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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Special Edition  FOX  April 29, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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 stay tuned for the perfect marriage of traffic, weather, and the news you need to plan your day. fox 5 morning news coming up after the wedding. this is a special edition of fox 5 news. >> it is 4:00 and we are on extra early for you. the spotlight on london this morning. the road wedding. the biggest event around the world coming today and we are bringing it live. good morning and thanks so much for being up extra early with us, i'm steve. >> welcome to a special edition of fox 5 morning news. a lot of people around the world are excited and it is excited to watch this today. >> the ceremony set to begin around 6:00 a.m. our time. once they are married, william and kate will receive the title of duke and dutches of cambridge. >> we'll have more on all the excitement, plus we'll check our top stories in a moment.
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tucker is here for that. you know, i want to talk a little bit about the weather over there, because it was supposed to rain, but it isn't too bad. >> holding off now. clouds in london this morning, but we'll see the showers before all said and done. >> okay, let's have a quieter day today. >> yes, absolutely. i promise. after yesterday, you probably want to see less and less of me and i promise we don't have to talk much weather today. it will be beautiful and 70 later this afternoon. we cooled off. we are much more comfortable. 52 in frederick. let's see, fredericksburg 53. 65 degrees, but cooler and dryer air will work a little later. satellite radar, nothing to talk about. there's our frontal system off the coast. that was a problem child. we'll get rid of that and out to the west, yeah, a few clouds out into the ohio valley and it won't be a perfect sunny day,
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but mostly sunny conditions and pleasant. winds out of the west and north and west and we'll get another look. a bonus look and there you see not much happening. we'll be quiet today and quiet for most of the weekend here. forecast high, 70 degrees. lots of sunshine. winds out of the west 10 to 15. >> this is going to be welcomed. all right, thank you tucker. >> julie wright getting the early wakeup call as well. good morning. >> funky hats and tiarras here we come. on the beltway, no accidents. an easy ride between montgomery and fairfax. you will find southbound 270 in the clear headed for the lane divide. 95 looks good traveling to and from dumfries this morning. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. let's continue our look at
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the developing story out of the southeast united states. yesterday severe weather killed nearly 300 people across six states. that's what started on wednesday, went through the day yesterday. alabama got the worst of the storms. president obama will travel to alabama today to get a first- hand look at the damage there. we get a look now from sherry lee. she joins us from the newsroom with the latest. >> good morning, steve. that death toll is expected to climb higher than the 297 now confirmed as search and rescue teams dig through piles of debris. most of those killed were in alabama and the tornado that struck tuscaloosa possibly the strongest category possible. and it demolished entire neighborhoods. at least 170 twisters hit more than six states. obviously that's the wrong video there. we'll get it to you in a moment. some of those tornadoes were captured by amateur video. they showed the massive size,
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the intensity of this twister. the tornado was a half mile wide. it leveled houses for miles. streets are impassable. people are returning to find only piles of rubble and they are desperate to find their loved ones. >> the baby is one. my other little cousin turned five and my aunt is 42 or 43. >> all of them are missing. >> it's been hell. no other way to describe it. >> we can't control when or where a terrible storm may strike. we can control how we respond to it. >> wednesday's tornado outbreak is the nation's deadliest in four decades. people got 24 minute warning in toc tuscaloosa, but the tornadoes proved too powerful. they will be applying for
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federal disaster aid and president obama in tuscaloosa for a first-hand look today has pledged his full support. back to you. our severe weather coverage continues on our with website. yo can go there to view all of the pictures and video that has been submitted by our viewers as well as upload yours if you have not done that yet. we will be posting the latest developments as the cleanup continues across the south. >> the space shuttle endeavor lifts off today. representative gabrielle giffords is in florida. endeavor commander, mark kelly. president obama and the first family will also be there. forecasters say there's a 70% chance of good weather. the launch is set to take off at 3:47 this afternoon. nasa officials are expecting up to 700,000 people. stay tuned to fox 5. we'll have more coming up on this story in
