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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  October 3, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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to anyone. forensic experts discredited the police evidence used to convict knox. while she and her exboyfriend have been acquitted of murder, charges stick for falsely accusing someone else in this case, she has served enough time for that and is free to go back to the united states. a moment after the verdict, her sister addressed the crowds outside the courthouse in italy she thanked supporters and especially the legal team who helped defend her sister in court. >> we are thankful amanda's nightmare is over, she suffered for four years for a crime that she did not commit, we are thankful for our lawyers, and their assistants. not only did they defend her brilliantly but they also loved her. we are thankful for support, we
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have received from all over the world, people who took the time to research the case, and could see amanda and raphael were innocent p. last we are thankful to the court for having the courage to look for the truth and over turn this conviction. our coverage of the amanda knox appeal continues online head to for complete wrap up of the case that captivated the world's attention. news alert on the massachusetts man accused in a bomb plot targeting the pentagon and u.s. capitol, 26- year-old man pleaded not guilty he was arrested in massachusetts last week prosecutors claim he planned to fly remote controlled planes packed with explosives into those buildings, a bail hearing is delayed for weeks his lawyer wants more time to prepare he was arrested after under cover federal agents, delivered material, grenades, machine
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guns, fake explosive which is they claim he ordered. two armed men took over a friendlies restaurant in glen burr knee, ordered customers to the floor it turned violent when one man was stabbed and another hit in the head. live with that story paul. >> laura, just before 9:00 p.m. last night two men burst into the friendlies and announced the stick up ordering two dozen or so people inside the give up their wallets and cell phones when one of the patrons failed to move fast enough he was stabbed in the abdomen. inside this glen burnie friendlies two armed men dressed all in black stole valuables from customers as they ate dinner and dessert when one customer resisted he was stabbed. apparently he was not complying with demands, it is still under investigation what happened there but it appears he was stabbed in the torso area, taken to shock trauma with nonlife threatening injuries. the owner of the restaurant
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had a slightly different version saying the bandits wanted his cell phone so he could not call 911 he had trouble getting it out of his pocket. >> i think it is all apart to have economy going on, and you know i wasn't here to witness anything and it is an unfortunate situation i wish it never happened. the men took money from the restaurant's register as well, people who frequent the restaurant expressed surprise it happened here at all. >> usually you don't see stuff around here like that. a lot of people go there, and family restaurant i go with my kid all the time take my 1-year- old there and get ice cream i never heard of anything like that around here. >> lucky i wasn't in there. it would have been like iraq been like some serious stuff going on to where they wouldn't have took over nut being me with no knife. -- nothing with me with no knife. witnesses describe the masked men being in their 20s. >> it is unclear if there were surveillance cameras inside the
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restaurant the owner wouldn't say police say they are looking to talk to some witnesses who left before detectives arrived they would like to hear from those people tonight. paul wagner, thank you. in months these recruits will be the newest members of the dc police force mayor grey and police chief welcomed them to their first day at the police academy their training will last 28 weeks, crews are starting their work at the same time the district has seen big results reducing murders by 15% over the last year. >> this is our third year with dramatic reductions in homicides, we have focused the whole department on very specific things we thought were driving homicides and it is working. >> police department aims to have 3900 officers by this time next year right now there are 3800 officers on the force. dozens of commuters pulled out heavy winter coat ifs you were out there you know why the chilly morning made it tough to get out the door and get going. more on these colder
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temperatures gary is it going to get worse this evening? >> it will be cold it is hard to imagine it would be getting any worse than what we already had for saturday, sunday and today the question is, when is it going to get better, let me say first of all out there, where there is rain gain, not a lot of rain out there today, that is good a lot of it that we were seeing on the west salesperson northwestern neighbourhoods, tapered off most of what we are seeing now is down baltimore, anne arundel county, a few showers into prince georges county this is mostly moving from north to south, and it does appear to be dissipating and weakening the good news for us the storm system is moving away look at these temperatures, 48 good faithers burg, 42 city, only -- gaithersburg, 42 city, there is a little hope coming here, we have this area of low pressure that has been sitting and spinning, right on top of us this weekend, keeping it cool basically up and down the east
