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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 5, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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in four years she is back home seattle. pride in the military, but not for the wars in afghanistan and iraq. a new opinion poll, u.s. veterans speak out about what they think america should be focussing on. fox 5 news at 7 starts now. tower cam at the national cathedral, should be a nice day. chilly you may want to grab a light jacket but won't need it by this afternoon that is the good news this wednesday morning i am steve chenevey. >> i am alison seymour. >> i am so excited about this day. especially today tony. >> and run wild for longer. >> that's right. >> it will be a great day folks you do need a jacket this morning later on today, hey, you won't be needing it, it will be comfortable and pretty getting ready for school, the
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bus stop forecast whether you are busing it or walking, will have a couple clouds here and there, cold temperatures, cool temperatures in the 50s. 50 to 55 degrees not as cool as it has been. sunrise officially in 6 minutes. all right here is a look at current temperatures around the region, 55 degrees here in the nations capitol, 56 dulles airport, baltimore, 52. naval air station, 55 and winchester 50 degrees your forecast today, lots of sunshine, mild temperatures, even warm in some spots, 73 german town, 74 warrenton. washington 75 degrees. that is a look at the weather now to julie wright and find out how your drive to work is going. it is not as nice as that forecast. we have problems on the road travelling the outer loop of the belt way, westbound, 95, 495, if you will out of college
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park accident activity at route 1. heads up as you work your way around from ken nil worth avenue to the scene. also checking for the crash reported 95 southbound at 175. keep an eye open for that out of baltimore. travelling southbound, 270, no incidents to report lanes open out of german town. traffic at falls road and leaving montrose for the lane divide you will find northbound pike is open. here we are live northbound i- 59 autoof wood bridge. -- out of wood bridge. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. the big story the growing anti wall street demonstration organizers, calling on college students to walk out of class in protest this afternoon. a demonstration similar to the one in new york city in recent weeks is planned for the district of columbia, live in
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the northwest with details. >> good morning alison here in northwest washington at the hilton there has been a conference going on all week called take back the american dream conference and has had a live video feed of the occupy wall street movement. that movement is coming here to washington shortly. there is a lot of disgruntlement with congress we have a poll to show you. abc news poll gives congress low marks, 3% of those polled strongly approve of the job congress is doing only 14% approve. 62% strongly disprove and 20% somewhat disprove those are not good numbers you can see the reaction at the occupy wall street movement, the protests are going on across the country, new york, l.a., boston, chicago thousands are expected to take to the streets of or nations capitol to complain about what they view as a bailout of wall street and
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indifference to average americans. >> we are building an american dream movement to create an economy that works for most americans again. we have an economy only benefiting the very rich and middle class is sinking and poverty is spreading. it is time to change the debate in washington. >> i am participating in this because right now there are some very urgent changes and transformations that need to take place it will take people power, organizations, communication, going to take the sharing of information. here in washington there is expected to be a rally on capitol hill that is going to happen today called jobs not cut tomorrow there will be a large protest at freedom plaza, that should happen 12:30 p.m. tomorrow afternoon and there is a call for college students to walk out of class at 2:00 p.m. today as part of this growing protest movement. i am stacy cohen back to you. a stark warning to the u.s.
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economy ben bernanke painted a grim picture, the president wants to spend nearly half a trillion dollars on programs he thinks will create jobs, infrastructure, spending, school construction and his new nemesis, eric canter, declared the bill dead on arrival. mr. canter should come down to dallas and look kim russell in the eye and tell her why she doesn't deserve to be back in the classroom doing what she loves. >> another problem for the president many democrats in congress are not thrilled with his proposed tax hikes. coming up, more about the president's jobs bill, with political strategists from both sides of the aisle. now the not my time i have a commitment to new jersey i simply will not abandon. >> governor chris christy said he can't run for president, he owes it to new jersey voters to
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finish what he started. christy said no all along with several prominent republicans recently begged him to reconsider they saw him as the gops best shot as denying president obama a second term. they remain focused on mitt romney and rick perry. >> come tomlin was voted in in west virginia. he has served as acting governor since joe mansion stepped down if november. he will -- in november since he won a senate seat. he will serve the remaining term. a virginia woman accused of throwing her granddaughter from a walk way at tyson ' corner. she has pleaded insanity.
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cadaver dogs could join the search for a missing maryland woman in aroba. for the rest of the -- aruba. for the rest of the week, they will search one part of the island. authorities doubted his account how gardener disappeared. >> amanda knox waking up in her own bed this morning for the first time in four years. she arrived home seattle last night. >> she is beginning to adjust to life following her or deal in an italian prison. >> reporter: amanda knox is back on u.s. soil. the 24-year-old breaking down in tears as she stepped into seattle's tacoma international airport tuesday night she spent the last four years inside an italian prison for the murder of her roommate. on monday an italian appeals
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court throughout her 2009 conviction. her father said support from family and friends here in the u.s. has helped her endure >> it has been a long four years we couldn't have made it through without all you people out here who supported us. >> it is because of the letters and the calls and the just amazing support that we received from people all over the world especially here seattle we have been able to endure. >> reporter: an emotional amanda says the moment seems surreal she is happy to be home with her loved ones. >> i was looking down from the airplane and seemed everything wasn't real. thank you to everyone who has believed in me, who defended me who supported my family, my family is the most important thing to me right now i just want to go and be with them. >> those who know the knox family are wishing her an easy
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transition to life back home. >> i just hope everybody will leave her loan let her figure out her life her path from here will be challenging. knox could be headed back to italy and court, prosecutors are expected to appeal the acquitle sending the case to the italian supreme court. the manslaughter trial of the doctor charged in michael jackson's death is move into the csi phase now detectives are and others are expected to testify. they will hear from conrad murray himself he has pleaded not guilty in connection with jackson's death. accused of stealing money for their own personal use, two men carrie kon and michael
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alexandre are employed by army corpses of engineers they worked together to steer $780 million contract to a company of their choice to continue funneling money to themselves. we now know when the earthquake damaged national cathedral will reopen, november 12th is the plan it must first raise tens of millions of dollars to repair damage, $15 million is needed for initial repairs and $10 million for operations throughout next year it has been closed since august 23rd earthquake. repairs could take a decade to finish. no word when the washington monument will reopen. climbers will be out there again this morning checking for more damage. yesterday they finished their inspection of the east and west side. so far they have found cracks and weak spots in the marble and were able to remove loose pieces.
