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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 16, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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is afternoon as the frontal system approaches from the west. the showers should hold off until this evening. and the evening commute should remain dry. although, to be honest, it could use a little bit of rain at this point. temperatures mild. 69 degrees at reagan national. 65 in fredericksberg. 70s to the east. ocean city, 73 and patuxent naval air station 72. going to be warm and humid out there this afternoon with high temperatures warmer than yesterday. 87 the afternoon high with increasing clouds and winds out of the south at 10-15 miles per hour. more details on the forecast. we'll look at the tropics coming up in a few minutes. allison, back to you. our top story on this morning, an investigation is underway following a deadly crash in prince george's county. the collision happened along marlboro pike in district heights overnight and involved an suv and an ambulance on its way to an emergency. >> now three people in the suv
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were killed, two medics are being treated. stacy cohan joins us live with more on this story. good morning, stacy. >> reporter: good morning. it was a devastating accident this morning. it happened just after midnight. the ambulance had just left the firehouse which is a few blocks down the road. here is what happened. we have some video overnight. the suburban was apparently traveling on the wrong side of the road. the ambulance was headed westbound and the suburban was headed straight for the ambulance. the driver of the ambulance swerved off to the left and the suburban then hit the side of the ambulance, sheering off the entire side of the vehicle before then careening about another 40 yards straight into a brick wall, then into a utility pole and then flipping over on its roof before finally coming to a rest. all three people in that suburban were pronounced dead on the scene. and i talked to the fire department and spokesman mark brady said the force with which
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it hit the ambulance was just incredible. >> i've never seen that amount of destruction done to an ambulance and i would hate to think what would have happened if that hit head on. the speed of that vehicle and it's such a large vehicle to do that amount of damage on a sideswipe totally obliterated it. >> reporter: the male and female ambulance workers were treated and released. they did not suffer any serious injuries. we do not have identification on the three people killed in the suburban and nor do we know if drugs andal hor were a factor. marlboro pike was closed for several hour this is morning you can see it is reopened to traffic at this hour. reporting live, i'm stacy cohan, back you.
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a d.c. police officer is facing serious legal trouble. maguire is one of 12 people charged in an indictment of a year-long investigation into the trafficking of heroin and crack cocaine in d.c. he has been on administrative leave and could face ten years to life in prison. loudoun county police are concerned there may be more victims of a sexual assault suspect. officers say 34-year-old johnefans met a woman on e- harmony inup. police say the two met at the suspect's house where he sexually assaulted her. police want anyone else who is a victim to come forward. 19-year-old sharpod jaw is now being held. he approached his victims in college park with a weapon, took their property and ran
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away. the remainder suspects have been spotted in surveillance video at 9/11 stores. >> they are attempting to purchase items in the store and then they go up to the cash register, using the victim's credit card. >> i was thinking about it. my parents are probably more worried than i was but something i thought about. >> reporter: the suspects are all considered armed and dangerous. the bitter, at times, race for mayor of the district is now behind us. so this morning the democratic party of the district of columbia is holding their unit breakfast at the israel bastist church. and karen joins us. good morning. i think you like being on the morning show? >> reporter: i do. the breakfast we're talking about is all about smoothing over the ill feelings over the
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campaign. and joining me is the presumptive winner mayor gray. and what are we expecting from this breakfast? >> well, first of all, karen. i think we're going to try to get everything together. it's time to unite behind all of the candidates and work together for november. >> reporter: and are you speaking? >> yes. >> reporter: and would you give us highlights of what you intend to tell the crowd. >> i want to foreshadow some things that are important to me, like our schools, like public safety, like getting people back to work again and restoring the public trust to our government. but most of all it is important that we continue to work together to try to bring this city together. one of the things i've decided to do, and i mentioned this yesterday, is have eight town hall meetings. one in each ward. i look forward to working with each of the council members.
