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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  September 24, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. fox 5 working the big stories this friday night. fast moving flames destroy part of a virginia neighborhood. now just released 911 calls are giving new insight into what
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happened. this is america. i don't want a tomato picked by a mexican. i want it picked by an american. >> stephen colbert in character testifying before congress about immigration, but not all the lawmakers were laughing. and take a l te you how dru tried to sneak 21 pounds of pot past customs at dull hess airport. we begin tonight with -- dulles airport. we begin tonight with that devastating fire in virginia. thanks for joining us. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. three homes in virginia badly damaged. now we're hearing what it was like for the man inside the house where the fire started. fox 5's bob barnard with this one. >> it was a tense two hours or so in that manassas neighborhood as fire quickly spread from one house to another. you're about to hear a voice from inside the home where the fire started, but first some of the others who couldn't believe what they were seeing. >> 911. where is your emergency? >> there's a house burning in
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sumner lake. >> reporter: it's just after 3:00 thursday afternoon. a house on tillett loop in manassas has caught fire fanned by strong winds. the flames quickly spread. 911 calls begin flooding prince william county fire dispatchers. >> i'm out hire at tillett loop in manassas. there's a house -- here at tillett loop in manassas. there's a house on fire. >> can you tell where the fire is? >> it looks like it's in the rear of the house. >> like the deck or something? >> i can't tell. i'm down the street and i mean it's just plumes of black smoke now, the whole pretty much neighborhood getting engulfed in black smoke right now. >> reporter: the first call comes from a young man inside the house where the fire started. >> 911. where is your emergency? >> come quick. come quick. fire, fire, fire. >> where? >> reporter: it's the 8300 block of tillett loop. he's in the middle of three houses that would eventually be destroyed. >> what's on fire? >> my deck, my house! >> your house is on fire? >> it's spreading quick. >> okay. get everybody out, okay?
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i got to get units out there, okay? >> hurry, hurry. >> reporter: he was home alone. >> what's on fire? >> the backdoor. >> the backdoor? >> the backdoor. >> the backyard is on fire. >> reporter: coughing from the smoke the young man clearly knows it's a bad one. >> my house is going to be done. >> reporter: fire investigators still searching for the cause. people who live in the neighborhood still reeling. >> it was insane. it was crazy. we were supposed so scared. we have little babies in the house. we were scared for them that we f we should leave or not. -- if we should leave or not. you have firefighters outside your house telling you be prepared, gets your things together, it's scary. -- get your things together, it's scary. for the two hours they had the fire under control we were literally on stand-by. no one could tell us are you safe or not. >> reporter: no one was seriously hurt yesterday. three houses were destroyed, several others damaged as the search for the cause continues. >> thank you.
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new tonight. ing a young politician who lost her life -- remembering a young politician who lost her life in a tragic accident. today dozens gathered to remember natasha pettigrew. an suv hit and killed her while she was riding her bike. >> friends and family say the vigil was not about mourning her but about celebrating her life and legacy. >> we're going to celebrate natasha's life. amen? >> amen. >> reporter: a celebration of life drowning out the sorrow of loss. dozens gather to remember natasha pettigrew. >> she was a fighter, full of a lot of energy. >> reporter: family and friends say the 30-year-old was determined to change the status quo. she had recently taken a leave of absence from her third year in law school at university of miami to run for senate as the green party candidate. her mother is still struggling with her daughter's death since pettigrew wanted to make a difference. >> she wanted to be an
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inspiration to others and certainly is indicative of her desire to be an inspiration to others. >> reporter: former green party presidential candidate cynthia mckinney who came to the vigil to offer her condolences says pettigrew would have been a force. >> she was a candidate for a party that represents peace and now more than ever we need peace. so natasha was a role model. >> reporter: pettigrew was training alone for a triathlon. it was during a bike ride early sunday morning along route 202 in largo that an suv hit her. the driver did not stop but hours later called police to stay she thought she had hit a deer. pettigrew's bike was still stuck in the grille of the suv. >> there's still a bunch of questions that we all have especially once we finally saw the actual site. it still don't make sense at all. >> reporter: family and friends say they want to focus on petty grew's life and not her death, so in song and prayer. >> bless her, bless her as now
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she's seen the promised land. >> reporter: they remember the young woman who wanted to make a difference, her legacy living on in the lives she touched in her far too few years. >> she lived her life the way she wanted others to remember her. >> reporter: pettigrew's mother said she also wanted the vigil to call attention to the need for more bike lanes in prince george's county and better awareness of cyclists on the road. it's a cause she's vowing to take the to state lawmakers in annapolis and congress, too. no charges have been filed against the driver of that suv so far. another candlelight vigil tonight to remember a d.c. murder victim, friends and family gathering on columbia road northwest to remember ashley mccray. she was found shot to death early saturday morning on bruce place southeast. her sister last saw her leaving a nightclub with a man she'd known a month or two. today police arrested damon sams of southeast on murder charges. another big story tonight at 10:00 comedian stephen colbert taking his act to