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a few minutes. well the football season officially underway last night, even though there is no season officially right now, but the redskins took their first round draft pick last night and beefing up their defense. they took ryan kerrigan out of purdue. he is the 16th pick of the nfl draft. they made the pick after moving down. they traded with jacksonville. defensive end will likely be an outside linebacker in washington's 3-4 scheme. the draft resumes later today. we're going to hear from coach shanahan to talk more about the draft. the big story is the royal wedding. the world weighed in london. >> billions will watch as kate middleton walks down the aisle and becomes princess katherine. we are taking a live look at the preparations. some people have been camping out for days, but this is a
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look as folks -- the guests of the wedding start to file into the westminster abbey. you know, a lot of people have been wanting to get a prime spot to watch the ceremony. 5,000 people on hand for this. also, as jennifer davis reports from london, the prince went out and met the crowds last night. >> prince william makes his final appearance as a single man on the eve of his big day. the prince greeted and talked to fans along the processional route to soon to be husband beating the fan frenzy. britain's next princess was all smiles as well waving to the crowd before checking into her hotel. prince charles doing his part, welcomed international dignitaries arriving for the nuptials. expefn the queen herself was seen out and about arriving at
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an upscale london hotel. meanwhile, every detail leading up to the glamorous ceremony has been planned with precision. from the military flight pass to the royal guard and thousands of police officers both in the air and on land all doing their part to ensure it all goes off without a hitch. >> we policed this many, many times. on this occasion, it's a larger scale with the crowds that are going to be here. we have a plan to deal with that. >> some royal enthusists have been waiting a long time for this moment. >> cathedral when prince charles got married 30 years ago. so waiting for this day. >> and others are doing their part to include themselves in the fanfare. dressing themselves up in a one- of-a-kind suit for the occasion. >> stickers, they are panini stickers, put in a royal
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wedding collection album. the brightest royal wedding suit. >> interesting attire there. we also want to run down the times of some key events, if you want to keep checking your tv as you get ready for work this morning. these are all on our time, eastern time. at 5:10 a.m., prince william and prince harry will head to westminster abbey. >> 5:38, their father and stepmother, prince charles and camilla leave for the abbey. 5:51, the bride to be, kate middleton leaves her hotel. we will likely first see her around 6:00 a.m. when the wedding ceremony begins. >> everyone wants to know about it. it's over by 7:15 and the massive procession gets underway and the big moment for the big kiss is set to happen on the balcony at buckingham palace at 8:25. it's interesting to watch all the people walk in, the hats,
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the whole attire. >> you aren't going to miss a thing if you keep it here on fox 5. we'll bring you the latest with fox coverage beginning at 5:00 a.m. we'll be streaming the ceremony and procession after on and return with more local news, weather coverage, and reaction at 8:30 this morning. all the people with those wonderful and quite variety of hats. how upset would you be if someone had the same one as you? >> i would be upset. did you see the red one? you were liking that hat. coming up, a tirade of profanity. details of what set off donald trump last night and whether he is vying to run for the white house. stay with us. 
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making headlines this morning, donald trump lashing out on lawmakers. he went off with a 30 minute speech, slamming the country's leader.
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he made the speech in las vegas, calling the nation's leader quote, unquote stupid. he got the largest applause for talking about foreign policy. >> we go to afghanistan, we go to iraq. we build a school. we build a road. they blow up the road. they blow up the school. we build again, they blow them up. in the meantime, we can't get a school built in brooklyn. it's unbelievable. >> now whether or not he'll be your next president, he'll find out at some point, he'll make a decision soon if he's going to run. more alleged victims are coming forward. >> plus, the final launch for space shuttle endeavor. and the big story, the royal wedding and holly this morning is up bright and early with other people who are out bright and early who will be watching the festivities. live pictures from london right
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now as folks are getting ready for the big day.
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4:16 right now and these folks may or may not have a way to watch the royal wedding this morning, but they may be concerned about their own weddings. >> these are the lay disoutside, and men, waiting for the running of the brides up here in northwest. look at the line of people waiting to get in there this morning. >> a couple hours to go, a little over three hours before they get a chance to go inside and find a wedding dress at a really good price. it's always an interesting event to watch. >> so they can make their dreams come true, like kate middleton today. unfortunately, they will not be watch ling. >> how many will be watching on their cell phones. >> or an ipad. >> or maybe they don't care at all.
