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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  December 7, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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weather center with all of the details. >> a very cold start to the day. let's take a look at our maps. a lot to talk about. not only do we have cold conditions outside but strong winds. right now 30 degrees at national airport. only 27 at gaithersburg. we've got 30 degrees at baltimore and 28 at dulles. and the winds are strong and that has left us with windchills. so here is what it feels like when you step outside. look at these numbers. in the teens. it's a reality check for december for us. feeling like it's only 18 degrees at national airport. 19 degrees at baltimore. 15 at dulles. 11 at martinsberg. talk about bundle up. well to the west we have not the umbrella, didn't need that, but we do have snow, continuing to hit areas along the mountains, appalachians and far western maryland and parts of virginia. and we still have warnings and watches to talk about. winter storm warning in effect for far western areas, including garret, grant, mineral, pendleton county.
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we expect to see another 5-12 inches of snow on top of what they've already gotten. and then also an advisory in effect until 7:00 tonight, blustery, blowing conditions there. and partly sunny today, cold and gusty winds not going anywhere. we'll have to deal with them through tonight. our high today only 37 degrees. by the time we hit wednesday we'll see some improvement. not quite as windy and by the time we hit thursday we'll have more sunshine to give you. that's it for today. we'll have more details later. we're following a developing story from you're -- you'reop thismorning. fill -- julian assange under arrest. weaky leaks has leaked classified information about the government and sarah simmons is following the story from the news room. >> reporter: julian assange was
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arrested on a warrant issue bid sweden for alleged rape and sexual molestation. but assange denied the charges. the u.s. is trying to build a case against him and his website at this point. we are waiting for assange to arrive at court in london. you can see the press gaggle there of people waiting for him to arrive. this is ray -- this is a live look from london where he is expected to arrive any time. he could be released on bail or a judge could order him hold until another judge decides if he should be extradited to sweden. his lawyer was arranging for him to turn himself in for questioning, which is what he did. he said he will fight extradition to sweden. his spokesman said today's arrest is an attack on media freedom. assange has been hiding out in britain ever since releasing classified documents on his website. this morning's arrest is another blow to wiki leaks. switzer land froze his bank accounts because he gave the
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bank false information, plus the website has been hit with bugs. and launching a investigation saying it has jeopardizing diplomatic security and diplomatic efforts around the world. they say there is more to come here. latest embarrassing week showing the u.s. is ready to defent the baltic area if under attack and other information vital to national security. it may have an effect because we haven't seen any new documents released in the past 24 hours but julian assange expected to arrive in court in london and we will be watching it and keeping you posted. back to you, allison. >> sarah simmons in the news room, thank you. our big story this morning, a tentative tax deal on the hill. the president said he will
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extend the bush era tax cuts for the next two years. unemployment benefits will be extended for the long-term unemployed for another 13 months. and the agreement cuts payroll taxes by 2 percentage points. house and senate democratic leaders are expected to discuss a possible deal in closed meetings today. while the president said he didn't like it, he said it is necessary. >> make no mistake, allowing taxes to go up on all americans would have raised taxes by $3,000 for a typical american family. and that could cost our economy well over a million jobs. >> the tentative deal breaks the president's campaign pledge to end the bush tax cuts. president obama said he will fight to make sure the tax cuts for the wealthiest don't become permanent. so it looks like there may be a deal now. let's break it down more. joining us this morning, derek thompson associate editor at the atlantic who specializes in
