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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 2, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a historic d.c. watering hole on capitol hill is closing its doors for good. the customers say so long to the hawk and dove. and sports director dave feldman has your highlights in today's game coming up. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm sarah simmons. >> we know very clear now fall is here. >> but we are looking at big changes this week. gwen tolbart has the forecast for us. hi. >> i hope you bundled up today because we had the rain, cool conditions. it was just down right chilly and holder heading into tonight. let's -- colder heading into tonight. let's begin with a look at where our temperatures were today, 52 degrees at national
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airport, 50 at dulles, 51 degrees at bwi. let me give you a comparison because this is where we should have been. we should have had 72 degrees for the seasonal average at national, 70 at dulles and baltimore. so we are 20 some plus degrees below the seasonal average. so fall is making sure everybody knows it has made its appearance. ris at international airport, 46 degrees at dulles, 48 degrees at baltimore. the clouds are dominating our skies, widespread rainfall that's moved in and out throughout the course of tonight. some of you dealt with it earlier. some of you didn't see anything and others had pockets of heavier rainfall. across areas of the potomac highlands, blue ridge area, they are talking a rain/snow mix and even frost. so we are dodging that bullet very nicely. here's a look what the to expect tonight. overcast skies, a chance of rain showers sticking around through tonight. we've got a persistent upper
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level low pressure system chap chilly conditions -- and chilly conditions, some of the outlying areas seeing it eye little cooler than that. the -- a little cooler than that. not redskins took on one of the nfl's worst teams, the st. louis rams. >> but once again the burgundy and gold couldn't escape without some major drama or it wouldn't be the redskins, after all. dave feldman with the lathes. >> if you would have told the -- with the latest. >> if you would have told the fans at the end of heading into bye the skins would be 3-1 and have wins over two division opponents. having said that, today's win did get sloppy at end. redskins second possession against the rams 3rd and 4, rex grossman to santana moss, 6 yards for the touchdown, the redskins in front 7-0. talk about great, running back ryan
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torain making his season debut made the most of it, his second carry 20 yards for the touchdown, 19 carries for 135 yards and the redskins led 14- 0, but with less than 16 minutes left rams 3rd and goal from the 15, sam bradford to steven jackson, 15-yard touchdown. redskins lead cut to 717-10. rex picked off -- 17-10. rex picked off by james lauren nights to the 19-yard line. the jams -- laurinaitis to the 19-yard line. the rams with a chance to tie the game. brian orakpo 3rd and 25, redskins with seven sacks on the day and washington holds on to defeat the rams 17-10 to head into the bye week with a 3- 1 record. >> we did some good things we didn't finish and the key is to keep on getting better as a football team, play your best
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football in september and october and we haven't done that. hopefully we get better each week. >> when you get a victory, you got to appreciate the things you did to get those 17 points. no doubt we can improve and we will grew, but we're 3-1 -- improve, but we're 3-1, got a chance to rest a little bit and got a big game against the eagles. >> not rex grossman's best game, but it was ryan torain's, at least one of them. coming up on nissan sports xtra more on his career rushing yard game. can't tell you how many times we've all been there getting our man on the street interviews as reporters or man on a barstool, talking about politics, games, whatever. we're talking about the hawk and dove and in just a few hours bartenders will serve their last drinks there. >> the popular capitol hill watering hole closing its deere
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tonight after 44 years. fox 5 -- doors tonight after 44 years am fox 5's audrey barnes has the story -- years. fox 5's audrey barnes has the story. >> it was standing night at the hawk and dove just as it has been for decades, only tonight the last call really will be the last one for this one of a kind place. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: one side of the hawk and doff was filled with packers fans who -- dove was filled with packers fans who have been packing the bar on game day for the last 10 years. this will be the last game they watch here. >> the packer fans have been coming here 10 years or more. this is family where we come. we celebrate today good and bad days, almost like a marriage. we've seen each other through a lot. >> reporter: on the other side of the bar loyal customers who can't believe this day has come. >> from the regular everyday guy, busboy to the congressman,
