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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 24, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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hollywood. the husband of britney murphy dies in the same house where the actress died just months ago. plus it's the murder that rocked dupont circle. as robert wone case goes back to the courtroom for another week. we're looking at the case from one of the people from the website and if you encountered delays on chain bridge, the construction project has been delayed because of the rain. that caused problems for restriping of the roadway and that means traffic on chain bridge will be one lane each way this morning. that project will likely run through the middle of this week. you can expect more delays for a few more days before they get that finished. thanks for being with us on this monday morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> not the news you wanted to hear if you go that way.
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good morning, i'm allison seymour. we're going to check in with julie on the latest on traffic in a few minutes. but first let's check in with tony perkins. happy monday, sir. >> happy monday, everybody. our weather fits a monday morning. it's gray outside. rather warm. we have misty conditions across the region. let's look at hd radar. there is shower activity off to the west of the district. around great falls, reston, portions of route 7, stirling toward herndon where we are seeing light rain this morning and this is the way the morning will go. we'll see showers pop up here and there for the most part early this morning, all of the shower activity has been to the west of the district. satellite radar, we have some clouds. some fog. it is dense in areas out to the east primarily, across some portions of southern maryland where we are seeing the
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thickest fog. here is a look at the current teams around the region. we're in the 60s. humidity is up there too so it's a muggy start to the day. 67 in the district. 65 in baltimore. 65 in winchester. ocean city is at 60 degrees at this hour. your forecast for today, mostly cloudy skies, scattered showers here and there and a high in town of about 74 degrees. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now a look at what is happening with traffic. for that we go to julie wright. starting along 270 leaving germantown toward mva. heavy and steady volume for those continuing southbound past 118 toward montgomery village. below speed into rockville and back on to the brakes at montrose. the beltway is jammed up badly leaving 95 all the way around to 270. two separate accidents, one near connecticut and the other
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before you reach 270. both cleared to the shoulder according to state police so lanes are open once again. traveling in virginia, 395 leaving duke street to seminary road. lanes are up, looking for the backup at beltway. and chain bridge open one lane in each direction so expect bailout traffic on the gw parkway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the coast coded in crude and still no solution in sight. each day the spill grows and so does anger at the white house and b.p. >> and b.p. said they will try to again patch up the well tomorrow. but bobby jindal is saying too little, too late. craig boswell has the latest. >> reporter: too little, too late. that's a sentiment from a number of people from texas to florida.
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we expect the president to fly over the area today. ken salazar has threatened to push bp aside if they can't get the job done. and every day there is a new layer of frustration and anger here. >> it's already in the marsh. this is oil. >> reporter: oil has reached the marshes of lousiana. the governor said he's tired of waiting around. >> the day we appeared is upon us. the heavy oil has made landfall. we have to get this oil away from the wetlands. >> the smell is horrible. you can smell the raw oil. >> reporter: more than a month after the explosion, bp is still trying to cap the well. this week they will try to force a top kill. and if that doesn't work, they'll try plugging it with rubber and other substances. >> you can see it's an inch thick. it's like peanut butter or fudge. it's just globbed of it.
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glob -- globs of it. >> reporter: pelicans are covered in ooze. >> it's everything. >> reporter: many are frustrated. >> every day we're not given approval on the emergency permit to create more sand booms is another day where the choice is made for us as more miles of our shore are hit by oil. >> reporter: about 65 miles so far, according to governor bobby jindal there. you just saw in that piece. bp said it will be tuesday until they begin to cap the well. and this oil continues to spread into the marshes and wildlife habitat. back to you. >> thank you. as the crisis grips the coast, politicians are pointing fingers. sarah palin and robert gibbs traded jabs as palin suggested president obama was too cozy with oil companies.
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>> i don't know why the question isn't asked by the mainstream media if there is any connection with the contributions made between the president obama to his administration and the support by the oil companies to the obama administration. >> sarah palin wasn't paying a whole lot of attention. i'm almost sure that the oil companies don't consider the obama administration a huge ally. but my suggestion to sarah palin would be to get slightly more informed as to what is going on in and around oil drilling in this country. >> according to the center for responsive politics, bp and employees gave more than $3.5 million to federal candidates over the last years with the largest chunk going to obama. but during the '08 race they donated more than twice as much to the palin-mccain campaign. more residents are finding evidence of the spill in their yards and we'll talk with them in the next hour.
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and federal officials looking into the mine explosion in west virginia. today a congressional committee will hold a hearing in that state. relatives of four of the men killed in that mine will testify along with joe mansion. investigators have not pinpointed a exact cause they say there was a dangerous build- up of methane gas in the mine. the secretary of state is now in china and blames north korea for firing a top he'da at a -- torpedo at a ship. the white house this morning is promising to support the south korea plan to take the matter to the united nations. gunfire rings out in the capital city of jamaica where a state of emergency is now in effect.
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supporters of an alleged drug lord fighting his extradition have been clashing with police in kingston and they set a police station on fire. the u.s. department of state has issued a travel alert warning of the violence. and also making headline this is morning, grief counselors on hand at fairfax county high school. >> classmates are mourning the loss of a teenager struck and killed on friday. the driver also killed in this wreck and sarah simmons is live in fairfax with more. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i was just speaking with parents a short time ago who are dropping off their kids here at fairfax high school. and one woman told me she is scheduled an appointment with a grief counselor for her son. a lot of the parents i talked to said that abdelouahid chadli, an 18-year-old, well loved by many here and well- known from everybody that i talked to, he's a standout on the wrestling team and had plans, we understand from his family, to become a veterinarian after high school, all of this though cut short this weekend.
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it was friday afternoon when this accident happened around 4:00. police are telling us that abdelouahid chadli was on a bike path when a vehicle crossed several lanes of trackic and then striking him and someone who was with him. new the suv was driven by 31- year-old gary thorne who ran into chadly, barely missing his friend who was there with him when this all happened. >> it was awful. we both heard a big boom and we looked behind us and the car was coming right at us and he yelled at me to move out of the way and so i turned to the right and the car hit the back wheel and then it hit him straight on. it was an immediate death. >> reporter: now at this point fairfax county police are doing a full investigation. an autopsy was expected this weekend on the driver to see if there was some sort of a medical condition, maybe some other factors that possibly
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could have caused this crash. they are also looking at the suv as well to see if there was any issues with that. so that's something they're looking into and we hope to have answers as this investigation concludes. we're live here at fairfax county high school, sarah simmons, fox 5 news, back to you. other top stories this morning, an investigation into the death of a 6-month-old boy in anne arundel county. this baby was found dead in a home and police believe the death is suspicious. there were no signs of trauma but the house was in disarray and the baby was with a woman who was not his mother. and another day of revealing testimony in court today as three men are accused of covering up the murder of robert wone. on friday the medical examiner testified that he bled profusely before he died in 2006 and the three men cleaned it up before calling police.
