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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 3, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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area ranks on a list of manliest cities in the country, top 10? top 20? we have the answer. let's just say we did not do as well as we did last year more about that coming up later. >> okay. right now we turn to gwen in the weather center for a look at what we can expect today. >> the women are taking over tony, we didn't do as well as last year we are going to dominate. >> let's see what mother nature is dominating she is keeping us in the cool of things, chilly weekend and start to your day let's look at your maps, 49 degrees, national airport, 46 dulles, 45 degrees at baltimore airport, you want to bundle up take a lock at the mid- atlantic, temperatures into the 40s. 60 cape hatteras, 63 norfolk exception, 50 new york, because pretty much everywhere it is into the 40s and chilly for sure. satellite radar composite showing you we have plenty of
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cloud coverage pesky low coverage system leaving us not only with the clouds but also showers quick look at radar for you, our fox 5 live doppler radar will show you some areas are seeing a little bit of light rainfall not all that much but there is some out there and some of it will be spotty throughout the course of the day. back to our weather maps, a look at your planner, cool conditions, rain it won't be a total wash out keep your eyes to the sky later part of the day into the evening we expect to see more rain moving in dreary not the greatest but the 5 day forecast is offering a lot of promise i will have those details later. back to you. all right gwen thank you very much following a developing story overseas, fate of amanda knox hangs in the balance chef >> the jury got the murder appeals case for the former college exchange student, 3 hours a go.
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yes, indeed alison and tony, knox and her former boyfriend were convicted of killing her college roommate during a drug fueled sexual assault in 2007 she got sentenced to 26 years in prison he got 25. knox appeared uneasy this morning as she entered a packed courthouse she gave one last emotional address to the court before the member jury began deliberating. she said quote i am paying with my life for things i didn't do. i want to go home and back to my life. knox said she would have been killed too had she been there the night her college roommate was murdered back in 2007. >> i would be scared, because one person i used to share my life with, to you know who was my roommate, was in the room next to mine and killed in our house. and if i had been there, that
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night i would have been dead as well. an appeals jury has several options on the table they can acquit both defendants and set them free, up hold the conviction, reduce the sentence or increase it. they can split the sentence. knox and her former boyfriend were convicted in 2009 they have already served nearly 4 years in prison a third man in the case had his sentence reduced. thanks maureen. the trial of michael jackson's doctor picked back up conrad murray is accused of administering a lethal dose of a powerful drug to the singer, last week an er doctor testified murray never told them he administered propofol.
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defense testimony resumes in the trial of a fairfax woman accused of killing her granddaughter, prosecutors rested their case last week they maintain she threw the 2- year-old from a walk way at tyson's corner center last year, and that she did it to get back at her son-in-law forgetting her daughter pregnant before they were married. she has pleaded not guilty, by reason of insanity. u.s. supreme court also gets back to work today with what could be a landmark term. >> hanging in the balance the president's health care plan and fox 5s. stacy cohen is live outside with a look ahead. good morning the supreme court has a full plate of issues they have accepted almost 50 cases. it is the one case that they have not yet agreed to deliberate that is getting all the attention here in washington. several of the nations top justices, are looking for guidance, this was the red mass
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in washington sunday a tradition before the court starts its term each year what a term this will be because the court is expected to take up what many call obama care. >> you have both the states challenging the law as well as administration itself telling the supreme court you need to decide this issue now. 26 states argue congress and the president went too far. on behalf of the state we know we start out the argument, losing four justices votes so we need kennedy, we need thomas, we need aledo we need roberts but i think kennedy will be the swing vote. >> kenty has become the -- kennedy has become the most watched justice on the court either way looks like a decision will come at the height of campaign season. >> which i think will actually be good for both sides, regardless of the way it comes out because, it will take off the table the heat of the
