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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  August 22, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at ten. >> it looks like a faceoff shaping up in the redskins camp.
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albert haynesworth defiant. a family outing turned tragic when a 3-year-old boy ended up in the water. rescue teams came from all over, but it wasn't enough to save the toddler from the swift current when he fell into the water. fox 5 audrey barnes is in the newsroom with our top story. >> audrey. >> the little boy is the third person to drown in this spot in the last 16 months. police say it's a chilling reminder that although the river may look calm on the surface, it can be deadly. the little boy and his dad were fishing on some rocks when the child went into the water. u.s. park police and the dc harbor patrol rushed to the scene. a first responder pulled the child out but it was too late. >> obviously the river is dangerous place and we asked people to stay out of the river because it is treacherous and sometimes it's a lot more treacherous than it looks. >> police are reminding people that it's illegal to swim or wade in the potomac and they're urging life vest use whether
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you're in a boat or on the shore. they'll be posting signs in multiple languages so more people can get this life saving information. will. >> audrey barnes, thank you. a murder out of nowhere in a quiet corner of northwest cd. sherman circle suddenly a crime scene. police want to find out who killed neil godleski and why. >> reporter: this woman says she woke up when the lights and siren flooded sherman circle in front of her house. >> the circle was tied up and there was tape everywhere and police cars stopping every intersection that entered the circle. so you know it was something serious. >> reporter: dc police say a man in his 30s was shot here in the circle around 12:30 sunday morning. he later died at the hospital. she says police were very interested in an object laying on the ground several yards from the murder scene. >> i asked the police officer and she said there was a bicycle
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there and someone on the bicycle had been shot. >> i've never seen anything that rises to the level of crime that was here. i'm shocked. i'm shocked. >> reporter: the folks here will tell you that sherman circle is one of those places where everybody knows everybody because most of them have lived here all their lives. but they say the neighborhood is beginning to change. >> way more diverse than it's ever been. >> reporter: the murder happened right in front of the home joyce ferguson has lived in for 24 years. >> this is a very transient section coming from george avenue across. a lot of people come in and out through here. >> i see things in the morning waiting for the bus, i leave about 5:30 and there is people lurking around that i know are not on their way to work. so you kind of have to be alert and look around. >> reporter: we caught up with judy as she walked through the circle on her way home from church. a trip she says she won't let the neighborhood kids do by themselves anymore. but she's quick to say she does
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not blame the police. >> as soon as they come in on spot, then they have to call over here to this spot. they're busy. quite busy. from what i can see, they're really doing their job. but it's just so much stuff going on, you have to be here and there at the same time. >> reporter: she says she just wish tlz were more of them to be -- wishes there were more of them to be everywhere at once. >> if you have any information about the deadly shooting, dc police want to hear from you. you can remain anonymous by calling dc crime solvers and qualify for a reward. the number 866-411-tips. the work force staying busy today. things are pretty calm and not too warm. but some of you saw thunderstorms earlier today. what is on tap for the rest of the week? gwen is taking a closer look. >> we're going to get a break in the humidity department and that is some good news as we head into the brand new week.
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a quick look at radar. we've been dealing with a frontal system. and you can see where it's located right now. just stretching across areas of the bay. and most of the activity well to the south and to the north of us. we still have a little sprinkles lingering along the allegheny front. but let's take a look at the wide swap of rainfall that moved its way through. we dodged the bullet quite a bit. even though we had some scattered storms and showers here and there. not everybody saw it. we are seeing temperatures into the 80s and low 70s and tonight partly cloudy skies and a lot more comfortable. your full forecast just ahead. back to you. >> all right, thank you. tomorrow is the first day back to school for kids in dc. and city officials are taking extra steps to make sure students and passengers on metro are safe. metro transit police announced more officers will be riding the rails to prevent some problems that popped up in the past. we're live in northwest with more on this one tonight. matt.
