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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  October 10, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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bad news. it habe good run seven days. yes for the -- has been a good run, seven days. yes of for the warm temperatures but thumbs down -- yes, for the warm temperatures, but thumbs down for the sun. we're very great for this nice stretch of weather and also to dry out. we'll give you a look tonight and start out with the clouds that were thickening throughout the day, mid and high level clouds, no rain in them so far. we don't have to look too far south to begin finding a bit of rain just now pushing into the carolinas. the air is still dry, but the rain is fairly substantial as it work its way up from florida. this is coming from an area of low pressure that formed over the weekend and this thing has really been pummeling florida. there were reports of 6 to 8 inches of rain and also some very strong winds as this storm has been meandering across florida. it's over northern florida. part of the problem with the winds and heavy rain is the gradient between the high pressure that is over our area
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and this low coming up from the south. it's slow and it's rather disorganized, but it will move in our direction and we do have to bring rain back into the forecast for the next few days. also want to say most of tuesday i think looks like it's going to be dry. i think it will be late tuesday, if not the overnight hours, before we start seeing more of that rain and into the end of the week. so we'll talk about whether or not we chase it out in time for next weekend and how much rain we're talking about exactly in the full forecast a bit later. engineers are preparing to scale the earthquake damaged national cathedral. they'll be inspecting every stone on the towers while hanging by a rope. today workers continued to stablize the structure. fox 5's sherri ly has more. >> reporter: tourists at national cathedral get a quick lesson on the august 23rd earthquake. to the community know it was not open to the public.
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>> reporter: stanley arumagon came from south africa. he's disappointed but fascinated watching workers put scaffolding and platforms in place. engineers need them to inspect the limestone pinnacles and bell towers up close. >> it's history and heritage and a sense of where we're coming from. so i think it's an international treasure, not just local one. >> reporter: starting next week the same engineers that repelled the washington monument will do the same at the national cathedral, the part of a difficult access team that will map out the damage from the roof down. you can see with the nation eye how the south bell tower has shifted -- with the naked eye how the south bell tower has shifted. you can see it's off by as much as a foot and a half and in order to fix, it they'll have to take apart the building from the top down and put it back together again. >> it's unbelievable. it's absolutely unbelievable i think. i don't know how long it's been
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here, but to think that it shifted and to put it back together again, it's going to take a long time i assume. >> reporter: a long time and a lot of money. the cathedral must raise $25 million to pay for early restorations through next year. >> that is definitely a historic landmark and we should definitely try and preserve it and do whatever we got to do to keep it intact. >> reporter: the pin condemns that fell in the earthquake are put together -- pinnacles that fell in the earthquake are put together in pieces. once inspection began any stones in damage of falling will be removed by hand immediately if possible. >> it's wonderful that the masons are here and the technology exists to make it right again. >> reporter: engineers say the inside of the building is sound. the cathedral reopens november 12th. the goal now is to make sure the outside is safe for people to go in. in northwest sherri ly, fox 5 news. developing tonight in egypt the coptic christian church is
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calling for three days of fasting and prayer to mourn christians killed in clashes with muslim and security forces sunday. church leaders say military rulers are not doing enough to protect them and tonight the white house is weighing in. >> reporter: hundreds of christians packed the cathedral in cairo for funeral services for those killed in sunday's clashes, a crowd mixed with grief and anger carrying the coffins to the front, family members of the victims overcome with emotion. >> it seems there were instructions to use excessive force against protesters. i have never seen armored vehicles speeding to run over protesters as if they were competing for a prize. >> reporter: some political figures in egypt are concerned the fighting might set back the fragile transition from the mubarak regime to civilian rule. >> the situation is critical and there are threats of civil war. we hope we won't reach that point. >> reporter: but there was more violence today egyptians once again the target. the white house released a
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statement saying, "the united states continues to believe the rights of minorities including coptics must be respected and that all people have the universal right to peaceful protest and religious freedom. even these tragic events should not stand in the way of timely elections and continued transition to democracy that is peaceful, just and inclusive." former u.n. ambassador john bolton says the administration's concerns are missing the point arguing coptic christians are worried the government might impose sharea law. the first parliamentary elections are scheduled to take place november 28 six weeks from now, in egypt. a kids' treehouse at the center of a neighborhood battle in 7. find out why some are demanding it come -- in virginia.