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coast at least for virginia and maryland and up towards new york city, but there is the upper low, sitting, spinning, does finally look like it is on the move, as it moves east and northeast, fingers crossed on this, there is not a lot to move it but we will have improving weather conditions, let me just put this little bug in your ear shawn after we get this out of here after this week and weekend gorgeous. >> thank you. >> >> i am sure they would like the better weather engineers back on the job repelling down the washington monument looking for earthquake damage high windrain forced them to take the weekend off it isn't the first time weather caused them problems, friday a big gust of wind blue one engineer 30 feet from the monument fortunately he wasn't hurt officials changed procedures to prevent it from happening again. >> it hasn't been easy for the red skins yesterday another
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game full of drama. dave feldman is at red skins park and joins us live. a win is a win. >> absolutely you are right. defense played really well they had 15 sacks this season tied with the eagles for most in the entire nfl, 7 yesterday when they have 4 or more they win 785 for some of the time defense is doing their job they are 3 and 1, for the first time since 2008 let me show you what happened yesterday in st. louis, because it started pretty good, second possession, rex gross man to moss. 6-yard touchdown, red skins, took a 7-0 lead now to the 2nd quarter marks the return of ryan terrain. second carry results in a 26- yard touchdown run. 14-0 red skins, 6 minutes left. red skins leave, 17-10, he
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returns it a long way only 15- yards, but gets to the red skins 19 and ran a long way so now this game is close to being tied but defense followed with consecutive sacks, 1 by brian, finished 2.5 and red skins escaped, 17-10. here is what the head coach had to say about his team being 3 and 1 heading into the buy week. >> we are four games into the season, now this is just getting started, i feel very good about where we are at as a football team obviously defensively we played our best game since we have been here offensively i was pleased with the way we ran the football. you go against the team they give up 3-yards a carry to giants, so they have like some good run defense and to go in their place and do the running game like we did, i was pleased. i feel good about where we are at, you know, four games into the season we got to keep on
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getting better hopefully we will. >> since 1990, this is the 11th time red skins headed to the buy week with a better than 500 record since that time all 11 times they have never had a losing record, at the end of the season that is a good omen. they are off this week two weeks from yesterday laura, eagles come to town. they are ticked off they lost one to san francisco yesterday after blowing a big lead and played buffalo before they play the red skins back you. >> with this buy week they have no excuses red skins, if they take a loss to the eagles, right? >> right. >> no excuses. all right thank you. we want to know what you think about the red skins qv are you satisfied with rex gross man's performance. we will report the results of this tonight at 10. rumour millworking over drive will he actually jump in the race a closer look at new
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jersey governor's potential bid. also emergency crews working an unbelievable scene in texas a wall of fire sending thick black smoke into the air the latest on this still developing situation next. >> fox 5 news at 5 coming right back ♪
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[ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase. learn more and apply today at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. we are following a developing story down in texas. thick black smoke poured out, a
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nearby college was evacuated students and teachers at an elementary school have been asked to stay inside in case dangerous gases are released into the air right now it is not clear what started that fire. the waiting game for new jersey governor chris christy appears to be coming down to the wire the republican lawmaker is reportedly huddling with senior advisors and will make a decision about run being the president next two days if christy runs some analysts say he could face the same stumbling blocks other republicans have. tom fitzgerald is following this one. is he doing this to satisfy republican backers or is this for reel? >> i -- real. >> i talked to some staffers, they tell me this is legit, for real reconsideration really took root over the last few days, after repeatedly insisting he was not interested in this, not going to run for president, governor christy, decided he did at least owe it to the party to take a second
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look at all this. remember he delivered that big speech at the ronald regan library where he was urged right in front of nancy regan to run, christy just said the event made a very big impact on him whether or not it was big enough to get him into this race is a question we are going to get the answer to in a couple days. so what is going into this decision and how will it effect, could it effect the other candidates? >> right now the big concern for them laura and those other campaigns if chris christy steps into this race, he is going to become the instant front runner i am told the decision is weighing several other factors, besides just getting in the first will be family. christy and his wife mary pat have four children a couple pretty young and that will be a big factor also the calendar to consider in all this is there enough time left to register in all these primaries those other campaigns already up and running, and finally, the most important question of all perhaps is money can christy