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>> reporter: metro police will say because school is starting tomorrow, they plan to have more officers on the trains. they're doing this in response from complaints from customers. many customers called them saying they see these young people acting up and they want police to crack down. and that's exactly what they plan to do starting tomorrow morning. it's no secret metro police have had a real issue with some young people riding the train and causing serious trouble. two high profile flights. one in june at union station. another at la font plaza earlier this month. >> it's really good. my daughter is 16 years old. >> reporter: this woman is dplad to know more officers -- glad to know more officers will be riding the metro tomorrow as she sends her daughter off to high school. her daughter has witnessed several crimes. >> people are throwing egg bombs.
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threatening people or doing stuff to people off the train. >> reporter: fox 5 focused on several issues on metro buses. drivers told us about young people who would fight as they tried to drive. it got so bad the guardian angels started riding buses to keep an eye out for trouble. >> we had a lot of calls not just from citizens that ride the metro buses and trains but also bus drivers. bus operators. >> reporter: metro transit police are not only riding the trandz, they are also going -- trains, they are also going to the schools to educate students and parents about appropriate behavior on trains and buses. will this added push by police work? some aren't so sure. >> it's going to keep our eye out. i don't know if more cops are going to help. >> reporter: because of so many issues in the past, she drivers her daughter to school. but there are days she has no other choice but to drop her off at the metro station. >> does she worry about her safety? >> yes. >> and i worry too. >> reporter: once again, metro police are trying to switch
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things up a little bit. typically they have officers that patrol the stations. they stay in the stations. but this time they say the officers are going to be riding the train basically escorting the kids to school. will. >> certainly a lot of parents and students hope the changes will work. matt, thank you. the ongoing saga between the redskins and albert haynesworth is really heating up again, and it looks like it's becoming a war of words between player and coach. we're here with the detail. dave, you don't really see this kind of exchange often, do you? >> you don't. it's getting crazier by the day. yesterday haynesworth blasted his head coach mike shanahan saying the team has been down playing his illness. today the head coach responded and the game of he said, he said continues. today it was revealed that haynesworth had been diagnosed with myelosos which causes
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muscles to break down. he suffered from what the team called headaches and frustration which caused this response from big al last night after the game. >> that was part of it but it wasn't all of it. that's not a whole lot of stuff. >> what are the symptoms of it? >> i can't say. >> why would they do that, though? >> i don't know. i guess to make me look bad. not go into their off season conditioning program. but next year i'm not coming here. i'll be with my trainer again and i'll get back in the same shape i am and feel good about myself. >> very interesting. mike shanahan is going to address the media after practice tomorrow afternoon. but he couldn't bite his tongue that long telling fan house tonight and i quote "one thing for sure that is clear to me is albert has gotten away in the past without practicing so he hadn't played. that will not happen under this regime. if he's going to play, he's going to practice.
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and that is the same with every player here. the days of him playing without practicing are over. and that to me says it all. ". >> it says an awful lot. this needless to say will be an interesting week for the game against new york. it's going to get crazier. >> i'm sure a lot of fans are wondering, look, shanahan is the boss. >> right. >>. >> he's the coach. haynesworth would be the employee. isn't he mandated contractually to go to these practices? >> no. they're called otas. and they're voluntary. but everybody is there. everybody was there except for albert. and so when he did not show up, that's when it became a big issue. but, no, he has to be there for training camp which he did show up for. the otas is more of a we would really like you to be here thing and we highly suggest you are there. he decided not to go. >> i guess not. we'll see what the coach has to say tomorrow. dave ross, thanks for the update. >> sure.
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glenn beck is staging a huge rally on the anniversary of dr. king's i have a dream speech. tonight the permit has been granted but that's not stopping some people for criticizing the reason for the rally. now that the combat troops are coming home from iraq, can the u.s. finally declare victory? find out what one of the top commander says about whether the war has really been won. and hundreds of people sick in ten states. where things start with the massive recall. those are just some of the stories coming up with the news at fox 5. stay with us. 