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i'm also thinking about in the aftermath of the general election, i said this even before we entered office but i haven't made a final decision on that. >> reporter: you know we keep bringing up michelle rhee. she told us yesterday she's taking some time off, prehoneymoon, to get her thoughts together about what she wants to do. jim graham told us just now that he thinks it would be a big loss to let her go. any thoughts on that. >> well the first thing is we'll attempt to sit down and talk to her. she did call me back but we missed each other. i tried to reach her and she true tried to reach me -- and she tried to reach me. >> reporter: thank you so much. i'll let you go in and eat your breakfast. we did talk to other council people and defeated candidates,
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folks that are attending include marion barry, ward 7 councilwoman alexander. murrayal bowser and as you heard from vince gray it's all about the healing, allison. >> karen gray houston is in there too. and thank you for coming out and sharing the hepped line with us today. live from northeast. it was a summer of discontent for many military families with news of widespread burial blunders at arlington national cemetery. fax 5 spoke with the family of one arlington marine to see if their son was in the wrong grave. it was unearthed to see whether he was part of the disturbing statistic. bob barnard has the story. >> reporter: visiting arlington from their home in canton, ohio. scott and melissa warner have just identified the remains of their 19-year-old heath.
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he was killed by a roadside bomb in iraq four years ago. he was buried with full military honors. but was he resting in peace where the army said he was. >> it was honoring heath and making sure that he had the digity to be dured where we were told he was buried. >> reporter: it turns out this was his final resting place, positively identified by this tattoo on his arm. but arlington recently found three others buried in the wrong grave. >> to have something like this happening, it is horrifying. and it's really inexcusable. >> reporter: the discrepancies coming to light in this inspector general's report released in june. >> the ig report found 211 discrepancies, in particularly three sections of the cemetery. >> reporter: a senate subcommittee reported as many
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as 6600 graves at arlington may be unmarked, or mislabeled. >> arlington placed the value we place on life in life and death and the army must restore the trust that americans deserve. >> reporter: congress wants to know what happened to more than $5 billion to mererrize his records. tom tarantino said there is a solution. >> they have to get rid of their system and go to the modern first century systems that the v.a. has been using for 10-15 years. >> reporter: after positively identifying the body, the warners had heath reburied. >> i have to tell you want to say we're -- we're sorry to leave because we had to do this
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to him. >> that was bob barnard reporting. army officials say so far they are not the last ones to do this. 25-year-old staff sergeant sal jintao was res queuing one fellow surge -- rescuing a fellow soldier under heavy fire under one of the most dangerous areas of afghanistan. >> we walked into an l. shaped ambush. you could see the muzzle flashes from bullets leaving the enemy's guns that weren't too far away. sometime they would whistle or crack. there was the close you just got hit. and then there is the close where it steps by your head and you're not hit. and then there is the whiz, that's further away than the crack. >> one of the soldiers that he reese cued from the taliban did
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later die. it was his best friend. now despite the award, he said he does not feel like a hero. well it's a story that has a lot of people talking. the alleged sexual harassment of a female sports reporter in the jells locker room. up next we're talking with the alliance of women in media to get err opinion. and the bp oil well at the bottom of the golf, we'll tell you what the crews plan to do this weekend in the final step to close the well. it's 9:11 and we'll be back in a moment. ksgo t 
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welcome back. 9:14. progress in the gulf of mexico this morning. the broken well in the gulf could be sealed this weekend and the relieve well could be completed tonight. also just as the end of the crisis is near, the government wants to stop any more from happening. the white house is now telling companies operating in the gulf, plug or dismantle any oil
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platforms they are not using. there are almost 3500 wells that do not produce anything. california governor arnold schwarzenegger made his first stop to the san francisco suburb where a grass explosion -- where a gas explosion killed people and destroyed home. meantime here is a look at san bruno. homes and cars turned to ashes. neighbors say the sound of the blaze still haunts them. >> i could see why people thought it was an airline because it had that sound. >> it was like my kids say, is that the fire coming. >> she opened up the curtains and she said the sky -- -- the sky is on fire. let's get out of here. >> three people are still missing, living just yards from the source of the blast.
