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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  October 5, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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capital this morning at 5:00. it is wednesday morning, october 5th, 2011 now. thank you for joining us now. >> let's get a check of our weather with tony perkins and sliding in here. >> so smooth. >> i try my best, you know. >> things looking good out there. >> things look great. we'll have fine weather conditions today as promised. and for the foreseeable future. >> nice. we love that. let's take a look. we'll start with the temperatures around the region. as expected, getting five school start once again with temperatures in the 50s in much of the area. a couple of 40s in the area but mostly 50s. 57 here in the district. 54 out at dulles airport. 52 in fredericksburg so not bad at all out there. not much to show you here. we've got mostly clear skies and we will have mostly her skies through the day today. it has been a while since we've been able to do that.
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instead of clouds and rain and mist and all of that, we should see plenty of sunshine. forecast for today, a sunny day. a little bit breezy. look for high temperatures today into the low and mid-70s. how about 57 for washington. 72 for front royal and 76 for waldorf. not a bad day. enjoy. those temperatures are above normal. >> sounds good. let's get a check of your on- time traffic with julie wright. >> good morning. right now, off day quiet start. a lot of that overnight construction in the clear now. if you are traveling the top stretch of the beltway, they had the two right lanes blocked because of overnight roadwork. all of that has cleared. however, you are likely to find some uneven pavement as you travel out of bethesda. light traffic volume working in your favor so there is no delay. no incidents on the outer loop college park around towards
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270. northbound i-95 in good shape headed for the occoquan. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. amanda knox waking up in her own bed this morning. she left an italian prison yesterday after serving four years for a murder she did not commit. the 24-year-old landed in washington state last night. she cried as she saw her supporters for the first time. at a press conference, she thanked everyone. >> what is important for me to say is just thank you for everyone who believed in me, who has defended me, who has supported my family. my family is most important thing to me right now and i just want to go and be with them. >> this has been a very long four years but we couldn't have made it through it without all of you people out here that have supported us. and especially amanda. >> an appeals court in italy threw out her murder conviction on monday. closing arguments are expected today in the trial of
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a virginia woman accused of throwing her granddaughter from a parking garage walkway at tysons corner. carmela de la rosa has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in the death of the two-year-old. prosecutors say a test performed and ignored by the doctor working with tea los angeles rosa shows she is faking her insanity. former prince george's county councilmember leslie wrong son will have to wait a few more months to learn her fate. a judge has delayed her sentencing to december 9th. she pleaded guilty back in june to destroying evidence in a federal corruption probe that also involved her husband, jack johnson. jack johnson will be sentenced december 6th. a federal appeals court says the district's ban on assault weapons and other specific types of guns is constitutional. the city council approved the assault weapons ban in 2008 after a broader ban including handguns was struck down. this measure bans assault weapons and guns with magazines or clips that contain more than
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10 rounds. at pell at court decision also says handguns must be registered. -- the appellate court decision also says handguns must be registered. thousands of protesters have hit the streets in new york and other cities in the last few weeks. stacy cohan has more. >> reporter: we are outside the washington hilton. there has been a conference here called take back the american dream. it has featured live video feeds from the occupy wall street movement. we've seen the pictures in new york and it is happening in l.a. and chicago. the protests are expected to come here to washington, d.c. washington has not taken appropriate action to address the nation's economy and their concerns are backed up by a new poll, a wash post abc news poll
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shows congressional approval is low nationwide. only 18% of democrats approve of the job that congress is doing. 13% of republicans and 13% of independents. >> we have an economy now that is only benefiting the very rich and the middle class is sinking and poverty is spreading. >> we have a stalled debate here in washington and we have an economy that is sinking. and we need to put people to work. >> reporter: thousands are expected to demonstrate beginning tomorrow at freedom plaza. they are promising it will be a peaceful demonstration but the occupy wall street movement has lasted quite some time up in new york. the d.c. police department says they are prepared. they have notified affected areas and they will have units on hand to monitor the situation. reporting live, i'm stacy cohan being back to you. climber will be back scaling the washington monument checking the structure for earthquake damage. they completed their inspection. east and south sides.
