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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  July 26, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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in cooler temperatures last night. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. two people were killed by falling trees. >> the power has been knocked out to more than 300,000 homes and businesses. could take days before all that power is restored. >> because there's no power, montgomery county has cancelled all of its summer school classes and activities for the entire day. also all montgomery parks and counties -- parks and rec activities are cancelled. >> we have some other closings and cancellations just in. ivy mount school in rockdale closed today. anne arundel closed. only the german town and tacoma park silver springs are opening. all the other locations closed due to the power outages this
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morning. >> the good news, it's a little cooler which helps when there is no power and you have to sleep with the windows open. >> at least we do have that, a little bit of good news where folks don't have power, we have had cooler temperatures in some areas during the overnight hours, less humidity as well and even this morning our humidity levels have been around 60% so that's certainly an improvement over what we saw over the weekend and last week. hires a look at the satellite radar. few clouds out there here and there but mostly, mostly clear skies, except across the southern viewing area, that's where you see more clouds there and you see that on the satellite radar. what you don't see is any rain and we don't have any region nor do we expect to see any today. current temperatures, 76 degrees right now in the district, 71 up in new york city, still warm in the southeast, norfolk, virginia at 80 degrees, cape hatteras 76
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degrees. forecast for today looks like this, mostly sunny skies, cooler, yes, it will be warm with the high in the upper 80s to 90 but that's 10 to 12 degrees cooler than it was over the course of the weekend for a high temperature and as importantly, it won't be as humid so not a bad day today. that's a look at what's happening with the weather. now let's get an update on traffic with lauren demarco. >> yesterday's weather still having an impact on the roads. watch for trees and debris across the roadway near arizona avenue. decarl ya parkway, westbound lanes are blocked, eastbound is open at this time. the other big problem is traffic signals, dark. in montgomery county there are more than 200 traffic signals dark this morning, still without power, you want to treat those as a four way stop. here is a look at an accident at one of those intersections,
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southbound 29 at mus grove road in silver spring, accident activity off to the right. you want to be sure to treat these as a four way stop. 335 at grovener lane an accident where the signal is dark. route 1 between the beltway, also a lot of traffic signals out. 335, sarah simmons has been reporting there as well in the bethesda area. you want to watch for volume leaving college park on the outer loop towards university but things do seem to be flowing. northwest d.c., new york avenue at north capitol, police remain on the scene there, new york shut down ibobetwn route 1 in n and route 1 in northeast so do give yourself extra time. you need to find an alternate route there. allison, back over to you. >> thank you. it could be a while before some residents get their lights turned back on. montgomery county has the most
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power outages and fox 5's sarah simmons joins us live from rockville with more on our top story. a rough way to start the workweek for a lot of folks. >> reporter: certainly is. we are at one of those intersections where the traffic 1eug falls is out -- traffic signals is out. you can see where nicholson lane and rockvalle pike, they have stop signs out. of course due to the power outages those storms that rolled through so let's take a quick look at the latest numbers we have. pepco is telling us they have about 248,000 customers without power, dominion over 12,000 and bge, it is close to 37,000, 36,926. now, even after -- when we were out here early this morning, the traffic signals were out, it was very dark, very dangerous situation. as lauren mentioned a little
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bit ago, about 270 traffic signals in montgomery county that are out and of course again, those are four way stops. that's the law when you see a traffic signal that is out. these power outages have also forced wssc to implement water restrictions too because water went out to their filtration plants on river road but there is a little bit of good news this morning. >> as of right now, the power is back to the plant. pepco is able to restore that about 5:00 this morning and so the plant is now about to get operational. there's a check list that they have to go through to put the plant back in operation, start producing water again. that will take several hours to get up to speed and then it's a matter of restocking the system. >> reporter: now, in the meantime, though, those water restrictions are still in place for those wsse customers. they want you to stop any outdoor water use, don't water the plants, don't water the lawn. they also want you to limit how often you flush the toilet if you can and only run full loads
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if you're going to run the dishwasher or the washing machine, make sure they are only full loads. now, again, back out here, when it comes to the traffic signals, one note i wanted to point out is work here at this intersection, we are noticing folks that come up to the stop light and maybe three of them that stopped together and then all three go through the intersection. nice try but that's not how it's supposed to work. you're all supposed to take your turn. so keep that in mind when you head out here on your morning commute. back to you. >> sarah, thank you so much. take a look at this scene left behind by sunday's storms on montana avenue northeast. downed powerlines set two cars on fire. fortunately no one was hurt. strong storms also behind at least two deaths in the d.c. area. a woman in her 40s was killed, her mother was hurt when a large tree came down on their minivan. the van was moving at the time and that the massive weight of the tree stopped the vehicle
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instantly. neighbors say the storm seemed to come out of no nowhere. >> i was watching television and all of a sudden the tv went out and i looked out the window and the trees were all bent over and i went up and got my husband and i said i think we are having a hurricane. i mean, i thought it was a hurricane. >> the woman who survived this wreck was in her 60s -- is, rather. it took firefighters some time to get her out of the passenger seat. no word on her condition this morning. tragedy also stretched into virginia where a tree limb fell on a 6-year-old boy and killed him in sterling yesterday. they were walking to a park rec center to go swimming. we are getting reports that it could be days before the power is restored to our region. >> clay anderson joins us from pepco to talk about this. good morning. >> reporter: how are you doing? >> better than some of you guys this morning because i know it's going to be a busy day for a lot of your workers. the storm hit in a hurry, did quite a bit of damage. where do we stand now as far as the outages? >> reporter: we are making a dent in the outages.
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yesterday we were looking at close to 300,000 customers that were out across the pepco region. what we are looking at right now as of 7:00 a.m., about 238,000 customers total in the pepco region, that includes about 180,000 for montgomery county, 22,000 for the district of columbia, prince george's county, about 37,000 customers. >> clay, this was a fast moving storm. the major culprit here the wind, am i correct? >> reporter: so far, we haven't got the official determination from the national weather service if it was anything more than that but definitely about 2:30, 3:00 storms raced across the pepco region from west to east, winds in excess of 60 miles an hour. we do know that much and when winds came through, the trees came down and took a lot of wires with it. >> clay, i want to ask you because we are showing a lost video of some of those major intersections, do you tackle the traffic light situation differently than you might a residential situation? >> we do and also tackle that
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in addition. we are working with fire and ems as well as mdot and ddot in the district of columbia. we know there are hundreds out in montgomery county, a lot out in the district of prince george's county as well so we do have a matrix where we start with our fire, ems, hospitals, traffic lights are also part of that top tier property. >> in this heat, fortunately clay, it's not as hot as we have seen but in this excessive heat what can you tell folks about when the power is going to be turned back on? >> well, what we are telling folks right now to be patient as now, we do not have any times for restoration yet. we are still in the assessment stage. we do have additional crews that are moving in as we speak. they will be working across the area around the clock. as soon as we have times for restoration, we will let folks know. we realize that weather also plays a factor, heat and humidity will move back in the area by midweek so definitely try to get people back before that heat comes back as well.
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>> clay anderson, thanks so much with pepco this morning. good luck to everyone. what a task they have ahead of them. >> where do you start? it's so widespread. >> they are going to keep working on it. just about 10 after now. and fox 5 viewers have been sending us pictures of the storm damage. this is a photo from silver spring maryland, a big tree toppled in the back yard by the pool. if you want to send us pictures or a video of the damage near you, with ask you to -- we ask you to go to our website,, all you need to know is right there on the home page you can also track the latest on power as well as storm-related cancellations. rhyme right now 10 minutes past the hour on this monday morning. coming up another check on your weather and on-time traffic. >> we are in store of a little bit of a cooldown. first, though we will take a look at top headlines and that includes a huge leak of classified documents that has both the white house and the
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pentagon scrambling this morning. fox 5 morning news continues right after this at 7:10. 
