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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  October 5, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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control it. there is no dispute carmela de la rosa threw her granddaughter in the walkway. s e was angry with her son-in-law james forgetting her daughter pregnant. this is a woman who wanted things on her terms. when hinges didn't go her way, she was angry -- when things didn't go her way, she was angry. the prosecution claims that de la rosa is faking insanity. their psychologist said that the grandmother there thely threw -- deliberately threw the baby from the walkway and plotting it inside the mall. she indicated she was angry at everyone and the baby, she testified, she hated james and the baby was garnering all the attention and love. there was a certain resentment. they found no evidence of psychosis. that testimony contradicts the defense schools who, on today, testified de la rosa was legally insane. the defense attempted to discredit the prosecution's witness as a hired gun.
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he's only once found a defendant insane and in his book, inside the criminal mind, he wrote that all criminals are rationale and crime is never caused by mental ills. it was based on his examination of patients found criminally insane. all of those people fooled doctors, judges, and juries, the deputy public defender asked? stageinou replied, you bet. the schools go to the heart of the case. a series of doctors testified that de la rosa suffered from major depression. the prosecution's witness had the last word. questioned by the defense about his opinion that de la rosa was selfish, unloving,up kind and angry. --up kind and angry. this is why she mitd this crime? he said i couldn't put it better. the prosecution's schools is the only one out of all of the doctors who testified in this case that diagnosed de la rosa with a personality disorder. that is one thing that the defense is keen on saying that
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he is completely off of what everyone else is saying. the defense is continuing right now with its closing arguments. the prosecution will get a chance to rebutt that and then the case will go to the jury. that is the latest here in fairfax. back to you. >> do you know at this point if she's found guilty, what potentially, what charges she could -- what her sentence could be? >> reporter: well, this is a murder case, shawn and she could get life in prison. how far, if not found guilty by reason of insanity, she could be sent to a mental institution and later released if found to be okay. it's interesting, too, when you look at de la rosa in the courtroom. she sits there and stirs straight ahead. there is a -- and stirs straight ahead. there is a blank look on her face and when. she kept looking forward and never once looked at him or the jur just a moment sherri ly
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with the latest. -- jury for just a moment. >> sherri ly with the latest. thank you, sherry. a man picked up his guitar and used it to beat back the suspects. john henrehan picked up the story from the newsroom. john. >> reporter: the man who used his guitar as a weapon said he had not played the guitar much since high school and kept it around. that guitar went back into action this past weekend. just after 1:00 saturday morning, shawn mcsorley was returning to his home after escorting departing friends to the car. mcsorley encountered a man standing on grant avenue near the front of the house. >> the guy's hollering and screaming and yelling drunk, falling over himself. he's just in the middle of the street and tries to literally fight his truck and comes here trying to push me and fighting me and i go inside. >> reporter: at this point, shawn thought the unpleasant incident might be over but it
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was not. according to mcsorley and police, the man walked around and ascended the stairs and came in the back door. he grabbed his guitar and used it to beat the man back out of the house. >> where was on the guitar being stored? >> next to the chair. >> reporter: the 29-year-old tow truck driver said at first he used a twitter to push the man backyard -- a guitar to push the man backward. that didn't work and shawn -- . >> hit him a few times with it. >> did he get it? >> no. >> he wanted to stay? >> kept coming and kept coming until he got knocked out. >> with the guitar? >> yeah. >> so at this point, where was he? >> right there. when he got knocked out, he was right there. >> reporter: monasses city police arrive period ultimately arrested the 32-year-old john mark mayhew of pal mira, virginia. chargeed with unlawful entry
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and public intoxication. >> he became agitated that he was arrested and spat on one of our officers in the emergency room of the hospital. >> reporter: mayhew is also charged with assault on a law enforcement officer. he's been released on bond. the old guitar did not survive the break-in. >> this is a somewhat one-sided story. we tried and we were unable to contact john mark mayhew from virginia to get his side of thea story. >> you said assault on a police officer is one of the charges he's facing. what is the penalty for that in virginia? >> that is a class-6 felony. i don't know what the maximum penalty is. it's one of those where there is a minimum penalty. anyone convicted of that has to do six months in jail. >> all right, john henrehan, thank you very much. a pretty close call for a d.c. family this mother. as you can see there, an suv crashed into the side of their house and that happen -- happened at 24th and douglas
