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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 6, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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what do you think of this one? really? what's this? this is a rose i made from a turnip. let's try together. perfect. two worlds that fit in one kitchen. come in today and save up to 20% on a kitchen from ikea. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. fox 5 following several big stories tonight, judgment day for a grandmother accused of killing a 2-year-old, the jury's decision and reaction from both sides. plus the movement that
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began on wall street stormed d.c., the giant march today and what will come in the days ahead. and the world remembers steve jobs, capitals owner ted low onsis weighs in on his -- leonsis weighs in on his former colleague. >> hello, i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. guilty of murder, a virginia jury convicted a woman of first degree purr forking to her 2-year-old granddaughter -- murder for tossing her 2-year- old granddaughter off the parking garage at tysons corner. >> reporter: there are no winners in this case. a 2-year-old girl is dead at the hands of her grandmother and that grandmother is going to jail for a long time. >> reporter: after a grueling day in court a family is left trying to pick up the pieces. inside the fairfax county courtroom it took just five hours for the jury to find
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carmela dela rosa guilty of throwing her 2-year-old daughter angelyn off a pedestrian walkway last november at tight sons corner mall. her defense had hearing -- at the tysons corner mall. her defense had argued dela rosa was mentally ill but the jury didn't buy it. the prosecution said she was seeking revenge angry her son- in-law got her daughter pregnant before they were married. >> she was really a mean and angry person. depression played a role but wasn't an excuse for killing the child. >> reporter: during the sentencing phase the little girl's father wept on the stand saying no parent should ever have to lose a child. the mother, dela rosa's daughter, spoke through her tears saying every parent has a right to see their child grow up. after just half an hour the jury recommended a sentence of 35 years for dela rosa. it was not what her lawyers hoped to hear. >> well, i'm a criminal defense lawyer. i respect the jury process, although i disagree with their
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verdict. >> reporter: prosecutors asked for a life sentence but say they will accept the jury's recommendation. >> it's the kind of case where as a human being you almost want the defendant to be insane and not understood the nature, character and consequences of her actions or right from wrong, but the ugly truth is that she did understand what she was doing. >> reporter: sentencing is set for january 6th. a judge could reduce the jury's recommended sentence but cannot increase it. her public defenders say they will consult with their client but will likely feel an appeal. >> is there any indication why the jury did not buy that insanity defense? >> reporter: the courtroom observers say the most powerful piece of evidence seemed to be a videotaped confession where she said she thought about throwing her granddaughter off that walkway while inside the mall a few minutes before she actually did it. >> disturbing story, roz plater, thank you. d.c. police need your help looking for hate and run driver who left a -- a hit and run driver who left a man severely
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hurt. police say the driver was in a maroon colored jeep cherokee, possibly a 2003 model. most of its front grille is missing. if you've seen that jeep or were in the area, give d.c. police a call. hundreds of protesters are gearing up to spend the night near the white house. the occupy white house protest has spread well beyond wall street as frustrated crowds take their message across the country. fox 5's wisdom martin has the story from northwest. thwest. >> reporter: from freedom clashes to the white house to the chamber of commerce, protesters marched opt streets of washington d.c., make the -- on the streets of washington d.c., a mixture of people for a variety of reasons for their march. >> i'm here to protest the war in afghanistan among other things. i was going to join the army in january and started really investigating the reasons why we're over there, the reasons why we're bombing six different countries, started looking into
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it and it scared me. >> reporter: from war to taxes to the economy they agree the government has failed to fix the financial problems that continue to exist. >> the majority of americans are really struggling right now and that's due to the government to be supporting and help the corporations that refuse to hire no matter how much we try to help them out. >> reporter: this woman is from chicago but going to grant school in d.c. she has three different jobs. >> i have all part-time jobs. that's the only thing i could find and i have been supporting myself working at a restaurant. that pays the best and i have two research assistant jobs. i'm a grad student and still only make about 15,000 a year or less of. >> reporter: this man is from seattle. he protested in new york and was one of the people locked up for blocking traffic. >> 1% and 99%. 1% have all the money and keep increasing the money that they get. the 99% get less and less and less and less. those people down there support those people. e people.