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rhetoric about whether or not the law is constitutional. and of course that won't be the only issue there are many high profile cases including an immigration case whether or not children of illegal immigrants brought to this country without input on their own should be deported also whether or not law enforcement has the right to track a suspect using gps without a warrant. it all starts 10:00 a.m. today, reporting live, back to you. all right thank you very much. >> meantime a maryland family is suing the farm and distributor of the tainted cantaloupe after their loved one got sick and died she died august 31st health officials say he had the same listeria strain as the cantaloupe he is the only reported case in maryland. anti wall street protestors starting another week camped out near wall street's
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financial district the demonstration that started with a dozen college students has grown and protestors don't appear to be leaving any time soon some had a run in with police over the weekend. >> reporter: new york city police arresting hundreds of protestors, fanning across one of the city's most recognizable landmarks the brooklyn bridge shutting down a lane of traffic for several hours saturday. in the middle of the bridge out bound side of the roadway all three lanes across and the police have them corralled. >> reporter: at least 700 people arrested most on disorderly conduct many released hours later. >> there was nothing just about what they were doing we didn't antagonize them didn't confront them in any way when we sat down they started grabbing legs, arms random people there were kids up there. >> reporter: albuquerque getting in on the act sunday hundreds crowding this
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intersection. passers by agreeing with their message. people in denver also telling corporations to back down. signs claiming wall street is our street. west ward to los angeles, 2,000 people marching to city hall in solidarity of occupy wall street. >> this has begun in response to the corporatization that has happened, within our government we are tire of it. >> reporter: some say this movement has just begun. >> protest movements in this country are not dead there is a place for it and we, especially now need it more than ever. he helped bring sesame street to a global audience now he will take over as president and ceo of ntr he will start at national public radio in december. he succeeds, vivian sheller who
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resigned in march, after a former member was seen calling the tea party racist. today, grand opening of the first student run bank in maryland congress woman donna edwards and controller, will be among dignitaries on hand for clark dale high school branch in river dale the bank will be operated by students who will provide services exclusively to students, teachers, administrators this is just the fourth student run bank in the nation. minutes ago engineers made their way back out to the top of the washington monument looking at live pictures here as they continue their work they are continuing to check for earthquake damage crews were not able to inspect it over the weekened due to our weather conditions the wind and so forth once the team is finished they will go to the national cathedral to check for problems it was also damaged by the earthquake and then by a
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crane that fell over. engineers and architects with specialized climbing skills will survey the north and south towers, starting a week from today. news of another closure, weather may have you craving chili but you will have to get it somewhere other thane than ben's chili bowl when workers got there this morning they discovered major plumbing issues they hope to open friday or saturday in time for the dc world chili eating championship we will keep you posted. >> red skins pull off another win but it was against one of the worst teams in the nfl. >> so they still won. >> yep. >> there were stumbling points, dave ross joins us again with more on high and low points from last night's game remember it was a win much more ahead 9:10 a.m. 
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say what you will it was a victory for the red skins last night. >> this were touching moments, we are reading this part we didn't write this. >> i can't believe you just read that and said that. dave ross is here to talk about it look they won. that is good we are 3 and is. >> that's right. >> that is -- 3 and 1. >> that's right. >> that is good we want to keep winning we are seeing some areas where we need improvement that has why we talk about. >> red plays. >> yes. scott walker was out there for the post game show, from st. louis he said after the game if you are okay with this, this is the way you want to win cool enjoy it but if you want to be a really good team, you've got to improve on those things, we are going to get right to the heart of the matter. so let's look at it first i thought he was very good on the second series of the game last week against dallas they were