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street. tee people were inside the home. they heard a loud noise and the tv fell over. then they looked outside and saw the suv and the driver running away from the scene. >> reporter: am glad he didn't go further into the house. you never think on a wednesday morning you're going to have can a car in your house, but, i mean, after all we live here at the corner house and people frequent this area a lot and some people see, so, you know, it's a miracle in 40 years of my parents living here no one has never hit the house until today. >> indeed is. no one was hurt. just shaken up. the driver is on the run tonight. you won't see workers dangles from the washington monument anymore. the crews finished their survey of the earthquake damage this mother checking all four sides twice for cracks or other charges from the august 23rd earthquake. the engineers are removing the slippings and the rope equipment they -- the slings and the rope equipment they used. the washington monument got a huge jolt. this shows the powerful shaking, all the debris falling
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and tourists running for the stairs. thousands of protestors are marching through manhattan. they're part of the continuing occupy wall street demonstration. the protestors started 2 envelope weeks ago in front of the new york stock exchange. they're upset with what they call the greed that led to our economic collapse. the district is waiting for its encounter. the organizers plan to bring several thousand people to freedom plaza downtown tomorrow as a part of the number of demonstrations planned in cities nation we're. tom fitzgerald is at freedom plaza tonight. what is the latest there? >> reporter: shape, so far no set -- shawn, so far no setup here. we're told by the workers in the surrounding office buildings that e-mails were sent out from various areas and reminding workers of the protests tomorrow. that might be difficult to get around down here tomorrow. meanwhile, up on capitol hill behind it, there was another rally today. it was sponsored by the group rebuild the american dream.
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they is been meeting here in d.c. for three days new trying to find ways for liberals and democrats to be more forceful in the way they sent democratic issues. now, earlier today, that group met up on capitol hill with about 3 to 400 protestors and it was organized by a former obama administration staffer. among the people who spoke to the group, democratic congressman keith ellison. >> the movement is on the move, let me tell you, everybody. and if you remember how we got out there and fought for labor rights in wisconsin, you know this is on the move and we're not going to stop. we're going to get the justice we deserve. >> many in the groupart of what call a left-wing version to the city party. the organizers themselves say they drove out three to four hundred people on the capital. tomorrow's demonstration here at freedom plaza is expected to
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be much larger and organizers say that that expect several thousand people to jam into the space tomorrow at noon. >> tom up in new york, we saw hundreds of people arrested when they brought the bridge there. any plans for any action like that this they're announcing for tomorrow? >> reporter: you know, d.c. police in particular ary in strangers to these types of large-scale protests. certainly in the large decade with all of the imf and world bank protests, the officials here have had a lot of practice on how to deal with that and part of that is dealing with the protestors themselves and the district of columbia had to pay out millions in settlements for police actions during the protests more than a decade ago. and both sides are well-versed and will be ready for whatever comes tomorrow. >> thank you, tom fitzgerald. maryland's crackdown on cigarette smuggling delivered another $100.000 in contraband. the agents seized 15,000 packs of cigarettes that were not
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taxed and arrested four people in separate cases over the last week and the penalty, a fine of $50 per carton and up to two years in prison. an ocean city hotel may be infested with legionnaire's disease. three people who stayed at the prim plaza hotel got sick with a severe form of namen -- pneumonia a week after they were there. they have all survived. the health department has not confirmed the hotel's link but it's the most common thread in all of the cases. the hotel relocated all of the guests and shut down the hotel for the season. >> new twists and turns on the conrad murray trial. we're live in l.a. with your courtroom play by play. also, she's back on u.s. soil now. the case against amanda knox may not be goesed. italian prosecutors are moving forward with appeal. tonight, the judge presiding over the case is speaking out.
