill. in venice, lousiana, jonathan seare, fox news. >> government officials and environmental expect experts -- experts say it might be impossible to get it out of the marsh lands. they have considered setting the wet lands on fire or flooding it to wash out all of the oil. well new this morning, sarah ferguson the duchess of york caught on camera selling access to ex prince andrew. britain's news of the world released the video this morning. >> [ inaudible ] >> on the tape she asked an undercover reporter for a
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$40,000 cash down payment for a introduction to the prince. and she asked for a fee to be wired into her bank account. the duchess claims to have discussed it with her former husband. buckingham palace has declined comment. and more controversy out of arizona. >> the state is removing teachers from classrooms if they don't speak perfect english. the details coming up next. then ambien is supposed to help you get a good night's sleep. but some say it has landed them behind bars. here is their warning when we come back. 
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. more controversy breaking out in arizona. evaluators are being sent out to audit teachers. if they are not fluent or have a heavy acseptember, they are reassigned. some teachers in the 236
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districts have been cited for fluency. >> you expect science teachers to know science or math teachers to know math. you expect the teachers teaching english to know english. >> they say it has nothing to do with the immigration bill passed. in ted -- it is trying to make sure everyone is following state laws. it is estimates 70 million americans suffer from sleep disorder. >> and many turn to prescription drugs. but controversy is coming up over a sleeping aid. we have the story you will only see on fox. >> reporter: brian is celebrating a new life as he holds his god son for the very first time. >> he just smiled all of the time. and he all had a positive attitude. >> but one month later the successful young business man was dead. >> he walked up the inside staircase and then he just walked off the end of the
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building. >> reporter: his father said he had been taking ambien to help him sleep. >> he had so much life in him and so much life ahead of him. it was just snuffed out. it ended out flat on the roof of a building. >> reporter: three nights after this mother of six started taking ambien, she found herself in handcuffs charged with a dui and hit-and-run for hitting this hydrant in a stooper. >> the next thing i remember i'm coming home from the police station. >> reporter: and this pilot spun out of control. >> he started screaming for his wife and they handcuffed him and held him down. >> reporter: they are all called ambien zombies. >> it was horrific to see people walking around like night of the living dead.
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>> reporter: this attorney filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of ambien users. she agreed to withdraw it because the fda ordered stronger warning labels. she's now writing a book about ambien. >> it ruins people's lives. >> reporter: i took ambien. this is a good one. >> reporter: here on you tube some users chronicle strange behavior. >> so you sleep, eat and drive without remembering you did it. this is something i have to try. >> reporter: in this you tube video a man seen getting a dui while on ambien, the sleep aid also made tabloid headlines linked to heath ledger, tiger woods, patrick kennedy and jack nicholson who has said he almost drove off a cliff in a
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ambien stooper. and many don't report any negative side effects, even the company that makes it says it's not for everyone. the french drug company that makes ambien said they are committed to patient health and safety and treat the matters with the highest importance. still they acknowledge that behaviors like driving or sleep walking while not fully awake may occur and that alcohol may increase the likelihood of those behaviors. >> reporter: although linda fuller said she was charged with dui. >> they should have taken me to the hospital not to jail. >> she was a victim of ambien. >> were one nation under sedation. >> reporter: david believes he has a better idea. he's the program director for the sleep recovery centers
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which treat insomniacs with neurofeedback instead of pills. >> we have a process that allow people to get off the medications but still be able to maintain a better quality sleep than when they were on them. >> reporter: irene turned to feedback after bottoming out. >> i felt submerged below water. like i couldn't really get up. >> reporter: now she's getting relief. >> i sleep through the night. >> reporter: and dr. david do you knowin, the medical director of the sleep centers, said neurofeedback helps two- thirds of his sleep deprived patients by training the brain to run more efficiently. >> there is nothing more holistic than the brain returning to optimal function without having to ingest anything external. >> reporter: john hopes doctors are slower to dole out ambien. and he said tougher warnings on the label won't make things
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right. >> how many more lives have to be so dramatically effected before something is done? >> reporter: phil shoeman, fox news. >> now linda fuller was not not guilty on both her dui charges. but james crawford was found guilty of interfering with a flight attendant. >> you can find more on under the news tab. parents push fruits and veggies on their kids but those foods could be making them sick. we'll look at a possible connection between pesticides and adhd. the big slot facility in charlestown west virginia goes bigger. this will be a full-blown casino. we'll have a preview. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens willmsburg,
