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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 11, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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coming up happening overnight, a metro bus driver stabbed in montgomery county what happened. plus details of an arrest. bad news for basketball fans first two weeks of nba, forget about it, cancelled. the decision not only effects players and owners but league venues as well. a live report straight ahead. >> anti wall street protestors continue to camp out they may be at freedom plaza for months while things appear to be under control it is a different story to our north. police arrest dozens of protestors overnight. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now. nice start to this tuesday morning, some sunshine today may not be as much as we have seen last couple days, but the sun is out there this morning, officially we will rise 14 minutes, glad you are with us i am steve chenevey. i am alison seymour.
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nice day on the horizon. tony perkens with the accurate details. >> yes, indeed. thank you alison and steve good morning pretty picture out there, sunrise 7:13 a.m. this morning. and some of those rays of sun breaking through the cloud cover we will see those clouds picking up as the day progresses enjoy the morning sunshine as it will be a different picture later on the day. let's look how we are starting temperatures, 63 degrees here in the district, 60 dulles and 60 baltimore so quite the mild start to the day ocean city 58 degrees, and hagerstown 53. here is a look at the sentinel satellite or max hd satellite radar you can see we have cloud cover down to our south pushing into the region also rain showers, down to our south and they are pushing north ward as well can't rule out a shower or two this afternoon for the most part the rain for us holds off
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until tonight we will have a rainy day for the bulk of the day tomorrow, forecast today, day of transition, here is what we are looking for, increasing cloud cover as the day progresses, mild day, highs low and mid-70s as opposed to low 80s where we were yesterday. that is a look at the weather more coming up in a little bit now to julie wright and get an update on traffic. let's talk about virginia, northbound i-95 if you are coming northbound accident activity, squeezing the right side of the road, 123, keeping you on the brakes, from dale city police tieing up the right side of the road most activity confined to the solar and potomac mill line, expect traffic on route 1 as you travel north of the occoquan. taking it back inside we will update the ride elsewhere. if you are travelling
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northbound or inbound route 4, pennsylvania avenue, accident activity remains along the right side of the highway. >> inbound out of lees burg accident activity eastbound 7, rock bury hall, big delays from route 9, southbound or inbound along 66, out of manassas, heavy and slow headed toward centerville, just before nuttily street accident activity on the -- nuttily street accident antifat on the shoulder. big story nba lock out meaning the first two weeks of the season officially out of question, team owners and palaverers have not been able to reach a new -- players have not been able to reach a new agreement. sarah is back in studio with the latest on the lock out. >> good morning the season was set to begin november 1st,
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commissioner stern says after going back and forth for hours no agreement is in sight. sticking to his deadline he wiped out the first two weeks, exactly 100 games, the cancellations mark the nbas first work stoppage since the 98, 99 season was reduced to 50 games, both sides are still very far apart on the new labor deal, salary cap a new sticking point. union president derek fisher stressed this was a lock out not a strike and that it was the owners decision not the play basketball. i think it is fair to say we established position of the parties, with complete certainty where each stood and we remain really very very far big blow to our fans most importantly, you know, they don't have a voice in this
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fight so far but we hear them loud and clear, they want basketball we want to play basketball. the two sides expect to remain in contact but no additional formal talks have been scheduled based on last year's average, the announcement league wise and average ticket cost, rep rest. $83 million in lost ticket -- -- represent $83 million in lost revenue sales, season ticket holders get refunds as well as interest for cancelled games. thanks. also new, passenger stabs a metro bus driver montgomery county. it was around midnight someone reported the suspect was exposing himself on the bus. the bus driver told him to stop the driver had a female
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acquaintance on the bus and he asked her to keep an eye on the suspect as the bus approached the wheaton metro station the suspect began arguing with the woman and bus driver that altercation happened outside the bus. the suspect struck the woman and the bus driver intervened, he was stabbed, the 28-year-old bus driver was taken to hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. a teen teenager found shot just before 7:30 p.m. last night, he was found pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. a former marine scheduled to plead guilty in a larceny case in lees burg charged in a series of vehicle break-ins he was arrested in june for firing
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shots at the pentagon and a marine corps memorial museum in quantico. jury selections began in the arm sale trial of this man known as the merchant of death. he was brought to the united states last year after being captured in thailand in 2008 by u.s. narcotics agents posing as anti american rebels. he had evaded international authority for nearly 20 years he pleaded not guilty to conspiracy charges that carry a potential life sentence. in detroit, opening statements in the underwear bomber trial. he was accused of trying to detonate an explosive in his underwear aboard a christmas flight from netherlands to detroit in 2009 he pleaded not guilty and said he will represent himself. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula has been behind the
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attempted bombing. other top stories we are following, a surge on wall street following the announcement, france and germany pledged a long term solution to the debt crisis in the next month. stocks have risen. the president's jobs bill expected to come to a test vote of the senate but likely to fail because republicans oppose its spending component and the tax surcharge on millionaires. small victory for anti wall street and protestors. u.s. park police made a verbal agreement to allow them to stay in freedom park. stacy cohen live in northwest now with the details. good morning. good morning here we are again those protestors are becoming permit fixtures in this space here. we are at freedom plaza they have been here since thursday, their permit ran out yesterday. there was a potential conflict park police came out here,
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there was some verbal agreement their permit could be extended as long as four months the park service has not written that permit. so it remains to be seen, once it is inked it is not certain everybody is peaceful they are here as they have been every single morning there may be information later about planned marchs and louder protests across the city. that remains to be seen for now they are here as are protestors in mcpherson square. in boston, there was a clash between the occupy boston protestors and law enforcement, 1000 people were arrested for trespassing they decided to move from an area, set aside for them further downtown. police pushed back we don't have a situation like that here in dc i am waiting to hear what happens at 9:00 a.m. they have briefings and
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gatherings to decide what action to take today. i am stacy cohen back to you. >> thank you. in new york city, russell simpsons and kanye west made impromptu appearances at a park where protestors gathered. department department has spent nearly $2 million in overtime the police commissioner said the budget cuts may cause cancellation of a new class of police officers entering the academy in january. republican presidential candidates will go head to head in another debate this evening the fifth meeting of candidates held in new hampshire. the first focus solely on the economy candidates will be seated this time around, no podium, a predebate, bloomberg washington national poll of voters has mitt romney leading,
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25%, herman cain 15%, rick perry, 13%. sarah palin is putting her 2¢s in who she thinks would be good for the white house a female president speaking at a business forum in seoul south korea she says she looks forward to the day there will be a female president of the united states but offered no clues as to her political future. joe the plumber, plunging into politics, 37-year-old joe filed papers to run for congress he gained attention during the 2008 campaign he spoke with barack obama. republican nominee senator mccain repeatedly referred to the exchange, leading up to the election.