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some parents complain a new diaper design is causing their babies to suffer from diaper rash. now the complaints about pam perz are spawning lawsuits and investigations. fox 5 melanie alnwick has the details. >> reporter: 1-year-old maya is general ly ly a bubbly little girl, but when it's time for a
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diaper change, mom says it's an awful experience. >> i know you don't want me to change your diaper. >> it hurts. it really, really hurts. to see your child in pain. >> i know. >> reporter: kimberly believes the problem my be in her pampers. >> she has been seeing this a lot lately. she had -- i called her yesterday. she asked me what brand i was using. she said that is the same problem she's been having with other clients of hers. >> reporter: pampers has a new diaper this spring and since then parents have complained about severe diaper rash. some posting painful pictures like this. pampers called the complaints completely false rumors fueled by social media. on its websites, pampers says the dry max technology is not a new material and that it was extensively tested. >> the patch testing will be on hundreds of volunteers. >> what we've done is we've
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removed all of the old fluff from the core in order to make it highly efficient. >> reporter: a class action lawsuit alleges the removal of the cushion fibers puts that dry max material in nearly direct contact with babies and children's extremely sensitive skin. the consumer product safety commission is investigating about 4,000 reports to its hot line. t&g is cooperating. >> i want to assure moms and dads around the world these products are totally safe. >> reporter: whatever the investigation shows, kimberly feels pampers could have handled her concerns better. >> i really feel when i was talking to them on the phone i really felt like they were not listening to me. it was just another crazy lunatic mom calling. >> reporter: for that, she is tossing out her long time loyalty to pampers along with the diapers. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> pampers has offered kimberly and other parents a refund for the purchase. the consumer product safe will have is looking at all of
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something to say about its investigation very soon. a common link has been found between two iowa farms that have recalled more than a half billion eggs because of a salmonella outbreak. they used several of the same suppliers, including the company where they get their chickens and feed. that business has been cited for violating state and federal laws. they're still trying to figure out the cause of the outbreak. are tax cuts trouble or could it help the economy come back stronger? they want to keep bush cuts in place. the democrats want to let some of the cuts expire at the end of the year in hopes of helping the deficit. senate republicans weighed in this morning. >> what we're talking about here is raising taxes in what most americans think is a recession. that isn't going to produce more revenue. we have a serious job loss problem in this country. they have primed the pump. they borrowed money. they spent money for the last year and a half. unemployment is still almost at
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10%. and now the job creators, the small businesses in this country, they're suggesting their taxes go up? >> republicans and many businesses are pushing for a permanent extension of all of the tax cuts. democrats would like to extend the cuts just for americans earning less than $250,000 a year. anti-tax tea partiers are just some of the people expected to turn out for a rally at the lincoln memorial next weekend. glenn beck is spear heading the gathering. but some civil rights leaders say beck should take his rally elsewhere because the august 28th rally coincides with the anniversary of dr. king's i have a dream speech. fox 5 tom fitzgerald takes a closer look tonight. >> reporter: from martin luther king's i have a dream speech to marian anderson's 1939 performance after being barred from a concert because she was
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black. the lincoln memorial has hosted historic rallies, and now another name issing looing to join the list -- looking to join the list. >> hi. i'm glenn beck. >> reporter: fox 5 news glenn beck plans on holding a rally. >> as i breathe from examples of people living that are doing remarkable things that your children need to see. >> reporter: but august 28th is also the 47th anniversary of dr. king giving the i have a dream speech at the lincoln memorial. beck says the date is a coincidence. others say it's not. >> he should withdraw out of respect. >> reporter: dc's democratic representative s eleanor norton was at the speech. the lincoln memorial is haloed ground for african-american. he says beck should take his rally someplace else. >> his motives come under severe
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scrutiny and he has not overcome that he is doing this not as a manner of honor. >> reporter: what do visitors think? >> i think anybody should be able to speak at the lincoln memorial. >> reporter: why they might not like glenn beck, they like freedom of speech even more. >> if they have permission, he should be able to use it. >> i wouldn't attend it. >> reporter: at the lincoln memorial in washington, fox 5 news. >> we tried contacting glenn beck for an interview and we were told he was unavailable. the park service tonight is confirming the permit has been approved for the rally and the permit organizers indicate 300,000 people in attendance. a permit for a counter protest led by al sharpton is being processed. just days after he was convicted to lying to federal agents, rod blagojevich is talking about a possible future in politics. and find out what he did over the weekend to make a few bucks. and the proposed new york city mosque steps from where the
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world trade center towers once stood became the center of protest today. we are hearing from both sides as fox 5 news at 10:00 continues. 
