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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  August 16, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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with arby's? >> go to and tell us what your top three are. >> we'll see you next week. we have much more still ahead. your weather, your traffic and all your top stories as fox 5 morning news at 5:00 begins now. good morning. monday morning, august 16th, 2010. thank you for getting up early with us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. thank you for being with us on this monday morning. let's say good morning to tony perkins. those guys got pee hungry. >> where was the mention of five guys. i love five guys. >> wisdom and i know that good food from down in mississippi. but arby's, come on, davet to p >> i said chick-fil-a out of the gate. i always get hungy ria for it on a sunday. >> and they're -- i always get hungry for it on sunday.
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>> and they're always closed on sunday. let's take a look at our weather. you can see we have some clouds out there this morning. we'll see a lot of clouds hanging around today. will we see some sunshine here and there. yes, i believe we will. but the day will be dominated with cloud cover. there is some precipitation up to the north across portions of the northeast and new england. nothing here at this hour. i wouldn't be shocked to see a shower pop up here or there. for the most part, i think that will be later on today. current temperatures around the region. we are in the 70s. 74degrees in the district right now. 7 # at dulles airport. baltimore, 72. patuxent naval air station, 77. winchester is at 76. your forecast for today, early sunshine, afternoon clouds. showers and thunderstorms likely later on today. we are at a slight risk for severe weather this afternoon. high temperature about 91 degrees. more details coming up in just a little bit. >> let's say good morning to julie wright and get a look at
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traffic. >> not looking so bad. the land are open if you are traveling on 66 headed from manassas towards the beltway. # 95 leaving seminary road, no incidents to reported as you guys continue northbound out towards the 14th street bridge. lanes are open southbound 270, nice an clear headed down towards rockville. -- 395 leaving seminary road. residents forced out, fred up and frustrated. fierce winds sent a giant tree right through their apartment on thursday. >> dozens of people have been staying in a hotel since thursday but that red cross aid is about to come to an end. >> reporter: the free courtesy stay at the nearby hotel is set to end tomorrow. the red cross provides emergency assistance in times like this after major storms and there is issues with people's homes.
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but as you can see behind me, here at flowers apartments in gaithersburg, there is still a blue tarp over the massive hole. there was a lot of damage to this building. it is still condemned. many residents are fearful they are going to be back out on the street starting tomorrow. when the large tree came down t sliced right through the building condemning it. most of the people still do not have all their belongings. they are waiting for the okay to go back in from the apartment complex. nearly 0 residents are staying at a nearby hotel but that emergency assistance comes to anened tomorrow. >> we are 3 # apartment buildings. we are not talking -- we are 32 apartment buildings. >> there is nowhere to go. we are going to pay a couple of days at the hotel.
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>> reporter: the apartment complex has returned some of the deposits. they have returned august represent. the concern we are hearing is that it is very difficult to find affordable housing and it is you be clear when this apartment building will be back up and running. back to you. >> thank you. an underground fire in the district caused quite a scare not far from the white house. it started saturday night and was apparently sparked by an electrical transformer. there was another fire, smoke coming out of the steel great covering underground power transformers saturday night. hundreds of people attending two weddings had to get out of the willard and w hotels. >> a cloud of smoke came over. we thought it was fog. he was like no, i think this will be a real fire. >> en was looking over the balcony and no one was evacuating. we thought maybe he should leave because it looks like the building is on fire. we went to the stairs and took
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our shoes off and walked down. >> luckily, nobody was hurt. the fire was put out about 9:00 and power came on about an hour later. police say a man robbed the chevy chase bank in the white oak shopping center on saturday but not without problems. police say when he took off running, the dye packs exploded in the money bag. police in heysburg looking into whether the accused serial stabber is behind an unsolved murder. investigators say he live in the leesburg area at the time of the last year's slaying. he is already accused of 18 attacks. police are working out logistics and stepping up security before he is extradited to michigan. the teenaged boy who survived the plane crash that killed his father and former alaska senator ted stevens is on his way back home to maryland. this is a photo of 1-year-old willee phillips, jr. in his hospital room in alaska with his three older brothers.