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and power max bleach to blast away hard to remove stains. so powerful you won't need to pre rinse for 12 washes. new quantumatic. only from finish. the diamond standard. get a $3 off coupon at welcome back, everyone. we have some bad news for teen- agers looking for beach jobs in
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delaware. there is some stiff competition this year. high unemployment rates are causing many to fight for summer jobs. the county's unemployment rate was highest at 8.8%. charlestown west virginia is doubling down, upping the ante on ways to win. gambling will be legal and as john henrehan means, that could mean a win-win for visitors and for people who need jobs. >> reporter: this is the present in charlestown, west virginia. slot machines. 5,000 of them. and this is the future in charlestown. full blown casino gambling is coming here on july 1st thanks to a refer end um approved by local voters who want jobs. in 2009 as a slotted parlor the
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facility paid $257 million in taxes to west virginia coffers. the take and the taxes are expected to be significantly larger when people can play blackjack, poker, roulette and shoot craps here. training classes for dealers started here in february. retired new jersey policeman joseph montez has a good pension so why become a dealer in a casino? >> to have fun. i'm a people person. and what a good place to meet people. >> reporter: but most of the trainees have been hit hard by the recession and have been out of work for a long time. jenny worked for 18 years for citi corp and has been out of work for a year. >> there is not a lot out there. >> reporter: how hard did you look? >> at least two job contacts a week and there is nothing out there. >> reporter: casino dealing is harder than expected to be.
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>> it's like you're performing. you're putting on a show for your customers. so you have a lot going on all at the same time, trying to be accurate and pleasant. >> you can do it? >> we're working on it. that's why we're in here on saturday. >> reporter: general manager estimates with tips the dealers will probably make about $45,000 a year and in tough economic times in west virginia, that's good money. in charlestown, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> and on july 1st charlestown races and slots will change it's name to the hollywood casino at charlestown races. those people have to go where the jobs are. >> we wish them luck. a warning for drivers in harold. we'll let you maryland and where speed tickets. we'll find out how long the rain will stick around for us. we'll be right back. 
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former alaska governor and vice presidental hopeful sarah palin brought republicans to their feet in denver criticizing ruling democrats. including president obama. she said he coddles our enemies. and fox news sunday weighing in on the semi super tuesday primaries. chris joins us with a preview. >> good morning, melanie. >> and we had many voted out. are there any trends in the making here? >> i think to the degree there is a trend it is anger at the political establishment because as you say in kentucky, the candidate supported by mitch mcconnell, by the party establishment was drubbed by
8:31 am
the tea party. and you had arlen specter, 30 years in the u.s. senate seat there, drubbed by a more liberal alternative, joe sestak. and i think you've seen this over and over again that there is an anti-incumbent feeling. many don't like what is going on here in washington and throw the bums out. >> you want to call them all bums? we're just joking here. and we see good signs, including what chairman tim kaine said is a corrosive civil car going on in g.o.p. and if sarah palin comes and campaigns, they think it's a good thing? >> i think what they believe, and you can argue this, is that palin and the tea party are going to end up getting more conservative people, people further to the right nominated as the republican nominee in
8:32 am
various races like rand paul in kentucky and they'll have a harder time when they have to face the whole electorate in november. and on the other hand they say there is a civil war going on in the democrat party. in pennsylvania, the democrat beat the republican but he won by running against the obama agenda. he ran against health care, against cap on trade, against abortion and gun control. so there are splits in both parties. this is a strange political year. and i think what you see is just a lot of anger. >> and you'll have on tim kaine and michael steel. and i want to get to your power player of the week. i find this interesting. jenny thomas founder of liberty central, the wife of clarence thomas. is it odd for the wife of a sitting supreme court justice
8:33 am
to be so political? >> she has limited government, anti-spending and taxes and we do talk to her. she's our power player of the week. and it raises questions because it's perfectly ethical and there are other couples like this, ed rendel, the very political democratic governor of pennsylvania, is married to a federal judge. nobody said boo about that. but it raises questions when she's so far on one side of the political debate about her husband's ability to judge impartially some of the issues that come up. we'll talk to her about all of that along with sarah palin, tim kaine and michael steel at the top of the hour. >> very interesting. thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> and you can catch fox news sunday at 9:00 a.m. right after our show. if you are just waking up this morning, you might just want to crawl back into bed. >> it's a good day to stay in bed. >> gwen tolbert is here to tell us from the weather center whether or not this will stick around for a while. i'm afraid it will. >> you are right. it will stick around for a little while. so you'll have to contend with it. but let's take a look at true