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it is 7:14 right now. time for a look at some of the stories making headlines this morning. the u.s. military is still searching for two missing navy personnel this morning. the taliban claims they killed one of the americans and offer to exchange the other for fighters held in jail. afghan officials responded to the offer by asking the taliban for a trade deal for the surviving americans. the white house strongly condemning leaks of documents in the war in afghanistan this morning. 90,000 documents were released by the online whistleblower site. the records describe detailed descriptions of raids carried out by special forces units. mixed reports on the man who first led the gulf oil
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spill cleanup. bp has said no final decision have been made by management decisions including tony hayward. there is talk hayward would be replaced soon. bp's board scheduled a meeting for later tonight. let's check in with tony with a look at our forecast. >> i think most folks will find today to be rather pleasant, even pleasant this morning. our latest relatively humidity check, 56%. >> i like that. >> how about that? that's good. however, let's take a look back at yesterday's rainfall totals. we had pretty good amounts of rain obviously the most damage from the storms yesterday was due to the high winds, but rainfall at reagan national about 6/10 of an inch, a little over that actually, nearly 2/3 of an inch. dulles had just over half an inch and bwi marshall over 4/10 of an inch of rain yesterday. current temperatures around the region, remain at 76 degrees, but our relative humidity is 56%, making for a very pleasant
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start to the day. fredericksburg 77, frederick maryland is at 68 degrees this morning. that must feel good. here's a look at the satellite radar for the region. now, to our north, we have got mostly clear skies, rain showers across portions of the midwest into the ohio valley but for us we are dry, precipitation free, humidity low, clouds out there but a good amount of sunshine today. five-day forecast, our average high for today is 89 degrees, so we will be near normal, we are looking for a high right around there, maybe 90 downtown, but some of you will top out at 88 or 89 degrees. so cooler, less humid day. tomorrow more of the same, 90, maybe a little more humid in the afternoon than today. wednesday some showers and thunderstorms are certainly possible in the afternoon and evening, 92, same for thursday, and then friday another decent day with a high of about 87 degrees. if that ends up being that's ac a degree or two, so we will
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take that. >> sounds like a nice day. >> we are not going to complain. >> at least something to look forward to after yesterday. traffic not something to look forward to this afternoon. let's check it out with lauren demarco. >> east-west highway east of connecticut avenue, got reports of debris there. keep your eyes peeled as you head out there. a lot of traffic signals out. sky fox has been live over 29 in the silver spring year. here we are at tech. police there directing traffic. very heavy inflow southbound 29 from the burr tons -- we did have the wreck southbound 29 at mus grove road off to the right side of the roadway as well. in the district they have been doing something different. they have some generators set up, earlier this morning wisconsin avenue at jennifer. they have got a generator set up there to keep the traffic signal on and going for your
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morning commute so that with police presence, a little bit of help out there. if you come to a traffic signal that is not functioning where it's dark you want to be sure to treat that as a four way stop. dealing with volume, northbound 95 slow from woodbridge up to springfield. getting across the 14th street bridge jammed. in northwest d.c. new york avenue shut down in both directions at north capital street for an investigation. montgomery county police are investigating a deadly shooting in the white oaks section of silver spring that happened after 12:30 this morning in the 11,000 block of columbia pike. officers found a 29-year-old man with at least one gunshot wound. he died at the scene. police say the victim may have gotten into an argument with two men right before he was shot. now to a bizarre story of mistaken identity out of
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arizona. friends and family of a 19-year- old woman thought she died in a bad car crash last week. but it turns out the hospital got it wrong and the girl is alive in the hospital. the girls were among a group of five friends returning from a trip to disneyland. both the police at the scene and the hospital mixed up the identities of the girls and told the wrong family that their loved one had died. pet food recall to talk about this morning. procter & gamble is recalling two brands of iams brand cat food. no illnesses have been reported. there's more information online at, just look under web links. 7:19 on this monday morning. coming up next we are going to check in with eleanor homes norton and get her thoughts on big issues impacting the city. also going to check in with holly. she's learning about japanese martial arts this morning. stay tuned for that as fox morning news continues now at
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at a board meeting tomorrow metro releases its official report on last year's fatal metro rail cash. eleanor holmes norton will meet later that week to discuss that report with the chair of the national transportation safety board. right now she joins us from capitol hill to talk about metro and other hot topics in the news for d.c. residents. let's talk about matt, not just the report. >> we have got the second installment now, at least passed through the appropriation committee. it's $150 million of the $1.5 billion that congress has promised to help us fix metro and congress promised it for a very good reason. as you can see last winter when metro closed down, so did the federal government. this money is absolutely
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essential for operations and given the tragedy of just about a year ago, the need for the second installment, the second $150 million installment could not be more clear. >> the money is on the way. i guess the hope now is to make sure that it's expect the right -- spent the right way so we don't have more situations like we had last year. and you're going to find out more specific later today, right? >> yes, later today. this is when the 27th i think is when the board meeting is due to take place. but the money is to be spent, we know, on a number of things, but i certainly hope the first money is to be spent on getting new cars. nonregional residents, it was a 1970s vintage car. how many 1970s cars are on the road even in our country today?
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you don't do that. now we of course have a new bill that for the first time would regulate metro rail across the country. they are unregulated and here we had in this region a toothless regulator who could not even until recently get access to metro. >> let's talk about the water runoff bill that you're proposing. this is kind of interesting because anybody in d.c., any business knows that they are responsible for, you know, trying to help out with some of the runoff but the federal government seems to own probably more land in d.c. than anybody else and they are saying they don't want to deal with this. are you going to get them in line to chip in like everybody else? >> i'm going to relish this one. the federal government is a rate payer, water and sewer rate payer like you and me in the city and region, and yet the federal government, which owns 1/4 of the land in the
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district of columbia is saying that a fee that it places across the country in order to keep storm water runoff from polluting the rivers like the anacostia and pa toll ma, that -- pa patomic, all rate payers are equal. my bill would say so. i believe i'm going to be able to get this bill through the senate and house. it's already out of committee in the senate. i have lots of allies across the country but we are number 1 here because so much of our land is controlled by the federal government so if they don't pay this fee simply by renaming it a tax, then the burden is going to come on average rate payers like your viewers. >> right. and that's something that they certainly don't want and i know you don't want that either. real quick before we let you go today, let's talk about something else involving the
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city of d.c., special elections, especially when it comes to city council. are you making progress there? >> that's an important bill. and it shouldn't have to come to me, but it does because it's in the charter. i want to transfer the charter matters back to the district of columbia and going to be putting in a bill to do that but until then if a district wants to do something that has absolutely nothing to do with the federal government, like change the number of days you have to wait after there's a vacancy on the city council, you can pass your bill in the council but it has to come also to the congress. when wards 4 and 7 were left without council members for a long period of time, they didn't -- the council didn't have the ability to make that time shorter. today it's 114 days. the council wants it to be 70 days cutting it in half. we will get that bill through the house has gotten it through committee already. that's the least the district
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is entitled to and i just regret that i have to get involved in a local home rule matter at all but it is an important one because it is a democracy matter, a governing matter that would be important to every citizen in the district. >> you're getting things done and that's what we like to hear. delegate eleanor holmes norton, always a pleasure and enjoy your monday. >> thank you, you too. check it out. might be hard to tell but this apartment building is missing half of its roof. just another casualty of yesterday's really strong storm that came through. we have new video from the scene and we are going to show it to you coming up next. then more on a career and college fair celebrating the 100th anniversary of the national urban league. stay with us. we will talk about that coming up as fox 5 morning news continues. now 7:28. 