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draw together these millions of dollars needed to run for president he is getting help in that area, republican states men like henry disininjury working behind the scenes to line -- kissen ger lining up behind the scenes. the president got in a few police call shots of his own. the president has been pushing this jobs bill of his he was announcing several weeks ago, in front of the joint session of congress. the white house placed a lot of importance on this bill jobs are shaping up to be one of the big issues in this presidential campaign just before a cabinet meeting today the president challenged republicans in congress to work with him to pass this bill and not just block it to gain political advantage here is what the president had to say. >> we have been hearing from republicans, there are some proposals they are interested in, that is not surprising since the contents of the
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american jobs act, includes proposals that in the past have been supported by republicans and democrats alike. and if there are aspects to have bill they don't like they should tell us what it is they are not willing to go for. now the president says, this jobs bill will cost $450 billion includes tax breaks for companies that will hire and also includes higher taxes on the wealthy it should be noted everyone of these presidential candidates on the republican side oppose the president's plan. >> of course they do that is what they are supposed to say. thanks very much. supreme court started its new term today the biggest case expected to hit the docket, president obama's health care overhaul, both administration and opponents of the law filed appeals the court is expected to make a case next spring and make a ruling in june the first case is also health care related justices are hearing
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arguments whether california can make changes to its cal care program the state wants to prevent doctors from suing, over payments for poor or low income payments. in los angeles, week two in the trial of dr. conrad murray testifying to day the er doctor who gave paramedics permission to pronounce the king of pop dead. >> no mention of propofol, correct? >> that's correct. >> prosecutors claim dr. murray gave jackson a lethal dose of propofol leading to his death in 2009. live from l.a. with more on today's testimony. did the er docks testimony hurt or help the defense today? >> that is a really good question laura because they were punching holes on both sides the prosecution wanted her on the stand for a second day, to be able to talk more about what happened after michael jackson got to the hospital.
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we heard the comment there about did dr. murray every say anything about propofol the question was no but why did he continue to have heroic treatment put on him when she was ready to pronounce him dead in the field at 12:57 p.m. in the afternoon because dr. murray wanted to have them try anything because he thought he sensed a faint pulse when they got to the hospital for an hour and 13 minutes there were chest compressions and various medications given and efforts to try to see if they could save his life and there was a point she said where one of the 14 people in the room thought they detected a faint pulse everybody stopped what they were doing there was no pulse and it was 2:26 p.m. in the afternoon they finally pronounced him dead many questions about dr. murray and propofol for instance, dr. cooper the er doctor on the stand was asked by defense do
5:19 pm
you ever use propofol she gave instances where she uses it. the defense saying, see you don't have to be. >> announcer: thesology to use propofol. if you ask attorneys, they will say it was a good witness for defense she lays out part of that timeline, defense will say she established propofol can be used by someone other than an anaethesiologist and she couldn't answer the question when did he die. that is a big question in the timeline there was only one person in the room when he died, dr. conrad murray, so you know. >> as they try to hammer out the timeline and figure out when he died i know today they had testimony from some of the cell phone companies about phone calls dr. murray made that day, explain how -- why that is so important. well, it is all about
5:20 pm
building foundation you know they brought in these massive documents, the at&t representative brought in a 73 page document and sprint representative brought in a document over 30 pages and details all of the calls that came off of dr. murray's phone whether it was data for a text message, e-mail or phone talk call, and so, they are able now, we talk about the timeline they are able now to begin to try to close in on the timeline by using phone calls and text messages, and then have witnesses come in and be able to establish they were the ones that made this call they were the ones that made that text message. so shawn it is really a science we are at the beginning of this scientific information is going to end up becoming the rule in helping sort of defend dr. murray, this coming from defense attorneys it is starting to shape up that way it is all about science. >> let me ask you a question nothing to do with science any jackson family members there in the courtroom?