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they still need to check the north and west sides. so far, they found cracks in weak spots in the marble and removed loose pieces. the monument remains closed to the public. we now know when the national cathedral will reopen, more than a month from now. it will reopen on november 12th. the churches that been closed since august when the 5.8 earthquake struck. church leaders will begin a massive fundraising campaign to repair the cathedral. they say they will need to raise about $25 million. the repairs could take more than a decade to complete. his controversial comments about the president forced his classic theme song to be pulled from the air. >> up next, hank williams is now apologizing. details of what he posted is coming up next. 
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a survey of the men and women who have served our county since nerve found that about one-third of them say the wars in afghanistan and iraq were not worth fighting for. the pew research poll as a majority of post 9-11 veterans think after 10 years of combat, the country should be focusing less on foreign affairs and
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more on domestic problems. hank williams, jr. now apologizing for using an analogy about adolph hitler in discussing president obama. that analogy along with a follow-up statement in which he referred to the president and the vice president as the men my prompted espn to pull will items' song which independent rows monday night football. he said he was sorry that his passion for football got the best of him. him. >> no, you're in this, i'm going to give you my lawyer's number. call him and make sure before you speak to lapd you have my
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lawyer present. >> prosecutors suggested dr. conrad murray was entangled in his complicated love life and the phone calls kept him from being able to take proper care of jackson. the nobel president into physic awarded to three scientists including one who works at a prestigious school in our area. up member, we'll hear from that scientist. did you know that three of the greatest streets in america are also right here in our area. our weather forecast will be a nice one. be sure to take the sunglasses with you. julie wright is here. she will tell us what is happening on the roadways. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. ,
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one of the three scientists would won this year's nobel prize for physics works at
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johns hopkins university. he is sharing the prize with two other scientists. >> they were honored for their discoveries of the universe's expanding an and accelerating pace. reese got the call yesterday morning and could not believe it. he says he could not have done it without government telescopes and investment in research. >> we have to use these incredibly powerful, incredibly complicated instruments and facilities that take decades to build, that require people to risk their lives in some cases to put new instruments on them, require political will in order to get them done and if we're really lucky at the end, we get -- people like me get to have fun vonda sit -- well we don't get to sit at the prime focus of hubble but we do get to get data peopled down to us that we ask for. >> all three will share the prize and the press team that goes with that. great day on tap for us
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today weather-wise. >> we, it is, for the next several days. >> we like that. >> that is our weather headline. let's take a look. i'm headline that i think we all can rejoice in reading. sunny and dry for the next several days. we deserve it, folks. and our temperatures are going to get back to where they should be for this time of year. they will be even higher. here is a look at the current temperatures around the region. we are at 56 degrees. i will say it is milder this morning than i anticipated. remember yesterday i was saying we would see some 50s but likely some 40s as well and there are a couple of 40s. gaithersburg, 48. culpeper, 48. most of us are in the 50s. 51 in baltimore. dull always airport, 55 degrees and fredericksburg, it is a cool 52 degrees. not a bad start to the day. let's look at that satellite- radar and if a change, it won't show you much of anything. even yesterday, there were a couple of sprinkles very early in the morning. things are quiet here, quiet in most of the country. we've got the jet stream dipping down to the south and the western half of the nation
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so we've got rain showers out there across many of the we were states. quiet conditions for the eastern half of the country. the area of low pressure that was causing us many problems continuing to push away. still some clouds and a few rain showers over new england and cooler temperatures as well. but even they will gradually see some improvement. so if us for today, here is what the forecast looks like. not a bad one at all. mostly sunny skies, a mild afternoon. our average high for this time of of year, 72 degrees. i think we'll be above that for a change. 75degrees and a little bit breezy. then for tonight, we'll see mostly clear skies, cool temperatures, 50 for your overnight low in town. so i do think some of you will be in the 40s overnight tonight. then the five-day forecast, you want to see a pretty five-day, look at this one. not bad at all. sunny tomorrow, 73 friday. a couple of s. saturday and sunday, the redskins aren't playing this weekend so get outdoors and
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have some fun, spend time with the family. temperatures will be in the mid- and upper 70s. now, let's find out what is happening with this morning's rush hour traffic. here is julie wright. >> so far, so good. we are off for a quiet start this morning. no incidents to report right now as you continue your trip on northbound i-59 working your way out of woodbridge this morning leaving the prince william parkway and continuing across the occoquan. light traffic volume there on 395 leaving the beltway on the 14th street bridge. southbound 207 at 370 checking for a stalled car on the northbound side of the highway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. a commuter alert for this coming weekend. the army ten miler and two caps games could make getting around d.c. a little tricky this weekend especially because metro will be doing track work on the red, green, yellow and orange lines.
