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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 3, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. free for the first time in four years, an italian court has cleared american amanda knox of murder. we will show you how the emotional drama played out. is there a cancer cluster near fort detrick? tonight new numbers shed light on the investigation that has
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and the copper crime spree, police are canvassing virginia neighborhoods after thieves peasant the weekend ripping off copper pipes from homes. we begin in italy with the stunning courtroom drama that played out in front of the world. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm brian bolter. amanda knox is a free woman. emotions ran high as an appeals court threw out her murder conviction today. fox 5's ever working this one now. >> amanda knox left the italian prison a free woman tonight. all along she maintained her innocence in the stabbing death of her study abroad roommate meredith kercher and today her four-year ordeal ended. amanda knox set free as an italian court exonerates her in the murder of her british roommate. this day started with the 24- year-old seattle native tearfully begging for her freedom. >> i don't want to be punished, deprived of my life, of my future for something that i did not do because i am innocent. >> reporter: knox has spent four years behind bars in this
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prison outside perugia. the case started in november of 2007 when italian police found the body of knox's housemate meredith kercher, her throat slit. prosecutors claimed knox with her former boyfriend and a drug dealer from the ivory coast killed kercher when she refused to participate in an orgy. knox's ex-boyfriend denies he's a killer. >> i have never done any harm to anyone, never in my high. >> reporter: during at peel forensic experts discredit -- in my life. >> reporter: during the appeal forensic experts discredited the dna evidence. her family and defense attorneys are thrilled with the verdict. >> it was fully grounded on the fact there were several mistakes and we're very happy that the court has send our position. amanda is extremely satisfied and is looking forward to having a future back home. she's looking to go back as soon as possible. >> we're thankful that amanda's nightmare is over. she suffered for four years for a crime she did not commit. >> we're thankful to the court
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for having the courage to look for the truth. >> reporter: an italian lawmaker said tonight knox will leave italy tomorrow. apparently her passport expired since her arrest. so they're quickly getting those documents in order to enable her to travel home to seattle. >> the court did uphold part of the conviction against knox, right? >> they did. the charge of slander after knox falsely accused a barman of the murder. the slander conviction gave her three years in prison, but since she's already served four years, amanda knox is free to go directly back to the united states. new developments now in the ongoing investigation in a possible cancer clusters at fort detrick. after more than a year the investigation has not found any significant increase in any type of cancer between 1992 and 2008. fox 5's matt ackland is live in frederick where some residents say the study doesn't go back far enough. >> reporter: yes, shawn, that's exactly right.
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the case study only goes back to 1992. the reason why is that's when medical officials in this area started keeping track of cancer cases here. so we're talking 1992 to 2008 and during that time period officials say they saw no evidence of a cancer cluster here in this area. it was an investigation launched over a year ago to determine if the real numbers show a cancer cluster near fort detrick. the study looked at cancer rates 1 mile and also 2 miles outside fort detrick. >> essentially for the cancers that we looked at overall we didn't see significant differences in most of the cancers that we looked at. >> reporter: the maryland health department explained that it lumped all different types of cancer reports together and saw no significant spike in cancers. the exception is with cases of lymphoma which saw a 20% hike in frederick county. >> it's important to understand we did not see a difference even in lymphoma with the rest
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of frederick county. what we did see was lymphoma in that area and probably by extension in the rest of the can. as well compared with mayor -- county as well compared with maryland as a whole. >> reporter: jennifer hahn is a cancer survivor and appreciates the study but is convinced the cancer she has fought along with her neighbors is caused by chemical tests conducted at fort detrick. >> i think they did what they could do with the data they used. i think that they're missing the mark. i think that a lot of the cancers -- i don't just think. i know for a fact a lot of the cancers have been 20 years prior to the years they had available to study. >> reporter: the maryland health department says this is just results produced from one study and it's not over and the concerns from those living near fort detrick will continue to be investigated. >> we'll continue to come back and work with them to answer the remaining questions. >> reporter: officials did show a graph tonight that was pretty interesting showing that there