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coming up, it is not looking good if you are an nba fan. turbulence for faas new traffic air system why serious problems threaten to increase costs and delay competition. >> post 9/11 veterans speak out about what they really thing about the war in iraq and afghanistan. let's lookout side, there is the sun we have been waiting for you can see that scene in the foreground it is chilly just to warm things up nicely, tony has your forecast and july with traffic up next
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making headlines, an ambitious plan to modernize the nations air traffic control system, serious problems that could lead to track costs and delays that is what the --
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extra costs and delays that is what they are talking about today. problems are hindering the new space tracking system. a 40-year-old woman is dead after a helicopter crashed into the east river in new york. two other people are in critical condition the fourth passenger is doing well the pilot was not hospitalized they were in a private helicopter celebrating the woman's birthday the four people who survived managed to get out on their own after it went down. >> day 97 of the lock out, owners offered a 50/50 split of basketball related income, players want 53%, they had 57% in the past the league cancelled the remander of the preseason and will wipe out the first part of the regular season. no new costs are scheduled. rumoured to be offered $3 million, kobe was, to play one
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month overseas. >> i thought he was doing that. he was doing that. >> so 50/50 isn't good enough? >> they want 57. >> is it just me or does there not seem to be -- when the nfl lock out was going on seemed everyone was focused. >> i think we are lock out burn out. >> i agree with you. i think football just took a lot of wind out of the sails for a lot of people you don't hear much about it compared to football. all right. it is going to be gorgeous today, fantastic, that is not a word we use a lot in the weather center. gorgeous orphan fastic. >> gorgeous is -- or, fantastic. >> gorgeous is tucker. i certainly get one of them. >> didn't want to give you
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gorgeous. 55 degrees, not bad, raleigh, 51, cincinnati 51 degrees, hey, boston at 58 that is a good sign they are going to bounce back as well things were very cool there yesterday. all right in the nations mid- section, let's see, some place i haven't mentioned lately, salt lake city, 61 degrees, not the nations mid-section, but san francisco 67, new orleans 60 and minneapolis, 63 degrees at this hour. here is a look at the national map, as far as satellite radar what do you notice about this map class? well, mr. perkins, the eastern is quiet and the western is active. >> quiet [ laughing ] >> in the east, high today, 75 degrees. wonderful next several days, you know when was the last time
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we had a 5 day this beautiful great, lots of sunshine temperatures in the 70s. enjoy it. >> not just wonderful, fantastic. just like you. >> everyone enjoy it. >> we will mr. perkins. julie wright. class dismissed. the day has come julie. >> i don't know if i can sit still in a classroom with mr. perkins. >> my class would be great >> i don't know. >> oh, come on. [ laughter ] >> wow. >> real quick, a baggy 301 hit me up on twitter and said we are just too funny. am i responsible? that would be boring. >> that is why people watch this show. all right. here we go problems out there on the roads outer loop of the belt way checking for that crash on the outer loop near route 1 heads up as you work your way over to georgia, pulling 95 georgia avenue,
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southbound 95, crash reported 175 earlier crash along the bw parkway at 32, it has cleared delays 175. latest crash occurred southbound 270 before shy digrove road tieing -- shady grove road tieing up the left lane. delays, 270, rockville. another crash reported northbound i-95, prince william parkway no problems on 395, duke street to seminary road and across the 14th street bridge that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. an apology from hank williams junior, for referring to hitler when speaking of obama. williams said his passion for politics and sports got the best or worst of me. espn has no further comment no word if they will use his song
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again synonymous with monday night football since 1989. this morning we are getting insight into the wars in afghanistan and iraq from men and women who serve there. this poll includes veterans who served since 9/11. maureen is back with us with more details. >> well, as you know the 10th anniversary of the start of the war in afghanistan is this friday as the nation marks that milestone the nonpartisan research center, looked at whether those who fought there supported their mission. a third of veterans said the wars in afghanistan and iraq were not wars worth fighting post 9/11 veterans thing after ten years of combat the country should focus less on foreign affairmore on domestic problems it comes at a time when the obama administration is rethinking military priorities, trying to keep public support for remaining in iraq and
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afghanistan despite their huge costs. only 21% of veterans surveyed said they felt people understood the toll it has on families left behind. alison. maureen thank you so much. time 21 minutes after 7. more deaths linked to the listeria outbreak. health officials expect more in the coming weeks. >> our nations financial woes creating a stir on capitol hill as president barack obama continues to push hard for his jobs bill. more on this. challenge for the nations youth today 4 h hosting its annual science day. more from chevy chase coming up later on 
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the death toll in the outbreak of listeria in cantaloupe has risen to 18. two additional deaths in colorado and one in kansas have been confirmed since last week. health officials fear more deaths in the coming weeks since symptoms can take up to o an ohio man convicted of being a nazi criminal in germany prosecutors are taking a look at hundreds more dormant investigations of nazi guards. nobel prize week yesterday was fies sicks, tomorrow let which you are -- physics, and tomorrow literature an israeli scientist was named as this
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year's nobel winner in chemistry. he discovered quasi crystals, chemical structures that change the way scientists look at solid matter. 7:26 a.m. on wednesday morning now chris christy is out of the mix we will look at the new gop presidential front runner. >> time to check out today's my fox half off deal, from great country farms, blue mount virginia up to 57% off hayrides, mazes and more at the fall pumpkin harvest festival. go to our website click on the my fox half off icon. we will be right back. 7:26 a.m. ,
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going to be a great day on this wednesday morning you can see it right there. i am just super excited to me i love the hot weather of summer but 75 and sunny, pretty nice. >> perfect to me. >> i like mid-70s. i like that over the 80s. >> tough to beat. >> perfect. >> tell us more >> i will. i have got your weather headlines for the day and next several days for the most part they are headlines you will enjoy and appreciate first of
7:30 am
all finally a completely sunny day we had weeks of clouds and rain, last few days, periods of cloudsun, today just sunny warm days and cool nights for the next several days, and i think a lot of people enjoy that too. the nice warm but not too hot cool conditions at night time to help you sleep the weekend looks great good weekend to get out and do stuff meanwhile the tropics, are still active, we have tropical storm philippe it poses no threat to any land mass right now. we remain at 50 degrees in baltimore, 54 dulles airport, 48 in fredericks burg, and let's check out hagerstown, 53 degrees there. as far as our satellite radar image goes, nothing to see we