5:19 am
metro will open an hour early sunday for people headed to the ten miler. >> washington, d.c. and many of its suburbs are known for rich history. three streets? d.c. and virginia being singled out pause they were planned well. beth parker visited all three. >> reporter: in our little corn are of the world, you can stroll three streets that make the list of america's great streets, u street, king street and davis street. each one selected by the american planning association as one of this year's 10 great streets. we begin here on u street northwest where a lot looks shiny and new but there is still a great deal of history. duke ellington, just one of the musical greats who played this great street. >> i like the diversity of the clubs, the eateries and just the diversity of the people walking up and down the street. >> reporter: king street in old
5:20 am
town alexandria was singled out because it is bustling with activity but the apa says alexandria has also managed, despite the passage of time, to hold onto its past. >> it is a great street. >> reporter: coworkers spent their lunch break looking out over king street. >> reporter: what is cool about king street? >> the history, the ambience. the town is kind of the same other than asphalt. >> reporter: and finally davis street. when the route 29 bypass was built, people didn't have a reason to come here to downtown culpeper. they just kept right on going. but the business owners got together and made this a destination. >> it is just unique. there are so many different unique shops. i don't like chain stores and you don't have that downtown.
5:21 am
all the different restaurants, they've got great restaurants down here. >> >> reporter: so air -- so you're glad you moved here? oh, yeah, i'm retired now and i'm going to stay here. >> you can check out the entire list of streets on look under the local news tab. >> always nice when things in our area make the list, a good list. the king of cash, donald trump talked live to fox 5 yesterday morning about his newest venture, a winery. >> we'll hear more from the donald. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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taking a live look outside at the u.s. capitol dome shaping up to a very nice day out there today. go out and make it a great day this wednesday. time now 5:24. from real estate to reality tv, donald trump has built an empire with projects across the country. his newest, a winery in virginia. >> as john henrehan explains, that means something for the wine industry. >> reporter: the kluge winery opened about 10 years ago. the wines won awards but it did not survive the recession. she lost all of her millions. she is quite public about the loss.
5:25 am
>> everything material but i didn't los -- didn't lose what is important and what is important to me is my family, my friends, the wineries and the vineyard and wines i produce. those have been saved by a dear friend. >> that is donald trump who has scooped up much the properties and has renamed the enterprise and is now one of the new of the wine maker. >> we have no debt. we bought it for the right price from the banks and i think it will be a lot of fun and job producing and will produce a fantastic wine. >> reporter: trump has hired patricia kluge and her husband to manage the winery. >> we know the trump name is synonymous with business success and quality and having that now attached to a name, kluge estate winey ria that is already known for quality wines, we think there is marvelous days ahead here for the wine industry. >> reporter: the new name
5:26 am
actually brought these tourists to the tasting room. jan patch of orange county, virginia loved the white she was sipping. >> very good. >> reporter: in fact, she bought a bottle. >> her husband was not so bigot red. >> too much tannin. just a tad bitter. >> reporter: well, you ma you want to come back in six or 12 months, eric trump, donaldson who will be the titular head of the winery says the family plans to use new bottles of wine and they will likely concentrate on the reds. john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> i think a lot of people will be visiting that winery. so you've heard of people stealing copper to make cash but why is someone stealing manhole covers? >> coming up in about 12 minutes, we'll have the details for you. >> reporter: they have occupied wall street and they are protesting in l.a.
5:27 am
and chicago. now, the movement comes to washington. i'll tell you what you need to know coming up in a live report. ♪
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with the new citi simplicity card. no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries. get started at we take a look at the capitol once again on this wednesday morning. it is october 5th, we should get a little bit of a warm-up today. >> uh-huh. >> you think? >> i think so.