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capitol hill. the fake newsman testified in character at a house subcommittee hearing today tackling several important issues, among them illegal immigration and migrant farming. fox 5's matt ackland has the story. >> reporter: it was a media frenzy, a long line of journalists and members of the public lined up inside the rayburn building, the hearing room filling in minutes. >> i certainly hope my star power can bump this hearing all the way up to cspan 1. >> reporter: it started out well but just as he does each night, colbert tackled serious issues with a large helping of sarcasm. >> america's farms are presently far too dependent on immigrant labor to pick our fruits and vegetables. now the obvious answer is for all of to us stop eating fruits and vegetables. >> reporter: you might be thinking what does a popular comedian know about illegal immigration and migrant farming? well, not that much. the reason he was invited to testify today is because he volunteeredwork as a migrant worker for one day.
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>> i have to say and i do mean this sincerely, please don't make me do this again. it is really, really hard. >> reporter: there were a few half smiles and a couple of chuckles from the house members. some even appeared uncomfortable with colbert's remarks. >> i would like to recommend that now that we've got all this attention that you excuse yourself and that you let us get on with the three witnesses. >> i'm here at the invitation of the chairwoman and if she would like me to remove myself from the hearing room, i'm happy to do. so. >> reporter: colbert stayed and answered several questions after his statement. we caught up with a spectator outside. >> we've had lots of witnesses here from the media and the entertainment world. talking about all kinds of things. so i don't -- and he didn't really say anything disrespectful. >> reporter: some republicans have publicly said democrats
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were wrong for inviting colbert to speak about such serious issues, but others say colbert used humor to bring attention to things not talked about enough. >> i trust that following my testimony both side will work together -- sides will work together on this issue in the best interest of the american people, as you always do. >> reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> joining us now to talk more about colbert's testimony is allison mcsherry, a reporter for the capitol hill paper roll call. you were there today. justine bateman from family ties testified on neat neutrality before congress. she can barely figure out -- on net neutrality before congress. she can barely figure out twitter. what's the big problem with stephen colbert? >> no one really knew what they were going to get, an earnest serious stephen colbert or the character from the colbert report and it turned out to be the latter and i think frankly, it shocked a lot of people. >> it's easy to be stereo typical and blame the republicans for not having a sense of humor, but it was tell
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cat jon conyers who tried to kick him -- democrat jon conyers who tried to kick him out. >> i was in the hearing and frankly, it was pretty tense. i think a lot of people were floored by the way he handled himself. i don't think everybody was really expecting him to kind of do a tongue in cheek approach to this, but yeah, conyers did ask him to leave and chairman lofgren said it was okay for him to stick around. he stayed. he delivered a great stand-up performance. don't know if you'd consider it a great performance before congress, but it was certainly something to see. >> from their point of view, i mean does it make a mock riff congress or does it do what celeb -- mockery of congress or does it do what celebrities should do which is bring attention to this? >> that's really the big question here. when you look back, elmo has testified before congress on behalf of children who are into musical education. so it's really a hard question to answer. it runs the gamut from expert to celebrity, but in the end of the day a lot of people watched
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today and we're paying attention to the immigration issue. i don't know how often that happens. >> i guess the entire premise here was a joke. it was a comedian talking about his one day working with migrant workers. if we back out of this a little, does this perhaps set a bad precedent? >> that's a very good question and like i said, the precedent in the past is there are celebrities in the hill every week testifying on behalf of things, some of whom have a lot less experience than mr. colbert's eight or 10 hours in the field. so it's kind of a run of the mill occurrence on the hill. i think the big difference this time around was that stephen colbert is so well known and was such a comedian about it and took a very different approach than usual and that's really what drew everyone's eyes to him this morning. >> i think some people would say it was refreshing to see. we appreciate your time, thank for coming in. for more about today's testimony you can head over to and watch more of the hearing for yourself. coming up tonight drug dealers try to slip 21 pounds
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of pot past customs. take a look. >> a major drug bust at dulles airport and wait until you see how the suspects tried to conceal their drugs. and the story that has a lot of people talking, auto workers caught on camera chugging beer on their lunch break. tonight fellow employees sound off on the scandal coming up. >> another day with this record heat, close to 100 degrees. let's get it out of here. it will be nicer for the weekend. we'll have your forecast coming up in a bit. 