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controversy surrounding the new martin luther king junior memorial why it could soon under go changes. a monster hurricane barreling towards mexico's pacific coast. >> as we go to break let's take a lookout side and look at what is happening by the pentagon. we will check with julie after the break. you can see just a few peeks of sunshine. we will check with tony for the forecast next as well 
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an escalating dispute in ohio you's amish country the leader of one group is telling police they should not be involved because it is a religious matter last week members allegedly went into the home of another amish man and cut his hair and beard upset
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because of changes to the church, it is common practice for amish men who are married to have beards and never shave it. tv stations in kansas city, subpoenaed to submit footage and interviews of friends and family of missing 11 month old girl. neighbors have been questioned about a homeless man seen in the neighbourhood two weeks ago. mexico's pacific coast bracing for a major hurricane forecasters say it could hit the coastline south of puerto vallarta this afternoon it is a category 3 but expected to gain strength. just looking at those people in those little boats, i feel sick. >> yep. >> now i have a motion issue, but -- >> that is not going to help things. just looking at it. i hope everything will be okay there. >> me too. pretty rough there.
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>> meantime here, smooth sailing? >> for the most part yeah. today is a day of transition more cloudy not as warm as yesterday and then rain moving closer to the region, some changes coming we knew it wouldn't last forever. let's will be at the bus stop forecast, getting the kids ready for school this morning, you are going to encounter mild temperatures, temperatures ranging from the upper 50s to low 60s. we are in the low 60s now in dc, 62 degrees sunrise occurred just a couple moments ago mostly cloudy skies through the area. here is your surface map today, we are going the see this area of low pressure down to our south push some rain that we've seen to the south up into our region, slowly but surely during the course of the day. already rain southern virginia, pushing into south central virginia, we could get a couple rain shower this is afternoon, the best chance of rain will be tonight, overnight and during the day tomorrow particularly the first half of tomorrow,
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high today, 73 degrees, cloudy skies, a couple showers here and there during the day, most of the rain tonight and tomorrow rainy, 69 degrees, thursday, lingering showers, particularly early, friday and saturday we dry out temperatures begin to drop off as well. that is a look at what is happening with the weather, more coming up in a little bit. >> i look forward to seeing you again. >> thank you. oh, okay. all right. i thought maybe you knew something i didn't. >> i like to give him a little bit of gel, puts him off balance >> not before i get my free lunch honey. >> you never know. the crew in sky fox, sent to an accident, northbound 34, travelling northbound, 234 the accident being cleaned up and
7:19 am
moved out, lanes open once again travelling northbound 234, all lanes reopened. back inside we have a couple problems to watch out for, inner loop of the belt way as you try to work your way up to route 50. you will find the right side of the roadblocked off here already a slow down, now this will add insult to injury, accident activity blocking the right lane at arlington boulevard. route 9, eastbound 7, rock bury hall, follow police direction to get by. lock wood drive we have a disabled vehicle, still in place that will tie you up out of white oak reports of accident activity northbound new hampshire avenue and southbound new hampshire avenue randall road that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. 7:19 a.m., we are monitoring metro for you this morning, transit agency wants to hear from you about making
7:20 am
bus service better. metro is hosting five public hearings agency officials want to talk about updating schedules and reflect on current road conditions and traffic patterns, increasing departures and high demand corridors and extending some routes for a list of hearing locations go to our website look for monitoring metro, on our hot toppings bar. would you be willing to pay sales tax on gas, if it meant more money to get your roads and bridges fixed? that is just one idea maryland panel is looking at, as it works on ways to raise money for the states transportation trust fund it meets today in annapolis. it could raise $580 million a year. changes could soon come to new martin luther king memorial days before the official dedication this sunday. pair phrase of dr. king's 1968 drum major sermon is inscribed on the side of the statue
7:21 am
reading i was a drum major for justice. poet maya anglou says it makes dr. king look like an arrogant twit and wants it fixed. that change will be considered. >> we looked ate we are going to revisit it after the dedication. dr. king was an international hero he changed the scope of this country and the world that is what people come over and start reading it is so gratifying when you see people reading that he said this in 1964, and it still has relevance in 2011 oh, my god. sunday's dedication will be a smaller celebration than the original one planned for august that was postponed by hurricane irene. president obama will still be on hand sunday. house where president abraham lincoln died reopened to the public after a yearlong renovation project the peter son house is right across the street from ford theatre and
7:22 am
part of its national historic site. park service acquired it in 1933 and recreated the scene at the time of lincoln's death it was to reopen last spring but work took longer than planned. 21 minutes past the hour, time is almost up to voice your option about gay adoption in virginia, questions surrounding government findings about who is involved in the 2001 an flax attack, scientists doing their own digging. you may have noticed the moon had a little different look last night we will explain what you were seeing after the break fun for the whole family this morning at webers cider farm they are celebrating fall, stock races, straw maze. we will catch up with her later on 
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three scientists say they are preparing a research paper, questioning the government's conclusion an army micro biologist at fort dietrich was the sole perpetrator in the 2001 attack. it was coated with chemicals saying it was beyond bruce ivans skill level. fbi said that was a natural process the attack killed five people, he claimed he was innocent before over dosing on tylenol in 2008. the state board of social services is looking for comments about whether state license groups should be allowed to turn down prospective adoptions and foster parents because of sexual orientation new regulations approved earlier this year took out a ban on discrimination of sexual orientation among other things.
7:27 am
time now, 26 past the hour president obama's jobs bill will come to a test vote in the senate today. more on that and a preview of tonight's gop debate up next. live lookout side, we are going to get the latest weather and traffic coming up from tony and julie. 7:26 a.m. see you on the other side of the break 
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eye catching sight in the sky take a look at this, you can see perhaps, see a large ring around -- got to lookout. >> yep. >> look at the bottom of your screen and at the top of your screen, that's the ring. it is a large one this is video from outside of our studio last night. tucker what did you say? tucker says scary halloween moon. experts say the ring is a result of the nearly full moon's light being refracted by ice crystals of the clouds. >> very good. >> apparently it happens fairly frequently though i have never noticed it before. >> alison is talking about the big ring, i am seeing like a little ring like a saturn type ring. >> really? >> is that just our tv monitor? >> no guacamole past 9:00 p.m.