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investigators are still trying to figure out what caused it. allison. a big story we are still talking about. inez sainz of a mexican tv has become a house hold name after being allegedly harassed by the new york jets during a practice. the reporter said she felt uncomfortable in the saturday locker room as she heard cat calls as she waited for enterviews. the nfl will complete an investigation. joining us this morning with more insight on this issue is erin fuller, president of alliance for women in media. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we were talking off camera and i asked you, are we still talking about this? >> it's unfortunate and a little depressing to still be talking about issues like this. it's been over 30 years that
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women have been let into locker rooms. 25 for the nfl, which is more reluctant than major league baseball. but what someone looks like and what they are wearing and if they are inviting unwanted behavior. >> she's on the side lines and the ball was over thrown. these sound like 14-year-old guys. >> they're like junior high. >> and basically the question is did she deserve to be treated like that under any circumstances, regardless of what she had on. and we'll talk about what she had on too. but is this acceptable in the opinion of the alliance? >> oh, my goodness. absolutely not. the alliance supports her in her efforts as a young media professional. and we think she's handled this appropriately in terps of filing a complaint. clearly wrongdoing has been admitted because there's been
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an apology from jet's management and from the nfl investigating it and everyone since the incident has handled it well. >> after the practice she had on a pair of jeans, form- fitting and she wore a top and there is a bit of a cultural television and the standards might be different, and you can get to wear more of like what we would wear on the weekend. was what she was wearing was appropriate? >> think a white blouse and jeans seem appropriate, especially in the environment that half of the people were unclothed. and it's unfortunate to use other images. >> this is not what she was wearing, by the way. >> no. and i don't think it was inappropriate. it seemed appropriate.
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>> what message does the nfl send, they are looking into this. >> i think it's a positive message. it shows that the nfl and the jets take this seriously. and i think there are folks that there were offhand communication and i think she's accepted that and wanted to move on. i don't get any impression that she wants the story about be about her any more. and i think she wants to do her job and not have the focus be on her. but at the same time she wants to make sure other media professionals are being treated the same. >> this has happened before. >> we had lisa olson with the boston harold with the jets and the nfl put practices in place
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still in effect today to protect media from this. >> and we had clinton portis coming on and say this is going to happen, men are men and women are women, is there any place for that in the locker room. >> i think since then he has apologized, which we appreciate that move. i think he wants to have an environment on the field that lets him to do his job and there is an environment for her to do hers. >> what is the alliance as far as what someone is wearing. this bleeds into society as well. and is the honest on the person of what they are wearing when they do their job. >> absolutely not. we are in front of and behind cameras and all sorts of technology at this point and i don't think the focus should be on what someone is wearing.
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i think there has been discussion of sexuality and there are confident women that we know that are happy and confident about that. but i think there is little when it comes had a harassment and humiliation and is no place in the workplace for that. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. a controversial visit by the pope. why his first trip to the united kingdom is drawing so much criticism this morning. plus holly is celebrating greek style this morning. >> and when you do that, you never count calories. we are live this morning at saint constantine's and helen's greek orthodox church and yes, one of the most popular spots, the pastry table. we'll talk about who makes these magical streets and we'll tell you how to help a good cause too. it's all coming up later.
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here is a look at today's trivia question. the answer is coming up later, but if you want to take a guess now head to our facebook page. much more is ahead this morning. don't go anywhere. it's 9:22. 
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anncr: want better customer service? switch to discover, where you can talk to a real person in less than a minute. it pays to discover. president barack obama is expected to bypass the senate confirmation process and name elizabeth warn to oversee the consumer financial protection bureau. the harvard law professor would report to the president and treasury department. she's known for her tighter over site of the financial industry. a mitch -- a michigan man is behind bars.
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the fbi is questioning richard scott mccloud. he was stopped for speeding. they found a picture of the president, a loaded gun and tips for building a bomb. he was arrested. pope benedict xvi meets with queen elizabeth ii. he is on a visit to the united kingdom. his first stop was scotland. this is recognized as a symbolic bridge between the catholic church and britain. >> his contribution to the understanding of christianity. i hope you have the opportunity to deepen the relationship between the romage catholic church and the church of scotland. >> his visit is being over shadowed by child sex abuse scandals. there are also protests planned
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against the stand on gay marriage, abortion and the $20 million the british government is paying for his visit. 9:26 now. well do you look forward to retirement or are you more concerned about your financial security when you stop working? we're taking -- talking about a change in mood when it comes to retirement and we're going to have some tips for making sure you are financially ready to stop working. and take a look. this is not a galaxy far, far away. it's a convenience store where this criminal made one big mistake. we'll show it to you next. we're back in a moment.