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>> they care. they are brides, they care. or they are dvring it or something. they are creative. all right. let's take a look at the weather. i'm so glad that it is going to be nice and hopefully not even humid today. >> not humid. today is going be absolutely beautiful. springtime temperatures. back in the 70s today. here are your headlines, nice weekend ahead. in fact, saturday and sunday look dry and sunny. we have not delivered so far this spring with nice weather on weekends and we are going to deliver fantastic weather. all right, i'm happy to report we have much quieter conditions. 58 degrees at reagan national. we fall back in the 40s in the next hour or so. 52 degrees, and 52 in harrissonburg. looking at our satellite radar, much quieter conditions. we have left over showers
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across southern maryland. there you go. late yesterday afternoon, you can see that working off the coast to the south and east and clear skies across the mid atlantic. there are a few clouds out to the west. into portions of west virginia, kentucky, a few clouds will flip into the region today. it's not going to be a perfectly sunny day today, but it should be nice. winds reenforcing the cooler and dryer air. it's going to feel nice and pleasant. that sets us up for a nice weekend. look at chicago and st. louis. nothing going on and high pressure will build in through the next couple of days. it does not get back here until monday. so we are in for three quiet days. mostly sunny skies, mild temperatures. 70 degrees. winds out of the west at 10 to 15. by the way, that's where we should be. cool overnight. 45 degrees overnight low later tonight. winds out of the northwest at 5 to 10.
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let's do the forecast for the weekend. very nice. golf, softball, soccer, flag football, working in the yard? did i leave anybody out? it should be nice on saturday. sunday, partly cloudy, 77. and cooler temperatures by tuesday. okay. i'm wrapping. back to the anchors. all right, we'll take a look at some of the guests who got the invites, including david beckham and his wife. >> you watch these people come out and one can outdo the next in craziness factor. you know, that's the look over there, but you know -- >> the hats now of the modern day period, a lot of the small hats that you are seeing, like you are seeing with ms. beckham there, is that the thing this year? you don't see the big kentucky derby hats anymore? >> at the wedding?
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>> see the woman in the cream? it looks like one of those things you put around a dog. it looks a little bit like that. i think they just try to out do each other. a variety of hats you'll see. i'm not an expert by any means. >> i would like to see mr. beckham put that top hat on. >> he would look dapper in that. we'll check in in a little bit. checking more local headlines. no, we are going to go to traffic. is that right? julie wright. because i want to see if julie wright has her tiarra on yet. there it is. there's the hat. >> you knew that. >> mine is at my desk. i left it downstairs. >> look at this. >> it's beautiful. >> i am 5' 5 now. i love it. i'm going to wear this for ever
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and always and it has a rhinestone. a little feather going on. >> i knew you would have something. on the roads, lanes are open for the start to our early morning commute. dry pavement. an easy drive southbound 270 as you are headed out to the scales. no incidents have been reported. you'll find 285 coming in. northbound i-95. if you are traveling out of woodbridge, you are good to go headed out towards the bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all right julie, thank you. historic moment for nasa. the shuttle endeavor about to embark on its final mission today. thousands are expected to see off the shut, including gabrielle giffords. fox's marion has the story. >> the last effort for shuttle
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endeavor. it's the orbiter's final flight. a 14-day mission is planned to the international space station. people are flocking to florida for the launch. 700,000 are expected to attend. >> i think a lot of people are talking about it quite a bit and are really excited about all the things that will be happening and the fact there will be so many people. >> president obama is expected to see the launch. commander of this shuttle mission is mark kelly. his wife, congresswoman gabrielle giffords boarded a plane from houston. she got permission from her doctors to attend the launch. incredibly, she was able to walk on her own up the plain stairs. >> it is something she has been looking forward to for a long time. she's been working really hard to make sure that her doctors would permit her to come and she's more than medically ready to be here and she's excited. >> despite the wicked weather
