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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  September 19, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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take this and run with it. and really go with it. i mean, seriously. just stop being such a bitch. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we are following breaking news right off the top, a 2- year-old shot in the face. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy.
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>> i'm brian bolter. the young child shot himself inside his oxon hill home. fox 5's bob barnard on the scene. we're now working this story. >> reporter: we got word just about 20 minutes ago that this 2-year-old boy has died. he was rushed to the hospital after allegedly shooting himself in the head just before 8:00 tonight, but he has died at the hospital. we're at the riverside plaza apartments here. you see the stairwell at 6261 oxon hill road. it was in the second floor apartment that this happened this evening. prince george's county police say the child was home with an adult apparently just one adult but was not in the same room with that adult at the time of the shooting and that's based on the 911 call that came into prince george's county police right after the shooting. whose gun it is, why it was in the apartment, was the guardian responsible in any way for what happened, those are the three things prince george's county police detectives right now are
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looking at. we know that apparently there are several generations of this same family living in the apartment including the 2-year- old boy who shot himself dead tonight, but we're told just one was inside the apartment at the time, one of the adults, and just a short time ago i spoke with prince george's county police corporal evan baxter. based on your experience would a 2-year-old's hand be strong enough to pull a trigger of a gun? >> there's a lot of factors that go into that. with the hammer pulled back a handgun can have a hair trigger less than a pound. yeah, a 2-year-old could very easily pull the trigger. a lot of guns, the double action, the initial pull, can be as much as 35, 40 pounds, but after that secondary pulls can be as light as a pound. >> reporter: and a large police presence here, a lot of neighbors outside fairly well stunned by what happened. again we're at the riverside plaza apartments in oxon hill. right now police say they are
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speaking to members of the family. apparently they are here. we don't know if any went to the hospital with the boy, but again this happened right before 8:00. he hung in there but died a little after 9:30 tonight. >> so where does the investigation go from here as far as police are concerned? >> reporter: well, they want to know whose gun it is and why it was in the apartment with this child, why this child could get his hands on this gun, you know, if it had a legal right to be in the apartment, why wasn't there a lock on it? why wasn't it unloaded? why wasn't he perhaps being better supervised? so those are some of the things right now and probably the best information will be coming from the one relative that was in the apartment, but perhaps the gun belonged to someone else who lived there or stayed there and they're going to try to figure that all out to see if there's any perhaps criminal responsibility for this 2-year- old shooting himself in the head tonight in his apartment here in oxon hill.
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>> an awe full story, bob barnard tonight -- an awful story, bob barnard tonight. our other big story, a violent attack that left a college co-ed dead. today the accused killer made her first court appearance. her lawyer said she acted in self-defense when she stabbed her roommate last week. laura evans is in the newsroom. >> the lawyer for alexis simpson accused of killing her roommate 18-year-old domonique frazier said his client simpson was jumped inside their dorm at bowie state and there may be another person involved. family and friends supporting simpson in court today say she's a normal young woman whose actions are completely out of character. looking frail in her orange prison garb, 19-year-old alexis simpson appeared for the bond review via closed circuit television frequently wiping away tears. the courtroom was packed with her family and friend including her mother. police say simpson attacked her roommate, 18-year-old domonique frazier, after the two argued
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over music from an ipod. simpson's lawyer michael worthy described his client as a nonviolent person calling the crime an aberration, but a prosecutor said simpson chose to end a life saying simpson could have just stayed doctor n her room where she went after the -- stayed in her room where she went after the argument. instead she he chose to go after frazier with a weapon. state's attorney angela alsobrooks says the case is tragic all the way around. >> this case demonstrates very clearly the need to teach our young people about conflict resolution. this is a tragedy of i think there are few cases as tragic as this one and i think it is an opportunity for to us show young people and old people alike the need to really resolve conflicts without violence. it's a terrible, terrible tragedy. >> reporter: simpson's uncle who spoke on her behalf in court called the crime a hiccup in the life of a good girl. he says the family is devastated not just for simpson, but for frazier and her family.
