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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  September 14, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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.usin. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. right off the top tonight a teenage girl attacked while walking her dog. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. police say she was dragged into the woods and sexually assaulted. fox 5's wisdom martin working this one in the newsroom. >> parents in the community say this was a frightening experience when you think about how much freedom they give their kids to come and go in the area but after the attack things are changing as the entire community is on edge.
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>> reporter: in this community children can normally roam around with no worries from their parents but not anymore. >> people used to say crofton and you would think oh, it's such a nice community but over the years so many different things are going on. >> reporter: police say september 13th a 14-year-old female was walking her dog near ridgely court and aberdeen drive. around 7:40 p.m. two male suspects in an older model four-door vehicle drove up pulled the girl into the woods sexually assaulted her and drove away. ann a that covak lives -- anna covak lives in the townhouse on the corner. >> we were in the living room but didn't hear anything. >> i was kind of shocked but not really. this area is completely getting out of control. >> reporter: april hunt lives in this neighborhood with her two young kids and 17-year-old daughter who now has some new safety rules to follow. >> she wants to stay out till 11:00, 12:00 at night and her walking home just from right
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across the way is unacceptable, you know. she just can't do it anymore. i just told her when she stepped in, don't even think about it. if you don't have a ride, don't walk back out this door. >> reporter: tonight police are patrolling the area talking to residents and passing out flyers with sketches hoping someone may have seen something. >> otherwise this is a nice, nice neighborhood, you know. i go out at midnight and whatever and walk the dog. >> reporter: with the community on high alert some parents are clearly no longer willing to take any chances with their children. >> i don't know who thinks that they can just hop out of their vehicle, sexually assault anyone and just go about their business. it's disgusting and i hope that they get caught. >> reporter: you saw the flyer. let me give you a description of the suspects. a white male in his early 20s, 5' 7 to 5' 11 150 to 175 pounds short brown hair wearing a red t-shirt and brown shorts. a second suspect, white male, early 20s, 5 seven to 5' 11,
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150 to 175 pounds, shaggy brown hair wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans. d.c. police made an arrest in the murder of a mother of four. 42-year-old alicia wheeler was stabbed to death in an alley off trinidad avenue northeast yesterday afternoon. she had just picked up her kids from a nearby community center and they witnessed it all. police arrested 48-year-old claude kinney of northeast, charged him with first degree murder. sources say he is the father of one of the children. police in laurel maryland, say a 10-year-old boy witnessed a murder this morning. 26-year-old brandice jones was shot several times on shiloh court. the boy with her. the suspect was later found dead on cherry lane. police say he shot himself. his name has not been released. new tonight residents in the huntington area of fairfax county are still recovering from that latest round of devastating flooding. some homeowners still aren't back in their homes yet. in fact, tonight they're considering options for their
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future. fox 5's roz plater is in mount vernon where residents held a meeting tonight. >> reporter: the meeting lasted 2 1/2 hours and here's what they could be facing, finding $30 million to prevent the flooding or leaving their homes and starting over and neither is an easy choice. it was a heartbreaking sight the rains came pouring down and for the second time in five years the huntington community was flooding, water rushing into homes so fast residents had to be rescued by boat. after the 2006 floods the army corps of engineers suggested a $20 million fix. it was never done and now the price tag has gone up considerably. >> the main reasons that i asked for all a of us to come together -- all of us to come together was to look at so now what? >> reporter: fairfax county supervisor jerry highland held a community meeting to underscore the risk huntington residents still face and the urgency of doing something. highland is suggest homeowners look at two options, a $30
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million stormwater bond to build a levy and pumping station -- a levee and pumping station which could take about five years or more or redevelopment setting aside a conservation plan, moving residents out and rebuilding homes in that community. >> even if the board authorized the bond, we still are not going to have protection in this community against another flooding such as we've had for the last five years. >> reporter: the supervisor asked for feedback and he got plenty. >> those of us who are new homeowners, we're the ones who frankly may lose big in this, hugely in this and my concern is when it's our financial viability in this? i don't care about the developer. what i need is if i'm going to move out of my home that i love, i need to make sure that i can survive past that and not have to declare bankruptcy. >> i'm in the same boat as you, but your property value will probably be worth more if you
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go to market than it is right now because i think as we -- if we can do this as an organized community, we do this together, we can get a great deal. >> reporter: now again this was just an opportunity for the supervisor to get feedback on two proposals. they were told if they choose the redevelopment plan, they would have to make that decision as a group. >> did there seem to be any consensus on this tonight? >> reporter: well, they seemed fairly divided. it's a new idea. some are concerned their fablely little community would give way to something like -- neighborly little community would give way for something like high rises. so there's a lot to think about and it's just the beginning. if you got rain today, it's not over. the fox 5 storm force is tracking storms tonight. sue, what sort of changes are on the way? >> showers and storms we had today are still going strong on radar which i'll show you are actually ahead of a cool front. there's a second front behind it through ohio and we've seen huge 20-degree temperature drops behind it.