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was an increase in the report of cancer cases from 2001 until 2006, but that was in all of frederick county, not just near fort detrick and they say that needs further investigation. >> matt ackland tonight. way, to virginia homeowners -- a warning to have have homeowners. thieves could be targeting -- to virginia homeowners. thieves could be targeting your house and this could easily become a real tragedy. will thomas in the newsroom. >> it's a problem we have been following here at fox 5, thieves stealing cooper pipes. it can cost a few bucks a pound, so copper is valuable sold as scrap metal. when it is removed cleanly the pieces can actually be used in other construction sites. so if the thieves work in the construction business and i say, they would profit that way as well. the most recent thefts reported just this past weekend. >> people are struggling. people are losing their homes
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and people are actually starving. >> reporter: you think it's sign of the times? >> yes, most definitely. >> reporter: the hughes dale city home is one of 27 hit since june across prince williams county. it was being renovated and this is what thieves were after, copper piping. >> the suspects are entering through a rear door, rear window, forcing it open. >> reporter: copper crooks are preying on empty homes or ones being renovated where construction crews are coming and going. the valuable pipes are expertly removed often sawed right off. >> they're construction guys. they know what they're do much. >> reporter: james arnt is a recent victim who spoke out. >> i know these are rough times, but people shouldn't have to steal. >> reporter: thieves ripped off every ounce of copper they could find in his dale city home while it was under construction. >> less than $500 worth of copper it probably cost maybe $10,000 in damages. >> reporter: our camera rolling as officers canvas the crime
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scenes and homes on evansdale road and greenwood road both located in woodbridge neighborhoods. thieves struck here guslas weekend. >> it's horrible that the economy is that hard that people have to steal things from houses that are being refinished. >> reporter: the thieves don't know or don't care about the potential for real disaster. brian alluded to this in our introduction. they remove pipes that carry natural gas and gas leaks into the homes, they are creating an explosive situation, something fire departments are very worried about. you're probably wondering as we are any lookout information to pass along? since the crimes generally happen in homes with construction crews, the thieves manage to stay under the radar. the fox 5 storm force is checking out the first snow pictures of the season. take a look. these were snapped over the weekend at snowshoe mountain in west virginia. about 4 inches of snow fell at ski resort friday night.
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another inch fell saturday and 4 more inches fell yesterday. it was chilly with temperatures dipping into the 20s up there. officials say this weekend's storm is the earliest not resort has seen snow in six -- earliest the resort has seen snow in six years. thank goodness we haven't seen any snow, sue palka in the weather center with more on this cold snap. >> i actually saw a little snow on the rooftops in north central pennsylvania and we had a couple other spots in west virginia. this didn't get quite as much as snowshoe. that's a real high elevation, but those pictures set you back a bit and so does this cold. we've had a little bit of light rain. i'll take you to radar, a couple sprinkles still showing up tonight, very light stuff especially just west of the city where you see that last little batch there, still getting showers from middleburg over to centreville moving through southern loudoun county into western fairfax and a little portion of prince william. all of this is from that same stubborn area of low pressure cut off from the jet stream
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that's been rotating over the mid-atlantic. i know a lot of you are ready for that thing to get out of here. it is going to get better. as we go through the week that cold cool aloft with the showers lingering cut off from the jet stream will get a bit of a move on and should drift out of the area tomorrow. we'll somewhat be under the influence of it tomorrow, but as this week goes on things are going to get a lot better and get ready for sunshine and a beautiful ridge of high pressure to come rolling back into an. boy, it's kind of chilly -- into town. boy, it's kind of chilly out there tonight. overnight temperatures will head down to the 40s. we are already there in frederick and gaithersburg. in d.c. it's about 52 degrees and we'll see our winds continue height and a lot of clouds around tonight. -- light and a lot of cloud around tonight. that will definitely keep us chilly, but without the clouds we'll be even colder, 44 fredericksburg, 45 leonardtown, 44 martinsburg and frederick.
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that's a rather common number tonight. things will definitely improve. we'll talk more about that and show you warmer temperatures on the five-day forecast. think we can get a little september back, after all. engineers were back on the job today repelling down the washington monument looking for earthquake damage. high winds and rain forced them to take the weekend off. it is not the first time the weather caused problems. friday a gust of wind blew 1 inch near about vitter feet away from the monument. -- 30 feet away from the monument. wasn't hurt. robbery at a restaurant. masked men terrified the customers and staff at this local eatery and one man was stabbed in the stomach. find out how it went down next. a surprise for residents of the silver spring community. on the news edge community tonight the changes to the purple line that has them up in arms. 
