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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 9, 2011 10:30pm-11:30pm EDT

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taking the loss. the house oversight committee chairman explains why he's launched investigation. >> solyndra is a story of picking winners and losers. what we're finding is, it's a pattern of these sorts of investments. and protesting, not just wall street, but any street it seems that has ties to big business. face the nation asked republican candidates herman cain and newt gingrich what they think. >> i think it's the result of obama's class warfare. >> my parents never played the victim card. we don't hope rich people lose something to we can get something. >> rahm emanuel urged more empathy. >> people have to feel in their lives some improvement, and some opportunity of improvement
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for them and for their children. if you don't understand it here, if you're in public, you should get a different job. >> melanie alnwick. a pastor of a texas church isn't backing down from his claim mormons are part of a cult religion. he stands by it, calling it a false religion. he says it's the reason he wouldn't vote for mitt romney who happens to be mormon. the pastor did clarify what he meant when he said the religion is a cult. >> when i talk about a cult, i'm not talking about a sociological cult, a theological cult. first of all, they were established 1800 years after jesus christ and the founding of christianity. they have their own human founder, joseph smith, their own set of doctrines and own religious book outside of the bible. and i stand by those
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statements. >> he made the comments when he introduced governor rick perry at the voters summit. herman cain can side step the issue this morning. that's what he chose to do. he was asked to comment on cnn but said, i'm not running for theologian in chief. michele bachmann commented as well saying the controversy is inconsequential. thousands of men and women who help keep our offices clean are threatening to go on strike. the current contract expires next saturday. the union wants wage increases and benefits for more of its workers. it also wants to prevent layoffs. the cleaning companies say the economy is still too unstable. about six months ago the
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georgetown water front became flooded. it's been a while, but some of your favorite restaurants are still hurting, trying to become whole again. >> reporter: there's a slight breeze in the air. >> the weather was perfect. it was a great day to take a walk and have lunch outside. >> reporter: the perfect combo to get people outdoors and enjoy great food in georgetown's washington harbor. this is great news for the owners. but as one of the hardest hit tenants, they're reminded of the damage every day. >> it was devastating. the water was this high in this restaurant and 10 feet high at riverside grill, our other restaurant. we have to start from scratch. >> reporter: the businesses have come a long ways since april. the owner of tony's and joe's, decided to open this outdoor
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seating area until construction is completed. weather permitting, that's the key. this makeshift kitchen can only open on nice days. it hurts their business, especially with the winter months ahead. they've had to cut down on their menu. >> we can't serve lobster and french fries. >> reporter: another major hit. >> we kept 40 people working out of 200. four people have been here since the day we opened. >> reporter: that dedication goes for its long time customers. >> i've been coming here 13 years. then when the flood happened, we were disappointed because the food is so great here and finally, beautiful weather and we're coming back and revitalizing the city. >> reporter: revitalizing indeed. the owners are not only looking forward to a new restaurant, but a newly constructed water front they hope will help build back their business. >> this all will be changed.
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all this will be taken out and be an ice skating rink in the winter and fountain in the er. >> reporter: annie yu, fox 5 news. >> the owners had to shut down another restaurant called cabana's. construction on the other two expected to begin in november and they hope to be open by april. capitols get immediate result and the eagles' michael vick looks for a winning formula against the bills. lindsay murphy is suiting up and is on set in the next segment. what a great day today. all the warm air is where we need it in the east. a lot cooler in the west, however. how long will it stick around? that's the question. we have a holiday to talk about. details coming up. stay with us. we'll be back after the break.  [ speaking french ]
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[ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? we've been talking about this all day. eagles supposed to be the team of destiny, spending all this
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money on talent. what's going on? >> we had this conversation as we were getting ready for the show. for all the redskins fans, it's like the best scenario. many nfl critics picked the skins to finish last. i get it. it's only week five. anything can happen in the final 12 weeks. but they must be feeling a little bit silly, now that the skins are in first place. michael vick and the eagles looking to put an end to a three-game losing streak. vick back to pass. he gets drilled and pass intercepted. he clears a little pass to the end zone. 31yards for the touchdown. bills in front, 21-7. two minutes left. eagles down 7. driving at the 25. the ball intercepted by barnett again. that one ices the game.
