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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 7, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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in the meantime,ing iter barn -- tucker barnes is downstairs in the transition center. it is hot. >> we'll have highs about 90 or so. warmer than yesterday. a little more humidity as well but the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm. let's get started. hd radar showing you not a little thunderstorm but a great big thunderstorm complex just off to the north and west. you can see it there north of pittsburgh and a lot of lightning associated with it and moving very sles -- slowly to the south and east. because we might get activity in here later today. i can guarantee cloud cover. let's show you the cloud cover. spilling into the washington area. there you go. and again it's not going to be a perfectly sunny day like yesterday. we'll have more clouds in the forecast. sort of a mix of some sunshine with high, thin cloudiness, serious cloudiness associated with the thunderstorm complex during the early-morning hours and later this afternoon we'll
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see if we don't see a thunderstorm perk up here in the summer heat and humidity. going to be much warmer. 74 at reagan national. 68 in winchester, dulles is 76. today partly cloudy and heat returns and an official high of 91 degrees. could be an isolated thunderstorm later today. and we are due for another heat wave. that starts tomorrow and temperatures back in the upper 90s. i'll have details on that in just a minute. allison, back up stairs to you. i've engaged in several inappropriate conversations conducted over twitter, facebook and occasionally on the phone with women i met fine. i'm deeply asamed of my terrible judgment and actions and i am not resigning. i have made it clear that i accept responsibility for this and people will draw conclusions about me and they are free to do so. >> and now nancy pelosi is asking that the ethics
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committee investigate to see if representative wiener broke any congressional rules. joining us now to talk more about this scandal out of new york, professor of communications at american university and fox 5 analyst, lenny steinhorn. good morning. we call you in for all kinds of stories. >> this one is a doozie. >> and it started out with days of the representative standing there simply lying about this, saying his twitter account was hack and now the admission. let's talk about the initial day. how damaging is that? >> it's damaging, not only that he lies but this is the add ole essent insight of a congressman. you look at his twitter photo, he looks like and add ole essent and then he lied to his parents the way an add ole essent would do. so he comes off at not up to the job or the title and that's very damaging and then he becomes a punchline and a repeated punch line for many
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weeks that will happen. and then he lies to his constituents and the american people and he hit a trifecta and it's hard to pull himself out of this. >> and now he admitted that he lies and how does the public view that. >> that's the most important thing he could do. he should have done it before. it was clear the way he was hedging the whole truth had not come out. but he'll face potential ethics charges and he has to heal on the homefront. so he has a lot of things to do. if i were him, i would lay low, not get too visible. sit for a few weeks and let this new cycle run its course and then maybe do some sort of mia culpa in the media perhaps with his friend jon stewart. >> and he has high-powered friends. the clintons, to say the very least. and let's talk about the fact that he said he will not resign. when the public hearing that, what do they think about that? >> well he didn't do anything sort of illegal.
