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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  October 27, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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media get huffy. we're like saturday will come, the days on the calendar will turn. >> high five. >> that is how we to it. >> actually we do this this way. >> oh, like the obamas. >> all right. stay with us. we have much more straight ahead. we'll take a look at your weather, your traffic and all your top stories as fox 5 morning news at 5:00 continues now. we'll start you out with a look outside. ments a wet start. got the windshield wipers on the camera all rolling as we are in for a wet commute. some rainy weather passing through the area. we are no longer under a tornado warning. >> a whole lot worse out in the midwest where the same storm system already hit. powerful thunderstorms, high winds, even tornadoes have people from missouri to ohio cleaning up the mess. the winds were gusting up to 70 miles per hour. those winds damaged homes, uprooted trees and downed power lines. good morning.
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thank you for being with us this wednesday. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. tony is in to tell us about our own weather here. not a fun morning. >> we have rainfall, maybe a couple of thunderstorms will rumble through during the morning hours. we have to deal with that. little humid out. that is one of the main things here. our dew point is 70. let's start by showing you hd radar. we'll show you where the precipitation is, largely across most of the area at this hour. rainfall amounts ranging from light to heavy rain. some of the heaviest rain to the south and west of the district near manassas and dale city, places like that where we are seeing heavy rainfall. across the washington area, light to moderate rain and off to the north and east some more areas of heavy rain up towards baltimore as well, south and east, just some moderate rainfall. let's go to vipir and we can show you how things are looking all across the region. it is a pretty good system as
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we've been talking about the stormy conditions that existed in the upper midwest across the great lakes region now into the northeast and the mid-atlantic as you see this frontal boundary push its way through. you have the warm, moist air. it will take time for any cool air to work its way in here. we have a pretty good period of rain to get through. right now, reagan national airport reporting a temperature of 72 degrees. relative humidity, 91%. your winds are out of the southwest at six miles per hour. day planner for today, lots of clouds around, warm and humid. rain showers, maybe some thunderstorms this morning. rain will linger into the afternoon and then eventually, will diminish. we could still have some lingering showers in the evening hours but the bulk of the rain i think will be in the early part of the day, morning to early afternoon. >> feels like a spring day, doesn't it in.
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>> yes, like a summertime day, just muggy out. >> thank you. let's check in with julie wright to say good morning to her. have we >> we have a lot going on right now. southbound 270, route 80 in urbana for the crash. thank goodness this tractor- trailer is up on the wheels. you ride the ramps at route 80 and that is how you continue south along 270. they were being canning for the crash after connecticut avenue but before you reach 270. follow police direction to get by. eastbound 66 as you approach the exit for della plain, that where the accident is. it will take a while to upright this vehicle. throughout our morning commute, only one lane to the left is able to get through eastbound on 66. no, 55 is not an option for you. the way this tractor-trailer
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flipped over, it is also blocking that ramp. grab the cup of joe to go because 66 eastbound, only one left lane is able to squeeze by that crash. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. mta says expect delays on the brunswick line because of crews and equipment being out of position after human remains were found on the railroad tracks in north bethesda. our big story, the hunt is on for a gunman who shot at two military buildings in virginia and may have done it a third time. the fbi is now connecting the shootings at the marine corps museum and the pentagon. investigators want to know for a shooting at a marine recruitedment center may -- a
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recruit -- shooting at a marine recruitment center may also be connected. sarah simmons has a report. >> reporter: a third shooting occurred possibly monday, sometime into tuesday in shan stilly but they have not linked that one to these other two as of yet. but fbi investigators are continuing to gather evidence throughout the night in chantilly at that location. a marine corps recruiting facility in chantilly where at least three shots were fired into the building at the sully place shopping center. this happened sometime between 8:30 monday night and 80 tuesday morning. police say a marine recruiting officer actually stopped by to pick up a car and saw the front window of the center shatter and that was the first time anyone had realized what had happened. >> i hope it is not a chain reaction. i hope it is not going to keep going. i hope they figure out what is going on. >> reporter: the third shooting
