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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  January 10, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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an organic farm. >> reporter: there were a few hairy moments. >> the boat capsized in mexico and we had to swim to shore. quite unexpectedly and very scary . the backpack was awful. >> every r every time i look at it i think what was a thinking? i can barely carry this empty. >> reporter: next time, they will travel lighter but they there will be a next time. >> i want to keep going and traveling and seeing what is out there and just giving back when i can. >> i'm cynthia smoot, fox news. >> stay with us. we have much more straight ahead. your weather, your traffic and all your top stories as fox 5 morning news continues. good morning. it is monday, the 10th day of
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january, 2011 as we get a live look at the washington monument. thank you for waking up early with us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm allison seymour in for steve chenevey. welcome to fox 5 morning news on a monday morning before the snow. >> before the snow. tucker will have the forecast for all those folks that can't quit their jobs and travel the world and have to get up and that alarm is going off this morning. and they are waking up to cold temperatures, tuck. >> i did a couple of hours ago that. was fun. when you step outside, you say ooh. >> if you are running, you won't feel it as much. >> because you're late. no snow in the forecast today. it will be tomorrow that the snow arrives. but looking like a good chance of our first significant might be the word accumulation of the season. >> first digging out. >> areawide, you mean? >> yeah. this is not going to be the blizzard repeat of 2010.
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we are not talking about that either. let's get started -- somewhere in between, that's right. don't want too much but you got to have enough. clear skies but we have some cloudiness off to the south and west that. snow flying in southwest virginia and eastern kentucky, that will not get in here again today. this area of low pressure will slip off the coast and redevelop and we'll get another area of snow that will redevelop tomorrow and bring us some accumulating snow around here during the day tomorrow. temperatures, cold, 25 degrees. humidity, 45%. winds are out of the west at six miles per hour. that is the good news, we'll lose the wind. it should be a lot less windy than yesterday. partly sunny skies. we will see the clouds really start to move in in earnest during the afternoon. cold continues, 35 degrees the afternoon high with the winds out of the north and west at five miles per hour. parts of the area under a winter stormwatch. i will have that for you coming up and we'll talk about the timing on the snow as well in
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just a couple of minutes. >> let's head on over to julie wright now and say good morning. >> good morning to you all. right now, we are talking about a crash that occurred overnight and that is tying up your commute as you are coming inbound along 214 central avenue at richie road. the accident activity still in play and that is tying you up most the roadway as you travel inbound towards d.c. come ago way from d.c., your lanes are open. overnight roadwork in the propose of being cleared at the inbound 11th street bridge. no problems to report right now top side of the beltway leaving university boulevard back around towards georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our top story, the 22-year- old man accused of shooting 20 people in tucson, arizona including arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords on saturday will appear in court today.