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>> sure. >> i mean, lying to the public, politicians do that occasionally, as we know. and you shouldn't be tossed out of congress for being an add ole essent. these are things he has to deal with his wife. and ultimately, how much credibility has he lost and how will he be able to be an effective legislature. we've had plenty of instances where politicians have weathered the storms and other instances where they haven't. you have a senator from louisiana engaged in the whole prostitution situation and he's still sitting in the senate. he wins re-election and he's not going anywhere. so i think he can weather the storm. critical for him now is how he deals with it in the next few weeks. one of theeeshes has to be how he -- one of the issues is how he heals with his family and how he explains the immature behavior to the country that is curious about it. >> he has lofty political aspirations and said he will not quit now and hopes to one day or at least his name was bantered to be the mayor of new
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york city. chances now? >> well you can say that he did have lofty political aspirations and the question is how he weathers this storm. but it is really interesting. eliott spitzer, who was involved in something far more sort of unseemly, seems to have recovered. he got a gig on cnn and people are talking about himself running for mayor of new york city. so there is an after-life if you treat yourself with dignity, show proper humility and show you have recovered and grow up and show you're an adult and that's what he has to do now. >> and we're so used to seeing the political wives stand next to their hus when these stories come out. didn't see that in this case. is that damaging as far as the american psyche goes? >> no, because we've become used to it and there is so much chatter that the spouses are being used as props and that would not be fair to his wife. they have a lot of things to do inside the walls of their home to heal and figure this all out. and i think this would have
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been wrong to have her there as a prop and i don't think she would have gone for that either. so i think he did the right thing there. >> interesting stories. they keep -- they keep me in business and you on air and teaching at american university. >> i the comedians with great salaries. >> thank you for coming in. tony. and another top story we're following, the heated testimony by sulaiman brown about an alleged pay to play deal. audrey barnes is live at the wilson building with more on the showdown and with some reaction as well. good morning, audrey? >> reporter: good morning, tony. sulaiman brown was clearly a reluctant witness. he was combative, argumentative but he refused to back oval -- oval graces that he paid during
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the last election. >> he promised me the job and i did everything he said to do and he turned around and disrespected our own agreement and me personally and i had to say something. >> the money part of it is completely unclear to me. there are money orders connecting to robert brooks who works for the campaign but they don't come to the money he what talking about and circumstances that lend themselves to being paid off and he didn't declare any other monies nor does he account for them. so that part of the story has too many holes to have any certainty to it. >> reporter: councilwoman mary cheh was making those comments in our studio this morning. she came to share her take on this whole deal. she said her ultimate goal is to prevent this from happening in the future and she said there will be legislation put in place to keep that from happening.
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back to you. meanwhile the d.c. council is also dealing with another alleged scandal. council chair kwame brown will meet with fellow council members today to discuss how to proceed in the case of harry thomas. councilman thomas is accused of spending some $300,000 in city funds meant for youth baseball on trips to las vegas and california and on an audi quattro suv. he's being sued by attorney general irvin nathan for $1 million. nathan said he would be willing to accept a settlement but thomas denies the charges and said he will not settle. new this morning, a shooting at hains point. u.s. park police spotted a man sitting in a car by himself just after 1:00 a.m. which is closing time. the man came out holding a gun. the officers told him to drop the weapon and they say he refused so they had to open fire. man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries but nonlife-threatening injuries. an officer is going door to
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door in a quiet community following a terrifying attack in herndon this past weekend. a 23-year-old woman woke up to find a man in her bedroom. police say the suspect had a weapon, sexually assaulted the victim and ran. one resident said the comfort she once felt living in the neighborhood is now gone. >> i told my husband, maybe we're going to move out because i'm scared of the neighborhood. i have my son with me and everything, 7-year-old son and i'm scared. >> now this is a composite sketch of the suspect, said to have a light complexion. said to be between 6 feet to 6'2" with a large build and was wearing a black tank top and khaki cargo shorts. a d.c. police officer is facing murder charges this
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morning. richmond phillips appeared in court yesterday. he's accused of killing 20-year- old win eta wright and leaving their 1-year-old child jaylin to die. officials say a camera recorded a meeting between phillips and wright last week. they met in hillcrest heights park the night before they were due to attend a paternity hearing. two days later write was found dead in the woods nearby and she had been shot. the baby was found strapped inside her mother's car and she apparently died from the extreme heat. the world summer games of the special olympics were get underway later this month. and four athletes from our area are participating. >> we're going to talk with one special athletes and his coach who happens to be his dad next. we'll be back in a moment. stay with us. it is 9:10. 
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t of home cooks dothe one. i thinand the competiter) i baker how long? three weeks? welcome back, everybody. it's 9:13 right now on a tuesday morning. nice, live look over northwest d.c. 74 degrees and a hot day.
