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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  May 23, 2010 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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this is geico sports xtra. hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman. thanks for watching geico sports xtra. ahead on the show a teenage golfer takes dallas by storm and come come donovan mcnabb has the last
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word for philly. josh willingham's mother's day homer was the difference. today more dramatic. this is what you wear if you absolutely cannot choose between the nats and the o's. bottom of the first, nats trail 1-0. roger bernardino with two outs. adam jones leaps at the wall but can't hold on. three runs score on the bernardino triple. the nats took a 3-1 lead. now top of the 6th. still 3-1. drew storn in for lannon. storn strikes out luke scott. goes 1 and 2/3 scoreless innings. top of the 9th the orioles trail 3-2. julio lugo off matt caps. it falls allowing adam jones
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to score. tied at 3-3. bottom of the 10th. clay meredith faces josh willingham and hammer wins the battle. a fly to deep left centerfield. willingham's eighth of the year. it was so dramatic the lights went out everywhere. the nationals beat the orioles 4-3. lindsay murphy was at the game and hopefully with the lights on filed this report. >> reporter: the nationals just got done playing 20 games over a span of 20 days. and have come out with a 10-10 record. they will get a much need day off before heading out on an 8 high day west coast road swing. they do it with momentum after willingham's home run. >> 4-3 nationals. >> that's what you dream about when you're a kid, so you know when you're up at the plate you can't be trying to do that or it doesn't
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usually h i was trying to get a good pitch and hit hard. >> we relish this one. with an off day tomorrow. we've had 20 straight. we had a rain out in there but 20 straight on the schedule trying to get to this point. >> we had ups and downs during this swing and it's just you can see our team comradery. we all come together. it's one big unit and you can see something special is brewing. >> going into a big road trip you always want to win a game like this and hopefully you can carry the emotion into the road trip. >> reporter: they will return to the nats park june 4th. that's when they believe steven strauss berg will make his major league debut. lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. thanks. when we return donovan mcnabb felt the need to issue an apology. to whom and why when we continue. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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redskins need to get used to the abbreviation, ota. organized team activities. they'll have ten more before mandatory camp in june. donovan mcnabb and company participated in the first three ota's this week. mcnabb continues to earn rave reviews for his leadership skills from the coaches and his new teammates. mcnabb made news when he went on a philly radio station and apologized for failing to lead the eagles to a super bowl title during his
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11-year run there. what compelled the new redskins quarterback to do such a thing? >> i think people at times tend to forget how passionate a player may be. when you do all you can and you're not able to bring that prize or something you worked hard to get to a city that truly loved what you do and how you go about it and it was just from my heart, just came out and expressed and hopefully people took it to heart. >> reporter: how about that? the guy apologizing to the fans. two years ago the celtics and lakers met in the nba finals for the 11th time. they're on a collision course this year. last night the celtics took a 3-game lead to none over the magic. tonight the lakers looking to do the same against the sundays. early 4th, all even at 86. amare stoudemire makes a nice move. see you later.
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he had a game high 42, stoudemire did. mid-4th lakers down 3 and a bad pass, kobe bryant saves it, gets it back. national finds jason richardson -- nash finds jason richardson, the sun takes it 1. . second period sharks 1-0 and they're down a man. third period, tied 22. byfuglien scored the game winner. they beat the sharks 4-2. blackhawks punch its ticket to the stanley cup the first time in 18 years. stoney brook trail. stoney brook fans are thinking maybe we got an up
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state going. tied at 8-8 but virginia holds on. colin briggs scores the game winning goal. the cavs advance to the semis where they will face duke. first round of the french open, venus williams in search of a title. venus needed a fourth match point but wins in straight stets 6-3, 6-3 to improve her record to 27-4. younger sister serena won the australian open earlier in the year and is ranked the number one seed. tonight's geico 15 minutes of fame takes us back to nationals park. rookie reliever drew storn batted for the first time since high school. bottom of the 6th delivers an opposite field base hit off kevin millwood for his first major league hit and did it wearing the bat boy's
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helmet. storn a threat on the mound and the plate. earning tonight's geico 15 minutes of fame. when we come back, a dallas teenager playing out the weekend at the byron nelson championship. 
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this is geico sports xtra. byron nelson golf, 16-year-old high school schooler jordan speeth became the first high schooler to make the cut. he sank the birdie putt, shot a 72, finished 4 under tied for 16th. 22-year-old jason day entered the final round with a 2-shot lead. his approach to 12 set up a short birdie. that's worth a fist bump. he makes fort worth his home. 18, sinks the bogie and wins with the byron nelson championship by two strokes. his first pga tour win, worth $1.7 million. the mistakes fall to the connecticut sun 80-65. steven strasburg will make his fourth start with aaa syracuse tomorrow night and tomorrow night at 10:00
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we'll have a special behind the scenes look at pardon the interruption with tony kornheiser. i'm dave feldman. have a great night. see you tomorrow.


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