7:31 am
showed you in the live shot mostly sunny skies, a couple clouds on the horizon. clear skies this morning and indeed for the day as well there are some clouds in upper new england. forecast for washington, today looks like this mostly sunny, mild afternoon, 75 degrees, and believe it or not that is above normal, haven't said that for weeks then tonight we will see, cool conditions mostly clear skies, 50 for your overnight low in town, outside of town i think some of you will be in the 40s again tonight, 5 day forecast, check it out, just you know what can i say, lots of sunshine for the next several days not bad at all. >> hey, julie. did you dump pump that [check for proper spelling] check it out. >> check it out -- double pump
7:32 am
check, check it out. >> not intentionally. lanes for shady grove road, 109, through the rockville enter change out towards the split outer loop of the belt way, route 1, whatever was there has cleared, 95 to georgia avenue, southbound 95, delays out of laurel. inbound, new york avenue, slow through the traffic lights, definitely slow going inbound this morning, traffic at the third street tunnel, in bound 50 delays, 410 towards river dale that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thanks so much the shake up in the republican race for the white house almost was but is no more. we are talking about chris christy's express train that came to an abrupt halt yesterday where he said once again i am not running, joining us now, peter fen hey, peter and republican strategist, jim
7:33 am
hi jim. back together on another wednesday morning let's talk about chris christy are we surprised he said over and over i am not going to run for president now he is not going to run >> i don't think so. a couple things, in this dynamic, number one the primaries are being moved up and moved up to the fact we will see an iowa caucus some time in november. it is hard at that point with a very condensed calendar to announce, put together an organization, raise money, you see the perry campaign, having a difficult time because there was so much enthusiasm and it is really tough it takes a little while -- peter has been involved in presidential campaigns it takes while to raise the money to do the things you need to do to really run an effective campaign i think he is flattered, and you know it is always great there is always a rule of thumb if you are a politician even if you are not going to run, if they are talking about you,
7:34 am
that is a good thing. right exactly. but you know, i am beginning to call the republican party the baskin robins party it is the flavour of the month. michelle bachmann was rolling in the aisle and sinks like a rock and perry had his share of trouble. the one thing i think we are seeing here, with all this will you run won't you run. he got a lot of pressure was that they clearly are not satisfied with mitt romney the latest numbers, gallup came out with an intensity number herman cain has the highst number for intensity he is now second. >> let's talk about herman cain. >> we were making fun of this, on a previous show about 999. 9 pizzas, in 9 minutes for 9 bucks, which is not -- >> so good of you.
7:35 am
>> no, i mean my point, this is easy to understand it is simple people are gravitating towards it, making fun of it not so smart and cain has helped himself and clearly the ability, who would have thought he would win florida in the straw poll. >> what do you think about cain? >> i saw him speak in new hampshire in april, early may, the guy is a radio talk show host in atlanta he understands what motivates audiences he gave a very good speech the problem with cain now just like everybody else is now the scrutiny comes who are you, what did you do, what kind of business did you run, you know he ran national restaurant association did he do a good job there. there will be a lot of things and more scrutiny on him just like everybody else now the pressure. the other thing is, with a
7:36 am
condensed calendar, with a compressed calendar, you will have to play in a lot of places at one time that is michelle bachmann's problem they are putting all their money and efforts, in iowa, hoping it creates momentum with condensed calendar, you have one state one day, another state another day, you need money if he doesn't have money -- >> florida moved up into january it is a very expensive state to run in. >> which was -- >> i didn't know you could write. >> i am a ghost writer. >> there was a report where i said look, don't thing romney has this thing all locked up there are certainly evidence that suggest he might but here is a guy, taking more position than issues, he is a weather
7:37 am
vane in a are you cane. oh, -- hurricane. oh, i signed a tax pledge before you signed the tax men you increased fees in massachusetts, -- pledge you increased fees in massachusetts, 55 times. let me ask you this, looks like mitt romney is still a front runner is he still -- >> remember you are looking at national polls they really don't mean anything these are state by state caucuses you have to look at each individual state whether it is iowa, new hampshire, nevada. >> it is not winner take all. >> that's right. head winner take all. what you can say about romney is that he has a base and he has a -- seems like he has a ceiling he has 20 to 25% doesn't seem to get much more than 25, once in awhile he gets a 30 but he is down around 20
7:38 am
the question becomes, who are they going to go to. setting that up to say, in the short time we have left can mitt romney beat president barack obama when does the conversation change to that it is fine to talk about this but when does it change to electability. >> it is like mark twain said about the weather in the midwest, if you don't like it, wait a minute, 13, 14 months is a long time for this election this is a president who has shown he can come from behind and did it. so i think can anything happen, yeah obviously as we talked about for a long time economy is key here. >> we will have to hold on talking about the jobs bill and how far that will go until next week when you come back. actually -- >> jim it is all you. we will see how far it will go next week steve over to you. >> thank you very much 7:39 a.m. disney digging back into the
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>> making headlines, a trenton pennsylvania couple is accused of making a 7-year-old boy, sleep in a fake cofin he was found crying in the basement of the home the 26-year-old mother and step father are in jail they locked the boy in the basement as punishment and would rattle chains to make him think there were ghosts down there. defense chief is warning, deep budget cuts will hurt our ability to make up for nato short falls in libya and afghanistan. leon is meeting allies at nato head quarterrers in belgium and telling them they have to work together or risk the ability to take on missions in libya and afghanistan. in georgia, an unemployed woman won $21 million without trying the 44-year-old bought a
7:43 am
mega millions ticket the clerk gave her that ticket and mistakenly gave her one for the power ball drawing she matched numbers for the power ballotry despite the mix up she will be -- ball, lottery, despite the mix up she will be paid. hopefully she gives some money back to the woman who made the mistake. >> she was clearly meant to get it. hopefully she pays it forward. >> don't they get money any way. >> the store but not her. >> not the woman who gave her the ticket. i am sure she will. >> very nice >> -- gesture. what? >>th inning. >> a look at temperatures around the region. 55 degrees your current temperature, 56 annapolis, dulles, 54. a couple 40s.