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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that is 21-pound of marijuana discovered at dulles international parent wednesday. it was hidden in packages -- airport wednesday. it was hidden in packages headed for new york. the drugs were airshipped to dulles but couldn't make it past the nose of a drug sniffing dog. fox 5's wisdom martin has the story. >> reporter: out of all the luggage and other items that
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came through dulles airport wednesday night one really stood out, especially to law enforcement. what looked like packages of chocolate was anything but store bought candy. >> of course, when they opened it up and tested the products, it turned out to be marijuana. >> reporter: concealed in 20 packages of individually wrapped chocolate was 21 pounds of marijuana, estimated street value $17,000. >> take off the cardboard and it had a foil on there. you peel off the foil and it's right there. it was all marijuana, about i want to say eight bricks of it. >> reporter: the bricks were in an individual mailbag heading from mexico city to new york when a canine unit caught a whiff of the drug. >> it's always a surprise the way they try to conceal it because people can get very resourceful. >> reporter: customs agent say they make about one bust per month here at the airport and not all of those busts involve drugs. >> some of the more strange things that i've seen are monkey's heads. we see live crabs all the time.
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that's not that weird. people bring in their cultural foods. >> reporter: that's why investigators say it's important to have the highly trained canines inspecting everything including international parcels, luggage, contraband and explosives. >> people obviously want these items or they're willing to pay for it anyway. so they'll get it here any way they can. >> reporter: reporting at dulles wisdom martin, fox 5 news. more charges tonight against a man police nicknamed the preppy burglar because of the way he's dressed. they arrested jeremy hall yesterday at his home in silver spring after this surveillance video generated a tip. it shows hall allegedly breaking into april house in highland, maryland. police say -- a house in highland, maryland. police say hall is facing charges from a second burglary stemming from a break-in at a house in spencerville back in august. the gloves are coming off at the governor's race. o'malley and ehrlich unleashed a round of tough new ads
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online. >> reporter: in ellicott city, maryland, friday. >> maryland governor the honorable martin o'malley. [ applause ] >> reporter: old school face to face politics on display. >> maryland is recovering faster than other states. >> reporter: but as the o'malley/ehrlich rematch enters its final rounds the real rough and tumble is being fought online. >> but who cares? not martin o'malley. >> bob ehrlich raised my property taxes and now he says he didn't. >> reporter: these are just some of the latest web only political ads that both the ehrlich and o'malley campaigns have been unleashing on each other via their youtube channels. >> these tax increases come standard with such classics as the new corporate transfer tax increase. >> my family definitely cannot afford another four years of bob ehrlich. >> reporter: they are blunt, take no prisoners but are now a big part of a maryland governor's race that most polls still have at a statistical tie. >> but it has to be good and it has to be viral.
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>> reporter: professor leonard steinhorn of american university says unlike 30 second tv ads the web videos can be as long or as nasty as they want to be. >> i think they can get away with some more outrageous visuals than they might be able to do on television. >> reporter: but while we often hear politicians denouncing negative advertising, you'd be hard pressed to find any apologies in this race. in fact, governor o'malley says his online strategy is an important part of getting out his message. >> i believe that's probably the best thing that our campaign has going for it. >> reporter: robert ehrlich was in st. mary's county friday and his spokesman said of the o'malley campaign he can't run on his own record because it's a record of failures. so they're just trying to distract voters with these web attacks. in ellicott city, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. here we go again, the president of iran once again raising eyebrows. coming up next what he said about the 9/11 attacks and why he was not happy when he gave
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an exclusive interview to fox news. and later a college scam, the school thought it booked one of the hottest new rappers around. that didn't happen. we're back after this. oweanyo
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason.