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>> a young woman is dead, you know, and the next part of the tragedy, two mothers took their daughters to college about two weeks ago, two very bright students. today one is in court with her daughter in the jail and the other is home planning a funeral. i can think of nothing more tragic than that. >> reporter: alexis simpson turned herself into prince george's county police hours after the incident. now she'll stay locked up without bond. her next court date, october 14th. tonight we know the identity of a 1-year-old girl who died in a reston hotel room. rek al-maturi drowned in the bathtub. officers were called to the westin hotel last night. her parents were in the room. no charges have been filed but police are still investigating. investigators reenacted the l steps of a maryland woman missing in a rube -- th steps of a maryland woman
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missing in aruba. robyn gardner has been missing since august 2nd. gaithersburg resident gary giordano is being held as a suspect. the virginia family who found a video camera hidden in a star buck restroom is suing the company for $1 million. william yakki was taking his 5- year-old daughter to a uni-sex bathroom on starbucks on seventh street northwest. she spotted a cam launder the sick. the father reported the family -- camera under the sick. the father reported the camera to the police. tonight the family talks about their ordeal. monitoring metro, son encouraging developments about metro -- some encouraging developments about metro's crime rate, it's gone down. there's an overall drop in crime during the first half of the year. passengers say that's welcome news. fox 5's sherri ly with details. >> reporter: metro transit police are doing more of this,
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targeting problem stations with a show of force. ronald lockhart rides metro every day from greenbelt and noticed. >> i used to see one maybe once a week outside of the car. now i'm seeing like four or five, six in a group. >> reporter: the result, less of this, stealing ipods, ipads and other electronics. >> i seen someone get their electronics snatched and i've seen the thief run right out the door and the train leaving. there was nothing you can do about it. >> reporter: overall crime including assault, rape, robbery and other serious offenses are down from 1,074 from january to june last year to just 904 for the same period this year. metro transit police credit new realtime policing techniques. >> we look at crime trends in hotspots and try to predict where the crime will occur and try to be proactive. >> reporter: riders are getting more security savvy. >> like my cell phone, i have an ipad. i don't bring that on the
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metro. so i try not to -- i try to be safe by not reading free newspaper, something that i know they don't want to tach. >> reporter: one continuing concern, the 11 bus drivers. >> they have two prototypes of a shield that they are testing now that protects the driver. one is metal with lite a bifold door and the other is a plastic shield. -- like a bifold door and the other is a plastic shield. metro is also monitoring more stations. >> i've noticed it being very calm and quiet on the metro. there's been a change. >> reporter: crime remains higher than three of the last five years. it's wayne-year drop, not yet enough -- it's a one-year drop, not yet enough to be a trend. >> you can help us monitor metro. if you see something you'd like to report, take a picture or video, send it to us at fox5metro at new tonight, i would love to have a $45,000 raise.
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in fact, that's what one d.c. council member wants to give himself and his fellow council members. matt, what's the details? >> it almost seems hard to believe. the last year we've been talking about problems with finding money for the budget, d.c. government, talk about employee furloughs. now council member vincent orange wants to give himself and the council a big raise. we're talking from $125,000 right now to $170,000. >> so why so much? >> well, there's a catch. he currently council members are allowed to have outside work and can work other places, lawyers, law professors, but this would stop all that. they wouldn't be able to work anywhere else, but still a lot of people are saying this is a heck of a lot of money. >> reporter: there are a lot of issues to discuss when the council reconvenes tuesday after summer recess. one issue on the agenda for vincent orange, a $45,000 raise. >> that's a huge percentage increase. i've jumped from job to job and
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didn't make that much increase in my job. >> reporter: council member orange who is an attorney and cpa is proposing legislation that would forbid council members from holding other jobs. that is why he believes each member should get a fat increase. >> how do you explain this $45,000? >> well, you know, it's in line with what agency heads make and you're asking council members to devote all their time and energy. >> reporter: orange claims some council members make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year working at other places. he also believes his bill would cut out the possibility of any conflicts of interest. >> under this cloud of allegations of unethical behavior one of the ways to address it is to eliminate the ability to have outside employment. >> there have been a number of issues that have arisen with respect to the council. this is not an answer to any of them. >> reporter: council member mary cheh holds another job as a full-time law professor at georgetown university and she
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believes outside work actually helps council members connect to the community they serve. >> you will take people who have skills and the ability really to be effective on the council and eliminate them from wanting to serve. >> reporter: you think you got the votes? >> what i'm saying today is we're going to start the conversation. >> reporter: we shall see. it's not like the d.c. council members aren't already doing well. we did a little research and there was a study done earlier this year. d.c. ranks no. 2 when it comes to salaries of council members. they only fall behind those on the council in los angeles. >> wow, okay. so as they start working through this, this isn't just solely up to the d.c. council to decide. >> no. it will be presented tomorrow and then say he gets seven votes or more on the council, then it has to go to the mayor, but this type of issue also the voters will have to decide on. so we'll see. this take in time when people have been cut from -- day in
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time when people have been cut from their jobs, they're getting pay decreases, it will be a tough sell. >> the city has a tight budget as it is. it's the start any redskins fan would dream of, 2-0 the season, first place in the nfc east, find out why the coach says he's not excited. plus will the real vince young please stand up. the nfl quarterback says there it is an impersonator in our area. you got to hear how this one end next. and tonight on the news edge a student suspended for this stunt on the football field, but does the punishment fit the crime? the support that's gone viral at 11:00. 