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it will be a big push of cool air eventually in here, but it may take another 24 hours or so. we're stuck in an unstable air mass in the meantime. we've had a line of showers and storms that mainly stayed to the west and north tonight, but they are still hanging tough in parts of the area and quite a huge display of lightning that we've been hearing about. we also know this is especially strong just moving east of darnstown and mostly moving northeast at about 15 miles per hour. so the problem we've had is that this thing is definitely dropping a lot of rain in a lot of regions. we also have more rain off to our west as you can see, but the whole pattern has been for this system to diminish and i think around midnight we'll be done with it. over to sentinel radar so you can see this has been a bigger duty line to our west. we have flash flooding going on in many counties. shenandoah county seems to have gotten hit pretty hard tonight. check out the rain totals, in
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some cases where we had heavy duty thunderstorms an inch up to 1 1/2 inches or more of rain. there will be changes coming. colder air will be pouring in and the frost advisories are flying to our north. it's a dip in the jet stream and that front will plow through during the day tomorrow. it's going to be one of those days where temperatures start at one level and drop throughout the day, still more showers and storms and a pretty good gusty breeze blowing in that colder autumn like feel for the end of the week. we'll have more details on that and i'll show you some of the bigger rain totals on that and the dropping temperatures with the full forecast. >> it will be sad to see summer go. a sales trip of sorts president obama today trying to sell his new stimulus plan at an appearance in north carolina. he continues to urge republicans and congress to get with his program. looks like the president is dealing with problems inside his own party, fox 5's laura evans in the newsroom with that. >> his speech at north carolina state university is his third in three days.
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the wow says the american jobs act -- the white house says the american jobs act cuts payroll taxes for employees and employers and proposed tax cuts for those hiring veterans. president obama pushing congress for a third day in the row to pass his american jobs act quickly saying the american people can't afford a long political fight. >> the next election is 14 months away and the american people don't have the luxury to wait that long. >> reporter: but even among democrats including virginia senator jim webb louisiana's mary landrieu and west virginia's joe manchin, there is concern about the plan's higher taxes. house majority leader eric cantor said tuesday the whole issue may have to wait for the next election. >> i do think that what we're headed for over the next 14 months is a season in which there will be a robust debate culminating in november, '12 about the very question of who
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we want to be as a country. >> reporter: on his visit to a precision machining company mr. obama said his plan would put thousands of construction workers, teachers, police officers and firefighters back to work. he again called on supporters to press lawmakers to pass the bill and when an audience member shouted out we love you, he responded -- >> i love you back. if you love me, you got to help me pass this bill. >> reporter: but republicans object to higher taxes for wealthier americans and the closing of tax loopholes for oil and gas companies to help cover the cost of the $40,047,000,000,000 plan isn't sitting well either -- $447 billion plan isn't sitting well either. >> we were just props the other day in the joint session. he was making political points. even the democrats aren't going to support it. >> it is interesting the president's job approval rating inched up a couple points this week from 45 to 47 in a reuters poll. it's unclear if the jobs act is
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what's behind that. shawn back to you. a supreme court justice forced to slide out of an airplane at dulles airport. find out what went wrong coming up. also the white house party crashers are back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. a man suffering a life threatening medical emergency inside that home depot. he managed to call 911 but couldn't tell dispatchers how to find him. you have to hear what saved his life. and tonight on the news edge cuba is getting angry at a former presidential candidate, the war of words that's erupted over this local man imprisoned in the communist country at 11:00.