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you know, they're politicians that are supposed to represent everybody represent the money people. >> reporter: as protesters blocked off h street, they chanted where are the jobs? there were also several speeches from people tired of the bickering from leaders in washington. >> i'm hoping to kick them out of office. we don't need people that don't represent you. >> that was wisdom martin reporting. meantime the protest turned violent on wall street. demonstrators fought with police last night leading to at least 28 arrests. protesters tried pushing through barricades but police stepped in with pepper spray and night sticks forcing them back. on the west coast at least 11 demonstrators arrested in los angeles after entering a bank of america holding signs and chanting slogans against corporate greed. the group sat down in the lobby and refused to leave police say. apple fans worldwide tonight are mourning the loss of steve jobs, the company's
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cofounder and former ceo died yesterday at the age of 56. memorials and tributes are popping up at apple stores around the country including in our area. fox 5's melanie alnwick reports. >> reporter: a mouse, an ipod marked with two words, thank you, small tributes left outside apple stores in memory of the big way steve jobs touched so many lives. >> now you have a little computer in your hand everywhere you go. he's brought us closer to tay star trek than a lot of people have -- star trek than a lot of people have. >> i think he achieved more than what people in my generation hoped a big corporation can achieve. >> reporter: steve jobs made computers accessible, fun and easy to use and continued to innovate not just creating products but revolutionizing industries connected to them. with itunes and the ipod music game easier than ever to buy, listen to and share and the iphone making consumers demand
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so much more from their digital devices. >> the ipod, the ipad, the iphone, apple tv, they're just like oxygen for so many people. you just live your life with them. >> reporter: washington capitals owner ted leonsis began his career in the computer industry about the same time steve jobs and his fledgeling company created the macintosh personal computer. they worked together on several projects over the years. >> he was a very, very driven focused passionate person and made you do things that frankly you didn't think were possible. >> reporter: when jobs was pushed out of his own company in 1985, went on to pixar studios and took digital animation to a whole new level. he returned to apple in 1996, launched the i-mac in 1998 and the rest they say is history. >> that he made something
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really complex very simple and populous and he made something that was ugly and nerdy beautiful and cool. he did it with a relentlessness that made him a legend and, you know, we really lost a once in a generation kind of guy. >> indeed we did. that was melanie alnwick reporting. leonsis says jobs created a company that represents the best of america. tonight at 10:30 we will look ahead to the future of apple and its new leadership. it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, a crew of damage in sectors logged serious hang time on the washington monument. up next we're hearing from one of them about the experience and project they're tackling next. sue? >> too bad the project is done because now we've got some of the best weather of the fall right at han, but now we're looming towards the -- at hand, but now we're looming towards
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the weekend. can we keep this wonderful roll going? a controversial law is putting forgetful drivers behind bars. we talked to one man arrested for expired tags on the news edge at 11:00. >> keep it right here. fox 5 news at 10:00 will be right back.  [ speaking french ]
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a world class view, just don't look down. engineers spent a couple weeks where he pelling down the washington monument look -- rappeling down the washington monument looking for earthquake dang. tonight fox 5's laura evans has more -- damage. tonight fox 5's laura evans has more. >> erik sewn was back on solid ground today and shared his story with us. >> reporter: it's dizzying just looking up to see the team of engineers dangling from ropes inspecting the obelisk, but eric stone, a member of that
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team -- but erik sewn, a member of that team, said it was an incredible experience. sewn is a civil and structural engineer with the firm with us januaryy eliminatesser in and associates. -- with the firm with us januaryy eliminatesser in and associates. >> you -- with the firm wiss janney elstenr. etch says it's just like any other job -- he says it's just like any other job except they're 500 feet up in the sky and the capitol dome looking more like a miniature replica. sewn says he considers himself lucky to have had this opportunity to preserve a national monument. >> we could tell whether it was an older crack or new crack since the earthquake and we could document what we saw and talk with our team later. >> reporter: next up dangling from the national cathedral where sewn said the top of the