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nfl quarterback vince young called a press conference today for a very unusual reason. he says a man in our area is using his name for his own financial gain. fox 5's wisdom martin has been tracking this story. what did you find? >> the nfl is investigating this and apparently it's been going on for a long time in both philadelphia and d.c. he looked like vince young and
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talked like vince young, so when jonathan passtori said he was in philadelphia last week hanging out with friends, he thought he was hanging out with the eagles quarterback. >> my girl friend was skeptical asking him all these questions about how old he was, where he went to college and he was describing things like georgetown and draining austin and houston down -- describing austin and houston down to a t. >> reporter: they started drinking at one bar and moved to another bar. >> he said a couple of his teammates were down at mad river down the street and wanted to know if we were going to check that place out with him. >> reporter: they hung out about three hours. >> dancing, partying, and then when we started asking him more questions about his tattoos and this and that, he started getting really defensive and said it was weird we're asking him all these questions and yeah, he texted me the next day saying he wanted to take me up on that offer for working for a promotion and free food and all
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that stuff. >> reporter: jonathan says he contacted the vince young foundation and found out they had been hanging with a fake. he said they told him the imposter had been hanging out in bars in d.c. as well and he had also been posing at local charities. the real vince young held a press conference today to address the situation. >> i want to get it out there so everybody in d.c. to keep watch out for this guy because it's not me and he's perpetrating as me. he's already taken money, taken pictures with little kids at hospitals. >> reporter: eag sports managemented they found out about the impersonator in june after several women contacted them saying the fake vince young took money from one of them and the other claims he sexually assaulted her. now prince george's county police they have not gotten reports of anyone pretending to be vince young at this point. it is now officially the start of dallas week and the
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redskins are enjoying some rare air sitting on top of the nfc east with the cowboys looking up at them. fox 5 sports director dave feldman here. >> four years since the redskins started a season 2- 0 , six years since they started 3-0, something that will happen if they beat the cowboys monday night in dallas. let's not go there yet. one more day to enjoy yesterday's win over arizona. 4th quarter things go bad to worse for the skins, though. kevin kolb threw a wide open larry fitzgerald, 73 yards for the touchdown. the redskins staring at a 21-13 deficit, but with five plus minutes left the rally begins, redskins facing 4th and 3, grossman to santana moss, 18 yards for the touchdown, two- point conversion failed, redskins down 21-19. buck 45 left. graham gano with the 34-yard field goal. redskins rally from a 4th quarter deficit to score nine points in 10 minutes and win 22- 21 and they're 2- 0. coach,
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what's that mean to you? >> well, you just won two games and that's about it. i don't think our players get overly excited that we're 2-0 because they understand we got a big game monday night against dallas. things change very quickly. so our concentration will be on dallas, not really concerned about what our record is. >> some potentially better news, well, not good if you're a cowboy fan or fan of tony romos, but we thought he had a -- romo's, but we thought had he a broken rib, but he has a punctured lung. he's not been ruled out for monday night's game and a long time ago don meredith played with a bad rib and punctured lung. >> tony romo came back and threw almost a touchdown pass. >> and led them to an overtime win over the 49ers. so we'll see what happens, but he's banged up and michael vick suffered a con suggestion and redskins are alone in the top
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of the conference. you want to watch the skins and cowboys next monday night it's on my 20, our sister station. kickoff is 8:30. stick around for the postgame show only on my 20. supporters are making a last ditch effort to get a man off death row and the key clue uncovered tonight at the scene of this air race crash in nevada. 