7:44 am
48 fredericks burg, 48 parts of gaithersburg take a look at the jet stream now we showed you the jet stream yesterday because of dipping south ward across new england, starting to flatten out there, they will get better weather as well in the eastern u.s. high pressure is building in, that would be our representation of a dome of high pressure, that means things will be quiet, calm and warm and dry for the next several days, we can use that for a spell. here is your 5 day forecast high today, 75 degrees under sunny skies, tomorrow 73 degrees, but the skies will be sunny, on friday, temperature should be around 73 again mostly sunny skies, on saturday, sunshine, 75 and on sunday, 79 degrees and some sunshine how about that. sunshine for each of the next 5 days. >> no rain no cloudy. >> beautiful. it's beautiful. >> all right. >> keep that one on file. >> we will. we will. >> during the winter we will pull this one out. oh, we will be so sad when
7:45 am
it is so cold. >> he will pull this forecast out is that the one he keeps in the drawers beside the ho hos and twinkies. >> oh, they are gone. >> don't blame me. tucker came back hungry. >> that's right. travelling inbound, route 50, as you work your way in from buoy a 30 minute commute, headed toward 202 trying to work your way out toward new york avenue, southbound 270, you guys are on the brakes as well a tough commute a one hour commute out toward georgetown road. once you make the trip inbound on 50, headed out towards the 3rd street tunnel no accidents just volume delays, kennel worth avenue, heavy volume, prince william parkway headed across the occoquan that is a check of your fox 5 on time
7:46 am
traffic. early childhood education program being extended, p and c financial services announcing it will continue the grow up great program, programs will support preschool math, science, art education the pittsburgh based bank will give money to the ymca of metropolitan washington and national air and space museum. could simpsons get cancelled? well, that is what could happen if actors who voice the characterses don't agree to a new contract, with major salary cuts. the fox network reportedly wants to cut 45% of their pay, well, that of the $8 million they make per season. fox says it is losing money on simpsons which has run for 23 years, fox 5 is owned by the parent company. 3d worked for lion king disney is converting four more
7:47 am
animated features in january, beauty and the beast will hit theaters, finding nemo will return as a 3d film in september next year followed by monsters inc in january 2013 and little mermaid, december 2013. disney will make no new films for the next 30 years. >> those are good ones though. >> they are. you will go see them. >> yes, i will. getting kids interested in science mission for a national youth organization >> holly live in chevy chase with more on the annual 4 h event good morning. >> reporter: good morning they are literally, powering the future with one experiment today why 4 h is encouraging young kids to take part in science and math what it could mean for our country how it all works what will happen and what they are learning live next fox 5 morning news. before we head to break take a look at our facebook fan
7:48 am
of the day, as soon as he opens up his eyes he turns on fox 5 and goes crazy if he can't find the remote control hopefully you lose that after you already have it on. >> if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook searching fox 5 morning news. >> i like that name joe. >> thanks for being our fan of the day, 7:48 a.m.  [ screaming ] [ zapping ]
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♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. young people across the country will become scientists for a day at least, during the annual 4 h youth science fair. holly morris is in chevy chase maryland to find out more about this educational event. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you here is the deal not only is our country falling behind in the fields of science,
7:52 am
technology and math but our students are steering away from those fields, 4 h is having this all out effort, the fourth year they have done this to have a national youth science day, make science fun and get kids excited about it and wanting to pursue it they brought in the heavy hitters to talk about it. this is donald floyd the national 4 h council president and ceo and kathy is chief scientist for national department of agriculture. thanks for coming out. it is a pleasure to be here. >> tell me what will go on today across the nation in terms of national youth science day. >> we are studying wind energy as an alternative energy source young people will be building wind turbines and we are doing that here in chevy chase and all over the world but for here in the united states just
7:53 am
seeing how wind energy works so they can be a part of a responsible citizen in a community. why wind energy, why choose that as the experiment. why not power is one of the big problems facing us how do we get enough of it when does one of the -- wind is one of the solutions, and this is a great opportunity to show kids how science is creative, and how it is practical and applies to their daily lives. >> while that is is the specific experiment don't you thing it is also a bigger message of the bigger problem, while they are learning about wind energy, literally getting kids excited about science is powering our future. it is for our country we need to do this. >> exactly a lot of the biggest challenges we face around the united states and around the world will be solved by great science somewhere along the line we stopped thinking about great science we need great scientists to get those solutions for our country and for the world we don't know how
7:54 am
we are going to feed the world in the future. science and our usda leaders are going to help us know how to feed the world we need these kids to be fired up about science. >> i have covered a million science days i am not kidding you, all kinds of agencies are committed to this. why do we have this challenge of our students shying away from these topics. well, it has always been a puzzle to me i have always been interested in science from the first that i can ever remember. >> sure. >> i think people don't -- they get a little afraid of science,. >> intimidated by it. >> maybe but it is really creative and fun and a career in science is about solving problems that are just intriguing and get you excited and interested in the work so giving students an opportunity the play with the science, like they are doing by day, with this experiment, i think will get them interested and maybe thinking about hey, i can do this, there is a job for me, a
7:55 am
really good job if i study science. a really good job and in our economic times right now, getting a really good job is very important and hard to come by this is a way to get kids maybe a more secure future. >> exactly. >> the thing i think too about science and math one thing i loved about it i loved getting the answer. i loved that i worked a math problem and either the answer was right or wrong. i need to go back and figure it out. do you thing there is a way to channel the kids to get excited about that? >> sure if you are in 4 h you are twice as likely to go on to college or twice as likely to get better grades, three times as likely to be actively involved in your community these 4 hers are more involved in their community thank young people in other youth organizations. >> they are doing more than just county fairs not that they are not great. >> you see them with their animals but you don't see us in
7:56 am
our service they are contributing in significant ways, leading a revolution of responsibility in our country we need that. >> thank you very much. 4 h is in a lot of communities and also military posts around the world and around the country >> it has been around for 100 years it should be out there by now. you think? our website we have a link to 4 h in our next hour see some of the kids already getting their hands dirty, figuring out the wind turbines we will talk more about them and what they are learning coming up in our next hour. >> thank you the wall street protestors are making their way into the nations capitol next hour the organizer of one of the groups taking part will join us live. before we go to break, students celebrate walk to school break. good morning kids, some 12 schools participating this morning all to promote student health and safety. 4 minutes before 8:00 a.m. we will be right back drinkin'? u i'm drinkin' dunkin'.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
they are moving their demonstrations to dc. >> if you were around for the 1968 olympics no doubt you remember the two american athletes doing a black power salute on the podium it was scene the world over and created an international fire storm. john carlos one of the athletes, joins us in studio with more on why the fire storm still hasn't died down. john carlos the man on the right of the screen in 2011 toy industry association's fall preview the first peek for next holiday season. the event is usually closed to the media until you get someone like our fox news reporter with an all access pass for 2012. we will talk to him coming up try to get a jump start on next year how does that sound. >> love it. >> i am steve chenevey. >> i am alison seymour. >> steve will show us what we can look forward to next holiday season. what they are working on coming
8:01 am