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top story this morning, the strong storms that rolled into the area yesterday and in college park that meant significant damage to a couple of apartment complexes. 16 buildings in two complexes heavily damaged, this the scene on cherry hill road in college park where 74 apartments had to be evacuated. several apartment buildings at a complex in greenville also sustained roof damage. about 120 units there had to be
7:32 am
evacuated. >> montgomery county has cancelled all of its summer school classes and activities for the entire day also. all montgomery parks and recreation programs including classes, camps and activities all cancelled today. the city of rickville has cancelled all summer camps and summer playgrounds including cloudien creek nature center camp, ivy school in rockville closed today. aarundel high school in anne arundel county today closed. >> silver spring campuses are open. all other locations of montgomery college are closed due to the outages and everything is online. go to, we will update any cancellations or delays there. i got to say, you know, walking around in the neighborhood, that's when you see the neighborhood, the spirit come out, folks are out there with their chainsaws, getting trees down, chopped up for other people. >> and it really is amazing.
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yesterday afternoon within minutes of the storm coming through, people were out and starting to clean up right away. cleanup efforts will continue today as we have got a lot of damage around the area. we will be storm-free for today. that is the good news. >> good. >> meanwhile over the weekend record setting heat. you know we set a record on saturday. we told you last week we would and we did. 101 was the high temperature at reagan national on saturday. these are yesterday's highs. reagan national made it up to 99, no record, but records at dulles and bwi, dulles 98 degrees, that's a new record there. bwi marshall 100 degrees there yesterday, a new record set there as well. current temperatures around the region, we've got improving conditions this morning and during the course of the day today. our temperature in washington is 76 degrees, our humidity level is at 56%, so a very fine start to the day. now, this map just updatedding showing us it's 75 degrees in washington, 66 up in gas
7:34 am
stationberg -- gaithersburg fred dicks burg at 77 -- fredericksburg at 76 degrees at this hour. go to hd radar. couple of things we have had these winds out of the north this morning, that's helping to bring in drier, cooler air. earlier we had dew points in the upper 60s and then the 70s to our south and east. now our dew points have dropped off to the mid-60s, some spots in the 50s to the north and now they are dropping to the south and east as well so that drier air working its way in here makes for a much more comfortable day today, nowhere near as humid as it was over the weekend. meanwhile, take a look at the is the radar composite. we do have clouds out there but the skies are mostly clear, most of the cloud cover that you see is down to our south but you see that's breaking up and pushing off to the east so we will see lots of sunshine today. forecast for washington for today then looks like this, sunny, cooler, less humid, will it be warm?
7:35 am
yes. our high will be 90 degrees but that is about 10 degrees cooler than it has been. it will feel good, you'll definitely feel the difference s humid. five-day forecast, more of the same tomorrow, i think the main difference is we will start to get the humidity creep back in here during the afternoon. wednesday warm, 92 degrees, chance of isolated thunderstorms, same on thursday and friday looks to be a nice day, sunny and 87. that's a look at what's happening with the weather. now let's get an update on traffic from lauren demarco. >> less humid, yay. >> yes, i'm all for it. >> finally. i could take the heat, but the humidity has been rough. it's also a very rough commute out there this morning because of the weather that we dealt with yesterday. we are seeing some lingering effects from that. we've got trees and debris down river road at falls road blocking both directions. this is a live look from sky fox in rockville maryland, 355 at old georgetown road where you see the traffic signal dark. not causing much of a delay right here but you do want to
7:36 am
be sure to treat these intersections as a four way stop. we are seeing very heavy delays southbound 29, sky fox was there earlier and we have got heavy delays from 198 down toward the beltway with even an accident in the mix at musgrove road because of the dark traffic 1eug falls -- traffic signals. this is actually the beltway, this is the beltway at connecticut avenue, the outer loop are the lanes headed towards you. not much of a problem. this is one of two cameras working on the beltway right now because of all the power outages. they are in fact as far as traffic signals that are down, more than 200 downtown in montgomery county alone. traveling in virginia, 66 eastbound starting to slow out the route 50 fair oaks from route 123. 995 northbound heavy and slow from woodbridge up to springfield. 395 slows from the beltway past duke street and then again crossing the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-
7:37 am
time traffic. allison, over to you. >> thank you so much. the national urban league celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. the party is being held right here in washington. now even though it's a big anniversary, the league is giving out some great gifts in the form of a career fair and a college fair. and joining us now with all the details are the national urban league president and ceo, mark moriel. good morning to you. >> great to be with you. >> a friend of the show, maudeen cooper is a friend of the league. happy anniversary. >> thank you. >> what a distinguished 100 years. let me ask you the mission of the urban league and what this conference will mean to that. >> this is a blueprint for economic empowerment in the 21st century. our mission has always been to help african-americans and disadvantaged people and to the economic mainstream and we serve people directly through programs.
7:38 am
maudeen does an excellent job here in washington doing this. we serve people with our voice around advocacy and public policy issues and this conference is going to bring all of that together because this conference is not just for the people who visit washington to participate in the celebration. it's also for the people of washington who will have an opportunity to participate in a career fair which is all about finding a job, a college fair which is all about trying to help parents and young people identify a college and resources so that they can attend and it's about a great expo hall which celebrates the great american companies but also a great centennial exhibit which chronicles the first 100 years and gives a peek of what we are going to be about in our next 100. >> and what progress has been made in 100 years? >> it's remarkable, it's important, but at this juncture there's still so much work left to do with the joblessness
7:39 am
rate, the foreclosure rate, the challenges with high school graduation rates. we still have work to do. >> maudeen how thrilling it is in our back yard. tell me about that, the dynamics of it being here in washington, what it means to the residents of this city. >> one of the great things about in conference is that it always leads a jurisdiction better than it found it, so we will have a huge volunteer service component on friday morning at the convention center starting with a pep rally at 6:00. >> you don't think that's early, do you? >> okay. >> i know you do. and that's the best part of it. we will be at school painting and cleaning, we will be the senior citizens facilities and this does not have to be directed at the people attending. anybody who wants to come out and help clean up their community, they are welcome to come to the convention center and be a part of this. in addition, of course, we spend a lot of money, which will of course help the economy
7:40 am
here in washington which is suffering a bit, but we are very, very excited about hosting this. you mentioned the career fair and the college fair. everywhere i go talk about the college fair. oh, i got to come. people are changing their schedules to come to find out what's there. i think the last number i saw was about 50 colleges and universities from across the country, from hbcus to princeton, all of these colleges coming here to tell students, parents, aunts and uncles, friends, about what they offer our students. >> and let's say the college fair is saturday, it's the 31st and it's from 12:30 to 4:00 in the afternoon. >> yes. >> so want to get that time out and it's right there at the -- >> convention center. >> right. and also if you could talk to me, sir, about the career fair. what fair? why was it important to -- >> we have always been about jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, connecting people to jobs, training people to jobs, so in this economy, we wanted to and
7:41 am
we do this every year but this year the career fair is bigger than ever, provide people with a way so they can come and connect to jobs so there will be employers there who will want to see your resume and interview you on site. in addition to that, there is an online employment fair that will be taking place this week and also throughout, so we want to provide direct services to the community, we want to gain -- once again at the washington convention center. we want to stress a big, big appreciation to maudeen cooper because she's done a fantastic job leading our affiliate here in washington but she's been a great partner to ensure this is going to be the best and biggest urban league conference ever. >> want to let you know the career fair thursday, friday and saturday, all the information is on your website, but we are going to link it to -- make it easy for our
7:42 am
viewers,, for the times and dates thursday, friday and saturday. in the last couple of seconds want to say it's also going to be a celebrity packed event today. >> yes. >> let's give some bragging room rights here on some of the dignitaries, also cabinet members from this administration. >> we have president obama, jesse jackson, al sharpton, merion wright edelman, barbara lee of the congressional black caucus from the cabinet, arne duncan, kathleen sebelius will be honoring ambassador susan rice from sort of the world of celebrity and entertainment, magic johnson, lela ally, dramatic presentation of black angels over tuskegee. this event is a purposeful event about the urban league's past and the urban league's future but also we know how to have a good time. >> a good time.
