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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  June 21, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm steve chenevey. a little on the warm side. >> not what you would expect but it is the first day of summer, i hear from tucker, in the next couple of hours. apparently, there is a time frame on this as to whether it can exactly start today. >> 7:28. >> we have a couple of hours and we'll start the celebrations down in the weather center. you guys are invited because i like you guys. than we're off and running. we'll have probably 90s or 100s for the rest of the summer. >> oh, boy. that's hot. >> we'll start with the current conditions. we are just not cooling off overnight these days. 78 in washington. humidity, 56%. our winds are out of the north and west at nine miles per hour. the cold front has pushed through and moving to the south. the humidity will stay in check today although our temperatures will once again be back in the 90s. no real chance for rain here for the next at least couple of
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days. there is the satellite-radar. you can see how quiet it is. should be mostly sunny today. just a few fair weather cumulus clouds will build in this afternoon. we are not expecting any widespread thunderstorm activity. sunny, hot, relatively humid out there with summer officially arriving today at 7:28. don't look directly towards the sun but you will notice the sun is wearing sunglasses. it gets hotter from here. you'll love it. coming up in a minute. >> great. can't wait. thank you. >> perfect for julie wright. >> 7:28, nutty buddies for everybody. >> yes. >> even you, sarah simmons, just to keep you cool, girl. >> i know. thank you. >> southbound 270 looking great this morning. no accidents to report as you work your way south of 118. overnight roadwork on the bw parkway. that should be cleared. eastbound 66 at speed leaving nutley street and continuing inbound towards the capital beltway. there are no problems reported
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along this stretch. overnight roadwork on the beltway between braddock road and suzanne nikolaus is cleared. that's a check of your c lear -- between braddock road and 66 is clear. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we continue to watch the latest developments in the gulf of mexico where crews try to stop the millions of gallons of oil gushing into the water each day. stacy cohan joins us with the latest of bp's now costlier efforts. >> reporter: good morning. two to three months is the time frame for the completion of the two relief wells that bp claims will end the disaster in the gulf. effort is unlike anything tried before and it is deeply challenging. crews must hit a target roughly the size of a salad plate three miles below the ocean surface. there are new concerns about the amount of crude gushing into the gulf. there is a memo suggesting bp knew the amount of oil leaking was far greater than publicly
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released. >> i have a document that shows that bp actually believes it go upwards of 100,000-barrels per day which would be four million barrels a day. so right from the beginning, bp was either lying or grossly incompetent. >> reporter: in lieu law today, a federal judge will hear arguments from lawyers representing a consortium of drilling and shipbuilding companies seeking to lift the moratorium on offshore drilling. those companies argue that their businesses will be damaged by the drilling stand still. there is news about the information about how the oil spill may be affecting the health of gulf residents. they are saying that they are testing the air quality to make sure there are no respiratory problems following this oil spill. back to you. >> thank you. the spotsylvania county sheriff's office is mourning one. its deputies who died in a bizarre boating accident over the weekend. deputy sheriff dean ridings was on marine patrol on lake anna
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saturday when the boat was apparently hit by a large wake or a series of them possibly causing it to tip sideways. deputy ridings hit his head and later died at the hospital. people out on the water have their own theories about what happened. >> it must have been in the middle of two boats is what i would think because you get the waves that come like this and you know, they kind of crest up and that can create kind of a little bit of a swell. >> ridings had worked for the sheriff's office since 2004. he is survived by his two sons. both work for the sheriff's office as well. since midnight, two men have been shot in different locations, one at tenth and i streets in northeast. another on pomeroy road in southeast. also, two suspects were carjacked -- or carjacked
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aperson at gunpoint in southeast just before 1:00 this morning. investigators are searching for whomever gunned down three people on saturday in prince george's county and one of those victims died. this was in the 11000 block of lotsford terrace in mitchellville. 21-year-old aaron leach was killed. another two victims were expected to recover. police say this may have been a drive-by shooting. if you know anything call the number on your screen. you can remain anonymous. an extremely violent weekend in baltimore. ten people were shot and two of them died between early saturday morning and sunday morning. police have no suspects in any of the shootings and they can't say if any of the 10 shootings are connected. we are following a developing story now. a deadly mining accident in china, this time at a site in the central province of henan. 7 # workers were trapped but 26 were able to escape. at this point, 46 miners are confirmed dead, likely by carbon monoxide poisoning.
