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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  October 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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edge at 11:00. right off the top tonight not in my backyard, some residents in silver spring are fighting back against changes to the purple line. laytonsville community leaders say the plan was changed for the light rail system and the trains are wanted to be put in some residents' backyards. fox 5's wisdom martin following this in the newsroom. >> this all started september 13th when the members of the laytonsville community met with the mta hoping to have some design on the purple line but quickly found out there were changes made to the plan and they were not happy. tonight both sides got together to taper out any potential problems. charlotte co feel has lived in littonville all her life. >> the station was going to be positioned on the south side of the road of. >> reporter: she was excited about the purple line until their september meeting with mta. >> mta surprised us and told us actually they have expanded the
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maintenance yard and rail line and now it's going to run along the entire backside of our community. >> reporter: they say out of nowhere mta had new designs and plans of an expansion. the mains yard that was 200 yards wide and -- the maintenance yard that was 200 yards wide and 1,000 yards long originally was tucked way in an industrial area, but now it would be bigger and closer to a residential area. >> there will be bright lighting, 200 employees. they're putting in a new multi- story parking garage, office building and then 12 layers of tracks that the trains will sit on and this will be right in the back of our neighborhood. >> the noise is going to be open 24/7. they plan to have 200 employees coming in in three shifts. they'll be working around the clock. >> reporter: at monday's meeting mta leaders explained the original project went from 4 miles of singing tracking to 16 miles of double -- single tracking to 16-mile of double tracking and say their changes were minor. >> the design now allows for
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trains tore able to enter and leaf the yard at either end and what -- leave the yard at either end and what that does is that reduces the amount of activity. >> reporter: mta project manager michael maddens is the new location of the station -- madden says the new location of the station is more visible. >> putting the main track, the may line is actually farther way from the -- main line is actually farther way from the community. >> reporter: residents say they are in favor of progress as long as the progress doesn't have a negative impact on their neighborhood. it's very simple. not association says that the goal is for mta to downsize back to original design. it is a question that has dogged a frederick, maryland community for years. is the area surrounding fort detrick a cancer cluster? after a year long investigation health authorities determined the number of cancer cases reported near fort detrick was not any higher than the rest of the country, but there was at
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least a 20% jump in lymphomas compared to the rest of the state. >> it's important to understand we did not see a difference even in lymphoma with the rest of frederick county. what we did see was lymphoma in that area and probably by extension in the rest of the county as well compared with maryland as a whole. >> health department officials say they will continue to monitor the area around fort detrick for the foreseeable future to see if more cancer cases appear. another big story, a stung reversal in an italian courtroom as amanda knox -- stunning reversal in an italian courtroom as amanda knox is set free. laura evans is following the story. >> for the first time in four years amanda knox freed to return home to the united states. less than two hours after the verdict was read knox was seen leaving the prison. the 24-year-old burst into tears as the verdict was announced in the perugia courtroom. the conviction was thrown out for the brutal stabbing death
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of meredith kercher in what's been called a drug fueled sexual assault. knox's boyfriend also acquitted. the dna review ordered by the court excluded crucial evidence used to convict knox and her boyfriend in 2009. experts found police investigators made glaring errors collecting the evidence. following the verdict the defense attorney and amanda knox's family expressed relief. >> it was fully grounded on the fact there were several mistakes and we're very happy the court has accepted our position. amanda is extremely satisfied as she's looking forward to have a future back home. she's looking to go back as soon as possible. >> we're thankful that amanda's nightmare is over. she suffered four years for a crime she did not commit. >> we're thankful to the court for having the courage to look for the truth. >> meanwhile meredith kercher's family appeared dazed after the
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verdict. prosecutors said they would appeal to italy's highest criminal court. amanda knox is expected to board a commercial flight for home on tuesday, tomorrow, and knox says the first thing she wants to do when she returns home is lie down in a green field. a college student from gaithersburg is charged tonight with drunk driving and killing a classmate in vermont. derek seiber appeared in court today. police say saturday night he was at a party with dozens of students from nor witch university and left the party with 18-year-old renee robbins of michigan. while he was driving home his car crashed into a tree and robbins was killed. left the crash scene but was arrested later. a massachusetts man accused of plotting a terror attack on the pentagon and capitol pleaded not guilty. rezwan ferdaus planned to fly remote controlled planes packed with explosives into the buildings investigators say.