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in nine days of military targets. the first one, marine corps museum where at least 10 shots were fired hitting several windows. last tuesday, the fbi says a high-powered rifle was used at the pentagon. several shots were fired here. two bullets actually struck the windows. they are connecting those two shootings. that third one under investigation in chantilly at the marine corps recruiting center there still looking into. they are along major roadways here at the pentagon, along interstate 95 at the museum and then lee highway over there in chantilly. we are live here near the pentagon, sarah simmons, back to you. >> thank you. police also investigating for a teenager arrested for stealing the vehicle belonging to sue marcum was responsible for her murder. she was found beaten to death after someone apparently broke into her home on monday
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morning. police arrested 18-year-old deandrew hamlin of d.c. they say he had stolen and crashed her jeep near the third street tunnel. prosecutors will continue presenting testimony when day three of the chandra levy murder trial begins later this morning. levy's father took the stand yesterday telling the jury everything he did to try to find his daughter including looking over her cell phone bill. he says that is how he learned about her affair with congressman gary condit. a d.c. police detective testified he thought the investigate was too focused on condit. two women also testified that they were attacked by ingmar guandique near the spot where levy's body was found. paul wagner is blogging from inside the courtroom and sending new information throughout the day. a follow-up to a story we brought you earlier this week. she made national headlines for
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her incontrollable hiccups and now is facing murder charges -- for her uncontrollable hiccups and now is facing murder charges. a deadly volcano eruption. kiel check more headlines next. th.ouananiges
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a powerful 7.7 earthquake struck on monday in indonesia. yesterday ask volcano spewed hot ash. it has now killed at least 28 people. hospitals are struggling to keep up with burn victims. some of them have 90% of their bodies charred. president obama lived in indonesia as you boy. he is scheduled to return next month. he has promised u.s. help. the man known as the face of saddam hussein's regime is facing a death sentence. tariq aziz was saddam's foreign minister and often his spokesman. a court in iraq has now upheld the sentence of death by hanging. the 74-year-old aziz has 30 days to file an appeal. arizona executed a convicted killer overnight despite questions about the effectiveness of the lethal injection. he died at a state prison in
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florence, arizona. the federal judge had stopped the execution after it was revealed that the drug to be used came from overseas leaving the judge to question its effectiveness. the girl would made news with uncontrollable hiccups is now facing murder charges. her lawyer claims she has tourette's syndrome had caused the hiccups and he also blames tourette's for the behavior that led to the murder. calls for a brand-new motor center but home owners in the area say they don't want to pay for it. take the umbrella with you. it is raining as we speak. we'll continue to see rain for several hours across the region. julie wright is in this morning to sell us about some problems that we already have related to the rush hour. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
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welcome back. it is a wet start to your wednesday morning. there is a live look from tower cam over wisconsin avenue right now and rain falling across the area. i guess the good news is that tornado watch that we had has expired. >> it expired at 3:00 this morning. there is still a tornado watch in effect in part of virginia well down to our south. we are currently under no watches, no warnings here. it does not mean we might not see some more thunderstorm activity. there is at possibility of that during the course of the morning hours into the early afternoon. let's start by taking a look at hd radar. rainfall across washington d.c., all across the beltway. some areas of heavy rain outside of the beltway up it our north and east towards severna park up into baltimore and towson. some heavy rain there. most concentrated area of heavy
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rain is south and west of the city near dale city. out towards culpeper, they are getting some pretty good thunderstorm activity there. out towards manassas as well. all of this is continuing to track to the east-northeast. let's take a look at the bigger picture, satellite-radar. i mentioned the tornado watch box. there is one in effect in central and south central virginia into central and western portions of north carolina. that is in effect until 10:00 this morning. a vigorous storm system that did produce some tornadoes back through the midwest but you can see behind this, things quiet down considerably. it will take us a while to get to that and eventually cooler air is in place. take a look at this. i know tuck are showed this to you not too long ago. we have snow falling across portions of the northern plains and the upper midwest. this is the same system. it is the back end of this
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system where the area of low pressure is. you are seeing some frozen precipitation there. here is a look at the futurecast, what we expect to see during the course of the day today. 5:00 this morning, we've got the rain. this is a model projection. more heavy rain right around the region. a couple of hours from now, around 8:00, we'll have to wait and see if that develops. even into the evening hours, still some rain showers moving across the area with a couple more spots of heavy rain developing. we dry out overnight and by tomorrow morning at 9:00, we should begin to see clearing skies and sunshine for tomorrow. current temperatures, 71 degrees here in washington. 70 in gaithersburg. annapolis is at 68. fredericksburg, 75. manassas, 72 degrees. the forecast for today, mostly cloudy skies. might see afew rays of sun later this afternoon. -- might see a few rays of sun later this afternoon. early rain, and then chances of