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so take precautions when you head outside. plenty of water and a little sunscreen too. tony, over to you. >> yes, indeed. thank you, allison. more than 7,000 athletes will make their way to athens, greece, this month to participate in the world summer games of the special limbics. team virginia includes four athletes from our backyard and one of them is david curtain who took the gold in last summer's games. he is a golfer and he joins us with his proud coach and dad, chris curtain, who is caddying for his son in greece. and david, congratulations on getting to the games in athens, greece. tell me how exciting this is to be going to the world games? >> it's very exciting. >> for you, is it that you are achieving a dream you've had for a long time? >> yeah. it takes a lot of work to get
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to where i am at this stage. and once you get there, it's a very good feeling. >> let's talk about that. you're 24 years old? >> yeah. >> and you've been playing golf for how long? >> about 12 years. >> about 12 years. so talk a little bit about the -- how you came along and how this process has gone to get you to the level where you were last year and now this year? it's a long road, right? >> yeah. i started probably when i was young, real young, with a little plastic club. and i worked my way up to the driving range. and i around age 14 played my first course. and then it's been just slowly getting up there in practice. >> chris, let me ask you, because many of us started with the plastic clubs. i did the same thing.
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but i didn't turn into a championship golfer. were you able to identify early on the interest in the golf and the skill level to proceed down this road? >> i've been playing a little bit. month to month -- or once a month or something like that. and he started with little plastic clubs and started going further and further. >> and david also plays softball? >> he does. >> are you a good softball player too? >> i have become one, yes. >> dad, do you coach at softball? >> no. just the golf. >> tell me, special olympics, most of us familiar with the work they do and it's great work and to get all of these kids together, 7,000 young people, i shouldn't say kids, but young people together for this particular eventch it's the largest sporting event in the world. it will take place this year. and chris, talk to me about
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what special olympics has meant to your family? >> oh, it's a great deal. it's given him opportunities he never would have had. so it's been great. he's had a couple of invitational tournaments down in florida. virginia had a couple of tournaments also every year. and the virginia beach and the nationals was last year out in nebraska. a little bit warm and a lot of corn. >> and greece, have you been to greece before? >> no. >> what are you most excited about? >> um, seeing what the environment is like down there and make new friends and have a good time. >> it should be a very good time. i want to mention, we said that there are several young folks from virginia who are going. nine athletes from across virginia. four from this area and in addition to david. karen dickerson from
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springfield, we should say you are from springfield as well. she's a marathon runner. rose lessco from reston, track and field. and elizabeth klein from alexandria is swimming. you fly out on june 19th, the games get underway june 25th. do keep in touch with us about it. let us know how it goes. >> we're looking forward to it. >> it should be fun. a great time. congratulations to you. and much success and great work with the folks at the special olympics. should be a good time. allison, back to you. >> tony, thank you. well, looking at some live pictures here. a news alert for you. president barack obama and the first lady and the vice president all welcoming the leader of germany on the south lawn of the house. chanceelor angela murkle will sit down with the president and discuss the wars in the middle east and global economics.
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and tonight there will be a lavish, formal dinner, but it is not an estate dinner because she is not the head of the state which is the german president but tonight's affair has all of the trappings of an official state dinner together with a 19 gun salute. she'll be presented with the presidential award of freedom. and we'll continue to stream this live on the republican field for president getting crowded now. the latest gop party member to throw his hat into the ring. and -- paul is bridging a cultural link for us this morning. what are you up to now at mlk library? >> we're linking african and brazilian culture. we'll find out about the event going on and learn about the interesting fighting stick dance that includes some grass skirts, i guess. >> all right.
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>> paul. thanks. here is a look at today's trivia question. what film did barbra streisand direct in 1983? was it flash dance? >> yeah, right. >> it could be. the pirates of pencance, yell or all night long. >> these are the choices? >> yes. and the answer is coming up in a bit. can you take a guess on our facebook page. much more ahead.  lysol knows a real clean isn't just something you see... ... it's something you smell.