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the south has seen the last few days, forecasters say there's less than a 30% chance the launch will be delayed. endeavor will launch. fox news. >> all right, representative giffords is believed to have attended wednesday night's family barbecue, a closed door event. she is expected to be shielded from public view from the launch. earlier this week, the arizona republic quoted her staff as saying she speaks in single words or simple declarative phrases. we are the 16th pick in the nfl draft. the washington redskins select ryan kerrigan linebacker purdue. >> what do you think about that? redskins traded down and able to beef up their defense at the same time. the redskins took reign
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kerrigan with the 16th pick of the nfl draft last night. they had the 10th pick overall, but they made a trade with jacksonville. picked up the 16th pick in the second round. at the bottom of your screen in white. he was a defensive end in college and a good one in the big ten, but he will be used as a linebacker. here's what coach shanahan had to say. >> he brings a lot to the table. he plays running extremely well. a defensive end, when you look at him. he takes to our system extremely well in being able to play the run to the pass and blue collar player. plays extremely hard. a lot of great things for his career and surely glad he is part of the redskins. >> all right, as we mentioned they picked up an extra second round pick. coming up in our next half hour. dave ross is going to join us with more on the redskins
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draft. all right, now let's take a live look. we are talking about the royal wedding this morning. this is a live picture as you can see the guard coming up to westminster abbey. everybody is getting underway. lots of people have been streaming into westminster abbey. david beckham just went in, a star studded list of people. the excitement is growing. prince william and kate middleton will walk down the aisle in less than two hours. places around our region are celebrating the royal nip nuptials. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. okay, the party underway might be pushing it a little bit. i think i'm the first one here, but it's going to be rocking. i swear, i think actually the doors don't open until ac a.m. here. this is a special viewing party that we are cosponsoring along with mix 107.3.
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it was invite only. if you didn't get the coveted invite to the real wedding. we listenthey have a better contract than i do, because they don't have to be here just yet. they have some 25 high definition screens all around union here. a lot of people come here and watch sports events. this morning the only event is the royal wedding in and of itself and they are going to be serving up a wonderful breakfast. an english buffet breakfast for people to enjoy while they watch the nuptials. they said it included things like eggs and bacon and sausage and tea and fresh fruit. it should be pretty good. they will have lots of different give aways that will be going on and everyone is going it be glued to the screen to see what's happened. i couldn't arrive fashionably
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late this morning, but at least hopefully i arrived fashionably. that was my goal. we'll be back with more fun later in the hour. back to you all. >> holly, as long as you are there, it's already a party, we know that. >> and you are fashionable. love the outfit. you are ready to go to the wedding. we'll see holly in a little bit. we have a lot more. first, though, let's head back to london and take another live look as we head to break. much more royal wedding coverage coming up on this friday morning. 
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it is not just a handsome prince and a beautiful princess. >> hear from the prime minister a little bit right now as he talks about the upcoming wedding. it is 4:30 right here now in the united states. it is obviously a few hours later in london right now
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where david cameron is speaking. and a huge event throughout the world. we will see it live throughout the morning. >> to put it in sports terms for you guys, it is the super bowl of weddings. >> it is? >> i would think of a world cup of weddings. >> yes. >> it doesn't come around every year. >> that is true. it is a big deal. >> it certainly is a big deal. that's why we're on extra early for you this morning. >> we're here for you and all of age and weather coverage. >> weather related around here, if you're going to a party early this morning, or celebrating outside, you will have no problems. >> it is perfect for it. >> that's right. >> are you going to be out celebrating after this? >> yes, traditionally fireworks is the way i go. >> mainly because it is friday. >> that's it. >> there is the satellite radar. listen, it is much, much quieter, obviously. a little energy to the north and west.