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towers are damaged from the quake. >> the two west towers over the main entrance that we're looking to inspect those from ropes so we can get those cleared and get the entrance pushed back for the people to get in there. >> reporter: you saw the school offing there. they will be using ropes -- scaffolding there. we will be using ropes. they'll start work on the national cathedral october 17th. it's expected to take one week. i asked him if gets harvard pay. he said no, just some nice -- hazard pay. he said no, just some nice dinners. it's a hobby of his. i did ask. the problem is he doesn't have much time. he does it in his free time but not right now, especially with all the work going on as a residual of that earthquake. >> getting paid to do his hobby at least. imagine this, more than 3,800 bullying incidents were reported last year in maryland schools. governor martin o'malley and his wife judge katie o'malley are now part of a new campaign to convince students to take a
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stan against bullying. fox 5 -- stand against bullying. fox 5's john henrehan explains. >> reporter: even though maryland requires schools to monitor and intervene when bullying takes place, students tell us it still happens, particularly cyber bullying on enter night sites like formspring -- on internet sites like formspring and tumbler which allow anonymous postings. students say cruelty is common. >> racial slurs. >> why were you wearing this today? what do you think you are doing? >> why are you dating this? >> right, like he's doing this going behind your back creating unnecessary drama and half the time it's not even true. >> right. >> reporter: both members of maryland's first family are trying to reduce bullying. first lady katie o'malley who is a judge has recorded a public service announcement aimed at the victims of bullying. >> you need to know that there are so many resources out there and people that love you and really want you to pull through. this. >> reporter: the governor and
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judge visited anne arundel high school to talk to the students about bullying. >> what would happen if we chose to stand up? dude. what would happen if we chose to speak out? >> reporter: the o'malleys joined a group of media executives to encourage students to take a facebook online pledge to speak out against bullying, advocate for victims and refuse to pass along hateful comments. nationally nearly 49,000 people have taken the pledge to help stop bullying. john hen, fox 5 news. john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> governor o'malley is also taking on cyber security. he met up with business and education leaders at cyber core technologies in elkridge maryland today to kick off cyber awareness month. cyber core will provide security information to the federal government. o'malley said it can help maryland become the silicon valley of cyber security. police say the parents of a
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missing 10-month-old missouri girl are no longer rating with authorities. lisa irwin's parents say she was snatched from her crib monday night or early tuesday. 100 fbi agents are searching the kansas city area for her. earlier today the parents said a frantic search of their home for their daughter came up empty. >> i woke up and he said she's not in her crib and i said what do you mean she's not in her crib? i just knew, you know, something was really wrong and i run around the house and was screaming for me and she was nowhere and i said call 911. call 911. >> investigators say they have no suspects and few solid leads despite an intensive search for the child. in california police in santa clara county killed a man who opened fire in a quarry yesterday killing three people, injuring six others. deputies on patrol found a man who matched sharif almond's description hiding behind a car in a neighborhood. officers say he waved a gun, so
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they shot him. witnesses say almond got upset during a meeting yesterday and returned with guns. coming up next we will show you how the defense grilled one of the investigators in the dr. conrad murray trial. we're back in three minutes. 
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a pretty tense day in court for the l.a. coroner who investigated michael jackson's death. the prosecution used her to set the scene with photos while the defense poked homes in her decisions during the investigation -- holes in her decisions during the investigation. fox's dam housely has the latest from the -- fox's adam housley has the latest from los angeles. >> reporter: an investigator took the stand today. murray's defense lawyers got the chance to cross-examine her about her methods. >> i intentionally destroyed all of my notes once i write
10:23 pm
the form 3a. >> except for june 29th. >> correct because that was a lot more information than i usually have. returning to it a second time is not something that's typical and there was a lot of medical evidence, so i kept those notes. >> ms. fleak, would you agree with me that you made a substantial number of mistakes in your investigation of this case? >> no. >> you wouldn't? would you agree with me that if you don't take notes and you don't keep your notes, that's bad investigation, that's bad investigative work? would you agree? >> no. >> reporter: defense lawyers questioned her about how she found out about the bags of drugs and medical paraphernalia. >> you didn't say detective smith, where did you get that information? >> i did not at that time. >> reporter: earlier prosecutors used the same witness to lay out the scene of jackson's death with pictures.