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jared loughner will face a federal judge. gifford survived. she is in critical condition but is responding to doctors at a tucson hospital. president obama has called fay moment of violence for victims at 11:00 this morning. >> we have learned that the suspect had interacted with congresswoman giffords in the past. sarah simmons has more now. >> reporter: according to investigators, jared lee loughner had been at some of the congress on your corner events before. according to them, they had spoken to some of his friends on con of anonymity who said he had been at a previous meeting about three years ago asking the congresswoman specific questions. for instance, what is government if words have no meaning? according to these friends through investigators, they claim that he did not like government officials or how they spoke. they also found a letter date the from 2007 from the congresswoman thanking jared lee loughner for coming to that event. now, we have since known that
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he showed back up on saturday and is the alleged shooter in this incident killing -- shooting and killing six people, wounding several others. of those dead, u.s. district gouge john roll, 9-year-old christina taylor green, gabe zimmerman, also three other people who showed up, dorwin stoddard, dorothy morris and phyllis scheck. lawmakers are a little on edge. the question is how to keep staff members safe when they are in their home state meeting people. some have suggested a uniformed police officer should be present. it is just one idea that is being floated out there. virginia congressman jerry con olympicly warns deciding what to do is a slippery slope. >> we need to be careful we don't overreact in term of new security measures and so forth that ultimately are an impediment between the public
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and us. i don't think you can live in public life being afraid and certainly not afraid of your public. you've got to make sure that you are accessible to the public and that is sort of the nature of the job and that is the nature of democracy. >> reporter: now, due to what has happened saturday, plans have changed here on capitol hill for the week. tuesday, there is not supposed to be any work done. wednesday, when the original -- originally the health care vote was expected in the house, a big issue that was going to be taken up, instead they are expected to introduce a resolution honoring giffords and at this point as well, another issue that will be big here on capitol hill, they will be holding security briefing for all the congressmen and women to determine how to keep them safe. we are live here on capitol hill. sarah simmons, back to you. >> thank you. as you can imagine, 911 was flooded with calls about saturday's shooting, witnesses
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reacting to the horrible scene unfolding. >> what is your emergency? >> there is a shooting at safeway. i have a person shot here on the floor in the walgreen's. >> i'll check the you with medical. hold on just a moment. >> emergency dispatcher, what is the address? >> our address is 7114 north russell road. we need more than one ambulance. there is more than one person down. >> is anybody injured? did you say gabrielle giffords was hit? >> she is hit. she was breathing. she still has a pulse and we've got two people and we got one dead. >> we have much more to bring to you on this story this morning. in our 7:00 hour, two of congresswoman giffords s are colleagues will be with us. our coverage of the tragedy in tucson continues on as well. can you click on the story on our home page for the latest
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violence broke out at a baltimore nightclub and it ended with six people being shot, two of them a police officer and another man who did not survive. police were called to the select lounge after a large brawl broke out. they say the fight spilled out into the parking lot and it is possible that police fired on an officer who had lost his badge in the scuffle. again, an officer and another man were killed. another officer along with three other people were injured. so far, no arrests have been made. in prince george's county, the interim police chief is taking steps to end deadly violence in the area. there will be meetings with police officers in all police districts this week. the chief says he is adding six detectives to the federal task
5:12 am
force. an attempted robbery at an atm in northwest d.c. police say someone was getting cash from the machine at the corner of wisconsin and harrison whether a gunman approached and tried to rob the victim. authorities say one shot was fired at the victim. the victim was not hit but the gunman did get away. someone found a suspicious item yesterday afternoon. police closed off a park and investigated but it turned out to be harmless. police haven't said what it was. we have much more straight ahead. winter headaches down south. a snowstorm causing major problems down in atlanta. >> thousands of passengers stranded. we'll get the latest. just cold around here as you start your morning. temperatures in the teens and low 20s. i will have all the details on your forecast and we'll talk about the possibility of a little snow coming up too.
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a. we get a live look right now outside for you. that is the lincoln memorial. okay for us. we are waiting for that snow but are getting it down south. thousands of flights have been canceled in atlanta this morning. georgia, louisiana, alabama and tennessee are all under states of emergency and a lot of schools and colleges have called off classes. the snow has been falling from arkansas to north mississippi. other areas like birmingham, alabama have been dealing with freezing rain and sleet. some areas are reporting at least 1/10 of an inch of ice out on the roads. you can deal with the snow. nothing can you do about the ice. >> look at that. >> we are talking about snow for us. >> snow for us. >> no sleet and freezing rain, i hope? >> off to the south and east, it is possible it could mix but we are talking about the
5:17 am
delmarva area. no problems today. no issues today. nothing tonight. it will just be cloudy. this will be tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. it will be a quick mover. it will not be snowmageddon. >> i want to retire that word. >> you do? >> it was cold yesterday. and cold this morning. temperatures in the teens and 20s. 19 right now in frederick. good morning. # 1 out at dulles. 23 in quantico. -- 21 out at dulles. you get the idea here, very cold out there. highs later today, only in the mid-30s. i guess the good news in the forecast today, a little less wind than yesterday. yesterday, the winds were really blowing at times. we'll see at least partial sunshine although the clouds will quickly increase later this afternoon. i know it looks very ominous
5:18 am
here off to the south and if you are head down into the carolinas and towards georgia, it is ominous. most of this energy will slip off the coast today so that won't be getting in here later this affect. some of the clouds will as we look out to the west. it will be a one-two combination. an upper level low out to the west. see the snow flying out to st. louis. our timing on our snow will be tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night and it looks like as mentioned that it will be an accumulating snow but not heavy snow. i think most of the area will pick up a couple of inches. by a couple, i mean probably three or four here in the immediate washington area with more snow off to the east. this will be just like the storm from a couple of weeks ago. heavy snow will be to the east and to the north once again during the late afternoon and during tomorrow night. weather service has now issued a wasn'ter stormwatch for counties east of d.c. howard county, up towards baltimore under awe wasn'ter stormwatch.