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find out why some are demanding it come down. plus an unexpected visitor sent a virginia school into lockdown this morning, how this deer ended up inside a classroom. coming up on the news edge at 11:00, looking to buy a condo in d.c.? find out what has the market moving in the right direction. mahe
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a father's promise for a treehouse is turning into a lesson in bureaucracy, ever covering that one out of falls -- laura evans covering that one out of falls church tonight. >> a father promised his two boys before he left for iraq he would come home and build a treehouse, but apparently the county says it's a violation of zoning laws. >> reporter: living out a childhood dream, eric and shawn graven helped their father mark build this sturdy treehouse complete with a slide two climbing ropes, a shingled roof with shutters to match the homes in the neighborhood. >> i built the treehouse as a
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kept promise to my boys. >> reporter: something for them to look forward to when their dad returned from iraq and this is no shack. it took $1,400 worth of materials, six weeks of hard labor and the boys even earned scout badges for their masterpiece. >> it if it's in the neighborhood. it's part of raising children -- it fits in the neighborhood. it's part of raising children. >> reporter: an anonymous complaint raised a red flag with the county zoning board it's a violation of the zoning ordinance. >> i've got two huge maple trees in the yard. i have a side yard. the county calms it a front yard and little did i -- calls it a front yard and little did i know. >> reporter: he was told it was considered an addition to his house. after $1,800 in fees it's jeaned and now he's objecting. >> you want to say get real. out of all the things you have
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to worry about with a county eporter: as he did when building the treehouse mark is looking at the battle with bureaucrats as a lesson. >> you hope at the end of the day there's a happy ending and john wayne steps up and gets to kiss the girl. >> so the appeal hearing is november 30th and if the county rejects it, if they say you can't have the treehouse, it's got to come down mark says he'll hire day laborers to destroy, it but he's going to take his boys to a movie so they don't have to watch it. >> i can't imagine the county figured this out on their own. it's probably a complaining neighbor that ratted them out. what do the neighbors say? >> they got an anonymous tip the county did, that the tree house was up, but the neighbors have all come out supporting mark saying this is a wonderful thing is great for the boys
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and nobody -- it's great for the boys and nobody has complained to him personally. >> except for that neighbor who sent in an anonymous tip. shawn, back upstairs. >> leave the treehouse alone. some tense moments inside a virginia elementary school today. class was just getting started when an unexpected visitor showed up. the school was placed on lockdown until that visitor left. fox 5's beth parker shows us. >> reporter: so the deer wanted to be right on time antietam elementary being the talk of the school monday. >> we heard a very loud crash. >> reporter: it was followed by screams. >> there were two teachers in the classroom at the time who then screamed rather loudly because they were so surprised at what had. what. >> reporter: surprised because a deer had -- what had happened. >> reporter: surprised because a deer had jumped through a classroom window. look at this video from 8:15 monday morning. you can barely see the deer
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leap over the sidewalk right through the window of art classroom. >> he completely destroyed the screen. then he jumped through the pane of glass of. >> reporter: there were no kids in the room. two teachers -- glass. >> reporter: there were no kids in the room. two teachers quickly shut the door behind them. >> we knew that way if the deer ran through the halls, he couldn't hurt anyone. >> reporter: one of the things they work on in elementary school is learning to follow instructions. this deer did not though. look. it says here outside the door please leave the room in the condition you found it. >> the deer was having a hard time gaining traction on the hard surface and he slipped and slid and it looks like he kareemed into furniture. >> reporter: once he had enough the -- careened into furniture. >> reporter: once had he enough the deer leaped over a bench. now that every one is safe they're taking stock. >> we have a cute box turtle that visits on occasion and a
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family of fox that live in the woods behind the school. >> reporter: oh, and police called a few weeks ago to say neighbors spotted a bear cub and its mom. >> you'll see where the trees are located, just on the other side of the cars. that's where the bears were. >> reporter: they're noticing a pattern. >> the animals that have joined us on several occasions must feel that inclusion part. >> they feel welcome. >> absolutely. we open our arms to all. >> reporter: beth parker fox 5 news. >> thank goodness everything worked out. the win dote deer jumped through was right next to -- the window the deer jumped through was right next to a classroom full of preschoolers. four hours into a fishing trip rough waves flipped a family boat at the florida keys. the victims included a 4-year- old girl treading water for 24 hours before being picked up. a rescuer called the coastguard sunday morning.
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after an hour the crew found the four who drifted miles from the capsized boat. >> drifted away from the boat which it was hard to find them. found the fisherman, i guess, found three of them calmed not coastguard. it was a -- called the coastguard. it was a long night. >> an 80-year-old woman held up by her son slipped up and never resurfaced. you complained and netflix is actually listening details coming up. also ahead tonight the vacation is over. the skins are back on the practice field gearing up for the philadelphia eagles. dave ross has your state of the skins coming up next.