up 8:30 a.m. >> i want the warn folks be extra careful on the roads it is international walk to school day this year, recorded 22 schools signed up in the district alone this is a live look at students from several schools gathering in lincoln park, southeast to kick off the event they are walking and biking to class the idea is to promote health, environmental benefitdraw attention to the need to safer routes to school. >> we wish them a safe trip to school this morning at least the weather is co-operating. >> fantastic day the walk to school will be fine the walk home from school a little warm for the youngsters out there. temperatures will be in the 70s by that time of day. let's look what is going on out there right now as we get off to a school start a quiet start, here is a look at the sat rad i cannot remember showing you one that was more naked nothing to show you clouds across england, nothing around here things look good, quiet, by
8:02 am
far, on a day like this you almost don't have to say mostly sunny, say sunny conditions today. regan national, 55 degrees, humidity, 83% winds coming just out of the southwest, 5 miles an hour and now southwesterly winds will be bringing in warmer air, that is why we will see temperatures still up into the 70s and speaking of that your forecast for today, sunshine, quiet, dry, no rain in the forecast, look for highs ranging from say 72 fort royal, 75 washington, 77 in fredericks burg virginia, good day more for you coming up in a little bit. >> thanks tony. >> let's check with julie. hi. >> reporter: hey, you guys, busy this morning thanks for the heads up at d dot, accident activity on the sousa bridge gone. meanwhile, travelling downtown lanes are open inbound along
8:03 am
new york avenue, leaving northeast to northwest, coming out of buoy a 30 minute ride as you travel westbound on 50 this is a live shot, suit land parkway, southbound, south capitol street, bumper to bumper slow no accidents just volume delays lanes open each direction wilson bridge. eastbound 66th, coming from fair oaks, definitely below speed as you work your way in toward the inner loop of the belt way, having a hard time kicking that as well. brad dock road toward 66, outer loop, below speed, 95 to georgia avenue. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. a growing number of protestors angry with the handling of the economy have been hitting the streets as of late. a similar protest is planned for the district there is a call for students to walk out of class. stacy cohen is live with developments. good morning there is a conference going on here at washington hilton called take
8:04 am
back the american dream folks are gathered here but they have live feeds of that event going on, on occupy wall street. this is how angry average americans are. we have a couple polls, the first is approval of martins for congress only 3% approve of the jobs our lawmakers are doing. they strongly approve 14% approve, 62% strongly disprove and 20% somewhat approve now, those are not good numbers also for the president, president obama, is having a low approval rating as well only 42% job approval, 54% disapproval and 35% approving of the way the economy is being handled. all that to say, this is why you are seeing protestors out on wall street they are in los angeles, boston, chicago they will come to our city washington dc today there is going to be a rally on capitol
8:05 am
hill and tomorrow is the big protest that is scheduled for 12:30, freedom plaza. dc police are aware of the protest they will have measures in place they have let people know in the areas of the protest how they could be impacted but certainly a great deal of anger and frustration voiced here and across the country. back to you. all right thank you so very much october one of the organizations that will take place in marchs tomorrow one of the organizers joins us more good to see you. >> good to see you. >> talk a little bit about what you guys are doing versus what we have seen in new york. >> a quick point, first of all i would be remiss if i didn't mention today is my daughters 12th birthday, happy birthday and hello henry and i can segue telling you as a parent, kind of still part of the dwindling middle class this is part of a
8:06 am
multigenerational revolt happening starting october 6th, the second decade of the war in afghanistan, and beginning of the posterity budget here in washington dc, thousands will join us in freedom plaza we are not leaving. >> what sets this apart from new york. >> what happened on wall street the past couple weeks was a call put out by ad busters which inspired a lot of youth in this country to come together to a decentralized type of consensus making real democracy in the streets we have that in common with them. >> what will folks see? what message are you trying to get across what is the goal here in washington. >> the goal can't always be boiled down to a sound byte but if i can it is to take money away from the military and bring it home and redirect it toward human anden environmental needs here at home. >> are you going to get a chance to meet with lawmakers? >> we thing the lawmakers are the problem if they want to come out to the plaza to meet with us that would be fine it
8:07 am
is not about promoting parties or politicians it is about us the american people demanding to them, the politicians to represent us, the representative democracy here is broken the majority of people want what we stand for tax the rich, wars, corporate welfare, collective bargaining rights for workers. >> it is a good time for you to do it with congresses approval rating at an all time low now but you still have to to convince them to make changes how do you do that most effectively. >> remind them of their constitutional ability to represent us, here we the 99% people in the united states out number the interests of corporate america, which congress is walking to their tune. one thing, that may strike a negative cord when they look at people that come to protests they might not be able to
8:08 am
disseminate what the problems are. on your website you say we will come up with just and sustainable solutions to these crisis what are those solutions you are going to pitch to come up with. >> it is not like we are a bunch of leaders we have the solutions for you, we know for example that a majority of americans, when faced with someone who does not have health care do not want to give them a copy of the atlas and a pat on the back they want the government to provide health care for them. but we are creating a structure through which people can come and create their own solutions we are not saying we are the leaders with all the answers for you we are creating an environment people can come and participate in real democracy they cannot do going to the ballot box every couple novembers. activity in new york has been going on a couple weeks we had the arrest which drew a lot of attention but support continued from those there
8:09 am
trying to make thundershower point in washington -- make their point in washington we have activities scheduled. >> we have permitted activities through sunday. perhaps you and i can get together from halloween i am from boston and i am not leaving until halloween at the very least we are not going any where. >> thanks good luck. >> thank you. a democrat won yesterday's governor's race in west virginia, he beat republican business man bill ma loney tomlin has been the acting governor ever since joe mansion stepped down to take over robert bird's seat in the senate. >> this is not about me, it is about you out there, it is about you. [ applause ] it is about you and the great things we can do together for our state. we all came together to tell
8:10 am
the outside groups, that no one, no one is going to tell us what to do in west virginia, we made them know west virginia is not for sale. surprising results to of a new poll of republican nominee for president, cain is tied with romney for the top spot, rick perry slipped to 12% down 11 points last two weeks, cbs poll shows cain surged from 5% last month. the next debate is tuesday in new hampshire. race focussing on the front runners now new jersey governor chris christy announced he is not running for president again he said this, it is his final decision at a press conference yesterday christy came under pressure from big name republicans, after he spoke at a fund raiser in california he turned them down saying he made a commitment to the people of
8:11 am
new jersey and is keeping it. >> the deciding factor, it did not feel right to me, in my gut, to leave now when the job here is not finished and i could never get by that. christy's advisors tell friends he is seriously considering a run in 2016. >> one day after witnesses described bodies littering the streets of somalia's capitol, dozens of funerals were carried out. a truck bomb covered the city in dust more than a half mile away the worst attack in somalia since the country descended into chaos, two decades ago. the underwear bomber walked into a courtroom yesterday and declared alakhi is alive. he is on trial in a michigan court for the botched attack on
8:12 am
christmas day 2009 he is acting as his own attorney. the american born cleric was killed in a drone attack last week. it is just about 8:12 a.m. on this wednesday morning, 57 degrees coming up next, we will check out other stories making headlines including the latest on amanda knox. >> apples new iphone not so newton surface, faster, more powerfullings called the 4 s but not -- powerful, called the 4 s but not the iphone 5 so many people were looking for 
8:13 am
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>> it is now 8:15 a.m. some stories making headlinessings amanda knox back home on american soil for the first time in four years she returned to seattle yesterday after being acquitted on murder charges by italian appeals court. the family's focus is now getting the 24-year-old reassociated with being a regular person again.