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but the defense attorneys presented three doctor's opinions that he died immediately after being stabbed in the heart. we'll talk with the editors of who murdered robert and also ahead, we're breaking down a royal scandal caught on tape. the duchess of york busted in an apparent pay for access scandal and gurvir will join us with that investigation next. plus murdered lacrosse player yeardley loved remembered on what would have been her graduation day. how her life was honored on campus. it's all coming up. [ beeping ]
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an emotional weekend for
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the university of virginia's class of 2010. before accepting their diplomas they paused to remember their classmate yeardley loved killed three weeks ago. now the university wants to change the law in her memory. roby chavez has the details. >> reporter: with cheers and hugs it was a bittersweet moment as many crosses the lawns at the university of virginia. many wore white ribbons to remember yeardley love, killed three weeks before graduation. >> yeardley love. [ applause ] >> reporter: despite the tragedy, she was awarded her degree, accepted by her cousin. >> it's aprivilege to recognize all yeardley love had accomplished at uva. >> reporter: her ex boyfriend was not at the graduation
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either. he was charged with murder. the uva president is retiring but he's behind an if effort to require the verge police department to report off campus arrests to the school. haguely was arrested previously for threatening a police officer and public intoxication. students are mixed about background checks. >> i think that's much. background checks, i don't know if that will solve the problem and sometimes it will profile. >> i feel like if someone is being violent in public, they could show the same violence in school. >> reporter: the love case has prompted the discussion but civil rights advocates caution lawmakers should move slowly. >> there appears to be a violation to one's right to privacy. students will be turned away because of a suspicion. arrests are not convictions. >> reporter: others saying knowing what to do with arrest information complications the good intentions of the proposed law. >> if someone is deemed to be a threat to the community, we
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would want to know about that. but in terms of what impact that might have on our willingness to allow them to continue to go to school here is another matter. that's going -- that would be taken on a case by case basis. >> reporter: roby chavez. >> fox 5 news. >> virginia would be the first state to require colleges and universities when a student is arrested. members of the lacrosse team were not at the sunday graduation as they were on long island for the matchup versus stony brook. the cavaliers come away with a 10-9 victory and play baltimore next weekend. the sixth appearance in the last seven years. it is 7:17 right now. it's not just muggy outside but in the studio as well. we're getting the full experience. >> our own issues in the studio. and a muggy start to the day. clouds and moisture and precipitation here and there as well. so perfect weather for a
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monday, i can say that much. take a look. we'll start with hd radar and show you where we are seeing the precipitation at this hour. and it's off to the west of the district. it is light in nature. just a little bit here and there across great falls. not moving a whole lot right now. reston, virginia, still seeing rainfall as well. most of the rest of the area is precip-free. there is a line of showers from the beltway toward severna park and that's about it. we'll keep our eyes on that throughout the course of the morning. here is a look at the national map, satellite radar as we go to the graphics, and you'll see in the nation's mid section to the north there is rainfall. stormy conditions in north dakota, portions of south dakota where they saw that tornado activity. and off the coast of the carolinas, rainfall and a storm system. current temperatures, quite warm in the eastern half of the
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nation. 73 in wichita. 70 in atlanta. we are at 67 degrees. out to the west cooler. salt lake city a cool 41 and denver at 62. your forecast, today high of about 74 degrees. that's 4 degrees below normal. a lot of clouds. showers popping up here and there. tomorrow warmer, 82 degrees. wednesday down right hot. 86 and sunny. temperatures hovering around 80 degrees for the remainder of the week, thursday and friday and into the weekend. >> i heard you say wednesday was julie wright day. >> yeah. sunday and 86. a bonus point for her. let's check in with julie. >> that's when on wednesday you go the woop-woop. >> got it. it's woop-woop wednesday. >> i like that. we have just coined something.
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i love it. on the beltway, toward college park, delays have grown beginning back before route 1 becoming west of the bw parkway toward 270, heavy slow and steady is how she rolls. two separate accidents at connecticut and the other at 355. both cleared to the shoulder so lanes are open but a slow roll here. southbound 95 jammed up from the bw parkway and from laurel to 410 with an incident on the shoulder. eastbound 66, a live shot from 7100 and from nutley street to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. now to the big story out of england this morning. duchess of york devastated at release of some undercover video. sarah ferguson is apologizing for a scam in which she agrees to sell access to her ex- husband prince andrew. and we'll agree, this is a sad
7:21 am
story on many fronts. >> she's been here in our studio and very likeable but this video is disturbing. sarah ferguson was caught on hidden camera and made a deal with a reporter who was posing as a business man. to sake a look and listen. >> 500,000 pounds when you can to me. >> for prince andrew. >> yes. >> is our deal? >> yes. then if you want to go to -- >> in that video she appears to accept $40,000 as a deposit for the deal. the 50 year duchess and her husband have remained friendly since their divorce back in 1996. in a statement she said she had financial problems but that was quote, no excuse for a serious lapse in judgment. an associate of prince andrew
7:22 am
said he can't believe that happened. >> what could she be thinking. here he doesn't know anything about it and then she's saying well give me a lot of money and i'll do this for you. i find it a bit delusional actually, as well as disgraceful. >> prince andrew served as an international british trade ambassador. the newspaper, the dush he is and bucking ham palace said they have no news of the meeting. the duchess was in los angeles last night to receive an award for her charity work. and the buckingham palace had no comment about this because she's no longer a member of the royal family. >> thank you, gurvir. police in los angeles are investigating the death of britney murphy's husband. simon monjack was pronounced dead shortly after being called
7:23 am
to his home. they found him dead in his home. that's where britney murphy died from pneumonia months ago. and they are still investigating into more than $100,000 stolen from customers of a popular restaurant chain here in d.c. and holly going ape this morning as she checks out the new high flying adventure course in rockville. that's coming up. it's 7:23 now on this monday morning. 