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the fate of that death row inmate now rests in hands of the georgia board of pardons and paroles. troy davis is scheduled to be executed wednesday for the 1989 murder of a savannah police officer. his case has grabbed national headlines because of the doubt his supporters raised over whether he is the killer. today's case of argued in front of the board of pardons. >> we believe we have established substantial doubt in this case and given the level of doubt that exists in this case we believe an
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execution is simply not appropriate. >> i'm disgusted. i'd love to ask him when was the last time one of their sons got shot and killed and murdered? >> reporter: barring any more 11th hour delays, troy davis -- >> no word if the board's ruling will come tomorrow or wednesday, the day davis is set to die by lethal injection. the search for answers to a deadly airshow plane crash is just beginning in reno, nevada. federal investigators wrapped up work today at the crash site. the death toll rose to 10 today. 70 others were hurt when the plane went down. the world war ii era fighter plane nosedived into the crowd. investigators have recovered a data recorder, a camera on board and memory cards they hope will explain what happened. republicans call it, well, taxing the rich. the president has another name for, it math. coming up we're breaking down his plan to cut $3 trillion from the national deficit next.
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the president calls it simple math. republicans call it class warfare. either way democrats and republicans are gearing up for another battle over the obama administration's plan to cut the deficit by $3 trillion. fox 5's tom fitzgerald reports. >> reporter: the battle to dent the deficit ensued monday as president obama now appears on a collision course with republicans. >> this is not class warfare. it's math. >> reporter: the plan is to reduce the deficit by $4 trillion, more than half coming in the form of spending cuts while 1.5 trillion would come from higher taxes on the wealthy. >> is it wrong that in the united states of america a teacher or -- it is wrong that in the united states of america a teacher or nurse or construction worker who earns $50,000 should pay higher tax rates than somebody pulling in $50 million. >> reporter: the president wants to raise taxes for couples earning more than
10:30 pm
$250,000 impose higher tax rates for millionaires called the buffett rule after the billionaire investor who complained that tax codes favor the rich. >> warren buffett's secretary shouldn't pay a higher tax rate than warren buffett. >> reporter: republicans quickly vowed to fight any higher taxes. in a statement speaker john boehner said, "pitting one group of americans against another is not leadership." the joint select committee is engaged in serious work to tackle a serious problem. unfortunately the president has not made a serious contribution to its work today." >> what it does is adds further in stability to our system, more uncertainty and it punishes job creation and those people who create jobs. >> reporter: but the white house argues taxes are only part of its plan. medicare and medicaid would see $320 billion in cuts while iraq and afghanistan troop drawdowns could save a trillion dollars. >> we're not just making our country more competitive, strengthening for investment,
10:31 pm
but it helps contribute to deficit reduction and asks the most fortunate americans to pay a larger share of income taxes. >> reporter: but while both sides stake out their differences the question now is can they find common ground? >> jack burkeman and allan lichtman join us now. allan, this is what president obama stumped on two years ago and swept him into office. so did this idea of the have's versus the have less. do you think the american public now two years later which is hurting so much more has the stomach for this? >> i think they do. the polls show 2/3 of the american people believe the only way to cut the deficit is exactly what obama is proposing, a mix of spending cuts and tax cuts and every serious economist who has looked at this problem has agreed with him. let me also give you two facts, the tax rates on the wealthiest americans are the lowest in
10:32 pm
sick years. the wealthiest americans have -- 60 years. the wealthiest americans have scooped up almost all the income gains in america since the 1980s and now the income distribution so heavily favors the wealthy that we have the same income distribution we did on the eve of the great depression. all the gains of the last 70 years have been wiped out. >> i have a simple answer. what's wrong with that? the wealthy earn it. people that are average in this country are by and large because they don't work hard a. very few, the upper 2% of the society, depending on what numbers you look at, pay about 70 to 80% of all federal income taxes in the society. when they say that the average person pays a higher payroll tax, a higher social security tax because he pays almost nothing in federal income taxes and this business about buffett, i'm just shocked the president has so lowered the intellectual debate contrary to his campaign promises. the reason warren buffett pays a lower rate of tax than his