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vick was 405 yards of total offense, and four interceptions. bills win, 31-24. philly falls to 1-4. a beautiful day in the big apple. giants hosting the seahawks. late fourth quarter, giants down 4. manning looking for the win. receiver slips. ball is intercepted by browner. breaks a tackle on his way to a 90-yard touchdown. seahawks win, dropping the g men to 3-2 on the season. tomorrow night the capitols will play at home against the team that swept them in the second round of the playoffs last year, the tampa bay lightning. last night ward was one of four new caps to make his debut. the other line mate, second period, ward with a pass to chumera. pretty good start for the caps' third line. >> i'm trying to keep it simple
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and let them do their things. brooks is a creative player and shimmer, you can see his speed. we try to feed off each other and play to our strengths. game one, the brewers hosting the cardinals. bottom of the 5th. brew crew trailing five-4 until prince fielder launches one to left field. gave milwaukee the lead for good, 9-6. game two tomorrow night still in milwaukee. american league championship series resumes tomorrow 4:00 p.m.. coming up on nissan sports xtra, doc walker put to the test. >> sounds good. >> sounds good. you know the feeling when
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you have the munchies. you're a skin min. >> skin min? >> one company is making sure you have healthy options when you hit the vending machine. no more gummy bears. i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all.
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i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions.
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pretty much perfect conditions this morning for the army 10-miler. the run begins and ends at the pentagon and features a weekend full of fitness clinics, team competitions and youth activities. some of the runners haveover come major challenges. this was the 25th annual army 10-miler benefiting several organizations that help military veterans and their families. i imagine you're a popular lady at the grocery store, wherever you go, when we get this kind of weather? >> that's right. when the weather changes and people aren't too happy about
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it -- >> want to get you. >> exactly. that's when i tell them don't kill the messenger. >> today is a pat on the back. >> today i will be the messenger and tomorrow as well. we have really mild conditions going on and clear skies. what a beautiful shot there at the national cathedral. our skies are clear. hardly any clouds to speak about. that's because we continue the influence by a strong ridge of high pressure. we've got another sunny day ahead i'm happy to say. especially since it's holiday monday. what better weather could we ask for? more warm weather on the way also. temperatures will continue to rise as well. we'll see that continuing. and wet days ahead unfortunately. we'll see a bit of rainfall in the five-day forecast and cooler conditions through into mid-week. we'll see changes there. here's a look where we hit with our daytime high. 78degrees at national airport. 80 at dulles.
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83degrees at bwi. temperatures, 7 degrees or so above the seasonal average for national, and 10 to 14 degrees warmer for dulles and baltimore. really, those temperatures well above where we should be. we'll take it. 64degrees now at national. humidity is up at 84%. light southerly winds and the winds will continue to be light today as well as into tomorrow. winds not an issue for you at all. it's currently 63 degrees at annapolis. cumberland at 55. 59 culpepper and 57 at winchester. if you look at the national picture, you can see where the distinct dividing line between the warmer conditions are and the cooler air kicking in. this is the line where we have a cold front extending from the dakotas into texas, creating wet weather there yesterday.