7:31 am
he loves it at night. maybe i just block you out completely, stoplessenning. >> kind of a haze there. -- listening. >> kind of a haze there. >> looks like a very diluted eye except opposite. >> yep. >> yeah, and we do see this every now and then every time we say we get a lot of calls and people writing in. ice crystals. ly have to lookout for it i never noticed it before. remember yesterday we had the high cirrus clouds during the course of the day,. >> yeah. >> usually when we have those types of clouds. okay. >> then at night you will see that. and if not, eat a lot of guacamole. >> you will see all kinds of things. i have your weather headline for the day, today is a day of transition yeah, folks rain returns, by late today, can't rule out a shower or two, for this afternoon, rain is
7:32 am
tonight, and then tomorrow, all right. here is a look at current temperatures we've dropped off a little bit, 62 degrees washington, gone up a little bit annapolis, 66 degrees there, so quite mild, 61 baltimore, 63 quantico, really not a bad start to the day, 60 degrees dulles, winchester 54 and there was some early morning reports of some fog well out to the west but not really close in washington area. here is a look at satellite radar composites for our region, rainfall down to our south this particular image over plays the rain a little bit for example this looks like it is raining here right now it is not we have had no reports of that or seen that but there is rain to the south and we see darker greens some of the yellows and golds and those type colors that is pushing into our area, again maybe a rain shower somewhere, during the course of the afternoon in our area, most of it later on tonight. still forecast today looks like this, mostly cloudy skies,
7:33 am
we will see highs today, about 73 degrees in town, so cooler than it was yesterday, then for tonight, we will see more cloud cover and we will see overnight lows around 60 degrees, rain moves in late tonight during overnight hours and hangs with us during the day tomorrow highs tomorrow upper 60s. thursday, lingering shower, first part of the day, 74, friday and saturday we dry off highs low 70s upper 60s now to julie wright for an update on traffic. >> busy ride out there this morning tony especially travelling in virginia. this is where we have some tie ups inner loop of the belt way approaching route 50, accident activity tieing up the right side of the road, brad dock heading northbound, coming out of lees burg accident activity, eastbound, rock bury hall, we are receiving reports, they are checking for a crash on the outer loop of the belt way near
7:34 am
washington baltimore parkway. eastbound 66th here 123 accident activity moves out of the roadway anticipate a slow go out of manassas we had a stalled car tieing up the center of the roadway outer loop of the belt way, new hampshire avenue, slow go leaving college park only one lane to the right gets by. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. president obama campaigning for his big jobs bill just as the senate may shoot t it down. republican presidential candidates getting ready for another debate. we welcome karen nelson. thank you for both of you coming in. senate expected the shut this down but the president going the pitch it let me start
7:35 am
as our resident democrat here on our little panel what do you thing about the plan will it have some weight to it? meat to it and just staying power i guess is most important. >> well, i don't know that this bill whatever conventional wisdom is it won't pass the senate tonight. i think the country needs a bill that will build the infrastructure back in this country. everybody agrees that it is crumbling and we need -- but to do a jobs bill, whether it be this one or not, a great many many hundred thousand or more private sector jobs. rebuilding infrastructure and secondly after you spend the money you have something to show for it. that is an investment in our infrastructure. one thing about history it is hard to make any money where there is no infrastructure you don't see people making money where there is no water, sewer,
7:36 am
roads, bridges airports, river ports and so, i hope that congress can -- and the white house can do something, the jobs bill primarily infrastructure related. >> so much attention give to the conclusion of a millionaires tax or some type of tax on wealthier americans does this have any chance of passing with any of that? >> well, it won't deny in the senate according to everything i hear. what i think people need to understand, hopefully realize, is that we are in a structural deficit situation not a situational deficit. if we had full employment we still would have a deficit, because we have a rev new base that is -- revenue base that is insufficient to do what we need to do on infrastructure and government investment there has
7:37 am
to be something done about entitlement reform when you have the left or right saying we will give entitlement reform here and won't give them taxes here it makes the country unable in my judgment, to come to an american solution that will get us out of this structural debt. what is your thought? >> i would agree with. what you will see tonight is the beginning of a process we saw this earlier this year when we went through the debt ceiling debate, these are the starting point at which someone throws something on the table and a debate begins that is what you will see start happening in terms of legislative process there has been a lot of conversation and debate but not an actual piece of legislation to start fighting over i think that is what you will see tonight so it won't pass tonight but it will give both sides a starting point to then put together other proposals that will be debated. >> let's talk about something
7:38 am
else, this time another gop debate focuses solely on the economy herman cain has been getting a lot of support he is up to the second in a lot of polls. i think the con trough jersey down in texas has given the -- controversy down in texas has given the controversy. >> you shouldn't count him out when you think about where president obama was in 2007 it shows the american people are looking for someone that is different someone not from washington, they are really taking a hard look at herman cain and someone real plain spoken but also real passionate and really smart on the issues i wouldn't turn him out, his problem is that he doesn't quite have the infrastructure from a campaign perspective, and the funding to sustain this, unless he really gets an influx of money here soon and his polling and all of what has been going on in the straw poll will help him with that i
7:39 am
wouldn't count him out from a traditional campaign perspective he doesn't quite have infrastructure he would need to keep this going all the way until january. democrats like to see more and more republicans not able to get this narrowed down to one candidate. >> i think it is a healthy exercise in our democracy for all of the various impulses, to be voiced in one way or another. i think that he probably will be some of his statements will be more scrutinized now that he has risen to this. some of the things he has said in the past that didn't get maybe so much attention will get more attention now, so i think he has to be careful on some of his statements. well, let me ask you this
7:40 am
karen our time is running out quickly, but tonight with the focus on the economy, if not a particular person to watch, now that we are focused on economy specifically everything is more important as far as what folks are saying. >> i think it is a situation candidates will enjoy i think a lot of republican candidates have been wanting to focus on the economy feeling that is a real weakness with the president gives them from a campaign perspective a chance to hone in on the message on the economy i think they will be real excited about that chance and yeah, i think it is a pretty important debate for the candidates to show what their ideas would be and plans would be, if they were to become the nominee. >> final word here because the president also changing his tune when it comes to the economy has he realized now, we are a year out now we need to make sure we focus on what we are doing to try to get rereelected. i think what he probably
7:41 am
trying to do is draw a vision for the future and try to contrast what he wants to do with what whoever the republican nominee happens to be. but again our political system, if one reads standard & poors down grade of the debt, really carefully, a lot of what they said had to do with broken political process in this country not just the debt itself and again, we have to get some, as karen said we now have something on the table hopefully this will start an adult conversation about how we, as americans, not democrats or republicans but we as americans can solve this problem. >> now we just have to get congress to act as adults. karen john we appreciate your time. 7:41 a.m., 62 degrees on this tuesday morning coming up,
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7:45 a.m. on tuesday morning, might be the last well, nicer of the days i guess this week do you think? >> you know, we are going to get okay end of the week too. mid-week. >> exactly, clouds, rain lower temperatures by tomorrow that kind of thing but it will rebound okay. not going to be in the 80s but okay. let's take a look at what is happening right now, regan
7:46 am
national, reporting temperature of 62 degrees, relative humidity 86%, your winds out of the northeast at 3 miles per hour. here is a look at future cast we look at this to show you what we think is going to happen as far as rainfall goes that is where the rain is this morning across the carolinas, southern virginia as the day progresses, clouds will thicken up, lower and we will get a better chance of rain so this doesn't really show any rain this afternoon we've mentioned the chance of some rain showers but this isn't really showing much in the area, it does show more clouds tonight it shows that rain pushing in here then during the overnight hours we will see more rain come through tomorrow look at this, tomorrow afternoon it is raining across the entire region with heavier rain off to the west. so that is what we thing will happen during the course of -- think will happen during the course of today into tomorrow. five day forecast by thursday, things start clearing out. five day forecast, 73, tomorrow
7:47 am
rainy, thursday clouds, 74 and your improving conditions friday and saturday mostly sunny friday, 73, saturday cooler, 68 degrees for your high. there you go that is the latest on the weather. thank you. check in with julie and get a look at traffic hi julie back to work for everybody. >> yeah, back to work and back to school and a busy ride on the highways, travelling the inner loop of the belt way, accident activity route 50 virginia cleared over to the shoulder lanes are open big back ups leaving brad dock road the accident could be blocking the right lane, anticipate delays from route 50 to john hanson highway. stalled car finally cleared big delays out of white oak, southbound new hampshire at the randall road, only the right lane is open and eastbound 66th, trouble at 7100, accident 123 all that is cleared.