10:33 pm
secretary is because he's talking about investment income. his secretary is talking about earned income. that's a very fundamental tenant of our tax system. it's been there over a century. >> jack, you've insulted about 70% of the american people. the hard working -- let me finish. you said they don't earn because they don't work hard. >> they don't -- >> that is absolutely insulting the great majority of the american people who we know are hard working, solid people who -- your answer is steady. -- people who may by the rules, who -- play by the rules, who work hard and are tremendously disadvantaged by a tax system that gives enormous loopholes to millionaires, to huge corporations that don't need it and we look at the whole tax code -- >> here's the kind of system you want. >> jack, you won't even let me talk. >> you have to understand what kind of system you want. you envision in america in about 10 years where 90 plus percent of the people will pay
10:34 pm
literally nothing in income tax and require massive federal subsidies simply to exist like healthcare and whatever else this president and other liberals want to give them. >> jack, that's absolute nonsense. >> where is the social justice? >> we're talking about a fair and decent tax code. you had yours. >> let me ask you this question, simple. where is the social justice in a system where so many had people pay nothing and contribute nothing to the society? >> you are so wrong. hard working middle class people are the backbone of our society. >> what do they pay? >> let me finish. they are the driving force of our society. they're the driving force of our economy and when you put together all of the taxes that hit people, not just income taxes, middle class people pay far more, a far greater share of their income than do the richest people who don't need those kinds of tax subsidies,
10:35 pm
loopholes and tax breaks. hedge fund managers who make $50 million are paying almost nothing in taxes. >> jack, you get the last word. >> i stand in amazement, brian, that only six weeks after the debt ceiling debate when both parties including the president pledged to cut spending and not give any tax increases -- >> he is cutting spending. >> a trillion and a half dollars in tax increases. >> for people who can afford it. >> it's almost like orwell 1984. we do an about face of 180 degrees. it's as though he doesn't remember what he said in august. >> jack burkeman, allan lichtman, i knew all i had to do was throw out a little red meat and you would take it from there. thank you. tomorrow marks the official end of the military's don't ask don't tell policy. congress passed a bill last year to reverse the 17-year-old ban on gays serving in the military and president obama
10:36 pm
signed it into law. aubrey jarvis applauds the change. >> gay, straight service members will get up tomorrow around the world, go to their posts and do their jobs. some service members will elect to speak to their sexual orientation and can do so for the first time without fear of being fired for who they are. >> in commemoration of the historic occasion supporters are planning nearly 100 celebrations nationwide. there's something you probably don't want to hear. a 6-ton piece of space junk the size of a city bus is barreling towards earth as we speak. bet you wonder where it's going to hit. we've got an answer coming up. but first major changes for netflix subscribers. fox business networks sandra smith has details. >> cutting the debt by hiking taxes, more fear about a greek default sending the u.s. stock market down and even with the record low mortgage rates home loans down, a survey showing confidence falling this month
10:37 pm
and mounting foreclosure and slumping sales still very much the expectation. don't look for the netflix name when you're getting those dvds in the mail. the movie rental company splitting that service from its online movie streaming business giving it the new fame quickster. dvd rental -- name quickster, dvd rental prices staying the same but not netflix stock price down again today. a fast food giant making its burgers bigger, wendy's introducing dave's hot and juicy, a remake of the chain's 42-year-old burger with more beef and cheese and a buttered bun. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. 
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 this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. ugoo .
