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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  June 22, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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tuesday, june # #nd p this is a live look over the nation's capital. can you see the capitol dome there. a beautiful morning in you are walking up at least early on. it will be sort of mild out there. i think i was getting a little bit sensitive but perhaps a little bit cooler and tucker said i was right, maybe a degree. >> we're starting to feel it. every degree matters. i'm steve chenevey along with sarah simmons and tony perkins back with us as well. >> good more than towing. >> maybe it is i little bit cooler than it was yesterday. it will be hot today. more heat, more humidity and we just have to deal with it for a few more days because it is here to stay. let's take a look at the current temperatures at the area airports. we are in the 60s and 70s. in fact, 75 degrees at reagan national. believe it or not, it was 7 # not that long ago. # 8 at dulles. 70 at b wait a minute marshall so a warm and, yes, muggy start
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to the day. here is a look at the satellite- radar for the eastern united states. we have got partly cloudy skies this morning. there is some storminess off to the north and west well out to the north and west. we are talking about across the midwest at this hour but later on, some of that could work its way in here this afternoon, maybe this evening, slight chance of showers and thunderstorms. we'll talk more about that a little bit later on. here is what you need to know for today. mostly sunny skies, hot an humid. scattered late day showers and thunderstorms are a possibility. high today about 94 degrees. we'll have pore details on that forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> let's check in with julie wright and get a look at traffic early this morning. >> the overnight roadwork scheduled on 95 southbound has cleared so all of your lanes there are open. you will find yourself at speed as you travel to and from the american legion bridge. no problems to report out of montgomery county headed down into fairfax. inner loop looks great as you
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continue northbound from the toll road headed around towards 270. eastbound 66 coming inbound from centreville this morning, not owe busy this morning. overnight roadwork between braddock road and 66 has cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our big story, it was one year ago today when a metro train crash killed nine people, shook up riders' confidence an sparked major safety changes in the transit agency. many changes have been put in place since the deadly accident last june. >> federal transportation officials won't have a final report until next month but within days of the deadly crash, investigators diseer zea rowed in on one thing, a failure of the automated control system. >> reporter: one year after the did hely red line crash that killed nine people and injured 76, metro continues to operate trains in manual mode. federal investigators early on
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discovered the transit system's automatic control system failed. >> the automatic train control system is designed to -- which is designed to prevent collisions, yet that system collapsed. >> reporter: a circuit at the crash site failed to detect the train sitting on the tracks. over the coming months, the investigate would show robs with that circuit going back a year and a half and just five days before the deadly collision. >> one of the circuits, however, had some anomalies and that is the circuit that our investigators are paying close attention to now. >> reporter: compounding problems, the front car of the striking train was an older model 1,000 series car which federal transit investigators had warned metro to replace or retrofit more than 10 years earlier because of concerns over cash worthiness. >> we have not been able to do that and our recommendation was not addressed. >> reporter: metro reconfigured all of its trains moving the
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older cars to the middle. it also inspected all 3,000 of its track circuits systemwide. at a hearing in february, information surfaced that metro had been warned with a letter in 2004 not to mix parts from different manufacturers, something that was done in the circuits at the crash site. >> when they this sent a letter how out, they should have done something. this is lives lost because of this. >> reporter: metro in october began testing a prototype to detect failures in the automatic control system in real time. no such system existed before the crash. sherry ly, fox 5 news. >> and by the way, fox 5 is providing complete coverage of today's memorial service. it begins at 10:00 a.m. and you can watch it live
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online. we'll stream the entire event on more than # hundred passengerred stuck aboard a marc train with no air conditioning and all that heat t broke down in cheverly -- more than 600 passengers stuck aboard a marc train with no air conditioning and all that heat. station i don'. >> reporter: the train left union station at 6:20 last night and it was headed towards baltimore and on to perryville. this is one of their most busy trains with hundreds of passengers leaving to head home after the long day of work. it was blistering hot yesterday when the train broke down not too long after it left union station just shy of the new carrollton metro station here. now, those passengers were stuck on that train for nearly two hours as officials tried first to tow that train but the brake apparently were stuck and the train would not budge.