7:43 am
and for the viewers watching who now are saying wait a minute, i got to get down there to get to some seminars, can viewers still come in and come down and -- >> you can still register by going online, on site and then things like the career fair, the expo hall and the college fair are free and open to the public. >> wonderful. mark, president of the national urban leak, miss cooper, greater national urban league, thank you for being here. 7:43 right now. coming up another look at weather and your on-time traffic on this day after that big storm. first it was twitter, then it was youtube, now queen elizabeth has uploaded her photos to flickr and you can take a look. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. ecic
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welcome back. right now it is 7:46.
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let's check in with tony first with a look at our forecast today. >> not going to be a bad day today. tuck and i were saying one of the things we both love about weather is everything is relative. >> right. >> if we had gone through a string of 75-degree days and i said today is going to be 90, everyone would be going, oh, man, that's too hot. it's going to feel great today at 90 because it's been 100 degrees for a couple of days. so we will enjoy t take a look at the current temperatures around the region. mid-70s right now here in town. currently washington 76 degrees. 74 down in roanoke, 79 in norfolk, virginia, new york city 71 degrees at this hour. surface map for today and tomorrow. now, today, nice, technical weather term, it's going to be nice today. high pressure dominating, humidity low, not bad at all, lots of sunshine. tomorrow the sunshine continues. there may be a little more humidity but it's going to be another nice day, today and tomorrow good days, friday also a nice day. here's your forecast for today in the next five days -- and the next five days, high today
7:48 am
about 90, lots of sun, tomorrow sunny, 90, wednesday can't rule out an afternoon or evening thunderstorm, same for thursday, but friday sunny, 87 degrees, not bad at all. and then as we look ahead to the weekend. >> yeah. >> should i tell them? mid-80s next weekend. >> nice. >> is the way it looks right now. >> nice. >> that's the way it looks now. >> i can tell you after the storms rolled through yesterday, it dropped down to about 80 degrees or so, fabulous. >> it went from 97 degrees i think to 75 degrees in d.c., yeah. >> so nice. >> amazing. >> nice. let's check in with lauren demarco. she is trying to track some -- all the mess and stuff behind because of the storms yesterday. lauren. >> i can tell you right now river road at falls road shut down in all directions because of some downed powerlines and trees. also we've been talking about 29 and 355, some of the power outages there have left the traffic signals dark. 270, inbound, it is causing some spillover delays as you head toward old georgetown road because of a traffic signals that are dark, you'll be on the
7:49 am
brakes southbound beginning before shady grove road onto 70. also we have been talking a lot about montgomery county. plenty of outages in the district as well, benning road, minnesota avenue, wisconsin avenue, connecticut, military, be very careful and treat all those intersections as a four way stop whether the signals are out or flashing. new york avenue at north capital street shut down in both directions here because of an accident investigation. that will be the case throughout the morning rush. rhode island avenue is a good alternate. we do have delays inbound on new york avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> thank you so much. britain's queen elizabeth is sharing her favorite photographs with the world this morning. the queen has a new flickr account, we are told, and these are not your average photos, family photos that is, along the highlights is a rarely seen 1854 picture of queen victoria and prince albert in court dressed gazing lovingly into
7:50 am
each other's eyes and there are pictures of all the queen's children and their family including this one of charles and diana, william and harry when they were little boys in the mid-80s, pictures from the queen's recent visit to new york city are also up. >> wow. i'm surprised that they put those pictures up. nice treat for folks who want to find out more. >> sure is. 7:50 right now. coming up after 8:00 this morning, five tips for the so- called sandwich generation. >> they are the ones raising children and caring for their elderly parents at the same time. also still ahead this hour, we are going to come in with holly. good morning. >> good morning. i come back from vacation and i'm issued armor. what happened when i was away? i'll tell you what's going on. we are live this morning at the capitol area budokai. it's in alexandria. you might want to sign up for yourself when we are done. next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
welcome back to fox 5 morning news. so holly, fresh from vacation now getting an interesting cultural lesson today. >> yes. she is with the capitol area --
7:54 am
okay, is it budokai in alexandria. >> budokai is how you say it. i learned this morning as well. it's a very loud form of martial arts. just when i thought i've been signed up for everything, my wonderful producer finds this and he found it in alexandria where we are live this morning. i want to call over brian kerri. thanks for having us here this morning. this is fascinating. >> i'm glad you like it. >> so for people who don't know anything about budokai, what is it exactly? >> well budo is a martial arts budo, it's supposed to be something more than fighting. it's supposed to be spiritual development, character building et cetera. budokai is an association of people who practice budo. >> reporter: several different disciplines that fall under budokai? >> there's kendo, nogginato, zoto when they practice with a staff and also hudo where they
7:55 am
shoot targets with a bow and arrow. let's start with tendo. >> you're going to hold that with your left hand on the bottom and right on the top. and marcus will be your target. we want to hit men which is his face, the basic target. i'm going to his his men, boom, like that. give it a shot. >> that's right and then you got to say men. >> reporter: men. >> altogether. >> reporter: ready? men? >> very good. let's hit his wrist is the kotai, right there, hit his wrist. he likes that. >> reporter: yeah i can tell. >> try to move your body through him as if you cut right through him. >> reporter: ready? and kotai. what is the point of yelling? >> what you're supposed to be doing is you're showing your key, which is your spirit and then you're supposed to be showing when we have a competition we have judges showing them you know what you meant to hit so you're not just doing this.
7:56 am
you know what you're doing. i want to hit his wrist. i meant to do that. >> reporter: you really did, huh? >> yeah. >> reporter: we have got a lot to show. i'm going to go down here because we are moving onto the next discipline which is nogginata. that's where we find ray. how is it different from kendo. >> it's different in several respects. the first thing is that the shins are a legal target so we have shin guards on. >> reporter: i see. that's why you put them on me. >> number 2. is that it's an ambidextrous art. we do it from both sides of the body so -- >> reporter: this one? it takes a lot longer to -- >> reporter: you carry a bigger stick. >> this is a sword on a stick. >> reporter: you're basically going to do the same thing like kend except you're going to add
7:57 am
the target if. >> yes. >> reporter: do you yell too? >> absolutely, absolutely. >> reporter: of course. stupid question. >> it's men to here, kotai to here, do to the side and shinay both the outsides and the insides of the shins are legal. so what we are going to do -- so square, square and from here, one step up, one step down, men. >> reporter: sorry. men. you know what? my time is fleeting so i want to make sure people understand you can also mix it up so a kendo person can fight a nogginato person. let's see how that works. ray what do you get out of doing this as we watch this? >> a lot of fun. >> reporter: yeah? >> i've been doing this for about 15, 16 years now.