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diners at the cheesecake factory probably ended up with more than dessert as according to the examiner, a former worker skimmed diner's credit card numbers for a fraud ring. that started back in june of 2008 and ran through may of 2009. diner's reportedly got cheated
7:27 am
out of $117,000. investigators say that worker recruited servers and paid them $25 for each card number they stole. the debate over slot machines in the state of maryland goes to court today. a developer is suing the anne arundel county election board about a parlor in hanover. now a petition to let voters decide on a parr we'll get the latest traffic updates from julie and tony has your forecast after the break. plus it's the murder that rocked dupont circle and it is still unsolved as the robert wone murder case goes back to court for the send week. we're looking at the investigation surrounding the case of the website who murdered robert coming
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up after the break. paou
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our top story this morning. bp planning another attempt tomorrow to cap the oil leak in the gulf of mexico. but for the time being, lousiana state leaders are taking matter news their own hands. the state is working on a chain of sandbags to protect the government and governor bobby
7:31 am
jindal said the state will begin a clean up plan. ken salazar said he's not completely confident bp can stop the leak. and a quick look at what is coming up later this morning. a giant on the internet celebrating its silver anniversary. it's been 25 years from the founding of aol. from instant messages to the iconic "you've got mail" greeting. we'll look at the way we use the worldwide web. and i must say when i got my e- mail address, it's still aol. and some people are like you still have aol and then you realize how on the beginning edge or how on the cutting-edge it was because people have branched off to other things but i still have aol. you know what i mean? nobody can really understand what i'm saying? >> no, i understand. i think that's good. >> people look at you strange
7:32 am
when you do the aol thing. >> really? >> you said you don't really use it any more. >> no, it's my main one. i have other ones because i want to be cool. >> how you have? >> i have three. >> a lot of people trying to get in touch with allison. >> but now you just revealed one of the ways to get ahold of you. >> exactly. let's look at our weather conditions around the region. we'll start with hd radar. a little bit of precip out there. it's breaking up though. if you look closely, we have a little bit of a shower at great falls. activity around reston. but it is breaking up. so improving conditions out there. not that it was bad. just a couple of light showers here and there. more out to the west of leesberg and a couple of little blips here and there, just outside of the district and off to the east toward severna park. this is light rain and drizzle. reagan national was reporting light rain a short time ago. here is the big picture.
7:33 am
satellite radar, all of the activity is out to the east. winds out of the east. they are light but just enough to bring in clouds over us as there is a storm system off the coast of the carolinas bringing significant rain there. but for us just a few spritzes this morning and then a couple of showers popping up during the course of the day. current temperatures, we are in the 60s across the area. here is in washington currently our temperature is 70 degrees. let me just tell you, folks, this map is doing whatever it wants. the computer update, changes every time i come up here. it is actually 67 degrees right now in washington. let us move on and not use this map any more. here is a look at the future- cast. it's showing clouds over us now. the precipitation we have so light it's not showing. but as things progress today, later on a break in the clouds this afternoon. we're calling for mostly cloudy skies but we could get a little
7:34 am
bit of a break which would be nice, some sunshine. and tomorrow still clouds, there is still precipitation and moisture in the air and that's off to the west. and then by wednesday things clear up and it's warm and sunny. here is a look at the forecast for today. 74 degrees for the high. mostly cloudy skies. a few showers possible here and there. your five-day forecast, tomorrow still some clouds but a warmer 82. wednesday sunny and 86. thursday a few clouds move in, 78 and then more clouds work in for friday. we'll be in the low 80s. that's a look at the weather. now let's go to julie wright and look at traffic. what are you looking? >> somebody twittered me that if tony perkins said woop-woop on wednesday, they would pay $10. >> who gets the money? >> me. i'm your agent. >> that's about all my agent
7:35 am
gets, $10. all right. we'll do it. >> add in a nutty buddy. i'll throw that in for you. this is glebe road at the chain bridge. we'll been talking about it all morning and in fact all weekend. they were expected to do road maintenance. the job wasn't able to be finished because of the rain so they have yet to restripe. so right now we're looking at one lane open in each direction. this is the camera from glebe road and we have some slow downs across the bridge. it is open, only one lane in each direction. able road, heavy. and stacking up toward the cia and the potomac crossing. big delays out of greenbelt. slowing back at the bw parkway toward connecticut avenue with the earlier accident cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. plenty of questions still remain as the robert wone murder case moves into the second week now in a courtroom. the dupont circle
7:36 am
home still unsolved four years later. this morning doug johnson joins us and he's been following the case on the website doug, thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you. >> if anybody has not checked out your website yet, and we encourage people to do it, this reads like a realtime murder mystery, full of drama, full of intrigue. but this is actually playing out in the courtroom right now in d.c. >> that's exactly right. and it reads that way because that's what this is. almost four years ago there was a murder committed and almost four years to the day nobody has been charged with the murder. and what we have now are three people charged with conspiracy, obstruction of justice and evidence tampering. but no murder convictions yet. and a very complicated case as well. >> before we get into the case itself, what was it that led you and your colleagues to follow this so closely, to dedicate this website and resources and to be in court
7:37 am
for every minute of the testimony? >> it's was probably 18 months ago when the first indictment came down, the first indictment of dillan ward. and for those who haven't read it, it is worth reading. it is 14 pages, a document from the prosecution. but it reminded us that we were all very familiar with this case and yet it had just lay fallo for years. we thought that was wrong. we thought it was a shame nobody was talking about the case and we said, i guess it's our job. i guess we have to do it. >> what set this is case apart from some of the other unsolved murders, and mysteries here in the capital. >> there are too many unsolved murders in this town period. this is just one of them. but there are so many ingredients in this case and many won't reach to trial. but there are so many ingredients in this case that it has just -- i think it is
7:38 am
such a compelling mystery, that's why so many people have been interested. and it clearly inspires a great deal of passion across the board. >> this is a case we're starting to hear more details. last week we heard the medical testimony and we heard from the paramedics and the medical examiner. is that going to continue throughout the beginning of this week? >> we're going to hear more of that and no doubt hear from the chief medical examiner for the state of maryland, dr. fowler who will be backing up the doctor's testimony and the defense of course will continue to try and do what they can to poke holes in that. we also expect possibly some other expert testimony, but also potentially this week the playing in court of the actual videotaped statements that each of the defendants, gave the night of the murder. >> and we've not heard from the defendants so that will be something to look for. and speaking of looking for, when you are in court and watching what is happening, what are you looking for as
7:39 am
this is playing out. because this is what we don't have privy to of being in the courtroom and what have you seen and observed? >> one of the things that i've observed, which long time court reporters know, is how small the courtrooms are. and frankly just how closely everybody has to work with one another. so you have three defendants, you have the wone family, the supporters on both sides, you have massive legal teams and the media. everybody has to work together and interact and get along together. so that's been interesting. and it's been very interesting to watch how the defense teams, how the defendants themselves and also the prosecutors are reacting in the moment of testimony as things are going on because everybody is making adjustments in realtime all while this is happening. >> have you noticed anything in particular on the defendants, have you they reacted in shock or concert with each other or in opposition to each other or anything like that? >> i don't know so much about
7:40 am