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jurors in a trial of former illinois governor rod blagojevich say they were close to convicting him on several of the 24 charges he faced, but in the end blagojevich was only convicted of lying to the fbi. prosecutors have already vowed to retry the case. so what happens next? will he be back on the political scene. fox 5 sarah simmons is taking a look. >> reporter: less than a week after a mostly deadlocked jury convicted rod blagojevich for lying to federal agents, the outspoken former governor made it clear he intends on a future in politics. >> you're asking me do i believe there is a potential political come back in the future? when i'm vind indicate in the this case, actually i do. >> reporter: federal prosecutors had said they will retry blagojevich on all 24 charges, including he had tried
10:25 pm
to sell president barack obama's senate seat. he indicated his defense during the second trial will pull in some big names from washington. >> in the second round, we're going to put a defense on, i'm certain. and in that particular case, we're going to call congressman jackson, congressman kostello. >> reporter: and many wonder what kind of damage this could do. if key players are caught up in a second trial. >> if they tell the truth, they've done nothing wrong and i've done nothing wrong. we talked about political horse trading to varying degrees. >> reporter: but his legal defense fund has been depleted, this means taxpayers will end up footing the bill. in fact, blagojevich made an appearance where he charged $50 for autographs. >> part of this battle that i'm in, this war that i'm in, is also one where i have to make a
10:26 pm
living for my little girls, my daughter and my wife. >> reporter: political horse trading is all blagojevich says he was ever involved in and money was never part of the equation. we'll get a chance to try to prove that once again as prosecutors get set to retry blagojevich a second time. sara simmons, fox 5 news. >> prosecutors are also threatening to retry the former governor's brother. the jury was deadlocked on all four felony charges against him. one of the dc snipers claims he and his partner are responsible for many more murders. tonight a new development. will he agree to speak with detectives? find out. and the president of iran is showing off the ambassador of death. why it's just the latest in iran's growing arsenal that has much of the world very concerned.
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this is fox 5 news at
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10:00. iran is making it clear for the second day in a row it is serious about being seen as a global force. the nation just began operations at a new nuclear facility. leaders say it's only to make electricity, but no one else in the world wants iran to have enriched uranium. today another display of power, an unmanned long range bomber. the government says it's only depended or defensive -- defended for defensive persons. >> reporter: it's the country's first new made long range unmanned aircraft and it's meant to prevent attack but it has the name ambassador of death but mahmoud ahmadinejad said iran will never attack anywhere. but the aircraft according to iran can carry up to four cruise missiles with the range of 620 miles.
10:31 pm
not far enough to reach israel. referring to israeli threats against iran's facilities, he said the reaction would be overwhelming. >> the scope of iran's reaction will include the entire earth. we are not kidding anyone at all. it cannot be as such that a bunch of thugs rule the world. take out the revolvers and go on a shooting spree and make the world insecure. >> reporter: iran tv ran video of the new test launch. and on friday iran tested a service missile. iran's critics --. >> we normally don't bomb our friends. that may fit in his definition. this is not a defensive weapon. it is an offensive weapon. >> reporter: they unveiled the weapon a day after the power reactor with the help of russia. they only plan to use it to
10:32 pm
produce electricity, but critics say this plant could eventually build a nuclear bomb. during the next two weeks, 80-ton of uranium fuel will be moved with inspectors watching the entire process. >> and that is not the end of mahmoud ahmadinejad's moves this weekend. he says they'll spend the first man into space by 2025 and iran needs to develop its own technology to launch large satellites. u.s. troops are launching combat troops in iraq. by the end of the month, only 50,000 soldiers will be in the country. their job, training iraqis and doing some counter terrorism operations. the top u.s. commander in iraq says it may take several years to properly assess the outcome of the war. >> we have made lots of progress here. i would say to determine whether
10:33 pm