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senators, movers and shakers, everybody has been in this place forever. >> reporter: this bar has played host to politicals with the last names of obama, kerry and gingrich, celebs named redford and countless others from the neighborhood who forged lasting friendships here. >> i knew the capitol hill because the general manager of this bar lent me the rent and it is the only reason i'm still here 11 years later of. >> reporter: the owners announced in august they were closing the hawk and dove after a rival bar owner took over the lease. not news say people like alexis degrees on scrambling to get something to remember the -- dion scrambling to get something to remember the hawk by. >> it's been here almost 50 years and the food is gone and the people are fun and i think it's sad. >> reporter: the owners will close for five months or so for a full scale renovation and reopen. hawk and dove regulars say it will never be the same. >> what i'm frayed of when this happens is if he -- afraid of when this happens is they
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change the character of the place and the characters and that will be sad. >> reporter: last call at the hawk and dove just about three hours from now. >> wow, so you're saying a still have a chance to get down there. will, you are doing the rest of the show alone. we talked with gwen a bit ago about the chilly temperatures. a lot of people trying to keep warm as it gets colder. one northeast man was trying to do just that looking for a little warmth but ended up in the hospital. he became sick from carbon monoxide poisoning avenue turned on his furnace last night. he is recovering, but his story is a reminder of the dangers from heaters this time of year. d.c. fire chief kenneth early bee joins us now with safety ad -- ellerbe joins us now with safety advice we all need to hear. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> we know carbon monoxide is a colorless odor less gas and we have talk about this each year time and time again as people
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become sick from this. what do people need to know in order to stay safe? >> the most important thing to do is start with smoke detector carbon monoxide detector at the highest point in their home. the suggestion people have a professional look at their heating system particularly because we had the earthquake earlier this year and it may have damaged or loosened the fluesor exhaust systems in their furnaces. >> we do talk every year being an issue. do you think it's something people put off? they don't maybe get a carbon monoxide detector or they can't tell when they're having problems? why do you think it becomes a problem each year? >> people don't think about their heating systems during the summer and when they start up their furnaces unless they've had somebody look at it, there's a possibility the carbon monoxide will build up in the home. weave already had two incidents that our members were able to identify thankfully and i want
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to commend them for their quick response and making sure we didn't end up with a tragedy. we do give out smoke detectors and on october 8th mayor gray and our safety team will be giving out smoke detectors and installing them in the home. i encourage folks to call 727- 1000 if you're a d.c. resident and homeowner. we will provide a smoke detector for them. >> you're talking about smoke detectors, chief. handing out conrad murray detectors, is that something you're -- handing out carbon monoxide detectors is, that something you're looking at hanking out as well? >> they're -- handing out as well? >> they're smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. >> what are the laws in d.c.s requiring to have these in the home? >> in rental units detectors are required. we do suggest they have them in
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regular homes which is why we give out the smoke/carbon monoxide detectors out. >> we want to let people know what they feel when they're going through this, the sickness or dizziness. a lot of people just think they have the flu, but obviously that may not be the case. >> they may have a slight headache, feel dizzy or disoriented, even become nauseous. i encourage them if they know that they recently started their furnaces up, open the windows and if they don't feel well at all, call 911. we'd rather come out and make sure they're okay, better to be safe than be sorry. >> thank you so much for talking about this with us. we do appreciate it. >> thank you. weather conditions have shut down efforts to check the wash monument for earthquake damage for a second -- the washington monument for earthquake damage for a second day. once the team is done there they'll go to the national cathedral. they started their climbing strategy at the cathedral yesterday.
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it was damaged by the earthquake and then a crane that fell over. the north and south towers on the with us avenue side will be surveyed starting a -- wisconsin avenue side will be surveyed starting a week from tomorrow. republican candidate herman cain is riding high this weekend. an electric car controversy, the problems the owners could have when it comes to plugging in as we continue. 
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yeah but now i have nothing to eat sure you do. hey! you can have the pop tart! pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat it is back to work for the u.s. supreme court. the new session begins tomorrow. >> the justices could decide to take on several controversial issues we have all been talking about, matt ackland live in the newsroom with more. >> the new session kicks off in the morning. the justices could take on many issues the next few months from immigration to the way police are legally able to track down suspects and it's almost a given the court will take up the president's healthcare reform as well.