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the redskins enjoyed the bye week and without taking the field they were still big winners. >> dave ross here now as the red redskins return to the practice field in preparation
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for sunday's home showdown against the eagles. >> yeah brian. this is a big litmus test for the skins come sunday. yes, the eagles are down and lost four games in a row, but the players i talked to tonight don't want to hear anything about how bad the eagles are. wide receiver anthony armstrong is hoping to play on sunday. how about the full back terrell young who sat out the last two games with a hammy, but he participated today in practice. running back tim hightower injured his shoulder on the third play against the rams. so the bye week came at a very good time for him and the team. >> both teams lost in our division and we were sitting there just 3-1 but we can't be concerned with the record, man. it's still early, still a quarter of the season and we've got a lot of football left. >> when the situation is not in your hands and everything works itself out in your favor it just goes to show the game is
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crazy. things happen, ups and downs every single week. any given sunday as the term goes. it's a good place to be coming off a bye week in that situation but we got continue to keep the same focus. >> there's a couple angles, two desperate team cools on focus with everything to win -- team comes on focus with everything to win. chris cooley told his teammate today he didn't tell them earlier because they'd forget. he told them today and a lot of teammates showed up tonight. i'll show you now what this event was. it's his third annual charity event called rally for the cure to help raise funds in an effort to find a cure for cancer. chris' mother say cancer survivor herself and it's clearly something chris is very honored to do each year.
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>> i couldn't have been more pleased with the way the community turned out and supported me, not just the community, but my team, my family. everything that cares about me has been so supportive and it makes it so much more fun, more important for me to be part of this. >> see his father out there, very touching. you can see in the soundbite there not an easy, but a really good thing. >> he's a good guy. coming up tonight on fox 5 news at 10:00 they are used to taking out some of the world's most dangerous terrorists. tonight we get an up close look at the latest military technology taking to the skies.
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fellow al-qaeda meshes are now receiving the official -- members of now receiving the official word. the u.s. born cleric anwar al- awlaki is dead.
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a statement posted on an islamist website today said al- awlaki was killed last. >> in a u.s. drone strike with three other al-qaeda members. -- last month in a u.s. drone strike with three other u.s. members. the u.s. army has a new technology convention here in d.c. this week. fox 5's bob barnard is back from the convention center toshach us what's new. >> the most -- to show us what's new. >> the most famous is their new drone, sometimes armed aircraft without pilots helping to win the war against international terrorists and clearly in demand by the u.s. military. unmanned weapons of war are leading the fight against terrorists and military targets in iraq and afghanistan and recently in yemen. these images part of a sales video by san diego-based general atomics aeronautical.
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>> it will definitely augment the force and do missions that manned aircraft are not as good at. >> reporter: the great eagle can spend up to 30 hours in the air. >> it doesn't expose u.s. troops to the threat. >> reporter: so-called optionally piloted aircraft are the talk of this u.s. army expo in wash this week, northrop grumman showing off its -- in washington in week, northrop grumman showing off its latest design. >> that gives us the opportunity to prevent to the war fighter here's your situation. how do you is found to it? >> reporter: the head of unman -- how do you respond to it? >> reporter: the head of unmanned systems say they'll become more effective as more become unarmed. >> you can fire on the target. we can locate and identify now, but then you would have to call some ground force, some air force, some other element, some maybe even artillery force to finish or destroy the target.
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so in the future i think you'll see more of that capability that will be armed. >> reporter: the u.s. military is also thinking hi-tech when it comes to helping wounded warriors. at the university of pittsburgh medical center researchers are now experimenting with mind control prosthetics. quadriplegic tim henet is a test pie loft sorts. >> it's a real piece of metal -- pilot of sorts. >> it's a real piece of metal that you're moving with your brain. it's absolutely amazing to me. >> who studies have shown is those parts of the brain that used to control the arm are still there ready to control the arm. it's the connection that's lost. >> reporter: so electric trolleds attached to tiny computer grid are -- electrodes attached to a tiny computer grid are attached to the brain that controls movement, information that's fed tie computer telling the prosthetic arm -- to a computer telling the prosthetic arm what to do. >> tim was not wounded at war
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and the technology he's helping to test is not yet approved for long term use. president obama back at the white house after a visit to the new walter reed national military medical center in bethesda. the president met with 38 wounded veterans and presented four purple hearts. the visit comes days after the 10 year anniversary of the war in afghanistan. this columbus day was not a day off for the candidates seeking a gop nomination. most of the day they spent doing meet and greets and tomorrow they head into another debate. fox's craig boswell has the very latest. >> reporter: after stops in south carolina and florida over the weekend mitt romney holds a town hall in new hampshire. >> i understand how the economy 2. i spent my life in the private -- works. point my life in the private sector. >> reporter: the site will be where the next presidential debate will be held. >> rick perry is going to have to step it up in the debate. >> reporter: rick perry is
11:29 pm
prepping for tomorrow's contest after recent performances and a drop in some polls. >> what the president of the united states needs to do is how you need to secure and defend the border. >> reporter: he answered questions in iowa after a speech in washington fridayne of the few candidates not already in new hampshire. meanwhile john huntman used his free deaf bait -- jon huntsman used his free debate day to outline policy. >> my foreign fairs will be guided by that which defines -- affairs will be guided by that which defines american exceptionalism and that is our values, liberty, democracy, human rights. >> reporter: president obama is also on the move beginning this week with a visit to wounded veterans in bethesda. the president travels to pittsburgh tomorrow to talk about his jobs bill. the debate tuesday is to focus mainly on the economy. it hasn't been officially dedicated, but changes may


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