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gary. and thank you, shawn. so, so nice today and the only thing you want to know is how long do we get this nice beautifuler with. we'll have the complete first look at the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. ladies. and i didn't so aingel is -- single one, gain. >> me either. >> keep it here. fo 5 news at 5 is coming back. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account
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>> we're following a developping story out of northern california tonight. a gunman still on the loose there hours after opening fire in a meeting killing three people and wounding seven others. the officers believe the gun men shot another woman while trying to car jack her. the s.w.a.t. officers surrounded a house in cupertino where they believe he maybe hit hiding. the police are looking for an employee at a quarry. he got upset during the meeting and left and came back with a handgun and rifle. and federal investigators look into this helicopter crash in new york's east river yesterday. they were taking a private helicopter tour to celebrate a birthday. they hope equipment from the chopper can provide answers about what happened. >> we will look at three areas. the human, the machine and environment. we talked about flight hours, the age, the wreckage, the machine is going to be there. you heard, we're going to look at system structures, the power plant, the engines and the
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environment. that includes the weather. >> and in fact, investigators say high winds could have played a factor. today's evidence in the trial of michael jackson's doctor is difficult to listen to. prosecutors played an audiotape of an incoherent jackson apparently talking about his upcoming concert tour. technology expects claim dr. conrad murray recorded the conversation on his gee. >> i phone. this -- on his iphone. here's a clip of it. >> my mother and -- [ indiscernible ] >> jackson's manager also left dr. murray a voice mail expressing concern about the singer's health. fox's hal eisnev at the trial in los angeles and has been covering it from the beginning. this conversation with michael jackson was about six weeks before he died, right? >> reporter: it was -- yeah. it wasmy 10th is when they recorded that and dr. murray's sitting close to jackson and the way he's described, holding
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his iphone and using the i- phone to record the conversation and to show him what he sounded like when he was drugged. this is what we heard is one explaining from the defense lawyer and we'll know about that when they present their case. an audio recording that is incomprehensible unless you're seeing the words on the pour -- powerpoint screen as they're being shown in the courtroom, the slurring is so heavy. the words shoe so powerful. when we first had opening statements, you will probably recall some of this was played. >> yes. >> reporter: 53 secs of it where we heard he wanted to go to children's hospital and wanted to take the money from the this is it concert and dedicate it to what he called the michael jackson children's hospital. now, we hear another three minutes or so of this thing, it's over four minutes and we hear that michael jackson said in his conversation with murray he didn't have a childhood, that he hurts. that he thinks the world's children are depressed and he
5:17 pm
feels for them, which is more supportive. [ overlapping speakers ] >> what is the point behind playing the recorded conversations in the courtroom? >> reporter: well, i think the prosecution would look at this as a way to say see, michael jackson has a drug problem and this is six weeks before his untimely death and this is murray sitting there with him and he's not doing anything about trying to wean him off as he said he is. if the timeline works out the way the prosecution will lay it out, they will say between may 10th and june 25th nothing was really done to change the course of jackson's drug use with regard to sleeping medication or whatever. the defense may turn that around and say well, we told you. michael jackson was a drug addict and caused his own demise. he drank some, whatever he did. you're going to get two different spins off of this. >> you're saying the reason dr. murray recorded this was to prove to play them back to michael jackson later to show
5:18 pm
he had a drug problem? is that what i'm understand something. >> reporter: if you remember the today show interview,thy got the joy judge so upset with one of the defense attorneys. he said in that interview that that was the reason why he recorded it. he was putting that out there to deflect or mitigate the problem and to say, you know, he was recording it to show jackson when he was lucid what he sounded like when he was not. >> and let me ask you quickly, too, reaction from conrad murray. have you been able to keep an eye on him during the testimony? i heard he actually fell asleep at one point during testimony last week. has that happened again? what has his reaction been to all of this. >> reporter: he seems, you know, if you're looking at him and you're not inside of his head, he looks disconnected. he is smug and sits there. we saw it during the opening statements. there was some tearing. we have seen a couple of, you know, reactions to things that were said and in one he looks
5:19 pm
puzzled and sits there and listens and takes notes. for the most part, his head is down and he's looking at the yellow legal pad. >> thank you, hal as always for keeping us up to date on the trial in los angeles. appreciate it and you can follow them any time. it provides a commentary. for more inform a, including continuing coverage of the trial, check out amanda knox spinning her first -- spending her first full day in the u.s. in years. she arrived in seattle a little tearful and overwhelmed. one day after being acquitted of murder in italy, she spent four years in an italian prison. the appeals cort judge was part of the jury that acquitted knox and inside a interview last night this knox and her ex- boyfriend may know the real truth and might be responsible but the evidence did not prove
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it. the reverend fred al shuttlesworth died. he was the pastor of bethings -- bethels church in birmingham, alabama n 1963. he was bombed, beaten, and repeatedly arrested in the fight for civil rights. he was hailed by reverend dr. martin luther king jr. for his courage and energy. he was 89 years ole. the taj mahal is one of india's most iconic structures. >> the tourist hotspot is in danger of collapse. an incredible scene in arizona. the deadly death storm. we're going to look at the aftermath next. 