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they eventually sent another car to offload passengers and to load them on to the train. we are told from passengers that were inside that some folks managed to pull out windows to get some ventilation as the heat began to rise but people rapidly began feeling sick. prince george's county fire ems came out on the scene. two people were transported to the hospital. we have a statement from the marc train officials would apologized for the inconvenience and uncomfortable conditions endured by passengers. they are promising a full review and they would like, quote, an improved response should something like this ever happen again. we'll be talking with marc train passengers to see how they feel about getting back on the train on what could be another blistering day. i'm stays stacy cohan, back to you. -- i'm stacy cohan. back to you. the defense department says private first class benjamin park of fairfax station, virginia was killed when insurgents attacked his unit
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with an ied. this happened friday in kandahar province. park was 25 years old. coming up on fox 5 morning news, white house chief of staff rahm emmanuel deliver as a strong response to a report that's stepping down. up next, hear why he needed to provide a translation. also, a is the warning to the u.s. for the man suspected in the times square failed bombing. chilling comments made to a you are watching fox 5 morning news. 
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a december six official tells the associated press that peter orzog plans to ten down later this year. he has been one. administration's more prominent faces, as you know. white house chief of staph rahm emmanuel denying reports that he is considering stepping down from his post possibly before the year is out. earlier this week, the daily telegraph suggested that he was on his way out citing his interest in running for mayor of chicago and his desire to be closer to his family but the
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white house staffer issue awed statement calling the report baseless after emmanuel first used some more colorful language. he has been open about political aspirations in the windy city but will remain with the obama administration for now. turning now to the latest in the oil spill in the gulf of mexico, the oil still gushing from the blown-out well and this morning, internal documents from bp show the company executives figured on a worst case scenario of 100,000- barrels leaking every day. and that is a lot more than the original estimate of just 5,000- barrels. it is now day 646 the oil spill and tar balls continue to wash up on beaches through outthe florida panhandle. a guilty plea from the man would tried to set off bombs in sometimes square. he admitted gill to all 10 terror counts he faced and told the judge he would plead guilty 100 times more. left an suv loaded with crudely made explosives in times square
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back on may 1st. in court, he also warned that if the u.s. did not get out of iraq and afghanistan, then attacks on the u.s. would just keep coming. we have a lot more for you this morning on fox 5 morning news. bob? >> the obama administration plans to retire the space shuttle program later this year. now, one legendary astronaut is speaking out against the decision. i'm bob barnard. what do you think? >> i think it is going to be hot today, bob. another hot one on tap. another day of 90-degree-plus weather. we'll talk about that and take a look at this morning's rush hour traffic in just a moment. right now, it is 12 minutes after 5:00. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 
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we are in a little bit of a
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heat wave this morning as we take a look out tower cam. you want to cool off? take a opinion out of what these youngsters were able to do. they didn't do this illegally like sometimes it happens we'll just say. no, they were able to beat the heat legally yesterday. hydranted turned on to help keep the youngsters cool. you know what you are now that heat and you get a chance to play in the cold water, you will take advantage of it. >> that is great. >> a nice treat for those youngsters. >> they will be wanting to do that later on today if they can. >> let the fire department do it. >> we are in a little bit of a heat wave. we could see 10 days straight of 90-degree plus temperatures. if we do that, this could be the warm of the june we've had in a long, long time. so the record for the month of
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june is 18 days of 90-degree temperatures and we're going to get close to that. >> so august will be 75 and sunny. >> we thought it would be a hot summer. and it is. >> you're right. >> because of that, let's take a look. we have that air quality alert in effect for today. code orange meaning the air quality will be unhealthy for sensitive groups. that includes young children, senior citizens, anyone with respiratory illness should limit prolonged outdoor activities. code orange for today. so take the necessary precautions, ladies and gentlemen. let's take a look at yesterday's high temperatures across the region. we made it up into the 90s yet again. high temperatures yesterday. is it working? come on now, computer. i'm trying to do the thing
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here, tucker. 93degrees. dulles, 94 degrees was your high. bwi marshall made it up to 89 degrees. 74 in the district. 73 in annapolis. 69 in baltimore. 67 at dulles airport. quantico is at 70 degrees at this hour. here is a look at the satellite- radar, there are a few clouds out there this morning. we are going to see our skies clear up as the day progresses for the most part. there will still be some clouds here and there but it will be mostly sunny. we'll keep our eyes on this system out here. it is well to the north and west across the great lakes region into ohio, indiana and illinois. there are some strong storms there. we could see some of that activity move across portions of our viewing area later this afternoon and during the evening. the forecast for today look like this. code orange air quality, mostly sunny skies. scattered late day showers and thunderstorms, 94 degrees for your high f we see some of those storms, some of them could be strong. so we'll keep our eyes open for that during the course of the day. then, five-day forecast, more of the same. take a look. i'm sorry.