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economic policy issues and a visiting fellow at the bipartisan nonprofit committee for a responsible, federal budge e. glad you're here. helping to break down the numbers. but first of all the deal, some of the democrats not liking it, saying he abandoned some of the campaign promises. is this a good thing for us right now in your opinion and what you've written about? >> well it's a bipartisan compromise, which means there will be things that republicans like and don't like and vice versa for democrats. with the bush tax cuts themselves, what you are essentially seeing is that the average taxpayer at about $50,000 is going to be able to keep about a thousand dollars of their paycheck because these tax cuts have been extended for two years. in addition, because of the payroll tax cut, that makes it easier for you to keep money that you make when you are working as well. that's going to make -- help you keep another $1,000 if you are making middle class salaries, about $50,000 a year. so you're talking about a tax stimulus of about $2,000 for someone making about $50,000 a
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year and that is a significant bump. and then when you add in unemployment, you see something a lot like a second stimulus plan, even though it is more tax focused. >> and the wealthy of us versus the middle class, with this everybody sees the tax cuts extended for a while longer. am i right? >> exactly right. if you're a frustrated democrat, we wanted something more for the average doctor for -- for the middle class. we wanted unemployment extended and money to get back to the families that want to spend but don't have that much cash. so they allowed the tax rates to stay low for the next two years on the top 2%. >> and basically the pay tax cut proposal, i'll go over them. 2% cut in social security tax for a year. $40,000 a year, that equals $800 on your payroll tax cut proposal, $70,000 a year,
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that's $1,400. so that's money we get to keep? is that what that means? >> right. every single dollar that you make at work up to about $100,000 is taxed at about 6% and that pays for social security and some other programs. it's not going to be taxed at 6% any more for the next two years, it's taxed only at 4%. which means if you make $50,000 you're going to save over the baseline about $1,000 next year and that's significant in a time when a lot of families are digging out from under debt, want to buy new stuff for their kids and during christmas and through next year. $1,000 is a significant sum. >> want to feel more normal if we can. if tax cuts expire the average tax increase and you broke it down by different areas, d.c. $1,237, maryland $1,756, virginia $1,615. that's if they did expire? >> right. that's if this did he expire. and these are higher than the national average because wages are high in maryland, virginia and the d.c. area. but yet nationwide, you will
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see an average tax savings of a little over $1,000 for the typical taxpayer. >> there were numbers crunched before we reached a deal. now that we have, the numbers that we started out with, the payroll breaks and the other numbers, that might be it, right? is this assured to pass through the different legislative bodies that things have to go through? >> i don't want to make any predictions. it seems more likely that a deal like this passes in the senate. but over the next few years a $900 billion infusion that won't happen if we did nothing. that's a big deal for americans. >> maybe the last stimulus we see for a while. derek thompson with the atlantic, we appreciate it. >> thank you. some sad news to report this morning. elizabethrd wases' battle with cancer has taken a turn for the worse. doctors are giving her weeks to live. edwards has been battling cancer with breast cancer since
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2004. her family said the disease has spread to her liver. the doctors say further treatment would be unproductive. she is said to be with friends and family at her home in north carolina. she has placed a message on facebook that reads in part, quote, the days of our lives for all of us are numbered. we know that. but i have found in the simple act of living with hope and in the daily effort to have a positive impact in the world, the days i do have are made all the more meaningful and precious and for that i'm grateful. friends say her estranged husband john is among the people at her bedside. the search is on this morning for a missing virginia girl. an amber alert has been issued for 12-year-old britney may smith of roanoke, county. she's 5 feet har and 100 pounds and the alert was issued after they found her mother's body at the home in salem.