10:24 pm
her testimony got them off to a shaky start. >> a did you characterize those collectively as a broken syringe? >> i should have described it as a depressed plunger on the table and the iv catheter on the ground. >> reporter: this is the tedious technical part of the case for the prosecution who still have investigators left to call with the two hour tape of dr. murray taken after the death of michael jackson and still the possibility for the prosecution, they could call michael jackson's eldest child. adam housley, fox news. the world has reflected on steve jobs' legacy. so what lies ahead for apple? business experts weigh in next. plus the president's hard sell for his jobs bill, how he's trial to address concerns and the lawmaker he called out for not compromising. ♪
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. president obama raised the
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stakes in his efforts to tax upper income americans today. at a news conference the president said i was comfortable with senate democrats' idea for a tax surcharge on incomes over a million bucks, just one of several key points in this give and take today. fox 5's tom fitzgerald reports. >> reporter: right from the start president obama challenged republicans in congress to pass his $450 billion jobs bill. >> if congress does nothing, then it's not a matter of me running against them. i think the american people will run them out of town. >> reporter: senators debate the jobs bill next week. the president cautions the economy could slide further if it's not approved. >> if we don't act, the opposite will be true. there will be fewer jobs. there will be weaker growth. >> reporter: the president says he supports a senate democratic proposal for tax surcharge on incomes over $1 million. >> we can fight to protect tax cuts for folks who don't need them and weren't asking for
10:29 pm
them or we can cut taxes for virtually every worker and small business in america. >> reporter: highways battles with republicans the -- on his bats with republicans president said he's -- battles with republicans the president said he's tried to compromise but singled out mitch mcconnell. >> his no. 1 goal was to beat me, not put americans back to work, not help grow the me, not help small businesses expand but to defend me. >> reporter: on the occupy wall street protest now spreading to the nation's capital, the president said they are a reflection of public frustration nationwide. >> so yes, i think people are frustrated and the protesters of giving voice to a more broad based frustration about how our financial system works. >> reporter: for his part republican house speaker john boehner quickly pointed the finger of blame back at the president saying nothing has disappointed him more the last five months than seeing the
10:30 pm
president give up on governing. still the speaker says he will try to find common ground with the white house where he can. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. a pretty surprising statement from vice president joe biden today. he says the republican party could be strong enough to beat president obama in the 2012 election, even ad mints the shaky economy has a lot -- admits the shaky economy has a lot of americans dissatisfied. >> many of them are in real trouble. an even larger percentage have stagnant wages and a significant majority of the american people believe that the country is not moving in the right direction. that is never a good place to be going into reelection. >> the vice president says he is counting on voters to recognize how deep the recession was and how much it's improved under the obama administration. arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords returned to washington today to celebrate her husband's retirement from the navy and met up with nancy pelosi. giffords and her husband astronaut mark kelly also met
10:31 pm
with vice president joe biden. giffords headed back to houston after the ceremony to continue her rehabilitation. plenty of bank of america customers are unhappy with those new $5 dent card fees and one d.c. resident decide -- debit card fees and one d.c. resident decided to take action delivering 150,000 signatures to a branch in downtown d.c. and said if they won't cancel her fees, she'll cancel her account. >> it kind of caught like while fire. people just started signing it like i got a couple hundred signatures within a couple hours of it being up and then it just kept growing exponentially. >> after delivering the signatures molly cashbolt cut up her debit card. the bank said the fee is necessary to make up for new federal regulations. apple investors kept a close eye on wall street today, one day after former ceo steve jobs died. apple stock seemed to hold
10:32 pm