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a few clouds associated with that little system that will move through during the morning hours. and you can see the rainfall. we will be nice and quiet today. no problems at all. our frontal system is well off the coast. you can see the rain and the thunderstorm activity. pushing away from the washington area. you mentioned the cool temperatures. bwi marshall 49 degrees. and 58 here in washington. reagan national and dulles, 51. here is your forecast for today. a couple of clouds out there to start your morning. breezy at times. highs about 07 degrees. and low humidity -- 70 degrees. and low humidity. a perfect afternoon for us. >> all right. we will take it. >> julie wright has a quick look at traffic. >> hey, you guys, quiet start to the friday morning drive. not a lot happening on the topside of the beltway. getting past university boulevard. over to 270. 95 still in the clear. as you work your way from the woodbridge every to the occoquan. that's a check of the fox 5 ontime traffic. all right now to the developing story out of the
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southeast. wednesday's severe weather killed nearly 300 people across six states. >> alabama got the worst of it. president obama will be traveling to alabama today to get a first-hand look at the damage. sherry lee joins us live from the newsroom with the latest on the deadly storms. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it may be days before we know the true extent of the devastation there. search and rescue teams continue digging through neighborhoods, leveled by this storm. and these tornadoes. trying to find survivors. but often finding none. it is, as one man described it, hell. alabama took the brunt of the damage. where tornadoes demolished houses for miles. amateur video shows wednesday's twister barreling across the state. and the tornado that struck tuscaloosa may have been the strongest category possible with winds more than 200 miles per hour. people returned home devastated by the loss. alabama's governor says he will seek federal disaster aid. at least 297 people are confirmed dead, but the death
4:33 am
toll is expected to climb even higher, as people search for the missing. >> we are looking for our loved ones. we keep hearing people whining, but we can't find nobody. >> we will get things under control. we're going to do it on a statewide level. and we're going to work together. >> president obama who will travel to tuscaloosa today signed a disaster declaration for the state to provide federal aid for those who need. it the president will meet with alabama's governor and the deadliest tornado outbreak in four decades hitting four states. people got some warning that tornadoes were coming but it still wasn't enough. steve? >> thank you very much. we will stay on top of thon fros and the storm. we will have more online and
4:34 am
posting the latest developments as the cleanup continues across the south. one-third of the planet is expected to watch this morning's royal wedding. >> we are continuing to get live pictures from london this morning as more and more guest, the lucky one, continue to arrive at westminster abbey. nearly 2,000 immaculately dressed guests including fellow royals from around the world. a smattering of pop stars. we saw david beckham. dignitaries will all be jamming the abbey this morning. >> and the royal family is getting ready to take their places. and kate middleton will be the last. she is expected to arrive in just over an hour. westminster abbey is decorated with trees, on both sides of the aisle. we saw them hauling those in yesterday. royal watchers have been camped out all night outside as well. some have even been there for days. and some news this morning as well. buckingham palace says the queen will destow the title of duke
4:35 am
and dutchess of cambridge on the young couple. the british ambassador to the u.s. will be among those waking up early to watch. and maureen umay sat down with him to ask why the ceremony is so important and why he wasn't invited. >> this is the rom for the reception of the -- this is the room for the reception of the royal wedding on the 29th of april. >> the british ambassador to the united states is at the center of a whirlwind of excitement in dc opening up the majestic british embassy to well wishers looking to be a part of the big day. >> there will be a street party here involving kids from the british school. the embassy is opening sort of an electronic guest book so the people can log on to our web site. and they can send their wishes to the royal couple. >> the excitement has been building for months and ambassador shinewald is not surprised. he believes there is a lot of
4:36 am
interest because of the feel good nature of prince william and kate middleton's story and the wedding. >> we had a hard three or four years. that affects everybody. and i think that a bit of lightness, something to celebrate, something that gives people additional hope for the future, is really welcome. >> the ambassador considers the royal wedding to be one of the best things to happen to the united kingdom. it has captivated worldwide attention. focusing the spotlight on everything that is good about the country and its monarchy. shinewald believes there is a fairy tail aspect that many can or want to relate to. >> i think people can see themselves to some degree in their story, people who have met at university, who have spent a number of years getting to know each other and then decide to tie the knot. the other half of this, there is the story about the relationship and the affection and love between two people and their personal stories and i think that in the end is what captivates people.