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she may be in the mother's car which is a silver 2005 dodge sedan with tags xkf 2365. or he may be driving a 2000 red chevrolet suv tag number on that vehicle is xpr 4366. anyone with information should call virginia state police or call 911. an attempted kidnapping stopped by a good samaritan in wheaton. a woman walking along veirs mill road on saturday night was dragged into a park. but a stranger interrupted at tack and police are asking for help in identifying the suspect. now he ran off and by the time the woman called police the good samaritan was also gone. the man accused of setting himself on fire in the district remains in critical condition. two deputy marshalls went to el mustafa el bashir's home to serve an arrest warrant for rape. he came to the door doused in
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gasoline and lit himself on fire. the marshalls are being treated at the burn unit. another raging fire in baltimore. flames broke out at around 1:30 at a four-story brick building in the cultural district on charles street. the flames quickly spread to another building. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. the blaze was a few blocks from yesterday's massive fire in the adult entertainment district. flames broke out there in a three-story building at around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. fire spread to five other structures. more than 100 emergency crew members battled the blaze. it took three hours to get it under control. no one was injured. the cause of both fires is still under investigation. a change of power in prince george's county will be on full dismy today as we get our first look at the new interrim police chief. mark mcgraw, 27 year veteran will be formally introduced at a news conference at 10:45 this morning. he previously served as a
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deputy chief. the shake-up in the police department was just one quick move made by new county executive rushern baker. he fired all of jack johnson's top assistants and including the fire chief and the director of the county human resources department. he weren't on to say that prince george -- he went on to say that prince george's county is ready for greatness. >> the skill and will for first in job creation, first in public safety and yes, first inen teg rit. >> also worn in leslie johnson. she was arrested by the fbi last month along with her husband jackson son on corruption charges. the first vote to come today when the council picks the new council chair. the capital area food bank is getting help from familiar face this is morning -- gurvir. >> reporter: al hon, none other
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than elmo is at the capital area food bank. we'll find out how sesame street is teaching people about healthy eating. >> it's very important. >> thank you. and michelle rhee has a new job. but that's not all that is keeping her busy these days. we'll tell you about her new advocacy group coming up next. we're back in just a moment. it's 13 minutes after 9:00. last year, sick with cancer,
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some of the original sesame street gang plus broccoli who is one of four new puppets all in town today to unveil details for a new outreach program called food for thought, eating well on a budget. >> this program is part of sesame workshops ongoing health habits for life program. gurvir dhindsa is spending the morning with elmo and the president and ceo of sesame workshop. >> reporter: good morning. let me tell you, what a special
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honor to be here with elmo and of course gary nell the president and ceo of sesame workshop. thank you for being here with us. >> thank you for having us. >> el me is happy to be here to talk about something very important, isn't that right. >> they go hand in hand. >> reporter: tell me about the project and why you are here at the capital area food bank today. >> this is the national launch of food for thought where sesame street is working on this issue of food insecurity. we have 10 million children under the age of 6 in this country who are foodin secure, not having enough on a daily base for a nutritious meal. we're working with united health care and the merck foundation to get the word out with the kits we've made that people who are foodin secure
9:18 am
can acure. >> and you use the word foodin sec -- foodin secure. >> and i went to the store and i went to the store and spent $200 for good food but there are many out there who don't have the money or the food to teach them. >> this is about connecting with community resources. we're here at the washington area food bank. this is one of the resources through food pantry that are serving hundreds of thousands of people every day. there are ways to connect. in this kit you'll learn how to stretch a dollar so when you are down to a limited amount at the end of the month, you buy healthier food for your kids and healthy snacks is another way of dealing with hungry kids who may not have enough. >> reporter: and the great thing is that the kids, they are in spanish so that young people who don't speak english and their family can also get that message and having someone like elmo get that's message. >> because elmo has to do the
9:19 am
same thing. elmo has to eat healthy too. >> reporter: can i tell you, my girls love you. >> hello, gracey and lena. elmo loves you. >> reporter: and they listen to what you have to say. and if you are talking to children out there, what would you tell them? >> it is very important to eat healthy. even with snacks. because if your food happy, you play happy too. >> reporter: and what about broccoli? do you like broccoli? >> yes. with a little bit of cheese on it. yeah. >> reporter: it jazzes it up a little bit. >> a little bit. but elmo loves -- how about a kiwi. they're good. it looks kind of red but it tastes good. >> reporter: that's great. well thank you so much for being here today. >> thanks for having us. >> that's wonderful. and you have a new friend named broccoli. >> she's cool. >> she's a superfood. >> reporter: she's a superfood and she dances.