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>> in arizona, one person is dead and 23 others hurt after three different pileups on interstate 10. the dust storm that reduced visibility to near zero is to blame. this is video from one of the crashes. they're come in that area and -- they're none common in that area and can cause walls of dust within sicks, what happens here. -- within seconds. what happened here. >> back here at home, we have gorgeous weather outside. >> i was admiring the live shot and that blue, blue sky. >> we keep throwing it out there. one of these days will we will throw the news.
5:24 pm
>> hopefully it's not in thattian or snow. >> the next few days it should be perfect. >> there you go. >> and maybe friday. maybe friday. >> sounds great. >> okay. >> and -- temperatures out there, mighty nice and 74 in the city. again, may be you saw a couple of clouds and i felt like 3. not joking. that is all i saw. 75 for frederick and hagerstown; 72 fredericksburg, very, very nice and this evening, it's going to be real good. the temperatures drop by 9, 10, 11:00 and that is getting chilly and even a light sweater or light jacket weather for you and the winds out of the northwest. there were 12 miles per hour and that slight change in temperatures tomorrow and real,
5:25 pm
real comfortable. the question is will this weather hold into the weekend and into next week? we'll talk about that and look at the five-day forecast and that is basically all we can do. when the weather is like this, shawn. >> thank you, gary. and speaking of great weather, this morning's weather, picture-perfect for a long walk and plenty of students and their parents took advantage of it. the goal is to ask for safer routes to school and high- profile transportation officials walked. >> in order for the children to begin the day correctly and really learning the important lessons taught by the teachers,thy have to get here safely. >> teachers and others participated in this morning's walk. shocking headline is making the rounds online. can alzheimer's disease spread like an infection? we're going to break down the results of a new study.
5:26 pm
don't miss tonight's health alert next. and also ahead,es is me street is known for taking on tough topics in ways children can understand. a new special is creating a buzz. don't miss how sesame street is battling childhood hugger still ahead tonight. hunger. still ahead.
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get to your chevy dealer today and get that list done. >> in tonight's health alert, federal health officials report that 18 people have new died in that listeria outbreak from eating cantaloupe. at least 100 people are sec now in 20 states, including virginia and one person in maryland died last month. jepson falls in -- farms in colorado recalled the can'a lopez. it's unclear how many states received shipments of the cantaloupes. we apologize. just a second here.
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get to the stories for you. two years after the mortgage mess, congress created a brand new agency out. there the idea was to have a single watchdog group that could have prevented some of the bad living crisisis. -- crisises. the agency is up and rung. melanie alnwick has more. >> reporter: today, the cfpd, as it's known, weighed in on the new debit card fees saying the banks need to be more transparent of all of the costs of doing business. that is the kind of thing this can regulate and more. >> reporter: credit cards, student loops, and more. a new agency looking out for consumers and their money. >> when you borrow money, seems to me you should know what you're getting into. >> reporter: he's helping the pledge like fledgling consumer protection bureau -- bureau grow and created after the 2008
5:31 pm
meltdown. >> we should make no mistake. this global crisis started one lousy mortgage at a time. >> reporter: one of the first initiatives is know before you owe. cfpd wants to simplify mortgage forms. >> this is the thing. nobody reads that stack of paper. i don't read it and as a result, people don't know much about the mortgage as they should. >> reporter: new forms being considered will be clear and easy to compare. it's making sure the credit card companies are following new rules that are set by congress. >> and for the first time, there is a single place for consumers to ask questions, provide feedback or lodge complaints where with respect to credit card issuers. >> reporter: they're in temporary quarters, complaint specialists are up and running. down the hall, we find holly petraeus. she's leading another first. >> it hasn't been done and . >> an office colplotly dedicated to protecting the financial affairs of service members and their families.