steady dropping slightly right before the closing bell. all eyes are now on apple to see what direction the company's new leadership takes. investors say they aren't panicked about apple's future but some say it's unclear if the new ceo tim cook and board of directors can keep the company humming the way jobs did. fox's liz macdonald has more. >> reporter: apple fans around the world mourning the debt of steve jobs. as both ceo and chairman of the board, mr. jobs successfully controlled apple's destiny with innovation. >> very savvy businessman, so smart about product delivery and made sure nothing went out the door until he felt it was ready. >> reporter: there is a big moment of pressure on new ceo tim cook and board of directors. cook who was hand picked by jobs will need the board's support to move the company forward. under jobs some investors said the board was not playing the real role of the company. many experts say the board now needs to assess whether they have the skills to the new
10:33 pm
reality. as apple wants more international growth. steve jobs died at age 56, more than seven years after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. >> death is very likely the single best invention of life. >> reporter: cofounder of apple steve wozniak said jobs had the ability to think out new ways of doing things. >> it's meant so much a in my life just like everyone else's, it meant so much in my life from that end of steve jobs that are we going to miss something in the future worries me. >> reporter: in japan people remembering jobs holding their ipads and iphones with virtual candle applications on their screens and in china fans played flowers in front of apple stores. >> he is the only one corporate computer executive who can command a fan base stretching across the world among all layers of society and when an icon like this passed away and we all feel terrible sadness.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: the next big announcement on apple's future will come when the company releases its next quarterly earnings october 18th. i'm liz macdonald with fox business. >> steve jobs' family has not released his official cause of death, but we do know he was diagnosed with a rare type of pancreatic cancer seven years afghanistan his tumor is known as an eyelet cell carcinoma. for more insight into this type of cancer we sat down with paul lynn earlier, an associate professor in general surgery and surgical oncology at george washington university hospital. >> sometimes they do spread early for these eye let cell tumors that are more aggressive. it's just that they are more slow growing, a little more insidious than the typical kind of panic a young cancers. so the course can -- pancreatic cancers. so the course can often be a few years, three to seven years or so. >> we have much more on the life and legacy of steve jobs on our website from his contributions to
10:35 pm
technology to his inspirational messages heard around the world and more on the pancreatic cancer that ultimately cut his life short all on our homepage. coming up the latest design for another memorial on the national mall. plus now is your chance to own a piece of capitol hill history, we'll explain. but first here's fox business network's liz macdonald. ald. >> more fallout from solyndra, fox reporting the head of the u.s. department of energy's loan program is stepping down. that's caused more than 1 1/2 billion dollar loans to the now bankrupt solar company. a 30 year fixed rate mortgage falls below 40% for the first time ever, a 15 year fixed rate also ate record low. the only problem, it's still tough to qualify for a home loan. meantime there might be a little less cheer at the malls this holiday season. a new report forecasting a nearly 3% jump in winter
10:36 pm
holiday sales. that's slower than last year's pace. all that might be why more americans are worrying about their golden years. a new poll showing almost 90% of registered voters do not think they have enough cash for retirement. apple fans around the wothe dea jobs. memorial shrines popping up at apple stores across the u.s. after the company's iconic founder lost his battle with cancer and that's business. i'm liz macdonald. 
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an claimed architect wants to bring a piece of the heartland to the nation's capitol for a special memorial to dwight d eisenhower.
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frank geary wants to create woven material tapestries with scenes depicting a kansas landscape with grain silos similar to where ike grew up. first he had to address a federal panel and they repeated strong reservations of the scale of the 80-foot long columns that two hold up the tapestry at the national mall. the dart boards and posters and about everything in the hawk and dove bar is now for auction. hawk and dove opened in 1965, closed october 2nd. rival bar owner took over the lease and they are renovating. it will reopen in five months. if you'd like to bid, you can only do that online. for a link go to and look under web links. coming up on the news edge at 11:00 d.c. is taking heat for a tough law targeting your tags, why some say the harsh punishment is overkill for the so-called crime. some people are turning to their jewelry box for fable pick me up, what you need to -- a financial pick me up, what
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you need to know before you turn your gold into cash on the news at 11:00. .