8:16 am
a man who served 17 years behind bars for a murder he did not commit is a free man. the 37-year-old walked out of a los angeles prison last night he was convicted of killing a man outside a brothel. a judge over turned that, after determining the prosecutions star witness, a pimp lied to the jury. police in lees burg are searching for two missing teenagers, they both are 16 and went missing yesterday authorities are concerned about their welfare, based on statements made by mike that he may want to harm himself the two are believed to be driving a silver 1999 chrysler minivan with virginia handicapped tags. all right, 8:16 a.m., let's check with tony for our forecast. you know it is going to help brighten up the day even more as we bring you today's my first 5 photo of the day, we have another youngster, oh,. >> a small one.
8:17 am
>> look at this. journey i like that. 4 months old relaxing with one of her favorite books, isn't that great. >> smart and beautiful. >> and beautiful and really seems focused on what she is seeing there. that is very very nice. can't tell what the book is oh, mini's perfect day. a classic. we are told journey in addition to enjoying books enjoys crying, eating and waking up to fox 5. i bet she likes some body biting on those cheeks too. >> yeah. >> they are so delectable. >> that is your little thing. >> all right. >> but she is adorable. thank you for sending it in. if you want to send your child's picture go to click on mornings include the child's name with the photo. some of you have submitted beautiful children, we don't have the name we need the name. can't use it without the name. >> can't use it without the name. do include the child's name.
8:18 am
>> what is going on around the country currently, 57 degrees here in the nations capitol, 50 raleigh, north carolina, boston 59, not a bad start to the day any where in the u.s. check out minneapolis, 63, bismark, 67 now these are regions where temperatures are 30s and 40s. a nice rebound there, 76 right now in miami. here is a look at sentinel satellite radar for the nation we have done a flip east -- i am sorry the western united states is now where you will find unsettled weather including areas of heavy rain in northern california, east earn u.s. is where you will find quiet conditions and calm conditions as well 5 day forecast, hard to beat this one today, sunny, 75, frankly for the next 5 days, your daytime highs will be in the 70s and we will see lots of sunshine. i am going take a sneak peek into the beginning of next week and looks like it will still
8:19 am
be, mostly sunny, with highs in 70s. not bad, monday and tuesday. a bonus for you. now the julie wright and get one more look at the morning rush hour. still very busy on the ways, outer -- highways, as you make your way from route one, college park, 355, a 30 minute commute with all your lanes open expect a slow go, southbound, 29, white oak headed down towards four corners, where we have an accident reported as well the inner loop travelling into the sunshine tony has been talking about, slowing from 355, toward route 1 a 20 minute delay, out of laurel down towards powder mill road you will have delays, south capitol street and douglas bridge all lanes here are open no accidents to report just volume delays, crash out bound, sousa bridge, pennsylvania avenue is gone. heavy and slow, 14th street
8:20 am
bridge, to duke street and pentagon crossing, delays as you travel south of the belt way toward it is potomac crossing. has a check of your fox on time traffic. after months of speculation immediate headlines came as a dispointment, no iphone 5 apple unvailed an upgraded iphone 4. the company stock ended the day down. >> we can call it iphone 4.5. not quite 5 better than 4. >> that is not what they named it but i see where you are going. >> iphone 4 s has much of what everyone was hoping for. lauren demarco joins us from the smart phone zone they always shake it up how should we expect to know what they would come up with. >> we are so worried about appearance with phones. >> the appearance didn't change that was the big dispointment you just never know what apple will come out with. this is the iphone 4 it is pretty much going to look like this. there was speculation with the 5 you would have the screen extend to the edges of the
8:21 am
phone not the case a little shout out, a let down, no 4 g the 4 g on the android phones on the market they have a pretty short battery life we are thinking apple is waiting for the technology to improve no matter how many bellwhistles your phone has it is useless if the battery is dying on you. >> let's talk about what the 4 s has, steve jobs was absent yesterday but tim cook made the big announcement calling the iphone 4 s the most amazing iphone ever twice the processing power and ios 5 apple says it will run faster, has an 8 mega pixel camera, huge improvement and a world phone it can be used overseas no matter which carrier you have. then there is the i cloud you can store music, movies, photos on apple's servers rather than the phone's hard drive saving you space one of the most
8:22 am
exciting features is voice control, you just hit the home button and ask the phone questions. >> do i need a raincoat today? >> it sure looks like rain today [ applause ] >> what time is it in paris? >> the time in paris, france is 8:16 p.m. siri can read e-mail and text messages out loud to you. iphone 4 s due in stores, october 14th, starts $200 for the 16 gig model, 2 year carrier contract and along with at&t and verizon, sprint subscribers will be able to use the iphone for the very first time. steve, alison. >> all right we will see what happens. >> okay. >> i am sure they will sell. it is 8:22 a.m. wednesday morning, how about
8:23 am
speaking of buying things how about toys, almost that time of year. we are going to jump ahead and look at next year already, 2011 toy industry association fall toy preview, first peek of toys and development for next season. >> this event is usually closed to media, but fox consumer reporter, one of them who we have a direct link to has an exclusive all access pass to promo types for 2012. steve will show us what kids can look forward to next holiday season >> millions of young people becoming scientists for the day using the annual 4 h national youth science day to do so. we are there with a preview later this morning i'm a curious seeker.