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welcome back. it's 9:23. there are now six republicans in the race for the white house. rick santorum was the latest to announce he will make a run. he doesn't have high numbers in the polls. former massachusetts governor mitt romney has the lead in those. but the former senator from pennsylvania has what tea party types like and pushes the idea that president obama has taken
9:24 am
choices away from americans. >> president obama took that leap of faith that the american public gave him and wrecked our economy and centralized power in washington, d.c. >> the number of republicans in the race could be growing. minnesota congresswoman michelle bachmann is expected to announce soon whether she will make a run. president obama has an optimistic message for people in ohio. he recently visited a car plant in toledo and said he feels good about the auto industry showing signs of improvement. >> we've traveled a long way over the last two and a half years. we were on the virginia of going into a great depression. the auto example was just one example of what could have happened in the financial sector, what could have happened in a whole bunch of areas. that obviously doesn't make you feel better if you don't have a job right now. and so to those who are still unemployed, my main message to them is every day i get up and
9:25 am
ask myself what more can i be doing to give them a shot? >> later this afternoon, the chairman of the federal reserve, ben bernanke is also speaking about the economy to a banking conference in atlanta. we want to go now back to the south lawn of the white house where we are seeing the chancellor of germany arrive. and then we see her in that light bluejacket there, greeting the dignitaries with president barack obama and the first lady. also there is jill biden. and this is the second day. last evening we're told they have an informal dinner at a restaurant in the district but now they are getting prepared to have a more extravagant affair this evening and the chancellor and the president will sit down and discuss the wars in the middle east and global economics. and you can follow this live on
9:26 am massive wildfires prompt a state of emergency in arizona. now one town is preparing for an evacuation. the latest on firefighters efforts to get the massive blaze under control. and you probably don't think about fashion when you think about fly fishing. but why are fly fish shops working over time to help the salon industry? the story is next. don't go anywhere. >> it is puzzling. >> unlikely coupling. of
9:27 am
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from farm to fashion, a new fashion fad is challenging businesses, sweeping popular culture and sparking outrage with animal welfare folks. >> through word of mouth an exposure from celebs such as steven tyler, using rooster feathers has been used. fly shops are having a hard time keeping up and many salons
9:30 am
are trying to be very cautious about where the feathers come from so they don't promote cruelty to animals. and i must confess, i thought those were fake. i didn't for a minute assume they were -- because you can make a fake thing. they sell fake feathers so you don't have to hurt an animal to do that. >> here is what i'm surprised by. i'm surprised there is a issue and a rush on rooster feathers because only a certain number of people with can pull that off. >> and they are all like steven tyler. >> it won't work for people like tony. >> you're not going to work with feathers in your hair. >> it's the artsy look. >> are they that big that they are putting a rush on rooster feathers? >> i guess so. we're talking about it. i thought they were fake. and i thought they are kind of like fun-looking and groovy, like a 70s thing.
9:31 am
>> you like it? have you seen it on other people? >> you see them on artsy kids. >> walking down the street? >> yeah. >> i haven't noticed. i'll look. >> trying to throw-back to the 70s or 60s. >> what are you doing? >> i've never seen it? you don't hang out where i hang out. i go to the hip spots. >> the coffee shop. >> as long as they are fake. any way -- all of the rage. so if your going to wear feathers in your hair later today, it might get wet. i don't know how it handles the rain. it probably beads up and drips off. >> this is too detailed. >> i can't believe the story made it into the news. >> i'm going shopping later today. let's go right to the hd radar and take a look at -- look at that. >> this is coming together, tucker. >> where is this going? >> well we're not sure where it's going. >> it's headed our way, i think. >> it's having a tend ensy to weaken, but not to far off to the north and west and you have
9:32 am
cloud cover outside of your window, and that is why you have cloud cover. this is a very impressive thunderstorm complex. still pushing off to the south and east and there we are in washington. and we'll see if some of this doesn't sneak in here later today. so generally speaking, it should be a hot and humid one with sunshine. but we'll get some rain in here at some point during the course of the afternoon. let's do headlines. mix of sun and clouds out there today. and again, the cloudiness thanks in part to the area of thunderstorm activity just off to the north. heat returns and that's the real story around here the next several days. it's going to be in the low 90s later today and then upper 90s by tomorrow. maybe near 100 by thursday. slight chance of thunderstorms, and i just showed you the thunderstorms. and then the air quality alert, we've gone code orange so that's a moderate air quality. take it easy out there, marley at risk is the very young and very old, the elderly. so take it easy out there later today.