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very inefficient on 3rd down. so it is important to get going early they had another key 3rd down same drive again, boom getting down deep in st. louis range and again, another one, rex to santana moss, and again 3rd downs pretty big time. red zone, can't do that any better and moss professional, gets it down, that is the good rex we want to see more of that rex let's look at the bad rex. >> seems to happen alison we don't know why but second week in row just doesn't see a linebacker the linebacker slides underneath. >> how do you not see him. >> great question i am sure rex wants to know how come i don't see him. when you look at this replay itaccentuates the point, no pressure, great pocket in front of him all kinds of time to
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make the proper read, and he doesn't. there is the linebacker sliding underneath, with two safeties coming in. forced throw he doesn't have to make. the good news, he still gets the win he can learn from those mistakes without having it cost you. >> if we can minimize bad rex and have like 85% good rex we don't want any. you are going to get some then we are in good shape. >> let's here from mike shanahan and good rex. we did some good things, we didn't finish, and the key is, to keep on getting better as a football team, play your best football in september, october we haven't done that hopefully we will get better each week. >> when you get a victory you have to appropriate the things you debt -- appreciate the things you debt togged those 17 points, no doubt we can improve and will improve but we are 3
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and 1 got a chance to rest a little bit and you know, got a big game. there you can see the body language, kind of not real comfortable with the win. >> you know what it is he is not comfortable in the suit. honestly that is what i was looking at his suit. >> what do you think? >> it was okay. >> he is yanking on it. >> if you paid attention some times he is in a flannel shirt other times, his red skins gear, i think it is an old suit >> it is an old suit. i love him i like rex. >> i like the suit but i am not fashion plate myself. defense, sensational, they had 7 sacks, in any suit this guy will be a big guy, get a big tall suit too. but they will win more games this way if defense keeps playing like this they have a real chance to be special team real quickly, ryan terrain came
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out of nowhere, had not played at all and then get 135-yards, lights out again this was his first carry of the season, alison watch the impact. >> oh. >> that wakes you up in the morning. >> sitting right there. >> very next play they will run the same play and safety, try to make that hit,. >> yeah. >> same guy. >> go ahead and score i am not taking that shot again. >> he hasn't played in so long i didn't know who it was. >> like ryan terrain. >> my son is who is that guy. >> hey, it is terrain. >> 3 and 1 go in the by week. thanks appreciate it. >> all right, well, let's move along to what we are reading next. do you often hail a cab here in the district. >> what is that? >> okay end of an era in capitol hill social scene final last call at one popular watering hole.
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>> you come here and do this. the hawk and dove. >> i have been there. >> yeah, it closed its doors for good. >> because i was there. >> 44 years. audrey barnes was there as loyal patrons prepare to say goodbye. >> from regular every day guy, busboy to congressman, senators, movers and shakers, everybody has been in this place forever. >> this bar has played host to mitt cos, with the last names of obama, carrie, gingrich, celebs, and countless other people from the neighbourhood who scored lasting friendships >> i moved to capitol hill because the general manager of this bar lent me the rent that is the only reason i am here 11 years later. >> owners announced in august they were closing the hawk and dove after a rival bar owner took over the lease. news sent people scrambling
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to remember the hawk by. >> it has been here 50 years, food is good, people are fun it is sad. >> the new owner says it will close for 5 months or so for a full scale renovation and reopen. hawk and dove regulars say it will never be the same. >> what i am afraid of, when this happens, they will change the characters of the place, and the characterses. and that will be sad. >> a lot of people used to go there all the time. sad. >> audrey barnes reporting. >> well, now do you often hail a cab in the district. it could soon cost you more coming up. holly is taking us to italy this morning kind of. holly >> i know. i know get your passport out we are travelling this weekend sunday, marks the 13th annual, festa italiana. we are getting a wonderful preview, coming up, we will
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meet festa eagle and flying vs they will be there sunday. we will talk about it live later a look at today's trivia question which of jim hen son's puppets was a regular on national television, kermit the frog, miss piggy, rowlf the dog or animal. the answer coming up in just -- animal, the answer coming up in just a little bit. >> the muppets singing bohemian rap sew di ♪ [ music ] lysol believes your family should never have to touch
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a pilot survived a plane crash managing to swim to safety but his mother was killed in the crash.