we've won the war or not, we can see that in three to five years as we see how iraq turns out. a strong democratic iraq will bring stability to the middle east. and if we see iraq moving towards that at 2, 3, 5 years from now, i think we can call operations a success. >> things are clearly challenges that remain like the fact iraq has yet to form a government five and a half months after election day and iran is playing a destructive roll on its border. president obama is planning to make a major speech on iraq when he gets back from vacation. a senior administration official says the president will return on the 29th, just two days before the planned deadline to have all combat troops out of the country. the speech is scheduled to happen shortly after the president returns. to build o not to build. it is a heated gait sweeping the country -- debate sweeping the country. today groups on both sides of the issues of the muslim mosque
10:34 pm
hit the streets and we're taking a closer look. >> reporter: standing in the ring for rain for hours, hundreds protest against the planned mosque near ground zero, including this very angry construction worker, founder of hard hat pledge which says it will not help build the proposed islamic center and is calling for others not to as well. >> can you hear me, obama. this is andy from brooklyn. forget about it. >> we say no. >> reporter: on the nearby corner, supporters say those against the islamic center are spreading misinformation. two groups with opposing ideas, each flying the american flag. >> what better way to bring peace to this country and to this neighborhood than to be able to bridge people. the muslims who are here did not attack us on 9/11. >> reporter: the wife of the mosque leader says the
10:35 pm
opposition has moved beyond religious intolerance of muslims and is shouting big tree. >> it's hate. muslims. and we are deeply concerned. >> reporter: two blocks from ground zero , the proposed would house a swimming pool, auditorium and meeting place as well as a place to pray. but for some who lost relatives, the idea is too painful. >> i just don't feel there's right to put a mosque here where my brother was killed. >> reporter: this woman says she is open to possibly selecting another location, but nothing is set in stone. one of the serial snipers who terrorized our region back in 2002 says he will not speak with detectives about his recent claims. he told a cable special that he and john muhammad were responsible for dozens of murders that were never solved. they want to find out why he's
10:36 pm
making those statements but he refuses to cooperate. he is serving a life sentence at red onion state prison in wise county, virginia. and breaking news coming into the fox 5 newsroom. three people are dead after a mass shooting in virginia. it happened tonight about 60 miles west of richmond. the suspect shot and killed two men and wounded four others. when officers arrived on the scene, he unleashed a pit bull and fired shots at them. officers shot and killed the dog and the suspect. the four people who were hurt were taken to the hospital. a confederate prison camp thought to be lost or picked over is rediscovered. why it started yielding treasures almost as soon as archaeologists began searching for it. last night he was throwing in the towel. what he's saying he'll do now. a little bit of everything, some sunshine, showers and a few
10:37 pm
storms. we have a frontal system that moves through. but look at where the wet weather is. behind it, though, we still have a little bit happening. what does that mean for our work week. >> ? i'm going to have the details coming up after the break. rd
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a lot of drama off the field for the redskins tonight. dave ross is back now with sports. >> the albert haynesworth saga continues. last night after basically mocking head coach mike shanahan for his headaches, he has been diagnosed with magnodyalysis. we clearly have a communication break down. thank you. haynesworth missed three days of practice last week but was able to sit at last night's game. he recorded a stack in the fourth quarter but he seemed a bit sluggish and he and mike
10:41 pm
shanahan has a difference of opinion as to why he wasn't practicing last week. trust me when i say that albert haynesworth was not happy with the head coach. so the head coach retorted today speaking to a&l fan house. one thing for sure that is clear for me is that albert has gotten away in the past without paying -- excuse me, without -- playing without practicing. that will not happen under this regime. if he's going to play, he's going to practice. and that is the same with every player here. the date of him playing without practicing are over and that to me, mike shanahan, says it all. meanwhile, some baseball news now from the nationals. steven strasburg is expected to pitch again this season. he returned for an mri. he is unlikely to make siz next start but the -- his next start. coming up tonight on your sports edge, kris russell will join me
10:42 pm
and we'll try to make sense of this whole albert haynesworth fiasco. it's not easy to digest right now. >> you said it makes sense. >> no. >> that's going to be a hard one. >> dave, thank you. a 9-year-old boy kept his cool under frightening circumstances and now he is being hailed a hero. what he did to save his brother coming up next. 