9:33 am
74 at -- whoa, we just jumped. 77 now at reagan national. 75 in gaithersburg. 79 for you in frederick. 77 in leonardtown. we're jumping quickly here. and 77 is the winning number in many communities. 79 in fredericksberg. satellite radar, a couple of things, a couple of futures to show you. one is the thunderstorm complex. high, thin clouds out there at the moment. as we look out to west, not much happening. high pressure in charge of the eastern half of the country. and chicago today near 100. milwaukee near 100. mid 90sin milwaukee. so it is a it is very warm and hot. unseasonably warm just out to the west and those hot teams are go -- hot temperatures are going to sneak in overnight and tomorrow. second heat wave of the season starting in earnest tomorrow. 91 degrees and there is your code orange air quality and mix of sun and clouds could be an isolated thunderstorm again this afternoon. winds out of the south and west
9:34 am
at 5-10. and then a few storms sticking around tonight. warm and muggy overnight. overnight low is 72. and any time you have overnight lows in the 70s, you know what is next. high temperatures tomorrow, upper 90s. how about a 99 on thursday. maybe 100 just so we can say we did it. and 92 on friday and slightly cooler air and mid-80s and thunderstorms around on saturday. that's a look at the weather forecast. back to you. >> thanks, tuck. spectacular views of a volcano erupting in chile. and even though 3500 are being evacuated -- people, that is -- there are no reports of injuries so far. the ash is forcing flights to be canceled over southern argentina and amazing lightning strikes over the volcano. >> that looks apocalyptic. >> it does: photos yesterday show an araise of lightning hitting the volcano and the ash
9:35 am
cloud. mother nature. >> and that is not uncommon when you have that type of activity. and high winds are making matters worse for firefighters and anxious evacuees in arizona. they believe an abandoned campfire started the state's third largest wildfire. nathan green has the story. >> reporter: a gigantic wildfire has caused a state of emergency from jan brewer. >> it will make available immediately $200,000 in state funds to assist in the fire fighting and authorize the use of our national guard. >> reporter: these oregon firefighters have been dispatched with one mission, to fight the wallow fire. >> it looks like some pretty extreme fire activity but we're ready to go. >> reporter: the firefighters will work 16 hour shifts for the foreseeable future. it's an exhausting job but they're training prepares them for it. >> it's tough to watch the forest go up in flames and
9:36 am
people's houses threatened. we don't like to see that. >> reporter: the wallow fire started more than a week ago as a small campfire and has now charred over 230,000 acres and not contained. people inside the stateez emergency operations center in phoenix have their eyes on maps. crews are waiting for a shift in the weather. >> we won't see any containment probably for three or four more days. we're waiting for the wind to slow down. that is what is creating the problem. >> reporter: fire officials held a public meeting to keep evacuees updated. many of them are counting blessings. >> we are all safe. i have my husband and my daughter, we're safe. >> reporter: the fire nearly doubled in size between saturday and monday and continues to grow. meantime thousands have left homes and many more are on stand-by, waiting for word. lauren green, fox news. it was draft day for the nats. who did they end up with? we have details. plus we'll tell you how last night's late game against
9:37 am
the giants turned out. and -- apple makes it's latest announcement. it's newest device that actually isn't a device at all. first here is another look at today's really tough trivia question. which film did barbra streisand direct in 1983? was it flash dance, the pirates of pen pennsylvaniaance, lentil or all night long. much more ahead. [ music ] >> sing it allison. >> i don't remember the words. >> woman in love. >> that was funny coming from you. [ humming ] 
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9:40 am
andrew gold may not have been a house hold name, but you probably know all of the words to at least one of his songs. take a listen.