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it will be super hot for the next several days at least through the middle part of this week. isolated thunderstorms possible today, wednesday, thursday, friday. we think a bit cooler. we don't think we'll see a chance of rain on friday. 90degrees. saturday, sunny. that will feel great compared to what we're going through right now. we've got julie wright standing by with an update on traffic. >> so far, so good. no accidents to report if you are traveling the top stretch the beltway between college park and bethesda. 270 behaving nicely leaving mva continuing out towards the split and northbound i-95 out of woodbridge picking up the usual suspects but no accidents out to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. one of america's most decorated astronauts wants president obama to change his mind about shutting down nasa's space shuttle program. john glenn says retiring the discovery atlantis and endeavour shuttles will ground all u.s. manned space flight for at least a decade and he
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didn't like that idea. bob barnard take a closer look. >> three, two, one and liftoff of space shuttle discovery. >> reporter: the planned launches of discovery and endeavour this fall would be last of nasa's 29-year-old space shuttle program. like the prototypent are price, the three remaining orbiters would become nothing more than museum pieces. >> i don't think it should go away. it has been too safe of an aircraft. i think there is a need for it. >> reporter: in this six-page statement regarding nasa manned space flight, john glenn, the 88-year-old former ohio senator writes why terminate a perfectly good system that has been made more safe and reliable through many years of development and the shuttles are not worn out, far from it. >> i grew up following all of the space program stuff and wanted to be an astronaut as a young girl. you just hate to see it go away. >> reporter: with nasa still in the early stages of its next generation manned space flight program called constellation, glenn rights the originally
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planned gap of two to three years of our having no u.s. manned launch capability will real liftically be closer to eight to 10 years or more. >> how are we going to get back to the space station. the russians going to take us? you trust it to them? i don't. sorry. >> i think it is important to our national pride to not relinquish being number one. >> reporter: as one of the the original mercury 7 astronaut, john glenn was the first american to orbit the earth. he game a national hero after that historic flight in 1962. thirty-six years later, he became the oldest american to fly in space. at age 77 on the space shuttle discovery, which we're told would replace enterprise athe center piece artifact at the known's air and space museum near dulles. bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> thank you so much. the first men on the moon,
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neil armstrong and buzz aldrin, have already asked president obama to keep the space shuttle program going. a massive effort to keep people from losing their homes may not be working. coming up in the next hour, a program launched by the obama administration has an alarming dropout rate. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton will join us. we'll talk about safety improvemented one year after the deadly crash. and then at 8:00, the latest on the robert wone murder trial. our paul wagner has been following it closely. he will join us live foe an update. a warning for area pet owns are. in this scorching weather, if you don't help your pet beat the heat t could land new jail. it is now 5:22 -- it could land you in jail. [ male announcer ] let's take the garden into our own hands.
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welcome back. as the sup comes up over washington, d.c., there is a look at the capitol dome this morning. if you are heading outside, keep in mind pet owners, these rising temperatures can be deadly for your dog, your cat, three dogs have already died from the heat in d.c. this year. >> one was left in a car. another two were in their backyards. matt ask lapped went along with the humane society as they went on pet patrol yesterday. >> he spends most of the day inside during these hot days. >> reporter: when it is this hot outside, walt's walk in the park is usually a quick one. >> generally, he gets so tired that he goes under the bench almost as soon as we get there.