that. but i will say last week we heard -- we saw in a -- an emotional break down during the playing of the 911 call. was a difficult moment for him to relive. and there were a few moments of drama, when the lead prosecutor unfurled the bloody towel and did so with dramatic flare. everybody's eyes were on that towel except for joe price. he could not take his eyes from his notebook. >> this is not a jury trial. >> no. >> so there is not any emotion that comes into the ruling, it is strictly up to the judge to make the ruling. is there enough evidence, do you feel, from what you read and researched and saw in trial, to be a conviction in this case. >> i can't make that decision. that's up to the judge. this is a judge who knows how
7:41 am
to run her courtroom and she does so expeditiously. so i think everybody believes that this judge is going to give this a fair hearing to both sides. >> can there be closure without actual murder charges and convictions in this case? >> i think some degree of justice may be done, depending on what happens, but i think full justice will only really come when the murder or murderers are identified, prosecuted and convicted. >> doug johnson, thank you for joining us. more details on the website, we can link you there from let's head to the ballpark where the nationals are taking on the battle of the beltway. big series over the weekend. who do you root for? split down the middle on that fan. a walk-off win for the nationals, coming up after the break. [ bird chirps, lips smack ]
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7:44 right now. welcome back. it's kind of -- is it muggy? is muggy the right word? it feels uncomfortable. >> it's muggy. it's humid, we have humidity. >> it's not like hot unbearable. >> it's thick. >> that's well put. and we'll continue to have that during the course of the morning hours. so let's take a look. i want to show you the temperatures around the region such as they are. we are in the 60s. currently in the district, 67 degrees. 64 down in roanoke. 63 in norfolk, virginia. new york city is at 59 degrees. so warmer as you go further south of course. so here is a look at the surface map for today. there is a coastal storm off the coast of the carolinas, bringing rainfall particularly
7:46 am
to eastern portions of the carolinas, southeastern virginia, the norfolk area. here just occasional showers but lots of clouds hanging around. here is the forecast for today and the next five days. high today about 74 degrees. a lot of clouds today. and again a chance of another shower or two during the course of the day. tomorrow less precipitation, maybe a little bit in the morning. 82 degrees for the high. wednesday looks to be sunny and warm with a high in the mid-80s and then temperatures drop back down to around 80 degrees for the end of the week. that's a quick look at the weather. more is coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you, tony. let's check in with julie wright. just a couple of days away from julie wright day here in the nation's capital. >> i like the sound of that. on the roads this morning, it's been a tough commute. and that's putting it nicely. two separate accidents on the beltway after connecticut avenue and again after 355. both cleared to the shoulder. big delays out of the greenbelt into silver spring. traveling glebe road down to the chain bridge, and that's
7:47 am
been a big topic because the overnight road work was not completed because of the rain and so we only have one lane open in each direction. tieups off of glebe road over the chain bridge and backups continuing in toward the district. meanwhile traveling inbound route 4 inside of the beltway, heavy and slow traffic. all lanes open. northbound 301 at crim station tieup on the right side. outer loop slow from van dorn to eisenhower avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the nationals looking to take two of the three from the orioles as she wrap up the battle of the beltway. up to the final strike and lugo bringing only matt jones. game tied at three. so extra innings and 10th
7:48 am
inning, deep for the walkoff home run. the nationals edge the orioles 4-3. >> it was a little better. he won the game for us. i was talking a strike and once he got a strike i got to a 2-1 count and he left one over the plate to hit and i was trying to hit it hard somewhere and it went out. >> this year the ncaa lacrosse championship will be in baltimore at m&t bank stadium. one team not there next weekend is the university of maryland. it appears an upset loss to notre dame over the weekend might have cost them a shot at the title. the head coach connell resigning. his wins most ever during his span. and an obstacle course in the tree line. i thought we were talking about navigating the shops but this
7:49 am
is different. >> reporter: anybody can do an obstacle course on the ground. why limit yourself. this is called go ape. this is a sensation if the u.k. and now it's in the u.s. and it happens to be in our area. where it is and what it is and how you can sign up for your own adventure coming up. stay with us. do you know what's in your spread ?
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cool and the gang to get you going on this monday morning. it is may 24th, 2010. the tower cam over the national cathedral. and 7:52 and holly going ape this morning. >> i love that. she's checking out the new adventure course in rockville where you get to navigate a giant obstacle course in the trees. >> i'm surprised there is this many trees. >> me too. i'm used to the pike and that's it. >> when was the last time you were at rock creek regional park. there are trees here. there are trees in my way as i try to talk to you. take a look at this amazing course. it is called "go ape." and this is the newest adventure in all of d.c. and you might even say in all of the nation. because this is the first go-
7:53 am
ape course in the nation. it's been in the u.k. for eight years and they decided to come here. and you can see people are taking it by storm. it has been popular since day one. i want to introduce you to pete and dan. pete is over there and dan is here and we're all harnessed in and good morning to you. >> good morning. >> reporter: and you have how many courses in the u.k.? >> 27. >> reporter: and so you decided we need to take this over. and how did you choose our area? >> i'm originally from the area. i grew up in rockville so i've known the area my life. i came back from living and working in london and thought what a better place than rock creek regional park. what a great park, fitting in environmentally and we're off and running. >> reporter: so let's show people what we have going on. what are you doing pete? >> i'm attached on to the system with a pully and then
7:54 am
once we're off here and we're safe to move across the obstacle. >> reporter: now when people come here, how does the course run? >> well basically what we do is we get people to fill in some paperwork and then they -- >> reporter: sign your life away -- >> absolutely. and then we have a 35 minute safety briefing where we tell people how to use the safety equipment. >> reporter: can i start while you're talking. >> feel free. and then we send people on to the course and they go around the course and have a great time up in the trees. so it's a fabulous adventure. we spend about two and a half hours up here and it's great stuff. >> reporter: now as we're doing this, because one of the things that you find out that is different about this course as opposed to other rope courses is that you are in charge of your own pully system. there are people here to check and make sure you are doing it okay and won't fall, but you have more control than just here let me hook it up and send
7:55 am
you on your way. >> absolutely. it's important to get people up into the trees and let them do what they want. we want people to come up here and have fun and remain safe. but we can make sure they are safe from the ground. we want them to engage in the process and have some fun. >> reporter: and what is the best ages for this? >> really we've kind of say a good model for everyone over the age of 10. you do have to be 10 to understand the safety system and get up on the course. we're popular with young professionals to come out and have your bachelor, bachlorette party, scout groups, but a nice day out for family and friends of all sizes and shapes. >> do you find that this is
7:56 am
where things that people have the fear of heights can tackle that? is there a little bit of a team work aspect as well? >> there is a little bit and i think we try to encourage everybody to get through the course. we want everyone to have the sense of achievement at the end and the you-did-it moment. a lot of visitors might be scared of heights but they get on the course and have a good day and work up into the trees slowly so you get over the fear and have a good day out at the park. >> reporter: really cool. how much does it cost? >> it cost $55 and that gives you your harness and your instructions and all of your time up in the trees. so four hours to get through the course and you can be up here for as long as it takes to get through. >> reporter: bring your camera. is our website. we have a linking to go-ape. you can find out about it and how it works and how you can sign up. and you can see available dates on there. in the next hour we'll continue to tackle this course and see what kind of tree swinging we can do. and by the way, russell crowe just did this course, one of the courses in the u.k. with his family when he was filming robin hood. so i'm just saying. back to you.
7:57 am
>> ups the cool factor. steve is saying he would do it. >> i would do that. it looks like fun. would you do it? >> i would do it. >> we'll take a field trip. >> okay. 7:56. the clock continues to tick. tonight the series finale -- not the season finale, the finale of 24. >> stay with us. we'll have much more ahead on fox 5 morning news. we'll be right back. tmeal cook!