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accidents and blasts killed more than 2600 miners in china last year alone. that is the most of any country in the world. some missing hikers have been found safe near a place where three wildfires have burned near flagstaff, arizona. hundreds of people have been evacuated wind-fueled flames creptd within a few hundred feet of some of those homes even. so far, no reports of any where you aries. one of the fires were put out yesterday and police arrested a california man on suspicion of causing the first fire by leaving behind hot coals from a campfire. raging flood waters turned deadly and tens of thousands of people were forced from hair homes. we'll have more details on this incredible scene. a frightening scene on a subway. fire inside a tunnel leaving many injured. we'll have the details on that one coming up. a chilling discovery ate wal-mart. two bodies are discovered there. we'll check on that coming up next on fox 5 morning news. 
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deadly flooding sweeps northeastern brazil. at least 20 people were killed and 50,000 forced from their homes in two states. some areas were pounded with
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more than a foot of rain. several cities declared states of emergency. some terrifying moments at a chicago subway station as a fire started inside the subway tunnel sending a lot of heavy smoke up into the street. this happened about 5:00 last night. there you can see some of the smoke. this is just north of the downtown chicago. nineteen people went to the hospital, most with respiratory complaints. five of them are in serious to critical. three are serious. rest are considered to have minor injuries. >> kind of hard to breathe. everybody in the train was like trying to breathe. >> all of a sudden, we just saw black smoke coming out from the corner bakery down the corner here and everybody ran and looked and then all of a sudden, it switched and came down here. >> the fire itself was put out pretty quickly. cause of that fire is still under investigation. in tennessee, automatics will be done today on two people found dead in a parking lot of a nashville wal-mart. the woman and her stepfather had been missing for five days
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before their bodies were found slumped over in a car. they were last seen alive inside the store. police believe the man suffered from a medical problem and his stepdaughter being mentally challenged may have been unable to get out of the car. there were no signs of foul play. later today, joran van der sloot faced questioning by a peruvian judge. the judge will visit the 22- year-old murder suspect at the castro prison. van der sloot, the long time suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway, is being held on charges he killed a # 1-year- old woman in peru last month. as oil continues to gush into the gulf, awe drilling ban in another part of the world is now sparking debate. up next, hear how a small town in alaska is feeling ath divide i had over a drilling ban there. we've got more heat and even some more humidity on the five-day forecast. i will let you know if we'll see any rain and julie wright will be in with a look at your
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on-time traffic coming up right after the break. s.
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welcome back. taking a view of tower cam this morning. still aths bit dark out there but we'll see some sunshine soon because, today in new york, this is like summer solstice or something? >> you got it. this is the first day of summer in about two hours. 7:28 officially this morning summer arrives. in case you didn't know, we'll have plenty of heat and plenty of warm conditions across the area. >> good deal. metro awed iss over the weekend for performers to entertain riders at station entrances this summer. >> this is is third year the agency is showcasing local talent at the stations b 25 performers will be selected for evening rush hours and weekends. >> cant wait to see those at
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the metro stations. >> kind of helps get your day moving. >> what would your talent be if you were going to be performing? >> i do a little singing. i play trumpet. >> what would you do? >> slam poetry. >> really. >> i couldn't do anything. just kidding. it will be very warm around here again this afternoon. yesterday's daytime high was 95 degrees. felt every degree to me and today will be similar. a little cooler today, actually, cold front has come through. go back to yesterday and 95 at reagan national. that was our hottest temperature so far this year. 91 out at dulles. 95 at b wait a minute marshall. won't be quite this warm today. listen, it will be in the 90s today. no doubt about it, it will be hot but at least it won't be 91 or 92 as we have slightly cool are air on the horizon. we've cooled down to 77 now in town.