5:26 am
>> reporter: for many other pets, there is no escape from the heat. >> usually what we see are just some minor issues. >> reporter: each day jennifer gardner, an animal control officer for the humane society, jumps in her van and heads out to pet distress calls coming in from residents across the district. >> usually going to the calls of the highest priority first and than handingling the lower priority calls after that. >> reporter: most of the calls have to do with the heat. some pets are left inside cars and others are left chained in the backyard. that is what we found here. officer gardner first takes a few picture and then looks for problems. this little dog is chained in the sun and there is another serious issue gardner sees often. >> there is a bowl but i'm not sure if he is able to reach it which is one of the issues with chaining is that sometimes it does get wrapped around things and they are unable to reach
5:27 am
it. >> reporter: after gardner notified pet owner, she came out and took the dog inside. one of the wort cases happened here along this alley way in one of these backyards where they found a dog dead. the dog was lying on cement. there was no water and there was no shade. officer gardner says in most cases pet owners simply forget that the heat they are trying to escape is just as miserable for their pets left outdoors. >> we do have some owners who just really didn't realize how hot it was going to get inside of their car. >> matt ackland, fox 5 news. we still have a lot more on fox 5 morning news this morning. stacy? we'll be right back.
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we'll take a look at traffic on the 14th street bridge right now at 5:30 on this tuesday morning. it is june 22nd. this will be the first full day of summer t will feel like it out there. >> absolutely and it will today and the day after and the day after. >> we'll keep going for a while. >> we have a little streak going here. i think right now it is three days in a row. it looks like we'll have our high temperatures in the 90s for the next several days. it is a warm one and indeed, it has been a warm month so far.
5:31 am
we are averaging five and a half degrees above normal for this month. so yeah, a warm june. let's take a look at the current temperatures around the region. there is a warm start to the day although temperatures have dropped off a bit in parts of the viewing area. we are back into the 60s. that is good. 69-degree in baltimore. 67 at dulles. frederick, maryland is at 68 degrees. fredericksburg, virginia, 69 degrees. in the district, it is 74. here is a look at hd radar. no rain in over us this morning. we do have humidity so there is moisture out there. take a look at out west. portions of ohio soon to be in western portions of pennsylvania. a lot of thunderstorms ripping right now across portions of the great lakes states. a lot of lightning in ohio, in indiana, right around indianapolis. so we'll keep our eyes on this. this is our weather system that is making its way east and there is a possibility right now that we could see some storms come through here any time after 3:00 this afternoon and then into the evening hours as well. we'll keep you posted on that
5:32 am
as the day progresses. forecast for today, code orange in effect for our air quality. it is bad air quality for sensitive groups. it is going to be another hot, humid day. 94-degree for your high in town and again, cannot rule out some scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms. so more about that coming up in just a little bit. >> and any hopes of those thunderstorms cooling to down, even a little bit. not too good. >> they will be widely scattered. >> thank you. let's check in with tony and get a look at traffic. >> all right. good morning again. not too busy out on the roads. you will find traffic volume still moving at speed each way at the wilson bridge. top side, outer loop, all lane are open as you travel from college park headed around towards the exit for 270. roadwork overnight northbound on the beltway at branch avenue, that is in the process of being cleared. this is a live shot of 66 and for those traveling inbound this morning, you will found your lanes are open leaving
5:33 am
cent areville headed eastbound towards 7100 continuing further east towards fair oaks. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. stuck on a train for hours with no air conditioning. it happened to more than # hundred marc passengers last night. the train lost power in cheverly just before the new carrollton stop. fox 5's stacy cohan has the latest for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the cause of this incident is under investigation. officials are not quite sure why that train lost power but the result was really a very difficult situation for more than 200 passengers who were stuck on marc train 538. the train left union station at 6:20 last night headed to baltimore and then on to perryville, maryland. it is one of marc train's busiest commuter routes. when they lost power, they are just shy here of the new carrollton station where i am right now and that train was stuck on the track for over an hour and a half. the marc train officials' first response was to bring another
5:34 am
vehicle, another train to tow the train away but apparently the brake remained stuck and it would not move. the passengers were trapped in that train. they were told they had very little information about what was going on. the temperature continued to rise as they had lost power and air conditioning. some passengers resorted to popping out the windows to get some ventilation on to the train. about would hours, there was another train brought out owe they could offload passengers. two people were transported with heat-related illnesses. this morning, marc and amtrak officials are apologizing to the passengers for the inconvenience and the uncomfortable conditions they suffered. we will be talking to marc train passengers here this morning to see how they feel about getting on board. the first train departs from new carrollton just after #:00 this morning. so we'll hear what they have to say. live in new carrollton metro station, i'm stacy cohan. back to you.