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some showers linger into the afternoon and evening. five-day forecast, for tomorrow, mostly sunny, 73. then the cool air works its way in. by tomorrow night, our temperatures start dropping. we are in the mid-40s overnight. friday, only # 0 degrees friday night into saturday. low in town, 40 so many of you will be in the 0s. -- friday, only 40 degrees friday night into saturday. low in town, 40, so many of you will be in the 30s. let's get to julie wright with the traffic. the problem is the tractor- trailer upright at route 80 in urbana. traffic is riding the ramps there reconnecting with 270 and continuing southbound. so again, not too much of a delay here because we are
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having trouble getting to this point. the delay is actually out of frederick as you travel off of i-70 headed southbound towards route 80 in urbana. accident number two occurred involving an overturned tractor- trailer and traffic squeezing by to the left. the way this thing is flipped over, it is blocking the ramp from 55 to merge onto 66 so that is no longer an option. 66 eastbound, only one left lane squeezing through. 95, so far, so good. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the city of alexandria getting close to deciding details of a proposed new metrorail station at the old potomac mills railroad site. should nearby homes be subject to a special extra real estate tax. john henrehan with the latest on this controversy. >> reporter: as you can see,
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the track for metro's blue and yellow lines run alongside a new alexandria neighborhood called potomac greens. the other side of those tracks, a huge mostly undeveloped old regard yard. here, alexandria officials envision the construction of what amounts to a new city, office, retail and residential. adding a metro stop will cost $250 million. the developer is willing to spring for $50 million. new office, retail and high- rise residential buildings planned here will be part of a special tax district and the plan was for the recently completed potomac greens neighborhood to be part of the real estate tax district. the tax increase would be significant j our tax would go up 15 to two grand a year. >> per household? >> per house old. >> city officials have decided that old town greens will not be subject to the special real
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estate tax. so this block, special tax district. this block, no special tax district. potomac greens residents believe if there has to be a tax, everyone in alexandria should pay for it. >> everybody would benefit, not just us. >> reporter: when potomac greens residents bought their homes, they were told they might be subject to i new special taxing district and they would get a bridge to the district. >> if they are not going to be in it, that creates a financial hole. that we need to somehow fill that hole. >> reporter: the choice for the nearby neighborhood may be pay higher real estate taxes forever or do without the pedestrian bridge to the new metro stop. they will probably take a vote on the details of the potomac
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yard stop before the end of the year. john henrehan, fox 5 news. cash on the ground for some local establishments. this may look like just a big pile of dirt but to some home owners and businesses, it is a gold mine. take a closer look at keith fimian and his inspection business. fimian's former business partner said fimian lied his record "built upon a fraud." his business sued more than 40 times. slapped with thousands in liens. its corporate status revoked. now we learn fimian signed a campaign pledge
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that protected tax breaks for corporations outsourcing jobs. fraud, failed policies. unfortunately, that's keith fimian.
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the d.c. area boasts some of the most cutting edge trendy restaurants in the country and now some of those local hot
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spots are looking back it history to deal with their garbage. >> melanie alnwick shows us why they are now saving scraps of food. >> you can put rosemary and time in it. >> reporter: fresh ingredients are crucial here. these fresh discards are being used to cook up something in the backyard. armstrong is one of a few dozen chefs in the d.c. metro area would are composting the food scraps. >> all the green parts can go in there. that goes back into the soil and helps the plant grow. so you have a complete cycle there. >> reporter: the epa says 0% of
5:27 am
the crash in landfills is compostable waste. keeping that out of the trash cuts down on the cost for pick- up. >> i'm just interested in the beautiful value of it and the fact that we just keep that circle complete and waste as little as possible. >> it is a bonus. >> you save money while air doing it. >> anything that was ever alive at any point will break down. >> reporter: take coffee grounds, egg shells, add shred paper plus plant cutting and leaves and put them in a pail or a compost bin where sun or worms will break them down. many green organizations are working to make it more widely accepted. getting restaurants on board will go a long way towards that. then some day, every puppy may be told, sorry, no scraps here to spare. there are very few composting facilities in the region. now, the metropolitan washington council of governments does actually have a composting task force that is looking at ways to make it
5:28 am
easier for home owners and businesses in the future. we have much more for you this morning on fox 5 morning news including the latest on shots fired at another military facility in the area. stay with us for that. sarah simmons will have that story for us.
