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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  October 6, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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year-old, who suffered from some major depression, pleaded not guilty and the jury didn't see it that way. the family members tried as the guilty verdict was read in court. de la rosa was angry with her son-in-law forgetting her daughter pregnant and threw the two-year-old angalynn from the walkway. during the sentencing, the father buried his head in his arms crying and said that ang "the lynn hayes-freeland show" error error was a gift and they're arguing for a life sentence she was a gift that she through from a bridge. >> and i did ask the jury to impose the maximum sentence of life given the heinousness of the crime and the effects -- affects not only on the child but on the parents. but, you know, i have learned you have to respect the juries. they work hard, they have a very difficult job, they do a great job and we respect their verdict of 35 years and accept it. >> and i thought the case was a difficult case from both sides and so nothing really surprises
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me and from that jury system, disappointed. >> reporter: the defense asked the jury to consider de la rosa's mental illness and to get her the lowest sentence possible, which was 20 years in prison. the jury actually went between 20 years and life with a recommending a of 35 years recommendation of 35 years and she will be formally sentenced in january. the judge could sentence her to less than that and can't go higher. that is the latest in fairfax. another big story, protestors on the move in d.c. hundreds of marchers demonstrated downtown against corporate greed. part of a wave of protests across the country. paul wagner is live at freedom plaza in northwest where the protestors started and ended this march. paul. >> reporter: that's right, brian. it's still going on here at freedom plaza. there is still several hundred people down here in the plaza. they're listening to music and banking drums, talking amongst each other.
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many carrying around protest since. we want to show you some video we shot about 3:00 this afternoon. a lot of the protestors left the plaza. they headed up 15th street, over through lafayette park and to the chamber of commerce where they started chanting where are the jobs. many of the people were not here just for one reason, brian. they were here protesting the wars in iraq and afghanistan, the federal reserve and the unemployment rate, home foreclosures, wall street, greed -- some carried signs saying how is the war economy working out for you. and we're the 99% key talked to several people -- . >> we talked to several people in the plaza as to why they came. >> seems look our country is to war and military spending, as eisenhower said. is it something to worry about and how do you get a handle on it in sees impossible, doesn't it? >> i'm here today to fight for as you can see, my sign said if
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it's not good for the greater good, it's nod get -- not good. people here are arguing or shouting out about a lot of things that are wrong with this country and if we think about whether it's wall street or the politicians,er consultants that have -- or consultants that continue in the wars, it's not good for all of us. >> reporter: d.c. police escorted the protestors back here earlier this eve eng in and we didn't see any -- evening and we didn't see any civil disobedience. >> are they going to be in town all weekend or shutting down streets? >> reporter: we heard they were going go to the chamber of commerce. the police were waiting for them. that didn't happen. we did see a few people sitting down here and they got up quickly, so, we haven't seen request any kind of civil disobedience and which people
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will be arrested. so, if that is the plan, we're not sure if they're going to carry it out. yo and that is seeing organized or is there a sense they're going to stick around? >> hard to say. we saw several help people here and as i motioned earlier, people are here for all sorts of different reasons. if there is going to be a concept this year and they're going to occupy the place, we have to see. a suspicious package this morning has been taken to quantico this morning. the police officer noticed a small metal cylinder about 7 a.m. the police shut down the streets in the area while they investigated and have not gotten the results yet. president obama raised the states in -- stakes in his effort to tax upper income americans today. at the news conference, he was,
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quote, comfortable with the senate democrat's idea for a tax surcharge on incomes over $1 million. that was one of several key points in this give-and-take today. tom fitzgerald is following this now. tom, is this part of his hard sell for the jobs bill here? >> reporter: they covered a lot of ground today. the president is learning that the $450 billion jobs bill is not passed, there will be fewer jobs and weaker growth. while the president tried to highlight his middle-class tax cuts in the plan, he made it clear he wants the wealthy in america to pay higher taxes. right from the start, president obama challenged republicans in congress to pass his $450 billion jobs bill. >> if congress does nothing then it's not a matter of me running against them, i think the american people will run them out of up to. >> reporter: senators debate the jobs bill next week. the president cautioned the economy could slide further if it's not approved. >> if we don't act, the
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opposite will be true. there will be fewer jobs, there will be weaker growth. >> reporter: the president said he supports a senate democratic proposal for tax surcharge on incomes over $1 million. >> we can fight to protect tax cuts for folks who don't need them and weren't asking for them or we can cut taxes for virtually every worker and small business in america. >> reporter: on his battles with republicans, the president said he has tried to compromise and then singled out senator mitch mcconnell. >> his number one goal was to beat me. not put americans back to going or grow the economy, not help small businesses expand but to defeat me. >> reporter: and of the occupy wall street protest new spreading to the nation's capitol. the president said that they are a reflection, public frustration nationwide. >> so, yes. i think people are frustrated
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and the protestors are giving voice to a more broad-based frustration about how our financial system works. >> reporter: there is a flipside to what the president had to say. for his part, house republican speaker john boehner quickly pointed the finger of blame back at the president today saying that nothing has dissipate and watching the president he said give up on governing. the speaker added he will continue to seek common ground with the white house where he can. is the gop strong enough to beat president obama in 2012? coming up, joe biden makes a surprising statement about the upcoming elections. plus, back in washington, gabrielle giffords makes her second trip in the wake of the tragedy in tucson. [ female announcer ] this is steve and lynn, and they have a good question.