4:37 am
>> shinewald will not be attending the wedding. he wasn't invited. neither were a host of people including world leaders like president obama and the first lady. shinewald says there is a good reason. >> heads of government, of countries which are not monarchies, and you're not a monarchy, are being invited. >> and there are no shortages of well wishes for the royal couple. putting the united kingdom on the world stage with an event everyone can celebrate. maur een umay, fox 5 news. >> thank you. we want to run down the times of some key events if you want to keep checking your tv as you get ready for work this morning. these are all on our time, eastern time. at 5:10 a.m., prince william and prince harry will leave clarence house for westminster abbey. >> at 5:38, exactly one hour from now, their father and stepmother, prince charles and camilla will leave for the abbey. two minutes later, the queen and
4:38 am
prince phillip leave buckingham palace for the abbey. 5:51 a.m., the bride-to-be, kate middleton, leaves her hotel. we will likely first see her, and of course, the dress, right around 6:00 a.m. when the wedding ceremony begins. it is over by 7:15 with the massive procession back to the palace gets under way and the moment the big kiss is set to happen, on the balcony at buckingham palace at 8:25 a.m. >> you won't miss any of that, if you keep it here on fox 5. we will bring you everything live as they happen. our fox news coverage begins at 5:00 a.m. this morning. we are also going to be streaming the build-up to the ceremony. and the procession. on now, when it is all over, we will return with more local news and weather coverage around 8:30 this morning. >> we still have plenty ahead. coming up on fox 5 morning news, a tirade of profanity. >> details of what set off donald trump last night, and the latest on whether he is eyeing a run for the white house.
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stay with us. it is 4:39.
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4:41 as we check headlines. vince gray's hiring practice, and judy banks is scheduled to testify before a city council committee investigating cronyism and nepotism. a former mayoral candidate who accused gray of promising him a job to continue his campaign last year is not scheduled to testify. the committee chair mary chase says brown appears to be avoiding service of a subpoena. donald trump slamming the nation's leader in a profanity laced tirade in las vegas. the real estate developer blasted president obama for his handling of libya and afghanistan and called the country's leaders, quote, stupid people and unleashed harsh criticism of our leaders to a crowd of 1,000 in las vegas. trump says he will make a decision soon on whether he is
4:42 am
running for president. the space shuttle endeavour liftoff, the final flight today and congress woman gabrielle giffords is in florida to see her husband take off. this is video from houston, the first time seen in public. and able to walk on her own up the plane's stairs. and the launch is set for 3:47. president obama will also be there and the first family. >> a lot of people would like to see her for the first time since the event happened. the redskins beef up their defense in the nfl draft. we will come up with the changes. and holly is getting the party started in arlington. >> i am getting the party started and happy to report at least one other person is here. jimmy, wave. jimmy, here from 107.3, and jam diamond and the morning show,
4:43 am
they will be here all morning long. it is an invite only party. guess what. we've invited you. what kind of royal wedding watching fun we're going to, have we will show you, live on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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all right. welcome back. it is 4:45. and you know, it is kind of dark out there, still, this morning. but you wake up to us now at the desk. brightening up. it is a brighter day today. >> quite a change from yesterday. yesterday at this time of the morning, we were getting ready for the severe storms to roll through. >> they were already happening in fact. and right now, nothing happening. clear skies. temperatures cooling off overnight. very comfortable. we can open the windows later today, if you don't have problems with allergies. and we will have highs in the
4:46 am
upper 60s to about 70. so just a perfect spring weather here. and here is the best part. not only today but both saturday and sunday, look dry and sunshine, and outdoor plans, all systems go. >> mow the lawn. all that work. >> oh, thanks, sara. >> i was thinking, you know, kick back in the yard. and have a beverage. >> 58 degrees right now at reagan national. would re cooling off. 46 in gaithersburg. we haven't been in 40s in about a week. 46 in manassas. to the south, we go, 53 quantico. 50 in leonardtown. and 55 in annapolis. again, very comfortable air moving on in. and other than a few clouds today, things should be very quiet with plenty of sunshine. and it could be a little breezy around here during the course of the day. as we continue to watch that air filter in from the north and west. but again, very quiet weather pattern here for the next couple of days. here is the future cast. clear skies as you get up and out the door this morning. and in fact later today, i think we will be in for mostly sunny