5:30 am
i thought there was more to say. we are going to get a warm-up today. it will be nice. we'll see, i believe, an above- normal temperature for a change. so that is nice. i remember earlier this week, our highs were only in the low others, today, mid-70s. let's take a look at what is going on out there. we'll start with the satellite- radar composite. there is not much to show you. there is still a little activity over northern new england but the showers, even the showers there are starting to push out, which is nice as that area of low pressure begins to move away and it is taking with it the clouds and all of that. it has already moved far enough away that it is no longer really influencing us in this region. things look pretty good. here is a look at the current temperatures across the region. regular nan national at 56 degrees. dulles at 55. bwi marshall, 51 degrees for your current temperature. that is not a bad start to the day. for your forecast for today,
5:31 am
mostly sunny skies. a mild afternoon. just pleasant. 75degrees for your high. yippee! i love it. >> let's got a look at your on- time traffic with julie wright. >> we're checking out the cameras around town. we had overnight construction that was still there overnight on briggs chaney at 66. no incidents to report there. they should be picking up this work zone shortly. lanes are open if you are conning on the beltway between an and del and more i had field. traveling along 29 coming south from lockwood drive headed down towards the capital beltway. the lanes here are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. making headlines, closing arguments are expected today in the trial of a virginia woman accused of throwing her granddaughter from an elevated walkway at tysons corner. then, it will be up to the jury to decide if carmela de la rosa
5:32 am
was insane at the time of the murder. she has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in the death of the 2-year-old. the defense saying she could not distinguish between right and wrong. prosecutors say a test performed and ignored by the doctor working with de la rosa shows she is faking her insanity. former prince george's county councilmember leslie johnson will have to wait a few more months to learn her fate. johnson was set to be sentenced next week but a judge has delayed it to december 9th. johnson pleaded guilty in june to destroying evidence in the federal corruption probe that also involved her husband, jack johnson. he will be sentenced december 6th. four northern virginia men are charged in a $20 million federal government kickback scream, accused of stealing the money for their own personal use. kerry kahn and michael alexander are both employees at the army corps of engineers. the indime claims they worked together to steer a $780 million contract to a company
5:33 am
of their choice to continue funneling money to themselves. we have seen it across several cities of late. protestors unhappy with the handling of the economy hitting the streets. just this past week, more than 700 were arrested in new york city. a similar protest now planned for the district. stacy cohan joins us live from northwest with the story. >> reporter: the build-up to the protest has already been going on all week here at the washington hilton. there has been a conference called the taking back america conference and it includes participants that are current members of congress, former labor secretary, robert wright but during the conference, there has been a live stream from the occupy wall street movement that we've seen going on in new york with all the protestors. they are. coming to washington. they are protesting not only wall street but congress and the president for a lack of action or inappropriate action to solve current economic problems. and the recent "washington post" abc news poll shows the
5:34 am
president's approval ratings continue to be low, 42% job approval rating. 54% disapproval and only 35% of the american public approve of the handling of the economy. >> the american people now disgusted with a debate in washington that really has left them out. for two years, wave done really nothing on this crisis and -- we've done really nothing on this crisis and their condition is getting worse. they are coming here and making a demand that is going to grow. >> reporter: part of the taking back america conference will include a rally today on capitol hill that will call jobs not cut. it will be followed up by what is expected to be the larger protest down at freedom plaza. that will be by the occupy wall street movement and the folk here at the conference all to continue protesting what they view as the mishandling of the american economy. reporting live, i'm stacy cohan. back to you. amanda knox is back home on american soil for the first time in four years. she was kept in first class away from reporters on that
5:35 am
same flight and got a warm reception from supporters. just a day early are, she was facing the possibility of life in an italian prison. >> i'm really overwhelmed right now. i was looking down from the airplane and it seemed like everything wasn't real. what is important for me to say is thank you to everyone who has believed in me, who has defended me, who has supported my family. i just want my familiar -- my family is the most important thing to me right now and i want to go and be with them. thank you for being there for me. >> the 24-year-old university of washington student had been studying abroad in italy.