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several supreme court justices including chief justice john roberts took part in the traditional red mass sunday at st. matthew's cathedral in downtown d.c. it is a time for judicial leaders to pray for wisdom and this year it appears they'll need it. one big issue they haven't yet agreed to take up is the new healthcare reform law. >> you have both the states challenging the law as well as the administration itself telling the supreme court you need to decide this issue now. >> reporter: former deputy assistant attorney general tom dupre says it is a good bet justices under pressure will want to give clarity to the legal battle over healthcare reform. >> i think the likelihood of supreme court review has increased and all the factors together make it a difficult invitation to turn down. >> reporter: the courts have agreed to hear arguments having to do with whether police can track suspects with gps devices without first getting a warrant and also immigration is on the table. one big issue?
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whether illegal immigrants brought here as children through no decision of their own should be deported when detained by law enforcement. some groups have called on justices kagan and thomas to recuse themselves from the healthcare issue because of personal connections, but no indication tonight either is considering doing so. >> acquisition live, thank you. -- matt ackland live, thank you. sunday means two things, football and politics and for some others it means a lot more, but today the sunday talk shows tackled the republican candidates, the president's policies and one very rich manslaughter back off my bank account. fox 5's -- man says back off my bank account. fox 5's melanie alnwick has the roundup. >> reporter: her main cain made a few sunday appear -- herman cain made a few sunday appearances telling sunday morning chris wallace the public may hire a black man. >> they're now looking at this
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guy herman cain is putting real solutions on the table. >> reporter: could he and the other republican candidates have some competition from new jersey's chris christie? here's what virginia governor bob mcdonnell had to say on meet the press. >> christie is a unique successful governor with a positive outlook and i think would fare very well against the president, but ultimately the call is his. >> reporter: the field should be set in 10 days. both sides then trying to blame each other for our economic mess. >> if the members of the do nothing republican congress would actually put a couple oars in the water -- >> reporter: maryland governor martin o'malley debated mississippi's governor haley barbour on face the nation. >> people will choose between the failed economic plan of george bush and the economic plan of president obama which has stablized our economy and with some help could actually move it forward. >> obama had the biggest democratic majority in congress since lyndon johnson.
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they passed everything he wanted including ramming obamacare down country's throat and now they complain well, gee, we didn't get everything we wanted those mean republicans. bill clinton never did that. ronald reagan never did that. when they had congress in other parties, they led and this president is going to learn how to lead or he's going to go back to chicago. >> reporter: and what of that populous anger against wall street, the president's economic plan now getting pushed back from some prominent pro business democrats like ted leonsis and bet's robert johnson. >> you don't get people to like you by attacking them or demeaning their success. i group a family of 10 kids, first one to go to -- grew up in a family of 10 kids, first one to go to college and i've earned my success and to fly private if i choose to do so and attacking me will not convince me that i should take a bigger hit because i happen
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to be wealthy. >> reporter: johnson added that warring parties and people is not a strategy for success. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> you heard about his first straw poll win, now herman cain has won a second as his campaign continues to pick up steam. this one was in kansas city, missouri, yesterday at the national federation of republican women's conference. more than 500 votes -- out of more thatch 500 votes cain got 49%. the government gave a company $130 install thousands of electric car charging stations all across oregon. that was two years ago. now the deadline is approaching and it turns out the company has not installed one of them, not one. fox's dan springer reports tonight. >> reporter: when new all electric car owners first get the keys, they're literally driving into not known.
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the biggest worry? what -- into the unknown. the biggest worry? what happens if their battery runs low and they're too far from home from their charger? the government gave $100 million grant to a company to build charging stations throughout 18 metropolitan areas, but in one eco friendly oregon green groups are seeing red because at the two-year deadline just 95 stations have been installed. more than 1,000 below the goal. >> we should be erring on the side of keeping the access out there, building on a network people can see and use to give them confidence to buy the cars of. >> reporter: environmentalists compare the public charging stations to buoys in deep water which give new swimmers the confidence to jump in, but ecotality won't install the chargers until there are enough cars on the road to use them. >> we're stewards of the government's money in this project and we are pacing ourselves with the installation of these public stations to be
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in a pretty good ratio with the actual number of vehicles coming out. >> reporter: even with a $7,500 federal tax rebate sales of the pricey nissan leafs have been disappointing, just a few hundred on the road in oregon. officials blame the economy and the tsunami in japan last year which slowed production, but critics say the government has. >> business playing venture capitalist. >> you just hand out money and don't hole people accountable, you shouldn't -- hold people accountable, you shouldn't be surprise that things don't get done and the money disappears. >> reporter: the company has continued installing charging stations but has ultimately lowered its goals. they hope it will pick up next year when nissan begins building in the united states, but if they don't, taxpayers will be on the hook for a gamble that got unplugged. >> not what you want to hear. the american jailed in italy for killing her roommate could be going home very soon. >> when there could be final
10:22 pm
decision in the amanda knox appeal case. 