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the search is on tonight for two men who held up a glen burnie maryland restaurant. they ordered the customers to
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the floor, robbed them, then stabbed one man and hit another in the head. fox 5's paul wagner has the latest. >> reporter: inside this glen burnie friendly's police say two armed men dressed in black stole valuables from customers as they ate dinner and dessert. police say when one of the customers resisted, he was stabbed. >> apparently he was not complying with the demands of these suspects. it's still under investigation as to what exactly happened, but it appears he was stabbed in the torso area. he was taken to shock trauma with nonlife threatening injuries. >> reporter: the restaurant owner had a slightly different version saying the bandits wanted his cell phone so he couldn't call 911 and he had trouble getting it out of his pocket. >> unfortunately i think it's all part of the economy that's going on and i wasn't here to witness anything and it's an unfortunate situation. i wish it had never happened. >> reporter: police say the men took money from the restaurant's register as well. people who frequent the
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restaurant expressed surprise that it happened here at all. >> you don't see stuff around here like that. i know a lot of people that go there, family restaurant. i go with my kid all the time, take my 1-year-old and get ice cream all the time. i've never heard of anything like that around there. >> he's lucky i wasn't there. it would have been like all right. it would have been like some serious stuff going on to where they wouldn't have took over nothing with me with no knife. >> reporter: police say witnesses describe the masked men as being in their 20s. it's unclear if there were cameras inside the restaurant. the owner wouldn't say. detectives are still looking to talk to some witnesses who left the restaurant before detectives arrived. they would like to hear from those people tonight. in the fox 5 newsroom, i'm paul wagner. the newest rife cutes on the d.c. police force -- recruits on the d.c. police force began their first day at academy today. the 35 recruits' training lasts 28 weeks and it comes as the
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city is seeing a 15% reduction in the number of murders from last year. >> this is our third year with dramatic reduction in homicides. we focus on very specific things we thought were driving homicides and it's working. >> the department aims to have 3,900 officers by this time next year. right now there are about 3,800. down in the newsroom with fox 5 sports director dave feldman who is just off to my side getting mic-ed up. we don't want him to be in the picture until he's ready to rock and roll and there he is. good to go? offense sputtered but a win is a win, right? >> the defense helped bail them out and here's the thing about the defense. remember the last couple years the defense has been ranked second to last in the whole league? they had 15 sacks tied with the eagles for best in the entire nfl and they had seven sacks in one game yesterday. when they have seven sacks, they win almost all the time.
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when they have four more, they win 80% of the time. here's what happened with rex grossman yesterday. this was pretty good to santana moss 6 yards for a touchdown. redskins took a 7-0 lead. six minutes later redskins lead cut to 17-10, grossman's pass picked off by james laurinaitis. the rams with a chance of to tie the game but the defense followed with consecutive sacks. brian orakpo finished with 2 1/2 of the team's seven. redskins escaped 17-10 and here's the head coach with a message for his team heading into the bye week with a 3-1 record. >> our team knows exactly what our goals are, but the one goal i tell our players and our coaches, whatever you have got to take it day by day and once you start listening to how good you are or how great the defense is doing or how poorly an offense is doing week by week, it's easy to get lulled
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into a trap. don't get lulled into a trap. >> next up is the philadelphia eagles, but that's two weeks from yesterday because the redskins have the bye week. the eagles are ticked off. they just lost to the 9ers after blowing a big lead and still have to may they come to fedex field -- play buffalo before they come to fedex field this saturday for a 1:00 game with fox. >> been a long time the redskins have been this good. >> since the 1990 merger, brian, 11 times they have gone into the bye week with a winning record, all 11 finished the season with a nonlosing record. so at least .500 or better. the stats would say at very worst they're going to finish .500 if history repeats itself. >> we asked you at home to text us, let us know if you're satisfied with rex grossman's performance this season so far. 31 voters responded. we thank every one of you 31. all of you said yes. as always, thank you for
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reaching out. a pretty rough ride for the dulles rail line, a gigantic project months behind schedule and in danger of being delayed. find out what's being done to get it on the right track next. b