4:47 am
skies. here we are at 4:00 with clouds moving through. it won't be a perfectly sunny day today, but we should be dry, as the rain shower activity is well out to the west here, out into the mountains of west virginia, and some light shower activity off to the north and you can see generally here in the immediate washington area. quiet. clearing out tonight. it sets up for nice-looking conditions tomorrow. bright sunshine tomorrow. and temperatures in the low 70s. with light winds and we will do it all over again on sunday. mild conditions expected around here, right through the end of the weekend. nice-looking forecast. here we go. 70 degrees the daytime high. mostly sunny skies. mild temperatures, and that's what we should be. it won't be hot out there. winds out of the west 10-15. and less humidity than we've been dealing with the last couple of days. later tonight, we will cool off. friday night plans, need a jacket and temperatures fall back in the 40s. overnight lows, 45, the overnight low and winds out of the north and west 5-10678 the weekend forecast -- 5-10.
4:48 am
the weekend forecast, awesome saturday and sunday. nice conditions. 72 on saturday and 77 on sunday. could be thunderstorms again by monday afternoon and tuesday, cooler weather, for the day on tuesday. that will do it for weather. let's do some ontime traffic and julie wright. julie, i love the hat. >> i know. you're jealous, aren't you? >> i want one, too. >> i had to fight dave ross for this hat. just putting it out there. on the roads out there this morning, outer loop of the beltway, no delays to speak of. the space is good. 270 nice and clear from germantown to the lane divide. traveling inbound 66, fair oaks to the beltway, still at the speed here. overnight road work in place, inner loop of the beltway at the springfield interchange, diverting all traffic on the northbound 395. and continuing back south. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. >> julie, thank you. another weekend of delays for metro rail commuters, as crews work to upgrade the system. you can expect delays on the red and yellow lines beginning
4:49 am
tonight from 10:00 p.m. to closing on sunday. we're the 16th pick in the 2011 nfl draft and the washington red redskins select ryan kerriagan. >> the redskins taking ryan kerriagn of purdue with the 16th pick in the nfl draft. let's check in with dave with what is going on. >> and we came on the air at 4:00 this morning. a little early for in. so i'm watching the draft last night with the number 10 pick and as soon as they said redskins trading and you got to be kidding me and i got to stay up another 45 minutes to see what is going to happen. they get the kid out of purdue, a defensive lineman in college and kind of hid behind the headline, a study coming out of the big 10. >> the 10th pick in the draft.
4:50 am
when they traded down, steve, you're right, to get outer loop out of the 10th spot and go to the 15th spot with jacksonville, and a lot of people said uh-oh. and they thought about jacksonville and the guy from cal. and what they like about this guy, his motor. he can run all day. that's what you are excited about. and that's what you like to get, a guy who will give maximum effort and the purdue coach said you never have to worry about his effort. and he will come eight days a week. 6'4". the things you need. 257 pounds. a big guy. and he runs a 4.67. so 267 pounds running a 4.67, that's not bad. that is pretty good speed on the outside going opposite brian. and they call him superman at purdue. not so much because of superman but because he does everything else and they love his worth ethic. they can't get away from that fact. this is a guy who is an effort guy. you need talent to go with the effort but i think that's what
4:51 am
they got. it is a safe pick at 16. it is not flash and dash with what the redskins normally do. they traded down and got the second round pick today. i think that is the biggest thing, to get back in there with two second round picks today. what they do today will really be complimentary to what they did last night. >> i think that is exactly the key to the whole thing. and not just two second round picks but two picks in the first half of the second round and a chance to pick up great talent. and who is behind center this year for the redskins? and do you go with lane gabbert. he was selected by jacksonville with the pick. >> two other quarterbacks left in the second round. and actually there are three. because still, the arkansas kid hasn't gone yet, the big kid. and everybody thought he was a first round pick. he is still there. and a guy, andy dalton from tcu. he is still out there. and collin caffernick. he is still on the board. two picks in the second round,