8:34 am
view and show what you is happening. this is a weak system but it is producing precipitation through pennsylvania and areas of new york and the tail end of it producing in georgia. there is lightning there in the carolinas. but as we look at our fox 5 live doppler radar and you can see the district seems to be surrounded by it. very light rainfall right now. there are pockets of heavier rainfall to the south of gaithersburg. you'll see some. there is also some over across areas of the eastern shore. but we're talking about a chance of isolated thunderstorms into the course of this afternoon. two our maps now, because all of this has produced some fog, we have a fog advisory for the shenandoah valley and central portions of virginia into the foothills so important royal, charlottes burg. about a quarter mile of visibility into 10:00 this morning. we'll see temperatures into the low 70s today. right now 68 degrees at national. 66 at dulles and 67 at
8:35 am
baltimore. but our daytime high about 74 degrees. by this afternoon we're going to be sut up for a chance of -- set up for a chance of isolated thunderstorms. we had a fair amount last night. so be prepared if you're planning anything outdoors. and i'll let you know when the sun will make an appearance again later on. back to you. >> with the rain and fog, be careful on the roads. well a heads up for drivers if bowie. the 30 day warning period is now over. that means those speed cameras set up last month near north view elementary school are now issuing tickets. drivers caught going 12 miles over the posted limit between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. face $40 fines. bowie police say drivers can expect more cameras in school zones in the coming months as well. in virginia the goal is to teach teens about safety during prom season. seven law enforcement agencies are teaming up to saturate the streets and make sure teens
8:36 am
don't drive drink. it's a first of its kind effort. police officers say kids recent the attention but they have seen the messages on the internet. >> i notice there were comments about how the officers are trying to ruin prom season and things of that nature and that is the exact opposite. we're trying to ensure that these kids have a successful prom, they have a great time, but consuming alcohol and operating a motor vehicle is not the way we want them to do it. >> now police will be enforcing other traffic laws and on the lookout for criminal activity. and up next, is there a connection between pesticides and children with adhd? we'll take a closer look. and then tomorrow on fox 5 morning news we'll look at new technology that lets you watch tv on your phone. that's at 6:40. then at 7:30 we'll look at a
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court case catching attention. the man behind who killed robert wone. and then financial regulation 101 and find out what the reform could mean for you and your money. and then at 9:30 a list of the top five jobs of the future. we'll have all of that coming up tomorrow on fox 5 morning news. always a great way to start your day. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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welcome back. now to a story every parent needs to hear. could there be a link between the foods your children need and attention -- your children he'd and attention deficit disorder. >> there is a possibility that has many parents concerned. maureen umeh has the story. >> food time and choices are hard to come up with. >> reporter: these days most fruits and vegetables are
8:41 am
organic. that's because her children have adhd. it's a condition they are mom believes partly genetic but also dietary. >> i wouldn't be surprised if it's connected to a behavioral issue. >> reporter: it has been linked with exposure to common pesticides on fruits and vegetables. >> i think it's a wake-call for us. >> reporter: this doctor is an authority on adhd. >> we want parents to realize that pesticides have resulted in problems in brain development for years now. >> reporter: she said the affects of organic phosphates has been a concern for years. >> since this is on fruits and vegetables and cereal grains before they are processes, parents should try to eat organic as much as possiblism the exact cause of the adhd are unclear. some say more study needs to be done. crop life america said more research is certainly needed. the company that deals with
8:42 am
solutions for agriculture and pest management in the u.s. says the class of crop protection compound that the subject of this study has been registered by the epa and when used according to the label, the epa has determined it to be safe. >> every time something comes into consideration you evaluate it and make the best choices for your family. >> reporter: choices she hopes make the difference. fox 5 news. we are live in alexandria with a special event taking place today. >> and we know it's an outdoor event which means they might get rained on. >> definitely. it seems like the district is surrounded by the wet weather right now. let's take a look at our fox 5 dopplar radar. the rain is sticking around and i'll look at the details as we move into the beginning of the week. keep your eye to the sky. i'll have the details after the break. 