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fox 5's monitoring mitt trophy in time and on budget -- metro, in time and on budget, the word of the metro extension to the dulles airport, this by another report that says it's not. if the project is behind, the washington airport authority says there is plenty of time to catch up. fox 5's sherri ly reports. >> reporter: taking shape between the high rises at tysons corner is the first phase of the dulles rail line. the $7 billion project is more than half complete. now there are warning signs of potentially costly delays. the progress report by fairfax county's auditor shows the
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project behind by 71 days in april is now 188 days behind. >> fairfax county carefully monitors the project and is staying on top of all of the potential elements that could cause the project to slip behind. >> reporter: the first phase which runs through tysons corner to reston is still more than two years way from completion in late 2013. delays to move utility lines and other obstacles could result in the line opening in june, 2014 instead. it's the latest criticism for the metropolitan washington airport authority which has been scrutinized for its management of the construction. >> we've identified some things that might impact that budget and that end date, but we're going to address them. that's where we are today. >> reporter: phase two of the rail line extending to dulles hasn't even started construction and was $1 billion over budget. to bring down the costs the
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airport station was moved above ground while loudoun and fairfax counties would have to pay for parking garages in one of the stations. if nothing is done to pick up the pace auto phase one fairfax county may be force -- on phase one, fairfax county may be forced to use a bond or commercial industrial tax to close the shortfall. >> i would hope we would not have to fine funds out of the general fund. >> reporter: with the deadline over two years away there's time to make up ground, but less than 30% of the contingency fund remains leaving little room for unexpected costs or delays. the airport authority says we won't know if the project is late until we're closer to that completion date. one official today equated it to a cross-country trip. you get about halfway through and realize you're not as far as you'd like to be, so you adjust your route and speed up to make up for lost time and that's where we are right now. sherri ly, fox 5 news. steady results that every parent needs to hear.
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up next the simple step many people refuse to take that puts their child at risk. plus the important cause that brought jennifer aniston to a local hospital. fox 5 news at 10:00 will be right back. ma t.d
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. the field of republican presidential candidates may be getting crowded as new jersey governor chris christie appears to be reconsidering a run after repeated insistence won't. the reason behind the consideration perhaps a push from supporters at last month's speech at the reagan library n front of nancy reagan. fox 5's -- in front of nancy reagan. fox 5" tom fitzgerald with what could be the contributing factors. >> reporter: new jersey governor is offending if he's looking to be commander and chief. >> we admire your courage and we count on you. >> reporter: the pressure on chris christie to run for president has been building. >> what do i have to do short of suicide to convince people
10:30 pm
i'm not running? >> reporter: but gained speed when the announced gop candidates failed to catch fire. >> you're country this is trouble. >> reporter: texas governor rick perry is facing questions over a racist sign at a hunting lodge his family leased while mitt romney has failed to regain his lead. >> we did what government is supposed to do. we took action. >> reporter: but after month is of saying he wouldn't run christie is now huddling with top advisors to make a once and for all final decision. >> governor christie, if he gets in, is going to have some wooing to do. >> reporter: tim chapman of the heritage foundation says despite his popularity christie's record will come under harsher conservative scrutiny if he decides to run. >> new jersey has the highest tax rates in nation. where's the governance for tax reform? >> reporter: the decision reportedly hinges on three factors, fundraisers, a shortened political calendar and if the governor wants to have his young family endure a national campaign.
10:31 pm
>> everyone is coming to chris christie getting into his head. >> reporter: american university professor leonard steinhorn says with president obama's weakened poll numbers republican voters want a stronger candidate. >> republicans are looking for somebody to articulate their vision and to do it without pretense and in a way that will capture the public's imagination. >> reporter: but it remains to be seen if christie for president remains a republicans' imagination or becomes a reality. >> we expect to hear governor christie's final decision by wednesday. the republican presidential candidates are the only ones feeling pressure to be first. so are the states holding primaries. south carolina is jumping in front. it will take place january 21st. the state is responding to florida's decision to move up its primary to january 31st. president obama calling again on congress to pass his jobs creation bill.