7:58 am
>> reporter: really? >> yes. >> reporter: it looks like these are pretty intense. >> they are extremely intense. >> reporter: and because people may not be able to tell because of their outfits they have on this, this is a guy fighting a woman. >> that's correct. >> reporter: and the woman is how old? >> i want to say 72. >> reporter: and i would not want to take her on. the woman you're watching is 72. she knows her stuff. >> yeah. i've had women from japan come over here in the early '70s, mid-70s and they scare me. >> reporter: is our website. we have a link to the capital area budokai if you are interested in finding out more or you can stay tuned to fox 5 because we are going to talk about another discipline in our next hour but we have got more straight ahead after the break. stay with us. it's not back-to-school, it's forward to what's next
7:59 am
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this is fox 5 morning news. the rain long gone. didn't last long at all. yesterday's storms, though, did leave behind a huge mess, the biggest problem right now seems to be power outages this morning. good morning and thanks for joining us this monday morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. this morning nearly 1/3 of montgomery county's traffic
8:02 am
lights are dark and as you can imagine it's causing big problems out on the roads. >> no power and so montgomery county has cancelled all of its summer school classes and activities for the entire day. also all montgomery county parks and rec programs including classes, camps and activities are cancelled today. >> city of rockville has cancelled all summer camps and summer playgrounds including croyden creek nature center camp, ivy mount school in rockville closed today due to the power outage. aarundel school, no summer school due to the outage. >> only the german town and tacoma parks silver springs campus are open. all are locations including rockville and off-site locations are closed due to power outages. and you can check for any updates on additional cancellations or delays. two minutes after 8:00 now and tony is joining us with a little bit of good news. >> very good news. nice weather conditions today and tomorrow, cooler temperatures, still be warm but it's going to be cooler than it has been and lower humidity, so that's good too.
8:03 am
>> great. >> already feels good outside. we will start with the satellite radar. there are clouds too deal with this morning across portions of the viewing area, primarily to the south but skies will be clear today for the most part allowing for lots of sunshine. temperatures across the region at this hour, we are looking at a current temperature in the district of 76 degrees, dulles airport is at 74, baltimore at 73 degrees, up to the north and west 68 in frederick maryland, 68 in winchester, patuxent naval air station at 65 degrees. today sunny, cooler, not as humid, high about 90 degrees, our average high for this date is 89 degrees. so for once we are right about normal. that's a look at what's happening with the weather. more is coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you so much, tony. we love that one. >> me too. let's check in with lauren demarco and see if you're loving the traffic. >> definitely not loving the
8:04 am
traffic situation this morning. we have some lingering situations because of the weather that we saw yesterday, but i do want to start off talking about a couple accidents just reported on the beltway in virginia, the outer loop near the bellis toll road, a vehicle blocking the left lane. 66 in virginia, as you head inbound, we have got an accident near nutley street. it had all lanes of eastbound 66 blocked. the good news is everything looks like it's moved off to the left shoulder there. you are able to get by it but we have got heavy delays from route 50 fair oaks and westbound there's accident activity off there on the right shoulder as well. northbound 95 headed from woodbridge up to springfield, northbound 395 heavy across the fourth street bridge. pretty heavy and slow as you head into the district. in montgomery county, we've got a lot of situations where you come up to the intersection and the traffic signals are dark. you want to be sure to treat that as a four way stop.
8:05 am
it is causing delays, spillover delays you can see right here. southbound 270 heavy and slow from shady grove road all the way into old georgetown road. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. steve, over to you. >> thank you. cleanup now underway after the storm yesterday which surprised a lot of people. hundreds of thousands of people still without power this morning. and many traffic lights are out. that is giving some drivers a tricky commute as lauren was just describing. sarah simmons in the middle of it all in rockville this morning with more on our top story. sarah. >> reporter: steve, there are quite a few power outages still. of course montgomery county one of the hardest hit areas and pepco is saying about 243,000 customers are without power. if you take a look at the numbers, dominion is still reporting 12,820 without, bge35900 and 13, those are the outages right now at this point. where we are this morning is rockville pike and nicholson lane. this is where one of the traffic signals is out. montgomery county police just showed up here moments ago to
8:06 am
direct traffic. they are here because there was a citizen, a random citizen who was out here directing traffic just a little bit ago and i just spoke with him before he took off after police arrived and he said he started directing traffic because he saw an accident occur here. let's take a look at that video. we will show you that accident that did occur here within the hour. obviously with these four way stops, people are not heeding those and it gets very confusing when people are coming through such a congested area. not everybody is heeding the four way stop. so that led to an accident and that's what led that man to come out here and direct traffic, which was able to get people moving quite a way through here and at a pretty good speed but i got to tell you, this is the issue up and down rockville pike that we have traffic signals out. so this is what you're going to be dealing with on your morning commute. another issue as well with the power outages has been wsse has had to implement water restrictions due to the fact that their filtration plant on river road went down due to the
8:07 am
power outage but there is some good news now. it is back up and running. take a listen to what wsse had to say a little while ago. >> the plant is now about to get operational. there's a check list that they have to go through, put the plant back in operation, start producing water again. that will take several hours to get up to speed and then it's a matter of restocking the system. so we cannot lift the water restriction until we know everything is working properly. >> reporter: and here's what you need to keep in mind. there is no outdoor water use. they are not allowing that for the time being. so don't water the plants or the lawn. also, limit how often you flush the toilet if you can and if you're going to run loads in your dishwasher, your washing had been, they want you to run full loads if at all possible. the traffic signals that's going to be the big story this morning but keep in mind even though we are seeing montgomery county police officers back here right now, that may not be the case at every traffic signal. actually, that's pretty much not going to be the case at most of the traffic signals you
8:08 am
come to. back to you, steve. >> thanks so much. the strong storms also being blamed on at least two deaths and several injuries too. a woman in her 40s was killed, her mother hurt when a huge tree came crashing down on their minivan while driving near rhode island avenue and odessa road. it took firefighters some time to get the mother out of the passenger seat. no word on her condition. storm also turned deadly in virginia where a 6-year-old was killed when a tree limb fell on top of him. this was in sterling yesterday. it happened as he was walking to a rec center to go swimming with his family. another big story this morning, the leaked classified documents, thousands of them and both the white house and pentagon now scramble to control the damage. some 91,000 sensitive records paint a disturbing picture of the war in afghanistan. we get the details from doug luzader who is on capitol hill this morning. >> reporter: the white house is not mincing words here. a lot of anger about these leaked documents and the
8:09 am
organization that leaked them, weeky leaks says more may be on the way. with the war in afghanistan entering a critical stage, the leaks provide a troubling back drop. the group wicky leaks turned over the classified documents to at least three newspapers weeks ago and they quickly made their way online just yesterday. these are raw bits of intelligence, the taliban are planning to carry out an attack on the indian embassy in kabul. that from july of 2008. others point to secret special forces operations and the challenges in dealing with next door pakistan, a u.s. alley whose intelligence service may have assisted the taliban. the white house was angry about the leaks, with national security adviser general jim jones saying they could put the lives of americans and partners at risk and threaten the security. this isn't the first time they have released troubling information about u.s. war records. this cockpit video of an attack in iraq back in 2007 blindsided
8:10 am
the pentagon when it was released in april. >> what this illustrates is the incredible amount of trust we place in even our most junior men and women in the uniform. >> reporter: the leaked documents about afghanistan aren't exactly new. the most recent is from december of last year. but they paint a troubling image of the war and they may further complicate the u.s. mission there. these newspapers were given the documents several weeks ago but agreed not to publish them until yesterday. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. 77 degrees at 10 minutes after the hour on this monday morning. coming up, five tips for the so- called sandwich generation, they are the ones raising children and caring for their elderly parents at the same time. also an update on your forecast which is actually a pretty good one for today. now, traffic, that's another story because of all those traffic lights that are out. be careful out there. treat those intersections as a four way stop if the traffic light is not working. we will check in with both lauren and tucker after the
8:11 am
break. it's now 8:10. ecic
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
welcome back at 8:13. >> it is. and it's going to be a little bit better out there today as far as, you know, temperaturewise, which is good, because for folks with no power, it might be more comfortable. >> no air-conditioning for a lot of people today. >> i don't want to mislead people. still going to be warm. >> sure. >> high around 90 degrees, but you know, that's better than 100 degrees and our humidity levels are going to be good. right now our humidity in d.c. is 54%. that's fantastic compared to what we have had. so not bad at all. let's take a look at the temperature trend for the week. remember, our temperatures have been in the upper 90s to over 100 degrees. well, not this week. 90 today, 90 tomorrow and then low 90s for wednesday and thursday. then after that, things get even better. here's a look at the current temperatures, updated info, we have just gone up to 77 degrees in the district, 77. barometric pressure on the rise. winds out of the north, feels good out there as i said