7:48 am
suit land road at southern avenue, in a crash reportedly involving a pedestrian. 7:47 a.m., fresh apple cider sound good? >> sounds good. >> hayride, pumpkin patch,. that is where holly morris is, in the middle of the harvest festival welcome back hello pie. >> reporter: i know, right. apple cider are not the only thing they make with the star of the festival here which is indeed the apple in and of itself. i guess you could say potential of the apple they do everything from apple cider to apple pie to apple caramel bread, to apple cider donuts we are checking it all out this morning and telling you first hand why you and your family need to come up and make a trip to the farm yourself it is all live next on fox 5 morning news stay with us
7:49 am
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so this morning holly is helping us understand what it is like, the spirit of autumn, of fall. >> nothing says fall like delicious apple pie and cider. she is at weber cider mill farm they are hosting their fall festival days all month long. i am a huge apple fan i eat an apple every day of my life no lie i currently have a honey crisp in my work bag and i also don't call in sick so i am a big believer in an apple a day keep it is doctor away steve you are smiling at that. >> we agree. everybody, steve is part of the family that owns, weber apple cider farm. we are live thank you.
7:53 am
he is having a hard time staying awake he got slammed this weekend. >> everybody did a great fall weekend and then columbus day we were crowded yesterday we are running on low. >> we are going to perk you up here, featuring more of your good stuff how was the apple crop this year. >> apple crop was good we seem to survive the stink bug everyone was worried about and the good summer for growing apples got a little wet at the end. >> tell me about the different types you grow here. >> we grow five or six varieties, right now, what we have here are crispen, empire, honey crisp, red delicious and ida red that is the apple in most of our pies. >> okay what makes it such a good pie apple. >> it doesn't cook down. >> so what is your favorite apple? >> well, i have a favorite apple every couple weeks i am eating -- i switched from honey
7:54 am
crisp to jonah gold for two weeks here. we think jonah gold is an incredible apple. >> i am still currently on the the honey crisp, you are third generation here at this farm, right, but is all the products you have been able to develop from your apples. >> well, yeah, of course the apple piece and then this is our apple cake, a lot of people -- pies, and then this is our apple cake that is really really popular and the cider donuts and they have become legendary. >> they are legendary you know what steve we only deal in legendary at fox 5 morning news that is why we have come into the kitchen at the market we are putting the gloves on and we are going to make some apple cider donuts it is important to note you guys are the oldest continuously running cider mill in the state of maryland. >> right i think cider mills operating, with the same
7:55 am
machine my dad bought that used in 1947 been running it ever since. >> let's talk about how these donuts are made. >> they are a cake doughnut our secret is -- >> don't down play it they are legendary steve not just anything. >> and they are tradition families come here every fall first thing they want is a rider doughnut we use cider instead of water. that is the key your cider in the actual doughnut. >> that's right. >> how many of these do you turn out daily. >> we have the capacity to make 100 dozen an hour we have three of these, this is a doughnut robot and it just once you put the dough in it, as long as you keep putting the dough in the robot keeps. >> making the doughnut. so then they are kicked out here and then it is a matter of putting them. >> in cinnamon sugar we have our own mix but it is just cinnamon and sugar. any tricks to this madness? >> just flip it around. >> flip it around. >> shake off a little extra.
7:56 am
>> okay now how many a day do you eat steve? >> well, i start off with six. a half dozen. to get you started. the good news is it is seasonal,. >> right. >> we don't do this all year round. >> that is what you tell yourself i love the rationalization. that is great. >> how much is a dozen apple cider donuts cost? >> $5.99. look at this value. okay so here is what you need to know, our website, we have a link to the weber cider farms so you can find out more about their fall festival days that run through november 6th so you have time coming up next hour we couldn't have these wonderful donuts if we didn't have the apple cider itself so we are moving up to the mill and will make cider see how they do it and maybe i will wash down a half dozen myself. back to you in studio. all right holly man that looks good. you can almost smell that.