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searchers were called to smith island the pilot reported troubles and disappeared from radar. 8:00 p.m. last night he turned up on smith island but said his elderly mother who was also on the plane died while they were in the water. death investigation of a war veteran in george washington graduate student continues, 33-year-old patrick casey died after he fell during a fight at mcdonald's last month his death was ruled a homicide but a police investigation say he may have started the fatal confrontation by pushing one of the men down. almost everyone involved in the incident has been identified. the casey family says none of what the police are saying makes sense. >> good news in the district the number of homicides on pace to be the lowest in decades as of friday, 81 people have been killed in the is thety, 96 at this time -- city, 96 at this
9:26 am
time last year, to put things in perspective there were 454 homicides in 1993. police chief credited the drop on better community relationships and police tactics as well as improved technology. prepare to pay more for a taxi in the district dc taxi cab commission is removing the $19 cap on fares, the meter will keep running no matter how far you go. it will be lifted october 22nd. several controversies hitting the campaign trail this morning, her main cain takes them both on from racism to an incident at the last debate. and chilly this weekend when will we see a warm up can we bank on any sun this weekgwen's forecast coming up next. live pictures of the work being
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>> there is a new list out of america's manliest cities, dc doesn't bode well in this poll. >> no, the nations capitol comes in number 42 out of 50. that is down 33 spots from last year. the country's manliest city is nashville tennessee, appropriate with the song we heard there. the poll gives points for things like number of pro sports teams, popularity of power tools, frequency of monster truck rallies. >> it takes away points for abundance of home furnishing stores, high minivan sales and subscription rates to beauty magazines. >> come on. but i don't understand what
9:31 am
changed from the last year that would drop us to number 42. >> do you have a mirror. hey, it is not about individuals, it is about the city itself. >> the city itself i don't know that is a very good question. >> what you said, joking earlier, that women are. >> taking over. >> more than a joke. >> no, it is not a joke certainly in washington, many women of influence and power, and you know, so maybe -- >> we like our power tools and monster trucks. all right. have you got the new vogue? telling you girl. >> drinking it at the coffee shop. put on a hard hat. taking it over. >> any way kind of interesting. >> it is. it is. so and speaking of women mother nature, is dominating, just pulling in all the fall weather i know you felt the nipness on the weekened i did even this morning, a little chillier
9:32 am
start to your day, 49 degrees national airport, humidity 71%, light, westerly wind, 5 miles per hour mother nature dominating because she is letting us know we are not dealing with summer any more. elsewhere, 45 degrees, gaithersburg, 46 baltimore, dulles, 46 degrees fredericks burg 50 to the west, 45 winchester and 46 degrees martins burg the clouds in full force across the area, cooler conditions settling in not only for us but eastern portions of the country, all of the great lakes area, northeast, temperatures 40s and 50s. not much warmer out to the west, definitely you can see where the deciding line is with this cooler air settling in we had this pesky low pressure sis em that just -- system that just doesn't want to go any where. it has been effecting us into the course of the weekend producing a lot of clouds across the area and widespread rainfall some of you have seen
9:33 am
it off and on throughout the course of the weekend some of you didn't get anything at all some of you got heavier pockets you can see we have sun moving across the bay, to the south here manassas and alexandria and more to the northeast that will be the pattern into the course of the afternoon hours, back to our weather maps, some of the wet weather here and there spotty in nature this system will pull its way out as we move into the course of tomorrow especially that will bring us back to brighter skies, still cool today high of 57 degrees your overnight low chilly, 47 more showers later on. the day 57 degrees overcast cool with the rain light westerly wind flow as we move through into tonight, chilly, 47, cooler in the burr bs, your 5 day forecast will give you sunshine temperatures on the rise, a great warm up headed
9:34 am
your way. alison. thank you so much. well, president barack obama heads back out on the road tomorrow he will travel to dallas to attend two fundraisingluncheons head to st. louis the raise money for his re-election and promote his jobs plan he has mounted a steady campaign of his jobs proposal since submitting it three weeks ago but the democratic controlled senate has not considered it yet. president obama thanked the gay and lesbian community for creating a country where everyone feels equal. the president took a shot at an incident during one of the gop presidential debates where a question from a gay soldier was booed by the crowd. >> we don't believe in the smallness that says it is okay for a stage full of political leaders, one of whom could end up being president of the united states, being silent when an american soldier is booed.