8:15 am
humidity at 54%. 75 degrees right now in baltimore, 75 at dulles airport. satellite radar composite, there are a few clouds out there this morning but nothing in the way to cause be to be distressed in any way. very nice day, a few clouds here and there, but for the most part we have got sunshine and so shall it be for today. here's a closer look at the washington area. there are some clouds down to our south that you want to be aware of. five-day forecast, high today 90, that is cooler than the 99- degree temperature we had yesterday and the 101-degree temperature we had on saturday. 90 tomorrow. wednesday maybe some afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms, same on thursday, friday 87 for your high. that is not bad either. that's a look at what's happening with the weather. now let's get an update on this morning's rush-hour traffic. it has been problematic. here is lauren demarco with that. along with the weather, we also had that serious accident new york avenue at north capitol street. good news about that. it has been moved off to the
8:16 am
shoulder so your travel lanes are now open, still delays inbound new york avenue but easing. inbound east capital street, very heavy and slow because of traffic signals being out. again, as you come to these intersections you want to treat them as a four way stop. take a look at inbound 270, making the trip down from before shady grove road all the way to georgetown -- or to old georgetown road we have got heavy and slow traffic and spillover because on old georgetown road you'll find many intersections where the signals are dark. that is the case on 355, route one in bellsville, georgia avenue through silver spring dealing with many intersections that are a bit of a hazard so if there are not police directing, definitely treat it as a four way stop. inbound 66 the accident right at nutley street now off to the left side of the road, still dealing with delays off and on from route 50 fair oaks until you get past that scene but everything moved off to the left. you should stay to the right to get by. northbound 95 watch for delays
8:17 am
approaching springfield, northbound 395 closed from the beltway across the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. allison over to you. >> thank you so much. it's a dilemma faced by more people every day, raising their own kids while also looking after their aging parents. they have been called the sandwich generation because they are pressed between two equally important issues tending to children and worrying caregiving for their own parents. barbara mcvicer has firsthand knowledge about how it can be to be stuck in the middle. she joins us this morning in studio. what an important issue. good morning. >> it is an important issue and it's also huge. there are 75 million adults taking care of their parents, 2/3 of them are in the workforce and then on top of it, they have kids. >> how do you cope with this is what i'll just say in the beginning? how do you not lose yourself in this? and you talk about that, taking care of yourself and all this, but how do you make sure you're
8:18 am
okay? >> it's very difficult because as a caregiver, your first instinct is to take care of everybody else, so at the end of the day you've done nothing for yourself, you haven't read, you haven't gardened, you haven't been out with friends, even sleep and exercise. so in order to take care of yourself, you need to give yourself permission to have time-out time just for you. >> right. >> the book is very practical, very good really, stuck in the middle. i don't know if we have it. that's how it looks when you go into the bookstores to pick it up. you offer real tips in here on how to organize your life, how to cope, take care of yourself. let's talk about the five tips that we have to narrow it down, our producer pat and just what can we talk about to get it out to the viewer? let's start with real things. you say start organizing and planning right now. >> my whole theme is i speak across the country is sooner than later. we wait way too long. we wait for a crisis and in the middle of that crisis maybe mom and dad are physically or mentally not able to
8:19 am
participate. >> right. >> and so it gets rid of a lot of the conflict and emotion if you can have these conversations. i kind of talk about when you're 40 and they are 70, my audiences usually laugh because they have already waited too long. >> right. you're preaching to the choir right now. you also say assess your parents' health and their safety. i think that's so important, where are we right now realistically with the parents? you talk about that tip as well. >> yes, and the nice thing about having a check list and then going back periodically and reevaluating each one of the areas that i suggest is then you have something objective that shows both mom and dad and maybe siblings too just how mom and dad are doing. so i suggest that's the first thing, figure out where you are. >> right. >> and you say which i like this one too, hold a family meeting, don't just try to do this on your own, right? >> correct. and it really takes a whole team to be able to go through caregiving. caregiving is very long, most people don't realize that this
8:20 am
could depo on for 10 years. this is not a sprint. it's a marathon. >> right. >> you need a team and part of that team is the rest of your family. >> you say include all three generations involved with this. really speaks to starting early, just if your parent is not able to really participate, but while you can, include everyone. >> definitely. and one of the reasons i now talk about three generations is that really those crucial conversations about end of life, wills, where all the documents are, if all three generations can do it at the same time for themselves, what a great gift. >> and that's the last tip, get your documents together, get that check list together. i can't tell you how many people i talked to, they don't have their will together, they don't know where anything is. you say get it altogether? >> yes, get your own thi. we as a sandwich generation have to do the same thing we are asking our parents to do. but get everything together. you never know when the next crisis is going to happen either for you or your parents. >> out of time but i've got to ask, do you have encouraging
8:21 am
words to pass along? because what i was reading some of your information, you said nobody thinks they are doing this the right way. anything to pass along for the viewers who are in this sandwich generation? >> you're not alone and one of my topics in fact is that even good families become dysfunctional during caregiving, so just know when you hit those speed bumps that that's just kind of what goes through a family. >> right. >> and keep pushing on to get everything completed. >> barbara mcvicer is the author of "stuck in the middle" it talks about that sandwich generation. appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> steve, over to you. 8:21 on this monday morning. wal-mart is coming to d.c. but not everybody is excited about the store's arrival. we have details coming up next and we are also going to check in with holly who is learning about japanese martial arts this morning. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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as wal-mart prepares to open its first store in the district, organized labor is questioning the company's employment practices. wal-mart's chief opponent, the united food and commercial workers surveyed hundreds of render d.c. voters about their
8:25 am
requirements for the store to be built in northeast and among them when filling positions local residents would get priority. entry level workers must be paid at least $12 an hour. 75% of the jobs must be full time and tax breaks should be donated to charity. hundreds of d.c. teachers are getting the ax, 241 d.c. public school teachers and 61 staff members are being fired. d.c. school's chancellor michelle reed says they didn't measure up or failed to get certified. the fired teachers were evaluated under a new method called impact which looks at not just test scores but the academic growth of a student as they achieve or grow under the teacher. >> and quite frankly, we have to move away from the system that priority tieses -- pirate tieses the -- prioritizes the needs of adults over children. >> we have asked them to pilot this evaluation instrument for a year to have an opportunity to get the flaws out. of course they went on and
8:26 am
implemented it fully at this time. >> chancellor reid says hundreds more teachers could also be fired next year. the teachers union is appealing. we are going to talk live with the president of the union in our 9:00 hour. 8:26 on this monday morning. we are going to continue to survey the damage from yesterday's storm. here's a photo sent to us by vdb. it shows a tree split into two out in ashburn, virginia. we'd love to see your pictures too. upload them to you can also just send us an e- mail to my fox d.c. at stay with us, fox 5 morning news will be back.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
the d.c. region left a path of destruction. this just part of t16 apartment buildings and two complexes damaged, six of them had part of the roof come off. this one in cherry hill road in
8:30 am
college park. in all, 74 apartments had to be evacuated. also 10 apartment buildings at a complex on edmonton road in greenbelt sustained roof damage, about 120 units there had to be evacuated. to the district now, a huge tree uprooted and smashed through a brick wall and into a family's home on cumberland and 36th street in northwest. it crashed clear through from the top to the bottom. so far no word on if anyone was at home when that tree fell. >> we was all upstairs and then i told them run downstairs because the wind was swirling like. you could see the trees just going with the wind. >> storm damage stretched out into southeast d.c. as well, one woman had the roof ripped off of her home. she said she could see straight up to the sky after the wind passed through. you could see parts of that laying right in the middle of the street. one piece got stuck on a powerline nearby. so i don't think anybody was excluded from what we saw
8:31 am
yesterday. >> no, through the district and montgomery county about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. wind gusts about 70 miles per hour reported. >> it was such a short lived -- >> right? it's hard to imagine like that much damage in such a short amount of time. >> only took a couple of minutes there. the storms were moving 50 miles per hour but you knew it was coming because with days and days of temperatures near 100 and you could feel that we were going to get changes. before i get to the weather, we are going to do something different today. we are going to do my first 5 photo of the day. >> love it. we need it too. >> we are going to cooldown, chill out and do a little research. >> yes. this is jailen, everybody, my first 5 photo of the day, he's six months old. reportedly he's still in diapers. >> i hope he's got power. >> but already working hard. >> yeah. >> looks like he's balancing his portfolio. >> he looks like one of the babies from the e-trade ad.