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we'll take a look outside right now. we'll start out at wisconsin
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avenue. it is a wet wisconsin avenue on this morning. it is much worse in the midwest where the same storm system already rolled through. powerful thunderstorms and tornadoes had people from missouri to ohio cleaning up. the wind speeds topped 70 miles per hour. you can see the damage from some of the trees that were uprooted. no word on any injuries at this point. >> i was telling tucker a little while ago i was talking to my mother in nashville. they had really strong winds that knocked out electricity for them. that is back up. >> the system is a big system from the northern plains, upper midwest, through portions of the ohio valley, into the south. a big system and tucker was telling me that the area of low pressure, the equivalent of a category three hurricane when you measure the millibars, how low that pressure was. so very impressive. it is still going on. we are getting some of that
5:32 am
rain moving through our region now. we can show you we've got light to moderate to heavy rain. i want to mention fog. we do have fog out there. i encountered fog coming in this morning as did gurvir. the fog was worse than the rain when i was coming in. you got to deal with that too. now, take a look at ht radar and again, south of washington is where we're seeing the heaviest rain including in alexandria, dale city and points south and west of there. up to our north and east and to the north and west in leesburg as well, some pockets of heavy rain. let's get to the graphics. there is your system, a long frontal system moving from the northeast straight through the mid-atlantic an -- and back into the south as we continue to see rainfall. most active regions range from central virginia up into the northeast. current temperatures, we're at
5:33 am
71 here in the district and also at baltimore and dulles airport. it is muggy too. it is humid here in our studios. mostly cloudy skies, early rain and thunderstorms and perhaps into the early afternoon. after that, it will be more scattered rain shower activity. high today about 75 degrees. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. we've got more coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you, sir. let's check traffic once again with julie wright on this wet wednesday morning. >> if you are traveling westbound 495 approaching connecticut avenue, the accident there tying up the two left lanes. really, the traffic is tied up leaving i-70 out of frederick. they had a crash involving a tractor-trailer with a tow truck on the scene. that should be out of there shortly. that is what they're telling me anyway. in virginia, not a bad commute on 95 in both the main line and
5:34 am
the express lanes headed northbound up towards springfield. however, at 66, the 21.4-mile marker, we have a crash involving an overturned tractor- trailer. the way this guy flipped over, he is also blocking the ramp from 55 so that is not a good alternate because it does impact 55 as well. 66 eastbound off to a she start early this morning with only the left lane getting by there. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. there are reports that marc trains may be delayed on the brunswick line this morning. unidentified human remains were found along the railroad tracks in north bethesda. a jogger called police to report the discovery which brought the brunswick line to a halt around 50 yesterday afternoon. by 9:00 last night, the train were moving again but it will be slow going because of crews and equipment being out of position. police believe the person who was killed was hit by a train but are not sure when that happened. our big story this morning, the hunt is on for a gunman who shot at two military buildings
5:35 am
in virginia and may have done day third time. the fbi is now connecting the shootings at the marine corps museum and the pentagon. and investigators want to know if a shooting at a marine recruitment center may also be connected. sarah simmons has more on this. >> reporter: we are talking about three shooting in just the past nine days at military facilities here in northern virginia. last tuesday, at the pentagon where we are near this morning, and then there was also one october 17th at the marine corps museum in quantico just right off interstate 95 there. a third one in chantilly yesterday that has not been linked so far to the other two shootings but the fbi crime scene investigators were out in force last night continuing their investigation at a marine corps recruiting facility in chantilly. there were at least three shots fired into the building. this happened sometime between
5:36 am
8:30 monday night and 8:30 tuesday morning. police saw a marine recruiting officer stopped by to pick up a car and saw there was a single gunshot that had taken out the front window of the center. that was the first that anyone had realized what had happened there. >> i didn't even realize it until one came in and he is like, hey, you guys have any damage on your window because somebody shot at ours. i went out and looked. we don't have any damage. >> reporter: in the case of the marine corps museum, there were several windows shot out. at least 10 10 shots they believe were fired there. last tuesday, the fbi says the same high-powered rifle was used here at the pentagon where several shots were fired. two bullets that took out windows here at the pentagon. but again, they are still in the process of trying to link this third case in chantilly. they don't know yet whether or not this was done by the same person, same rifle. they are just not sure at this
5:37 am
point but interestingly enough, all three of these locations are next to major roadways, next to interstate 95, lee highway and right here right off the interstate near the pentagon. sarah simmons, back to you. >> thank you. also new details in the murder of a beloved american university professor. 52-year-old sue marcum was found dead in her home on monday. police say she died of blunt force trauma and there were signs of a break-in. police caught deandrew hamlin driving her stolen jeep which are key. he is now being questioned. a man literally stomping on a woman's head. >> we'll hear from that man and why he says k.