8:24 am
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>> it is a very good bet anyone who saw it never forgot the sight of two american athletes at the 1968 games, tommy smith and john carlos on the podium for the medal ceremony when both raised their fists into the air. an international fire storm was started and in some ways still hasn't died down. john carlos wrote a book about
8:27 am
his journey from harlem to the deep south and olympics and we are more than honored you are joining us in studio. >> the honor and pleasure is mine. >> how are you doing. >> fine yourself. >> good. you have a couple appearances in washington. why write the book now. >> i am getting up in age my grand kids are of high school age ready to graduate, i felt there has been so many stories written, so many books written about john carlos involved in various books, many of the books had been written now the people called me, interviewed me, sat down with me, but they felt they knew enough about me to write a book. in my situation, 99% of it is hearsay i felt it was imperative i put my own very words down as to who i am, why
8:28 am
i am and where i i tend ongoing in life. >> it starts with your up bringing in harlem, documents that through what you are going through now, and it is emotional when you were writing it, did you start the thing about some of those old feelings and you know was it hard to write the book? >> no, it wasn't hard at all as a matter of fact the emotions that you mention, they ran through my body from the day i came to this world to the day i am sitting in this chair with you. it was very easy for me to sit back and thing about the fact that i was born and raised in harlem, to remember the fact that i lived between the cotton club and savoy barroom open my windows and hear the great entertainers, cheryl vaughn, ella fitzgerald, billy holiday, cadillac cemented my soul so to speak to go in front of the
8:29 am
savoy barroom and notice white folks could go in the front and black folks had to go in the side or back as entertainers, as a youngster my father was a schumacher in the community, had an opportunity to meet the great jackie robinson, willie may, these individuals came into my fathers store my father introduced my brothers and i to jackie robinson and you know you never really know who you are meeting as a child and i remember going to the ymca showing the jackie robinson story, if you remember he played his own role in this movie and i recall seeing him, and realizing for the first time, that this was not just an ordinary guy this was a great individual and a baseball player and to realize he was top of the heap in his profession and just the mere fact he was a black man he still had to be tore meanted and persecuted because of the color of his skin. >> in the beginning your dad tells you olympics is a place
8:30 am
to put political differences aside and all the other things going on between the nations and stand there and compete as athletes yet when you made your appearance, you basically changed the face of the olympics just for that moment that moment lives on so strongly, even today i want to know just because we are running so short of time leading up to that you were planning to do something at the olympics a boycott of some sort. >> that was the plan to have a collective boycott for blacks and those sympathetic to the black cause, many individuals felt they trained all their lives to go to olympic games to compete and attempt to win a medal we felt also it was imperative we made them understand why we thought it was necessary to do a boycott but also we made them understand, it is their choice we would take a vote at the end they voted to go they made the promise to their church, community, their kids they would win, to attempt to win a medal. >> you talk about that moment
8:31 am
not being premeditated, it sure does look planned when you look at that photo. >> it was planned by god you know god reached down and picked up three grains of sand, peter norman, johnny smith and john carlos we didn't have to do what we did, god put us in a position and made us realize where else can we make this statement where we reach the far ends of this society where we live other than the olympic games i could stand in front of the empire state building but wouldn't reach the number of people that need to see and hear. >> you talk about the fall out -- we are out of time i really wish i could find 10 more minutes to talk to you if you could just sort of tell me in a nutshell afterwards the fall out from that, and if there are any regrets from that moment. >> let's start at the end no regrets whatsoever for what i did in the past if it was necessary for me to stand for rightouseness again i will stand for it right now today. relative to you know fall out,
8:32 am
it was like sunshine impede crately turned to stormy wealth -- immediately turned to stormy weather that is what it was. >> read the book for more this is the john carlos story a pleasure talking to you. >> oh, it's mine. >> today we have two events to pass along tonight 6:00 p.m., evening with john carlos, nation sports, and dave who wrote the book with you, that is tonight 6:00 p.m., smithsonian national port trait gallery and then anne arundel community college. >> just ran out of time completely. >> that's all right alison. 8:32 a.m., speaking of time just 80 days away from christmas your kids might be starting to thing about their -- thing about their holiday wish list for this year, but toy makers tinkers for toys for next year. an exclusive peek at what
8:33 am
manufactures hope will be the next holiday toy good morning steve. >> reporter: good morning you know this is really super top secret stuff we are talking about promo types for 2012. the toy industry association fall toy preview is closed to the public usually closed to the media but we got ourselves in here. adrian my guest from the toy industry association this is really the kind of first make it or break it moment. >> yes, seeing stuff for the first time a lot of pro toe types,. let's start over here with what some of what we hope will be hot next year this is a great interactive backpack. >> you zip it up hold your books, pencils but open it up you can play basketball. >> all right, fusion sky ball, new for 2012 these things do some serious bouncing. >> up to 75 feet in the air. >> oh. they certainly do. all right. promo type for 2012, this is wowie toys kid powered no
8:34 am
batteries >> put it on it is a head band be different animals, just really fun way to kind of become someone else. >> cool we first saw these a couple years ago if you are not familiar with them they are powered by the same technology that makes your cell phone vibrate they have added an obstacle course. >> yes, kids construct this themselves it comes with all the pieces once you give it to your kid no two sets will be alike. >> nano blocks like miniature building blocks what i love when you are done you can display them. >> yes not that big thing that sits in the room you can put them on a shelf. barbecue blitz kind of a memory game, game of skill. >> memory, skill, action everybody is different. >> condiments. >> ketchup the goal is to find all your condiments and build your burger but you want to kind of -- >> if i uncover yours.
8:35 am
>> i will flip it over so you don't see it. >> bin doe with words -- bingo with words. it is a family game call out your typical bingo with a letter. >> dolls these are at a great price point high fashion high quality, articulating arms. >> from madame alexandre they have been around hundreds of years what i love about this, all of these are $25. >> great price point. kids bop is huge now hopefully there will be a huge toy as well. >> kids bop cds. people are familiar with them kids singing popular pop songs now kids bop toy line has the instruments, also, they light up with the music so everything kids need to become their own rock star >> react to sound not only the toy but singing as well. >> yes, if you want me to. >> so kids bop from imperial
8:36 am
and speaking of kids they are the folks the most important people here at the toy industry fall toy preview even though they are not allowed in the door they are the focus of everything that happens here ultimately when these toys end up on store shelves a year from now, it is the kids that are going to have the final say. quick i know these are promo types will they all make it to store shelves or will they test and if they don't fly they will not make the cut. >> reporter: some of them will and some won't like when we go to the consumer electronics show we see all the hopefuls if stuff doesn't fly with buyers here kids may never see it. >> interesting stuff hey, listen we appreciate the preview happy 2012 to you early. 8:36 a.m. on wednesday morning white house just hire add new chief usher. find out why this is one for the record books when we come back. more of fox 5 morning news after this yle like a fashionis. save like a maxxinista. yle like a fashionis.