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he was arrested after undercover federal agents uncovered materials including machine guns and grenades which he ordered. a trial of a nigerian man accused of trying to blow up a mane on christmas day of 2009. farooque maw had told authorities he trained in yemen and was -- farouk m of ahad told authorities he trained in yemen. >> you seat a jury that will be able to decide the defendant's fate. >> the trial should start next week. abdulmutallab is defending himself. firefighters battled a massive chemical plant fire in texas today. the blaze sparked as workers mixed chemicals. huge plumes of black smoke and bright orange flames shot into
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the sky and overwhelmed the sprinkling system and consumed a fire truck, no injuries reported, no word on what kind of chemicals were being mixed. on the news edge at 11:00 sign of the times as hundreds show up at a job fair for a grocery store chain, a look at what the unemployed are facing these days. check out some of the stories on our rundown. the news edge will be right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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our nation's unemployment rate remains discouragely high, roughly 9% with many businesses downsizing, but one area grocery store chain is giving hope where there is little these days. fox 5's bob barnard shows us why. >> reporter: i bet some of you have never heard of the grocer aldi. it's an illinois-based chain with more than 1,000 stores in
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31 states. this one is in district heights, maryland. >> how are you? what's your name? >> kenneth. >> reporter: robert howard is aldi's district manager for the washington area. >> you have a high school diploma? >> reporter: powder has something unusual to offer, job -- howard has something unusual to offer, jobs and lots of them. >> we'll call you in a week. we're just accepting applications today. if you're found favorable, you'll get a call within a week. thank you. we're very excited to be growing and we're opening new stores and we're very excited to hire people. >> reporter: aldi's opening three new stores over the next two months, two in forge, this one in the district and with the need -- prince george's county, this one in the district and with the need to hire 80 or so people, look how many answered the call for job applications. >> knocking but not surprising. it's depressing. >> reporter: just one of the unemployed here. >> i wouldn't wish this on my
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worst enemy. >> reporter: james hammond stood in line like the rest of them. >> for lack of a better term this is not my first road joe. i've been to quite a few job fairs in and -- rodeo. i've been to quite a few job fairs in and around town. >> reporter: are you working now? >> no. wish i was. >> reporter: how tough is it out there? >> it's tough, but you got to roll with the punches and keep moving. >> reporter: lorraine friday said she joined the ranks of the unemployed two tweaks ago. >> doing well yourself? -- two tweaks ago. >> doing well yourself? >> reporter: a lot -- two weeks ago. >> reporter: a lot better if she got the job. aldi's needs to fill all kinds of poxes from cashiers to store managers -- positions from cashiers to store managers, the pay ranging from 11.50 to $23 an hour. how would you describe your frame of mine right now? >> very excited -- mind right now? >> very excited. >> reporter: in northeast bob barnard, fox 5 news.