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a 9-year-old illinois boy is being called a hero and for a good reason. he saved his 2-year-old brother in the family's pool. both logan and his mom are trained in cpr. when he quit breathing and the mom came to the rescue, she froze. >> he told me to move out of the way and did the procedure like it should be done and it was working. >> she was kind of getting a
10:46 pm
little crazy and stuff at that moment. any parent would, you know. so i don't really think he had any control what she was doing at the moment. so i just kind of, you know, went in and took over. >> go, log an. are you sure he's nine? he sounds a lot older. brendon was taken to the hospital, but he's doing just fine. logan took a junior lifeguarding plas where -- class where he learned cpr. haitian courts decided hip-hop star is not eligible to be a candidate because he has not lived in the country for the last five years. they appointed him an ambassador in 2007 so he was allowed to live outside of haiti. rising waters in north korea forced more than 5,000 people from their homes and on to higher ground. residents still stranded in a flooded region are using their
10:47 pm
rooftops for shelters. the death top continues to rise. 94,000 people have been moved out of northern china. some airlifted to safety because getting to remote areas is next to impossible here. this flood season is being called china's worst is more than a decade. what do you want to talk about? heat, the mugginess, the rain? we've pretty much done it. >> i know. >> add a little salt and pepper, and you have a little weather stew. >> today we had a little peak of the sun. not a whole lot. we have a lot of clouds outside right now. take a look. but things are improving because we're getting a break finally in that humidity as we move through in the next 24 hours. i'm sure everybody is going to be happy to hear that. but some of you did need an umbrella today and some of did you not. so let's take a look at where we're headed. this early part of the week we did have showers in the forecast. you'll have to keep the umbrella handy.
10:48 pm
the humidity is going to drop. that is good news. temperatures are going to take a little dip as well. a few days is going to be on the cooler side. but late week we're talking dry and more sunshine for you. that's going to be pretty pleasant. as far as things are concerned right now across the board, we didn't do too badly today. our temperatures were in the upper 80s. 88 degrees for national airport. right now across the area, humidity is at 56% officially at national airport at 81 degrees with a light northwesterly wind. we did have storms move through earlier so the winds were pretty much on the gusty side. they have now subsided. it's 72 degrees in manassas. the same at gait erdz burg. we have -- gaithersburg. we had 80 degrees at dulles this hour. and what we're talking about is this cold front right here that is gradually sliding its way through. let's take a look at radar. we're going to show you the position. you can see it stretching straight up towards pennsylvania and just a little bit of activity here to the south.
10:49 pm
a line of it along richmond. we have a few sprinkles out to the far west. other than that we've improved a lot from what we had earlier today because we did have a line of showers and thunderstorms. luckily we didn't have any severe weather to contend with. the majority of it went all the way off to the northeast and stayed well to the north of us and that's where the wide swath of rain is nouxt but it's all circulating around the low pressure system sitting there, and that's going to affect us as we move into the next 24 hours or so. it will push through the course of tonight and it will sit off to the northeast and spin a bit for the next couple of days. the circulation around it will continue to bring moisture back in across on the shore and we're going to end up with a chance of showers as we move through monday. it doesn't change for tuesday either. and it's not until tuesday night into wednesday that we get a little break from the system as a ridge of high pressure starts to build in very slowly after another weak cold front. but afternoon showers are possible for your monday, so you
10:50 pm
might want to definitely keep that umbrella handy. you could see a sprinkle or two. our fourth tropical storm has formed. maximum winds of 45 miles an hour. it's pushing it's way to the northwest at about 12 miles an hour. expect it to increase in speed over the course of the night and possibly very slowly stranken. we're going to -- strengthen. we're going to watch this closely. so bringing it back here at home for your day planner for tomorrow, a chance of afternoon showers. it will be around 81 degrees. we'll see our temperatures drop a bit. 73 degrees. light north westerly winds tomorrow. 83 degrees for your daytime high. here is a look at the five day forecast. unsettled in the beginning of the week. by hump day we get a little break but we're still dealing with clouds and we have the nice ridge of high pressure builds
10:51 pm
in. friday we're back to bright skies. look at the cool temperatures on thursday. we start to get a little bit of a break. >> that means it's not going to be any rain. >> it looks like we're getting set up for a nice weekend. >> monday, tuesday are rain chances. >> okay. thanks. >> all right. the man in charge of doling out money to victims of the gulf oil spill says he's the one that is saying those people shouldn't be allowed to sue bp. ken steinberg is the administrator of a $20 million compensation funds. he believes anyone that gets a settlement shouldn't be allowed to sue bp for more money but he hasn't decided if that should apply to the other companies involved in the blown out oil rig. some good news for seafood lovers. maryland's harvest is better than expected this season. a dozen blue crabs cost about 50 bucks last year, but now the price is down.