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we can see the defendant and the person on the stand and judge who is in the gallery watching this? >> well, joe and katherine, michael's parents have been there since the beginning but she was not there today, and randi germaine, janet, and rivi sisters were in the courtroom and katherine and michael jackson's three children have gone off to montreal for a cirque du soleil tribute and katherine will go on to wales for the tribute over there she won't be back in the courtroom until october 10th. kind of strange his mother has been here every day. >> all right. halizeener thanks forgiving us -- hal eisner thanks forgiving us that. you can watch it live, the apple stream video live from the courtroom, for more
5:22 pm
information check out are parents putting children at risk. disturbing new statistics reveal some families are delaying or postponing necessary vaccine what is is behind this growing trend? when fox 5 news at 5 continues chef. >> live lookout side you can feel the chill in the air will you need to crank the heat tonight. gary's sneak peek at the forecast next 
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sorry to be the one to bear the bad news you can't indulge your craving for the next few days, ben's chili bowl is closed because of a plumbing issue. they are hoping to reopen friday or saturday. that is going to stink for a lot of people >> chef especially when we have weather like today. >> nice to have some chili what is it a half smoke with chili on top. >> do something about it gary. >> this will make you
5:26 pm
appreciate wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. >> light at the end of the tunnel. >> a lot of light at the end of the tunnel. let's go quickly, let me show you what is going on, close area of low pressure sitting and spinning, right over the mid-atlantic and sitting here last few days a couple showers up into western pa, that will spin around and bring us a chance of showers this evening. see that big area of rain that is approaching up towards boston that is going to go all the way around into tomorrow it will give us another chance of showers tomorrow, not as bad but you know what, we are not going to be nearly -- not going to be perfect until we get to wednesday, thursday, friday this little storm system will be slow to move a few showers, at 7, a few showers at 11 perhaps a spotty shower at 11 too winds will be light. it will be chilly and raw out there again coming back with the complete forecast in just a bit it is a good one too. you are going to really like what we have to show you for
5:27 pm
the rest of the week after we get this storm out of here ladies. >> you are selling it gary >> i am trying. give me a little hope that is all can i do. >> we are buying it. we all know that vaccines are supposed to help keep your kids from getting sick why would some parents delay them. >> a growing trend coming up. >> protestors, swarming the streets of new york and not afraid to get arrested tonight the message could soon be spreading latest on a call to action next [ female announcer ] at,
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you can choose your channel package. ♪ you can choose your own internet speeds. ♪ you can even choose to chat with a live person. ♪ and you're always guaranteed the lowest prices online. so don't wait... try, compare and buy at today. because there's never been a better time to build the perfect fios bundle. local charities bracing for a big hit. contributions from fannie mae and freddie mac will cease to exist. melanie is here with what this means now for nonprofits, mel. fanny and freddie have been the two largest corporate
5:31 pm
donors, nationally and locally but the implosion of the housing market means their finances and roles are dramatically changed local charities may not be able to rely on them any more. >> reporter: fannie mae money helped build this day care at martha's table. freddie mac money sustains bit but contributions could be going away. succession of shoes that keep dropping. martha's table is one of hundreds of local nonprofits, that have counted on funds from fannie mae and freddie mac. in 2007 the two housing finance titans contributed, $65 million to charities nationwide then the housing market collapsed the companies lost money and their donations dropped 40%. we are still dealing with demand for grocery, that quadrupled over the last two years, 260 kids are on our waiting list for day care. a new report predicts what this political climate, fannie mae and freddie mac will soon
5:32 pm
disappear as we know them. copeland said the clock has been ticking. it is a bit of a wake up call now we know. >> that means nonprofits will need to find ways to get more money from a lot of places. >> we are all going to have to come to this table together to figure out how to fill this void. >> reporter: it is more than just dollars lost, they set the bar high for other corporations to follow. >> this is real and the solutions are going to have to be just as real as the problem. >> while some other company may step in to fannie mae and freddie mac's shoes, charities know they have many miles to go. >> fannie mae says they have not announced any changes to their corporate giving, corporate neighbors, funded that study and they are all coming together to organize a big effort called give to the max day they want to attract new, younger, more digitally engaged donors to start getting into the habit of donating to charity.