8:32 am
>> looks like he's looking at the computer screen. >> you wish you could get your electricity back today so you would have a chance to get back on the computer and work. >> yeah. the girls were like at least we can play on the laptop. no, you can't. no internet. >> go to and click on mornings. thanks so much, jailen. cool picture. 77 at reagan national. today is going to be for all intents and purposes a perfect day after what we dealt with yesterday. temperatures are going to be cooler, less humidity and the best part, no chance for showers or thunderstorms today as we've got much drier air moving in here with high pressure off to the north and west. 72 in gaithersburg, 77 in quantico, 75 in leonardtown and 76 in annapolis. our afternoon high temperatures, only the upper 80s to about 90, the best part with winds out of the north and northwest pushing in the drier air, a lot less humid than what we had around here during the
8:33 am
day yesterday. there's your satellite radar, showers and thunderstorms, you can see the last few rains pushing offshore, they are south and east of us. we are in for a nice couple days, high pressure off to the north and west and this will deliver a couple great days around here, nice this afternoon, no other way to put it as high pressure moves overhead, cool off tonight, overnight lows actually in the 60s for most of us and then the sunshine continues into the daytime hours tomorrow with high temperatures just about where they should be, upper 80s and low 90s. so the next couple of days finally after about 12 to 14 days, the temperature is well above average, little closer to normal. here's your forecast, lots of sunshine, cooler, less humid, should be a nice afternoon if you got to clean up out in your yard a little bit. winds out of the north at five to 10 miles per hour. the all important five-day forecast, a lot cooler this week. doesn't mean it's not going to be hot each afternoon but at least not upper 90s to near 100. there you go. low 90s the next couple of days and then actually 80s here after thunderstorms late in the day on thursday. we are going to have more cool
8:34 am
air for next weekend. that's a look at the forecast. let's get to ontime traffic and lauren demarco. >> it's been a pretty rough morning all because of those storms yesterday. in fact, in montgomery county we have got hundreds of traffic signals out so you want to treat those intersections as four way stops. here we are, sky fox over river road at falls road in potomac. we had reports here of powerlines down and trees down. the intersection was blocked. looks like it's been reopened but definitely some delays southbound river road to get through that. and i do believe the traffic signal there is dark as well so you want to be very careful, treat it as a four way stop and be aware that others may not be doing that so you want to be very alert as you head through the traffic intersections. here's a look at the beltway in virginia at georgetown pike. to the right of your screen is the inner loop heading up toward the legion bridge, pretty heavy and slow there getting up into montgomery county. we had delays on the outer loop
8:35 am
as well. in montgomery county, very difficult, take a look at the beltway because very few cameras there are actually working with all of these power outages. wrapping things up in virginia as you head northbound on 395, things look better from the beltway up to duke street but still heavy and slow from before the pentagon in the main lanes there to get across the 14th street bridge. the good news is in the district inbound new york avenue still slow but the accident north capitol street is gone and your lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> thank you so much. well, trouble on the roads today dealing with the aftermath of the storm but yesterday we saw widespread damage all over our area and we have been talking about several right in d.c., tree in someone's home, also fatality on rhode island avenue, rough day yesterday. >> yeah, fires from wires down, everything else you can imagine d.c. fire and ems very busy over the last 24 hours. let's check in with pete and get the latest on what's happening there. >> we are trying to catch our breath. the cleanup crews have done a
8:36 am
great job overnight. the department of transportation, public works folks, many close to trees, tree limbs down, some of which were very large trees in the houses but through all that no serious injuries as a result of the trees crashing. we even had people rescued by the fireboat when their boats capsized in the potomac and then you mentioned all the wires down and in some cases causing fires and it's just a busy day. in fact, with the boy scout parade ending, we had some ems activity there and then the storm rolled in and for a seven hour period between 1:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. we handled about a thousand calls for service. very busy. typically in a 24 hour period we handle about 450 so you can imagine how busy we were but we got through it and we are looking forward to today. >> i know it's been busy with the heat and everything else we dealed with before the storms yesterday. now a lot of people are in cleanup mode but i know you guys are still being extra careful out there. what are you more concerned about now that the storms have rolled through? >> we have some areas that we
8:37 am
have power outages and i would be -- caution everybody about the downed powerlines. use extreme caution. they may be energized so treat them with extreme caution. walk with caution. there is still some debris here and there and i think the biggest problem will be for pedestrians and motorists trying to get back because of the traffic signals, i believe there are still 20 or 30 intersections that are out throughout the district and throughout the region so that's probably the most dangerous thing. we did have a serious crash this morning about 5:00, a car crashed into a house in southeast on benini road in southeast. fortunately the building's occupants are okay. we did transport the driver of the car. i think the pedestrian and the commuter type of activities are probably the most we should be concerned about today. >> we saw some video of a couple of cars catching fire because of those live wires when this came through yesterday. what are you telling folks today, pete 70 know you hit on
8:38 am
it a little bit but if you should walk up and see wires down, what are you telling people to do? >> well, in the district you can call 311, unless you think the line is energized or smoking or, you know, there's some kind of emergent problem, of course dial 911. but if you see downed powerlines or even a tree down, branches or something you think needs attention in the district you can call 311 and they will send crews out to take care of it. but if it's smoking or you think the line is still energized, call 911 and we will come deal with it as an emergency but do not drive over or walk over or even touch or get near those downed powerlines because they could be energized and that could cause a real problem but in the district you can call 311. if you have problem with debris, a tree down, a road blocked, you know, any kind of damage, property damage, 311 is the number to call. >> pete piringer, thank you. >> thank you. up next, more on a cat food
8:39 am
recall that pet owners want to hear about. then a big thank you to everyone out in poolsville maryland. we had a great time meeting you last week. >> we really did. >> this week our hometown friday's tour takes us to greenbelt, maryland. hard to believe but it's the last stop on our summer tour. stay tuned for details on exactly where we will be in greenbelt on this friday coming up. fox 5 morning news will be right back. ecic
8:40 am
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8:42 am
benefit car wash planned for a girl thought to be dead is now a fundraiser for the girl's family. they were told their daughter died in a car crash last week only to find out that the 19- year-old was alive in the hospital. she was with five friends returning from a trip to disneyland when they got into a bad car crash. now, police at the scene and the hospital mixed up the identities of the girls. a pet food scare this morning and now protector and gamble is recalling some iams cat food. it's only available with a prescription from a vet and it's a volunteer recall for renal dry cat food. there have not been imnesses reported yet but the fda says the cat food could be contaminated with salmonella. you can find more information on this recall by clicking on the web links menu on our
8:43 am
website at 8:42 right now on this monday morning. >> coming up next we will take a look at the triggers, myths and the over-the-counter trip and tips when it comes to dealing with acne. holly, good morning. >> i've traded in my armor getup for this thing because i'm going to be doing that. we are still live at the capital area budokai but we have moved onto a different discipline. we are going to showcase botodo. some kind of do. i'm going to learn about it. stay with us. [ male announcer ] it's time for more hd than ever before.