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the virginia couple infamous for crashing a white house steak dinner is back in the spotlight tonight. tareq so haily killed police last night saying his -- salahi called police last night saying his wife was missing. turns out she was just fine. she took off for memphis with the lead guitarist of the rock
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band journey and they've been dating. the band played at the salahi's vineyard in 2005. after police got her reported missing they confirmed she was safe but did not want her husband to know where she was. how is it to call 911 when you're having a heart attack and can't speak? tonight a combination of technology and human intervention is haled for saving a montgomery county man's life in that very same situation. fox 5's john henrehan has the story. >> reporter: public safety operator wendy jones got a rather unusual 911 call tuesday afternoon. >> hello, i need the location of the emergency. [ bratting ] >> can you talk to me -- [ breathing ] >> can you talk to me? >> reporter: sometimes people made joke calms to 911 and sometimes people accident -- calls to 911 and sometimes people accidentally dial their phone. >> i could hear breathing and kind of sounds like muscled
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tones kind of like somebody had accidentally called from their pocket. >> reporter: were any words spoken by the caller? >> no. just breathing. >> reporter: wendy jones didn't like what she heard, so to be safe she ran the program which identifies the location of cell phones. it came up at the home depot store in germantown. she requested that firefighters and an ambulance investigate. at that moment home depot employee jeff mcnay came across a man on the ground in the garden center. wendy was still listening on the cell phone and could hear jeff. >> sir, are you okay? >> reporter: the call taker her mcnay and others begin to attend a patient obviously in great distress. at that point wendy jones requested an advanced life support ambulance be dispatched. it's a good thing. >> i looked at him and saw the cell phone, saw his face was blue saw his eyes bulging and him gagging like taking almost like.
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[ gasp ] that kind of breath. >> reporter: mcnay also called 911, although two perhapses were rolling into the home depot. another -- two ambulances were rolling into the home depot. a retired emt was in the area at the time. as he was transported in the advance life support ambulance his ekg was transmitted by cell phone to e.r. docs at shady grove hospital so they could immediately begin appropriate treatment. the patient's brother went back to the home depot to thank the employees for their help. he says the parish is stable and is doing well at -- the patient is stable and is doing well at shady grove hospital, john henrehan, fox 5 news. a scare on board a united airlines plane today. just minutes before it was set to take off from dulles pilots noticed a problem with the engine, ordered 179 passengers and six crew members to exit. one of those passengers supreme court justice ruth bader-ginsburg.
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78-year-old was forced to slight down an emergency chute. she was not injured, but an airport spokesperson says three others were injured during evacuation. it is the country's most hallowed grounds and this afternoon at arlington national cemetery it seemed like an entire community came out to pay respects to u.s. army specialist doug green of sterling, virginia. fox 5's bob barnard reports. [ drums basketball [ drums ] >> reporter: it was a burial befitting a modern day war hero with full military honors and a procession of hundreds of mourners, family, friends members of congress, even strangers, all gathering at arlington national cemetery's infamous section 60 where this generation's war heros are buried. specialist green's mother is sonnier linger. >> the -- is sonny ier linger.
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>> the tribute is incredible. i'm still in awe of everybody who came out for my son. he was not just my hero but it looks like he was the community's hero. >> reporter: doug green was 23 killed by a roadside bomb in afghanistan august 28th. alicia swankthro was doug green's girl friend. >> things in afghanistan were really bad and he was seeing people next to him die and he was out there every day getting shot at and shooting at people and it was bad and when i talked to him, he was scared. >> reporter: more than 1,700 u.s. service men and women have been killed in afghanistan these past 10 years 65 others with doug last month alone. he was also an iraq war veteran joining the army out of high school, potomac falls in sterling. >> just knowing that doug was in my life for the amount of time that he was makes any day
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going forward better than any day before i met him. >> reporter: and yet from arlington doug green's family takes home only folded american flags leaving behind a son, brother, friend and hearts full of memories. >> yesterday was definitely a reality check, you know seeing him in the casket. that was definitely made me come to the realization that he's gone and we're all very heartbroken, but i know that all of us are going to try and keep his spirit a live and do what we can to make him proud and happy for him. >> i have a fire inside of me now that's a different than i had before and it's doug telling me, you know live each day and make the most of it. becoming the latest crime trend, flash mobs ripping off
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businesses in our area. tonight we're going one on one with a lawmaker looking to stop them in their tracks.