9:41 am
[ music ] >> thank you for being a friend. ♪ thank you for being a friend. >> probably his best known song. the musician and song writer who wrote the song that eventually became the theme to one of tv's most popular shows has died. gold records as a session musician with artists such as james taylor and carly simon. his first solo hit was the one you're hearing right now, 1977's lonely boy which reached number 7 on the singles chart. he died on friday in his sleep. the 59-year-old suffered from renal cancer but was responding well to treatment. he may have had a heart attack according to his family. >> and i remember him and that hit song. >> i don't remember that song. but that golden girls theme can make me cry. if you have a party and the
9:42 am
biggest gift attached would say thank you for being a friend. >> don't get choked up. she sings it sometimes. it was a heart-breaker for the nats in san francisco. they went up by four runs in the 7th and another home run but michael morris but blew the lead to send it to extra innings. and giants win it in the 11th. the nats continue to build for the future through the draft. >> i didn't even know the draft was coming up. the nfl, you can't miss it. the nats selected anthony rendon, a third baseman out of rice university with the 6th pick. he was the top rated player in the draft according to baseball america but he's had injuries in recent years. the nationals also picked pitcher alex meyer and centerfielder brian goodwin. there is a new option if your looking to head to paris. a look at newest options to come to dulles international airport next. and paul raphel is out
9:43 am
celebrating the vibrant links between brazilian and african cultures this morning. how you can celebrate as well coming up next. stay with us.  [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life?
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this week in d.c. we are celebrating the links between brazilian and african culture. >> paul raphel is at the mlk library to find out more about the afro-brazil festival. >> reporter: there are so many festive ets celebrating the link between the african and brazilian culture. most people don't know about it. and the activities include film, dance and art tolane this. but i wanted to learn about
9:47 am
this instrument. so talk to me about what this is. >> this is the lead instrument of tapuera. it's origins are from africa. from which point in time we're not sure of but we're sure it's from the continent. >> reporter: talk about the almosts. >> so this is comprised of three or four elements. you have the long stick known as the verga. which can be made of any type of resilient wood. we use wood originally from brazil. and it could also be made from bamboo. >> reporter: so there is a link between african and brazil instruments? >> that's right. and then we have a cabasa which is a gord that maybe your grandmother grew if the backyard. and it's hollowed out so that when we play it resonates the
9:48 am
sound. and this is a steel wire called aramie which is cut from a car tire, actually. so we cut this from a car tire and it's made from different things like animals, and things like that. but over time it's been modified. >> reporter: very cool. >> but it plays a variety of different rhythms called talkies and each talk is it control the style that is played. so you can have a slow talk which is called [ inaudible ] and played like this. [ music ] >> and that calls for a slower, low to the ground, playful and dancing game. >> and then we have a faster rhythm which calls for more of a fight. >> would that be appropriate
9:49 am
for the stick dancing? >> we tend not to use them for the stick dancing. it's more drums. but we have [ inaudible ] which is more like this. [ music ] >> reporter: and thank you very much for the lesson. very cool. and soren, talk to me about maculele, as far as we know, it was the name of a warrior. >> it is done with machetes but the students here are using the greeman to describe the interactive dance that stimulates a stick fight where you get a chance to in between
9:50 am
each connection you get a chance to create their own movement and move around. but on a high level it is teaching you to wield different -- two machetes in your hand. >> reporter: so machetes at an expert level. >> and it teaches you dodging movements. and again, as i said, on a high level, training for a period of time, they see the martial arts inside of the art just like you can find someone that is not intending to be martial. >> reporter: and for more information on the events this week, it is on very cool stuff today. >> lively. paul, thanks. the latest creation from apple is aiming to leave your head in the cloud. >> the company made one of its signature announced yesterday. fox network has the details. >> reporter: prepare to have