5:19 am
best chance for five or more inches. that is what the criteria is for winter stormwatch off to our east. if you are waking up in the eastern communities, you will see more snow. less snow out to the west. right now, we don't think we'll get enough snow out to the west that we'll need a winter stormwatch and that is always the first winter advisory to go up when we are dealing with these winter storms. partly sunny, cold continues today, 35 degrees. winds out of the north and west at five to 10 miles per hour. mostly cloudy and cold overnight. the snow will get in here early to mid afternoon tomorrow. and through tomorrow night, it will be a quick mover and quickly out of here. what falls will stick. thursday and friday's daytime highs in the low to mid-30s so what sticks will stick around through the end of the week as the temperatures will be on the cold side. let's get to on-time traffic with julie wright. >> so far, so good, tucker. no accidents to report as you work your way around the capital beltway. you will find you are at speed
5:20 am
as you continue past university boulevard. light traffic volume right now continuing around towards 270. crash that was inbound 214 central avenue at richie road also cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. thank you so much. a programming note for you. today is our mentoring monday. if you are interested in becoming a mentor it a young person, fox 5 is once again offing you awe chance to make that connection an easy one. from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 this morning, you will be able to call the number you see on your screen. write it down. you can also go online,, found a mentoring program that best fits the time that you have to offer. we'll repeat the number throughout the morning for you. the tragedy in tucson is sparking reaction from all around including capitol hill where staffers had back to work today. tisha thompson takes a look at
5:21 am
the changes that you might expect. >> reporter: when we asked him to do an interview, virginia congressman jim moran chose a safeway grocery store in alexandria, virginia because he says he refuses to be afraid. >> this is my neighborhood. i'm just going shopping. the church is nearby and i just got gas up there. if somebody wants to come talk to me, they're welcome to. i don't fear in the least being in this community. this is where i live. >> reporter: in maryland, a spokeswoman for congress roscoe bartlett told fox 5 there is concern for potential copycats. the u.s. capitol police already use metal directors. x-ray machines and other security procedures to screen all visitors to the capitol complex. when fox 5 asked the u.s. capitol police what kind of extra secure procedures have been put in place since the shooting, a spokeswoman told us the u.s. capitol police does not specifically discuss the security of members of congress but had communicated with
5:22 am
members of congress advising them to take reasonable and prudent precautions vorring their personal security. security is a tricky thing because you not only have to worry about securing the office buildings. you also have to think about what happens when the representatives walk across the street to vote inside the capitol. representatives trying to go vote on last year's health care bill were confronted by protesters screaming anti-gay and racial epithets. one even spit on a congressman. >> it got dicey during the health care debate. we got a lot of incendiary stuff, some violent threats. we didn't take them seriously and it turned out not to represent anything. i do think that i'm very lucky though. i live in an area here in the washington area where we've got people who believe in dispassionate discourse. we agree but we talk about it.