7:57 am
>> hope one or two make their way back. >> they go quickly. >> coming up 8:00 a.m., next hour we told you last week about some people who claimed they were arrested in dc for driving with expired tags like arrested thrown in jail. now, more drivers are coming forward, next hour we talk with triple-a mid-atlantic what is going on. we reveal the most active city in america tell you how the dc area measured up we will be right back drinkin'?u i'm drinkin' dunkin'. coffee -- black, straight up. extra cream, three sugars. iced coffee french vanilla. for me. iced coffee with a turbo shot. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. drinkin' dunkin'. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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the biggest iced coffee i can get. iced coffee helps me keep up. i love iced coffee. drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. drinkin' dunkin'. dunkin'... iced coffee. i run on dunkin' iced coffee. america runs on dunkin' coffee. well, it is official the nba season has been shortened first two weeks wiped off the books and there could be more cuts if team owners and players can't reach a labor deal. we are live outside verizon center where they won't be playing any time soon. >> we are live downtown dc where four days worth of protests may have turned into four months. more and more drivers coming forward saying they were arrested in dc for having expired tags. we are going the take a closer lock at this controversy ahead the hour as well i am steve chenevey >> i am alison seymour welcome
8:01 am
tuesday morning here with you. tony perkens joining us now with weather. >> if you are going out tonight take an umbrella could see rain showers through during the evening hours and tomorrow we will get rain. hd radar we will show you where the rain is right now down to our south, pretty good rainfall in southeastern virginia, south central virginia as well, near richmond, norfolk, raleigh north carolina places like that moving north ward it will take awhile to get here. i will not be shocked if a shower pops up during the afternoon hours but really it is tonight and tomorrow when it gets in here. current temperatures area airports, mild start to the day, 62 regan national, 60 dulles, and bwi marshall 61 degrees the forecast today, mostly cloudy skies, a couple showers popping up here or
8:02 am
there, this afternoon but definitely late tonight rain moves in, look for a high of 73 degrees, not bad, although that is 10 degrees cooler than yesterday ended up being. more details on all of this coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. let's check with julie with a look at traffic this tuesday hi. all right you guys still busy on the roads, outer loop of the belt way that is where we had the crash baltimore washington parkway, tieing up the right lane big delays for that, route 4, pennsylvania avenue, southeast washington headed inbound accident activity, southern avenue, suit land road, rescue units responding to that location. other side of town, 270, rockville headed out toward the lane divide no incidents to report, heavy and slow traffic, after randall road, still cleaning that up, expect delays ittc work zone. delays out of manassas. more slow traffic leaving fair
8:03 am
oaks. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. new this morning, police say a passenger stabbed a metro bus driver in wheaton this began midnight when someone on the bus reported a suspect, a 52-year-old man was exposing himself the bus driver told him to stop the bus driver had a female acquaintance on the bus and asked her to keep an eye on the suspect as the bus approached the wheaton metro station the suspect began arguing with the woman and bus driver the altercation continued outside the bus the suspect hit the woman the bus driver tried to intervene and was stabbed. the suspect was taken into custody. police in prince georges county investigating the murder of a 17-year-old. the teen was shot outside an apartment building iverson street hill crest heights.
8:04 am
a brief scare if the skies, two f-16 fighter jets intercepted a small civilian plane after it traveled into restricted air space. this happened 8:30 p.m. last night it landed at bwi after being escorted out of the area. local awe hourties were on -- authorities were on hand to meet the pilot. u.s. park police expected to officially sign off on a permit extension, stacy cohen live, with details on the deal and more and protestor arrests in boston. >> reporter: there is a lot to talk about the first thing you need to know if you are in or working around freedom plaza this is a scene you are going to need to get used to here. the protestors are here to stay. there was a meeting apparently last night with park police they came to a verbal agreement they would be allowed to stay here, for up to four more months now i must mention the park service has not drawn up an official permit yet they are the ones that would provide
8:05 am
that permit we understand that an agreement has been reached and both sides appear to be satisfied. i heard last night, that law enforcement is telling us we can stay for another four months. there is a lot of enthusiasm for the message. i think they have been reacting splendidly this has been a great cooperation they understand there is a lot of issues in this country that need to be addressed and haven't been addressed. interesting thing about protesting in this town we have it almost all the time look at boston that is when occupy boston protestors apparently moved out of a designated area into an area against the wishes of law enforcement there was a clash 100 people arrested that happened 1:30 a.m. the charge there was trespassing, back here in freedom plaza everything seems calm everyone is getting up and moving and eating i notice the cloud speakers just turned on. there are talks about various marchs that may happen later
8:06 am
today but at this point we better get used to them they are here to stay. stacy thank you protestors that sparked the anti wall street and anti greed movement will be allowed to stay in a lower manhattan park. mayor bloomberg announced occupy wall street can be there indefinitely as long as they obey the law. police department said they spent some $2 million mostly in overtime to patrol the protest area in recent weeks. no end in sight for the nba lock out league cancelled the first two weeks of the regular season more could come soon that doesn't bode well for workers in and around the stadium. sarah simmons is live at verizon center with more. good morning. >> good morning alison. verizon center is quiet as it would be this time of day but the first week of november, it is like this as well. the season was set to begin, november 1st, commissioner david stern says there is no agreement inside they met for several hours but have not gotten close to a deal
8:07 am
whatsoever. sticking to his deadline. stern wiped out the first two weeks exactly 100 games now the cancellations mark the nbas first work stoppage since the 98/99 season reduced to 50 games. both sides are still very far apart on a new labor deal the salary cap is a big sticking point. union president derek fisher stressed this was a lock out not a strike and it was a owners decision not to play basketball. >> i think it is fair to say we established the position of the parties, with complete certainty where we stood and we remain really very very far apart on virtually all issues. this is a big blow obviously to our fans most importantly, you know, they don't have a voice in this fight so far but we hear them loud and clearly, they want basketball we want to play
8:08 am
basketball. now, the two sides are expected to remain in close contact but right now there are no talks that have been scheduled so, these 100 cancelled games, what they are looking at is an $83 million in lost ticket sales from this a lot of money at stake here but season ticket holders from what we understand they will receive a refund, plus interest as well. that is the latest here at verizon center, alison back to you. more drivers now coming forward claiming they were arrested in the district for driving with expired tags, we are not talking about ticketed or fined we are talking arrests and sent to jail joining us john town send from triple-a mid-atlantic good to see you. >> good morning. >> we will say in full disclosure, when we started talking about this story i did look at my tag because it is easy to forget something like this. it is a matter of forgetfulness, procrastination, but you shouldn't be thrown in
8:09 am
jail for this. in no other jurisdiction in the country we can find we have looked high and low, we cannot find another jurisdiction that does this except washington dc. in philadelphia if your tags are expired they will tow the car and impound it, and they will send you walking but they will not throw you in jail. in no jurisdiction unless there are other extenuating circumstances would you be arrested for this it is dray cognac, and bizarre and almost like going back into the dark ages this is the nations capitol. >> we talked with police about it they says the prohibited to operate a motor vehicle unregistered this is a crime that can result in arrest and traffic citation officially driving without valid registration is punishable up to a fine of $1,000.30 days in prison it is on the books we are not saying it is not. >> but the difference is if you
8:10 am
are convicted that normally happens if the court finds you were guilty of that but police officers are arrests people on the spot, that would not happen to you in washington -- sorry would not happen to you in maryland, would not happen to you in virginia, it would not happen to you in any other state. in mid-atlantic region we surveyed police officers in delaware they thing this is bizarre not something motorists find strange but even a u.s. senator has to ask the mayor to change this policy he says there is no justification for this you can't justify yes, it is on the books it is also on the books in all 50 states no one arrests someone for it unless they have drugs in the car. we are seeing mothers arrested with children in their car an agregious situation where a mother was arrested she was on her way to school to pick up her child had another child, a smaller child, 3-year-old in
8:11 am
the backseat and when she said what do i do with my kid since you are arresting me the officer said we will put the kids in social services until you get out of jail we had a military officer, naval officer on his way to afghanistan arrested now he has it on his record and he is afraid it may hamper his ability to get a security clearness clearance because he has to -- clearance because he has to say i have been arrested once you are arrested it takes 6 to 7 months to purge this from your legal record there is no justification of it. not the mention the trauma in the one case with the mother with the child in the car this will stay on your psyche. >> this is the curious thing most of the people, will not reveal their names publicly they are so embarrassed and shame faced by this. we have a journalist in washington dc, who was arrested after arriving in town to work at one of the media outlets,
8:12 am
came from another state, forgot about the registration from back home, was arrested and the night he was thrown in jail he was in a cell with four other drivers from the district who also had been arrested we think in some cases there are as many as two or three arrests like this every day. >> we are going to stay on this and see what happens really not against the law to do this or not outside the bounds of it but we will watch it. >> it is a matter how you interpret the law. john towns end with triple- a mid-atlantic. >> thank you. republican presidential hopefuls will debate again tonight and political officers will look at the debate the focus is on the economy. >> postal service looking at ways to save money talking a lot about eliminating saturday delivery now looking at ditching federal employees health benefits is it worth it? will it save money more on this
8:13 am
coming up we will be joined by ed o'keefe next on fox 5 morning news  [ female announcer ] we understand that today your life if full of responsibilities. so if you're thinking of going back to school we created the phoenix prep center, a personalized academic planning resource. and when you're ready to take that next step you can attend our orientation workshop, either on campus...or online to see if our university is right for you.