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that's it. we are off day warm start. 66? gaithersburg. 67 out at dulles. 73 currently in fredericksburg. going to be a warm day today. no doubt about it. let's talk about good news in the forecast. that is the dew point temperatures should remain in check and therefore our humidity won't be too bad. you can see there are a few clouds there. very hua mei cold front moving through and our winds have shifted out of the north. the atmosphere will be dried out a little bit and it won't be too humid out there even though high temperatures will touch the 90s. i know we need the rain shower activity. we don't have any in the forecast today. out to the west, we have the possibility that by tomorrow night, we could see a few scattered thunderstorms move n our next best chance for any shower or thunderstorm activity will be late in the day tomorrow and tomorrow night. but generally speaking, with high pressure parked here off the coast, that will be anchored here for much of the next seven days. wave had nine days in the month of june where the temperatures touch 90 degrees. this will be number 10. sunny skies, temperatures are still hot. moderate air quality.
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take it easy for the elderly or young, that kind of thing. winds out of the north here at five miles per hour and clear and warm overnight. 70 for your overnight low. how about a hot five-day forecast that features lots of summertime temperatures. there you go, late thunderstorm tomorrow, 93. 96 on wednesday. 94 on thursday and then we cool down to 90 degrees by friday. let's get to on-time traffic and the sunshine and summertime, julie wright. >> we could antibiotic until and keep it for six months, that would make me happy. >> you got it. >> just bottle it up. the overnight construction cleared if you are traveling between the bw parkway and kenilworth avenue. all of the activity gone so lanes are open once again. top stretch of the beltway looks great as you travel between college park, colesville road and the exit for georgia avenue. southbound along 270, no incidents reported as you travel south headed into rockville. no incidents reported along 66 as you continue from business
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234 in towards centreville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a been on oil drilling has put awe stop to shell's plans to go to work in the arctic for the small town of point hope, alaska. that is a bit of a double ended sword. while the drilling brought the promise of much-needed jobs to the area, others felt threatened and are relieved to preseven their way of life. dan springer explains. >> reporter: thousands of miles from the gulf of mexico, the oil spill has set done shell oil's multibill wrong dollar arctic drilling plan set to get under way next month when the ice breaks up. frozen by white house concerns over safety. even though the project survived years of environmental lawsuits in federal court. >> the arctic is a very fragile environment and we have no -- absolutely no technology no cleaning oil in broken ice environments. >> reporter: shell points out these wells are in just 150 feet of water and the technology has been tested.
5:20 am
the company ran fourteen wells 0 years ago but pulled out because of rice of oil dropped and arctic row duck is expensive. at stake is an estimated $27 billion-barrels of oil, two and a half times what has flowed from alaska's north slope over the last 0 years. >> this is oil that is in the future. it means a bridge i think into an yard where we are looking at energy independence. >> reporter: it is not risk- free and blowouts can occur even in shallow water. and that makes for mixed feelings in remote eskimo towns nearby. the alaskan natives of point hope and other arctic villages get well over half of their diet from the sea, from salmon and seal to walrus and whales. so an oil spill would not just threaten a job or a place to vacation but their very existence here. >> it would wipe out the way of life, our lifestyle. >> reporter: in an area with more than 35% unemployment, younger resident are pro-
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drilling. >> it would be good high-paying jobs for unger people and i lot of training. that would give people more stuff to do instead of just hanging out and doing nothing all day. >> reporter: shell as a the exploratory drilling this summer would have meant 400 jobs and full production could employ 5,000. now, the administering has put the entire project on hold until next summer at the earliest. in point hope, alaska, dan springer, fox news. does it seem like a lot of young people maybe not going to church as much as in the past. it doesn't mean they are turning away from religion. coming up next hour, we'll show you how some youngsters are finding religion in a new rather high-tech way. should vice president joe biden and secretary of state hillary clinton switch jobs in we'll explain that one. coming up at 8:00, many people have expressed they want to help the gulf coast deal with the oil spill but are there really opportunities for volunteers in we'll take a closer look. who is stealing farm animal
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area farms? we have details on this odd mystery coming up. you are watching fox 5 morning news.