5:33 pm
>> never hurts to start that early. a lot of people are used to fannie mae's help the homeless walk what will become to that? -- become of that? this were reports this year's walk will be the last but local charities like martha's table have said they have not been told that and fannie mae has been working with them to organize their own miniwalks but whatever happens we know that legacy will continue. thank you. protestors raising a racket on wall street are spreading their word nationally now the occupy wall street protest has been going on three weeks and now despite a lack of any solid message other demonstrations are popping up around the country, tracy burns has details. the occupy wall street protest entering its third week, following the rest of 700 people over the weekend the group -- following the arrest of 700 people over the weekend the group is sending mixed messages. >> many things to complain
5:34 pm
about especially health care and our government's resources >> i think the primary purpose of this at this point is simply simulate obstruction. there is many different views here there isn't a single one view or one word you know. hundreds of people remain camped out in lower manhattan, periodic marchs on the new york stock exchange and city hall are scheduled throughout the week the main complaint financial industries role in the recent economic crisis. most are calling for an end to capital limp all together protestors have no clear leader but that isn't stopping other movements from popping up across the country. similar demonstrations happened in los hang legals san francisco, chicago -- los angeles, san francisco, chicago, new mexico. >> this is a rag tag group numbers have gone up and down and you are right, it is a fair hit to say they thing they want
5:35 pm
20 different things some of which is contradictory to each other. >> regardless of the group's intentions and apparent lack of focus occupy wall street is gaining popularity. hollywood celebrities are pledging support and they are saying they are going to stay until the banking system as we know it ceases to exist. in new york, tracy burns. if you ask for an extension to file your dc income taxes, back in april you will get more time the get your paperwork in the extension deadline is usually october 15th but that is saturday so the deadline is moving to monday october 17th. there may be no limit on how much you have to pay for a cab ride in dc. the dc taxi cab commission is removing the $19 cap on the cost of a trip right now you can't be charged any more than $19 no matter how long the ride is and that doesn't include charges for extra bags or gas surcharge the chairman of the commission tells us if there are any negative comments or
5:36 pm
complaints the change will take effect on october 22nd. in tonight's health alert we may want restaurants to offer healthier choices but a new study shows that is not what we are eating, the food research firm tech nottic shows 47% of americans claim they want salads and baked potatoes but only 23% are ordering those foods. there is no one reason by but researchers speculate they be eating healthy at home and may want a treat when they go out. >> cancer researchers are looking at beta blockers they are usually used as blood pressure medication, women previously given beta-blockers had half the chance of their cancer spreading. >> more parents are delaying or skipping vaccines for their children now that has some doctors worried that could leave children vulnerable to
5:37 pm
deadly but preventable illnesses, a study in journal pediatrics reports more than one in ten parents vaccinated outside the recommended guidelines from u.s. centers for disease control and prevention say delays help avoid side-effects and vaccines are not necessary. the most commonly skipped vaccines are flu and chicken pox shots. coming up at 5, an attempted armed robbery at a jewellery store didn't go exactly as planned, details on who jumped into action coming up next 
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prince william county police want the bust whomever is behind a series of copper pipe theft there have been a number of cases in recent days,
5:41 pm
burglars are taking piping from bathroomlaundry rooms in some cases they cause water damage several houses have been vacant investigators say that makes them a prime target. in turkey, a would be robber was no match for this 12- year-old boy take a look at this surveillance video captured here in this jewellery store the masked robber walked in pulled out a gun the suspect told the shop owner to fill a bag with jewellery just as he lefts down his guard the man's 12-year-old son jumps the robber, disorienting him and the suspect took off without any jewellery >> wow did you see that little boy. >> yeah, my goodness don't try that at home. >> definitely not. >> are you enjoying the chill in the air? i kind of like bringing the suiters out but it is a little early. >> if it wasn't rainy and grey i would be fine with it. >> cold to the bone cooler temperatures blanketing the region as it has been for awhile will they last. >> i hope no. >> gary has your workweek
5:42 pm
forecast coming right up. >> developing in los angeles, dr. conrad murray standing trial for the death of michael jackson, tmz is working story live from l.a. when fox 5 news at 5 continues  it's about building cars in america. it's all about jobs. it's all about respect. security. the american dream. [ jamaul ] good jobs in tough times. a chance to move up and do better. [ delaunta ] excellent healthcare. [ caletha ] beautiful benefits. what they used to call the american way. it still works here. [ jennifer ] not a single layoff of a u.s. manufacturing worker. [ glen ] not one. not one. doing things the right way. quality. [ jimmeka ] building cars that americans want. [ jamaul ] right here in america. hyundai is an all-american success story. ♪
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red skins heading into the by week. not everyone is happy, sports director dave fieldman is here with who is at the center of the fan's displeasure. take a wild guess it is the quarterback. what a shock. rex gross man no stranger to criticism back if his early career he was with the bears, lead them to the super bowl after the 2006 season, he didn't play that well in that super bowl his bears lost to the colts, and next year he lost his starting job to kyle orton he is no stranger to being criticized and yanked.