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five of the people on the plane were killed and four survived including former nasa administrator sean o'keefe would lives in northern virginia. the flooding in pakistan continues to get worse two week after the flooding began. the disaster is similar to the aftermath of hurricane katrina. people have been stranded with no food and no clean water. the chief of the united nations just visited the devastated area and he says the international community needs to to much more. >> this disaster is so large and so man people some so much need. >> we are screaming a lot but there is nobody to help us. we were alone. >> the united states is helping in the relief effort. the marines are using two dozen helicopters to rescue stranded survivors but the scale of the disaster is so much bigger that much more is needed. backlash over president obama's remarks about a mosque
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being built near ground zero. could there be political fallout from this? increasing health concerns for actress zsa zsa gabor. an update on her condition next on fox 5 morning news. so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does.
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making headlines this morning, there are no floons charge a race truck driver would plowed into a crowd of spectator over the weekend. eight people were killed at the race site in california's mojave desert saturday night. the truck had just finished a jump and was estimated to be going 45 to 50 miles per hour at the time of that crash. the california officials say state vehicle codes don't apply to the race because it was a shank shun the event. a brutele killing spree outside a restaurant in buffalo. murder charges have been dropped. he is still being held on a parole violation. prosecutors say the dismissal was based on witness statements and photo evidence. four people were killed and four others injured during the violent attack. shrimping season starts in the gulf today and they are not sure if the waters are free of oil or how much damage has been done to the shrimp population.
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bp still hoping to finally seal that underwater well. that say gabor in extremely serious condition after having two blood clots removed in los angeles over the weekend. one of them was very close to her heart. the 93-year-old actress went to the hospital on friday complaining of extreme pain and bleeding. she broke her hip last month and had just recovered from hip replacement surgery last week. president obama is facing backlash over remark about a mosque being built near ground zero. >> coming up, we'll hear from opponents of the idea and the president trying to clarify his remarks. coming up, the latest on today's forecast. take the umbrella with you. you may need it later on today. julie wright is along for this morning's look at rush hour traffic. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. air has no prejudice...
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take a look out at
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wisconsin avenue this morning. we take a look from our tower cam up above. quite a wild rodeo in california this. scene unfolding as police an animal control tried to round up two zebras that escaped from an enclosed area at their owner's home. apparently, people keep the zebras as pets. >> don't get me started on people that keep zebras for pets. >> you keep horses. >> it is a little different. >> they look very similar to me. >> domesticated animals. not zebras. for any animal of any kind, it is just miserable outside in terms of the humidity. the temperatures don't feel so bad. >> temperatures have been okay for the last couple of days where we've seen our highs in the 80s. yesterday, some folk did not even get to 80. today, we return to the 90s we believe. so another hot one and humid. we start with yesterday's high
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temperatures. officially, we did make it to 80 at reagan national airport. only 79 at dulles and 77 at bw incident marshall. i don't know when the last time we saw highs in the 70s was but in the 80s the last couple of days so there you go. a little bit of relief from the heat although it was a muggy, lig couple of days. 75degrees right now in washington. we've gone up a little bit. 70 in gaithersburg. 71 in baltimore. quantico, 74 degrees. winchester, 75 degrees at this hour. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite for our region. we'll show you in the eastern u.s., there is a pretty good amount of cloud cover. got some moisture up to the north. some western portions of the state. this is a cold front out there that will eventually push through our area. could trigger some showers and thunderstorms. we do have some clouds in over us early this morning. actually, primarily to the east. off to the west, you have some clear skies. i do think we'll see some sunshine this morning.
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i'll show you the cold front that we were talking about in advance of the front we've got. warmer air building in today. the cold front comes through, could trigger some showers and thunderstorms later on today and then behind that, we'll see some sunshine. here is your forecast then for today. becoming cloudy. showers and thunderstorms likely this afternoon and this evening. some of them could be strong. we are looking for a high today of about 91 degrees. your five-day forecast, tomorrow, we'll see, i think, better sky conditions. a fair a sunshine. but then again, some more showers and thunderstorms possible later in the day. high in the upper 80s. rain possible on wednesday. maybe even some heavy rain. 8 # for your high. thursday, friday, 86, 90- degree. main feature is that front which is down to our south. it will keep the chance of some clouds and some precipitation in here for the bulk of the westbound. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, we go to julie wright and
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get an update on traffic. >> traveling northbound on i-95 this morning, overnight roadwork as you approach mile marker 12 #, the exit for massaponix, you will find the lane are open. the overnight roadwork cleared. coming south on 270, still an easy ride for folks out of hyattstown this morning. lane are open working your way around the top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. 95 in great shape leaving lorton in both the main line and the hovs as you push up towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. making headlines, the united states and south korea are holding more military drills despite a warning from north korea. pyongyang had called the drills a grave military provocation. washington and seoul maintain these exercises are routine and purely defensive. more than 86,000 troops are involved in the drills.