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toll roads in virginia are one step closer to reality. the federal government gave vdot preliminary approval to set up toll booth as long i-95. it's estimated those tolls will generate about $50 million a year. the revenue would be used to pay for statewide transportation projects. the days of saturday mail delivery could soon become a thing of the past. president obama said he supports the postal service plan to eliminate saturday service. the postal service lost $8.5 billion this year and faces another large deficit this year. the president announced his support today. continuing to follow breaking news at 11:00, a 2- year-old child somehow shot himself in the head. we'll have the latest on the investigation on the news edge. plus a virginia family is suing starbucks. they claim they found something extremely disturbing in that local coffee shop. a local student suspended because of this, the growing viral support for him at 11:00. ic
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look out below, a satellite the size of a school bus is expected to plunge to earth this friday, but where it lands is still anyone's guess. the air force's joint space operations center is tracking the satellite's position right now. fox 5's melanie alnwick has the latest. >> two, one, and liftoff. >> reporter: nasa launched the upper atmosphere reserve satellite aboard the shuttle discovery in 1991. since then it's measured solar cycles, the ozone hole and volcanic particles. now parts of it will come crashing back to earth. >> it's a little bit unpredictable and is coming in faster than we originally anticipated and now it's targeted we believe predicted to come in on friday. >> reporter: nasa believes 26 pieces will survive reindustry, the largest weighing about 3 -- survive reentry, the largest weighing about 300 pounds. some satellites like the hubble telescope have systems to
10:46 pm
control when and where they fall back to earth. >> they hold a little fuel in reserve so that when the satellite is past its useful life they push it into a controlled entry into the earth's atmosphere so as not to cause any damage. >> reporter: this will be an uncontrolled reentry. >> they'll know more as the moment gets closer. >> reporter: right now nasa puts the fallout zone somewhere between northern canada and southern south america. air force space operations will give updates at 12, six and two hours to impact. chances it will hit someone on earth, one in 3,200. >> that's relatively small. it's not zero, but it's relatively small. there's no need to worry about. it. >> reporter: even though we don't see them, there are hundreds of satellites up in space making our life on earth easier every day like satellite imagery that lets us see our traffic or pinpoint hurricanes. most of them eventually have to
10:47 pm
come down. >> chances are it's going to fall in the ocean or in the desert uninhabited area. >> reporter: nasa says medium size space junk falls to earth about once a week with no consequence. a piece as large as this is a rare occurrence, but hopefully ends up uneventful as well. >> that was melanie alnwick. any debris that falls nasa says is property of the u.s. government. so those of you thinking you might get some and try to sell it, not allowed. >> cruising into the week and it looks repetitive. >> looks like fall is upon us. you said get ready for more days of gloomy clouds. >> a little bit warmer. we were in the 60s and 70s basically for the weekend. it will be upper 70s to lower 80s this week. i don't want to give everything away or everybody won't need to watch. here's what's happening this evening, kind of gray, dry for
10:48 pm
now. there's a chance for a few passing showers overnight tonight. again tomorrow, too. that's going to be the way it is the next several days around here. we start off looking at sentinel radar. we're looking back out to the west now. earlier in the evening this was a big band of showers, a couple thunderstorms, too but watch what happens. it's getting closer to us and breaking up. here we are. you can see at least an attempt at a shower or two, but looking at our live radar we aren't seeing anything now. it will probably be repetitive to show that. we think this will continue to hold together for the most part and bring us at least a chance for a few showers to take place during the overnight hours and through the day tomorrow as well. here in washington 66 degrees, gaithersburg 63, 63 for frederick, notice back out to the west temperatures have been in the lower 60s out here for the last several hours and it looks like overnight tonight that's pretty much going to be the trend. the temperatures may drop off a little more but not much more,
10:49 pm
only 3, 4 degrees, about as much as we'll get cooler overnight tonight. i'm expecting temperatures in town to be only in the lower 60s. the driver for our weather for the next several days will be right out here. this is called the bermuda high pressure and it's reaching down bringing up moisture from the atlantic. we also have basically a trough of low pressure or a frontal system back to the west of us. it's going to be funneling the moisture up the next several days. it looks like this will last probably into friday and maybe the weekend as well. as we're watching this little piece of energy coming all the way out of mop mon and it will move a little -- montana and it will move a little farther east and be around for the weekend. it will kind of determine what our weekend is going to be. is it going to get out of here or sit and spin? if it spins, we'll have an unsettled weekend. clouds and showers for sure this week. do not expect a lot in the way
10:50 pm