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skies clear. a few high level clouds starting to skirt through. into tomorrow, the ridge of high pressure will continue to hold us stead. no indication of anything happening at all. here's one of our next weather makers to the south. this low pressure system affecting florida will move up the mid-atlantic. it's expected to bring us rainfall starting possibly late tuesday and into wednesday. looks like most of the rainfall will hit us by hump day wednesday. and the models in a little bit of disagreement in terms of how fast or slow the low pressure system will move through. in the meantime for tomorrow, sunny, warm conditions. temperatures are going to once again move through into the low 80s. really comfortable day. 82degrees for your daytime high for columbus day. by night, 58 degrees and a few clouds starting to move in. the only thing to be concerned with, early mornings, slight chance of patchy fog. sunshine tomorrow, upper 70s and low 80s. going to be a great pleasant
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holiday to get outside and enjoy. by midday, about 76 degrees. by the 5:00 hour, around 78. so wrapping it up, tonight clear skies and light winds, 56 degrees overnight low. tomorrow, another stellar day. 82degrees. little bit of that patchy fog in the morning as i mentioned. a sunny and warm afternoon. by the time we hit tuesday, we'll start to feel the effects of the system pushing in. clouds moving in. chance of showers tuesday night. wednesday looks like a wash out day. thursday, lingering showers. by friday, back to mixed conditions of sun and clouds. temperatures gradually start to drop into the 70s. couldn't ask for a better weekend and a great holiday monday. enjoy it. thanks, gwen. a victim from the work place shooting at a california quarry is speaking about the experience. he says he's lucky, even though a bullet went into his right arm. he says the coworker opened
10:50 pm
fire during a routine employee meeting. >> just mad. you could see the anger in his face. like, i seen him shooting down the line. i covered my head, because i was worried about my brain. and i had blood on my face. i closed my eyes and i kept praying inside, please. >> three coworkers suffered fatal shots. the gunman was later shot and killed during a confrontation with police. looking for a job? marijuana business is hiring in california. not drug dealers, of course, but people dealing with the demand of medical marijuana. supporters say this industry could create thousands of jobs. but the federal government could put a stop to that. state law requires the pot shops to be nonprofit and agents are raiding stores bringing in too much cash. >> this is only one state out of 50 states. we'll need workers and we're trying to find people world wide to want to help in this industry.
10:51 pm
we're helping create jobs and we hope the federal government isn't going to interfere with that. >> there's a 3-day west county cannabis expo going on. it has an area where medical marijuana users can legally smoke. the new iphone could be the fastest selling one yet. preorders have sold out. means you'll probably have to wait in line at stores, wait for weeks to order online. as of this morning, three people in line at one store in new york. i imagine that line is growing. this is five days before they actually go on sale in stores. so long candy bars and potato chips. healthier options are coming to vending machines near you. casey stegel has more from a company making changes. >> reporter: we're almost all guilty of grabbing something
10:52 pm
from the vending machine to satisfy a case of the munchies. >> there's definitely some days when people will consciously say, i really do want sugar, chocolate, something. >> reporter: but the choices in most machines don't leave much to be desired for someone who is trying to watch what they eat. >> it's not that we don't want them to pick junk food. but the fact they have a healthier alternative, they're likely to make healthier choices. >> reporter: retail experts say you're looking at the future of vending machines. one that offers fresh fruit and veggies over fatty potato chips and sugary sodas. >> it's a movement to get our kids to not have diabetes, to not eat the bad preservatives. >> reporter: according to the centers for disease control, childhood obesity rates have nearly tripled since 1980. 78% between ages of 2 and 19
10:53 pm
are considered obese. >> the brain functions more effectively when you have the correct nutrients. ke care of themselves them how emotionally, and physically as well. >> reporter: the feedback has been pretty positive. >> everyone is excited about this. the shocking thing is, teenagers don't really want to eat bad food. >> reporter: one company has rolled out more than 600 of these vending machines with more on the way. the prices for the healthier snacks are comparable. let's say a candy bar costs 75 cents. a helping of hummus might cost $1.25. talk about a water hazard. this golf course in australia features a family of bull
10:54 pm