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a simpleway to ship. new this morning, a shooting overnight on the bw parkwayment the road is open again but the investigation far from closed. new details ahead this hour. then the white house is being criticized for its response to the gulf coast oil spill. we have both sides of this debate and talk to a lousiana resident about what they are seeing on their shoreline. drivers will see delays on the chain bridge. julie wright will help us steer around this. good morning.
8:01 am
i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. also ahead at 8:00, sunscreen is supposed to help you be protected from skin cancer but a new study shows it may be accelerating the speed at which malignant cells spread skin cancer. we'll look at that coming up. and let's look at the forecast with tony as we start to heat things up this week. >> yesterday we had a high in the mid-70s and we'll see some temperatures in the mid-80s this week. let's show you the latest satellite radar image for the region. and we have clouds in over us. you can see more clouds spreading in from a storm system out at sea. clouds pushing in from the east and the easterly flow helping to keep moisture in over us. some of the moisture has turned into shower activity here and there. but for the most part, people are dry, meaning they are not seeing precipitation. here are the current temperatures at the area
8:02 am
airports. reagan national 67 degrees. dulles is at 65. and bwi marshall is at 67 degrees. forecast for today, we'll see a lot of clouds around today. maybe a little break of sunshine in the afternoon. we'll have to wait and see. a few scattered showers through the course of the day. high of 74 degrees and that's a few degrees below normal. that's what is happening with the forecast. we'll have more coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you, tony. let's look at traffic with julie wright. >> we've been talking about the chain bridge. and traffic is reacting to the unfinished project started this weekend. they were starting to work on the chain bridge, they were scheduled to do road work over the weekend but mother nature had a different plan. so the road work has not been completed. we have one lane open in each direction on the chain bridge. this is the live shot off of glebe road toward the chain bridge and we definitely have traffic stacked up off of glebe road. and delays off of canal road from the chain bridge in toward georgetown. gw pashway feeling the heat and
8:03 am
bailout traffic there. and this is southbound 95 out of maryland leaving beltsville. heavy and slow into silver spring. outer loop delays beginning back in greenbelt. a slow exit off the bw parkway between 198 and 197. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. u.s. park police investigating a shoot ago long the baltimore-washington parkway. it was reported at around 11:30 last night around route 198. officered found a car on the highway and was shot. they are in the hospital. it appears the shot came from outside of the vehicle but no word on a suspect or motive. in virginia grief courthouse lores are on hand at -- grief counselors on hand at a fairfax high school. a pedestrian killed. sarah simmons is live. >> reporter: it appears 18-year- old abdelouahid chadli was well- known here at fairfax high
8:04 am
school. i spoke with parents and students before classes started this morning and they say he was well loved and well-known by a lot of people here at the high school. he was a member of the wrestling team and apparently had plans even, according to his family, to become a veterinarian after school and go to george mason university. that of course was all cut short on friday afternoon at about 4:00. he was riding on a bike path along hee highway when police are telling us an suv veered off of the highway across several lanes of traffic. that suv driven by 31-year-old gary thorne ran into abdelouahid chadli, barely missing a friend riding a bike along with him. parents say they are using this as an example to talk to children about grief and the students here are also very devastated. >> i told them, see how things can change in a second. you never know what will happen. the next day you walk up and go
8:05 am
to school and the next day the kid isn't there. anything can happen at any second. >> everybody is talking about it. even people who didn't know him like me. but it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: fairfax county police say they are still in the process of conducting a full investigation. they will be looking into any autopsy results once that is performed to see if there was a medical condition or any other factor that may have caused the driver to crash that suv. so they will talk with any other witnesses. they would like for any witnesses to come forward and see if there is anything they can gain from that, any information they could possibly get from witnesses to try to bring an answer to exactly what happened out there friday afternoon. we're live at fairfax high school, sarah simmons, fox 5 news. back to you. to southern maryland where investigators are on the scene of an overnight restaurant fire. flames were spotted this morning at 4:00 at george's ribs in charles county. firefighters arrived on the scene and put out the hot
8:06 am
spots. no one was hurt but the restaurant was badly damaged. the cause of the fire is under investigation. now to the late of the on the gulf oil spill. here is a live look at the oil spewing from the ocean floor, 5,000 feet below surface. white house is trying hard to answer critics who say the president isn't doing enough to respond to this spill. a number of investigations are underway right now and as fox's doug luzader reports, there are still few answers. >> reporter: the president speaks with gulf coast governors again today as the chorus of white house critics grows louder. as the spill spreads and by some indications gets worse, some are directing their attacks not just at oil company bp but at the white house. everyone from supporters of the president to drilling advocate sarah palin who questions whether the white house was too close to the oil industry. >> if there is any connection with the contributions made to president obama and his
8:07 am
administration and the support by the oil companies to the administration. >> reporter: robert gibbs scoffed at that, i don't think anybody could credibly say even as frustrated as they are and as frustrated as we are that government has stood around, done nothing and hoped for the best. >> reporter: and that underscored concern at the white house that the accusations of mismanagement are taking hold. >> this is the fourth time i have been here. >> reporter: on defense today, secretary of the interior ken salazar and homeland security secretary janet napolitano will lead a group of senators down to the gulf coast to see firsthand what is going on. but the news isn't good. more setbacks in the effort to stop the gushing pipe and no sign on how long it will take. >> if we find they are not doing what they are supposed to be doing, we'll push them out of the way appropriately. >> reporter: but the head of the coast guard may not be so sure about that, saying at this point the government really needs to rely on bp to get this done.