5:32 pm
>> and that would be a subject matter expert. the military -- wife, mother, that is the world i'm at and see it informs everything i do. >> reporter: she's been spreading the word at military installing as, shining light on bad practices is one of the bureau's mission. it can't write new regulations until a director is confirmed by congress and still, they pressing ahead. >> it's harder to do and harder in the public sector. i'm proud that we're off to a good start. >> and helping people make better decisions about their money. >> reporter: the former attorney has been nominated and his confirmation is held up by republicans who want an oversight board to have more power. and she is heading the special division. >> yeah. >> what kind of special challenges do they face?
5:33 pm
>> frequent deployments and moves. i know my family moves a lot. so, that is a big hardship, especially in today's housing mark. and this week, the treasury department relaxed some of the moves so they can get more help if they have to move and need mortgage assistance. if you're overseas, that makes it difficult for to you cobb tact a consumer advocate in your state like your state attorney and this is a one-stop shopping place for all to go to get help with their financial issues. >> good for them. >> thank you, mel. and if you're looking, the check's in the mail. victims of bernie madoff's ponzi scheme will get some money back this week. the man overseen a ligation of firms said the first batch of checks were mailed out. the total? $312million that is to be split between more than 1200 account holders. madoff is serving a 150-year
5:34 pm
prison term. >> the study on alzheimer disease. the researchers at the university of texas medical school in houston believe some cases come from an infect. they could be transmitted under some conditions. mice developed the disease and that spread throughout the brain. most people would never have contact with brain matter. searchers are not sure if they can be transmitted through a more natural exposure. the widow of a navy seal killed in a helicopter crash in afghanistan this summer is asking for your help. she lost her husband's wedding band. it slipped off the finger while travelling from texas to virginia. she flew from houston to charlotte to reagan national. she joined us by phone earlier on fox 5 morning news. >> tell us what it meant to you and when you started wearing the ring in. >> on august 6th, my husband was killed in action in
5:35 pm
afghanistan and for whatever reason, this deployment, he left his wedding band at home with me and since that day, i have been wearing it and it's really just a reminder of the commitment and love that we shared and it's just something for him -- that is hisky hold on to and i'm upset that i lost it. >> if anyone fines the ring, what are you asking them to do? >> i set up an e-mail account, i am hoping if someone fines it they will e mail me and see i can get it back. i would be happy to offer a reward, whatever. i am just hoping that as little as it means to someone else, it means the world to me. i hope they get in touch with me. >> we're looking at a picture of the band now and there is a distinctive quality about it.
5:36 pm
your name is in it? >> yes. when we were deciding, you know what, rings to get, he asked do you want the date? he said all i support your name on it. so it says kimberly on the inside. >> and let's hope someone fines the rig. we have a link and look under virginia news. heartbreaking hearing. that. children who don't have enough to eat. that is heartbreaking, a growing problem nationwide and is about to get primetime attention. >> sesame street is recruiting star power and a brand new muppet to drive the message home. we'll look at this coming up. >> also ahead, the salahis saga continues. what one of the wedding party crashers is doing to move on with his life. the latest developments and hot topics with sarah frazier still ahead. ead. 
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>> millions of people travel from all over the world to see india's treasure, the taj mahal. within five years, there mean nothing left to see. the 358--year-old structure is in danger of collapsing because of the rotting wood foundation. the taj mahal is on the edge of the polluted river eating away at the foundation. the indian government is setting up the group to save the monument. a tight squeeze for a young bull stuck inside a storm drain in chile. he was trapped there for two days. a few people hurt about him and it was twitter to the rescue. the animal lovers spread the story, a water companient is out a special rescue team. you can see the guy is just fine. the storm drain is one of the city's -- is in one of the city's fanciest neighborhoods. the bull, they speculate, probably lived in one of the few farms still in that area. that is a big storm drain. >> that is a big storm drain and a big bull.
5:41 pm
>> that is a little guy. >> is he a little guy? >> yeah. >> wow. >> he looks big there. and, you know, he has, obviously, twitter to thank. maybe they should name him twitter. there you go. >> they always name the animals. >> and -- >> thank you. >> sunshine, cool breeze. nothing to complain about in the weather department today. >> how long will this beautiful weather last? we hope for a long toon. gary's look -- long time. gary's look at the weekend forecast next. and she's one of this year's biggest music stars. adele is pulling the plug. what is pulling -- causing her to pull the entire american tour. we'll be right back. ack. 