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tonight could be amanda knox's last night in prison. >> the case has captivated the country, knox, an american studying in italy was convicted of killing her roommate. fox's heather childers has more on the case. >> reporter: monday morning the fate of an american jailed in italy could be sealed. >> it's a very stressful time right now. she's 24 years old and she could be looking at the rest of her life behind bars. >> reporter: amanda knox has spent the last four years behind bars serving a 26 year sentence for the 2007 murder of her british roommate meredith kercher. >> i find it difficult to believe how you can consider somebody guilty when they are not even in the room where meredith lost her life. >> reporter: knox's ex- boyfriend is also awaiting this appeal verdict. he received a 25 year sentence. during rebuttal friday the prosecutor took a jab at the american legal system saying
10:26 pm
knox is lucky italy does not have the death penalty. as the court sees it, there are four options, one, the court could uphold the conviction ordering her to serve the remaining 22 years, two, the sentence could be increased to life in prison, three, amanda knox's sentence could be reduced and, of course, the outcome knox is hoping for is exoneration. it would take a majority vote of the six jurors and two judges to throw out the conviction. knox has maintained her innocence and her mother is holding out hope. >> these people hold her life in their hands. it's hugely stressful. it has been for years now, but she'll get out of there and be okay. >> reporter: if knox is acquitted and prosecutors take it to italy's supreme court, knox could come home to the u.s. during the appeal even if the ruling is reversed by the supreme court. the chances of her extradition being pursued are considered slim.
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plastic surgeons often deal with issues that are only skin deep, but one d.c. doctor is doing something different. >> he is generating tens of thousands of dollars for breast cancer research by erasing your wrinkles. deadly mushrooms are sprouting up in the wake of heavy rains. tonight the heartbreaking story for one family that serves as a warning for all. there are over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee that have earned the keurig brewed seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment
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that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed. look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality.
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doctors at georgetown university hospital issued a warning after four people were treated for wild mushroom poisoning just last month. >> but it's not just humans who are at risk. fox 5 has the story every pet owner needs to hear. >> come on. >> reporter: two carriers, two crates, but in the lang
10:31 pm
household there is now just one puppy running around. after a heartbreaking loss wendy lang isn't taking any chances. little zoe's sister 7-month-old chloe died two tweaks ago. the doug had eaten wild mushrooms in the back -- the dog had eaten wild mushrooms in the backyard. early the next day chloe began vomiting. wendy rushed her to the vet. her liver was failing. she was transferred to the emergency clinic where they tried to flush her system. >> they call of a sudden came ute and said it's too late. she just -- out and said it's too late. she just passed. >> reporter: this comes after several cases of people falling ill. wild mushrooms have been sprouting up across the eastern united states in the wake of heavy rain. we said several outside wendy lang's germantown home. in the front yard we found these mushrooms growing in the
10:32 pm
mulch. the ones in the backyard were smaller and possibly weitzer in color which chloe ate. doctor -- whiter in color which chloe ate. doctors have identified a couple species and they say it's best to play it safe. >> unless you are a specialist in mushrooms it is very, very difficult to separate the poisonous ones from the ones that are safe to eat. so i would say if you see your dog eat my kind of mushroom outside to bring them in and seek veterinary care immediately. >> reporter: sadly it's too late for chloe. >> this was a huge ordeal for me to go through both financially and emotionally. >> reporter: but wendy lang's said her family's loss should serve as a warning to all pet owners. >> i've been trying to get the word out to everybody to make sure your yard is clear of mushrooms. keep your pup pills on a leisure because they're so curious. -- pip byes on a leash because they're so curious. -- puppies on a leash because they're so curious.