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well, after a long string of nasty weather it is nice to be stuck in this latest trend of good weather. >> do you think this spring was like 2011? >> it was so long it's brutal. >> extreme here for sure, not just in d.c. but across the country. it's so nice to get a break and i think it's that much more appreciated. we don't take it for granted. we're going to keep it going, too. i keep forgetting this is a holiday weekend. a lot of people have monday off, columbus day. yes, it's a big holiday here at fox 5. i'm going to get you guys a little something. >> i hope mine is an ipad. >> anything with an i in front will do. that is for sure. you may have noticed a little chill in the air tonight. today, of course, was glorious. the theme of our weather the next several days can be subbed up in this big weather headline, warmer days, chill
10:45 pm
lip nights. i noticed some -- chilly nights. i noticed some frost advisories for pennsylvania, not our area yet. this is the big picture, clouds and storminess out west, the jet stream riding into canada and the plank and nothing but clear skies in the middle -- and the atlantic and nothing but the clear skies in the middle. that's going to be our major weather player the next several days and that does include the weekend. let's check out temperatures because this is more a temperature forecast than anything else. our average high this time of year right around 72 degrees, tomorrow a little above it. today we were just a little below coming in at 69 degrees at reagan national. saturday night 77 degrees but a little warmer yet for sunday and monday. it looks like temperatures will get up and over the 80-degree mark. so a nice warm stretch coming, can't quite call it indian summer yet because we haven't
10:46 pm
had a frost, but it will be greatly appreciated and nice low humidity. today still on the cool side,ic. >> degrees, cooler up to the north and east -- cool side, 69 degrees, cooler up to the north and east. st. louis got up to 84 degrees toyed, little rock 86, wichita 80 -- today, little rock 86, wichita 85. there's some snow going on already. i know, plug your ears. that's at the highest elevations and it's not in the cards for us yet, but we are living the high life as in high pressure is ruling the roost the next several days. this will hold on through columbus day. it's really a dome of very heavy air, but the dome will warm up as it begins to slip to the east a little and we'll get the return flow around it. it will keep us dry. we have a pretty good idea of our next chance of rain and it's probably not till the middle of next week. it will be chilly at night. we're down to 46 degrees at frederick, d.c. 57, quantico
10:47 pm
56, culpeper 52 and out towards martinsburg you are 51 degrees. for lows tonight gaithersburg will drop to 43, annapolis 46, front royal 44, so definitely a chilly start in the morning. don't let it take you by surprise. with the clear skies and light winds, dry air, we've got radiational cooling and it's low 40s for the suburbs, 50 degrees inside the beltway, friday another spectacular day, plenty of sun, a little warmer than today getting up to 73 degrees. here is your planner. for 8:00 in the morning 53 degrees with 40s in the suburbs. by noon plenty of sunshine, 68 degrees. by 5:00 we're still rolling with the sun and let the good times roll on for friday night and into the weekend, great for the football games, too temperature about 72 degrees. here's your five-day forecast. we looked at that warming trend and you'll nope it's still dry, but pitch tuesday -- notice it's still dry, but by -- but
10:48 pm
by tuesday, we've got some clouds down there. we'll see what happens, but we don't have to worry about anything for at least five days and in the weekend completely dry. that has to the to be pretty much a record -- has got to be pretty much a record. after 20 years hank williams jr. won't be asking if you're ready for some football. today espn said no thanks to having the singer perform monday night's football theme song. william started the controversy by blaming president obama playing golf with john boehner was like hitler playing golf with benjamin netanyahu. williams response, i have made my decision. me, my song and all my rowdy friends are out of here. this is your local nissan dealer's know your opponent. >> even though this is a bye week for the redskins, we're still asking how well you know your opponent. get your pen ready.
10:49 pm
>> i'm up. >> for those of you who don't know, we compete. >> i am up. >> he won one week. >> how many weeks has it been? >> it's been like four weeks. >> i'm up overall. >> four games, he's won one of them. that's all i have to say. >> this week feldy is with a special guest, one who looks forward to this segment. fox 5's lindsay murphy has that. >> i'm still laughing at 1-0 out of four. for years doc walker has given dave feldman a what are time saying he asks easy questions and gives too many clues. this week it was his turn to answer the easy questions with too many clues. let's see how doc walker did in know your opponent. >> it's time for another exciting episode of know your opponent. now here's your host, dave feldman. >> doctor, are you ready? >> yes indeed. i'm ready for you and dave to double team me, which is fine. >> which one of these people --
10:50 pm
you can hardly contain yourself -- is a real doctor? this is lave to start. is a real doctor. doc severn son, the former band leader for johnny carson, dock goodman -- doc goodman, doc holliday? >> he did the exact same question other than i added dr. dre which is afternoon insult to my intelligence and super iq. >> what's the answer? >> holliday. >> doc holiday, 1-1, thank you. let's go to two. which one of these famous actors did not attend ucla, you can wait till i've listed all of them. mark harmon, rob reiner, mike warren, ed marinara.