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5:45 pm
and billing. sesame street is introducing a new neighbor, a new muppet named lily whose family struggles with poverty and has a tough time putting food on the table. it's a timeg to the u.s. department of agriculture, 17 million children have limited access to food and 10 million are under the age of six. shamaya holloway, the communications manager for the capital food bank is here and with more on why this is important. thank you for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> food and security involving young kids, especially s a tough issue for adults to discuss, much less children. are these shows meant to be watched by kids and adults together to discuss the issue afterward? >> they are. the capitol area foodbang is excited andbrateful sesame street is shining a national spotlight on hunger. the usda ranked washington, d.c., as the number one city with over 32% of children live
5:46 pm
without food in secured households. >> is it a heavy issue for a 5- year-old to think about? why is it important to build awareness? >> reporter: here in d.c., one in two children you were 18, as said is timely and a crisis right now. the children have to be prepared nutritionally and mentally to strife in this world. >> and how will the food bank benefit from this building of awareness? >> the food bank will benefit. we have several programs, kids cafe programs that address to hugger and for kids who rely on reduced breakfast and lunch and we make sure they have the third meal and have the program that we give to char, food to go home and to take home to families so they're raising awareness about hugger and nationally and locally to help us get the word out.
5:47 pm
>> and i know secret service me workshop, the non-profit organization is launching a food for thoughts program. >> yeah. >> eating well on a budget initiative. how will capital area food bank compliment that? >> we participate in the path. we plan to hold community screenings and some of our local kids cafe sites, so kids, parents, and caregivers can see and befit how to eat well and how that means and how to help us prepare for the future. >> what a wonderful program. >> and let me ask you what advice do you have for parents and how they should talk to their kids? >> reporter: urn them to log on to -- i urge them to log on to a lot of people are suffering from hunger, again, one in two kids under 18 in d.c. are struggling and that is not an issue we can ignore. it's prevalent and a crisis. again, we're grateful to secret
5:48 pm
service me street for shining the initial spotlight on childhood hunger. >> and quickly, does your website offer a way to talk to kids, kids not suffering from hunger about the issue going on in many other households in. >> we have and the food for thought kids will offer parents ways to talk with kids who are not struggling and how to help them and raise awareness. they can spread awareness and how to help the region's kids in need. >> excellent. those are important lessons. >> yeah. >> i appreciate your efforts and being with us. >> thank you for having me. it's not your average school assembly at shaw middle school in northwest d.c. look at who showed up. the professional skateboarder tony hawk spoke to students. they are part of the d.c. scores program. he gave students good advice about finding careers. >> do what you love doing and
5:49 pm
learn everything about it and embrace it because if you continue to do that, especially if you choose to to do that for your career when you get older, you will love what you do. >> good advice. hawk signed items for the kids after the program and is in up to as part of the effort to promote funding for sports programs. >> ew. >> and have you ever tried a skateboard before? >> no, you i have been trying my 6-year-old to do it. i won't get on. [ laughter ] >> and i will fall. >> you need to scoot on and that is about it. >> you know what they do with skateboards now? >> what? >> they jump everything. >> yeah. >> and with the rails and boards. >> yeah. >> and my son can jump six stairs and a picnic bench. >> and hopefully they're wearing helmets. >> and. >> a good orthopedist.
5:50 pm
you think i'm messing. we keep them in business. that is why we love them so much. thank you, dr. wilson and all of the fine doctors and nurses. listen, beautiful out there and i don't need a lot of time to get my point across and that is going to be the theme this week. 74 in the city; nice for gaithersburg. dulles, 74 degrees and perfect this evening, okay. maybe a sweater of weather by later on and once the sunsets, the winds will be five to 10 miles an hour and i want to show you this. it's cooled down and this is exactly why. we are going to be so, so nice around here and that big storm system coming out west and that is comings to the north and east and we end up with the beautiful weather pattern known as the high pressure and this
5:51 pm
is a clean high pressure system and there is some few clouds into the central plains. the few clouds on this side of the mississippi, okay. this is going to last the mix six, serve days -- six, seven days and the next sweat of substantial weather is tuesday or wednesday where we're going to watch kind of a quasi tropical-type system coming up from florida, okay, and until then, we just don't have anything to worry about. it's going to be gorgeous. clear skies overnight tonight, 40s in the suburbs and we may see a few 44s, a couple of 45s, dependent on the wind. if the wind settles down below about 5 miles per hour with clear skies, it's going to get cold overnight tonight. 55 in the city and some upper 40s to the suburbs and chilly for the kiddos tomorrow morning at the bus stop. sunny skies at noon, 66 degrees. slightly cooler tomorrow.