5:36 am
the field of republican presidential contenders taking shape right now. chris christie has decided once and for all he is not running for president. the a press conf reporters now is not the right time for me. christie had faced growing pressure from gop donors and voters to get into the race. let's check the markets. the dow staged quite a comeback tuesday. once down more than 200 points, it finished up 153. nasdaq also higher yesterday, up almost 69 although asian markets struggled overnight. more concern about europe. the nikkei lost 73 points in japan. we're back in a moment. drinkin'? u i'm drinkin' dunkin'. coffee -- black, straight up. extra cream, three sugars. iced coffee french vanilla. for me. iced coffee with a turbo shot. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. drinkin' dunkin'. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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a most unusual crime spree, stolen manhole covers. a strange case that has police scratching their heads. bob barnard has the details. >> reporter: this is one of the crime scenes where thieves stole a manhole cover that hasn't been replaced. >> we know of six at this time that were taken during the overnight hours and we're not quite sure why. >> reporter: that is six manhole covers stolen in just the past couple of weeks. two were taken from this
5:40 am
subdivision. >> we don't have any leads. we are assuming that they were stolen for the scrap metal value. >> reporter: here at summitt recycling in fredericksburg -- >> if it is metal, we take it. >> reporter: the junkyard crew is keeping a lookout for anybody trying to trade manhole covers for cash. floyd smith and dartanian gray are getting rid of metal scraps. we told them about the rash of thefts. >> that's crazy. manhole covers? that's dangerous. >> reporter: in these mounds of strap metal, look closely and you see everything from large appliances to small propane tanks . have you seen any manhole covers come here? >> no. >> what would happen?
5:41 am
>> we would call the police. >> reporter: each cover has about $8 worth of metal. >> it hardly seems even in the same realm. i'm wondering if somebody thought they had more value than they did because of their weight but cast iron just doesn't have much cash value when you are turning it in for scrap. >> if the six hand hole covers that were taken by the same people at roughly the same time, they could face a felony charge. >> we are told each of the manhole covers costs about $200 to replace. let's move onto technology now. the newest iphone is here but it is not getting some not so flattering feedback. we are checking weather and traffic. stay with us. ,
5:42 am
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. taking a look at the u.s. capitol dome. shaping up to a very, very nice day and speaking of which, it is international walk to school day and this year arab record 22 schools signed up in d.c. alone. ray lahood and other transportation officials will be on hand at ann beers
5:45 am
elementary to help escort students to their classes. it is meant to draw attention to the need for safer routes to school. tony is back with a look at our forecast for today. this is where it all gets started to the weekend. >> for the weekend, for the next several days, the rest of this workweek looks good. i suspect a lot of people will be having lunch outside. it will an good one. i shouldn't have mentioned that because now julie wright is going to ask me for lunch. let's take a look at what is going on. here is a look at the temperature across the region. 56degrees is your current temperature here in washington. annapolis is at 50. baltimore, 51 degrees. quantico, 55. winchester, virginia, 52. culpeper is at 46 degrees. here is a look at the satellite satellite-radar composite for our part of the country. up to the north is where you see some cloud cover. when i say north, i'm talking about new england and a few
5:46 am
showers out there but they are pushing out to sea and nothing really happening here. now, i want to show you a look at the surface map. here is what is going on for the rest of this week. it is really a pattern flip. whereas we've had the jet stream sinking southward and allowing cool air and rain and all of that to be in our area, well, now, it's sunk southward out to the west. they are getting the drizzle and all that kind of thin and here in the eastern united states, high pressure, that is a dome of high pressure. that will dominate so we'll have warmer temperatures and drier conditions and generally quiet conditions for the next several days. so not bad at all. here is your forecast for today. looking for mostly sunny skies, a mild afternoon. high today about 75 degrees. light winds. then for tonight, clear skies, cool temperatures, 50 degrees for your low in town. some of you will be in the 40s. five-day forecast, not a bad one at all. this has been -- i cooperate
5:47 am
tell you the last time we had a five-day this good look. lots of sunshine, temperatures for your highs in the low to mid, in fact, to the upper 70s by the time we get towards the end of the weekend. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, lets go to julie wright and get more on this morning's traffic. >> no incidents reported as you work your way in along 66. again, volume building here but no incidents to report continuing over towards 123 in vie even a. you will find the top side of the beltway outer loop at speed leaving 59 college park headed around towards georgia avenue. 95, 295 quiet in from laurel. no incidents to report on 50 leaving annapolis headed in towards the capital beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. in consumer news, apple has