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and we'll teach young people about that as well. >> we're really thrilled about this and elmo is the spokesperson for so many kids in this country and we're going to shine a light on this issue and help kids and family in need. >> reporter: we're delighted to have you with us. thank you so much. >> thank you. we appreciate it. >> reporter: thank you. love you. >> love you too. >> reporter: back to you. >> hi, elmo. >> that was great. thank you. we hope to see you at one of our stuff-a-truck locations this friday. we'll be at the giant locations on your screen right now. and we'll be there this friday beginning at 6:00 a.m. we'll be at the hyattsville station at brentwood, montrose crossing and brian briar. you don't have to wait until then to make a donation. you can text feed bca fb and
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you can provide a $10 donation by providing the word yes. she may have left her job at d.c. school chancellor but michelle rhee is still pushing for school reform. she has launched a new nonprofit education association called students first. a nonpart shan advocacy group will push elected officials for changes in legislation. she hopes to raise a billion dollars and attract 1 million members. she left her post here in the district earlier this year and now she's working with the education transition team of florida governor elect rick scott why wal-mart is taking a case to the high court and how it could effect giant companies across the nation. and holly is putting on her ballet slippers today. holly? >> reporter: i am. i'm gearing up for my walk-on roll with the washington ballet as their version of nut cracker is now going on at the warner theater. this has a decidedly american feel to it and in fact this
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year there is a new numbers that called stars and stripes. it has to do and features their boys program. we'll get a sneak peek at one of the dances live later. well first here is a look at today's trivia question. in which carrie grant film is the tombstone shown inscribed with his real name, archibald leach? was it arsenic and oldly, once upon a time or the bishops wife? the answer is coming up. but you can take a guess by heading to our facebook page. fox 5 morning news continues after the break. >> now he looks look a movie star. >> he was a movie star. [ female announcer ] this is a strawberry pop tart...
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new from pillsbury. in the refrigerated section wal-mart has taken it's fight against a potentially
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devastating class-action lawsuit to the supreme court. the high court is deciding whether to keep the case alive. it claims that female employees of wal-mart and sam's club are paid less and promoted less often than men. it could involve billions of dollars, more than a half million female workers. wal-mart said allowing the large number of claims to go forward would set off similar class-action lawsuits seen by the lower court that gave this case the green light to move ahead. british prime minister david cameron has called for an investigation into the beth of a british soldier who may have been killed by friendly fire from an american aircraft. the announcement came during an unannounced visit to british troops in afghanistan. robert gates is also in afghanistan. he's there to thank the troops and to assess the progress in the nine-year war. the obama administration is trying to gage whether it can begin to withdraw u.s. forces in july. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is on the way
9:27 am
to south korea. the white house is sending mike mullen to reensure south korea of the u.s. commitment to alliance that follows last month's attack by north korea. while in south america, admiral mullen will meet with south korean leaders and american troops. coming up next on fox 5 morning news -- >> a cold snap and the first snow of the season in some areas as december makes it's presence known. i'm ainsley earhart and that story is coming up. plus we take a moment to observe the day that will live in infamy. we remember the attack on pearl harbor next. much more ahead this morning. don't go anywhere. lysol believes that kids shouldn't miss school days
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i think we're adding the sound effect but here is a live shot from the traffic camera. it's at keyser ridge maryland, in garret county. this is snow at u.s. 68 at 219.
9:31 am
snowy conditions out there. some of that blowing around and they are likely to get more snow too. well we're not the only ones dealing with the harsh winter temperatures. >> december is ushering temperatures even where some people are not used to it. people from chicago to florida are not enjoying the winter blast. >> reporter: upstate new yorkers are already getting a workout, shoveling a half foot of newly fallen snow. >> this is awful. i have to take my son to the doctors and it took me an hour to shovel my snow. >> typical buffalo weather. we have to get used to. >> reporter: lake erie is being blamed for dumping several inches of snow in pennsylvania. some areas could see high winds and as much as two feet once it's all over. several ohioans spent its evening relearning how to shovel out of the driveway. >> third time today for about an hour apiece and my wife has been out. >> this is my second time out here. i was out this morning and figured i would get taken care of so that tomorrow morning it will not be as bad.