5:23 am
we respect each other. that is the way it ought to be. >> reporter: which is why moran says he will con to host town hall meeting, listen to what his constituents have to say and refuse to let fear keep him from doing his job. tisha thompson, fox 5 news. plenty still ahead here on fox 5 news. coming up next, efforts to rebuild a local neighborhood and part of the plan, a new outdoor ice skating rink. >> we'll tell you how officials hope that ice rink wi we are coming right back. get extra stuff. ♪ like musical instruments. ♪ and new art supplies. ♪ because they're the only cereals with box tops for education. last year, schools earned over ten million dollars from big g cereals. you can raise money for your kids' school. look for this logo... only on big g cereals. you can make a difference. every cereal box counts.
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a new outdoor ice rink in a neighborhood that has seen tremendous development over the last 0 years. john henrehan has more. >> reporter: the new outdoor skating rink at veterans plaza has actually been open for about three weeks. risk got its formal dedication from ike leggett who cut a ceremonial win bonn full of ice skates. earlier, county executive told a small crowd the ice rink helps make downtown silver spring a year-round destination no area residents. >> it is about family, about fun, about the continuation of
5:27 am
the revitalization of a great community that is silver spring. >> reporter: it wasn't just the new ice risk that was drawing people to silver spring on a cold and windy day. the avenues were sometimes crowded with pedestrians attracted by a street musician, a farmer's market and dozens of restaurants and stores that now surround the old retail district that department stores abandoned decades ago. describe the streets in the late 1980s and you didn't come. >> didn't come. there was nothing here. there was really no reason to come over here. there weren't any restaurants. there were a lot of board-up windows. mother montgomery county has poured tens of millions of dollars in silver spring building parking structures and revitalizing the retail district. >> it is really a lot different than it was back in the day when i moved here. >> is it better? >> i think it is a lot better. >> reporter: a down side toot revitalization of avril spring is the increasing cost of rent.
5:28 am
some of these old storefronts on georgia avenue now rent to up to $10,000 a month and a lot of the merchants can't afford it. alani hair designs opened in silver spring in 1984. how was rent? >> i was paying # hundred probably in rent. >> reporter: the owner is sitting pretty now though. she purchased her building before most of the redevelopment of silver spring began. john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> thank you. still plenty ahead including the latest on our top stories. >> sarah is live on capitol hill. good morning. >> good morning. the alleged gunman in the mass arizona shooting may have had contact with congresswoman giffords in the past. i'm sarah simmons. i'll have details on the story and what is ahead on capitol hill for the week when fox 5 morning news returns. 
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welcome back. the 10th day of january. wow! january is rolling on. >> i can not believe it is the 10th day. >> nice and clear out. >> it was really windy yesterday and we took the girls to the park and about 10 minutes later, we were back in the truck. scarves, mittens, the whole nine yards. >> not sure what you were thinking about. >> i said to tom, they need to
5:32 am
be outside. >> well that was bitter cold yesterday. >> it was. it was windy >> windy and cold. we lost the win -- lost the wind but the cold is here to stay. that is setting the event for our wintry event tomorrow. let me emphasize tomorrow. currently, we're cold. a little less wind though. 25 at reagan national. 19 in frederick. 23 this morning in salisbury. 23 in culpeper. let's pick out one more community, winchester. >> got community. >> 22 in winchester. let's open up a little bit. detroit is 15 at this hour. 16 in columbus and 24 in boston. 25 in new york. during the late day period tomorrow into wednesday if you are headed up towards new york and boston, might want to plan ahead on that one. they will get another round of heavy snow as we get into the mid-week period.