8:08 am
in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> thanks, doug. and another disaster in need of answers last month, deadly mine explosions. today a committee will be in west virginia to figure out what happened here. relatives of four of the men killed will testify and so will the state's governor. the explosion killed 29 workers. so far investigators still have not pinpointed an exact cause, but it is said there was a dangerous buildup of methane gas inside. president obama said this morning south korea can count on full u.s. support in the sinking of a war ship back in march. it is planning to bring the issue to the united nation earl south korea say they have proof that a torpedo with a north korea serial number on it was responsible for sinking the ship. they are promising that they will pay for the tack that
8:09 am
killed 46 sailors. secretary clinton is in china for trade neg negotiation -- negotiations. in jamaica there has been an uprising. travel restrictions have been set off. financial regulation 101, find out what the reform could mean for you and your money. stay with us. we'll be right back. 67 degrees now at 8 8:09. maes
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:12 as we look at stories making headlines. the investigation continuing into the death of a 6-month-old boy in anne arundel county. baby found dead inside of a home on edge rock way in laurel on saturday. now police believe the death is suspicious. police say the house was in disarray and the baby was with a woman not his mother. university of virginia paused to remember 22-year-old
8:13 am
yeardley love at commencement ceremonies on sunday. love's cousin walked up to accept her diploma. love was found murdered in her charlottesville apartment on may 3rd. her ex boyfriend george haguely has been charged. and something we don't talk about all of the time. a snake warning in virginia. fairfax county issued the warning after reports of copper head snake sightings. they have been biting people in river bend park and reston and be careful because they are one of three poisonous snakes in virginia. >> don't want to run up on that. >> no, you don't. let's turn to something bright and that is mr. perkins and the forecast and -- >> the warm-up factor of the day. >> it is time for the my first 5 photo of the day. check it out. this is r.j. looking cool and pointing to his shirt. it says, i pay be small but i'm
8:14 am
still the man. >> i know that's right. he's adorable. >> i love the glasses. >> he looks like the man. >> the little smile is like, yeah, i'm the man: he's cute. >> thanks for sending that in. to send us your child's picture go to and click on mornings. here is what is happening right now. current temperature 67 degrees. humidity 81%, a muggy start to the day. winds oust northeast at 10 miles per hour. we'll continue to have that easterly flow today. barometric pressure on the rise, 30.19 inches and rising. here is a look at the national map. 67 degrees here and 65 in raleigh, north carolina. warm in the central portions of the nation. 73 in wichita. omaha 75 degrees at this hour. and then out to the west, cooler air. 39 right now at salt lake city.
8:15 am
38 in boise. so cool out there. all right, national satellite radar composite. in the nation's upper regions, in the central united states, there are some rain showers. we'll see some stormy conditions in the northern plains again today. some of the storms could be strong to severe. here is your forecast for today and the next five days. high today about 74 degrees. plenty of clouds around. a rather humid start to the day. we could see more showers pop through here. tomorrow 82. wednesday sunny and 86. a hot one. thursday back down to the upper 70s, low 80s on friday. that's what is happening with the weather. now let's get more on the rush hour traffic with julie wright. >> i want to see that picture of r.j. again. i like that shirt. i think i've seen that before. >> i love the shirt. i think it's cool. and he looks cool wearing it. i don't know if we can pull the picture back up. >> there he is. >> i may be small but i'm still the man. i saw that on wpg's guy lambert
8:16 am
the other day. >> oh, that is mean. guy, i can't control her. >> that's the same thing he says every morning too. he says i give up. southbound 270 leaving montgomery village avenue, the lanes are open but the pace below speed toward rockdale. no accidents to report, volume well below speed out of greenbelt toward georgia avenue. early they are morning there were two separate accidents on the beltway. both have cleared. now on the inner loop, that's southbound 95, 495 at ritchie marlboro, accident on the right side keeping you on the breaks south of 214 central avenue. 395 across the 14th street bridge, heavy. and slow leaving the beltway toward duke street. inner loop of the beltway at the robinson terminal. the accident tieing up two center lanes. that's going to keep you on the breaks and more delays from braddock toward 66. that's a check of your fox 5 on-
8:17 am
time traffic. well the senate passed landmark financial reform on how the government regulates banks and wall street to prevent a meltdown two years ago that plunged us into a recession. washington post reporter frank aarons joins us to explain all of this. and good morning to you. >> good morning. >> and in the haze of health care and the stimulus bill and health care, this one kind of snuck by me. >> right. >> am i alone in this? >> no. the perception is correct. it has been going on for months on the senate. but because health care was getting all of the press, it's hard to focus on more than one massive piece of legislation at once. once health care passed this popped up to the surface. >> we've seen some bipartisan
8:18 am
support on this as well. it seems like everybody wants to see this passed. >> well that might be generous. the two bills, the house and senate bill, will be worked out in conference to get the final bill to pass it on to president obama. and the republicans are going to work hard to try and limit some of the damage left in the bill. wall street basically feels like it ducked a bullet. it could have been worse. but there are still things they are going to try to wash out of it. >> and this is huge. this is landmark financial reform. what does this mean though for me? for us? >> well pulling back, if we just went through the biggest financial crisis and recession since the great depression, this then is the most sweeping financial system overhaul since then. the idea is to try and prevent another economic meltdown like
8:19 am
we had two years ago. that's not really possible in our system because chaos is sort of baked in, it's the thing that makes the capitalistic engine go but you can try and limit the damage. what it means to you -- two big things. lee man brother's classed because it was a massive financial institution and was not a bank. the bank can take -- through the fdic, they take control and wind it down in an orderly fashion. government didn't have control to do that for a nonbank financial institution. and the other thing is the consumer protection agency. it's not a stand-alone agency but it will have an awful lot of authority and the idea is to try and prevent people from taking bad -- or bad practices under underwriting bad loans. and the word sounds like consumer protection. no one is really opposed to that. a number of republicans from wall street folks are opposed to the idea there will be a powerful czar and that's something they want to try to
8:20 am
water down in the conference. >> and frank, it's sort of two entities, the nonbanks and this affects banks as well. >> absolutely. you have the huge banks on wall street. there are some of them we don't have a day to day contact on, like goldman sachs which doesn't have the retail, like an atm like the big banks, but they deal in derivatives. it is simply a financial instrument that is based on the value of something else. like it's not a mortgage, but it's based on the value of the mortgage. and those are very important in the system. they help banks hedge risks. some of the more punitive elements want to get banks completely out of the business of dealing in derivatives, getting back to the just being store-front banks. most people, and including the administration, think that's too extreme. and that will get watered down in the committee as well. >> what is next in what might survive out of this between the
8:21 am
house and the senate? >> well there is going to be the wind-down authority, the resolution wind-down authority to prevent an orderly collapse of something like a lehman in the future, where lenders and all sorts of businesses will have to kind of hold to new standards. and there is going to be -- it's unclear if there will be a permanent bailout fund for banks to pay into these things. that's on the line. but they say they want to get a bill to the president by july 4th. it's probably possible the way things have been going. chris dodd is pushing it in the senate and it's being pushed in the house and this could have been worse from the wall street point of view since barney frank had not been in charge of
8:22 am
it. he really understands how the financial system works. >> right. frank aarons business editor with the washington post and we thank you. >> thank you. it is 8:21 and more controversy out of the arizona as the state is removing teachers from classrooms if they don't speak perfect english. details coming up. then you don't have to travel to costa rica to take a tree top tour. you can go on an adventure spot in rockville. holly is checking it out and we'll check in with here later on. stay with us. 
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
some diners at the cheesecake factory ended one more thans do ert because according to the washington examiner, a former worker at the friendship heights location skimmed numbers for a fraud ring. this happened between june of 2008 and may of 2009. diners got cheated out of $117,000. investigators say the worker recruited servers and paid them $25 for each credit card number that they stole. more controversy breaking out in the state of arizona. the arizona department of education is sending evaluators ought to audit teachers and their english speaking skills.