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we often talk about efforts to raise money for breast cancer research. tonight another take, wrinkle race for the cure held friday the 14th held at the d.c. was of plastic surgeon dr. paul ruff. thanks for being here. i understand 80% of your practice is cosmetic and 20% is not and that's sort of the area that drove you to get involved in the fight. talk about that. >> absolutely. breast cancer reconstruction has been a big part of plastic surgery. what these women go through is tremendous. they are some of the strongest most amazing people that we treat and it's probably one of the most rewarding surgeries that we do to restore. >> when you're doing these reconstructive surgeries in the next room, somebody may be having a cosmetic procedure. is that when you got the idea let's marry the two? >> as dollars for research started to dwindle, i was looking for way to create a vehicle for people to give.
10:34 pm
>> how do you raise money? >> we provided a way for men and women who would normally spend this money anyway to do it in a very positive way, botox, other injectibles we do, anything that anybody gets injected that day, 100% of the proceeds are being donated to a local breast cancer charity. >> essentially these folks are donating their wrinkles? >> absolutely. i think it's a unique event and great opportunity. >> you have a personal connection to breast cancer like many of us. >> my mother was recently diagnosed having gone through surgery and radiation therapy and my more than is nearly a 20 year survive -- and my mother- in-law is nearly a 20 year survive or. >> so it's these kind of -- survivor. >> so it's these kind of stories whether it's a mother- in-law or sister or colleague. >> i think there's hardly a person throughout who hasn't had a family member, friend or colleague that has not gone through this.
10:35 pm
>> you do want to take this national. you're entering your third year locally? >> absolutely. i think we've been able to create a template that hopefully we'll be able to take to different major metropolitan areas and practices around the region and nationally in order to hopefully bring $1 million worth of dollars to the breast cancer research foundation. >> so far you've raised nearly $70,000 the first two years. >> absolutely. >> i'm sure it will be a huge success. again it is wrinkle erase for the cure. there is a website. you can log on and sign up for your botox or whatever the injection may be, thanks for coming in tonight, doctor. >> absolutely. pleasure. coming up the redskins try to head into the bye week on a winning note, the return of a redskins running back playing a major role in the outcorporation dave feldman next with sports. >> it's been chilly, plenty of clouds and rainfall. take a look. we're not out of it yet. we have more to come.
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i'll have the details after the break.
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welcome back. the important thing is these kids won. >> it perhaps wasn't pretty all the time, right? >> they won and now they have two weeks to enjoy it. they have the bye week. if they lost, they would have had two weeks to stew on it and it would have been a real problem. now they're up to their best stats since 2008. >> 3-1. >> a year ago the redskins went to st. louis and tried not to be the team that al lieud the rams to snap -- allowed the rams to snap their 14-game home losing streak. today then went to st. louis and tackled an 0-3 rams teams that had been outscored by 60 points in their three losses. running back ryan torain made the most of his season debut,
10:40 pm
2nd quarter, second carry sprints 20 yards for the touchdown, 19 carries for 135 yards for torain. redskins led 14-0. six minutes left now 17-10, rex intending for is an tan moss picked off by -- is an tan moss picked off by james laurinaitis who returns it 15 yards to the redskins 19-yard line. the rams down 9-17 in position to tie the game. the next play brian orakpo's turn. he had 2 1/2 of the team's seven sacks. redskins defeat rams 17-10. rex, your thoughts on entering the bye week at 3-1. >> i'd rather being 4-0 if that's your -- be 4-0 if that's your question. we're in a good spot with how we feel as a unit. we know we should do more on
10:41 pm
offense and yet we're 3-1 and that's a good feeling. chicago blackhawks at verizon center to close out caps 2011 exhibition season, both teams entering with an identify cal 2-3 -- with an identical 2-3-1 record. the caps score one more for a 4- 1 win. for both teams the preseason finale, regular season starting next saturday when the caps host the canes at verizon center. d.c. united on the road with their first winning streak of the season against the columbus crew. defender daniel willard attempts to clear the ball, but it deflects past the goalee. d.c. united falls 2-1. baseball now, yankees hosting the tigers for game two of the alds. the raven arrived and detroit is already up 4-1 top 9 when don kelly singles to center