9:32 am
>> reporter: temperature is all relative. with floridans complaining about the cold, with temperatures creeping down at night, freeze warnings have been issued and people are pulling out warm clothes reluctantly. >> the weather is ridiculous. >> she's layered because i don't want to get her sick. she has leggings, jeans and then a long sleeve and a regular t-shirt and a hoody. >> we've concerned about the vulnerability. >> reporter: chicago battled and took a lot of layers to bat back the bad weather. >> i hope my boss don't see this. >> we have to get used to. it is chicago. >> reporter: natural gas climbed to a four-month high prompted by the cold weather across the country. it is likely a prelude to even more frigid conditions expected over the next two weeks. ainsley earhart, fox news. >> yikes.
9:33 am
>> old man winter is upon us. when does it kick off? the 21st. >> meteor logical december. >> but we are hanging on because we've had strong winds and cold conditions but none of the precip landing on our doorstep so we can't complain. but it is cold. take a look the temperatures. and we are not warming up any time soon. and the wins are making it -- the winds are making it feel colder. only 30 degrees at national. look at gaithersburg at 27. 28 at frederick. 25 at hagerstown. so that colder air just settling right in. and actually not going anywhere. here is a look at the winds right now. gusting at 33 miles per hour at dulles, 32 at d.c., 24 mile-per- hour wind gusts at frederick. and 22 at baltimore. 30 at winchester. so you factor in the temperature and winds we get our windchill factor. and this is what it feels like
9:34 am
when you step outside. 14 at gaithersburg. 16 at frederick. 18 at national airport. only 11 at martinsberg. so definitely cold out. so if you are going out, dress very warm and get your head and your hands covered and take a scarf for sure. so here is what is happening out west. we saw where the snow was. this is going to continue along areas of the far west. and as a result, they do have a winter storm warning in effect and that is for highland, pendleton, grant and mineral counties and an additional 5- 12. they have gotten some areas, up to 18 inches of snowfall. this is in effect until 6:00 a.m. on wednesday. there is also an advisory and we're seeing a little bit of mix going on there that they could be dealing with. icy spots. the advisory until 7:00 p.m. tonight where you could once again see more accumulation of rainfall. we are dealing with clear skies, windy and cold. ridge of high pressure building in over the course of the wednesday and thursday. that's our next weather-maker moving this way but still seeing cold conditions until thursday or friday and by that
9:35 am
point we'll be at least into the 40-degree mark. so dry conditions across the board. keeping a close eye on a strong weather storm system that could be hitting our way -- heading our way into the weekend. a little too early to tell but we are watching it for you. but look at the temperatures. once again, they are well below seasonal. allison and tony. >> thank you, goo mean franklin roosevelt called it a date which will live in infamy. >> today we remember those lost on the anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. >> reporter: 69 years later, the december 7th, 1941 attack on pearl harbor is still very vivid for survivors. especially this 93-year-old texan. >> we didn't come home in quite as good of a shape. but we all made it back. and i think that was just god's gift to us, to let us all come
9:36 am
home. >> reporter: america's naval base in pearl harbor, hawaii, was attacked by japan. almost 2500 american service members and civilians died that day. the attack sank four battleships and damaged much of the military fleet. it led to the war on japan and pulled the u.s. into world war ii. >> probably most of our world war ii veterans are in a place like this, a senior living or retirement center. it's the last stop for that generation. >> reporter: the number of world war ii veterans still around is decreasing. according to the department of veterans affairs, as many as 1100 die every day. >> the sad thing is that this generation is about to leave us. and we have wonderful stories and not enough young people to hear the destroys and -- here the stories to know what the parents and great grandparents did to make a difference in our
9:37 am
lives. >> 18,000 members of the world war 22 founded an organization and now only thousands exist. and there is a wreath laying commemoration with pearl harbor survivors on pennsylvania avenue at 1:00 today. there is also a memorial ceremony at 11:45 at inner harbor in baltimore and a wreath laying at the world war ii memorial at 2:00 this afternoon. 9:37 now. some of the country's biggest names gathered for the first american country awards. a look at the night's biggest winners next. and first here is a a look at today's trivia question. in which carrie grant film is there a tombstone with his name? the answer is coming up in just a little bit. we'll be back right after the break. [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature.