8:26 am
if they are not fluent in english, have a heavy accent or don't speak grammatically correct they will be reassigned. so far some teachers have been cited for fluency. >> as you expect science teachers to know science or math teachers to know math, you expect the teachers teaching english to know english. >> they say they are trying to ensure everyone is aware of the state laws. and britney murphy's husband dies months after she dies. and more damage to the coastline and we'll talk with one resident of lousiana about what they are stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. it's 8:26 right now.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
taking a look at stories making headlines. investigators investigating the death of britney murphy's husband. simon monjack was found dead in the home that they shared. it was the same home murphy collapsed before dying back in december. he appears to have died of natural causes but they are still investigating into a fender-bender for a president clinton. he was headed to yale to deliver a speech. no one was hurt. and mr. clinton made it to the speech and didn't even mention the accident into sarah ferguson, the duchess of york, apologizing after she was caught on camera offering to sell access to her ex husband for more than $700,000. she said she was having financial problems but that's no excuse. she also admits her ex had no knowledge of her meeting. >> imagine hitting the ex president and then you have to change information. can i have that number again,
8:31 am
please? >> well nobody was hurt. tucker, it's going to be a nice week. there are no days that are iffy like 70 or 60 degrees. >> no. cloud cover today, low to mid- 70s. and improvement from here. back into the mid-80s and sunshine. yeah, hot, and now the beginning of the all important holiday looking good. and things better later this week. we'll look at hd radar. and just a couple of light sprinkles, light shower activity out there. it is humid. we have complaints here in the studio that it's humid. and so you will notice that. dew point temperatures running into the 60s. light showers won't amount to much on the rain gauges but you might have to use the windshield wipers. a few showers up toward dulles and sterling and off to the north and west toward charlestown and harper's ferry. and again not amounting to much here. and we'll see showers moving in from the east during the course of the day. why are we getting the rain?
8:32 am
storm system off to the south and east. i'll open this up for you in a second. and you can see the cloud cover pushing in off the ocean. and that will give us the moist flow. on humid side even though temperatures are only in the 70s. a subtropical low continues to spin off the coast. going to take a day to push on out to sea and the clearing from the ohio valley is going to come in here. so tomorrow more sunshine by today and wednesday and thursday warm with highs back in the mid-80s. so much niceer looking forecast into the middle of the week. 67 right now downtown. 64 in gage -- gaithersburg. highs in the mid-70s, just a few degrees where it should be this time of year. a lot of clouds. a couple of showers. winds out of the east. sunshine toward the end of the week. friday looks great right now with highs in the low 80s. that's a look at weather. let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright.
8:33 am
it's been busy out there and we still have lingering delays off the inner loop of the beltway as you travel south of 214, central to ritchie marlboro. accident on the left side. southbound 270 below speed leaving germantown toward mva and more delays from rockville to the split. 95 to georgia, 66 inbound across the tr bridge. and chain bridge only one lane in each direction. the road work not completed over the weekend because of the weather. so heavy volume there and on the clara barton parkway and the gw parkway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. check this out. it might look like peanut butter or fudge, but what you are looking at is actually oil. it's now covering more than 65 miles of lousiana's coast. it's pushed at least 12 miles to the state marshes and british petroleum said there is no end in site to the under
8:34 am
water gusher. joining us is syndey malone and he is an old and dear friend of mine and owns a home in lousiana. good morning. >> good morning. >> i know you have been down in grand isle and you're back home in mississippi this morning, but things really changed over the last couple of days at grand isle, didn't they? >> yes. on friday the oil started coming in by -- my house is just inside the bay there on the west side of grand isle. and for the water to get into the marsh land it has to come around grand isle on the south end and it has to come right by my house and pier. and friday, 32 days after the oil spill, oil was in big blogs coming by my pier. so i started seeing oil at my place. >> and you and richie just got that place fixed up after the hurricane gave it a beating. as a homeowner down there and as some who really loves to fish and loves the wildlife
8:35 am
down there, tell me what you are feeling and thinking as you are seeing what is happening. we're looking at a bird that has been covered in oil washed up on shore. >> that's a great question, gurvir. because yesterday for the first time i became angry. as you well know because you've been with me before, that i love fishing and i fished all of the gulf of mexico and the east coast and grand isle, lousiana is the greatest fishing land and greatest fishing habitat in the united states. and it didn't really -- it didn't really sink into me until friday when i saw oil actually coming in and knowing that the oil is still coming out of the ground with no end in sight. but sunday morning was when it really made me angry at what was going on, when they drove up -- the division of wildlife drove up to my pier and some guys that were fishing, several boats, and told them they had to load up the boats and go home because the water was too toxic.
8:36 am
and the fish we caught this weekend before that, were all full of eggs, ready to reproduce and the shrimping season just got started a couple of weeks ago, so right in the peak of the reproduction season they are now toxic. and the thing that concerns me, not only that, but there are a lot of retired people or whatever, several thousand homes on grand isle and it's only 7 miles long and half a mile wide, so it's mainly down -- they're down there because of the fishing and shrimping. and after katrina, people have rebuilt and rebuilt permanent homes as richie and i have done and we don't know what effect this will do to our real estate value. we had a downturn in real estate and you put this on top of it, it will be a dramatic
8:37 am
loss of real estate value and we don't know what that is and don't know how long this effect is going to be and it's probably going it be for a long time. and so everybody is stressed out about this. >> i bet they are. real quick, we have to let you go. but what do you want british petroleum to do and what do you wants the officials in lousiana to do there before we let you go? >> the main thing is they have to stop the oil. and it appears that everyone that is involved at the local level that they are more concerned about trying to keep the oil well active instead of closing it off and moving away and leaving it. they won't -- they want them to abandon the well site and bp don't want to do that. so that's where all of the energy is going. >> well syndey malone, thank you for getting up and talking to us. i love you bunches and you take good care. >> thank you gurvir. >> bye now. >> back to you. >> just a snapshot of what is
8:38 am
happening as the troubles continue down there. we'll keep following that story and we have more we're following this morning, including some good news for military families. we'll let you know where you can find free fun this summer. and then the clock is ticking. tonight is the series finale of 24 and the show is sharing some fond memories with us.
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8:41 am
more delays for flights across the pond as a cabin crew has begun a five hi day strike but they can still carry 70% of the passengers. talks between the union and the airline broke down. union wants the airline to restore travel benefits after the airline suspended after another strike by british airways. if you are looking for a job go to and today's job of the day at supreme soft of the day looking for a midlevel share point developer. a security clearance is not required but you must be a u.s. citizen. for more on this job go to the and click on the job shop tab. military families are getting a break this summer. more than 600 museums are offering free admission. it includes some of the most
8:42 am
popular museums in the states like the new york museum of modern art and the art institute of chicago. it's part of the national endowment of the arts. and our museums here are beautiful and are free to everybody. and sunscreen is supposed to help protect you from skin cancer. >> but a new study shows it may be accelerating the speed at which cells spread the cancer. >> reporter: look, allison, no hands. okay. we are going ape this morning as we are live at a brand new treetop add haven't -- adventure in the rockville area. we'll tell you how you can come on out and have some fun and we'll talk about how this course is single-handedly helping the park here and how it's not hurting the environment in the process. it's all live next on fox 5
8:43 am
morning news. stay with us. okay, maybe onehand. - ( music playing ) - now's the time to invest.