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ready, boys? >> yeah. >> here is another story from the dumb criminals file for your enjoyment. this robber is getting attention online because of his outfit. who is he? well he is pretending to be darth vader. he has on the mask.
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i'll tell you why it makes him dumb. he wore a mask and he threatened the cashier instead of a lightsaber with a gun. but he waited until he got in to put his mask on. he didn't want to call attention to himself. >> but he was carrying the mask into the store. >> he's hiding the mask. >> and when the door opens and the bell rings, people look up and see who is coming in. >> any way, so that happened in detroit. >> that's great. hi, tucker. >> i think they'll catch him. pretty soon. because it wasn't the real darth vader. we have rain on the way. we're running into a deficit around here and the possibility of scattered showers. not so much during the daytime, but later tonight or tomorrow. and 70 degrees at reagan national. nice start to the day.
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temperatures didn't really cool off a lot overnight. there was a little cloud cover moving through. 64 in gaithersburg. 68 in quantico. fredericksberg is 74 and in leonardtown we have 72 degrees. as we get into the afternoon hours and evening hours, the clouds will be on the increase. there you can see them out to the west. and this is a one-two combination. we have a cold front out to the west and a warm front moving through during the last couple of hours and in addition to a little more heat around here today we'll have more humidity as well. and it will feel summery with high temperatures in the upper 80s and the best chance of rain showers will arrive later this evening during the overnight. maybe some thunderstorms too. once we get behind the system, it will be fantastic around here. by tomorrow afternoon, a lot of sunshine will return. saturday, sunday and monday look great with high temperatures each day in the upper 70s or low 80s. let's get down to the tropics.
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this is karl. maximum winds at 50 miles per hour. it looks like it will reemerge and then -- re-emerge and then into the gulf of mexico. this is the serious storm and it continues to be a major storm -- igor. maximum winds 145 miles per hour. that will track in the direction of bermuda and could make a direct landfall there into the end of the weekend. and then this is julia. now a category two hurricane starting to fall apart. that's good news. that's tracking off to the north and the north and the west and not attracting anything. our forecast a good one. dry today. 87 out there. clouds on the increase. breezy at times with winds out of the south at 10-15 miles per hour. want some rain for the garden? hold off until later tonight. we'll keep our fingers crossed.
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maybe a storm as well. 87 degrees and winds 5-15 miles per hour. into the daytime hours tomorrow, more sunshine and 81 the afternoon high. saturday, sunday and monday, nice september weather. low humidity, afternoon high temperatures in the upper 70s to about 80. overnight teams back into the 50s and 60s. so good looking weekend forecast. let's get to tony with the latest on the my retirement. >> you better pay attention. we talked about this. a lot of americans used to daydream about retirement, a chance to travel and relax. but more of us are experiencing anxiety about retirement and dread about the financial consequences. amery-prize financial conducted a study. how can you turn the it into
9:35 am
anticipation, joining us is angela bena. >> good morning. >> thank you for coming. the survey -- we learned that people really now do have trepidation about retirement and i guess because of the recession are feeling like, i don't know if i have enough money, i don't know how to get enough money. tell us about what you found. >> this is the second round of the survey. the first round was done in 2005 and the economy was doing great and everybody was riding the high and people were comfortable about the retirement. we surveyed people ages 40-75 so we got the preretired and into retirement. so we had a chance to understand what the different stages look like for them. what they fount this year in -- what they found out this year is that the stages have been shifted back. more people are concerned about retirement. and a new stage popped in, which is hesitation. so we have a lot of people that
9:36 am
were planning to retire in the next three to five years and now they are going, woe, maybe i should work longer. >> and i think we have a graphic. and i'm glad you put it in perspective. does the fact that things have shifted there, the different stannels, that things have shifted, does that -- does that indicate that maybe we weren't doing generally what we should have been doing even five years ago, if this reis enough to make us realize oh, no. >> absolutely. i do believe we weren't doing enough. we were relying on the fund managers and our corporation and our pension, our 401k and not enough of us were taking an active participation in what our retirement looks like and what we'll do for retirement. what i'm seeing and what the survey showed is more and more