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if you're hoping to score extra work over the holidays, you may want to get your applications in now. macy's will hire 78,000 workers for seasonal help this year. toys r us plans to hire between 35 and 45,000 seasonal employees, same amount as last year. best buy going the opposite direction, only 15,000, a nearly 50% drop from last year. a vicious bear attack inside a family's home, details next. keep being the gray away by swallowing -- keeping the gray way by swallowing a pill. first man up d.c. a new survey ranks the cap top as one of the least manliest city -- capital as one of the least manliest city in the country. combo brand snacks ranked cities by the number of pro sports teams and nearby nascar tracks and the number of pickup trucks, motorcycles, construction workers and barbecue joints in the region. apparently they docked points in our area because of the number of cupcake shops and
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cafes. nashville, charlotte and oklahoma city were the top three clichest cities. ♪ma t.d
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a pennsylvania couple is recovering after a vicious bear attack inside their home. richard moyer woke up early this morning by the family's barking dog, went outside to call the dog and that's when a bear chased the animal inside
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the house. moyer and his wife were attacked. luckily their 10-year-old son stadium stairs and wasn't hurt. moyer's father got a call -- stadium stairs and wasn't hurt. moyer's father got a call from -- stadium stairs and wasn't hurt. moyer's father got a call. >> i said i got attacked by bear. he was covered in blood and his t-shirt was soaked and the front of his pants and shoes were soaked with blood. >> officials say this is the time of year bears try to put on as much weight as possible before going into hibernation. it may soon cost more to catch cabby in d.c. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five -- a cab in d.c. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. >> up first no. 5 imagine taking a pill that will keep your hair its natural color forever. it will hit market in 2015 and be reportedly inexpensive and natural because it's made from fruit extract but you have to take it as a dietary supplement before your hair goes gray. no. 4, that nationwide lettuce
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recall due to listeria concerns is expanding. the recall now includes 19 states and canada. true leaf farms in california is recalling cartons of lettuce that went to the grocery stores and restaurants and cafeterias. no. 3, you will have to wait until this weekend to get yourself a chilly house smoke. a plumbing issue is forcing chilly house to close o street the next -- close for the next three days. those wanting to file an extension for filing taxes are getting their wish. the deadline this year is monday october 17th. no. 1 tonight, get ready to pay up to ride in a d.c. cab. now you cannot be charged more than $19 no matter how long your ride is, but the d.c. taxicab commission is doing way with that $19 cap. the change will take effect october 22nd and that's tonight's fox 5 top five.
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>> sue palka, is there going to be delaneyation point tomorrow where we can say we are -- a delineation point tomorrow where we can say we're done with the past two weeks? >> i'm feeling pretty lucky. would i say 100% lucky, no, but i think by this time tomorrow night or skies should be clear and we're looking at a run of really beautiful weather. >> we'll see the sun tomorrow? >> i think in the afternoon. >> that's all i need. >> we'll be struggling before the noon hour, but by afternoon i think we see it. on balance it might be more clouds than sun tomorrow, but it's the beginning of a drying trend. tonight we have a lot of clouds hanging around, a few sprinkles, but at least we didn't have to shovel. some places did. can you believe these pictures? snowshoe, west virginia, over the within picked up 9 inches of snow. they're probably jumping for joy since this is obviously a great ski resort area. they picked up some of it late
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friday night, an additional 4 inches or so saturday, another inch yesterday. bayard west virginia had about an inch and i traveled up to northwestern pennsylvania where we saw a little bit on the rooftop. here is the problem. the jet stream has been allowing this area of low pressure, upper level low, we call it, to be removed from the jet stream and because it had nothing to steer it away, it kind of rearounded around the mid-atlantic -- meandered around the mid-atlantic and kept us in the soup from the showers, but it will get a kick this week from an area of high pressure that will be in certainly late tomorrow and definitely wednesday, sunny and dry conditions and guess what? it's going to last a number of days. you're in for a treat. tomorrow not bad, definitely warmer than today by some 13 degrees but still clouds around. we can't eliminate a spotty shower, especially in the first half of the day.