5:33 am
there is your satellite-radar. i know it looks fairly hmo news. it will be a partly sunny day here today. that snow will stay to our south today and tonight. we have a rather complicated weather pattern. you can see the snow out to the west. some of that is headed in our direction. we will have a snow event around here. it will not be a blizzard but when all is said and done, several inches is possible in some sports of the area. so more detail on that coming up. for today, temperatures in the mid-30s with partly sunny skies. cloudy late in the day and cloudy again tonight. >> thank you. cold at the bus stop too. >> very cold. >> julie wright has a look at our on-time traffic. >> it is cold everywhere. it is even cold in the studio this morning. all right. on the roads, you will find the lanes are open if you are traveling on the outer loop. trouble that he have with right now is on the inner loop as you approach allentown road. the stalled car tying up the center lane from the left on the inner loop as you travel in
5:34 am
the direction of the wilson bridge. no trouble spots to report on 290 to the inbound 11th street bridge. we do have reports of a car fire in a parking garage just west of north carolina avenue in southeast. that is going to affect the drive along a and eighth streets in southeast washington. right now, 395 looks good leaving duke street headed out to the 14th street bridge with no incidents reported. the beltway running smoothly college park at bethesda. southbound along 270, lanes are open germantown headed out for the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our top story is the tragedy in tucson. the # 2-year-old man accused of shooting 20 people including gabrielle giffords on saturday will appear in court today. jared loughner is facing a federal judge later. six people were killed in that shooting. give oartdz survived. she is in critical condition but is responding to doctors ate tucson hospital. president obama has called for a moment of violence for the victims at 11:00 this morning. we have learned that the suspect questioned congresswoman giffords in the
5:35 am
past and sarah simmons joins us live from capitol hill with details on that. >> reporter: good morning. that is correct. investigators are saying that loughner had been at previous congress on your corner events that congresswoman giffords had held in the past back for 2007. he had asked the question of her, what is government if words have no meaning? according to a couple of his friends, they say he did not like government officials or how they spoke. it appears as showed up on saturday and allegedly killed six people and injured others. -- it appears as show he showed up on saturday and allegedly killed six people and injured others. lawmaker are a little on edge. one of the questions is how to keep representatives and their
5:36 am
staff members safe especially when they are back in their home district. some capitol hill staffers are speaking out saying it is not just the security but also at greecive rhetoric that people need to tone down around the country. >> actions that are violent don't belong in our democracy. >> as a person of faith, i call on our political, i call on our civic and our religious leaders to be careful about the words you use in public. in a civil society, we must be reminded of civility. >> reporter: as for the legislative business here on capitol hill, that is changed for the week. originally, there was a scheduled vote on the health care reform law on wednesday but that is changed. now, they're expected to introduce a resolution honoring congresswoman giffords and also in light of the shootings from saturday, there will an digsal security briefings on the hill on how to keep the congressmen
5:37 am
and women safe. we're live here on the hill. sarah simmons, back to you. >> thank you. we have a lot more to bring out this story. coming up in our 7:00 hour, two of congresswoman giffords' colleague will be joining us. representative donna edwards and chris van holiday en. at 8:00 the surgeon in chief from howard university hospital will join to us talk about the congresswoman's injury and prognosis. our coverage also consequence r. continues on can you click on the story on our home page for all of the latest developments. can and can you see the charging documents filed in court against the suspect. deadly violence at a baltimore nightclub. a police officer and another man were shot and killed. another officer and three others were wounded. police were called to the select lounge after a fight broke out early yesterday morning. that brawl spilled out into the parking lot. investigators say it is possible in the chaos is, police fired on an officer who had lost his badge in the
5:38 am
scuffle. they are still trying to figure out if police were the only ones who fired. an atempted objectery at an atm in the district. police were called to the corner of wisconsin avenue and harrison street in northwest last night for the sound of gunshots. she say the robber fired at least one shot at the victim. the gunman did get away. coming up next, u.s. defense secretary robert gates in china meeting with officials there. >> we'll tell you what has the united states concerned as we check more headlines. stay with us. 3q it's a beautiful day inside
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more than a snack. more help is on the way for thousands of flood victims in australia. ten people have been killed since late november and about 200,000 affected by the aftermath of torrential downpours. the government will provide financial assistance to help out those struggling to make ends meet because of this disaster. people living in low-lying areas are being told to protect their valuables from potential damage. robert gates is working to repair strained relations with military officials in china. he met with leaders in beijing today formally reopening military talks. china says its military forces are purely to defense. but u.s. officials are concerned about a new ballistic missile that could potentially target a u.s. aircraft carrier
5:42 am
nearly 2,000 miles out to seas. and a new stealth fighter jet is there. david and victoria beckham are expecting their fourth child. their try boys are excited about the arrival of their new brother or sister. they're expecting this summer. a crippling snowstorm down south leaving thousands of travelers stranded. we'll find out what is in store for us as tucker check the forecast.