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well if you can believe this, winter is still hanging on in some parts of the country. those are not piles of dirt, folks. they are piles of snow. this is the site where the city of sioux falls dumped the snow over the winter. city workers have placed bets on when it will melt. probably not until the next snowfall. >> and they haven't had a lot of warm weather or sunshine there at all. but it's dirty, it looks like dirt. >> it doesn't look like snow. >> so much for the white wintertime postcards. well we have the rain for today. keep your umbrellas handy. and do be careful, we have patchy fog out there as well. here is a shot of downtown d.c. and some of you downtown might just be seeing some clouds, maybe a little bit of a mist and a little bit of a drizzle.
8:47 am
but right now, we do have some areas that do have a little bit more steady rainfall and some pockets of heavier rainfall as well. so let's begin with a look at true view. we'll show you the big picture with the system. it's a very weak system but last night it really kicked up some storms across our area. and we even had, in madison county, a flash flood warning where they got 3 inches of rain in a 90-minute period. and this has be very slow moving through. so here we have wet weather stretching from new york. and the tail end of it producing wet weather into georgia and lightning into through parts of the carolinas. this is going to gradually wain off during the day and then we have an stability this afternoon. and some thunderstorms could pop up. so we'll look at live doppler radar for you. and things seem to be surrounding the district but just a little bit of a shower
8:48 am
here. pockets south of gaithersburg and in leesberg more heavier rainfall through here. not all of you getting rain. it's not a total washout for the day but if you are planning anything outside you will have to pay attention because thunderstorms possible in the later part of the afternoon hours. to areas of the west, fog advisories, areas of central virginia. a quarter mile visibility in effect until 10:00 this morning. and even in the overnight hours tonight we could see some patchy fog. so it will be ub settled -- unsettled into the early part of the week until we get back to improved weather and that means sunshine for you. temperatures will rise as well. by the end of the week we'll be heading into the low 80s. so it will be warming up across the region. but right now temperatures are into the 60s pretty much everywhere. but here is a look at yesterday's highs. temperatures yesterday were right at the seasonal mark to about a degree or two off.
8:49 am
not bad at all. so right now 68 in d.c. we have 64 in manassas. 68 in frederick. 59 up the mid-atlantic for new york city and 55 in boston. but look at richmond, they are 70 degrees already this hour. warmer air well to the south. they were into the 90s down here yesterday. this is what we're going to get moving our way as we head into the later part of the week. we're going to get this southerly flow and that will boost our temperatures and we'll see a big difference from where we have been. so low pressure system will slide through to the south, chance of those storms into the course of this afternoon and into this evening. so once again be prepared if you are going out. ridge of high pressure behind all of this so if we move through into about tuesday through thursday, we'll get a benefit of that. that will hold us up stead for some sunshine. and then we have to keep an eye on a back door frontal system moving through and a coastal system off the carolinas but the ridge of high pressure could keep the coastal low at bay for us. so shower this is morning, some fog. isolated thunderstorms into the course of the afternoon.