10:52 pm
we're talking about $35. >> customers that couldn't afford it will now hopefully be able to afford it and come out and enjoy the crowd. >> you can't get any fresher than here. >> the pricing has gone down. >> we all want crab cakes now, right? the good news is a surprise to everyone. at the beginning of the season maryland and virginia governors announced they expected the population to be the highest since 1997. it was only around for a few weeks, but that was more than a century again. now it is a big part of our country's history. and a group of archeologists can say they've made a major civil war discovery. fox's elizabeth bran has more on what makes it so special. >> reporter: archeologists in southeast geore spent this sticky summer months digging for a hidden piece of history. >> it was on the part and they didn't know where. >> it was a confederate prison camp thought to be lost or picked over.
10:53 pm
150 years ago, it held nearly 10,000 union prisoners and was only open for six weeks. experts think nearly 1,000 men died there. tourniquets, money, coat bucket and silverware has been discovered, but only 1% of the site has been discovered so far. >> it tells me a lot about their resilience and their in ji new they -- ingenuity. they did a lot. >> reporter: it not only completes the history of a war that divided a nation, but it also tells the individual stories of soldiers who lost their lives not only on the battlefield but also behind prison walls. >> i'll never know his name and i don't know if he survived or not, but it feels like i know this man and every time i touch that artifact, i really -- the hairs on my arm stand up. i can really get a sense of him. >> reporter: descendants of the soldier say visiting the camp fills in unanswered questions about their heritage. >> we have been down here about four years ago trying to find the camp or trying to find where
10:54 pm
the prison had been. and people knew of its existence but didn't know its location. >> reporter: a mystery solved bringing life to a story of survival during a turning point in u.s. history. in georgia, elizabeth pran, fox news. a local man set a new world record today on his dirt bike. we are giving you a front row seat to all of the action. but it's what he did afterwards that became the real talk around the track today. that is coming your way in our next segment. and it may be the video of the day. check that out. it's coming up on the news edge. an emergency landing that some people are calling a miracle. i
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[ male announcer ] there are many vehicles that claim to be just as capable off-road as the jeep grand cherokee. but without triple-sealed doors, a raised air-intake system, or even a watertight drivetrain, just how far off-road are they talking about? ♪ . attention gleeks and hope in the newsroom this one is for you. you can now dress like your favorite characters on the fox hit show. macy's launched its exclusive apparel line this weekend.
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three of the show's stars were there to introduce the clothing. they talked about the new line. check it out. >> it's a glee apparel line. it's inspired by the show. the cheerios kind of top and comfy. >> it's very surreal to see the stuff we started wearing on the show two years ago and now it's out for people to actually buy. it's cool and super, super comfy. >> that's why they're calling clothing now. the all new season starts september 21st right here on fox 5. a maryland man set a new world record for the longest front wheelly on a dirt bike. steve williams was there to catchall of the action as gary harding beat the current record of 188 feet. >> i'll be coming down this lane on that side of the track.
10:59 pm
>> we're hoping around 330 feet. there isn't anything more i'd rather be doing right now than riding my bike. >> go. >> the biggest problem that you can run into is applying too much brake and flipping end over end. i'm going to hit that a little premature of the cone to actually get the rear wheel past the cone so i can carry it for the entire distance. >> i'm going to go down there and get my head right. >> i'm a little nervous just because i love him. [ cheers and applause ] >> i want to kind of get a couple of runs where i'm just going to feel things out a little bit before we really go around. [ cheers and applause ] >> i think he's going to do it no problem. >> go, gary. do it. [ cheers and app


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