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8:46 right now. we all want flawless looking skin including men, of course, and ultimately at any time from puberty to adulthood many of us tend to break out thanks to hormonal changes and many different factors. our doctor friend joins us now with over-the-counter tips and
8:47 am
tricks. thanks for being with us once again this morning. >> thanks for having me back. >> this happens for all of us, many points you know throughout our lives and we always seem to hear why this is happening. we get acne from things we eat, if it's greasy foods, chocolate, if it's the fried foods or, you know, different weather conditions or whatever. >> right. >> what is it? what's really happening out there? >> this is a great time to talk about acne because the sun can flare acne and then of course those supercharged hormones during the teen years of course there's medication that people are taking and then there's a lot of oil based makeup, skin and hair products that people use that can provoke acne. and then contemporary to popular belief, it's not the chocolates, the greasy foods, the stress, the sodas. >> good thing. >> and not even the surface dirts. a lot of time people think it's the dirt, but it has nothing to do with acne. >> let's talk about what we can do to get rid of it, though because you're saying you have good news for us that we might not have to go to a doctor. we don't recommend not going to a doctor but if we want to try
8:48 am
to curb some of this in an over- the-counter do we start? >> acne is an internal process. it starts from within the skin, and oftentimes we are so used to using so many different topical products that become ineffective and you're still frustrated so i like to be able to teach people ingredients. so first and foremost, don't pick. i know we have -- >> it's hard to do. >> it is hard to do because you're visually looking at it and it's a psychological thing as well, but that can create dark marks, also create a lot of scarring. keep your hands off your face, more importantly for the purpose of not clogging the skin. if you see one side of your face is getting worse than the other, think about where you put that cell phone, you know, if you're sitting here all day on the phone, you're clogging up already oily skin. some of the things that i prefer, i like to start with a salicylic acid facial wash. look for salicylic acid. it doesn't matter what brand,
8:49 am
how expensive or inexpensive. do that twice a day. i prefer using your hands, not your body washcloth or special buff cloth or facial washcloth. you can use dial soap. that's great antibacterial agent that helps remove a lot of the surface bacteria as well. >> that's about as simple as you can get right there. >> dial soap is inexpensive as well. once you wash your face, you want to use some sort of drying agent. and there is been israeli benzoyl peroxide is -- it's a very allergenic agent and if you start using it and you see redness and inflammation, pick up hydrocortisone ointment. >> start with with the lower percentage. >> yes. there's also salicylic acid leave on agent or you can use
8:50 am
an astringent on a cotton ball. this is my quick, overnight, put a little dab of white toothpaste, not the colored gels but it's something about the white paste, you dab a little bit at bedtime and voila, within that next morning, it's almost dried out completely. >> i like that secret. >> yeah. it's right in your bathroom. >> real quick, what else do you have here? >> because acne is one of those things a lot of the skin blockage, you want to exfoliate twice a week, you can use a cream scrub or i brought a handy tool by neutrogena and it has a scrubbing effect on there as well. and lastly, because acne starts from the inside, folks have to understand you have to start doing things internally. >> right. >> vitamin a, it helps to dry up the o glad -- oil glands. pregnant women, no, no, don't do the vitamin a because that
8:51 am
can cause unwarranted effects in an unborn fetus. zinc is good because of the antibacterial effects of zinc and then of course there's a nutritional supplement that helps with acne scarring and smoothing the skin. >> the chocolate, fried foods is not necessarily going to cause it, but we still need a good diet to make sure our skin is in good shape. >> also plenty of water. most of our body is made up of water and helps to flush out the toxins in our system. water and fresh fruits and vegetables because of the high antioxidant. if you do a lot of the internal things that i focused on today, you will be surprisingly -- teens won't have all of this acne issues going on. school is coming up. it's in another month. >> great advice and affordable advice. >> very affordable. >> thank you so much. we will put the information online at allison, back to you. >> 8:51. thank you so much. today you might think that holly is trying out for uma
8:52 am
thurman's role in the next building but she is taking japanese samurai arts lessons in virginia. you're looking cute in that outfit. >> reporter: this one is a little more figure flattering don't you think with the cinch waist as opposed to the armor? we are learning a lot of different disciplines this morning because we have come to the capital area of budokai. you might have seen them because every year any do demonstrations down at the cherry blossom festival. it's part of their culture, martial arts and a whole lot of fun and interesting. right now we have moved onto batodo. did i get it right, carl? carl jenkins is in the instructor and every time i start to say it, he see him mouth it too. >> this is a japanese sword and it was invented in 1924 at the
8:53 am
military academy in japan. it was a sword art that was designed to teach japanese soldiers sword arts quickly and it was designed to teach to defend yourself from different directions and attacks are very short and the responses are very short and it was also designed to teach you to cut with live swords or live blades as part of the curriculum. >> reporter: when you say live swords, you mean they are razor sharp swords? >> yes. >> reporter: but you don't start with that. you start with what i have. >> this is a kind of a blade, it's a dull aluminum blade and you draw it out like this. >> okay. >> and you put the sword in front of you and that's the basic position that you would attack your enemy from. it's kind of a guard position between you and your opponent. some of the other guard positions is you come up in this position, you would attack and then in i wanted to cut right now, i would make a big cut and cut my opponent and that's how i would take out an opponent from there. so there are many aspects, eight different cuts, eight
8:54 am
ways of putting the sword away or what we call -- just very carefully, very carefully. >> very good. >> line that up. >> yeah. >> and then put that in. >> so now we have moved onto actual cutting? >> we have. and this is -- these are some of our advanced students and what this does is this valid dates your technique. we teach the different cuts and then to reinforce that, each student must successfully cut through the mats as they progress. >> you get the mats from japan? >> shipped from japan to california and onto us here and they are rolled up and it simulates an arm or something else. >> if you were in real battle. >> yes. i'm going to take this from you. >> okay. >> and i'm going to give you a real sword so again -- >> this is live. >> this is a live blade and it's made and designed for cutting so hold it tight. >> i'm holding it tight. >> and what we are going to do is go up in a cutting position and do a couple of practice swings. >> okay. >> so a big cut, big cut, just
8:55 am
like you're casting a fishing rod and it's got to be fast, a little fast. cut at an angle. so now we want to step up to the mat, we want to be about 2 inches past that so we want to go up into a big nice cutting position and real fast and just cut through it at a diagonal. >> are you standing far enough away? >> i am. >> here we go. ready? >> very nice. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> very nice. >> great teacher. it's all in the teacher. is our website. we have a link to the capitol area budokai if you want to learn more, we are still going to learn more. coming up in our next hour, yet another discipline right here on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. you're watching channel 5. ecic
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
we are getting closer to the 9:00 hour and we still have a lot more ahead for you this morning so let's turn things over to tony and allison to take us up until 10:00. guys. >> steve, thank you very much. we continue to follow yesterday's deadly storm that has left hundreds of thousands without power today. >> so far we know the storm is responsible for two deaths in our area, both people killed by falling trees. >> power outages also forced water restrictions for a massive number of people. everyone served by wssc. and dark traffic lights make for a chaotic and confusing morning commute. because there's no power, there are several school activities and camp cancellations today. we are going to put them up on your screen. montgomery county has cancelled all of its summer school classes and activities for the entire day, also all montgomery county parks and recreation programs including classes, camps and activities are cancelled today. >> the city of rockville has cancelled all summer camps and


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