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welcome back. the man who stormed on the head of a liberal activist has been ordered to court. we are learning the identity of the man. the scuffle happened outside the debate for the candidates for senator from kentucky. an act gist tried to hand rand paul a mock award but a volunteer for the tea party candidate stepped on her head
5:41 am
and pinned her face to the ground. kim profit apologized. >> they've been saying all kinds of things. most of it is not true. i put my foot on her -- i couldn't bend over because i have issues with my back so i put my foot on her and i did push her down at the very end. i told her to stay down. >> the rand campaign fired the volunteer and police have ordered him to court. it is now up to a judge on whether he will face assault charges solve the china has the shine -- with face assault charges. china has the record for at fastest train. china wants to have 10,000 miles of high-speed rail in operation in the next two years. the wizards are getting set to tip off the new season.
5:42 am
all eyes will be on the rookie sensation john wall. is he red question to take on the big boy? >> the sports junkies will join us to talk a little round ball coming up next
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welcome back. before --wee have a wet wednesday morning. at this time yesterday, we encouraged you to watch raising hope on fox last night for a chance to one an xbox or an ipod touch. you need to correctly answer the question about the show on the screen right now. what did sabrina and jimmy dress up as for halloween? >> to enter, go it our web site at find the contest on the entertainment page. you can enter until 10:00 this morning. the contest rules are online. you must be at least and be a legal resident of d.c., virginia or maryland. we'll pick two winners by
5:46 am
random drawing today. >> the prizes are pretty good. wet roads out there today. are we in for it all day? >> it will be a moist day. it will certainly rain through the morning into the afternoon. i think as the rain decreases, we'll still see pockets of precipitation popping up during the afternoon and evening hours. the bulk of the rain will be in the morning into the early afternoon, i think. so that is the way things are shaping up right now. let's start by showing you the bus stop forecast as you get the kids ready for school this morning or you are getting ready to go to work. here is what you need to know. take the umbrella with you and your rain jacket and galoshes. is that what they used to call them? we do have some areas of heavy rain. temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s this morning. sunrise at 7:30 but you will not see that today. the precipitation now is all across the washington area. we have many spots. we are getting heavier rain coming through washington itself as this continues to
5:47 am
track to the north and east. we are seeing heavy rain down near manassas and dale city. leesburg-- that is funny, just ads i mention it i here it on our roof. leesburg, heavy rain up there, near baltimore and columbia getting some heavy rain as well. on top of that, we have the fog across the region as well. so you want to be aware of that. it will slow your commute this morning. satellite-radar, this is a big system. a lot more moisture to get through. that is why i say we'll have rain through the morning into the early afternoon and even after that, some more rain coming through, periods of rain. behind this system, much quieter conditions and cooler air out to the north and
5:48 am
seniors west where they are actual guy -- actually getting snow. minnesota is getting snow and maybe in minneapolis as well and across the dakotas. 70 in washington. 68 in annapolis. dulles, 71 degrees. 68degrees in frederick, maryland. your forecast for today looks like this. mostly cloudy skies, early rain and thunderstorms through the morning into the early afternoon. even after that, we'll have some periods of rain in the afternoon and evening. a little bit breezy, winds out of the southwest, high about 75 degrees. phone for your five-day forecast, tomorrow, high still about 71 degrees -- 73 degrees, i'm he sorry. that cool are air makes its way in here -- that cooler air makes its way in here. now, let's get more on this morning's rush hour traffic
5:49 am
from julie wright. >> we have a lot going on right now. southbound 270, the crash that we had in route 80 at urbana in the process of being cleared. a hazmat team is being called to the scene because there was a little bit of fuel on the highway. a little further south out of hyattstown, the lanes are open headed for the lane divide. on the outer loop to go northbound i-95 in the direction of beltsville, this one involving a tractor- trailer. stay to the left to get by. accident number two, tying up the two left lanes. 66 eastbound, accident activity now pulled over to the right so traffic is able to get through but a good six-mile backup eastbound on 66 as you try to approach mile marker 21.4. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. deangelo hall's record-