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>> a surprising statement from vice president joe biden. he said the republican party could be strong enough to beat president obama in 2012 and admits the shaky economy has a
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lot of americans dissatisfied. >> many of them are in real trouble and even larger percentage have stagnant wages and a king can't -- a significant amount of the american people believe the country is not moving in the right direction. that is never a good place to go in a re-elect. >> the vice president is counting on voters to recognize how deep the recession was and how much it's improved under the obama administration. arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords is in d.c. today. the second trip here. giffords and her husband mark kelly met with nancy pelosi to celebrate kelly's retirement from the navy. they met with vice president joe biden. you see him there in the background. she headed back to texas for her rehabilitation. he was an innovator who impacted lives across the board. we look forward as apple tries to move on without the founder, steve jobs. back in a moment. ment. >> remembering that i'll be
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>> people around the world continue to pay tribute to apple's cofounder steve jobs. he lost his battle with cancer yesterday. people were placing flowers in cupertino, california, ever since. and we're gathering in new york's apple store to mourn the
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loss of the company's cofounder leaving candles and notes on the steps of the store. a similar scene in our area where the memorial for steve jobs outside of the apple store in bethesda continues to grow tonight. joining us now is journalist and tech expert daniel seeberg. thank you for coming in. appropriate it. we're joining each other via skype, kind of a derivative of face time, one of the babies of steve jobs. what do you think, now that we have had a little bit of time to digest the reality, we saw this coming with the poor health of steve jobs for many years now. what do you think the lasting legacy will be of steve jobs? >> well, and by the way, we're doing this interview on an ii cast. apple's iconic products are everywhere those days. you think about the suite of devices that they have brought to people in the last five, six, 10 years, the gee. >> i pod, the iphone, the ipad, the iphone, the ipod, all of
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these things are everywhere. the legacy of steve jobs is about changing our lifestyle and how we interact with technology, you know, we have an emotional reaction to it in some ways, he's personalized in a way that it was not before and it took steve jobs' ability to force the products out into the marketplace to get the things done and to innovate -- to innovate in a way we have not seen before and before he left the company. he rejoined the company at one point in the 1990s and from there, he took the company in a different direct and we'll see if thatpo vacation will con-- that innovation will continue from here. >> you make a good point, the emotional connection we have to our devices. did steve jobs forming a different -- forge a different train of jobs in the engineering community? is it -- they're not easy to use. twitter in the early days was difficult and took a steep learning curb and steve jobs' tech toys, for lack of a better
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word, were just intuitive. did he create's new way of thinking -- create a new way of think something judge intuitive is the word for it. he made them fall fun, made them objects of desire. if you saw, you sort of sparkled for you and it was something you that wanted and they worked well together. you know, that has been the kind of formula for success they complied to everything. it work when is you take it out of the box, it's fairly intuitive, partially -- i see -- especially, i see young children pick up an ipad and iphone and get it right away and made it work win the ecosystem of em, too. you can use your itunes on different devices. have the icloud to back up different content and that is a part of your life quickly. without you rallying it. and -- realizing it and that is a big part of their success. you know, i think it's something we take for granted today. if you look back 10 or 12 years ago, you know, technology and gameets were kind of boxy. the design was not the first
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thing that people thought about like it is today. >> daniel seeburg, we present your time tonight. -- we appreciate your time tonight, whether you're a fan of apple or not, i think you can appreciate the genius and the creativity and everything that steve jobs brought to technology and in particular in the world in general. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. apple stock seemed to hole steady on the day after jobs' death. having a slight drop. the sign the company will continue to be strong with new management. and plenty of bank of america customers are unhappy with the new $5 debit card fees and one woman decided to take action. molly catchpoll delivered 150,000 petitioned signatures to a brang in downtown d.c. said if -- branch in downtown, d.c., if they don't cancel her fee, she'll cancer her account. >> it caught like wile fire. >> i got a couple of hundred signatures within a couple of hours of it being up and, you
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know, and then it kept good evening exponentially. >> after delivering the signatures, she cut up her debit card she has had for three years. the bank said the fee is necessary to make up for a new federal regulation. hi, there i'm sue palka. we have another spectacular day in d.c. and the weather headlines said it all. warmer days and chilly nights. they are going to continue. here we are on thursday before the weekend and i'm happy to tell you, yes, we're going keep it going. meanwhile, today, cooler than yesterday. we got up to 69 at reagan national and just delightful. dulles, 70; bwi marshal, 72; the winds are light and that is because the huge area of high pressure at the surface is already on top of that. it's going to be a nice night and cooler tonight, maybe, even than it was last night. d.c. has had 66 degrees now and gaithersburg down to 63 and we're finding most places in the 60s. a inspect lis and leonardtown at 64 degrees and -- annapolis