9:37 am
people are starting to look like financial professionals because they realize five years ago was a winner, no matter what you put your money in. now it is what do i do. most people think about the 401k and the balance and is it enough. people are also living longer now. so back when you only needed this much money, now you need more. how are you going to go to get that money. >> and some of the things people need to do to get ready. you can take us through some of the things that you suggest. >> absolutely. you want to pretend that you retire today and imagine your day. >> that right there scares me. >> it scares all of us. >> and here is why. because i think like many other americans, i'm fortunate that i have a job. some do not so i'm earning a living but has hard right now to put money away for savings
9:38 am
and in vest in the retirement plans. >> i think the first thing we need to do is prioritize my clients. if you forego something today, it could make a difference in your future. i have lights who take four to six vacations a year. if you cut back on that and cut back on the spending, you would be surprised. if you figured out what numbers you need you would be surprised how much more you need to add is not that much. if you can figure that number out today and start doing it today, it will make you much thursday. if you're 40, it gets harder the closer to retirement and the more you can put away, the easiest life will be. >> many of us have 401k plans when they were popular and then we just kind of let them sit. one of the things that you recommend is to attend to the old plans, check on them. >> you want to have control of
9:39 am
your money. that's one thing we intend to forget. if you're currently participating in an active 401k conference call, old ones should be rolled into iras where you and your financial advisor will have better control over how they are invested. take a look at your money you as one portfolio. how does it fit in the big picture. don't forget it's one story, it's not a bunch of little stories. >> very good. it's great information. and beale post some of the tips on our website at thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you for having me. allison, back to you. >> taking notes, tony, thank you. thousands of gallons of
9:40 am
diesel fuel missing this morning. what police is saying to do. and an organization to save horses is now shut down. we'll tell you why coming up.
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gas station workers are paying closer attention to their pumps after thousands of gallons of diesel fuel were stolen from two different stores in maryland. the latest victim, hydes dairy store in glen burnie. someone took more than 1800 gallons of diesel fuel from an underground tank. they likely used a large pickup truck or a larger vehicle to move that amount of fuel. police are looking at surveillance video from businesses nearby. so far they don't have any suspects. this is a downright disturbing story with disturbing images. dozens of horses seized after being left with no food and water at a west virginia farm. hidden meadows rescue is a nonprofit in martinsville that
9:44 am
touts itself as a sanctuary for rescued horses. sheriff authorities found horses with bones protruding out of their skin. eight were dead or had to be put down. veterinarians are working hard to save the 53 others that survived. animal control had gotten complaints about the opener. >> she always gave me excuses that they came that way. they rescued them from pens and she was rescuing them. >> i was overwhelmed by the conditions of the horses and by what i saw on the property with no hay or water available. >> the owner of the horse rescue cooperated with the search warrant and has since disappeared. sources have been -- or the horses have been put up for adoption. it is the largest and oldest greek festival in d.c. and holly morris is there live this morning. she's got more on the groups involved in this big
9:45 am
celebration coming up next. and we are heading straight into fall. so when do you need to bring thoseez outside plants from outside inside. garden guru derek not as joined us live with what you need to know. we're back in a moment.  what's all this? big news! we have another way to help you save. oh, really? how? by bundling. if you get your homeowners and auto insurance together, we give you even more savings. ooh! big bundle. [ chuckling ] home and auto together. it's like peanut butter and jelly. oh, or like burgers and fries. or pickles and ice cream. unicorns and glitter! no? bundling to save you more. now, that's progressive! call or click today.