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there are an unusual rash of farm thefts in maryland. a 1200-pound cow, a 500-pound pig and dozens of chickens. they are among the an ma'ams stolen in recent weeks. >> it is not just one farmer
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being targeted in frederick county. jennifer davis has hour story. >> reporter: bill went to bed one fight with about 08 chickens on his flying goat farm. he woke up the next morning missing 35 of them. >> i looked around and i'm he going where are all chickens thirty-five bird in one night. >> who do you think would be doing this? >> unless somebody is going into the start up the farm business or trying to supply somebody starting up the farm -- >> right there there. >> reporter: every day, elaine counts the 60 or so cat olympic her nearly 100-year-old cattle. a few weeks ago, the count came up two short. a 1200 beef cow was miss ago long with a 350 found calf. >> open the gate and went in and somehow got her out. she was a pet so if they had a
5:26 am
bucket of feed, she would have followed them. >> reporter: how do you feel about this? >> terrible. belonged to my great-grandson and when he found out, he went into tears. >> reporter: according to the frederick news post, other recent farm thefts including a farm tracker and round baler worth $85,000. $35,000 worth of seed corn and grass seed. a$7,000 hay rack. five and a half tons of fertilizer and a 500-pound pig. >> what ever it is, it is escalating. it is getting quite large. this is way too organized to be somebody just having fun. so yeah, it's got to be a lot more purposeful than that. it is unusual in this country. >> reporter: police are investigating and farmers are vowing to be more vigilant. >> probably better keep a little closer eye on things. a lot of them are going to say well, neighbors are going to say if i see anything that looks funny, i'll start paying more attention to it. >> reporter: farmers say if somebody out there knows who is
5:27 am
responsible for these thefts, they hope that good citizenship would compel them to come forward but there is also a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the relieves. one farmer we talked to said the thieves were so quiet when he hit his property, nobody heard a thing. they said the dogs didn't even bark. still plenty ahead on fox 5 morning news. changes for the obama administration. we'll tell you who is reportedly leaving and why he is said to be fed up. coming up, a new plan of attack to stop the leak in the gulf. we'll have a full rest as fox 5 morning news continues. [ male announcer ] thinking about your florida beach vacation
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welcome back. sunrise up over washington, d.c. this morning. a beautiful sunrise. beautiful day possibly, depending on how you look at it, if you hike the heat or not. welcome back to fox 5 morning news. it is definitely muggy out there. it depends on if you like it or not, whether this is good or bad. >> most people around here, we're kind of used to it. >> right. >> it will be a bit of an improvement over yesterday. humidity, all things being considered won't be too bad because our wind will be out of the north. it could be worse and it will be worse as we get into the five-day forecast. we'll have that coming up. but for right now, let's get started with our look at current conditions.
5:31 am
summertime arrives in a couple of hours. make plans accordingly. we'll be partying downstars and we invite everyone to join us. 73 at baltimore. 60s as we wake up in places like winchester, 68. -- we'll be partying downstairs and we invite everyone to join us. we will have less humidity today. a cold front has moved through. can't really pick it up on the satellite-radar this morning. it has moved through to the south. awe mostly sunny day. no rain and no thunderstorm activity expected today. our next chance for any rain won't arrive until late in the day tomorrow and even then, just some scattered thunderstorms. a few degrees cooler than yesterday with winds out of the north at about five miles per hour. so nice start to summer and from here, it only gets warmer. >> stay cool if you can. let's check in with julie wright. for julie, that means an ice
5:32 am
water by the pool. >> absolutely. no complaining here with that forecast. and on the roads this morning, i think you will like t overnight roadwork cleared as you travel out of greenbelt. no problems reported on 95 and 295 coming in out of laurel. south stretch of the beltway behaving nicely. southbound 270 in great shape as you travel from germantown headed south into rockville. this is a live shot northbound i-95. so far, no problems to report as you travel out of dale city. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we begin this half hour with the late from the gulf of mexico where million of gallons of oil continue to pour into the water each day there. in fact, we are learning in a newly released about. p moment owes -- bp memo that the oil company has known all along about the am of oil.