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president obama's comments about the building of a mosque near ground zero now turning into an election year partisan debate. the president first said it was within the rights of muslims to build in manhattan. the president clarified saying he was not commenting on the wisdom of such a decision, only that religous freedom allows the mosque to be built. dan springer has more details. >> the pain and suffering of those people, those families, how can we do that? >> to defy fellow americans of their first amendment rights, freedom of worship is come letly unamerican. >> reporter: the debate over a mosque just block from embraces has reverb rated through new york for months. >> they are amy brothers and sisters who were murdered. i feel it very personally. >> i've always believed the government should not be involved in deciding who you pray to, what you say or where you say it. would there be a way to provide a center for people of the
5:20 am
muslim faith in lower manhattan and it not interfere with what is still a memorial. >> reporter: president obama's comments have widened it for a national issue. >> i believe they have the right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country and that includes the right to build a place of worship in a community center on private property in lower manhattan. >> reporter: mr. obama made an effort to clarify the comments. >> i was not commenting and i will not comment on the wisdom of making the decision to put a mosque there. i was commenting very specifically on the right that people have that dates back to our founding. >> reporter: new york lawmaker have differing opinions on what president obama should have said. >> said that the muslim leadership should move the mosque away from ground zero if they are really interested in building bridges and bringing harm one between and among different religions. >> i think the last thing that
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public officials should being to are getting involved in deciding where a religious institution should or should not go. >> reporter: the $100 million project has won approval from local planning boards but faces legal challenges. a programming remind are for you. today is our mentoring monday. beginning in less than 40 minutes in our 6:00 hour, we will open our phone bank to answer some questions that you might have about how you can become ament ore and help others. the number is on your screen. write it down and give us a call any time after 6:00 this morning. at 8:00 being do you have a child that is about to go to college? we'll help you save some money by not wasting it on needless items. the top five things that college students don't need. you are watching fox 5 morning news. ai
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welcome back. in about 35 minutes, starting in our next hour, fox 5 is hosting a special mentoring phone bank. it is your chance to find out about volunteering opportunities in our area. all you need is awe little bit of time and love to help somebody else realize their potential. >> he got me this brand-new watch. >> yeah? >> it is my first watch that i've ever had. >> when did you get it? >> the week of his wedding. everybody got a present and i like this present. >> i think that is a very
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special present. and that is not just a little boy watch. can you wear that for a long time. >> reporter: when carlos got married recently, his little brother chris was the ring bearer. >> i got to sit next to his mom and his uncles and his grandmother. >> reporter: chris says his grandmother because he and carlos are not biological brothers, instead brothers tied at the heart. they were connected two years ago when carlo ceacted big brothers, big sisters about volunteer. >> ing. >> i was a single guy at the time and all i was doing was going to work, going to the gym yfer wards and having a lot of time afterward. i always wanted a little brother to throw the baseball or go skating with or ice skating, skateboarding, all those activities that as a child you wish you had somebody to do it with, or pick at, laugh with, up watch a movie. >> he and chris do all of that now and more. they share a duper bond.
5:26 am
>> he showed a lot of compassion an care and told me about his mom and his dad got divorced and since my father had passed away, and he really foes what it is like to go through that pain. and well, he feels like i personally didn't -- with wh that happened, i was shocked. so since he told me about that, i'm more like that he knew what i meant when i felt sad. >> through it all, the young boy and the young man push ahead together. with big brother carlos opening the door of the world for little brother chris through sports an education. >> i love history so when we go to museums, i explain things to him being how things work, where things come from, how they're made. we talk about planes, radars and all kind of different
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stuff. it is really fulfilling for me when i get home. >> reporter: since carlo came into his life, chris has learned to swim, is excelling at soccer and has become a top notch student. more importantly, he has come out of his shell, the joy clear when asked about how he feels about carlos as his big brother. >> happy. i feel enlightened. >> they were great. our mentoring monday phone bank begins at 6:00 this morning. representatives from self groups will be here to match you up with the mentoring opportunity that is just right for you. the number to call beginning at #:00 this morning is on your screen. -- beginning at 6:00. we have much more still ahead. >> reporter: the struggles are still all too real for some people after last week's storms and why living arrangements are
5:28 am
about to get even worse for some folks. i'll have a live report coming up when fox 5 morning news returns.