of sunshine. i think we'll get a little sun from time to time but not much, 78 the high tomorrow, a few showers, perhaps a thunderstorm, pretty much the same forecast wednesday as well, a little warmer but for the next several days temperatures will be in the upper 70s to right around 80 degrees. it will be a little more muggy, too. i think you'll start feeling that. the rain this week, it looks like we're in for a good chance to get some substantial rain before it's all said and done. right here along i-95 we're projecting as much as maybe 1 to 3 inches of rainfall. generally speaking, it looks like it's going to be between 1 to 2, 2 1/2. there's a couple bull's eyes indicative of where there may be thunderstorm activity later in the week. that's where the heavier rain will be. farther north and west, a little less, maybe 1/2-inch to 1 1/2 inches. overnight tonight cloudy skies, passing shower possible, low in the city down to about 62, in the suburbs approaching the
10:51 pm
upper 50s. a few showers tomorrow morning, 65, spotty shower at noon, 74. a little sunshine, but not much. don't expect to see much at all and a spotty thunderstorm or shower late in the day, high temperatures tomorrow up to around 78 and again how about a broken record forecast for the next several days. it does not look like we're talking about heavy rain that would cause any flooding. the ground is still fairly saturated. we wouldn't need much rain to cause issues, but i don't see anything like that this week, more kind of persistent showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for the next several days. health concern for anybody out there with diabetes or alzheimer's. there may be a link. researchers found people who have diabetes may be twice as likely to develop memory and dementia problems as they age. that includes developing alzheimer's disease. not clear why there's a link, but scientists do say eating healthy is always good for your
10:52 pm
brain. whether she wants them or not, a local researcher has bragging rights over almost everyone else in her profession. she is credited with having one of the best minds in america. a lofty list to be on, but as fox 5's beth parker shows us, the scientist claims she's really just like the rest of us. >> reporter: when al sandra lukini grew up in italy as a little girl, she went to see galileo's telescope. >> it was very simple and the fact that they allowed people to see invisible words and actually empowered the humankind and really struck me and then let t got me to think what i -- it got me to think what i could do. >> reporter: at age 34 she has done some things. popular science just named the george mason university professor to its list of 10 most brilliant under 40. >> i was like oh, i cannot believe that. >> i think that's really impressive and she's our professor. so we're going to learn a lot
10:53 pm
from her. >> they are definitely teaching me. my husband said i cannot believe that i'm having dinner with this brilliant person. >> reporter: lukini works with nanoparticles. long before you know you have cancer there is a very diluted amount of a particular protein in your blood. until now it has not been detectable. >> we developed the technology that can overcome this problem and make what was previously invisible now visible. >> reporter: smaller than a bit of dust, that's the size of the nanoparticle that dr. lukini is working with, but she is using them to search in the body for biomarkers that are early signs of cancer. >> it's something that's really touched me. it was from a popular science research that we say thank you very much. i lost family members for cancer and thank you for working this field.
10:54 pm
>> reporter: lukini credits her colleagues and students and says she's more like the rest of us than you might think. >> something i do too much is locking myself out of the car, locking myself out of the house and the last time was yesterday and his biggest fear is that i lock my baby inside, but i never did that. i never lock the baby, but i keep forgetting. >> reporter: a reminder that even the most brilliant have their moments. in fairfax, beth parker, fox 5 news. less than 24 hours until the glee season premier and it looks like love is in the air for sue. find out. we've got more secrets in minutes. at 11:00 using facebook to stop bullying, now there's an app for that, details on the news edge. >> today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. s a country,
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summer vacation is over and
10:58 pm
that means the cast of glee is ready to kick off its brand-new season tomorrow. as season three begins fans will notice a few changes. fox's dan springer has a preview. ♪ we could have had it all >> reporter: ready to hit the stage for their third season, fox's glee returns with a few new classmates as well as many familiar voices and faces. >> you'll see a lot of the original characters coming back. you get to spend some more time with them. >> really nearby good stories. excited about that. >> kind of back to basics and getting to know the characters that have been there from season one. >> there is going to be a new boyfriend for zada, so she's going to be more -- mercedes, so she's going to be more lovie lovie dovey. >> reporter: the cast is -- whether the cast is forbidden to give away any plot points or truly don't know, we're trying
10:59 pm
to find out what happens to their characters. >> we're hoping rachel will pursue her dreams of going to college and auditioning for musicals and becoming a star because that's what she wants. >> i see him running his own fashion magazine that combines fashion and show tunes and performing arts called kurtain magazine. >> 4th congressional district, unless it's a day she's being screened for hepatitis, the gal is not positive. >> reporter: we also know sue sylvester is running for congress, but if show creator ryan murphy holds to his word, there will be fewer visitors to mckinley high this season. >> how many guest stars do we have? we have too many stories to tell with so many kids graduating. >> i'm not sure what the tipping point was dying my hair, the nose ring, my erotic tattoo of ryan seacrest. the news keeps coming. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. we're continuing to follow break


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