5:48 am
introduced its highly anticipated apple iphone 4 s. we have a report. >> reporter: hopes are high for today's iphone event held at apple's headquarters in california. the reason, apple fans haven't seen a new iphone since june of 2010. the talk of the tech world suggested that the company could reveal not just one new design but two. apple's new ceo tim cook revealed only this. >> iphone 4 s, the most amazing iphone ever, now with a dual core a 5 chip, 1080 hd video recording, an all new camera with advanced optics and this amazing thing we call seri. >> that is the update for us on
5:49 am
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it is time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, doe kelly. he says as soon as he opens his eyes in the morning he turns on fox 5. he goes crazy when he can't find the remote control. i know the feeling. sometimes i feepped it in between the sheets somewhere, maybe under the pillow. fine us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news. there is no space between fox and the number 5 and then post a comment under doe's photo. >> if he has already got it on fox 5, didn't neat to worry
5:53 am
about it. let's try to talk now with the sports junkies. chris cooley saying he enjoys tony romo choke a little bit. >> i don't have a problem with it. it is a division rival. if he wants to stir the pot a little bit, i don't have any real issue with it. mike shanahan has some sort of issue with it because he just talks for 20 minutes and you don't get any nuggets out of him. now, he has his players yapping. i love it. >> it is great to see romo fall flat the next week. >> it endears him to the fans. it is the exact same sentiment that the people have. is a man of the people, even though he is in pottery. who is in pottery? >> does a man of the people get
5:54 am
weekly checks for like $150,000. >> exactly. is it really trash talking if it is true. tony romo really has been choking lately. >> he has been choking. chris doesn't hold back. he will talk. he'll say anything. >> we appreciate that. tim hightower is talking super bowl. now, did he get dinged up a little bit more than we thought he can d. to make omments. >> did he get a concussion? >> a head injury. >> he has been to the super bowl. now, you don't know if he will make it with the redskins this season but he made it as a rookie with the arizona cardinals. he knows what it takes of course the preparation and the dedication to get to a super bowl. if you are mike shanahan, how about you focus on your next opponents rather than thinking about being in indianapolis for the super bowl. >> wrong that tim hightower has seen the packers play yet. because he is clearly delusional if he thinks they're better than the packers. there is no chance the redskins are going to super bowl. he should concentrate on his
5:55 am
vacation next week and then the eagles. >> i don't have a problem with the guys talking about this because what we have seen from all the players is they all believe in coach shanahan. they all bought in. it is kind of the same thing that rex grossman said before the season that they are going to win the nfc. like to see the confidence. what else do you want them to say? >> if the season ended today, hello, the redskins are in the playoffs. >> but if i'm tight lipped mike shanahan, i don't want those guys saying anything. i want them to be robots and to give nothing to the media. >> i don't know. >> he has already said that. he said look, don't buy into anything. just zip it. >> i kind of like the fact that they're talking. but i wouldn't be talking super bowl after you beat the cardinals. -- i mean after you beat the rams. if you beat green bay, than can you talk super bowl. >> how about you try to get
5:56 am
your starting running back job back. that would be smart. >> there is also baseball teams trying to get to the world series. we saw that tighten up a little bit. only one team has clinched so far. you guys still on pace with who you like? >> i don't know. >> i picked detroit. detroit can still win game five. in these best of five, these short series are so unpredictable. there is no carry overfrom game to game. no one expected burnett to play that way. i didn't expect a blowout. >> the momentum changes dramatically game to game from a five-game series like that. texas blew out tampa, didn't put up a fight. it is unpredictable the way baseball is these days. >> hard to believe tampa didn't win at home yesterday. they had 28,000 fans for a playoff game. >> they don't care. >> you talk about somebody that is not supporting. somebody that does support,
5:57 am
washington capitals fans. just fining out the home opener on saturday night. you think ovechkin will be back? the word is he is heading over to russia. >> it is not a pleasure trip. there was a death of a close -- not sure for it is a friend or family member. >> i think a lot of people haven't been talking about the washington capitals. the thing about this capitals team and we have avenue talked about it, does the regular season even matter? it is how they do on the post- season. >> can they make like a fall award because they are the regular season champs over the past few years. get it done in the post season. >> it will be nice for that one if we could just fast forward to like april and see what happens. >> thank you. it is a brutal job market out there. your resume is more critical than ever. ahead at 6:00, tips on what it takes to land that interview.
5:58 am
>> we'll check your morning commute and your forecast. fox 5 morning news is back after this. 
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