sharks. the six sharks have taken a liking to the lake. now they can't get out. >> first time i saw them, came up like jaws out of the water. >> [inaudible] >> the sharks don't seem bothered by the humans. in fact, some of the sharks have started breeding. getting comfortable there. nasa scientists are getting help. cameras helping them capture out of these world light shows. and who is herman cain? we take a look at the gop presidential candidate taking the competition by storm. that's coming up later on the news edge at 11:00. [ female announcer ] at,
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gps tracking is helping save animals. wildlife departments use the tracking technique to keep a check on disease and to make sure it doesn't disrupt animals' natural habitats. researchers are able to track more animals in more detail which may help humans and wild things in the long run. >> need to roam through places that we're anxious to develop. it gives us an indication where we need to be more thoughtful and don't need to worry. >> it's also helped prevent animals from being endangered. nasa is tracking meteors, and scientists can record the whole event. >> reporter: a 6-foot wide meteor blazes at 86,000 miles
10:59 pm
per hour. >> had it hit the ground, equivalent of a thousand tons of tnt. >> reporter: it was captured by this camera at a museum in cartersville, georgia. it's part of a nationwide network helping nasa track meteors. >> you have an object picked up by multiple cameras, you can figure out speed, direction, height, and plot the orbit of where they come from. >> reporter: two years ago an object came crashing through the roof of a house in cartersville. it's on dismay at the museum. >> major meteor showers we approach know about. it's the other minor showers we
11:00 pm
don't know about and the sporadic meteors not associated with showers we're trying to get a handle on the rate and from where. >> reporter: information that may help protect spacecraft and astronauts. the news tonight is far from over. the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. the occupy wall street protests continue their spillover into other cities like washington. i'm will thomas. protestors are angry at what they say is too much corporate control over government, and that's the beginning. roz prater is at freedom plaza tonight with what's going on. >> reporter: there is no sign yet of u.s. park police. that is who the protesters say who they have been communicating with and possibly anticipate having a show down with. one of the organizers said
11:01 pm
tonight, this is where the revolution begins. there is a real risk of arrest tonight. >> by a show of hands, give me an idea of who is here to risk arrest? >> reporter: protestors at freedom plaza digging in their heels, preparing to stay the course, despite the fact their permit expires. organizers say they've been warned by the police. >> the police have come and said your permit is up at 10:00. we said, yes. they said, you know we have to do our jobs. we said, we're not sure what your job actually entails, because this is a public park, and people can be here any time. >> reporter: members of the coalition calling itself october 2011 have been protesting here since last thursday. a variety of causes, from war to corporate greed. >> pay more taxes. the rich must pay more taxes! >> reporter: they are preparing to take a stand.
11:02 pm
>> the park police could have arrested us from thursday night on. they haven't arrested us yet. but i'm actually willing to risk arrest at this point. >> reporter: across town, there is a second protest group calling itself occupy d.c., an off shoot of the occupy wall street. this group says it never had a permit, is in its 8th day with no plan to go away. >> the occupation is indefinite. every day we have two meetings, one at noon, and one at 6:00 where we talk about the issues and things people are frustrated about. so there is no end in sight. >> we can at least stay in this park as long as we're under 500 people for as long as we want. they'll never kick us out. >> reporter: that is the understanding of the rules they're operating under. they believe if they have fewer than 500 people they can stay.
11:03 pm
no word from park police on either of the protestors. roz prater, fox 5 news. the house oversight and government reform committee is investigating operation fast and furious. it's the program that allegedly let guns fall into the hands of dangerous criminals. last year a weapon from the program was found at the scene of the murder of a u.s. border patrol agent. >> if we assume for a moment he didn't know, the question is, is he competent if in fact a border patrol agent has been murdered, his program has completely gone off the rails. why didn't he know? >> holder has issued a scathing response. he says his critics have political motivations and calls the allegations that federal agents were accessories to
11:04 pm
murder, irresponsible. herman cain is gaining ground. but he is still making a name for himself. fox talked with cain on the campaign trail. >> reporter: as perry faltered, and others dropped out, cain has exploded on to the scene as a top contender for the gop nod. >> i love him because he is not the typical washington, d.c. politician. he is your average guy. ease good on economics -- he is good on economics. >> reporter: the former ceo of godfather pizza found success he says by going through the ranks of coca-cola and pills bury. he bought godfather after taking it from the pinks p bankruptcy. >> i've swept a parking lot, managed small businesses.