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first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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a surprise meeting in new york city, one of the three american hikers arrested in iran last year met with iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. sarah shourd was freed 10 days ago after 14 months in a tehran prison. a family spokesperson said shourd and her mother met with ahmadinejad while he was attending the u.n. general assembly no, word tonight on what they discussed. shourd has been advocating for the release of her friend and fiancee who are still being held. while the iranian president is still stirring up controversy implying america may have had a hand in the 9/11 attacks. he made the remarks as he addressed the general assembly yesterday. we got an exclusive one on one interview where the iranian leader was pressed for answers. >> reporter: you have insulted
10:25 pm
millions and millions of americans by claiming that the u.s. government had a hand in 9/11. quite frankly, sir, how could you say such an insane and nutty thing? >> would you address your own president the same way? >> reporter: president mahmoud ahmadinejad wasn't very happy with the way the interview started. the iranian leader claimed his statement about 9/11 is one of three theories on the attacks. do you believe that the government had a hand in 9/11? >> i did not give an opinion of my own. i actually suggested that a fact finding group and mission be formed to delve into the truth. that's why i proposed. >> reporter: al qaeda officials have taken credit. osama bin laden has taken credit. it seems very clear. >> that's fine, but the fact finding mission can shed light on who the perpetrators were,
10:26 pm
who is al buyed? who is it backed by and -- alibied? who is it backed by? >> reporter: the president had -- the president said well, it was defensive and hateful for him to make the statement just a little north of ground zero where families lost their loved ones, people of all faiths and ethnicities who see this as a tragedy of this generation, for him to make a statement like that was inexcusable. i talked to the president ahmadinejad about a wide range of issues including eye rap's controversial disputed nuke -- iran's controversial disputed nuclear program. he again claims iran does not want a nuclear bomb. he also said iran does not support terrorism but he did wish the american people well. another story that has people talking tonight, auto workers caught on camera pounding beers during their lunch break. their co-workers sound off on the scandal coming up next. also ahead.
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>> wine making is a growing business in maryland, but this year is a little different. there's something new they have to watch out for. it's called the stink bug.
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. detroit auto workers caught on camera chugging beer and apparently smoking pot in a public park on their lunch break. then heading back to work on chrysler's assembly line. more than a dozen union members are now in hot water accused of partying during work hours. >> and the scandal at that detroit plant has outraged some of their other co-workers. fox's marianne rafferty has the story tonight. >> reporter: 15 chrysler auto
10:31 pm
workers have been suspended without pay indefinitely from a detroit assembly plant. the detroit fox station caught the employees drinking beer and smoking while on break. then they returned to work. now their co-workers are reacting. >> to see a picture of a few people and think that that represents what we are about here as a whole hurts. >> chrysler does a good job of taking care of that themself. we don't need fox up in our business. >> reporter: the plant produces the chrysler jeep grand cherokees. the united auto workers said in a statement thursday that they strongly oppose the use of alcohol or controlled substances on the job and chrysler rules prohibit it. >> nobody condones what they did. to what extent is this going to take it? are we going to start watching people even in their off time coming into work like that? >> reporter: the investigation is a blow to the union struggling with a damaged reputation stemming from chrysler's bankruptcy.
10:32 pm
>> all of us took concessions. all of us had to give up something to keep chrysler going, we taxpayers, too. he's getting fat off auto workers. >> reporter: while the company is conducting its own investigation some union members have a message of perseverance. >> the success of this company is just bigger than 12 people. >> reporter: most of the men were kept from entering the plant thursday morning over concerns for their safety. many of the plant workers were angered after watching the report the previous night. in new york marianne rafferty, fox news. the environmental protection agency has opened a criminal investigation after green water was found flowing from fort detrick in maryland. officials tell the frederick news post the harmless water was found flowing from the army installation into the river earlier this month. a spokesman said the army is looking into the possibility that someone came onto the base and poured green dye into a storm drain. not water but wine is flowing at wineries in our region. it's time to pick the games, but their work, just a little
10:33 pm