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in rubber. in bellies. in lumber. and precious metals. it's time to put everything you have into your 10k. your 5k. and even your 1k. and, of course, you can never go wrong with futures. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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welcome back. now some important news for parents. kristin jilly brand wants a legislative ban on drop side cribs after the death of 32 babies after they suffocated. >> this legislation will force them not to resell a drop down crib. whether it's through craig's list, through a manufacturer or a store, no day care center or no childcare provider or hospital will be able to have drop-side cribs because we cannot tolerate one more infant death because of this faulty technology. >> senator gilli brand was joined by others and many
8:47 am
stores have taken them off of the floors. the american academy of pediatrics said it's fine to enroll children as young as 1 in swim classes, they may be less likely to drown if they have swim classes. in the past it was thought it would give parents and kids a false sense of security. a study from the environmental working group finds that sun products may increase the speed at which malignant cells spread skin cancer. the problem is vitamin a. researcher who's analyze data from the fda said it may result in cancer when used on skin exposed to sun lead. the environmental group said the fda has known about the study. they deny that and they said there is only a few sunscreens
8:48 am
that have the vitamin a concerns. and this morning holly morris is doing monkeying around. >> she's at rock creek regional park where they have a brand new tree top forest adventure for us. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. don't we monkey around every morning? >> a little bit. >> reporter: but this is closer to the point. because we are checking out this new thing called "go ape." it is a tree top adventure. it's a ropes course. this one has a lot of different twists to it. the owners are pete and dan. and they have been taking me through the paces. and without further ado, let's take them through the courses. well that's what pete is going to do. so this is a little different. tell me about this. you said this is one of the highlights?
8:49 am
>> this is our final arizonan swing. and you will fly into a big cargo net. >> i think i prefer to be jane. >> reporter: and as we do this, you and i were talking before about how fun this is and one of the things you noticed when you were watching the courses over in the u.k., is that this is something where you have teenagers coming out with their families interacting and laughing and having a good time. >> kind of a rare thing nowadays. and when i was over in the u.k., my wife and i visited of course and were hanging out in an open field watching teen- agers interact with their parents and we thought this is unheard of. this just doesn't happen. >> reporter: i want to make sure i'm attached before i jump. >> always stay attached. one of the mottos at go-ape. >> reporter: so there is no
8:50 am
computers out here, no wiis or game boys or anything else. >> get out if the outdoors and use your adventure activity and have some fun. >> reporter: so just hold on to this and you're off? >> you're good to go. >> reporter: did i do it with style and grace? how do i get back? i'm stuck. this shows how safe this whole thing is. you can't fall. a lot of it is mind over matter when you are 40 feet up off the ground. but as i come back to the tangled web that i have weaved here this morning, i wanted to talk to you, pete, about how you guys have this wonderful partnership with the park and it's really benefiting the park? >> absolutely. we've come into a public private partnership with montgomery parks. we had a dialogue with them about two years ago and we've managed to get this great project off the ground.
8:51 am
we have a revenue share with the park and fiscal times are hard and it's good to put something back into the park system. >> reporter: and even when people have -- we kidded about it, and when we think of rockville, we think of rockville pike and the traffic, but there is this gem here and lake meadwood and lake ann and frank and that is here and part of the park, that people don't know is here for them to take advantage of it. >> it's great. we've seen people come down to the park and we've done over 700 people so far. we've been open a couple of weeks. and it's great. we're changing the demographic of people here using the park. we've had young professionals coming in and having a great workout on the course and they're enjoying it. >> reporter: don't be afraid, dan. do your best tarzan yell.
8:52 am
>> i'll do my best. whoa. >> reporter: and here is a good news. we have a hour to get that up. is our website. we have a link to go ape. go the website and it will explain the rules and regulation and prices for everything, times that are available so you can sign up. coming up in the next hour, since we ran out of time this hour, not only will we do more adventures, but we're going to talk about how environmentally friendly this park is as we're up here hanging out in the beautiful environment. back to you guys. >> sounds good, holly. >> that looks like fun. thanks, holly. coming up on your monday morning, will your degree get you a job? it is an age-old question. >> we'll share advice for grads on the hot jobs of the future and in sight on what kids heading off to college might want to major in. that's coming up. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this e. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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morning and tonight it is the series finale for the fox hit show 24. the last episode. and this morning the show stars are sharing their fondest memories. >> for eight seasons or rather eight days, fans have let jack bauer take them on an action packed adventure with fox's 24. but tonight this ground- breaking series will see its mission come to an end. sutherland said it's all bittersweet. >> i think on our last day, the crew was very, very funny and there was a real sense of accomplishment. but when we went to shoot the last shot, i got very sad. >> reporter: plus they have become a big family on the set. >> we've been working together about 125 on that floor for nine years now. and i think over 16 marriages
8:57 am
took place. i think 30 some odd children have been born and i think we relied on each other in many ways like that of a family so it's very sad to know that you won't see them on monday. >> this is the worst part of it. i thought my ego or the outer me thought i have to get another job but the heartbreaking part was leaving all of the people on the last day. it's really sad. >> reporter: and it seems sometimes it's easier not to think about it. >> i was trying to avoid it, just thinking that it was, and then the next thing you know the director came in and said that's a series wrap. and we all hugged each other and tried to have a good time. >> reporter: but they say this show is going to go out in a big way. >> every great thing has to come to an end. and especially when a good thing comes to an end.
8:58 am
>> we'll have to wait to see what happens. the two hour season finale started tonight at 8:00 here on fox 5. now also this week, the finale of american idol season number 9 and here is what it comes down to. crystal bowersox and lee dewyze will sing for the title. the winner will be aness nod on wednesday and that will be judge simon cowell last time on the show. he's leaving to bring the british talent show x factor to the sage and there are reports that paul abduhl will be part of the sendoff. and let's go to tony and allison for the next hour. >> i'm more interested in in seeing how simon goes out than the winner. >> who will they get to replace simon, if that is possible? >> i know. and during the show, we'll talk about the oil leak in the
8:59 am
gulf of mexico. it continues down there. there is mounting frustration among the gulf, among the residents and the governor of lousiana. we have a live look. this is a live look at the well. some people are angry at the obama administration, their han of this. we have a live report coming up. and disturbing across the pond duchess of york, we like her, but caught on camera taking money or agreeing to take money for access to prince andrew. what she has to say since the release of that video. she's not disputing that she did it. she's not making any apologies for her -- she's apologizing for her actions but saying she did do it, taking responsibility. so sad story. kind of desperate. >> it sounds like it. and we'll talk about where the good jobs are going to be during the next f


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