4:52 am
maybe the redskins still get their quarterback of the future today in the second round. if they do that, we will be talking about lane gavert but i- >> it is an interesting situation with david girard but not expected to start right away. they with will compete in camp but you still need a starting quarterback. >> look at one of the guys to fall to the redskins with the second round pick today. business as usual for redskins park in a matter of hours and we're talking about the lockout and this is what met us the other day on tuesday morning and lore enzo alexander and then the other training facility because the gates were up. today, everything is back to normal. at least for one day. we don't know about free agency. ha is supposed to come down later this morning. but there is the potential that today, free agency begins. if that does, we go back to the
4:53 am
donovan mcnabb question. will he get dealt? minnesota picked a quarterback at 12. one a lot of people didn't think it would be. christian potter. >> do they get in and step in and start or a veteran? >> and a lot of people thought christian would be the one trained by donovan mcnabb. we could find that out and a an exciting day for redskins fan, and we just don't know, and looking for the quarterback in the second round. >> good news to talk about in the nfl. >> right. >> and question is, what do the redskins think about this? you have some experts coming in later today to talk about it? >> anthony armstrong at 9:30. kind of cool. we were treating all night. and i thought we were watching the draft together. a lot of people were surprised when gabbert fell to 10 and the redskins pick. >> and everybody is going to help a ball club, right? >> that's it. and they need help. >> david, thanks a lot. much more coming up on fox 5 morning news. the special edition. it is now 4:54. as we head back across the pond to londen this morning. much, much more on the royal wedding coming up on fox 5 morning news.
4:54 am
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4:57 am
here is a live look right now as we are watching guests arrive at westminster abbey. a lot of dignitaries have been showing up. we know we have seen some arrivals of elton john, former prime minister john major has also arrived and we saw david beckham and his wife arrive a bit earlier. people continue to file. in we're about an hour away from the royal wedding ceremony. soon to be princess kate middleton. princess catherine she will be. and walking down the aisle 6:00 a.m. our time. millions will be watching the royal couple as they say "i will" today. and holly morris is at union jacks in arlington for a royal wedding watch party. you think the party is getting started? >> i think it will be in full gear soon, holly, good morning. >> it will be in full gear soon.
4:58 am
let me tell you why. because three of the most important people have arrived. brooks, jimmy and alley from mix 107.3 are here and doing the morning show, and where is jack? he is on his way right now. >> he is the one that is allowed to be fashionably late. and are you looking so fashionable this morning. >> i did the hat thing as most people will this morning. >> are you excited it is finally here? >> i am. it is something we've been waiting for. i can't wait to see kate and william walking down the aisle and seeing her dress and the kiss, of course. i can't wait for that. >> the kiss? i can't wait to see the dress. >> my sister is very upset because david beckham's wife is wearing black to the wedding. she is not happy about that. >> listen. i understand that victoria beckham is pregnant but i wasn't digging the hefty bag myself, i have to say. is it too early to be this catty. >> yes, seriously. >> and here i am, i heard wedding and i just wore white.
4:59 am
>> you're not fooling anybody. >> i'm just kidding kidding, but if abe else can do that, it is you. >> and poor holly was left at the altar and living vicariously through kate. >> if only i had more time to talk about that. it is time for them to go live on air going back to london so back to you in the studio. >> holly, thank you very much. >> let's take some more pictures from london right now. as we are continuing to watch some of the arrivals at westminster abbey. it is just going to be a fascinating scene for the next two hours. several hours. it is going to play out, just to let you know what we will be doing here, we will bring you the coverage nonstop. we will go to fox news coverage in a few minutes and they will take you through the next couple of hours. and as soon as everything wraps up around 8:30 or so, we will come back and recap things here in washington with local reaction. and of course, we will get you up to speed on the local news headlins


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