9:35 am
[ applause ] >> we don't believe in that. we don't believe in standing silent when that happens, we don't believe in them being silent. you want to be commander and chief, you can start by standing up for the men and women who wear the uniform of the united states, even when it is not politically convenient. on the sunday political talk shows, republican nominee hopeful herman cain was asked why he or other candidates did not speak up to disprove of the out burst. in the heat of a debate when you have exactly 60 seconds to answer any question, taking that time to try and figure out why they were booing i happen to thing maybe they were booing the whole don't ask don't tell repeal, more so than booing that soldier, but we didn't know that so that was not the time to try and decipher, why were they reacting that way. cain was asked about
9:36 am
another headline grabber this weekend a racially insensitive name on a rock outside a texas hunting camp, rick perry's family used to lease. >> cain criticized his rival for not acting sooner, in removing the n word he made thoughts clear talking with fox news on the hill's chris wallace. >> my reaction is that, that is just very insensitive, that is in a more vile negative word than the n word for him the leave it there as much as he did before i hear that they finally painted over it, is just plain insensitive, to a lot of black people in the country. perry campaign countered perry's father painted over the rock to cover up the offensive word soon after leasing the site in the 1980s the family never owned or managed to property. some how roo rumors are -- rumors are swirling about a run
9:37 am
for chris christy. now he is supposedly reconsidering in light of encouragement from the likes of henry kissen injury and bar bra bush he would have to set up his team fast. tv news legend signed off, we will show you some of andy rooney's segment. >> first. >> i love this song. >> another look at today's trivia question, which of jim hen son's muppets was a first to become a regular on national television, kermit the frog, miss piggy, rowlf the dog or animal. the answer in a little bit we will be right back startiting my progresso sp for lunch plan, huh. nope,
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i may have given the impression i don't care what anyone else thinks but i do care i care a lot. i have always hoped people will like what i have written. he made a career of always speaking his mind last night on cbs news, 60 minutes, andy rooney signed off it was his 1,097th commentary he never considered himself a tv personality he is a writer he was a regular on 60 minutes for the last 33 years he is 92 years old and said he wishes he could do his job forever. >> good for him. we have a passing to note of a man whose name you probably don't recognize but whose work you probably do. robert whit kerr who took some of the most famous photographs to have beatles has died his work includes the album cover from the album with the beatles, in america called meet
9:42 am
beats he photographed -- beatles, he photographed other idols as well he was 71 years old. iconic photos. took the words out of my mouth. >> did you put that story in. >> yes, i did. >> coming up the pasta, sauce, wine everything italy all right here at home. holly is showing us an event like taking a trip across the pond to italy itself. detales you don't want to miss next. of course it is october that means halloween is right around the corner. and annie is up next with pet costumes you don't want to miss. >> this should be fun state farm. this is jessica.
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fantastic food and culture make italy one of the world's most popular travel destinations but you don't have to leave town for a taste of it. holly morris is at the casa italiana where they are hosting a street festival -- hey, holly tell us about it. that is a tall person next to you. >> reporter: you drinking a little proseco this morning. it is 6 hours ahead in italy. we are having a whole lot of fun here you may ask why are you telling me about a festival this sunday on monday that is how much they want you to be a part of it, come out and spend the well day here. they are really celebrating all things italian you will get a sense of the spirit of the italian community. we have been entertained all morning long by the flying vs. you are probably wondering who
9:47 am
are those wonderfully talented young people veronica good morning. >> good morning. >> tell me about your group. >> well, we are the flying vs they are all my younger sisters and we are called the flying vs because all our names begin with the letter v which makes it confusing in our house. >> even in your own family. >> yeah. >> how did you learn these skills? >> we are part of a circus club we joined 13 years ago and just took the hobby one step further. >> you enjoy it and like doing festivals like this. >> oh, it is a lot of fun for everybody. >> it is a lot of fun for us to watch you guys are great we appreciate you being out here they love for you to come out and see them sunday i love it veronica usually i am the tall person so this time i get to look up to you i love that. >> me too i am not usually this tall. >> you are doing great staying on those stilts there this is one part of the entertainment
9:48 am
they will have there they will also have festa eagle. flown in just for us good morning to you. >> good morning. >> tell me about what you are going to do on sunday >> i am going to read stories and singing songs with children of all ages. >> and now, your specialty is an italian story tell hear will you tell the children about. >> we will speak in italian and english about our heritage, christopher columbus and the power of the eagle to fly. >> beautiful. i love it. your kids will be mesmerized if you are a little older and not going to spend a lot of time but want to learn about the italian culture this is our next guest with the cultural committee he joins me this morning. >> good morning. >> we have been talking a lot about the food and fun and festive atmosphere but there is
9:49 am