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8:15 a.m. it is that time of the morning my friend. >> cuteness. >> you know it. >> tony perkens i need some cuteness in any life >> i am happy to owe blige. you want the my first 5 photo of the day. we love it here we go. alison i need your help oh, what a cute -- now what is going on does she have a dollar in her hand. >> mittens on so she won't scratch her face >> got you. >> would you say kai. >> no, kai. >> this is 7 week old kai. >> with a little puppy. >> yeah, that is a big old dog >> it says little puppy but that is a big dog his name is max. >> yeah, short of maximum size he is handsome but look at her she is adorable. >> i don't remember them for me
8:17 am
but when my son had those little mittens. >> yeah. >> paper thin nails scratch up the face. >> yeah, they do. >> she is adorable and you know what she can ride max around when she gets bigger. >> sure can. >> all right there we go. thanks for sending it in, if you want to send in your child's picture go to click on mornings, here is a look at current temperatures around the region, back up to 63 degrees in the district, baltimore 64, dulles remains 60 degrees. the naval air station, 63, fredericks burg 61 hagerstown 62. now, that big l represents low pressure, spinning around in the southea coastal storm and we will see rain move into our region, maybe a couple showers later today mostly tonight and through the day tomorrow. pretty good rain event there will be areas of heavy rain to the west of the district. five day forecast, high today, 73 degrees under cloudy skies
8:18 am
tomorrow rain, some of it heavy, 69 degrees for your high, thursday a few lingering showers early part of the day, 74 degrees, friday, back to mostly sunny and 73, saturday, 68 with a good amount of sunshine and i will give you a sneak preview, sunday sunny, temperatures upper 60s as well. that is a lock at the weather tucker barnes coming up with the next weather forecast here is julie wright with this traffic report. it could be the ice cream report, it could be the nutty buddy report. >> very true never sure. all right, here we go on the roads, still very busy out of land over here is the deal accident activity reported, watch out for fire and rescue units responding here at this location, crash outer loop of the belt way, bw parkway tied up the right side of the roadway, back up outer loop, towards route 1 a 25 minute commute travelling southeast washington crash along southern
8:19 am
avenue, suit land road that should now be out of the roadway trouble now southbound, 270, working your way south of 78, hov lane expect delays, 370 headed south and eastbound 66 had its share of problems the latest occurred on the ramp to the inner loop that is why it is still wall to wall slow, leaving ma that sis in toward -- manassas in towards the belt way. well, would have should have could have. tim pollenty dropped out in august after finishing third in the iowa gop straw poll he would have stayed in the race quote if i would have known then what i know now. republican presidential candidates are venturing into a new world for some of them. they will debate tonight and will no doubt take e lek triaim on the front runner well -- elective front runner well
8:20 am
known in those parts, carl cameron tells us what kind of criticism mitt romney is facing. >> reporter: rick perry has begun what will be a steadily escalating barrage of attacks on mitt romney. the latest is a 60 second ready for tv video he looks in the mirror and sees president obama, the second half bashes romney's credibility. romney flip flopped on too many issues. >> we will end up with a nation taking a mandate approach. there are a lot of reasons not to elect me. >> reporter: team romney calls it a desperate, dishonest attempt to deflect attention from perry's in state tuition policy for illegal immigrants. >> romney's mormon faith emerged as an issue friday. they consider themselves christians but a texas
8:21 am
evangelical pastor who said mormonism, islam, buddhism, and indyism, endorsed and introduced perry last week he said mormonism is a cult and not christian something he said when romney ran last time. >> mormonism is not historical christianity it is a theological cult i stand by those comments. >> jeffers insists he spoke out on his own. the pastor defends his views citing a year old survey of 1,000 protestant pastors. three out of four agreed with the position, mormonism is not christianity they are not christian this is no new news. a poll of voters say 58% of republicans are comfortable with a mormon president as are
8:22 am
64% of independents. without mentioning specific attacks on his face, he spoke to hate rhetoric. hate has never softened a single heart or changed a single mind. blessings of faith carry civil debate. bent under the weight of crushes losses postal service may petition congress to get out of a federal health program and establish its own health system. joining us now, ed o'keefe good to see you. >> good to see you. >> man, we have heard so much from the postal service how to trim multibillions ovoidal lars they need to save -- of dollars they need to save. the saturday delivery was the first thing. >> this might save them even more money they spent $7 billion a year on health care, retirement costs all sorts of labor costs their argument is if we can get out of the
8:23 am
federal employee health benefits program they could probably stave more money because they would be providing maybe one or two services to postal workers as opposed to throwing them into a system with hundreds of options for workers all over the country. most of those workers are members of blue cross blue shield because of that, that does keep overhead costs pretty low. postal service says we can get lower overhead costs, save ourselves more money and hopefully save the postal service more money overall. >> what does it do to everybody else. >> well, you would be removing the largest contributor essentially to it, they said you know, well, if you do remove that largest contributor what would that do for everyone else, force premium increases on all other federal workers, it probably would increase them for postal workers going into their system. the white house says look it is interesting we want to study this more and when people say that in washington it could be a few more years.