tough they are year. as fox 5's beth parker shows us they, too, are battling a bug, the stink bug. >> these grapes are probably the best i've ever seen grapes. >> reporter: sweet juicy grapes in the warm maryland sun. brothers eric and anthony allen rung linenore wine cellulars established in 1976. their dad maybe wine in the basement. this year they're battling something dad never had to deal with. >> i said oh, my god, look at all these bugs on it. what the heck is this? >> reporter: he would soon learn it's the brown mortgage laided stink bug. >> you open -- brown marmaladed stink bug. >> you open up a door and 15 fly in your house. it's really bizarre. i really never worried about it any other year. >> reporter: luckily the damage is minor, just a few wrinkled dried up grapes. >> that is a chance that that is stink bug damage. >> reporter: eric is in charge of growing the grapes and anthony is in charge of making
10:34 pm
the wine. that means this year eric is under more pressure than to ever make sure any critters that are out here don't end up in there. >> he wants me to get the stink bugs out of the grapes so he doesn't have the stink bug in the wine. >> reporter: it's worked. three found a pesticide pyrethrin that's effective but very expensive. worth it, though. >> this is what the juice looks like coming off the press. >> reporter: no stink bugs. >> no stink bugs. >> reporter: now that most of their games have been picked you'd think they could relax about the stink bugs, but eric's battling the bug on the home front with his kids. >> how do you explain to a 4- year-old that it's only a bug. she's like oh, i can't sleep in my room. i'm like oh, great, you know. so not only do i have to worry about my vineyards, but i don't get any sleep at night either because i've got a 4-year-old in my bed. >> reporter: maybe a glass of wine will help with the sleeping. the first lady doing some
10:35 pm
nutritional diplomacy today hosting a lunch for the spouses of world leaders at u.n. and took them to a new york farm called blue hill at stone barns to educate them about healthy eating. children help grow food, help raise chickens and learn fresh produce tastes great. what exactly does the future hold for michelle rhee? tonight oprah weighs in. caught on camera a stunt plane crashing as hundreds of children watch. investigators think they know what went wrong. but first wall street ended the week with some good news. brian sullivan has your business report. >> stocks ending the week with a major rally, the dow finishing up nearly 200 points on friday, blue chips up for the fourth week in a row. the nasdaq and s&p 500 also making strong gains. what else is gaining? gold hit its record run hitting another all time high on friday. in fact, it crossed a $1,300 level it. is now up 23% from its 2010 low
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back in february. meantime home sales falling flat in august compared to july, but sales of new homes were down nearly 30% from august of last year. the median sale price was down slightly. shares of kb homebuilding gained, the company posting a smaller than expecting quarterly loss. the average sale price for its homes actually rising. meantime big ticket items taking a bigger dip than expected last month. a steep drop in orders for cars and airplanes bringing the overall number down but if you move the transportation goods orders were actually up. that's business. i'll brian sullivan. building wind farms and
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call your senators and urge them to pass a renewable electricity standard today.  this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.
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caught on camera a small plane crashing and bursting into flames in an airshow end in nearby ya. the crash was screen by hundreds -- indonesia. the crash was seen by hundreds of schoolchildren. the pilot is in critical condition. a witness said the plane was flying too low, clipped a wing on the runway and spun out of control. a close call in the skies over minnesota. two planes nearly collided midair on the 16th right near the twin cities international airport. the ntsb says a u.s. airways jet with 90 passengers on board came to within 50 to 100 feet of a cargo plane as they passed in the clouds. the ntsb said controllers apparently told the u.s. airways crew to turn left putting the plane right into the path of that cargo plane taking off from another runway. >> yeah. he was on the left side. we got an r.a. on it and we responded and then we did hear the aircraft go by. >> roger. maintain 1 7,000 turn left heading 180. >> the ntsb said the jetliner has an automated system that instructed the pilots to climb
10:41 pm
to avoid a crash, but the cargo plane does not have that system. a look at some of the stories we're working on for the news edge at 11:00. a bold burglar on the loose in our area. fox 5's roz plater is working that one. >> reporter: fairfax county place say a brazen burglar is targeting places like this one breaking in while folks are asleep and now they fear he may be armed. that story is coming up. the hits keep coming for a well known georgia pastor. another alleged victim claims eddie long sexually abused him. and this high school cat fight lands the mother of one of the girls in jail, what she did that has her facing charges. ♪
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♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt. mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies
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the texas board of education adopted a resolution today to curb the amount of influence that islam has in school textbooks.