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if you are looking for a full time job, today's job to have day is with commercial links incorporated, the pay, between 34 and $38,000 a year. for more on this job and many others go to click on the job shop tab at the top of the home page. new chief usher at the white house. >> for the first time a woman has the job, angela reid will run household staff and grounds at the executive mansion she has been working as general manager of the ritz carleton in pentagon city she has 25 years of experience. she will start the job in november. >> congratulations. 8:40 a.m. on wednesday morning,. today is 4 h national youth science day holly is out celebrating good morning. >> reporter: good morning i am celebrating and learning all at the same time i don't know what you are going to do on this wednesday morning we are going to build a wind turbine you
8:41 am
guys up for the challenge? i think so these are our brilliant minds of the future like you said it is national youth science day for 4 h all across the nation they are getting kids excited about math and science. you don't look excited could you be excited? all right. we will tell you all about it live next fox 5 morning news stay with us.  [ female announcer ] today, your busy schedule
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just in, friendlies restaurant chain, filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection they have already closed 63 stores remaining 400 plus stores are expected to stay home as they reorganize known for its ice cream and ham buggers the close -- hamburgers, the hamburgerrers. holly good morning. >> reporter: good morning. here is the deal, our kids don't seem to have the right access not just to science education but fun science education, so that they get excited about it and really want to pursue. that is the mission of the 4 h national youth science day this is the 4th year they have done this across the nation today,
8:45 am
young brilliant minds like the one at this table, right here, they are so smart i can't stand it, are learning how to build a wind turbine obviously we need alternative energy sources right and not only that but the bigger picture we are powering our future with smart kids like you. this is kai and katy and the rest of my team here they are going to help me learn how to build a wind turbine where do we begin. >> first you start with the blade we are using card stock right now, you make four of them just get two pieces of card stock and cut straight down the center fold it however you want to do it. >> what about the shape of the blade do we need to discus which would be the most effective for them to be rectangular? >> well, the kid can try any design they usually find out as they go through the pros is they understand more by doing -- process they understand more by doing than just by us telling them. >> okay here is our blade.
8:46 am
>> put them together just make sure they are symmetrical, they are perfect. >> of course they are perfect. just kidding. >> then you over here make sure you glue above this part it will go into the hub. >> could you help me do here in the essence of time here. as you do that tell me what you like about science you have to talk and do science at the same time i am kicking it up a notch. >> what i like about science most of it is hands on you have like the fun part of doing it by yourself some times with a group and you understand all what is going on around you. i mean, knowledge is power it is fun to learn about science too. i have been into science ever since i was small when i was watching -- >> because now you are so big how old are you? >> 13. >> i am kidding but you are right knowledge is power and it is fun to be powerful and be in the know what about you katy we need smart girls out there. >> i like the fact it helps me
8:47 am
understand like, the world more about how to get more like energy, while being green and that helps -- that is fun and like with this experiment i get to do it with friends it makes it more fun we can be like oh, mine went faster and have like a little competition. >> a little friendly competition we only have a minute where do we go from here. >> from here we place them on to the hub just stick them straight inside the hub like this. you have to make sure this part is facing up. just stick them in. >> wait i think lauren wanted to add something what did you say? >> i told him to unscrew it because -- >> he wasn't doing it what do you like about what is going on here today. >> well, my dad and my family are really into like wind power so just making them proud >> chef you are just keeping it in the family. >> yeah. >> it is in the genes. >> what about you lucy >> i like science because it
8:48 am
helps everyone pretty much and like it makes sure people can like live better in the future and stuff. >> wow how old are you lucy. >> nine. >> i could have sworn you were 29, maybe 9 going on 29 what about you sophie. >> i just like being with everybody and just experimenting and trying everything out. >> seeing what works and what doesn't work where are we at. >> now we have to do the blade the angle at which the blade is to the hub we want ours to be about 10 degrees so we shift it slightly towards that way for all of them,. >> it helps with how fast it spins. >> right okay. >> because the wind hits part of the blade and causes the energy to move into the blade itself. >> let's bring it in tight gang here is the real deal how is our wind turbine going to do next hour? we are going the test them out. >> i think this one will be pretty good. >> at least i got one vote of
8:49 am
confidence we have a link to 4 h to find out all they are doing to promote math and science education in young people. we are building now but we will put it to the test. thumbs up if we feel good. we will see back to you all in studio. >> lots of thumbs up that is a good thing. >> love it. nobel prize week yesterday was physics, tomorrow literature. they just named an israeli scientist as this year's nobel winner in chemistry. the iowa state professor, discovered quasi crystals. >> i was just working on that last night. the widow of a navy seal asking for help from the public. kimberly vaughn's husband aaron was among 30 u.s. troops killed in the helicopter crash over the summer before he headed out for duty he left his wedding
8:50 am
ring with her she has been wearing it on her thumb since but the ring went missing over the weekend kimberly thinks she lost it saturday travelling from deer park texas to washington she started a facebook page and is asking the public to keep an eye out for it the band is inscribed with her first name inside. >> hopefully some pod dican help get it back now -- some body can help get it back now. 8:50 a.m. on wednesday morning things are looking good for red skins owner, dan schneider. >> going through the by week with a winning record and he just made a big purchase. >> albert haines worth. >> no, more on that when we come back. stay with us ,
8:51 am
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like to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. joe says as soon as he opens his eyes in the morning he turns on fox 5. if he can't find the remote he goes crazy hopefully it is on. if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day search us fox 5 morning news,
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post a comment under joe's photo. red skins owner dan schneider not just celebrating the team's 3 and 1 record he is celebrating the purchase of a rather large boat. >> 224-foot super yacht. >> that's all. >> called the lady ann. it's pretty okay. schneider bought it for a cool $70 million it is considered one of the largest yachts in the world and one of the most beautiful. >> lady ann can accommodate 16 passengers, that means they can sleep on the boat a crew of 18 on top of that. a library, gym, theatre and 5 story staircase. you can lease it if you like alison it would just cost you many years salary. >> gorgeous. for those looking for a more affordable way to travel perhaps, vision airlines the nations newest low cost air carrier offering flights from bwi to bahamas, $29 each way
8:55 am
book by november 2nd, travel by december 19th but vision starts flying out of bwi marshall, october 23rd. >> i will thing of that yacht every time i buy -- i will think of that yacht every time i buy red skins tickets for the rest of my life. next hour we will talk with tmz about a bizarre auction dumped hubby plans to hold this weekend. >> i am anxious to find out what it is but don't want to give him any money. tony will be here after the break time now 8:55 a.m. 
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welcome back we are coming up 9:00 a.m. here is a look at stories we
8:59 am
are following this hour. wall street protests continue to grow next on the list the nations capitol what you should know about the plans for a peaceful potentially powerful demonstration against financial corruption coming up. >> plus a in my humble opinion pet moving to sesame street moving bringing a message. the widow of a navy sale is asking for -- seal is asking for help from the public first she lost her husband in the war now she lost the sentimental representation of him. kimberly vaughn joins us and hopes someone will find that ring and find it and turn it over. emotional story there. meantime tucker barnes in the weather center giving us a


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