10:42 pm
allowing brandon aims to score. new york falls to detroit 5-3 tying their best of five american league playoffs at one game apiece. coming up on nissan sports xtra much moral on the redskins big day and how the defense bailed -- more on the redskins big day and how the defense bailed out the offense. a natural phenomenon creates an out of this world view on some california beaches. >> the amazing video showing san diego's blue waves. we'll be right back. otat [
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10:45 pm
check this it out. blue waves in san diego -- this out. blue waves in san diego, california. this is what happens at night when there's a red tide. a chemical reaction between a particular type of plankton that causes a red tide and the movement of the water, but this particular tide has lasted
10:46 pm
nearly a month now. >> wow. >> just before the show you got to google blue waves of san diego and check out the surfers doing it because as they paddle and surf the waifs, you see this blue trail. -- waves, you see this blue trail. it's so cool. >> that's neat and for a month now. >> i don't know if i'd say pretty, but fall-like. >> very fall-like for sure, chilly and nippy, definitely everybody feeling the effects of the fall weather. today, last night and as well tonight, here's a beautiful shot of the monument down town. we've had a lot of clouds. there were a few sun breaks earlier today. some of you saw that, but some of you also dealt with a lot of rainfall, just some areas not getting much, some heavier than others, but the clouds not going too far in the course of the day. we still have some showers in the forecast. that's continuing across the area. also we're feeling the nippiness of fall. the chill has settled in. the temperatures will rise
10:47 pm
moving through the days ahead, so there is a warm-up on the way and sunshine as well to look forward to. the week isn't all bad as we look ahead, but here's the highs today, 52 degrees nationality airport, 50 dulles, 51 bwi. the average seasonal high for today is in the low 70s. so we're 20 plus degrees cooler than we should have been and everybody was like oh, my, is this going to be here to stay? it isn't. currently it's 48 degrees at national airport, humidity 74%, a westerly wind flow at 9 miles an hour. it's 48 degrees at baltimore, 45 gaithersburg. 44 at hagerstown and to the west 45 degrees at winchester, fredericksburg 50. as we head up the mid-atlantic, 62 for boston, 54 degrees in new york city. the cooler air has settled in definitely. we'll see a bit of a warm-up heading into the course of the week and a fair amount of sunshine, but in the meantime
10:48 pm
we're dealing with the clouds and wet weather. we have this pesky low pressure system system that doesn't want to go anywhere and it's been keeping us into this cloud cover as well as the rainfall. areas to our far west where temperatures are a little colder and areas of the potomac highlands, shenandoah valley, mineral, allegheny counties, they have a chance of seeing wet weather mixing with snow. no accumulation to be concerned about but just the effects of the cooler air. we'll have to deal with this moving into tomorrow until that low pressure system heads off more to the northeast. behind it we'll see a ridge of high pressure building in eventually, but in the meantime tonight and tomorrow we have to contend with the clouds and dealing with wet weather still. one more day of really cooler air. we're only going to be in the low 60s tomorrow. then this low pressure system moves out, ridge of high pressure builds in. we get a bit of a warmer air mass build in and get the clouds out of way and get some
10:49 pm
sunshine. in the meantime hurricane ophelia is moving off to the north, northeast. it will brush along the peninsula of newfoundland. it's a category 1 hurricane. last night at 6:00 it was a category 4. it's weakened moving into the colder waters. it will finally become a remnant low pressure system. monday expect wet weather, keep the umbrella handy, 52 degrees by midday, by 5:00 only 54 degrees. tonight still very cool out there, 46 the overnight low, could be cooler in the suburbs. tomorrow a high of about 60 degrees. here's the five-day forecast, i promised you sunshine, promised dave ross some golf days. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday you can get out on the green, not bad at all, temperatures in the low 70s, but tomorrow we're still dealing with a chance of showers and rain and still a bit cooler. >> got to -- for the sweet spot at the end of the week.