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the largest and oldest greek festival in the washington, d.c. area is happening this friday, saturday and sunday. great days weather wise for it. >> and it's always a great festival. and holly is there at saint constantine greek orthodox church. as if we need any introduction. this is what being in d.c. is about on this weekend every fall. >> absolutely. there is a reason why this is the oldest and garagest greek festival in d.c. it's not only the people that host it but the
9:49 am
people that come out. tens of thousands. this is a destination spot. and i say the people are good and the food is good. but forget about that. it's about the sweets. and george is here with me and he knows because he is the expert on all things greek sweetness. >> i do wish. but i love every one of these. >> reporter: and you also know how to make them. >> because the lovely ladies hem them and they do a fabulous job. they are homemade and using the best ingredients. >> reporter: when did they start making them? >> several months ago. and today they are making the baklava and dipping the other cookies and honey. >> let's go down the line here. >> these are delicious cookies which are dipped in honey with the orange nuts. the wedding cookie, the short
9:50 am
bread is wonderful. the shedded feelo and inside is the walnuts and the silk and honey. the baklava which is the post favorite. the cookies are delicious to dip into coffee or tea. >> reporter: and then you start all over again. this is where we do our seconds. >> except this one we missed. this is the deep-law, they call them diples, it's the fried dough dipped in honey. >> reporter: and what is amazing when you did all of -- when you eat all of this, you lose weight. >> reporter: these womens are -- and they make them -- look at their girlish features. >> reporter: and we've seen people here from the first festival, 90 years old old and their here. >> and the longevity. >> reporter: and there is a
9:51 am
good part of the festival doing good and that is where lindsey bust comes in. good morning, he's president and ceo. you have your eye on something over there? >> about 1 different things. >> so tell me about the partnership with the church and linda's table. it is such a great example of how to martner in your -- your partner in community. they engage with us in a lot of ways and we're happy to be part of the festival. >> and you're celebrating as well. we're celebrating our thursday anniversary. >> and you say women have helped support the cause. >> that's right. they do projects for us, food drives and providing us food for the greek fast val. and as you might have guessed, that's a popular day, and do you think in the 30 years it's
9:52 am
been around that martha tables has made a great progress. as we see kids graduating from college and going on to successful lives. >> reporter: and you can make a difference by getting a raffle ticket here this weekend. tell me about it. >> also working with best buy columbia heights donated this tv that will go off for raffle on sunday night and you don't need to be present to win. and we're excited about how this will contribute to marg's table. >> reporter: thank you for the work you do. and george, you're okay. no, thank you, too. we'll see you next year. i love seeing these people each and every year. is our website. we have a link to theirs.
9:53 am
the festival is this friday, saturday and sunday and i will give my last oopha for the morning. >> thank you so much, holly. so derek thomas is in studio with how does your garden grow and you're insisting on talking about the change of season because it's going to be cooler. we don't want to hear it. >> i thought you would be happy for this because you were my favorite person when it came to the hot weather. and the humidity. but let's not talk about that. but it is time to think about bringing the plants indoors and there are tips that you are passing along. >> exactly. and it's time to get the plants back in the weather is starting to drown down and you want -- to drop down and you want to give the plants time to acclimate. there are several tips that make that easy. first and foremost, take event of what you have and whether you'll bring it back in, in the
9:54 am
first place. and then clean any of the leaves. this is actually just a soap liquid that is mild and you take a clean sponge and you go on the front and on the back of the leaves, try to stay away from any of those sprays that add a shine to the leaves. >> can i ask a dumb question. is water on here too? >> there is water and soap. and you can use a soapy bucket of water and try to stay away from the sprays because they don't help the plant. but that will take off the insects that the plant may have picked up during the summer. you don't want those. you want to go ahead and take a look at plants like this orchid and take away anything that is dead. also what i like to do is i like to check and see -- this one happens to have a clear
9:55 am
container. but i like to check and see if it's in a sleeve like this, make sure there is no insects that have decided to take up resident there. if you happen to see the potting medium. sit it in a saucer of water for several day and that will convince the ants to move on. >> not a good environment. >> exactly. they'll decide it's not a hospitable environment. when you bring plants like this wandering jew in, you see how it's turning yellow and brittle. >> sure. >> you want to make sure that you leave it where it is. clean up any of those leaves and give it time to acclimate to the new indoors. also this is a really great product, it's all far and you can use it around kids and pets. you spray the plant leaves. once you get the plant indoors, if you see signs of any
9:56 am
insects, and then the last thing is if you have plants that have gotten leggy. we tuned this one back several weeks ago. see how it's flushed back out. what you want to do is you want to get in there, take off any of those long, leggy pieces. and you basically want to bring the plant back down to size before you bring it in. also any blossoms, take those out. so you have a more compact plan and in several weeks it will fill out and they have made the transition from outdoors to in. >> thank you so much. all of derek's tips are online. we'll see you next week. and we'll be right back with the answer to our trivia question. 
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