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remember this? a flash mob robbery at a convenience store in germantown, maryland, last month? a group of young people walk in, grab sodas, snacks, walk out without paying. maryland lawmakers are considering legislation to help crack down on the problem. thank you for coming in. is this i guess a way of trying to intimidate people from doing this because are the offenses that much stricter, $10 for stealing a couple candy bars versus $1,000? >> no. we don't want to intimidate. what we want to do is provide prosecutors and police officers with more tools to deal with this growing problem.
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>> well, when are you planning on doing this, special session? aren't you guys looking at taxes and a lot of really serious important things in this next session in october? >> sure. what i think we'll do is in january during regular session we'll look at legislation that would allow prosecutors to charge each individual member of the flash mob with the entire amount stolen during a flash mob robbery. >> and why did this come to your attention? i mean we've seen a couple in recent months i guess, here locally, but is it really this wide sweeping kind of problem that needs to be addressed? >> we need the law to catch up with what we're seeing. we don't want to overreact. we want to be thoughtful, but if we can provide some tools to prosecutors to help them deal with this, i think we have an obligation to do so. >> is this something you came up with or something that your constituents are clamoring for? >> well constituents have contacted me, but i have to give credit to council member craig rice of montgomery county who has been on top of the issue.
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this flash mob robbery you alluded to earlier happened in his district. >> what do you think your chances are? have you managed to reach out to perhaps any community members and anybody in the general assembly as a whole? >> folks are receptive. i think if we move forward in a way that's moderate and nuanced, we have a good chance of passing something. if we overlegislate the issue then it could be the death penalty for the bill. >> appreciate you coming in tonight. startling new claims tonight about possible cancer clusters at fort detrick in frederick, maryland. two citizen groups say they have new evidence as well as inside information about an alleged cover-up by the army. we'll have much more coming up here on fox 5.
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[ male announcer ] this city was once nicknamed "the paris of the midwest." and now this city's most promising new car comes with a beautiful interior leather seats, and french stitching. perhaps that nickname will come back. ♪ ♪ now get 0% apr financing for 72 months on most 2011 chrysler 200 sedan models. you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. startling new claims about a possible cancer cluster at fort detrick in maryland. two citizens groups say they have new evidence as well as inside information about an
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alleged cover-up by the army. fox 5's karen gray houston has the story. >> reporter: decades ago fort detrick was a proving ground for the army's biological weapons program. toxic chemicals leeched into the ground. the head of the kristen renee foundation appearing on fox morning news says there is new evidence of cancer in people living nearby. >> three years ago my daughter died at 24 years of age diagnosed with grade 4 brain cancer. it wasn't long after that that my second daughter started getting tumors. >> reporter: and another daughter died. at a news conference his foundation fighting for frederick released new findings of their year long investigation. they found a large number of individuals with cancer living on the same street, 22 on kemp lane, 42 on rocky springs, 60 on shookstown road. they say over 67 brain cancers were recorded. jim crantz grew up on a farm
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near the base and says 14 of 17 people in his family either had cancer or died from it. he's frustrated that the government can't see clearly that a cluster exists. >> the people who lived in frederick have now moved away, so they don't count those in any figures at all in frederick county. the people that retired to florida don't get counted even though they died from cancer. >> reporter: the advocates say they have hard evidence that some chemical toxic leakage is continuing. >> the upsetting part is it's always going to be someone's word against the government. how do you get there from here? >> reporter: a spokesman from fort detrick tells me they are processing 80 claim forms from people saying they were harmed. rod sterling says the army is working with the state and county health departments to investigate the possibility of a cancer cluster. he says an interim report found no increased cancer rate and the army corps of engineers is going through the archives researching any information they can find on herbicide and pesticide testing at fort
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detrick. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. randy white says one informant ordered him to take his research into these matters and put it outside under a tarp to be burned. the fort detrick spokesman says there is no cover-up. natalee holloway's father asking a court to declare his daughter dead. his daughter disappeared on a high school trip in aruba in 2005. it could be months before a decision is reached. in a sworn statement holloway wrote it was his painful belief that his daughter is dead. he said there was no evidence to suggest natalee is alive or that she ran away from home. developing tonight, an about face in iran. there are conflicting reports on the release of two american hikers. iran's president is now at odds with the ruling clerics casting doubt on when or if those hikers will be released. fox's amy kellogg has the latest. >> reporter: freedom for the two american hikers convicted of spying in iran stands on
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shaky ground. president mahmoud ahmadinejad predicted the two could be released in just days, but iran's judiciary says it's still reviewing the bail set, an apparent rejection of the president's statement. >> while the bail plea of the two u.s. nationals that we earlier told you about is now being reviewed again according to iran judiciary sources. >> reporter: ahmadinejad previously said the two would be freed as a humanitarian gesture ahead of his trip to the united nations in new york next week. analysts say the conflicting statements are evidence of a rift between the president and some of the ruling clerics. the lawyer for the two being held captive sentenced to eight years in jail just last month says they will be released on $500000 bail. >> we are encouraged by what the ironnian government has said today -- the iranian government has said today but i'm not commenting further.