10:50 pm
>> -- got to get to the sweet is for the at the end of the week. >> tuesday is a lot better. vice president joe biden's brother spent the night in a florida hospital last night. francis biden opened a suspicious package and white powder landed on his skin. the fbi says the powder was not hazardous. he's fine but stay overnight in a hospital as a precaution. turns out a top lawmaker in yemen did not die during a drone attack. u.s. officials initially thought ibrahim al-asiri died in the same attack that killed u.s. born cleric anwar al- awlaki but the bodies were identified today and al-asiri is not among them. he was tied to the underwear bomber who tried to blow up a plane on christmas day in christmas 2009. there are concerns raised on protocol for killing a u.s. citizen. we have this report tonight from washington. >> reporter: the president is
10:51 pm
getting his share of both applause and criticism in the wake of the drone tack that killed al-qaeda operative anwar al-awlaki and some of the praise is coming from one of the president's chief critics. vice president dick cheney said i do think this was a good strike. i think the president ought to have that kind of authority to order that kind of strike even when it involves an american citizen when there is clear evidence he's part of al-qaeda. >> the president has faced criticism for ordering an attack on an american citizen without due process. a justice department memo was reportedly issued before the strike maintaining awlaki was planning to attack the u.s. and that his arrest was not possible. former democratic congresswoman jane harmon wants the memo made public. she said today i do applaud the fact that they continued an aggressive counterterrorism strategy. i'm for that, but i think the debate about the legal grounds for that strategy should be more in the open. meantime national security experts say the world is a safer place without awlaki. >> it's a big deal.
10:52 pm
he was clearly one of the key leaders in al-qaeda and there's only a certain number of leaders. it's not an in fin knit pool. it hurts them and hurts -- an infinite pool. it hurts them and hurts their operational security. it makes our country more secure and safer. it is major accomplishment. >> reporter: the state department issued a new travel alert warning u.s. citizens there could be anti-american violence aimed at avenging the death of awlaki. are you ready for some football? tyler wyatt sure. is he's only 2 years ole, but he really loves his home -- old, but really loves his home team and he's also battling a rare disease but doesn't miss a game. fox's cave lynn pratt shows us why -- katelyn pratt shows us why tyler is an inspiration to his community. >> reporter: one by one members of the black cats take the field high fiving who they call
10:53 pm
the inspiration for their season. he's 2-year-old tyler white. when the fog cleared, tyler found himself wearing the team jersey, his name on the back. >> all right, tyler! >> reporter: it's a high that helps counter the lows his family has experienced this summer, all of their lives changing with dr.'s test results. >> that's when he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. we haven't been told exactly what type. >> reporter: tyler now receives nutrients in fluids through tubes and is preparing for possible surgery to remove cancer from his stomach and colon. >> nothing stops him no matter, you know, what he's been diagnosed with, what kind of tubes he's on. he's still your average 2-year- old. he plays. he screams. he kick balls. >> reporter: this saturday he's watching the black cats play football. moneys raised at their homecoming game will go to help the family pay for tyler's care. team leaders say their boys make up a group that play hard
10:54 pm
and work hard at giving back. >> you want your kids to be able to grow not just physically and competitively but understand there's life outside of sports and you can grow and help other people with your actions and your support. >> to have so many people come out and to not just me but my fame and say we're behinddown hundred -- family and say we're behind you 100% that, means the world. coming up, montgomery county's first female firefighter is turning in her boots. >> find out about the one job never did at the firehouse during her decades of service. hundreds of people are arrested in new york, protesting the impact corporations have on america. now the demonstrations are spreading to other cities. that's on the news edge at 11:00. ur
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32 years ago there was a woman that joined the fire department. >> fox 5's beth parker shows us what she's accomplished and the one thing she has not done in her career. >> reporter: 1979 jimmy carter was president. >> i believe the american people are ready for a change. >> reporter: sony introduced the walkman and 21-year-old pam stults became montgomery county's first female firefighter. she still remembers passing the final test. >> did i get a job? how i got the job and they said oh, you got a job all right and it just started from there. >> reporter: in the beginning she took some heat, but she would not go way even though the coat and boots were way too big. since then she's climbed a lot of ladders from no ladies room at all to the unisex bathrooms and sleeping quarters to today. she said she survives because
10:59 pm
she always chooses her battles. >> if it comes to safety, yes. if it comes to having a urinal in your bathroom, no. >> reporter: and after 32 years firefighter pam stults is retiring. there are roses and cake. >> if i made a mistake, she was going to tell me in a kind and professional way. so i never worried, but i always liked her because of the way she treated the citizens. >> reporter: she remembers a high school girl stabbed 18 times. >> she was still alive and she looked at us and to watch her look at us you knew in her eyes she was actually pleading for us to help her. >> reporter: they tried, but the girl did not survive. others did, though. she worked the 1982 air florida crash and the 1996 amtrak wreck in silver spring. pam stults goes to fires and car crashes and train wrecks, but there's one place she won't go, the kitchen.


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