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wednesday about 73 degrees. we brighten up beautifully. here's where we start to get our actual vitamin d from the sunshine back. thursday 71 degrees and yes, even the weekend looks nice and perhaps a little bit warmer. you can really see how relegated this was to the mid- atlantic and northeast when you look at the temperatures today. d.c. was 53, boston 68, rochester 58, raleigh 68. so this is where we were really feeling, it but you get to cincinnati it was 70 degrees, detroitic. >> and look at all the heat on the map, wichita 87 dallas and st. louis 78 degrees. so we are definitely still seeing warmer temperatures on the map and our late november preview is about to end. wasn't it good to get a chance to make sure the furnace is working? that's how you put a positive spin on it. temperature now in d.c. is 52, gaithersburg 46 degrees and a chill in the air, but tomorrow night i think things will be really grewing and again some
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sunshine improving and again some sunshine tomorrow afternoon and a bit of a breeze. last few showers for overnight hours hanging out. there are some in the panhandle and a little more up through pennsylvania, but this whole thing is rotating away slowly but surely. that is the back edge of it. we do have the clouds around tonight, some spotty areas of drizzle and light rain, but even with that we'll still be chilly overnight with temperatures dropping to the 40s. prime minister for a chilly start tomorrow -- prepare for a chilly start tomorrow morning, but on the five-day forecast we'll recover in the afternoon to 66 degrees, bring on the 70s for the rest of the week including the within, 76 degrees saturday. so that will feel nice -- the weekend, 76 degrees saturday, so that will feel nice. this weekend is a bye week for the redskins, but feldy will look back on this past week's performance when we return. stn
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this is your local nissan dealers sportscast in hd with dave feldman. >> redskins fans i'm going to go glass half full on you. yeah, your team nearly blew a 17-point lead sunday against the rams like they have done so many other times, but they didn't. so that's change right there. add to the mix a new three- prong running attack and a way stingy defense and you've got a big improvement from a year ago. sunday in st. louis the redskins defense ruled the day. quarterback sam bradford was sacked seven times, the most since december 13th, 2009. brian orakpo registered a team high 2 1/2 sacks and the
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defense limited the rams to 172 yards of offense while limiting stephen jackson and the rams running game to 45 yards. the head coach was asked to evaluate his team with 1/4 of the season in the books. >> four games into the season, now this is just getting started. i feel very good about where we're at as a football team. obviously defensively i think we played you're best football game since i've been here. we have a -- our best football game since i've been here. we have a ways to go. hopefully we can keep doing what we've been doing. >> ryan torain made his season debut in the 2nd quarter. he rushed for 135 yards and looked like in the words of mike shanahan a man possessed. the coach decided midweek torain's role would grow and everyone knows the guy can run. clearly that showed with his fourth career 100-yard game. >> every single game they're always telling me to be ready, stay focused, keep working hard
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and finally got that opportunity to get out there and make some plays. >> ryan has had injuries in the past. hopefully he can stay healthy. i think everybody saw what he did when he did come in in this last game and played extremely well. he's feeling good and made some excellent runs, big time runs. hopefully he can do that the rest of the season. monday night football the buffs hosting the colts 2nd quarter colts leading 3-0. garcon turns into short game into a huge one, sprints 80 search yards for a score, would add a 59-yard td catch in the 3rd. right now they're tied in the 4th at 17. the national league teams are off in baseball division. game three with rangers and rays top of the 7th, rangers leading 2-1, josh hamilton bases loaded and two outs comes
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through in the clutch delivering a base it's to the right, gives texas a 2-1 lead. got to. 9th rays trail 4-3. kelly shoppach homered twice in the first game of the series, not today. rangers edged the rays 4-3. jim leyland and the tigers hosting the yankees. bottom of the 7th game tied 4- 4. delvin young first pitch good-bye. that's a solo home run, 8th inning the tigers lead the yankees 5-4. all right. that does it for now. i'm dave feldman. brian comes back with more of the edge right after this. have a good night. urmat.d 
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quite an accomplishment for one runner who completed the twin cities marathon in minnesota over the weekend. jeanine julson was celebrating her 83rd birthday. the great grandmother and breast cancer survivor has been competing in marathons since her 58th birthday. it took her about eight hours to cross the finish line, but she did it. >> i decided that i seen people in the back and i could do that and that's where i still am, in the back. i want to keep running as long as i think i can do it and i don't know how long that will be. >> she ran the race in support of her granddaughter who is currently battling a nerve tissue disorder. this was julson's 53rd marathon.


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