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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  October 2, 2011 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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here in st. louis today. 19 rushes, 135 yards and a touchdown. it's his fourth career 100 plus yard rushing game. >> it was a very emotional game for me just wanting to play. i wanted to give it my all and work hard. every single game they always tell me to be ready, stay focused, keep working hard and finally got that opportunity to get out there and make some plays. the offensive line has been doing great all year. they opened up some big holes for me to go out and make plays. it starts with the offensive line. those guys are working hard every day in practice and meetings and it showed today. >> he exploded onto the scene, ran with a lot of speed, power and hit the holes and he played great game. so it was good to see him get back in there. >> reporter: with ryan torain in the mix with time hightower and roy helu the redskins enter the bye week with a three- headed monster. >> shanahan says they'll go with whichever one of the three
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heads is hot. when we return why sam bradford never ever wants to see the redskins again. urmat.d 
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welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. >> you don't have to be jon gruden or even know football to know the defense came to the
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rescue today forwashington. brian orakpo with 2 1/2 sacks and bradford will be thankful he does enough to face any of those guys again this year. the 2 1/2 sacks not a career high for orakpo. he had four in 2009, but here we are in 2011 and this is a defense that is back to being a prideful unit. forced to bail out the offense after multiple mishaps and they did. lindsay murphy with more now from st. louis. >> reporter: the redskins defense stepped up big time for a struggling rex grossman. they held the st. louis rams to 172 yards of total offense, got another forced fumble from ryan kerrigan and had seven sacks on the night. one of those guys who contributed in the sack department, stephen bowen. >> we tried to get our timing, try to get after them and make it easy for the guys in the back end. we just tried to dominate them. they had less than 200 yards total offense and i couldn't ask any more from my defense at all. >> reporter: how big is this victory heading into a bye week
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when you guys know you have a whole week to dwell on a win instead of a loss? >> it's real big for team morale and we want to stay in the race in the division and be 3-1, just look forward to playing the eagles in a week and a half. >> reporter: in addition to those seven sacks the redskins held an opponent scoreless in the 1st half for the first time in 18 games. feldy, back to you. when we return, look, you thought it was a good day just having the redskins win, let me put a little cherry on your sunday. how about the dallas cowboy having all kinds of issues and blowing a big time lead and tony romo not doing well? all that and more when we come back. aur fgo 
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welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. thanks for staying with us. i'm dave feldman.
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much like the red redskins, the cowboys and eagles jumped out to early leads today. only dallas and philly could not sustain it. let's start with the city of brotherly love where michael vick and the eagles welcomed alex smith. they welcomed him pretty good, vick with the most troubled pass from shawn mccoy from 5- yard out. 3rd quarter now, 23-10, alex smith to former terp veer mon davis. sprang wind chill -- vernon davis. 9ers rally from 29 to shock the eagles 24-23 and rookies coach jim harbaugh leaves the nfc west with a 3-0 run. 1st quarter no score, tony
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romo, dez bryant, 25 yards for the touchdown, cowboys have a 27-3 lead. 3rd quarter, 27-10 and romo is picked off by chris huston and take it the other way 56 yards for the touchdown, second interception. 27-17, under two minutes. matthew stafford up to calvin johnson. how you going to stop that? 2 yards for the game winning touchdown. cowboys owner jerry jones says hey, tony, tony, get off me. and the lions head coach jim schwartz celebrates a 34-30 come from behind victory. 2nd quarter giants up 6-0. ahmad bradshaw runs it in from 13 yards out. giants take the first lead. 3rd quarter eli manning gets hit and fumbles. darnell dockett recovers at the
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4-yard-line and two plays later beanie wells powers it in from a yard out. cardinals built a 20-10 lead. less than two to go, eli manning, the g men come from behind to defeat the cardinals 31-207. new york is now 3-1 -- 31-27. new york is now 3-1, their only loss to washington. when we come back more on the defense bailing out the offense, but it never should have come down to that, doc walker with an emotional and heartfelt final thoughts after the break. ur
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welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. >> look, if you had told any redskins fan or any redskin they would be 3-1 heading into the bye week, you would have had a lot of sign me up, but look, now the team has 14 days without game in the eagles come to fedex field and it's not all good feelings because you can count rick doc walker as one of the many men who was not satisfied today. >> it's always great to win, but if you want to win in the big picture, you have to be critical of yourself and that was ridiculous. we should have put 30 up on this club. they were not very good today and when ryan torain came in running like a mad man, 100
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yards in the half and we tease him. if we feed the belly of the beast, i think we dominate the day. instead it became way too much tension here on the road, but it's the nfl. so you respect the win, but i don't like the manner in which we ended it. >> doc had a good day. he had a good pregame, a good postgame and he was good tonight on nissan sports xtra. tomorrow i'll be live at redskins park at 5:00 and 6:00. mike shanahan will speak in the afternoon. the players will have a practice tuesday and be off. have a great night. i'll see you tomorrow. >> thank you for watching sports xtra brought to you by your washington area nissan dealers.


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