5:43 am
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we give you you a live look outside today. no snow in our forecast just yet. but tucker says we can prepare for snow tomorrow. here what is they're dealing with down south. the rare winter blast making its way across several states. thousands of flights have been canceled. a lot of schools and
5:46 am
universities have called off classes too. other areas like birmingham, alabama have been dealing with freezing rained sleet. some areas there reporting at least 1/10 of an inch of ice out there on the roads. >> no fun. >> that's right. >> you think we don't handle the winter weather well. >> they certainly don't handle it in the south. i know because i grew up there. >> the schools will be closed for week. our timing will be tomorrow affect and tomorrow night. >> we can make it through today and much of tomorrow. >> tomorrow, the morning should be fine and we may have problems by the evening commute. we will have widespread accumulation. >> you keep sort of doing this. how many inches is it going to be? >> the forecasters had v. to do some dancing after the forecast
5:47 am
for the last few weeks. here is the bottom line. maybe 3 or 4 inches around here. and maybe a little more off to the west. we'll talk storms here. i'm show you the radar. gurvir is fixing my hair. 23 in annapolis. 23 in leonardtown. cold, frederick, 19. hagerstown, 19. you will notice the coal when you step out the door. it is bitter cold out there. good news in the forecast today. no problems today. we will have some sunshine, partly sunny skies and less wind than yesterday although high temperatures will only top out in the low to mid-30s. so bring along the scarf and the hat. that kind of thing will be outside today. there you go. i know this radar looks ominous. in some ways, it is there is the southern storm we were talking about bringing snow to the carolinas. this is an area of low pressure
5:48 am
that will develop off the coast. see the snow flying off towards solution. these will cop bind into 2001 big storm off the delmarva peninsula and up into new england during the nighttime hours tomorrow and wednesday. we have snow in the forecast. that is the bottom line. the question we still have is how quickly will the storm intensify and how much moisture will it be able to throw back to the washington area. we'll get a couple of inches here in the washington area with the heavier amounts to the east so annapolis, across the bay, you already got a winter stormwatch. futurecast, no problems today. you can see the snow slips to our south during the day and doesn't get a chance to move north. we have high pressure temporarily protecting us. the evening commute tonight at 6:00, no problems. clouds increase tomorrow. by tomorrow afternoon, we'll see the snow move in. it will be widespread by about 7:00 tomorrow night and i just want to mention, the modeling here i think is a little slow. i think the snow will get in here a little earlier than that. then it is all out of here by early wednesday morning. it will be a quick mover.