11:05 pm
i've been a hands-on executive. >> reporter: he served on the board of nabisco, and was appointed in '95, as chairman of the federal reserve bank of kansas city. on a personal note, he survived stage four colon and liver cancer. >> i have described myself as a problem solver. it's what business people do and those are the skills i would bring to the office of president. have you seen this? a houston gas station became a shooting range when two suspects opened fire on the clerks inside. the robbers opened fire before one them jumped over the counter looking for cash. climbs over to help himself. one clerk was shot in the leg, but he grabbed his own gun and shot the robber in the chest. boom. the clerk will be okay. the injured robber, he gets away in a waiting car, but didn't get far. police arrested him and took him to the hospital. tragedy strikes at the chicago marathon. the news edge tonight is
11:06 pm
everywhere at 11:00. a firefighter from north carolina running with his brother in the chicago marathon collapsed and died. the 35-year-old unidentified man died just after noon today. the cause of death remains under investigation. autopsy planned for monday. gay rights pioneer has died. also was a long time advocate of gay marriage and played a key role in getting new york city to grant domestic partner rights and benefits. she died after battling cancer. sir paul mccartney has a new bride. he married 51-year-old american
11:07 pm
trucking heiress nancy chavel. while their friends and family celebrated, other fans commemorated what would have been john lennon's 71st birthday. they gathered at his star on the walk of fame and sang happy birthday and had cake, and they stuck around and sung his songs and wrote messages of peace. another great day this weekend, with plenty of sunshine and temperatures well above seasonal. we hit 78 at national airport. 80 dulles and 83 at baltimore. it's still mild outside this hour, with 63 degrees at annapolis. 60 baltimore. 55 at dulles. 55degrees at martinsburg, and 52 at frederick. pretty mild conditions. skies are clear. not a lot to talk about in terms of cloud coverage. ridge of high pressure in control. our next weather maker to the
11:08 pm
south. this low pressure will move up the mid-atlantic and we'll see rain showers as we move through into mid-week as a result of it. ridge of high pressure for us. looking at a nice day for your holiday monday. you'll get to enjoy it at 82 degrees for a daytime high. tomorrow night, few clouds will roll in at 58. overall, not bad. wet weather late tuesday night, wednesday looks like a rain day for us pretty much due to that system coming in from the south and another system from the west. few lingering showers thursday, and friday, mixture of sun and clouds. enjoy your holiday monday with plenty of sunshine and a nice day to be outside. will? monday will be great. that is a wrap for the news edge at 11:00. nissan sports xtra is coming your way next. of course, fox 5 news is always on nissan sports xtra with listened listen checking herself in the mirror now. you look great. few minutes away. 
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plan.  good evening and welcome to nissan sport extra. i'm lindsay murphy. coming up, can doc walker handle the tough questions from dave feldman? it was a good day to be a redskin. who would have thought week five the redskins would be first and eagles last? not the nfl critics. they had the hop sit prediction a month ago.
11:11 pm
skins players got to watch as they assumed the top spot. eagles looking to put an end to a three game losing streak. eagles trailing. vick back to pass, and he is nailed. barnett with the interception. 31yards for the score. bills in front 21-7. fourth quarter, eagles down 31-14. jackson goes 41 yards for the touchdown. a field goal. two minutes left. ball ber accepted by barnett. vick with 405 yards of total offense, but also four interceptions. bills win 31-24. philly falls to one and four. >> i think we're a better football team. sitting at 1-4. not too much to say whether you're a good team
11:12 pm
or bad team. we have confidence in those guys. got to keep fighting. the sun was shining today in the big apple. giants hosting the seahawks. manning launches the deep ball to cruz in double coverage. ball tips, but cruz hauls it in and goes 68 yards for the score. 2-point conversion gave the violents a 22-19 lead. under 3 minutes to go. seahawks down 3. whitehurst to baldwin. where is the defense? seattle in front. manning throws a laser to cruz, who slips. intercepted, and 90-yard for a touchdown. seahawks win 36-25, dropping the g men to 3-2 on the season. the patriots hosting the
11:13 pm
jets. in the third quarter, tom brady with the play action fake down the middle. 73-yard gain to the jets' seven. three plays later, brady with all kind of time to branch. patriots lead 17-14. fourth quarter we go. the jets' green on the carry. check out number 92. old buddy haynesworth gives chase and tumbling to the ground. turns out to be a cramp. he leaves the game and doesn't return. patriots win 30-2 1. time for a quick break. how the capitols overcame obstacles. stay with us. pc##''''!!!@!!!!!!!!ú@r @@@"0 
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11:16 pm
tomorrow night the capitols will play their second game of the season at home. the tampa bay lightning. last night the defense broke down. hurricanes pulled their goalie for an extra man. and too many caps in the corner. in overtime, the caps killed the carolina power play on a subsequent power play of their own, green found the back of the net for a game winner in a 4-3 victory. this year this team was determined to show fight and grit from the start.