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and the first ever aca artist of the year is -- carrie underwood. >> good for her. >> yay. >> do we need another award show? >> yes. >> another one? >> yes. >> she took the top honor. she beat out lady antebellum, taylor swift and the zac brown band and picked up female artist of the year. you can check out carrie and the rest of the winners in our photo gallery at is that the award? a guitar? >> she should have won for cutest dress too. and we're proud of american idol alum jeff daughterry. he posted pictures of his new twins on twitter on monday.
9:42 am
people magazine said that he and his wife announced the babies add alin and noah born by cirro gats a week before thanksgiving. we would like your help this holiday season decorating the fox 5 christmas tree. send uson ornament with along with your name and a story behind the ornament. >> the tree and ornaments will be donated to a charity before christmas. the address is 5151 wisconsin avenue, northwest, washington, d.c., 20016. good cause. now it's not something you probably think about when buying a new car but a vehicle's resale value should be an important factor in your decision to buy. so how do you know which cars have a good resale value? we'll talk with a guest from kelly blue book next. and today holly is practicing for the nut cracker. back in a moment.
9:43 am
hi. we're the maul family stationed in south korea. darwin is in the field but we still wanted to wish the malls, the dills, anti i do and craigs a very happy holiday in silver spring, maryland. >> happy holidays. >> happy holidays.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
when you buy a new car, a lot of things influence your decision but there is one important factor you may not calculate, the resale value. joining us from los angeles is james bell with kelley blue books. thank you. good to see you. this is something i can admit previously i've not given a lot of thought to. you say it's very important. how do you determine which cars will have the best resale value? >> well it's funny, you and a
9:47 am
lot of other people don't consider it as important as they should because depreciation and resale value is the largest component of overall cost of ownership. folks assume if they are putting the screws to the dealer and getting a good deal and getting something with good fuel efficiency and they've done their homework. but they really haven't. getting the resale value will make a difference. and we're looking at every car in the market, every brand on the market and doing the analysis that people would need to do, but we do it for them all upfront on our site at we look at expected fuel prices and starting to project oil prices per barrel from five to six years from now and looking at how a particular vehicle is doing in the marketplace. whether it's been embraced. we're looking at production schedules, we're looking at supply and all of the different factors go in together and we have a group of really smart
9:48 am
people that put that data together and then put that up on our website >> so there are a lot of factors. what are the biggest factors that drive down a car's vola over the year -- value over the years you own it? >> it's probably when you go to sell a vehicle, make sure you have good maintenance records, you've tried to keep it as showroom fresh as possible. but more importantly, more than anything, you can really control is that you are buying a vehicle that is just anticipated to hold it's value from the front, from the start. a perfect example is this vehicle. this is a subaru legacy. now it is a brand that has flown below the radar. they've been known for great fuel efficiency and reliable and durability but not so much for style. this is the legacy, it's a perfect example of how they've changed that. check out the interior in this car. this is a cockpit type of environment. anybody could be proud to sit
9:49 am
and because they are all wheel drive you can get through all sorts of bad weather. and we are naming the entire subaru brand as the best resale value overall which is a big accomplishment when you think about the competition. another brand that does well, this time on the luxury, is the bmw. best resale value brand in the luxury category this is the x- 5. it has great refinements and changes for the 2011 model year with the new engine and transmissions and some refinements on the interior as well. so we are anticipating that it will hold it's resale value, not just the x-5, but the entire bmw line. so that's exiting. a brand with desirable and now holding it's value. and speaking of desirability, how is this paint job? this is a new 2011 ford mustang gt. 30 plus miles per gallon on the highway. they have made refinements to
9:50 am