5:49 am
won't get a chance to dump heavy snow across the area but i think it will be widespread and at cucamonga lagss will be at least a couple of inches for most of us -- and the accumulations will be at least a couple of inches for most of us. we are thinking more than 5 inches off to the east. forecast for today, partly sunny, cold continues out there. 35. that is another story. cold will be around all week long. cloudy and cold tonight. 27degrees and there is your five-day forecast. afternoon snow tomorrow. 32degrees and wednesday, thursday, friday, what flies sand sticks will stick around as temperatures will be on the cold side right through the end of the week. more details coming up. let's do some on-time traffic and julie has your latest. >> on the road, we are starting off with a stalled car tying up
5:50 am
the second lane from the left on the inner loop of the beltway as you work your way past allentown road. you will find the activity along the second lane from the left. lanes are open elsewhere around town. no trouble spots at the wilson bridge. you will find yourself at speed college park headed over gain, no incidents reported 395 to the inbound 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. before a programming note for you this morning. today is mentoring monday. if you are interested in becoming amentor to a young person, fox -- becoming a mentor it a young person, fox 5 is -- becoming amentor to a young person, fox 5 is making that decision an easy one. >> you can call the number on our screen today for our mentoring phone bank. ford has unveiled the first
5:51 am
of four models of its new electric cars. the new ford focus is design with the environment in mind. we get the latest from fox. >> if you are interested in going green, driving one of these latest electric vehicles will sure catch your eye. >> definitely. >> yes, i want much want to see it and learn more about it. >> reporter: foarld unveiled the late electric model at the ces convention. the focus is designed with the environment in mind. >> they will buy this electric vehicle, drive it conservatively and take pride in the fact that they're part of the solution to energy independence. >> reporter: while there is not yet an official price tag for the new line of electric cars, the company says driving one of them like the transit connect or focus will save you a whole lot of money down the road. >> the price for the focus is not established yet. it will be established closer to when it gets into production. neither one burn a single drop of gasoline. so compared to your driving habits, your driving range, you are saving several gallons a day.
5:52 am
>> reporter: but some drivers say while they like the idea of cars going green, there is one draw back. >> it is electric. so do you have to plug it in. you are limited to your -- whatever, 60, 100 miles. you got to consider. can you go so far but that is only halfway. you got to get back. >> no one cul verdict bull tote solving energy consumption -- no one silver bullet to solving energy consumption. stay with us. we have much more straight ahead today. loud, raucous, cameron indoor stadium as the terps tried to knock off the number one team in the country. duke and maryland highlights coming up next.  mary! hey!
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we want to say good morning today on our facebook fan of the day, it is noni can't riggings. she says she doesn't want to end up on fox 5 news but she would be the fan of the day. she wants to end up in a good way on fox 5. >> you can find us by searching fox5 morning news and post a comment under tonya's photo. the terps nearly pulled off an upset over another number one team but they lost to the
5:56 am
defending champs, the duke will you devils 71-64. duke has won 25 games in a row. the nfl playoffs. the nfc wild card game in philly. packers visiting the eagles. final minute being the eagles down 21-16. michael vick throws to the end zone for riley coomer but is inter-- cooper but is intercepted. philadelphia had its first home opening playoff loss since 1991. wild card game now in the afc. the baltimore ravens fell behind early off this long run by kansas city but joe flaco threw two touchdown passes and the ravens forced five turnovers to pete the kansas
5:57 am
city chiefs 30-7. that sends the ravens to pittsburgh next saturday. the redskins season came to an end last sunday with that 17- 14 loss to the giants. now, the fun really begins. that is the off season which every burgundy and gold fan knows never lacks drama. for some, the question is not if they're going to stay but when they will be cut loose. albert haynesworth has returned from his four-week suspension. the skins still looking to trade him. donovan mcnabb was benched last three games of the season. he can be released. it will cost the team only $3.5 million what about rex grossman? >> it i had my pick, i would love to be back here. i think the teammates are great. the coaching staff, everything is in place for make a run and i would love to be a part of it. >> i want to stay but it is a business situation, you know. i want to stay. but it comes down to a business so it's business on both sides
5:58 am
of the table. >> i would like to be back but i would also like the opportunity to start somewhere and if that -- i hope that is here and if it is not, we'll see what the best opportunity for my family is and for playing. >> always the thought in the back of your puget sound did you do enough to hold your roster spot? you can't really worry about too much. all i know is that i played as hard ads i could each and every play i was out there. and hopefully, that is good enough for the coaching staff. straight ahead at 6:00, our mentoring monday program is about to begin. from 6:00 to 10:00, can you call or go online to found a mentoring program that best fits the time have you to offer. we'll be right back.  ring ring ring ring
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