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we obviously hope that we will see a positive outcome from what appears to be a decision by the government. >> reporter: but ironnian state television quotes a jew dish -- iranian state television quotes a statement by the judiciary saying the two will stay in prison a bit longer. bauer and fattal were arrested in 2009 around the iraq border with another american say ha shourd accused of spying -- sarah shourd accused of spying. shored was sent home last year. there is still tension between washington and iran where iran is being accused of trying to build a bomb which iran denies. a 20 hour gunbattle ended with a string of search and attacks in kabul, afghanistan. a coordinated attack was lost tuesday. the insurgent retreated to a building under construction and fired on the u.s. embassy after a counter offensive including
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gunfire from helicopters afghan police killing the insurgents. down to the web center next with what's trending at 10:00. >> reporter: shirts, hats, autographs, pictures, memorabilia, it looks like somebody's collection, but all these teams aren't showing love. the boy from virginia who is fighting hard. but first the company that received millions in taxpayer dollars goes belly up, plus it's lights out for ez bake ovens. fox's neil cavuto has more. >> congress turning up the heat on a solar company flaming out. house lawmakers grilling government officials half a half million dollars in guaranteed loans they made to solyndra only to see the company go bankrupt. now e-mails are surfacing showing the white house was warned in 2009. the taxpayer backed deal was not ready for primetime. meantime software taking a break last month, retail sales ub changed in august --
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unchanged in august and companies getting a price break, wholesale inflation staying flat last morning a drop in energy prices offsetting gains in food prices and stocks surging not because of that report. markets taking off as the european leaders say they will not let greece go broke. and it's light out for the ez bake oven literally. hasbro's classic toy oven ditching traditional light bulbs to cook its goodies. it is now using a bulbless heating mechanism and hiking prices 20 bucks to pay for, it the makeover coming before the government's ban on incandescent light bulbs kicks in. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. otp.he
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this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. cksi
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sir. look at this, beachgoers being -- look at this, beachgoers being told to keep they are hands off the smelly job. these odd looking life forms are turning up on the web. we've learned they are potato sponges turned up by hurricane irene. you touch them, you could irritate your skin and eyes. also trending down on the web in our web center, james dean's private love letters. here's one going up for auction. dean actually wrote these letters to his girl friend of two years, barbara glenn. there are three letters in all sent back in 1954 all being sold separately and they're expected to fetch a total of about $25000. christie's in london will auction these letters off sometime in november. james dean died in a car accident back in 1955. new tonight on the news edge a war of words over this local man imprisoned in cuba, a
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former presidential candidate tried to get him released, put one word may have thrown the entire deal off the table. plus a creepy encounter at university of maryland. a student woke up to a man touching her in her room the clue that could help police find her attacker at 11:00.
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when it comes to dining out, how do you measure up? the average american eats about five meals per week at restaurant according to a new survey of living social and d.c. was voted no. 1 in the country for its vegetarian and vegan restaurants. the city also ranked no. 1 for ethiopian food. mora griffin joins us from living social tonight. i was surprised to see the average american eats five meals a week at a restaurant considering the economy. does that surprise you guys? >> that's the best news out there is that americans are still going out to eat. here in d.c. we tend to live a bit more socially. we're a bit higher than the national average going out a bit more than five times it a
10:45 pm
week to eat. >> i was also surprised to see d.c. the top the nation for vegan and vegetarian restaurants. >> d.c. is a really healthy town, but not so healthy. we are no. 3 for the biggest sweet tooth in the entire country. >> so there's a balance there. >> there is indeed and something i thought really interesting is we've got a really amazing and robust food trucks contingent here in d.c., but washingtonians rated themselves least likely to be food truckers. >> interesting. are people actually going out to the food trucks and buying things or do we gist have a budding food -- just have a budding food truck market? >> i think we've got a budding food truck market and with companies like living social we're able to help people discover all sorts of different kinds of cuisines. in d.c. we're all about middle eastern and ethiopian foods. >> what are some of the top spots? i was surprised to see d.c.