9:51 am
your heads in the clouds. apple ceo steve jobs unveiling a brand new digital locker concept that he is calling the icloud. the service will be available if the fall would allow users to store pictures, movies, music and much more in a digital locker, accessible on up to ten different devices. apple at its annual worldwide developer conference in san francisco also announced the latest updates to their mac operating system called lyon and their mobile operating system for the iphone and ipad. both of those are also available later on in august. and as always, there was much fanfare involved. >> this is going to be a big one. >> we're very excited. >> we're apple fans so we love everything apple. >> reporter: there was also much attention paid to the health of apple ceo steve jobs who is suffering from cancer. this is his second company appearance since taking a medical leave of absence in
9:52 am
january of this year. jobs, who is credited for developing the iphone and the ipad received a standing ovation when taking the stage. [ cheering and applause ] one announcement not made, the launch of the new iphone which is released at this worldwide developers conference every year. instead, experts say that a newer iphone 4 version will come out later on this fall with a brand new iphone 5 to come out sometime in 2012. in san francisco, shab annie josie, the fox business network. the world's largest passenger plane made its first flight to dulles international airport yesterday. air france is now offering a daily flight to and from paris on the a-380 airbus, the two- story superjumbo jet can carry 538 passengers. it's wing span is 261 feet.
9:53 am
and the takeoff weight is 1.2 million pounds. >> it actually uses two jetways to board and de-board the passengers. >> really? that's amazing. >> it is huge. >> and that that can fly. >> i never understand that. all right, the answer to today's -- i don't understand how it works. >> me either. >> the answer to today's trivia question is coming up after the break. we'll be right back.
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tucker is making jokes off camera, as he often does into movie director james cameron -- he sits down with fox to talk about avatar. >> and while the next movie is still three years away, he guarantees his film-making boundaries will be pushed again. >> reporter: when you are the man behind the two highest grossing movies of all time,
9:57 am
fans can't seem to get enough. and in the case of avatar, they've become blue with envy. >> i think what the exhibit does is it allows you to take the journey of the artists that made the film from the initial conception, you see some of the early ideas. >> reporter: director james cameron has the avatar exhibit kicking off in seattle before a nationwide tourment but what is celebrated as a box office legend, once had a future some considered very blue. >> where we showed some footage and then a trailer came out and then everybody was calling it smurfs and thunder cats and all of this stuff and it looked like the movie was going to tank. and then it slowly started to build advocacy toward -- right before the release and then when the release came out then the film opened to a pretty good number but nothing earth- shattering and then it just took off from there. >> reporter: the world of
9:58 am
pandora will be revisited with two more sequels, cameron thinks he knows what the audience wants to see. >> every movie over time has been its own creature and marched to its own drum. it hasn't been responsive to -- it's not based on somethingel. star wars was an original, e.t. was an original but you have to take people to someplace they never imagined and then have a great team and execute on that idea. >> reporter: while the next avatar movie is still three years away. cameron guarantees his film- making boundaries will be pushed again. >> we're working on a whole new suite of tools for the next two avatar films for the virtual production and the physical production. new camera equipment, new lenses, new work flows. >> well i think the trick is to maintain the balance where if
9:59 am
the second and third film becomes shrill, lecturing and didactic, then you will pop the bubble of the magic. >> reporter: in hollywood, adam housely, fox news. >> okay. time to answer today's trivia question. >> tilly minds do think alike. >> which film did barbra streisand direct in 1983. the answer is cent ill. she starred in it and produced it as well. >> it was well-received. >> wasn't it. >> it was pretty well received. tucker, what have you got? >> i can't top yentil. i can show you my radar. maybe not. i have some thunderstorms around here today. a big complex off to the north and west. it has had a tendency to die out but not


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