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and leonardton. and we're 66. you can see that there are a lot of low 80s here in st. louis, 82 and we find the cooler weather well to the west where the storminess resides for the time being. we focus on the warmer temperatures for the weekend. as our high pressure ships off of the coast, it's going to tap into the heat and we're going to be near 80 for the second half of the weekend. max hd satellite radar showing you nothing going on east of the mississippi. a little bit of snow mixing in for parts of idaho. showers and storms elsewhere and especially as we get into the rockies and beyond. we're going be watching our next weather maker probably come up from the south and just fyi. don't worry, it's going to take awhile and will be wednesday before we see it. it appears the models are suggesting an area of low pressure will develop here and that is going to take awhile. the high pressure will block it and it will begin working up the coast probably sunday night and may bring us our next chance of rain. probably not until wednesday. so, feast your eyes on the temperature trend and know that
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it's all full of sunshine as well. thursday, 71 degrees and that is today, isn't it? tomorrow, about 73, saturday, 80 and sunday, 79 degrees. so we're going to look traffic for tonight. clear skies. don't be surprised at the -- if the suburbs are in the chilly sides and in the low 40s in d.c. with 50 and light winds, clear skies and very dry air. we have what is considered to be ideal radiational cool; so we will feel that in the morning. plenty of sun for friday and just warmer than today, too, getting up to 73 degrees. no clouds, light wind. 8 in the morning again, some 40s for the suburbs. d.c. about 53 degrees and the metro area. by 91, we're up to 68 degrees and by 5:00, sunshine and 72 degrees. a sneak peek at your weekend, 77 for saturday. 81 on sunday and i think both of the days are going to be hard to top. sunday, warmer and for those of you who like to mellow out with a little bit of a warmer condition, that is going be your day. really, pick between the two
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because this is wonderful and it's been just a piece of cake forecast wise, mixing up for tropical storm lee, the baking heat and the shaking in the earthquake irene and enjoy the this whole can. i have to say that the next rainmaker could be substantial for us when we get it on wednesday. we'll dry out as much as we can and savor what we have. >> two good weeks for one good week. >> and we need to flip that out. >> yeah. and getting ready for some football with hank williams jr. anymore. today, espn officially permanently axed his appearance in the theme song after more than 20 years. he started the controversy by claiming president obama playing golf with john boehner is like hitler golfing with israeli presidential benjamin netanyahu. williams' statement, i have made my decision, me, my song, and all of my rowdy friends are out of here. >> and in just two days, the caps will renew their quest for lord stanley cup.
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you will look at how they're looking before the season opener against caroleen a. first, a high school player in nevada has done something never done in the nfl. carson high place kicker austin pacheco hit a field-goal from 64 yards. believe it or not, the second longest in nevada state history. a 60-yarder in '85. the record in the nfl, 63 yards. ♪
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you can choose your channel package. ♪ you can choose your own internet speeds. ♪ you can even choose to chat with a live person. ♪ and you're always guaranteed the lowest prices online. so don't wait... try, compare and buy at today. because there's never been a better time to build the perfect fios bundle. >> good evening, i'm lend a -- lindsay must have beenate watkins mill high school. we have a special edition. it will be today, einstein at watkins mill and that is underway in five minutes. you know the drill, the highlights coming up at 10:00. let's switchgears. the hockey season is getting
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ready to start. specifically the capitals will have their first game on saturday and they host the carolina panthers at the verizon center. the expectations are -- not higher this year. the fourth straight year, the capitals went southeast division and-for-the-fourth straight year, they suffered from the early exit in the post season. with a couple of new editions -- the pressure is still on yet again. >> we want to embrace it. i mean, you're going to fear it or be afraid of it and shy away from it and i told the guys, i said you embrace the pressure because there are teams out that people are not expecting anything from. they're expecting big things from us and we wanted to live there. it's fine. >> reporter: think that what people don't realize is that we, we came in and became a very good hockey club at a young age and maybe a little inexperienced and we have been like i explained in the weeks -- league for five to six years now and it's time for us to be
6:26 pm
leaders. we're on the ice a lot majority of the time and we got to set an example from day one. >> reporter: mike shanahan and the redskins are officially off and relaxing a will bit. and -- [ indiscernible ] during the biweek. they will return to -- next monday and it's not stopping him from getting his team ready the following week against philly. >> i have asked them to, you know, at least get a couple of good days of running in. i told them god's watching and see we have to go on the honor system. we have guys that understand that, you know, we're four games into the season and we have a lot to get done. let the bodies rest and can get away from football a little bit. even though some may watch on the weekend. but, when they come back, they'll be ready to go again. >> we have some acc football on fox 5 this saturday. our featured game, 2-2 florida state at 3-1 wake forest and that is a 12th-inning kickoff
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here on fox 5. to the links we go, tiger woods teed off at the open, the first appearance on tour since not making the cut at the pga championship. and the 51st-ranked player in the world. with the shot of the first hole, he spins it back on to the green and that would lead to a birdie for tiger woods. right now, he's on the back 9, 1-over for his rounds and there is one mlb game tonight. they decided with the winner going the american league championship series, the game- of-the-week, ownstein at watkins mills -- einstein at watkins mills. the news is always on on ♪
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