10:45 pm
the resolution urges textbook publishers to limit what they print about islam in world history books. community members say they feel the need to fend off what they call a pro-islam anti-christian bias in the school system. >> there's nothing too offensive about it as far as i can see. we just want to make sure what my view is, that judaism and christianity are presented with the proper roles that they have in world histoand it's just gigantic, but in the books you have to search for it. >> the resolution also vows to reject future books submissions from publishers that favor one religion over another. critics say the resolution is biased and they plan to fight it. oprah winfrey is usually giving advice to her guests. now she's passing it on to d.c. school chancellor michelle rhee. on today's show oprah said rhee should be hired as the new superintendent of the newer school system. rhee appeared on the oprah show earlier this month. rhee did not comment on oprah's
10:46 pm
advice. it's friday night, time from the highlights for this week's fox 5 high school game of the week. >> the winning match-up tallied nearly 39,000 votes. >> tonight history was on clarkbsurg's side. the coyotes won all three time the two teams have met but momentum was on watkins mills side. the wolverines off to their best start at 3-0 since early 1990s. let's see who won. the expectations running high at watkins mill high school, a team that's struggle misdemeanor years. we start in the 1st quarter. ing clarkbsurg sophomore running back no. 21nyam reed and finds the hole and sets up a goal for coyotes. two yards later reed punches it in for a 7-yard touchdown. 6-0 clarkbsurg. 2nd quarter more from reed. some nice moves here. wee give the wolverines a -- he would give the wolverines a headache all night long.
10:47 pm
reed would score twice in the 1st half. the two-point conversion here would be good. 14-0 clarkbsurg at the break. 4th quarter, clarkbsurg senior runs it in from 9 yards out, another missed two-point conversion, 20-0 clarkbsurg and that is your final. clarkbsurg head coach larry hurd very impressed with the defensive evident in that shutout. >> our defense has been -- effort in that shutout. >> our defense has been great all year. last week we didn't help them too much. we didn't move the ball, but this week they were outstanding and the coach does a great job coordinating our defense. we rely on our defense a lot. >> thanks to one who voted this week. we had close to 56,000 vote totals coming in. so keep it up. coming up in sports at 11:00 an update on trent williams and the redskins as they prepare for the rams. we'll send it back to the desk. a hot night for those kids to be out playing football. >> take a walk up the street, sweating out there. >> it's real hot. it's still hot out there right now. >> okay. is it going to continue?
10:48 pm
>> it's going to be hot most of the night, but it will be cooler for the weekend. how about that? you'll be shocked i think to realize how much cooler it will be by this time sunday. temperatures on sunday will be some 25 degrees cooler for highs than what we had today believe it or not, but again it's very mild, very muggy out there. it's still 85 degrees right now in the city. in september at 10:00 we're talking about temperatures in the middle 80s, quantico 83, gaithersburg 82, dulles the same, a couple of 70s out there, one with martinsburg at 78 degrees. record high temperatures today all around, reagan national 99, dulles 97,bwi marshall 95 degrees. this is interesting, 99 here in d.c. and along the east coast from philly right down into south carolina all real hot today, everybody in the 90s.
10:49 pm
cincinnati hot, 92 degrees. there's cooler weather, though, back to the northwest of us, but i wanted you it see this. we were almost as hot today here in d.c. as what they had in phoenix at 101 degrees for a high there and we were warmer than las vegas. they were 96 for a high today. so definitely the concentration of the heat is right here along the east coast for us, but notice today's high in minneapolis 61, bismarck in the 50s today under the banner here. so there is some cooler air. it will eventually be sliding on down. it's coming in a couple of ways. we get a little bit in here tomorrow. still going to be warm, high temperature of 87 degrees, but look at sunday, temperature for highs only in the lower to mid- 70s. looks like we'll stay dry on sunday, but we will be mostly cloudy, limited amounts of sunshine and that will help to keep the temperature down, too. on monday and tuesday we're talking about temperatures staying in the 70s to right around 80 and a lot of rain it looks like coming in for monday and tuesday around here, but that's good.
10:50 pm
we need it. 87 tomorrow, again plenty of sunshine, winds a bit breezy out of west, 10 to 15 miles per hour, much cooler with mostly cloudy conditions, but staying dry at least for sunday. now maybe by sunday night we'll have a few showers starting to come up from the south and southwest. good today, hot conditions, loads of sunshine. we are completely dominated by high pressure. back out to the west tonight, though, a couple of showers moving through ohio into west virginia, western sections of pennsylvania. these will all fall apart, though. we have may see a couple of clouds from these showers, but i just can't imagine how this comes across and brings us any rain and by the way, here's front no. 1 moving in tomorrow morning and it will begin to cool things down a little by tomorrow afternoon. here is front no. 2 and that will be coming in late, late tomorrow night into early sunday and that will help to bring temperatures down even more. so loads of sunshine, especially for the first part of the day tomorrow, mid-70s to
10:51 pm
start, 83 at noon and 87 for a high temperature tomorrow right around 5:00 or so. here's tomorrow morning, a couple clouds at 9 a.m., later in the day plenty of sunshine. sunday the clouds come in. it will be cooler sunday, but all things considered it won't be too terribly bad, especially after that 99 today and the rain stays to the south until monday. a wet monday commute and the rain sticks around all day monday and at least into portions of tuesday and in terms of had that rain gets here or gets out, how much -- of when that rain gets here or gets out, how much rain we get, the confidence on that forecast is low, but it does look like we're going to get the rain again monday and tuesday. so enjoy the cooler weekend. tomorrow will be real nice. a reminder on this hot day of the lingering costs of winter. fema is giving millions of dollars to d.c., maryland and virginia to cover the costs from snowstorms last december and february.