5:46 pm
rex gross man making his 7th start for the red skins, 2nd possession, connects with moss, 6-yards for the score, red skins in front 7-0. fast forward, 17-0 lead now 17-10. gross man from his own 20 picked by the linebacker, grossman admitted later he never saw him fortunately the defense was able to bail him out, grossman finished with 142- yards passing. he knows he failed delivering the knock out punch. >> we have to score a lot more points than 17 today especially we know in those tough games, we are, you know, going to throw that knock out punch any time we get to another team in this type of situation. >> for a quarterback you got to be tough you got to be thick skinned, you understand that really at the end of the day you have to win, and at the end of the day, you got to be very tough on yourself because you
5:47 pm
got to think perfection. anything less than perfection, you don't have the right quarterback. rex is now 4 and 3 red skins starting quarterback 25 and 17 overall as starter and i mentioned after that 06 season he lost his starting job to kyle horton and bob greasy he is old not old enough to lose to bob greasy. baseball over for cubs thousands of fans packed wrigley field this weekend they spread blankets to watch the 80s classic, ferris beulers day off. what a fun thing to do. >> one of my favorite movies of all time. >> that is a good movie. was that -- that stadium was outdoors. >> they all looked bundled up. >> it was gorgeous over the weekend the sun was out
5:48 pm
everywhere but here apparently because you know you watch the college football games this weekened you watch the pro games, gorgeous everywhere. >> absolutely. >> what going on gary >> i don't have any idea. >> what is that? >> well, the sun is out. >> looks pretty. >> it is a little -- not quite as many clouds today, it is not -- the deck is not quite as low as it was this weekend, we are turning the corner but kind of in a slow car, it will take awhile to get around the corner once we do, it will be very very nice. listen, centennial -- sentinel radar to show you what we have had the last couple hours, showers coming down, north to south, through baltimore, into anne arundel county, parts of prince georges county that has been weakening and dissipating, we look farther back out to the west and northwest. this is approaching 81, a few showers, more up to the north, in western and central texas,
5:49 pm
pennsylvania, still rotating around in areas of low pressure. we will not rule out a chance for showers, after the next several hours, i don't think they will be widespread i don't thing they will be heavy at all but i think they will be spotty and localized, we will get to the overnight hours, in the forecast. 52 here in town, just crumb my, 48 gaithersburg, dulles, 51 degrees they are up and down i- 81, hagerstown, win chester temperatures there are not any better lower 50s. i guess unless you like it like this then you are probably waiting for this weather to continue. if we spread the view out pittsburgh chilly, 54, bingham and 49 degrees even new york city is not that great, 55 degrees there, a little warmer for boston, a little more removed from the storm so they have had some sunshine thereupon and again, you -- up there, and again you get out to the west this storm is not effecting the country, just gorgeous a few showers at 7:00 p.m.
5:50 pm
a few showers 9:00 p.m. a spotty shower at 11:00 p.m. wouldn't surprise me, temperatures lower 50s, to run around 50 degrees most of the evening it does look like clouds will linger one more day but it also looks like for tomorrow we begin to see a little bit in the way of sunshine here is the storm parked over the mid-atlantic. center of which is finally beginning to move off to the east, a little bit, that sen couraging news, you see a little -- that is encouraging news. you see a little bit over here, that will provide showers for us this evening. another one way over here to the west and northeast, coming up into new england and boston, we will get some rain and rotate all around this storm system, so that you give us another batch of showers tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon this is the future cast tonight at 6:00 p.m.