8:24 am
>> we will put it on a shelf for awhile. who would have the final say doing something like that does congress have to approve this move. >> they would have to vote on allowing them to get out and i don't anticipate that happening for awhile because they will have to sit there and run the numbers and figure out what this means overall for cuts not only again to the postal workers but federal workers again everyone is dealing with health care costs 80% of postal service costs are tied to labor, you can cancel saturday mail, using closed post offices and processing facilities and still have a huge cost associated with labor. >> what do you do to try to cut down on money disappearing billions and billions of dollars. >> they have eliminated hundreds of thousands of jobs through attrition they are hoping the get the okay from congress to layoff they want to close thousands of post offices a few hundred processing offices, some in maryland, and
8:25 am
pennsylvania to consolidate that and potentially lengthen the amount of time it takes to get mail to you but they will save a few billion that way and want to eventually provide other services, maybe renewing your drivers license, applying for a passport or banking. what about the actual mail itself, in my nonscientific research seems like the vast majority of people are mailing packages, and nothing else will we see changes in the mail itself first class mail is that gone. >> post master general believes eventually they will deliver just 20 billion pieces of mail a year 11% of what they delivered last year. >> wow. >> big declines he compares them to kodak and fuji film companies, no one uses film any more we may get to a point no one is using the postal service any more and become irrelevant. not what a lot of workers
8:26 am
want to hear. ed o'keefe thanks good to see you. 8:25 a.m. on tuesday morning it hasn't even been dedicated yet and already changes could come to the martin luther king junior memorial on the national mall. we will check out other stories making headlines next. >> it may feel a little like spring but smells like fall especially at webers cider mill farm we are live at maryland's oldest cider mill later on fox 5 morning news, 63 degrees how about them apples o [ beep ]
8:27 am
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8:30 a.m., apple cofounder steve jobs died of respiratory arrest resulting from pancreatic cancer that spread to other organs that is the official word from the copy of his death certificate made public yesterday. he died at age 56. changes could come to the new martin luther king junior memorial a pair phrase of his 1968 drum major surgeon is inscribed on the statue. poet maya anglou called it misleading and says it makes
8:30 am
him look like an arrogant twit. same engineers who scaled the washington monument could soon start work on the national cathedral they will look for earthquake damage engineers say the inside of the building is sound but there is problems with the spires on the top. it is scheduled to reopen on november 12th. i happened to go by on the weekend and saw that and you are just like wow that impact, was really amazing. >> it shifted. >> a close call it could have fallen apart. >> any way. all right they will be working on that, meantime, a lot of thought went into your forecast. >> lots and lots of thought. >> what did you come up with. hours of thought. >> it is going to rain you can tell from the cloudiness, we have rain on the way here is good news most of today will be dry, it will cloud up and then rain get in here later tonight and particularly tomorrow, it will be a wet one.
8:31 am
63 degrees, 63 now regan national, mild start across the area, 66 annapolis cooler here, northwest we are in the 40s 24 hours ago but now 50s. 54 frederick, 54 winchester and 61 fredericks burg. yesterday low 80s today we will struggle low 70s with all the cloud cover around an increasing chance of rain not so much today but as you get into the night time hours, can't rule out the possibility of a few showers but a much better chance as we get into the night time hourparticularly tomorrow. this whole mess, complements of a tropical low and a lot of tropical moisture this will track north and east over the next couple days so again high pressure here to our north that will at least temporarily hold the rain off eventually it will win out as the warmer air moves up over the cool air we have here at the surface and that will have the makings of a rainy day later tonight and tomorrow.
8:32 am
your future cast, and again could be a few showers later this afternoon particularly during the evening hours and then the rain moves in overnight during rush hour. we will have moderate if not heavy rain and that lifts off north and east as we get into night time hours and early thursday get ready for a wet one tomorrow a lot of clouds in the forecast today. later this afternoon clouds could be an afternoon shower or two, later today, 73 degrees, overnight low, 60, wednesday, 69 degrees, a will the of rain around and -- a lot of rain around and thursday, friday, saturday temperatures in the 50s here, by saturday. alison over to you. thanks. this sunday national chapter, area chapter of national parkinsons, foundation is launching moving day a fun filled walk to raise awareness about parkinsons, the executive director of the capitol area chapter joins us to talk about
8:33 am
this inaugural event. >> thank you for having us here. >> it sounds like a fun event for a serious cause tell us what we can expect. we are all about raising awareness with this walk, the partnership with national parkinson foundation and our local chapter, the parkinson foundation national capitol area is meant to raise some money for our programs locally and nationally but more importantly, of all of the diseases parkinson is very unknown, very lacking, so this is a big program for us here in washington. unknown and lacking but effects so many people. it is pretty widespread can you talk about numbers nationally and here in our area. >> absolutely across the united states, 1.5 million people with parkinsons, here locally we support the 30,000 people with parkinsons in washington metropolitan area it is quite a
8:34 am
number. >> if you are not familiar with pd can you tell us of the symptoms how we should check for what symptoms are and early diagnosis. >> sure it varies, the symptoms can be something as simple as a tremor, it can be a mask of the face, a softened voice, a problem with balance, there are more but it is important to have early diagnosis because getting medication early, getting into a program of support, and getting exercise, is critical, to getting a longer, better life. >> and i want to talk more about that exercise in which you are doing sunday, but please talk to me about who you should see because it sounds like one of those illnesses that might be misdiagnosed you go to one doctor we are not sure who needs to be looking at a person who might have some of these symptoms. >> national parkinson
8:35 am
foundation and local chapters rely heavily on doctors who are neurologists but movement disorder specialists, people trained and focused on parkinson's disease they have a great capability to understand and determine the disease from looking at a patient's symptoms. >> now when we come out on sunday, is there room to register? >> we will take anybody with wants to show up we think we will have 1500 to 2,000. >> it is a 2.5 miles, walk around the park tell us what we are going to do at the park. >> the walk will be starting around the mezzanine level of the park we will head out and go down to the navy yard walking on the water front head down to a pt boat, turn around and come back it will be an incredible celebration a wonderful day. and there will be as i understand it areng tents or exercises that might be beneficial for someone with
8:36 am
parkinsons. >> for anybody whether they have parkinsons or not we have a movement pavilion that includes yoga, it includes dance, we will have singers singing and we will have just a wonderful set of events i believe there will be a total of 8 professionals helping us out in the movement pavilion. >> moving day is sunday october 16th registration begins 8:30 and it goes throughout the day for more on that link all the information you have on your website on katy couric will be there her father diagnosed with parkinsons disease, she is an advocate for awareness. >> she is the national chair for this program, our local chairs are tammy darvish and the coo of washington nationals. >> this is lou nesler executive
8:37 am
director, national capitol area chapter of national parkinsons foundation over to you steve. 8:36 a.m. on this tuesday morning, house hunting in dc getting more competitive especially when it comes to condos. find out what has the market moving in the right direction more on the latest efforts to get homeowners help who are struggling to pay their mortgage his merger, and present to the board, sink your teeth into some big n' toasty if you understand. good. you've got spunk. a big day calls for the big n' toasty. wrap your hands around fried eggs, cherrywood smoked bacon, and cheese on texas toast. america runs on dunkin'. i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia.