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the president wants the legislation approved by the end of the month to sign the legislation into law. republicans object to some parts of the bill. the president says he wants to hear specifics. vaccines are critical when it comes to protecting our children from certain diseases, but a recent survey shows more than one in 10 parents use an alternative vaccination schedule including refusing them altogether. dr. sandra takai is here to help us separate fact from fiction. thanks for joining us tonight. >> sure. >> what is your initial reaction to this study that one in 10 parents are either delaying or making up their own vaccine schedules? >> i'm not surprised at all. it's one of the most common discussions that we have in our office with parents of our children. i feel parents have a strong
10:33 pm
parental instinct to protect their children. >> what are the risks if parents don't adhere to the recommended guidelines? >> babies in particular don't make antibodies very well. they get the vaccines at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months because antibodies just don't last and so you've got to keep giving them these boosters. >> are they more at risk to getting certain infectious diseases if they don't follow the schedule? >> absolutely. if i have a patient who is due to have four shots on a particular day and the mom says i think i'd like to skip two and we'll come back in a month, i say well, which two are you are you going to leave your child exposed to because if you don't follow the schedule, you're playing russian roulette. >> we know this survey showed most avoided or delayed the vaccines for the chickenpox or even the flu and some people think unbundling the mmr
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vaccine makes it safer. what is the reality? >> the reality is there's no reason to unbundle it. these are still diseases that are around. they're serious and given them together -- giving them together is safe and effective. >> you bring up what a lot of parents are doing. they refuse the vaccines out of concern that they could cause autism or symptom other disorder or they're just not as safe for newborns. what's your response? >> my response is my parents have been lucky. they've grown up in place and at a time when they have not been personally affected by these diseases. i was born in 1953 and there was a little girl in my church that was severely mentally retarded from meningitis and my parents and their friends all knew children who had been severely ill or even fatally ill from meningitis from dip they're, why from whooping
10:35 pm
cough. so they -- dipthyria, from whooping cough, so they were very happy to have the vaccines and they wouldn't have delayed them because they knew there was a risk of getting them, but parents today are lucky. they don't have much experience with how bad these things can be, yet they've heard either on a blog or at the pool or on television from a celebrity the vaccines can be dangerous in some way. there is no scientific evidence that a delayed vaccine schedule is safer in any way. >> thanks for helping us sort out the facts from the fiction. thanks so much for coming in tonight. >> sure. actress jennifer aniston teamed up with some leading ladies in our area in the fight against breast cancer. aniston visited the anova breast care center in alexandria, virginia, today along with mrs. biden. they took a tour of the
10:36 pm
facility and heard breast cancer stories from survivors. >> the great news is now it is not a death sentence, that research and treatment has advanced, but one of the most important things here at breast cancer awareness month which we're in this month is that getting a mammogram or not getting a mammogram is often a life or death decision. >> aniston is also hosting a screening of a lifetime movie called five which depicts five short films about breast cancer. the former friends star directed one of the films. a jewelry star heist that did not go as planned all thanks to a pint sized hero, how he saved the day coming up next. but first here's fox business network charles tang. >> well, a sliver of hope for the struggling economy, manufacturing picking up the pace last month with factories turning out more goods and adding new workers but growth still remaining weak in that sector. construction spending also gaining, builders shelling out more on homes and other
10:37 pm
projects in august but less than what's considered healthy. none of that stopping stocks mo sending investors running for cover. more people willing to buy american cars, chrysler leading u.s. automakers with strong molly sales get a 27% -- strong monthly sales getting a 27% boost in september, general motors and ford seeing higher sales, also. less pain at the pump might be driving tgas prices continuing to decline down for the 23rd straight day. let your coffee fix be a jobs fix, starbucks announcing it will collect donations of $5 or more to stimulate jobs growth through its jobs for the usa program. collections begin november 1st. that's business. i'm charles payne. 