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welcome back. we get a live look at our nation's capital. looks pretty good from that picture but step outside, you'll say wow, or something el perhaps. >> that is the humidity. temperature are okay.
5:31 am
skies are actually clearing out a bit right now so that is not bad either. it is another humid start to the day and we'll have more heat and humidity on tap for the day today. let's start by taking a look at the satellite-radar for the region. if you look closely, you can see how some of the clouds that have been across the area have been pushing off to the east so right now, it looks like we have fairly clear skies across the d.c. area and that is reflected in our forecast as we're calling for some sunshine this morning but then the cloudiness increasing as a frontal system moves our way. right now, latest stats being reported at reagan national airport. temperature, 75 degrees. but gurvir mentioned that humidity. 82%, so you do feel t winds are out of the south at nine miles per hour. your forecast for today, some morning sunshine but then giving way to increasing cloudiness. chance of some showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. ill say basically after about 2:00 or so. they will be across portions of the area. not everyone will get it but some of you will and some of those thunderstorms could be
5:32 am
strong to severe looking for highs in the low 90s. 91 in frederick, 91 in leonardtown. 91 in washington as well. more details on that forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. let's check with julie an get a look at traffic. >> good morning, guys. so far, so good. no incidents to report right now. if you are making the trip along southbound 270, starting to slow as you make your way south of 109 now leaving hyattstown. heads up before you reach 124 montgomery village avenue, we do have reports of a mattress in the highway tying up the second lane from the right. lane are open in virginia along northbound i-95. beltway runs smoothly between annandale an merrifield. they were forced out of their homes after lost thursday's fierce storms with
5:33 am
only the clothes on their back. >> emergency services end tomorrow and they may soon have nowhere to go. >> sarah simmons joins us with the latest. >> reporter: i can tell you the red cross emergency assistance that you just mentioned that was provided for folks last thursday that lived here at flowers apartments after the storm rolled through, it is about ready to end tomorrow. they usually just give people a few days in a hotel. the apartments back here are still condemned. there is still a tarp over the roof here. there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. many residents we spoke to say that they're worried they way be on the streets starting tomorrow. now, when that large tree came down t literally sliced right through the building and condemned the place. most of the people would live here still do for the have their belongings. they left with the clothes on their backs last week and they are still wait for the okay to go inside. nearly 30 residents are staying at a nearby hotel but that
5:34 am
emergency assistance for them is going to end tomorrow. >> i'm surprised that they didn't get health and human services out to immediately counsel people. these kids, you see them crying. my daughter, she's distressed. she is traumatized. we are frozen and yet you have to move on and you have no place to move. >> reporter: i along with the rest of them have nowhere to go. i paid a storage with high credit card. i have no money left on the credit card. people are so cold. >> reporter: so can you see a hear their frustration and anger right now. one small bright spot here. the flowers apartments complex here in gaithersburg, they have started returning some deposits and august rent to folks but they are saying the problem is right now it is very difficult for them to find affordable housing. back to you. >> thank you. also, in the district an yond underground fire forced
5:35 am
everybody to evacuate two hotels just up the street from the white house. flames shot up near the willard and w hotels on f street saturday night. firefighters described it as a flash explosion. smoke came out of the vents leading to an underground electrical transformer right blast flames broke out. officials say the recent rainy weather plus the extreme heat may be to blame. >> there is a high electricity load going on. you get very shot and sometimes it is the electrical components or the connects. often the weather has something to do with it. >> mob was hurt in the fires and the hotels had no damage. police are searching for a man who held up awe bank in silver spring. police say the man robbed the chefy chase bank at the white oak shopping cent are but not without some trouble. dye packs exploded in the money bag. there could be a four victim of the serial stabber in
5:36 am
leesburg, virginia. police are vehicling whether the suspect who is in custody in atlanta killed somebody in leesburg last year. so far, he is accused of 18 attacks in michigan, ohio and virginia. five of the victims died. the teenaged boy would survived a plane crash that killed his father along with former alaska senator ted stevens is now on his way back to maryland. this is the photo of willie phillips, jr. in the hospital room in alaska with his three brothers. he lived through the crash that killed his father would worked for senator stevens. four people survived in that crash. pakistan warning of more floods this morning as 20 million people are now affected. heavy rains are soaking victims stranded in makeshift camps. the united nations secretary general flew over the flood-hit area and says he has never seen a disaster on this scale.