a real message and lesson to learn as well. >> yes there are two related themes of this festival, one is the 150th anniversary of italian unification, and the other is italian immigration over the decades, 150 years of italian immigration and if i may, i will show you, we have four videos, that we have,. >> go ahead our time is fleeting i want to make sure people understand he has put together a few clips for us but you will have a longer thing people can view sunday. >> of course this is actually, this is the italian soccer team when they won the world championship, and they are singing the italian national anthem. >> that looks good. i mean that sounds good. >> yeah. >> and this is on the theme of we have 12 songs and in
9:50 am
addition to that, we have about 10 songs from the piece about italian immigration if you want i can play that one too. >> go ahead and start to play that one we may not get to it all but i want to ask you how strong the italian culture here in dc is. >> well, unlike many of the other cities, where they have the traditional saints festival, here, the italians have dispursed, to some extent but it is still strong we are trying to keep it strong having these festivals every year. what used to be an italian neighbourhood here and now it is you know fbi building across the street and this type of thing but the church is still going strong and the italians from the entire metropolitan area come to this festival and we want the non-italians to come too and they do. >> very good the invitation has officially been extended thank
9:51 am
you for your italian hospitality to us this morning it has been wonderful and overwhelming indeed our website, we have a link to festa italiana going on this sunday, f and 3rd streets i suggest you stop eating now bring your appetite sunday and spend the whole day here and visit the gelati booth a minimum of three times but that is just my opinion. >> sounds good to me. >> it is low fat thank you. >> well, if you are one of those owners who just loves to dress up your pets, in adorable yet humiliating costumes you must know they sell out quickly. >> retailers have stocked the shelves with the most popular and hottest costumes of the year annie yu is showing us what is popular along with special -- oh, annie -- >> not for adoption. >> that is right i do have some very special guests, on our
9:52 am
halloween edition of monday's pets but first our good friend kyle butler meyers, now kyle, not all pets are willing participants we realize that, so what are some options for cats because they can get a little fin nicky. >> well, for pets that don't like to dress up, you got crunches and then this one here has bat ears as well those work well for your dog and then we've also got collars at our stores, that will work great for cats as well. >> national retail federation is saying, 17 million people this year are going to put their pets in some costumes, and you said some are already sold out. >> most definitely they are flying off the shelves the shark costume, the hot dog, one
9:53 am
of our most popular one. >> so if you are looking to buy a costume for your dog get out early as possible, also get the opportunity to get the dog dressed up, used to a costume, the dog is not used to it, they will rustle around and try to take it off. now real quickly show us or can you tell us how to measure your dog, for the right size i mean where should you start? >> so you are going to start at the base of the neck to the tail and measure, most of our costumes, you will have a measurement on here that will tell you what size the dog will be so medium, 13 to 15 inches base of the neck to the tail. that one will not have -- >> you can see how small it is. >> exactly, for a toy like a chihuahua. bring your dog into the store that is a great option, you will see what it looks like and make sure it will be the right size. >> clearly there are a lot of
9:54 am
options. >> you have the shark, hot dog we have hoodys. bones, maybe find something to match you and your pet together. >> love it for the hottest costume trends we have a special guest debbi, debbi martin all of you know her she is in our regular rotation of monday pets. >> this gorgeous boy is london believe it or not he is only 1- year-old and he is about 85 pounds, you can see he is really well behaved and a tough guy so this pumpkin suit is just totally humiliating to him. what is he wearing. >> so he has on the jack-o- lantern costume most of our larger costumes come with an ensemble piece he has the top and body of the pumpkin cut out. okay and then also we want to bring in our other friend, your hearts are going to melt
9:55 am
people come in over here let's make room for them guys. what is he wearing? >> so harry potter has on our devil costume, devil horns and red costume with the devil tail going on, harry potter is rocking a devil costume. yep. >> and tell us -- >> this is -- >> our little princess. >> she has the crown, the little footies as well. >> she is a shy princess. >> exactly. >> tell us about the adoption event coming up debbi. >> every sunday we are at petco chantilly this is greta, she is 3.5 months old she came with her brother from west virginia, she is so sweet and playful. >> this one here is harry potter he came in with 11 siblings, look at that.
9:56 am
>> if you are interested in any of the feature pets log on the our website back to you tony and alison. oh, what a great group. >> i know. >> i wonder what those dogs are thinking when you put clothes on them. >> our crazy human. we love them. the answer to today's trivia question after the break q get irresistibly clean and fresh carpets in your home
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with resolve deep clean powder. the moist powder removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean.
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let's answer the trivia question, which of jim henson's muppets was first to become a regular on national television, rowlf the dog he was created for a dog food commercial. >> i did not know that. these dogs are so so cute. >> they are here is a look at the 5 day forecast, great dog walking weather past today, sunshine


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