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our big story marks the one- year anniversary of the deadliest crash in metro history. let's flash back now to june 2 #nd, 2009. nine people were killed. dozens more hurt when the two trains collided on the red line. a year later, there are still some safety concerns with the transit agency too. fox 5's sherry ly has the details. >> reporter: they were nine people from all walked of life killed that fateful june day when the red line train they were on crashed into a train sitting on the track near fort totten. the force of of the collision so violent there was little rescuers could do. >> we will make certain that the train is clear of everyone living or dead before we turn it over for the investigation. >> reporter: major general david warly retired commander of the d.c. national guard and his wife ann, both 62 had just finished orientation if a walter reed volunteer program. they were high school sweethearts. >> the cracks in my heart fill with the memories of your love
5:36 am
for each oorks a love story so complete and special words cannot do it justice. >> reporter: dennis hawk inwas oldest victim, a 64-year-old retired school teacher. 2-year-old nick can i king, the youngest. had graduated from cosmetology school, an aspiring make-up artist. >> i asked this question, why me. she had so much going for herself. >> they are mothers like anna fernandez trying to raise six children working as a housekeeper. and veronica, a mother of two, was going to nursing school to make a better life for her son and daughter. >> that was veronica. she was a hard worker. she did what she had to do. >> reporter: some took metro almost every day. cameron williams, a 37-year-old laborer and mary dolittle a 59- year-old who supported nursing around the world both rode metro to work. for the train's operator who had been on the job about six months, this was her dream. >> i'm going to miss my jan.
5:37 am
she was a very, very outgoing person. >> she took an act that i believe in my judgment that ultimately would determine that she saved lives. >> reporter: the investigate shows evidence of braking, mcmillan's last act in what is metro's deadliest accident in history. >> that is sherry ly reporting. we'll hear more from sherry later this morning. we are providing complete coverage of the memorial service today at 10:00. can you watch it on we'll stream the entire event there. also coming up, it was a frightening situation for this driver. how did this car end up in this raging creek? that story up next. the latest on that massive wildfire in arizona. more than 10,000 acres have been charred. first, let's take a look at stocks. they were well into positive territory for most of the day but finished down. the dow down a handful. overseas in japan, the nikkei
5:38 am
closed down 125 points overnight. it is now 5:37 on this tuesday morning.
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5:40 am
raging wildfires burning near flagstaff, arizona. the so-called shut fire has burned more than 10,000 albrighters. it was caused by an abandoned campfire. strong winds are expected to continue today. so far, there are no reports of
5:41 am
injuries or of any buildings being burned. a california man was arrested for accidentally spa,ing the other blaze with hot coals. imagine drive ago long one minute manhunt and then the next, like this guy, upside down in a creek. that is what happened to a driver in golden, colorado. the man lost control on a highway and veered off into the water. rescuers thankfully were able to get the driver out. he was treated for only minor injuries and the cause of the accident still under investigation. let's get the latest on the swigs in the gulf stated. prosecutors from 11 states including maryland and delaware are now asking bp for assurances that it will pay all claim from victims if the reaches those states. so far, the oil has not yet made it today atlantic but the states' attorney general sent the oil giant a letter asking they want bp to preserve any documents related to the spill and the response.