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 this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.  ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪ ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, where toasted oats, with rich dark chocolate, or sweet honey come together in the most perfect combinations. ♪ yeah, i was just thinking ♪ i hope this will never end
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the defense now presenting its case in the trial of a fairfax county woman accused of tossing her granddaughter to her death at tysons corner. lawyers for carmela dela rosa argued she was insane when she tossed the 2-year-old from a walkway last year. she faces life in prison if found guilty. week two of the trial of michael jackson's jury. conrad murray is accused of administering a lethal dose of propofol to the singer. today two e.r. doctors took the stand saying jackson was clinically dead when he arrived at the hospital and didn't think he could be revived, but dr. murray insisted they try. both doctors say dr. murray never told them he administered the propofol. the defense claims jackson took the dose on his own. you can follow the trial
10:42 pm
with the michael jackson doctor trial app. for more information plus continuing coverage of the trial check out in turkey a would be robber was no match for a 12-year-old boy. look at this video. surveillance cameras captured the masked robber walking into a jewelry store pulling out a gun. the suspect ordered a shop owner to fill a bag of jewelry. just as he lets his guard down, the 12-year-old boy jumped the robber, disorienting them. the suspect took off and left without any jewelry. tonight on the news edge at 11:00 a light rail system meant to ease traffic problems in maryland causing controversy in one neighborhood. find out what the purple line problem is. have you ever wondered what the face of the unemployed in our area looks like, gives around this hotel meeting room in north -- gaze around this hotel meeting room in northeast washington today. i'm bob barnard with the story of one grocery chain hiring blitz and what happens when
10:43 pm
somebody has jobs to offer. r e
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it's called occupy wall street, a three-week long protest that started in the manhattan district and is spreading across the country. similar demonstrations have popped up in cities like chicago, st. louis, l.a. it's not an organized demonstration, no spokesperson for the effort, not even one coherent message. >> this is kind of a ragtag group. the numbers have gone up and down. they seem to want 20 different things, some of which are contradictory to each other. >> 700 protesters were arrested for blocking the brooklyn bridge over the weekend. protesters in new york say they'll stay to the street until the banking system as we know it ends. local charities bracing for a big hit. a local report predicts contributions from freddie mac and fannie mae will cease to exist leaving a $20 million hole to fill. fox 5 money reporter melanie
10:47 pm
alnwick explains what it could mean for nonprofit. >> reporter: fannie mae money helped build this daycare martha's table. freddie mac money sustains, it but those cricks could be going away. >> it's a -- contributions could be going away. >> it's a succession of shoes that keep going of. >> reporter: martha's table is one of hundreds of local nonprofits that counted on funds from fannie and freddy. in 2007 the two -- freddiy. in 2007 the two contributed to charities. >> there's 260 kids on the waiting list for our day air. >> reporter: now they've been taken over by the federal government and a new report predicts with this political climate fannie mae and freddie mac will soon disappear as we know. the ceo of washington grantmaker says the clock has been ticking. >> it's a bit of a wakeup call because now we know. >> reporter: that means nonprofits need to find ways to
10:48 pm
get more money from tape lot of places. >> we're -- a lot of places. >> we're all going to center to figure out how to fill this void. >> reporter: it's more than just dollars lost. local charities say fannie mae and freddie mac set the bar high for other corporations to follow. >> this is real and the solutions will have to be as ream as the problem. >> reporter: while some other -- real as the problem. >> reporter: while some other company may step in, charities know they've got many miles to. go a collaboration of nonprofits called eight neighbors commissioned that study. fannie mae did say in response to my question that it has not announced any changes to its corporate giving programs. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> i'll tell you, what it's cool outside. >> we just jumped right over october into late november. >> what in the toward? this isn't normal. >> we're about to redeem, it though.
10:49 pm
i totally agree and the weekend was shocking with temperatures in the 40s. >> the rain, gray skies. >> it's getting pretty monotonous, isn't it? everybody is ready for a change. big time change coming. tomorrow is the changeover day, though. i don't think tomorrow is nearly as nice as what the rest of the week will be, but it's going to be a huge improvement over what we had earlier today. the city sure sparkles tonight. we don't have clear skies, but we have good visibility. there's a little light rain hanging around in a couple spots. our first stop tonight will be radar because you can see some of the showers. this is actually the back edge of that upper level low pressure system still spinning a few showers around here, but the emphasis is on the fact that it is the back edge. while we still may have a little bit more shower activity rotating through in the morning, i think we'll really wind down. let's look at our max hd satellite and radar and put this in motion. you'll be able to see kind of the big spin as we've had showers moving from the north down to the south.
10:50 pm
that's what we're seeing tonight. there's still a few more up through pennsylvania, but notice how the bulk of it has slid over as our upper level low pressure system centered right around hire. we've got this last little batch to get through, clear skies we see already into central ohio. it's eventually going to kick out of here. the reason we've been stuck in this pattern is because we had another one of these upper level low pressure systems that became removed from the jet stream which is what you see here to the north. so this thing was sitting and spinning producing the chilly showers we had while all around us to the west down to the south it was quite a bit better. this affected new england up through pennsylvania, new york state dune into the carolinas and about as -- down into the carolinas and about as far west as ohio. yesterday baltimore felt like winter when we were watching sunday night football and temperatures today more reminiscent of what we might see in november, temperatures in the 50s. we'll check out the temperature trend. we should be around 73 degrees.