8:38 am
inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions.
8:39 am
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8:41 am
believe it is worth to make a deal with the devil to give up our rights to bring the proper action against the banks. >> lenders contacted by fox declined to comment. if you are trying to buy a condo in dc you will likely have some company these days interest rates are at historic lows, rents are very high many folks are choosing setty life in-- city life instead of spending hours commuting. banks are more careful than ever if you have good credit, enough income, and a good down payment you could see a lending rate near 3.9%, these days expect competition from plenty of other buyers. 8:41 a.m. on this tuesday morning, up next we will check out what holly is doing today, she is at webers cider mill farm good morning. >> reporter: you know what alison you can't celebrate the fall season without having a nice glass of apple cider we
8:42 am
have found some of the best we have come up to parksville maryland we are live this morning webers cider mill farm. we will take you through the process how they make their juice so good all next on fox 5 morning news stay with us
8:43 am
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>> it is that time of year when fresh apples are available at markets around the area. heidi is at the cider farm. >> reporter: they know how to do it alison and steve they have been making it here for 64 years, and that is why many people make this a destination spot in the fall and it is a good time for you to come not only can you get their delicious apple cider but their fall festival days are going on, steve weber is with me once abegin we have come up to the actual cider mill itself. how often do you have this running. >> every other day. >> reporter: every other day how much do you kick out and when? >> the press makes about 100- gallons per press we make two to three presses an hour. >> when everything is working right. >> when everything is working right. >> reporter: because when you
8:46 am
are dealing with some old and some new equipment there can be hiccups. >> yes, and this is a very old cider press my dad bought it in 1947. >> reporter: it served you well. >> it has. >> reporter: take us through the process how cider is made. >> well, we washed and grated the apples and we grind them up and it is that simple there is only one ingredient in apple cider it is apples so we grind them up up to get the juice out, these nylon cloths are the filter, that is what separates the apples from the juice and as we squeeze it, all the juice will be squeezed out and we will be left with the pulp. >> reporter: you don't add anything to it. >> no. >> reporter: just pure juice. >> just juice. >> reporter: so you make only one kind of cider or a couple different kinds. >> we've been making -- just starting recently making
8:47 am
variety riders the one you are making now is honey crisp. that is an apple the famous honey crisp apple and the good news, it is such a difficult apple to grow and there are so many that don't make grade just a lot of apple, honey crisp apples around for cider because it has both sweet and tart flavours it makes a great single variety apple cider. >> reporter: usually when you would make this apple cider in general you would use several varieties. >> we always use four or five varieties, sweet and tart together. some varieties of apples, pink lady we will have that later, gold rush, have that in december doesn't taste like apples, we have incredible riders the main stay is still our blended rider. >> reporter: how do you get the recipe when you want to change it up is it like blending wine. >> and seasonal. there are none of these apples
8:48 am
in september we will make it out of apples that are ready as the season progresses the blend will change but always trying to have four or five varieties. >> reporter: how has making apple cider changed over the years 1947 to now. >> everybody is past rising because of the e-coli. >> reporter: that is for the pregnant lady by the way. >> small children and seniors like myself and so that has changed dramatically i think it has been 15 years or more we have been past rising here and it is a food safety thing. our pastization is flat, 162 degrees, 6 seconds and it is chilled immediately so it really doesn't taste like the canned or -- and in fact this cider will still ferment. >> still tastes fresh and home made. >> reporter: yes. >> it is now stainless steel tanks. >> everything was wooden and wooden barrels it is easier to keep the product clean has a
8:49 am
longer shelf life and there was a time when people would take it home, wait for it to get hard. >> right. >> that was a big deal back when my father was making cider. >> back in the day hard cider. >> right. >> so my last question for this hour, perhaps the most important do you ever drink orange juice. >> yes. in the off season. but i got to tell you, we are going to test that honey crisp cider i think you will agree you can drink that in the morning instead of orange juice. >> i can drink it any time of day trust me. we have a link to find out more about their fall festival days they run through november 6th in our next hour we will finish out this process how they make their cider and going to have our own taste test that is all at the 9:00 a.m. hour back to you. >> taste test coming up soon. best part. >> we are not involved sadly. >> it is coming up 8:50 a.m.
8:50 am
on tuesday morning it was recently named the laziest city in america. >> residents of lexington kentucky are fighting back how when we come back. >> how without getting up off the couch. >> oh, well, funny you mention that. time for a look at today's my fox half off deal help you get younger looking skin, 66% off chemical peel services in tyson, two packages to choose from each with hundreds of dollars in discounts if you would like to learn more log on to look for the my fox half off special on the right side of the home page ,
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a little extra special good morning, today the honor goes to lisa lewis, this is a picture of her four daughters, morgan, madson, debra and victoria. if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day search fox 5 morning news and post a comment under lisa's photo. >> near and dear to my heart. >> all the ladies together.
8:54 am
>> really sweet. where is the most active city in america. >> okay in what region of the nation? >> i would say out west seattle. you read ahead and are correct seattle washington gets an a plus for activity. >> according to men's health magazine washington dc earns an a too as for least active cities in our area, norfolk gets b minus, richmond c plus and chesapeake and virginia beach, c minus. i am surprised. >> thing you would be down on the water all the time. >> at least they are not the laziest city. the laziest is lexington kentucky look at them now. that is what i am talking about. >> they got a failing grade residents don't agree with that this weekend many took to the streets to show how active they are others kicked back and watched the fun including tim francis who built a special couch float for the event. >> take it light hearted make
8:55 am
fun back get out there and do something i probably lost a lot of weight building this couch. you can't possibly be lazy when you take the effort to build a couch that moves. >> look how good lexington looks, they came up with the grade looking how often people exercise, how much they watch television and play video games and the rate of death from deep vein thrombosis a condition linked to a lot of sitting down. >> all right. i think that was accurate. >> i think so. pretty cool. >> tony is up after the break he will join alison to take you up to 10:00 a.m. coming up after 9, two videos making headlines around the world incredible sights caught on camera, a cliff collapse and antelope that gets mixed up in a high speed bike race you will see them both. i am a face unclogger.
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we welcome you back to fox 5 morning news coming up on the 9:00 a.m. hour here is a look at stories we are following for you. talk has stalled the first two weeks of the nba season have been cancelled reaction from both sidehow it could effect more than players and owners. >> plus people have been waiting for the latest video approximate beyonce and it was released last week but now, there is some controversy swirling around a scene in the video, is there a section that is from a european dancers and we will let you decide. speaking of music, they have a style that mixes reggae, hip hop and some jazz and they call it afro politan. they join us in studio to talk o


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