5:42 am
in the meantime, the man handling the $20 billion compensation fund set up for the victims of oil spill says b perform will speed up claim payments for the victims already affected. >> people are angry and frustrated. they wanted relief financially from the leak and it is my job to see they get it and get it fast. >> tar balls continue to wash up in panama city, florida this morning. today is day 64 of the oil spill. a hidden nightmare for some home owners, maybe other than you. up next, a major problem with drywall and how it could lead to health problems and some expensive repairs. we'll tell what you to look out for. plus a big boost for sneaker giant adidas. we'll tell you what is behind the latest kick in sales. >> we've got your morning commute. we'll check on that and your weather when we come back. [ male announcer ] thinking about your florida beach vacation
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and about what's happening in the gulf? well, florida has 825 miles of beaches... 221 of them, here in northwest florida. so, there's plenty of places in florida to enjoy crystal clear waters and a great beach vacation. go to florida live at for real-time information. visit a natural escape on florida's gulf of mexico, st. george island, carribelle, apalachicola and alligator point.
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music, it is filling the streets of new york city right now. sixty pee appear owes are set up throughout the city at landmarks like the lincoln center, the brooklyn bridge and staten island ferry, part of an art installation touring the
5:46 am
world. the project called play me, i'm yours aims to correct strangers. for the next two weeks, anyone can get a chance to play. you don't from v. to pay anything. the pianos will be donated to local schools and hospitals. >> i think that is a great idea. >> too bad they are not doing it in d.c. i think new york is the only east coast city where they're doing that. >> lifts your spirits especially if it is hotter than, you know, it should be. hotter than you would wish it could be. a little music might be nice. >> we could use some of those now. >> another hot one, folks. as a matter of fact, i mention this real quick, spring, summer began yesterday morning. today the first full day of summer. so the results are in from spring. warmest spring on record for washington, d.c. at reagan national. >> the most snow for the winter, the warmest spring. >> extremes. >> what's coming scene of the accident. >> oh, boy. let's not worry about that. we'll start with the current
5:47 am
temperatures around the region. 74 take is your temperature right now here in the district. in salisbury, maryland, at 67 degrees. 70 down in quantico. 69 in baltimore. dulles airport at 67 degrees. culpeper is at 64 degrees. so some of those temperatures a little bit better than they were a couple of hours ago. we'll take that. here is your satellite-radar, there are some clouds moving across us this morning. some loud will be filtering in during the course of the day. you could see they are pushing in from the west as a storm system out to the west makes its way eastward. as you can see, most of that storm system is to the north of washington but still can't rule out a couple of showers and thunderstorms popping up here late this afternoon any time after about 3:00 or so and then into the evening hours as well. temperatures, that is what we're talking about. we just had the warmest spring on record. we've got a series of 90-degree days. here is your futurecast today. we are looking at a high of 94.
5:48 am
you think that is uncomfortable. just wait. later today, overnight, our lows drop into the 70s and then tomorrow, 97 degrees an look at how much of the eastern united states is well into the 90s. atlanta, 92 tomorrow, nashville, 95. 96 in little rock tomorrow. so very warm air in place for the eastern half of the nation. forecast for washington for today, we have a code orange air quality alert in effect for unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups. the edmonton arely, the young, anyone with a respiratory illness. other than that, mostly sunny skies. scattered late day showers and thunderstorms, 94 degrees for your high. some of those storms could be strong. evening thunderstorms still possible. warm and humid overnight. lows in town again about 74 degrees. some of you will touch the 60s. then your five-day forecast, more of the same tomorrow. like we said, 9 #, 97, isolated thunderstorms possible. thursday, super hot again. 97degrees. a bit cooler on friday and saturday. how often can you say 90-degree is cooler but that is what
5:49 am
we'll have as we head into the weekend. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, here is julie wright with an update on traffic. >> i looked for you last night at the earth, wind and fire concert because you weren't working yesterday. i thought maybe you were taking the day off to prep up for that. >> i wish. where were they? >> wolf trap. >> i have aseen them many, many times. >> i know but there is to voice like philip bailey. >> one of the best shows around. >> a lot of fun. this morning's commute along i- 95 not looking so bad. you have lanes open as you travel up to the capital beltway. light traffic volume in the hov lanes as you travel northbound leaving newington. calls are are reporting delays leaving the prince william parkway in the direction of lorton. no incidents to report. southbound at 7100, we did have an accident there along the right side. if you are traveling southbound along 27 0rbg the lane are open leaving rockville headed for the split. top side of the beltway in good shape between college park and bethesda.