10:51 pm
>> ed marinara won the heisman trophy. >> are you serious? did he win at it ucla? >> no, i didn't. cornell. >> good job, you're 2-2. all right. what office building is the largest office building in the world? 20,000 people work there. it has 17.5 miles of hallways, 280 bathrooms and 150 staircases. the largest office building in the world, i'll give you a clue if you want one. >> bye week. >> you live in virginia. this building is in virginia. >> i guess the octagon shape would be pretty close to it. >> yes. >> okay. pentagon? >> the pentagon is correct. question 4, you coin the term the fun bunch for the wide receivers tight ends played in the early '80s. first, did you come up with it? >> my memory is pretty much
10:52 pm
shot. >> some people give you credit. >> i don't hang onto the past. >> name the five players. >> virgil donnie warren glenn. it was for monk. the whole thing started as a result when james arthur monk broke his ankle, so we were trying to -- we wanted to do something for james. so we said whoever scores, this is going to be for art. >> 4-4. last question. the redskins have three foreign born players, three players not born in the united states. name the three. >> i don't know this. i'm going to say sav rocca, but i know that was an easy one. i don't know if -- if oshiomogho a tag we was born
10:53 pm
here. >> yes -- owe atogwe was born here. >> graham gano was the other. just for the record, when they're too easy, i'm criticized and when they're too difficult, i'm criticized. >> they've never been too difficult. it's just that i was thinking i'm going to have to break down some kind of mathematical equation with you and ross. that's good. >> congratulations. good job. thank you. >> thank you. >> enjoy the bye week. back to you. i think shawn's microphone wasn't working. >> really? because i could hear her loud and clear. >> somehow shawn was over five, brian was 3-4. >> i know one of them, but it doesn't matter if he got it out first he would still win point anyway. >> regardless 1-5 versus 3-5. somehow i'm 2-5. >> 2 -0. that's all right. >> now you're 2-0 through five? >> it's early in the season. >> it's the bye week already. >> did you think the questions were what are? in doc walker terms, that
10:54 pm
wasn't easy. >> the redskins questions were hard. >> hard for us, but he was good at them. >> i think doc is always going to give him trouble for that. we game of the week, a special edition because of the yom kippur holiday tomorrow. let's check out the highlights from tonight's game, einstein at watkinsville and the band getting the fans pumped up. they would have plenty to cheer about. in the 1st half patrick swayser connects for the score. 16-0 at the half. 2nd half more from watkins and george who was a menace for onside special teams as well. he takes the kickoff, finds a seam up the middle and goes all wait to the house for another touchdown and to cap it off, watkins mills takes the pitch and has a nice dash through the einstein defense and goes 33 yards for the touchdown. watkinsville beats einstein 26- 6 and the coach was happy with
10:55 pm
his team in all facets of the game. >> running game is always working, one of the coves for the game for us running football -- keys of the game for runsing football. then we were able to pass a bit -- for running the football. then we were able to pass a bit. >> check out tomorrow for a list of next week's game. >> good title there. >> it was a good time. i'm usually not here on thursdays. >> come back any time. up next the x-factor contestants are getting down and dirty in boot catch. they talk about how intense the experience is. plus facebook privacy concerns are at the center of a lawsuit, why the social site will probably win this one the experts say on the news edge at 11:00. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. 
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huge cheers today in stockholm when word that a hometown favorite won the prize for literature. the poet had a stroke 20 years ago that left him paralyzed and mostly unable to speak. he's the first swede in 40 years to win the literacy prize. there's been speculation for years he'd win, but his wife said he was very surprised. ♪what's going on. ♪ what's going on. ♪ a lot of talent and heartbreak on the x-factor tonight. auditions are over. 32 acts moved on and more than 100 others were sent home. to find the best of the best the judges put


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