5:50 am
tying four interceptions over the weekend noticed in chicago and d.c. and now will be on display in canton, ohio. the redskins cornerback said via twitter that the number 23 wrersy he wore in the win over the bears on sunday has been sent to the hall of fame in canton to go on display. washington wizards open up their new season tomorrow night in orlando. we don't know if gilbert arenas will be able to play. if he is unable to go against orlando, al thornton will get the start. all eyes will be on john wall who will be making his debut. what kind of a season can we expect? now, we know the heat won't go undefeated this season. let's head for the junkies this morning. >> good morning. >> let's talk about this triple threat from last night. i'm still blown away that they were able to assemble 80 points for the heat last night, this team that is going to the championships. what did you think of the
5:51 am
debut? yieng they had nine points in the first quarter, right? >> they did -- i think they had nine points in the first quarter, right? >> they did. >> it shows you duane wade is not 100% ready to go. this team needs time to gel. >> when you stick thee guys together that haven't played together before and they were superstars and they were have stars on the other teams, now, at least one of them is a role player, i think it will take a while for their chemistry to gel. wade was all of. bosch had eight points. lebron, that game really wasn't as close as the score indicated. >> if you think about it, the redeem team where they played together and won the gold medal, they practiced a ton before the olympics. they got together and worked together. it will probably take them half the season to gel but i think they will be scary at the end of the year. >> they played good defense. the defense was there for the
5:52 am
most part. >> here is one of the things i noticed. there were 17 assists with rondo. nobody came close to that. you wonder for these guys will all try to be scoring machines. >> that looked out of sync on offense. how many times have you seen lebron at the top of the key and he had so many options, he didn't know where to go with the ball. >> i am a wizards fan boy. >> let's buy into the wizards hype right now and the john wall hype. it seems like he is legit as far as what we've seen y i think he will score 17 to 20 per game gentleman oh, my god. a lot of people in this room think that is a little bit high. it is not another kwame brown. this guy is a legitimate superstar and i think he will make an immediate impact with the wizards. >> i don't think that is a stretch. he led the team in points and assists and minutes in the pre- season. i think he will be the leader of this basketball team. that is why they named him
5:53 am
captain. >> we'll have coach flip saunders on the show later today. and we had flip on before the season. he said fastest player he has ever seen in basketball and he is just going to hand him the ball. >> i think 20 points is a little crazy. >> 17 is on reasonable. >> i think 15 to 17. >> i think he will struggle shooting the ball. he will turn over the ball because he will be handling the ball so much. i think defensively he will be fine. but 20 points is crazy. >> you had them finishing lower. it look like everybody has them on the bubble of the playoffs. >> he is a notorious wizards hater. >> i've loved the wizards my entire life and i picked them in the east. >> i think they have a lot of questions. john wall will hit the wall at some point. i think defensively, they will
5:54 am
have a lot of question marks. who knows what will happen with gilbert? he is already hurt and missing practice. hour is hurt. i think of this a lot of question marks that don't stack up. >> what do you think, we're going to win zero games? >> no, all between eighth and tenth place so close it a playoff spot. we'll talk tomorrow. we know that florida is known for its alligators. up next, why are more gators on the loose in the sunshine state? the rare reason next. you are watching fox 5 morning news.
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welcome back. today's facebook fan of the day is laura cheryl. she is from new market, virginia. she is a big fan of tucker and her dog otis loves kennedy. they claim to be our number one fans. if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day, you can find us on fox 5 news. post a comment under laura's comment. rare weather conditions are forcing gators out of their natural habitat in florida. >> exparties say they are turning up in lakes, ponds, even swimming pools instead of staying in the swamps. the problem lies with extremely dry conditions. low rainfall led to dried-up
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water supplies and a decrease in the gator's food supply. got all your top stories straight ahead this morning. stay with us. we're coming back at 6:00.
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