5:50 am
175 at i-95, authorities checking for a crash there. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we've talked about this before. more now on the continuing problem of dangerous drywall that has been imimportanted from china. it affects thousands of american homes. it is linked to health problems and it is leading to expensive repairs as home owners are forced to replace everything from the drywall itself to the electrical wiring, even smoke alarms. as melanie alnwick found out, there might be some relief now. >> reporter: the first thing that hit home owners affected by toxic drywall is the smell. a rotten egg odor caused by hydrogen sulfite gas. >> it is a nightmare. >> that is exactly it. >> it is a nightmare. >> reporter: then comes the cost the wilsons are spending their retirement money to rip out and replace all the damage, at least 100,000 home owners in 37 states appear the district of columbia are having to do the same thing. >> this is quite expensive to repair. >> reporter: the sulfite gas causes metal to corrode.
5:51 am
the consumer product safety commission says to look out for chinese-made drywall installed between 2001 and 2008. >> the manufacturer stamps are always on the back side of drywall. if it says american, there is a pretty good bet your house does not have chinese drywall but that is not a guarantee. >> reporter: home inspect yea mark. a nic says some builders may have mixed sources i drywall. check copper wires behind outlets. >> before you do anything like this, you want to turn the power off. if you look at the connection, you see there is no corrosion on the hotline here and no corrosion on the ground line. >> reporter: look for corrosion in your ac unit. this one is good. this one is not. metal bathroom fix tours can be stained or pitted. cpsc is tracking complaints nationwide. >> the percentage of drywall nationwide is minimal but it is not minimal if it is your house. >> reporter: there are programs
5:52 am
to help home owns are pay for the repair costs but when you are dealing with a complete tearout. >> it has been enough is enough as far as i'm concerned. >> the odor may linger a bit longer. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. a consumer alert now. an american mainstay is getting into the soy sauce business. heinz has agreed to buy foodstar, a chinese company that makes soy sauces and fermented bean curd, steve's favorite t gives the company a bigger foot hold in china. the deal still requires regulatory approval in china. blow the ve investment zula. world cup is great business for adidas. they predict they will earn
5:53 am
more than a billion dollars in sales from the soccer tournament. the world appear biggest coin has gone up for auction in austria. it was minted thee years ago and is valued at $1 million canadian dollars. the. 's original opener was the head of an austrian investment firm who recently declared bankruptcy. >> doesn't fit into the vending machines though. that is the problem. >> you need to get a candy bar, it won't help you. more backlash against illegal immigrants. we'll talk about one city's new ban on hiring or renting property to illegal immigrants. that is coming up. >> goes in behind the runner. second base! utah nats in a real nail biter try to snap a losing streak. you are watching fox 5 morning news. 
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checks one to left. see you later. >> no offense to adam dunn, but that is one of the long of the home runs you will see at national park. that is michael mothers followed up by cyst wrap guzman and that was all the offense the nats needed tw w. two solo shots. the nats beat the royals 2-1.
5:57 am
world cup action, quick soccer highlights for you. a finally a home show of fence. it was all portugal in this one against north korea. they tallied six goals in the second half. no goal pretty than his. that is the third largest margin in the history of the world cup with seven. switzerland taking on hon tour as now. this shot, while falling down. that is a blast. puts it right past the keeper. it was a 2-0 victory over honduras. massive efforts to keep people from losing their homes may not be working. straight ahead, a program launched by the obama administration has an alarming
5:58 am
drop-out rate rate. at 7:00, d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton will join us to talk about safety improvements to metro one year now after the deadly metro crash. then at 8:00 this morning, the late on the robert wone murder trial. paul wagner has been following it very closely. he will join us to bring us the latest on that. fox 5 morning news will be back at 6:00. 
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