10:51 pm
we missed out on some great days. tomorrow still on the cool side, 66 degrees but wednesday with full sun back we're up to about 73 degrees. thursday is a little cooler at 71 and friday about 70 degrees and even warmer as wellhead into the weekend. it's doable -- as we head into the weekend. it's doable for us to be pushing the 80s in the next seven days, but hard to believe when you see these temperatures, d.c. is at 52 degrees and tonight even the city dropping to 47 with a few lingering showers off to our west, mostly cloudy and chilly. tomorrow don't be surprised if we start out cloudy and there's still drizzle or mist or light showers around. by afternoon we begin to get breaks of sunshine. breeze will pick up racially substantially out of the northwest at -- rather substantially out of the northwest at 15 to 25, our temperature only 66 degrees. spotty showers at 8:00 in the morning, 48 degrees, by noon
10:52 pm
mostly cloudy, 61, breaking up and a bit more sunshine at 5:00 with the noticeable breeze at 65 and an isolated chance for a shower. in the morning 7:00 clouds, notice it clearing down to our south. our upper level low is still rotating a few more showers to our west. hopefully by afternoon we're beginning to see the sun shine and high pressure is large and in charge heading into wednesday. here's your five-day forecast. that means clearing skies and 73. we're talking about 71 on thursday. friday looks delightful, a four- day run, probably five days and how about saturday, 76 degrees? a little bit of a refreshing breeze, but that would be it. we are in very good shape after we get this upper level low out of here tomorrow and it is on its way. >> that weekend looking good. >> we're keeping our fingers crossed. or i'll enter a witness protection program. now to a story you may. want to hear. stink bugs are making a
10:53 pm
comeback. the cold weather means they're trying to get inside. entomologists say the critters are heading inside homes to seek a warm spot for the winter months. you may remember those bugs showed up in heavy numbers last year from virginia to new york. the best thing to do is seal cracks around windows, doors, dryer vents and other openings. if you're going out to eat this week, consider perhaps getting some maryland seafood. more than 200 restaurants in five states are participating in an effort to put oysters back in the bay. for every maryland seafood dish they sell they donate $1 to the oyster recovery program. the program started yesterday, runs through next sunday. >> we're all part of this watershed, so it's extremely important that we basically protect what's going on in our own backyard. >> the program started yesterday and runs through next sunday. besides being a popular food, oysters filter the bay. why are we looking at pays?
10:54 pm
nearly 100 oysters can -- pizza? nearly 100 oysters can filter 500 gallons of water day and maybe pizza. >> maybe it's oyster pizza. >> i'll take your word for it. i think we like pizza apparently. >> we're just stuck on this video. coming up next. >> reporter: this may look like the bank in your neighborhood, but this is actually a high school. i'm beth parker. i'll tell you what's going on coming up. on the news edge imagine a pill that would prevent your hair from going gray. it's coming sooner than you may think, details tonight at 11:00. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. waewiaduad
10:55 pm
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10:58 pm
the bank sent them away to school to learn the job and learn financial literacy. fox 5's beth parker shows us. >> reporter: money, these high school kids aren't just spending it, they're learning how to manage it. >> i tried to explain it to my mother, but she don't want to listen. >> reporter: this capital one bank branch just opened inside parkdale high school in prince george's county. 10 student bankers made it through a grueling process to become tellers. >> in the application process we had to go through two interviews and write cover letters, resumes and it was the first time for take lot of people. >> reporter: they went to corporate training, even scooted off to college for a few days. >> it's life changing. it's not one specific thing that's changed. everything overall, the way we carry ourselves, the way we speak, everything, the way we present ourselves. so pretty much everything went from being a high school student to trying to be a professional. >> reporter: now their customers are fellow students. >> you get to know your customers on a name to name
10:59 pm
basis. so it's easier because you already know most of your friends and customers. >> reporter: the kids will get the same hourly wage as any entry level capital one teller and they say they'll save more of their money rather than spend it because of what they've learned here. >> before i had my training i went into financial planning to help me save my money. >> reporter: capital one has seen the program change lives in other high schools. john witter remembers one student in particular. >> this student banker used $1,000 that he saved up during this program and went home to his home country of ghana and he bought a plot of land for his hometown. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: the students say they won't all be bankers. >> broadcasting. >> reporter: you're going take my job? >> yes. >> reporter: whatever they do they'll be ready. you can count on it. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> great program.


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