10:52 pm
d.c. will get about $2.3 million, montgomery county gets 2.6 million bringing the total for that state to $30 million. in this latest round of funding virginia got $6.2 million. did you see it? a political forum turned physical in nevada. a fight broke out yesterday between supporters of incumbent senator harry reid and his republican salinger sharon angle it. started when a -- challenger sharon angle. it started when a supporter tried to leave and things came to blows. security guards jumped in. no one was arrested. the race to the midterm election is on. both republicans and democrats are fired up trying to sell their message to the american people. earlier today i talked about it with fox news sunday host chris wallace. it's been a busy political week here in washington, the gop unveiling its campaign blueprint, a plan the democrats call more talk than ideas. what can we expect this weekend on fox news sunday?
10:53 pm
>> well, shawn, we'll have a big show. we'll have the author of the republican prep to america, their new agenda, what they're basically going to campaign on between now and the election in five weeks. we'll have the house minority leader john boehner exclusively. he's the man who if the house goes back to the republicans will become the next speaker of the house and then we'll talk to maryland's own steny hoyer, the house majority leader who will do everything he can to keep boehner as far from the speaker's office as possible. boehner and hoyer exclusively on fox news sunday. >> who is your power play this week? >> you've never heard of this guy, but if people were growth stocks, i would invest in this guy. his name is knick ayers. he's 28 years -- nick ayers. he's 28 years old and he's the head of the republican governors association for the rnc and the dnc.
10:54 pm
this is the rga, the republican governors association. he is the political whiz kid in town. when you see him on fox news sunday, you'll understand why. >> chris, thank you for the preview. we will see you and the gang for fox news sunday at 9:00 here on fox 5. coming up next a college thought it had booked one of the hottest new rappers around. turns out, though, it was a big fakeout. we'll explain how the scam happened. and in minutes on the news edge a hollywood style bank robbery, the heist that involved a kidnapping and a bomb strapped to a hostage at 11:00. >> today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealer. 
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10:57 pm
it continues. lindsay lohan september back to jail today, is -- sent back to jail today is now out on bail tonight. she failed a court ordered drug
10:58 pm
screening. today her frustrated father michael defended him and his family. >> don't we all have skeletons in her closet? >> absolutely. >> i mean why is everyone pointing the finger at lindsay and me? look at. unless you've walked in her shoes, unless you've got those calls at 2:00, 5:00 in the morning from your daughter and your ex-wife saying this is the end, you can't tell me what i feel. >> lindsay has been in and out of jail three time now for a 3- year-old drug and drunk driving case stemming from 2007. a new jersey college duped in a concert scam. the school thought it booked mickey manage, one of the hottest female rappers. turns out the tickets were fake and the rapper tweeted she didn't even know anything about the concert. we have the details. >> reporter: she's one of the hottest new rappers whose debut album is set to drop in november. so these montclair state university students waited in
10:59 pm
line for hours to get this are hands on tickets to an announced concert here on campus. the only problem is the tickets are bogus. the school was scammed. >> i can't believe anyone can do something like that. it's sickening. >> reporter: alicia and her friends camped out overnight to get tickets. >> it was freezing. we kept getting more blankets. we basically slept on the ground. shoo it's upsetting because this ticket cost me an absent from my italian class and probably like i did poor on my physics quiz. >> reporter: students found out about the scam from manage on twitter. she wrote what is this? i'm hearing about an msu concert. she later wrote our legal teams are working. there are way more schools that were scammed. we are working to put an end to this. >> there was a signed contract there's some question about whether it is a legitimate contract. >> reporter: the person the college's student government worked with to book manage took some $30,000 from the students and can't be found. the school's spokesperson said the e


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