10:46 pm
beat out new york city for ethiopian food. >> overall d.c. ranked themselves no. 6 in the country for the dining scene and detroit and sacramento rated themselves the worst and second worst dining scenes in the country. >> very interesting. something else a lot of people were talking about yesterday, the whole foods deal made history. were you guys surprised? >> we were thrilled. we knew we had a really great deal yesterday with whole foods and americans and d.c. folks in general are eating out more than five times a week we eat home a lot. so having that 10 for 20 deal with whole foods is a great way to get a great deal on meals you're making at home. >> everybody watching now is wondering are there any advance deals you can share with us? we won't tell anybody else. >> i have a little surprise for tomorrow morning. >> not a little nugget? >> i have a pretty good feeling it's going to be a great deal. >> there you go.
10:47 pm
thanks for coming in tonight. >> thanks, shawn. >> sue palka, ushering in some eating out weather this weekend. >> i think you're going to like it, order a hot entree for a change. we've been hot for so long you don't have to have the gispacho. there are some places in the 30s, not around here. we'll feel the colder air tonight again. >> international falls again. >> our chief meteorologist brian bolter freelancing again, but he's right. you know what? tomorrow night we will be talking about temperatures dropping into the 40s, but we're still dealing with some showers and a few thunderstorms, the big picture to radar we go. the farthest extent now, it's moving out of culpepper and north into gaithersburg, maybe a little south frederick getting showers. the lightning is coming down now finally and this is weakening out. over to sentinel radar, we'll get in close other some of
10:48 pm
these spots still a little lightning on the eastern side of montgomery, western howard. these showers and storms are moving northeast rather slowly at 15 miles an hour, leesburg was still getting good rain down to middleburg, still a little lightning and through warrenton and little washington we continue to see a bit more action, but again winding down. these were slow to move out of the mountains and consequently as we watched these earlier today they produced hail and had huge updrafts, flash flooding occurring flash flood warnings, reports of trees down as well. this is what is left. the front is still out to the west right about here where there's a few showers just coming into morgantown. that will swing through coupled with a stronger front tomorrow during the middle afternoon. that's when those cooler temperatures will come rushing into town. meanwhile some of the rain totals pretty impressive and the last thing we need is heavy rain, although luckily for us most of this heavier rain from tonight north and west of -- from tonight went north and
10:49 pm
west of the city, whereas the remains of tropical storm lee the heaviest rain was closer in on the suburbs, but we still picked up 1/2-inch to 2.2 inches especially for parts of loudoun county, the panhandles of west virginia hit pretty hard tonight with heavy rain, lesser amounts up north and east and didn't even see rain east of 95 tonight. temperatures are 67 degrees in the city, cooler to our north and west but this is what i want to show you, chicago 52 degrees, st. louis 55. brian was right, international falls at 32, fargo 42. this is the cooler air that will come in. we will really feel it late tomorrow evening as the breeze pick up and we'll chase the last of the showers out, but we'll still be dealing with a little more rain tomorrow. we had our strong storms this evening. we'll dry out overnight. scattered showers and storms still around tomorrow, but as the front moves through, we'll chase this more down to our south. we'll be cooler, breezy.
