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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  December 4, 2010 11:15pm-11:30pm EST

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>> welcome back, everybody. i will show -- we showed you caps highlights earlier in the show. and seven hours, there was no ice to be found and that is because the hardwood was on display and remained undefeated and that is tough to play hoops on ice and i digress.
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and the verizon center, and they hosted utah state and that is on three. with the steal and to chris wright and can't finish acrobatically and the hoyas would pull away and he can play. then he gets the seal, one of the 4 in the day and jason clark, he will finish the 17-2 run and the aggies, they have no idea for the hoyas and to nail the 3 and with two on the night and that is one, 21 georgetown and beating utah state, 58-61. >> and garyfeldman with the coach. and it's loud in here and predicted to finish second in the conference. >> and that is ond game. mason, by 21 at the break. >> and with four starters coming back. >> and loves them. that is good information and those returning starters came
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to play and catches it, plays it and with 12 in the game. the patriots, inspired by feldy's play-by-play call, dominate the seahawks, 80-52. when we return, can the hokies of virginia particular return to the winner circle in the acc. that is his answer there. stick around. you will see the highlights. 
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>> welcome back, one and all, it was a big day in college football, especially for the virginia tech hokies, trying to win an acc crown and in charlotte, frank and his hokies in the acc title game against florida state and with the backup qb and recovering from injury and the backup is greeted rudely off of the tip and with that name, sound familiar? the son of kurt gravea, he's in, 24 yards out and the hokies take the lead second quarter and watch him and i have on you -- you, no, i don't. the hochys -- hokies would not look there and they beat florida state. 44-33. and look who it is, steve spurrier, the south carolina gamecocks facing number one- ranked auburn and this is a long day for the former skins
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head coach. going up and top to weed open, adam, 54 yards for the score, tigers up 21-7 and played this before the end of the first half. the newton guy is good and to buy some time. this never works. the ball is tipped up and darvin adam comes down with it again and that is -- can't believe it, auburn rolls 15- they will play oregon for the time. off the wall is on the way and you can ever blame god after you made a mistake? >> not for something like dropping a pass in a football game and with that, what i think is the greatest thing i have ever seen in the nfl. have you sign a better one? >> i don't know. >> you will see next in ofc
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share minutes for free when you add a smartphone to a family shareplan. and now, buy an lg vortex and get one free. >> off the wall, wisdom martin and dave ross. we had a lot of highlights this week. one of the most bizarre things was the bills receiver, stevie johnson down the field, wide open and in overtime. >> game over. >> game over and dropped it and more bizarre, the fact that he dropped it and after, he went on twitter. >> yeah. >> and tweeted and blamed god for dropping the pass. >> you're going to see the tweet in a second. the funny thing is that wok
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before, said why so serious? why so serious when you say after dropping it, i praise you 24/7 and this is how you do me? you expect me to learn from this? how i will never forget this and. >> and gone? >> that is not a path i want to go on. >> no, no. >> and because i dropped the pass. >> exactly, why so serious? >> yeah. >> and take your own advice and relax. >> and how about the ball? >> wide open. >> and don't blame god. >> there you go. >> and i have a bigger question. >> and what is that? >> it was -- . >> yeah. >> and did you see that? >> yes. >> how did you think of the fight? >> it was okay. >> okay? >> they were able to knockout and johnson won. >> the best football fight i have seen. >> really? yeah. >> and that is the best?
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yeah. >> and no suspected -- >> and -- . >> he was handing out fines like christmas presents. >> yeah. >> and he has a perfect opportunity. >> you agree with me, he should have been at least one or two -- . >> they were with helmets off and swinging at each other and walk away with it. >> $25,000? >> really? which is the minimum fine that you can give. >> the guys with the penalties and hitting the other guy. that was worse. and i don't understand the rash. they're fighting. >> yeah. >> and this is not hockey. >> if the helmets were on. >> right. >> and they were clearly off. >> right. >> and that did not get a blowoff. and with the same punish pent in -- . >> and that game is out of reach. >> yeah. >> 20-0, come o really? commit, if you're going to be a
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comesh and dog everyone, i know they like them, too. >> and he should have been suspended. >> right. >> and i can't believe it. >> that's right. >> and staying with that -- >> and that is my thing? >> i don't know. >> and he is off the wall. >> and we're out of here. >> see you next time, everybody. >> note to self, don't fight andre jackson. say it with the vest. please, see you tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. good night, everybody.


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