5:52 pm
okay, just slightly cooler. i mean we're not talking 74 tomorrow but around 70 to 71 degrees. and look at this nice run. friday, sunny; saturday, sunny. warmer, a few clouds on sunday and still mostly sunny and then on monday, i think we'll start to see a couple of clouds coming up from the south. that is five, six days, wonderful weather. okay. heading downstairs to the web center where we find shawn and sarah. you're back. >> i'm back. >> thank you, gary. >> yes, gary. >> speaking of things trending like the weather, we're here in the web now with sarah frazier to talk about what is hot and what is trending right now. >> you've got it. >> we have the sahalis saga continuing. let's first start off with the sahalis saga. they're the white house party crashers. michaela ran off with the guitarist from journey. >> she's gone. >> let's listen to what he's up to. >> i'm selling all of the stuff in the house, selling my ring,
5:53 pm
her clothes, the jewelry and furniture, we're going to move forward. lots of art work and that is going to be auctioned and help charity. >> seals bitter there. what do you know about this? >> she has 50 bathrobes, apparently. >> wouldn't you want one in. >> no, not at all. >> it's 9021 go thecom is the website this saturday if you want to log on and that is going to be a live internet october. >> yeah. >> and bid on all of their stuff. >> where is the money with going to? is it a charity? >> that is the thing. he claims there is $3 million worth of stuff. that that is what it's worth and valued at. we haven't heard any details. they kind of leave that out of the promo, the youtube promo. >> okay. hopefully we -- speak of music, adele is pulling the plug on her u.s. tour. what is going on? >> this is big news. people love her and they're not happy about this. she claims she has a him ramminged vocal chord. >> oh. which is the issue.
5:54 pm
a lot of people, there has been a lot of rumors that she suffers from some stage fright. >> oh. and she's kind of hiding behind this. a lot of people are saying this is a common condition. you can gargle with salt water. some experts are saying that and in atlantic city in two days, that is cancelled. >> a bummer for her. >> a huge bummer. she's hot right now. >> she is a great singer. >> what is going? >> and this is the seg time. every sunday, a big date, of course, with football going now. >> oh. and that is running relationships. >> football this season s it killing your relationship? i love this. there is a lot of signs s. your partner and this is for win, too, by the way. are they thinking of football while doing other things? does it become irritated when the game is interrupted? and messing important family event or dates to watch a game and do you have violent
5:55 pm
outbursts or become depressed if the team loses? >> if you answered yes to all of the above, move. >> we did surveys in the newsroom and a couple people who are border line. >> that is scare, tell me who they are and stay away from them. >> and she is going to talk with everyone talking about x factor. >> i'll be back at 8 and 10. we'll start the chat at 8. >> okay. back to you, brian. thank you, ladies. coming up at 6 d a d.c. police officer witness a murder and not do anything about it? we're live with the bizarre story. and driving with expired tags in the district could land you behind bars. find out who is bringing the issue to scowl. >> and why a member of the president's cabin set worried about a quote on the mlk memorial march. and a bank getting ready to charge a hefty checking account fee. which customers will feel the pinch.
5:56 pm
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5:59 pm
>> we begin in d.c. where a police officer who allegedly witnessed a murder and then lied about it is under investigation. follow me here. the man accused in the killing was in court today and the officer's name was never mentioned even though she's listed as one of several witnesses to the crime. paul wagner is live with our top story. paul. >> reporter: law enforcement forces tell fox 5 that ricardo mitchell and this officer were dating. the two were sitting on the front porch of his house in august when mitchell some got up and went inside the house, got a gun and came outside chasing down wyatt robinson. the officer didn't take nothing, didn't take police


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