10:50 pm
watch for that window gusts out of the west northwest 10 to 20. spotty shower in the morning, but most of us won't see, it a shower or storm possible at noon and by 5:00 it's pushing more to our south and east. here's the futurecast with what's left at midnight really weakening. going to pause at 8 a.m. and most of us aren't seeing much, but here comes our second stronger front producing showers and storms in the mountains around the cumberland area. by noon we see it just closing in on hagerstown area maybe down to winchester and trying to push in this direction. then it seems to want to get more intense down to the south of the city as the front picks up more energy and some heat down here. so watch out fredericksburg, king george, charles county. you pay the get more tomorrow than the rest of us, but we head into -- may get more tomorrow than the rest of us, but we head into the weekend, friday, a spotty shower to our south. the rain tries to linger down to our south and east, but it should be a great weekend even so as this cool air sets up
10:51 pm
shop and our temperatures on on the weekend only in the low 70s, a mix of sun and clouds, spotty showers to our south. sunday looks better, great weather for football. tomorrow 77 but falling. by tomorrow afternoon it will actually be cooler, maybe only about 70, friday only 67, 40s at night in the suburbs, saturday, sunday looking good spotty showers south, monday about 73 degrees a great run of weather. on the news edge at 11:00 we need to talk about tropical storm maria has gotten stronger tonight, tropical storm conditions for bermuda by morning. we'll rack that with you coming up. a fox 5 health alert on the alarming spread of tuberculosis in europe. the world health organization reports the cases are resistant to multiple drugs. it could kill thousands of people. tuberculosis usually attacks the lungs and kills nearly 2 million victims a year. w.h.o. is launching a new plan to
10:52 pm
treat cases of the airborne disease more effectively. cancer one of the toughest opponents of them all. one young man from virginia is fighting back. james dobson is a huge sport fan and through the power of the internet he's getting an incredible birthday treat from some of the nation's best athletes. as beth parker reports, james gives something in return, inspiration. >> reporter: sometimes playing 3rd and long you have to go for it. at least that's what 12-year- old james dobson would do. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: can you play football? want to try? there you go. >> reporter: he is not well enough to play, but james has as much spirit as anybody in the game. in 2004 james was diagnosed with a brain tumor but it didn't stop him from going to his brother's high school football games at chancellor in fredericksburg. >> that's all he's ever wanted is to be a kid and run and play like everybody else does. >> reporter: he cannot. his cancer was in remission. now it's back, a much larger
10:53 pm
tumor. for his 12th birthday he asked for one thing. >> james said i want to have a birthday party. >> reporter: he did with 300 friends in attendance and something else happened, too. james started getting cards from strangers. >> i would like to wish you a happy 12th birthday. >> reporter: just a few at first then more including famous athletes like his beloved dallas cowboys. >> it's unbelievable. it's amazing. it's mind boggling. >> reporter: there were bags and boxes full of letters. >> we lost count at 2,175. >> it was very overwhelming and when you read some of the cards and we did read them with james, what people wrote and you're thinking oh, my god, my son has affected these people this way and i know in the last seven years what he's gone through. >> reporter: now the family is not even certain exactly how all this started, but they
10:54 pm
think it began when one of james' teachers at his old elementary school put a request for birthday cards on her facebook page. >> hang in there, little warrior. never give up the fight. miracles do happen. you're in our thoughts and prayers. >> reporter: james may talk softly, but he has thrown out the first ball at an orioles game, got a call from his favorite pro wrestler john cena, even had a marching band on his front lawn. >> he inspires us and he'll tell you i'm not giving up, mom, and keep fighting and keep believing. >> reporter: mom says james never complains, a true champion always in the game. in fredericksburg, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> keep fighting, james. a high end designer teamed up with a big bock store to offer discounted prices -- big box store to offer discounted prices, but good luck finding any of it. in minutes at 11:00 a book
10:55 pm
bombshell, find out what went down between sarah palin and a big name basketball player, details on the news edge. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers.
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shoppers swarmed target stores and the website all hunting for the same thing exclusive designs by italian fashion house massoni but at discount prices. good luck if you're still looking but most of the items are sold out. fox 5 money reporter melanie alnwick explains what the fashion fuss is all about. >> reporter: city shop, girl and radio host kelly collin is one of the lucky. >> mugs and serving bowls. >> reporter: she hit an out of the way target store at 9 a.m. tuesday to bag her missoni fashions. >> i was able to get my 5-year- old tower a couple pieces. i went to a -- daughter a couple pieces. went to a shopping event and everyone was talking -- i went
10:59 pm
to a shopping event and everyone was talking about how they did or didn't score. >> reporter: with limited tv ads and a six week run target created quite a hunger for these items. in a youtube video you can see how shopper cleaned out shelves in minutes. scores of frustrated online shoppers couldn't get through on launch day. now many items are sold out. >> it's sort of like a chanel brand. they've been around forever. their branding is very specific. >> reporter: massoni's runway designs can sell for thousands of dollars each. for target its bold angular patterns are slashed over housewares, personal items even bikes. >> this is a very special bridge line of 400 pieces that have never really been seen before. >> reporter: we also caught up with stylist paul warden to get his take on whether mass marketing is good for the brand. >> let's be real. who is buying $1,500 dresses? historically the massoni shopper is a


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