5:33 am
>> reporter: oil containment workers spread across a florida beach on sunday. they were out all day picking up tar balls the size of soda cans. as the oil in the gulf of somebody cocontinues to crush, the crisis takes another turn. an internal memo suggests british petroleum heads knew the amount of oil leaking into the gulf of mexico was much more than they were publicly estimating because of damage to the well. >> i have a document that shows that bp believes it go upwards of 100,000-barrels per day which would be about four million barrel as day. again, right from the beginning, bp was either lying or grossly incompetent. >> reporter: bp has issued a statement denying congressman marki's charges. >> our main objective is to stop the leak. >> reporter: some lawmakers are calling for ceo tony hi ward to lose his job. hayward said no one at bp has been fired since the deep water horizon explosion. >> i believe he should go. you don't know how he can represent a company in crisis
5:34 am
like bp and ignore what is going on in the gulf of mexico. >> the point is, we need to get the oil leak stopped and we need to keep as much of this oil offshore as we can. and clearly, not enough is being done. >> reporter: oil from the gulf coast still may have turned up inside appear oyster at a north carolina restaurant. >> it got on my hands, the black stuff and it was kind of a little bit on it as you can see right here. it was just a little bit on the meat. >> reporter: bp has picked american bob dudley to take over as point man on the spill response. he will report to tony hi ward. his main goal is to stop the leak. we are following a developing story out of china. another mining accident there. at least 4 workers were killed likely by carbon monoxide
5:35 am
poisoning. twenty six were able to escape. cause of the blast is still not known right now. despite recent safety improvements, china's mining industry is by far the world's deadliest with more than 2600 killed last year alone. the spotsylvania sheriff's office mourning the loss of one of its own. depend stay sheriff dean ridings died in a bay disr accident on saturday. the boat was tarrantly struck by a large wake or series of them causing it to tip sideways. another deputy was thrown overboard but only suffered minor injuries. deputy riding apparently hit his head. he was taken to the hospital where he died. >> the sheriff's office is deeply saddened by the loss of its own and this feeling is compounded because both of the deceased deputy's sons currently work for this office. >> the deputy had worked for the sheriff's department since 2004. investigators are searching for whoever gunned down three
5:36 am
people saturday night in prince george's county. one of the victims tied. it happened in the 11000 block. lotsford tier res rase in mitchellville. 21-year-old aaron leach died. -- terrace in mitchleville. a very similar situation on georgia avenue in northwest friday night. three teenage hers were shot in the 5900 block. 1-year-old jamal bell did not survive. the other two are recovering f you know anything about either of these shootings, please call metropolitan police. there is a reward of up to $25,000. virginia's governor and first lady are in mourning today. maureen mcdon ailed's father passed away at his home in springfield. the governor canceled his weekend events so he could join the family. gardner was a world war ii veteran and worked for the fbi
5:37 am
and state department. he was 87. changes for the obama administration. coming up, we'll talk about who was reportedly leaving the white house. according to one article, fed up with one of the president's closest advisors. a little girl stuck in a frightening and dangerous situation. how she got trapped in a household appliance. you are watching fox 5 morning news. we'll be right back. tiosoguntes
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there is a possible shake- up brewing at the white house. the london daily telegraph is reporting chief of staff rahm emmanuel is expected to leave his job, possibly by the end of the year. paper cites what it calls washington insiders who say the 50-year-old is apparently fed up with the idealism of president obama's closest advisors. the high pressure job also said to be taking a toll on his relationship with his three children. emmanuel is reportedly interested in running for mayor of chicago, his hometown, of course. defense secretary robert gates is defending the obama administration's troop surge in afghanistan. he told fox news that some people are being too quick to call the war a failure and it will take more time and more patience to see results. he did admit it is going slower than expected but believes more progress will be evident by the end of the year. >> people are losing context. this policy, this strategy has been in place and working for only about four or five months.
5:41 am
we have yet to put yet a third of the surge forces into afghanistan. >> u.s. traps are supposed to begin withdrawing from afghanistan in july 2011 but secretary gates says the pace of that withdrawal has not yet been decided. a curious little girl in china got herself stuck in a very frightening situation. the 3-year-old climbed into a washing machine and could not get out. firefighters had to remove the warn wash are's outer panels and cut the plastic drum apart way knife t took more than an hour to free her. she was not eerily hurt out of all this but did get reprimand ad by her mother. a food fight on the streets of major u.s. cities. a battle over street vendors and restaurant ownerrens and why the vendors might be getting the upper hand. the first day of summer. the hot forecast coming up.