5:37 am
>> the scale of this disaster is so large, so many people and so manyso much need. maybe one out of ten pakistanis has been directly or indirectly affected. flood waves must be matched with waves of global support. >> hundreds more homes were flooded over the weekend and the death toll has reached 1500 unofficially. a total of 0 million people have been affected. even-- of 20 million people have been affected. coming up on fox 5 morning news, rapper 50-cent tapping up in a big way. we'll tell you what he donated to a person in need over the weekend that could help save a life. china claims victory over japan. details of the financial knockout punch. you are watching fox 5 morning news. rd
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the commander in afghanistan says it is usual to catch osama bin laden. >> he remains an iconic figure. i think capturing or killing
5:41 am
osama bin laden is still a very, very important task. >> general pet ray petraeus says i well not cave to political pressure when it comes to withdrawing troops. south first family is back at the white house. they spent the weekend on the gulf coast. they went to show support for the local economy and boost tourism. they took eye boat ride and leaned over the bow to watch porpoises swim by. the obamas will spend 10 days at martha's vineyard. that is their official summer vacation. in economic news, while the economy remains stagnant, china's remains booming. china grew faster than japan in the second quarter. japan has held the number two spot behind the united states since 1968. a little girl in need, a popular rap artist is stepping up big. rapper 50-cent make august
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welcome back. a sticky day today and you might need that umbrella. we'll talk to tony about that in just a second. hundreds of people kissing in new york's times square in honor of vj day over the weekend. the iconic lip lock between a sailor and nurse happened 65 years ago in this exact spot. that same asmooch captured the essence of world war ii's end. a statue depicting that kiss was also unveiled. thousands of elvis fans in memphis now marking the 33rd anniversary of the king's death as they attended a candle lit vigil held in restly's memory. elvis fans make the pilgrimage every year at this time. >> i can't believe it has been 3 # years already. >> amazing. >> he was young are than i when
5:46 am
he passed away. >> we showed that live picture just a second ago across northwest washington. are we in for more storms today? >> yes, i think some of the storms could be strong into the afternoon and evening hours. right now, it is precipitation- free but it is humid outside. let's take a look at the temperature trend. we'll talk about that first because for a few days now, i think four days in a row, tucker, is that right? our temperatures have been in the 80s for the most part for the high temperature. today, we'll return to the 90s briefly and it will be the low 90s. 90, 91 degrees, something like that. we should return to the low 90s today and then to the rest of this week, our testimonies a bit up and down. upper 80s. wednesday, low 80s and mid-80s on thursday. the real story during the course of the week will be the lingering chance of rain,
5:47 am
pretty much he have day. 75-degree is our current temperature in the district. baltimore is at 71. stevensville, 77 degrees. out in cull ander, it is only 63 degrees at this hour. here is a look at the satellite- radar. you will see there is no shower activity around here. what we have is skies clearing out a bit so we should see pretty good sun during the morning hours. we've had activity in northwestern pennsylvania. a couple of little blips in west virginia. that is the front we expect to move through and trigger some showers and thunderstorms around our region later today. so forecast for today looks like this. becoming cloudy, showers, thunderstorms likely. some of those could be strong. high union town about 91- degree. for tonight, we'll see still the chance some of showers during the evening hours and some thunderstorms being mostly cloudy. a little bit cooler overnight with the low in town into the low 70s.