11:17 pm
>> was imperative we keep working hard. it's something we worked on, the mindset we're going to be the hardest working team. game two of the american league championship series between the tigers and rangers was scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on fox tonight. that game has been postponed until tomorrow. you can see it here, 4:00 on fox. milwaukee hosting a league championship series for the first time since 1982. the brewers and cardinals top of the 4th. cards trail 2-1. two on, turns on the breaking ball, sending a drive to right center for a 3 run homerun. brewers rally in the fifth. slices one to right field. it bounces in fair territory. two score. that cuts the deficit to 5-4. the next pitch goes to prince fielder, and he gets all of
11:18 pm
this one. 2run jack gives the brewers the lead for good, and they win 9-6 in game one. when we come back, a look at the skins, the good and the bad. stick around. we'll be right back. 
11:19 pm
11:20 pm
the redskins are all about business this year, and so far that blue collar approach has worked. have you checked the standings lately? they were a field goal shy of being 4-0. the season opened with the giants and did it feel
11:21 pm
good to end the six game losing skid to their rivals. 28-14 skins. off to a 1-0 start. week two, against the cardinals. rallied from 8 points late in the fourth quarter, for a 22-21 victory. 2-0. week three was forgettable. the skins suffered an 18-16 loss to the cowboys on monday night football. gross man threw an interception and fumled away all hopes of a rally late in the 4th. week's four win in st. louis came thanks to a 7 sac performance from the defense. 135-yards on the ground were key to the 17-10 victory. >> always good when you're winning. losing, not that well. like i said, right now, it's still early. still have a lot of football to play, depending the situation
11:22 pm
we'll be in in the next few weeks will determine the attitude. >> last week dallas blew a 24- point lead and lost to the lions. eagles blew a 20-point lead losing to the 49ers. after the first four games, skins are atop, and eagles are in the basement. >> i think our football team is concentrating on this team. we have a lot of new football players. we have players that were here before. but the players are here obviously hand picked for the type of offense and defense and special teams and the type of people that they are. hopefully we can create our own identity and hopefully it will be positive. >> the redskins are now in full possession of first. the skins are on a bye, so it's doc walker's time to be quizzed
11:23 pm
by feldman this week. we'll be right back.    pc##''''!!!@!!!!!!!!ú@r @@@"0 
11:24 pm
11:25 pm
welcome back. the bye week is no exception for know your opponent. it's the best week of the season, because dave feldman
11:26 pm
picks his toughest questions. doc walker gets to try and answer them. let's see how the d-o-c did this week. >> now here is your host, dave feldman. >> doctor, are you ready? >> yes indeed. i'm ready for you and dave to double team me, which is fine. >> which one of these people is a real doctor? is a real doctor. the former band leader for johnny carson, doc the pitcher for the mets, doc holiday, the gun slinger? >> he did the exact same question, other than he added dr. dre, which is an insult to my intelligence and iq. >> what's the answer? >> you know the answer. doc holiday. >> one for one, thank you. let's go to two.
11:27 pm
which one of these famous actors did not, did not attend ucla? you can wait until i've listed all. mark harmon, rob riner, mike warren, ed marenaro. >> ed marnaro won the heisman trophy. >> are you serious? >> no, at cornell. >> good job. two for two. what office building is the largest office building in the world? 20,000 people work there. it has 17.5 miles of hallways, 280 bathrooms. the largest office building in the world. i'll give you a clue if you want a clue. you live in virginia, this
11:28 pm
building is in virginia. >> i guess the octagon shape would be close to it? >> yes. >> the pentagon? >> the pentagon, correct. question four, you coined the term the fun bunch. first of all, did you coin that term? >> my memory is pretty much shot. >> some people give you credit. >> name the other five that compose the fun bunch. >> [inaudible]. it started when james arthur monk broke his ankle. we wanted to do something for james. whoever scores, this will be for arthur. >> last question. the redskins have three foreign born players. name the three. >> i don't know this.
11:29 pm
i'm going to say thad. >> that's right. born in australia. >> that was an easy one. i don't know if tagwa. >> right. two for two. >> gosh. >> the answer is graham gunnel was born in scotland. congratulations. do you think we were fair? >> it was decent, but i should have aced it. >> for the record, when they're too easy, i'm criticized. when they're too difficult, i'm criticized. >> never been too difficult. that's good. i'll settle for that. >> congratulations. good job. thank you. >> enjoy the bye week. >> murpm, back to you. one nba lockout update. tomorrow is the li


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