the transmission and it's the best in the sports car category for 2011. and the gmc acadia, this is a car on the road for almost three years but this is the first time it's made the top list. this is the best resale value in the utility category. and it's really done its job because, as we said earlier, it's about how the market perceives the vehicle. that's a big component and the market is embracing this car and saying this is a -- this is really delivering the promise that gmc has made and it's been doing it for many families for the last three years. >> so good news for many american car makers as well. thank you very much. good to see you. we appreciate it. want to let everyone know, we will link you to the kelley blue book site through thank you, sir. >> thank you, tony. good morning. the nutcracker is running from now until december 26th at the warner theater. holly more sis with some of the
9:51 am
performers at the washington ballet school. and holly, i hope we learn more about your performance as well this hour. >> reporter: so what do denise graves and the geico racing president from the nats game and holly morris have in common? >> oh, i don't want to make that guess. >> reporter: they all have walk- on roles. the racing presidents are friday night and one of the sundays denise graves will do a role. but tomorrow night is the night i get to be the merry widow and it is such an honor for me to be a part of something so prestigious and it's because of this guy right here. this is the artistic director satin webber and thank you for letting me be a part tv. >> well it's great to have you. >> reporter: and each year you do something different. and you're always growing the program and right now you're focusing on the boys' program. >> we have about 30 boys of
9:52 am
every -- from age 6 to 18 who are in the production. and just to reflect the artistic growth of the kids, this year i created a special news section called stars and stripes. as the christmas tree grows. this is characters come out of the star of the tree and dance in this virtual dance in honor of clara. >> reporter: well roland and hall al bert have been warming up. and so let's watch a little stars and stripes here this morning. [ music ] ♪
9:53 am
>> reporter: so for the artistic director, how did they do? >> great job, guys. >> reporter: tell them something because i know you were tweaking in your mind as you were watching. >> okay, guys, just want to remind you, want to square off here. just show me that. square off here, take up and arms through to a nice square position. and then at the very end, from fourth position, you want to use the head accent and exit. >> reporter: when it comes to training young men to be dancers and albert wants to be a professional dancer, and what do they need to do and what is
9:54 am
the biggest challenge for them? >> practice, practice, practice. it's a combination of three components. one is natural talent, the body has to have a certain amount of coordination and natural talent. but the talent doesn't go very far without two good pieces. one is great training. just education and it's just like any kind of education. really great training and then the other thing is the factor x, which is some special drive and determination, really hard work and kind of a natural stage sense. those things combined. >> reporter: i think we have x and x here. so how did you feel about it? >> it was okay. >> reporter: what could you do better? >> my double la tours need practice. >> reporter: and what were you thinking? >> i think it was okay. i think the coordination could be better. >> reporter: and what do you like out of the nut cracker? i know you have been a part of different ballets, but what is
9:55 am
special about this one? >> i like the washington theme. it's great. >> i like the snow scene. that's my favorite scene. >> reporter: are either of you going to be there tomorrow night? >> i'm doing the school show which is in the morning. >> no, i won't be there. >> reporter: they're both leaving me hanging. there are multiple casts. thank you so much for being on our show. sattine, thank you. and you are missing out if you don't go out to see the nutcracker. it's unique to our area. you will only see it here and it will definitely get you in the holiday spirit. we have to link to their website at and my personal walk-on role and yes, i'll sign an autograph afterwards, is tomorrow night. >> that's a big order, holly. did you hear her? he wants to know what night the running presidents are. >> reporter: tony, i'm charging you double for those tickets. and it's on friday night.
9:56 am
whatever -- just because their head is bigger than mine. >> thank you, holly. [ laughter ] >> i'm kidding. coming up, the answer to today's trivia question. and there are a lot of questions around the holidays, people have family and drama. let's talk about it. send questions to me, anything really but that's just a little idea. head to and click on the morning tab for a link to ask allison. i answer those questions on a variety of topics every friday morning during the mighty 9:00 hour of fox 5 morning news. 
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let's and the trivia question, shall we. in which carrie grand film is the tombstone inscribed with his real name archibald leach. the classic from 1944. i know it's an old


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