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julie wright would be loving this, loving the view, loving the 77 degrees at 5:44 in the morning. it is a hot one out there once again. it will get even hotter today. >> and with that song, can you just picture yourself at a
5:45 am
beach. can't you? >> i can. gentleman you got to. lots of people i'm sure did over the weekend. >> if it is going to be this hot, you might as well be at the beach. >> much cooler there. they have a nice breeze there. although it will be hot and sticky across the mid-atlantic this week. today, not as bad. our temperatures a few degrees cooler than yesterday and humidity will remain in check as our winds are out of the north. it will be as pleasant as 92 degrees can be here in washington. take a look at our headlines. it is undeed the first day of summer. we'll have a big party here. 7:28 this morning. get ready to celebrate. that is a big one for the people that are into weather. temperatures stay in the 90s. i mentioned yesterday, 95. today, low 90s and it won't feel too bad because there will be plenty of sunshine and the humidity won't be too bad today. it will get worse a little later this week as we have more moisture on the way. and the possibility of a thunderstorm tomorrow and we could use the rain. we've only picked up about 8/10
5:46 am
of an inch of rain for the month of june. we could use some rain because we are running behind. warm start, 77 at reagan national. 66 in gaithersburg. there are some 60s. you notice they're generally concentrated here off to the north and west. martinsburg baking up to a pleasant 64 and 67 for you in win hester. annapolis is 77. in leonardtown, we are 70. highs later today will be back into the low 90s. that is well above where it should be this time year. this has been a very warm month. in fact, today will be our tenth day this month where the temperatures touch the 90- degree mark. very quiet weather. high pressure building across the region. we will be in for bright sunshine today and i don't see any possibilities. any showers and thunderstorms until late tomorrow as that frontal system starts to approach the area. it will be a had the an hazy, humid week around here with
5:47 am
highs much of the week back into the low to mid-90s. look at all the 90s. we've got heat advisories flying off to the south and west. little rock tomorrow, near 100. so it will be very hot and even here in washington, we are going to see highs tomorrow back into the low to mid-90s with a warm-up in store for wednesday. our forecast, here you go, 9 # this afternoon. code orange air quality. take it easy. that is moderate air quality. elderly and young need to particularly watch it as highs will be in the low 90s. the five-day forecast, tomorrow, 9 #. could be a late thunderstorm. you are reading it right. 96 on wednesday. -- tomorrow, 93. our computer models are trying to give us 100 degrees on wednesday. cool down to 90 by friday. let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright. happy summer. >> i know. i'm so excited. i just facebooked that. i said tucker barnes said that 7:28 is officially the
5:48 am
beginning of summer. lanes are open if you are making the trip along the capital beltway. you will find lanes are open if you are south on 95 and 295 traveling between baltimore and tease. overfight roadwork in greenbelt near kenilworth avenue cleared and no problems reported right now at the wilson bridge. we've got light traffic volume northbound on i-95 leaving the car rest area moving on the prince william parkway. you are at speed along 66 head east from business 234 continuing in towards centreville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. northerly enis known for its great food and chefs in new orleans are feeding fishermen hoping to raise their spirits touring the crisis in the gulf. the chefs rely on the smear commercial fish he men to keep their businesses going. they wanted to give them a day of rest and relaxation. twenty chefs whipped up their
5:49 am
finest dishes. >> it's big. you feel emotional about it. thank you for coming down here and taking our minutes offer this for the day. >> we suffered through hurricanes in 2005 and again in 2008. it shows the resiliency of southeast louisiana. culture that is unique to us. >> the first gentleman you heard from, it is a personal mission. one year ago, chefs helped him battle back from an illness and this is his way of trying to give back. some trained chefs are taking their skills to the streets these days. food carts are going gourmet. as peter deucey reports, some restaurant owners are less than thrilled about this. >> for years, this was about the fanciest thing you could get to eat on the street. but that is changing. >> we can move around five days a week to five different locations. >> reporter: move over hot dogs. an edible movement is sweeping the streets. >> thank you for coming again. >> reporter: professionally trained chefs are going mobile. >> people don't want to spend $20 or $0 to sit down at a restaurant and eat so they come to us, grab a quick gourmet