5:51 pm
notice a few showers for evening hours tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy, sunshine poking through and then variable clouds through the day with a spotty shower here or there. tomorrow, you tend to get that area of low pressure out of here, the high pressure moves in sunny, just gorgeous that will stay with us thursday too into friday, i don't want to get ahead of myself. wait for the 5 day overcast tonight a little bit of light rain chilly night temperatures, back in the 40s. spotty shower possible tomorrow morning sunshine too. mostly clouds at noon spotty shower 5:00 p.m. a little bit of sunshine high temperatures tomorrow with the little amount of sunshine we get, up into the middle 60s. drum roll please because wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday, about as good as it gets. >> mm-hmm. >> around here. about as good as it gets so like i said, it has been a
5:52 pm
crummy weekend. today is better, tomorrow is better. >> what is normal now. >> 40s. temperatures lower 70s. get back into where we normally would be and enjoy some nice october weather. >> all right thank you gary. now to the talk of the town on tmz the trial of dr. conrad murray, executive producer, harvey levin is live. we know today's testimony was about the er doctor and phone calls dr. murray made the day of jackson's death, some to his girlfriends are those three girlfriends expected to take the stand in this trial. >> they will take the stand and two really interesting are the one in houston, who he was on the phone with when he realized michael jackson was in dire straights, second one will be interesting, nicole alvarez who he was living with in l.a. where the propofol was delivered she knows a lot we know that the cops believe she has not been forthcoming about what she knows it will be
5:53 pm
interesting to see what prosecutors say. i will tell you this shawn we are about to put this up on the website it got so tedious about 20 minutes ago murray, this is ironic he fell asleep in the courtroom, he nodded off and we are going to put that up it is ironic that this trial is about sleep and murray kind of practiced what he preached. >> how do you family asleep in the middle of a trial like this when you life is on the line here. is anyone talking about the fact that conrad murray had three girlfriends allegedly at the time this happened. >> well, you are talking about it i wondered about it as well. yes. he is a player. he has got kids from different baby mamas, murray is a ladies man. >> very very interesting to say the least anything else interesting we should know about the trial or any other scoop you guys might have today. >> well, no, well, i think you
5:54 pm
mentioned the girlfriends, i will tell you this, we did a story, last thursday, about murray's ties in the courtroom and actually asked people whether they were a good choice i did some checking i know people who know him and i know he looked at the website he didn't go out and buy anything for the opening trial he went to his own closet and used what he had. we did a poll do his ties say guilty or not guilty. majority said guilty guess where he went this weekend shawn? >> he went tie shopping and. to sax 5th avenue and bought ties the one in the court today is one of the ones he wore at sax >> i don't know if they make a different but we will see. harvey levin thanks. paul mccart knee and yoko
5:55 pm
ono have had a love hate relationship for years but looks like they are friends again they posed outside the documentary on george harrison last night the other surviving beatle, ringo start also attended. >> tonight top of the hour the latest from italy as amanda knox's murder conviction is over turned. >> will he throw his head into an already over crowded republican presidential race. speaking of time, dulles rail project months behind schedule why those in charge say now is not the time to press the panic button. >> did your school have one of these? a bank opens at a local high school we will introduce you to the unique employees. ♪ think about it. with everything you do... it's nice to have a vehicle
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and we are 100% open for business. you mean 100% open for fun. here in the best part of the gulf. louisiana, florida, alabama, mississippi. this could go on for a while.
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5:59 pm
>> conviction over turned, american student aman the knox finally set free after four years -- amanda knox finally set free after four years behind bars. it was an emotional ruling, she was ordered release. shawn. we are just getting word a second ago witnesses are now saying amanda knox has already left prison and will leave italy some time tomorrow of course that jury found her not guilty of murdering her british roommate she collapsed in tears as the appeals court judge read the decision today knox claimed all along she was not responsible for the 2007 sexual assault and murder of her roommate merideth kercheer earlier today knox faced the jury and two appeals judges and pleaded for her freedom she tierfully told them -- tearfully told them in italian i did not kill i did not rape i


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