8:50 am
a high of 74 degrees. isolated storms for this evening as well but overnight we're talking showers and some fog. 63 degrees for your overnight low. here is a look at your five-day forecast. a few clouds moving into the beginning of tuesday because monday is a rain day. your commute definitely affected. showers off and on. and then the sunshine showing up later in the week and into the 80s. so great weather to enjoy it by the time we hit that. >> and i'm looking at the calendar and i can't believe that memorial day is just around the corner. >> yes. so we have to keep our fingers crossed for that weekend too. >> let's hope it will be warm and sunny because it's almost barbecue time. well the battle of the beltway. orioles and nats. one of them a inside-the-park home run by adam jones. and with that the nats tie it up 1-1. game three today at
8:51 am
1:30. now to a baseball player defying the odds. meet 12-year-old brady smith. the only vision he has is his peripheral vision in his right eye but he's not letting it strike him out of the game. just like his father, a former minor league player, baseball is his passion. >> the kid is just amazing. he can pitch with pinpoint accuracy. we don't know where it's coming from. >> i keep saying i can do it. it's in the blood. >> doctors, coaches and even braid himself can't explain how he strikes out player after pray player -- player. he will play on an all-star team this summer. when cancer strike it's can be devastating. especially when children are the patients. today a family is remembering their son and helping other families as well. joining us now is mattie brown's father peter. thank you for talking with us today. >> good morning. >> just about everyone knows
8:52 am
someone's life who has been touched by cancer but you know when it is your own child who has barely had a chance at life it's very devastating. mattie passed away last fall. talk about your journey and how it led you to start this foundation? >> well he was diagnosed in july of 2008 with a disease called osteo sarc coma. and he was the perfect picture of health after that. he had a x-ray and there was a tumor and so he went through 11 months of chemotherapy and preplace some of his bones and my wife and i lived in the hospital with him and went through the journey and we lost the battle. >> and our hearts do go out to you, but what you are doing is wonderful. how will this walk help support families? what are the issues that you
8:53 am
face when you go through this? >> very good question. 40,000 children a year are struggling with pediatric cancer. 46 a day are diagnosed. that's almost two classrooms full of children and four die from it. and it's the majority from diseases. and adult cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, get treatment and funding, those diseases are different than the pediatric cancers. so as you go through the process of a child that is healthy and is struck down with this cancer, your whole world stops. and it's an emotional rollercoaster, you have a single focus and priority of trying to get the best care for your child. and one thing that vicki and i strugged with was trying to get -- struggled with were benefits. we saw a lot of opportunities to try to improve that and we want to try to make a difference because no child, no mother, no father, no brother, no stamly member or school mate should have to watch a child go through this. >> and you should not have to
8:54 am
go through it alone either. talk a little bit about this walk. i found it interesting that your guest speaker over came pediatric cancer and has an incredible story to tell. he climbed mount everett? >> yes. he's the only cancer survivor to climb. and he's going to be our guest speaker this afternoon. he's gone on to climb seven summits which is the highest mountains in each of the con innocent -- continents in the world. and we want to thank joan holden who is head of school for once again sponsoring the event. they have a motto, once a saint always a saint and they live by that motto. we'll have a climbing wall and arts and crafts for the kids and it's a family focus event and it should be a good time. i know we're going to get some showers. i'm hoping no thunder or
8:55 am
lightning and i'm expecting the sun to come out here. >> we'll talk to gwen about that. >> i appreciate that. >> and talk about some of the things you have going on. some inside activities if it is going to be raining. >> a whole series of tents will be set up and there will be arts and crafts for a variety of children ages. the climbing wall is portable and we can move it. it's a 26-foot tall climbing wall which in my book is very high. and it should be a good time. we also have a foundation tent which will talk about pediatric cancer awareness as well as the activities of the foundation. there will be food and vendors, a raffle of great prizes. >> and this is something you're getting off the ground and getting the foundation going. what is your mission and what would you like people out there knowing that are watching today how they can help? >> excellent question. the many miracle foundation
8:56 am
mission is to raise awareness about pediatric cancers in general and help provide suppose for the -- support for the children and parents. there is a number of legislation in congress. the most recent round through appropriations only got $4 million and we're hoping that joe sestak from pennsylvania and chris van holland from maryland can get the support so people can reach out. we have a petition that people can sign to hold the administration -- this administration and the congressional body accountable for their actions in the sense of supporting pediatric sconcer. you can find it out on website at and there is information out there. >> peter brown, thank you for talking with us and sharing your story. we do appreciate it. and the walk is from 1:00 to
8:57 am
4:00 at the st. stevens agnes campus in upper virginia. thank you. >> what a wonderful event. hopefully the rain will hold off. maybe they can get walks in between the rain > up next we'l to a young michael jackson impersonator. you're going to want to see this. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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