5:50 am
meal, go back to the offices and enjoy. >> reporter: garr may food trucks are the newest fad in the ever-changing food industry. according to food and wine magazine he'd are to dana cowan, they will be parking themself permanently on our culinary road maps. >> they are introducing a whole new group of eaters to really great food. >> reporter: even established chefs are jumping on the bandwagon hoping to bring new customers in from the street. >> we have people would eat at the cart. they have never eaten at this restaurant. this is really good. i want to come in and eat there. >> reporter: these roving kitchens are using untraditional methods to spread the word using social media sites to keep the food crazy satisfied. >> can you follow these trucks on twill twitter. can you follow them on facebook. it is part of a game. >> for most people, they use it
5:51 am
to update their stats but for us, it has been a extra teamic tool that we use to operate our business. >> reporter: and the lunchtime competition in big cities is getting pretty fierce. there are even reports of some yell us restaurant owners calling the cops on ill landlordly parked food trucks in an attempt to make their competition roll away. peter tuesdayy, fox news. some legendary music lyrics going for legendary cash. what did you do over the weekend? do you do a bike ride, jog, maybe swim in how about all three, one afternoon the other? a little difficult but some people love it. we'll take you to d.c.'s first ever triathlon. you are watching fox 5 morning news. 
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the washington nationals got into the father's day celebration. military dads and their sons were invited to the ballpark for a day of excitement of fun in the sun. there were all giveaways and the lucky dads took home travel mugs. now, to the game at hand, the white sox looking for a sweep of the nationals. bottom of four game tied at one now. a nice one up the middle. the nats would go up by two after fewer innings. top of five now, chicago down
5:55 am
by one. a ground ball gets past ian d.c. monde. one run scores. white sox go to to win. the nats have lost six in a row. >> it is just not happening for us right now. we are struggling and everybody in there knows it. we are sticking together though and we're going to pass the character test, you know, the character gets tested sometimes and we're getting tested right now. >> the u.s. open, prettiest golf course but ugly performances on the course. phil mickelson started off great but finished three over. tiger, great putt there on the day. he fin,ed three over par that. man won, graeme mcdowell takes the u.s. open. justin johnson the third round leader who was six under going into the final round shot 11 over for the day. many streets in d.c. were
5:56 am
shut down sunday morning butt city was far from quiet. thousands of people hit the pavement and the water for the first washington, d.c. triathlon. melanie alnwick has a look from the finish line. >> reporter: cow bells and cheers at the end of a very long morning. >> washington did not disappoint with heat and monument. >> reporter: 2500 athletes kicked off the first running of the wash be d.c. triathlon. the second sanctioned triathlon held in the city. par pis taints included the perennial mayor adrian fenty. >> great to finish on pennsylvania avenue with the capitol in the background and white house in front of you. >> reporter: the organizer says it is the perfect thing for a city recognized for its fitness. it brings people together. sarah nixon ran as a father
5:57 am
appear day gift to her dad, a triathlon regular. >> i was telling all of my friends that he would beat me with all of his experience. >> i'm pleased to say she kicked my butt her first time out. >> reporter: with a kellout no the federal race, there is a good chance the washingtonness d.c. triathlon will be back for another round. >> mayor fenty placed 16th in the elite division with a time of two hours, 19 minutes and 14 seconds. does it seem like many young people are not going to church as much as in the past? straight ahead in our next hour, we'll show you how some youngsters are finding religion in a new high-tech way. should vice president joe biden and secretary of state hillary clinton switch jobs? we'll explain that one. coming up in our 8:00 hour, we'll tell you some ways to help the gulf coast deal with the oil spill. we are checking your monday morning commute which looks pretty good to 270 right now.
5:58 am
it is already 77 degrees. tucker has your forecast right after the break.
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