5:48 am
your five-day forecast, we showed you the temperatures. tomorrow, again, we have a chance of some showers and thunderstorms. rain possible on wednesday. maybe considerable rain. we'll have to wait and see. thursday, chances of more afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms. right now, friday looks to be nice but warm. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get an update on traffic. for that, we go to julie wright. >> bigging the purple. i like it. >> why, thank you. >> is that new? >> well, the shirt is new. >> same old tony , just a new look. it looks great. i love it. you will find the lane are open if you are traveling the top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda coming southbound on 95 out of baltimore. we had received word of an accident at southbound 295. they tell us effect has been reopened coming southbound off of 95 onto 295 so better news
5:49 am
there. inner loop, we have reports of a disabled bus. traveling on 66, picking up some volume as you travel eastbound out of cent areville. no accidents to report. just some volume starting to slow you down as you travel east of 29. lane are open leaving fair oak towards the beltway. 236 at west street west of the chain bridge road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. threats an retaliation is what the president of a local police union claims happened to them. several sheriff's deputies are accused of embezzling money from the union. fox 5's tisha thompson with a closer look. >> it all started when two sheriff's deputies were indicted for allegedly embezzling thousands of dollars from their union. the local union president, robert seat, says his boss sheriff mike jackson threatened him and later disciplined him for talking to the media about the case. >> i've been into fear of losing my job in the last
5:50 am
couple of years. i've been under investigation four times. it has been a scary ride for me. >> reporter: so he filed a lawsuit and on friday, the judge signed a court order preventing the sheriff from threatening, disciplining or retaliating against the union president. >> it is all political. >> reporter: sheriff jackson is running for county executive and the primary is less than four weeks away. >> we are in an election so everything counts. this is planned by those who don't want to see me win the election. >> reporter: the sheriff as a the rules are clear. officers may not speak badly of other officers, which is what he says the union president did. >> i don't think the order is necessary. i've never never threatened or there is no reason to cease and desist. i am a former labor leader and i would never infringe on a person's rights but i also will not allow anyone to infringe upon the rights of anyone else. >> one of the regular layings they have, you can't talk bad about a fellow officer.
5:51 am
well, bringing allegations of a crime is not talking bad. that is a fact. >> reporter: john bartlett represents more than 20,000 police officers in maryland and says the court order is a huge victory. >> across the country. i've been in contact with the national fop president. this is a very big victory that judge cave did for law enforcement around this country. >> reporter: the union president said he paid for the court case out of his own pocket, about $30,000 is now contemplating suing the sheriff to recover those costs. tisha thompson, fox 5 news. a church congregation is celebrating even after losing its home to storms. >> because everything that make us woulder is right here in this room. >> from the heart church ministries held its service at the showplace arena in upper marlboro. the roof of their church caved in on thursday causing serious and dangerous damage. church members say they are grateful to have a place to
5:52 am
worship no matter where it is. >> the building is a building. but approximate you can worship anywhere. if we have to be at tenth street or wherever. >> we still went to the top. in all things we praise god and we thank him for a place to come and worship. >> the roof caved in because the rain collected on it and got too heavy a ventilation unit fell over, damaged gas and electrical lines and also broke water pipes. rapper turned actor other cent held a bone marrow drive at his new york home over the weekend. he even donated his own bone marrow and wrote a song to a 11- year-old broadway star. before a programming reminder for you. our meantorring monday phone bank starts in less than 10 minutes at 6:00 this morning. representatives will be here to match you up with amentorring community that is right for you
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and one you can fit into your schedule. >> the number to call is on your screen right now. coming up next, hail to the redskins. an impressive start to the preseason. we'll hear from coach shanahan. we're coming back after the break. stay with us.
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a quick check of sports
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now. steven strasburg pitching yesterday. second inning after giving up a solo homer. an easier back to the mound. he makes a little bit of a mistake, throws it away. diamondbacks would be up 3-0. the teammates have his back though. josh willingham goes long with his first home one in thee weeks. and ryan zimmerman did the same thing with his fisk in seven games. nats win. some protests are demanding that commissioner bud selig hull the all-star game out of arizona. they are upset over the controversial immigration law in arizona. the commissioner has not said if he will move the game. redskins back to work hoping to get ready for the ravens this weekend. the redskins coming off a pretty impressive start to the pro-season beating the bills 42-
5:57 am
17. in addition to ton van mcnabb's touchdown drive, this brandon banks punt return was good for 77 yards. five different redskins players scored. results aside, coach shanahan says there is more work to be done. >> we've got to take care of business. you want to play well an just take it play by play. i think that is what we did. i think our players played extremely hard. we always like it play well in the pre-season. hopefully, he with play as well down the stretch. >> straight ahead at 6:00, our mentoring monday phone bank conduct off. representatives of several groups are already here to match you up with a mentoring opportunity. >> you can start your calls now. the number is on your screen. good morning, volunteers. they will be fielding your calls soon. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 
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