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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  October 11, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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american was charged and another, a member of an iranian special operations unit. abzakar is charged with trying to hire a mexican drug cartel in may to conduct the assassination for $1.5 million had paid $100,000 out towards that end n. reality, though, turns out the fodders were dealing, in fact, with confidential sources working with the u.s. government. >> the complaint alleges this conspiracy was conceived and was sponsored from iran constitute a flake rapt use of international and u.s. law. >> reporter: reading from the pages of a hollywood script, the impact would have been real and many lives would have been lost. >> al-zabar was arrested on september 29th at jfk airport, new york city, and while the indictment was clear today
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saying the assassination was rooted in the differences between the irany and saudi government, the attorney general today, though, stopped short of saying that this plot had the direct blessing of the top iranian government officials itself, though. he did sate u.s. will take unspecified action against iran, and late this afternoon, the state department did begin imposing sangs on four individuals involved in financing parts of this plot. >> tom, at this point, have we had any response yet from iran? >> reporter: predictably, shawn, the iranian government dismissed it calling it a child story saying there was no credibility whatsoever. the u.s. was quick in tandem after the justice department and the fbi came forward with these charges details the plot and how it would have killed the individual and how it would have resulted in carties of bystand -- casualties of bystanders had it taken place. the state department in tandem reached out directly and
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quickly and put the sangs into place. clear -- sanctions into place. clearly, there was a one-two punch from the american government and there this is fanning around the world as u.s. officials are in touch with the governments around the globe and what was involved in iran taking out a diplomat on u.s. soil. >> what would iran have to gain from taking out the saudi ambassador in the united states? dr. yona alexander, the director of international terror studies at the potomac institute of policy studies is here to help us break it down. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> and we know the suspect admitted his role. do you believe the iranian government sanctioned it and if so, what sort of implications will it have moving forward? >> this is the beginning of the investigation. what is clear is the evil intentions of iran and their capabilities going all the way back to 1979. that is the role of the iranian so-called american embassy in
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tehran and all the diplomats -- for 44 days, you know, iranians were involved in terrorist activities for decades throughout the world. so, this should in the surprise us at all. it is only a reminder that only iran as the perpetrator but those who corporate with them and in this case, an american, actually, of iranian origin was involved. we have to beware of those next door who might be terrorists in the united states. >> along with this assassination plot, this allegedly involved the bombing of the saudi and israelis in washington, d.c. break down what i ran would gape from this. why this ambassador y these embassies? >> hoestly, toy should the vulnerability of the united states and to use the united
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states as a base to take their adversaries. what is interesting here is that the plot was directed not only against saudi riseelies which, is a given going all the way back, but also against saudi arabia, which represents the major arab country guardian of the only places of mecca and -- [ indiscernible ] and so forth. obviously, they're going to gain a great deal of precision throughout the world that they were able to come to the united states, the backyard, and to attack their adversaries. >> and let me ask you a final question here. the iranian national in u.s. custody, asked the d.e.a. informant to connect him to the mexican drug cartel to help him assassinate the saudi ambassador. what does this tell you about the mexican drug cartel's involvement in terrorism or with iran? >> absolutely. we have to keep in mind.
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their is a strong nexus between terrorist groups and the mafia and organized crime. we shouldn't be surprised about that at all. it goes all the way back, in fact, the connects go back to no one in and '94 when the iranian and hezbollah group, the lebanese group, a shared group upgrading with iran and they affect the -- attacked the israeli embassy in buenos ores and the jewish culture in buenos aires. we shouldn't be surprised about that connection. >> thank you for make? more understandable. >> thank you. for the latest on this terror plot and including the documents, log on to a woman standing outside of a lanham target store stabbed this morning while police are striking as a random unprovoked attack. an unidentified woman pulled
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out a pare of knives from a bag and started stabbing the victim in the back and neck and the attathen walked off. paul wagner has more on that story. paul. >> reporter: the story took a major twist here the last few minutes. as we're working the story all day long and, as mentioned, we didn't have a name on the suspect. the last few minutes, we found out her name is antoinette starks. she's 55 years ole. this is a picture of her we got from police a few moments ago. according to the law enforcement source, this is not the first timant net starks has allegedly stabbed someoneup provicked near a store. this happened a few years ago. we did a quick online research and found she was released this summer. we have to investigate it more but we have a full story now on
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what happened immediately after the stabbing. >> the entire time she never said any. the ole thing he was doing was like this. going like this and claiming the two looked like machetes. they were big knives. >> they were very big knives. that is what i won't forget. >> jason cruz was on the way to work when he saw police with guns drawn surround a woman on the street. >> and what green saw was a little more frightening. she, too, was on the way to work when she saw police with their cups -- guns out. >> and i saw her walking toward me. i was like what did die? nothing. let me back away and i backed up. >> the suspect at that time, had two knives, one in each hand and she was engaged by the officers and they used great restraint and until a tazer was able to arrive on the scene and it was deployed and the suspect was taken into custody. the victim and suspect were transported to prince georges
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hospital per treatment. >> reporter: the -- for treatment. >> reporter: the attack took place on the line of sight of two surveillance cameras mounted to the entrance of the store. when an offduty officer nearby at a starbucks was told what was going on, he found the bloody victim in a chair in front of the store and radioed for help before going after the suspect. target closed the store and reopened it temporarily in the afternoon. prince georges county police said this woman is the person who did the stabbing. her name is antoinette starks, she's 55 years old and she was taken to the prince georges county hospital center for treatment because police had to get her to use a tazer to surrender and charges are forthcoming in this case and, according to a law enforcement source, this is not the first time starks allegedly did something like. this she was accused of doing a
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stabbing in montgomery county in an unprovoked attack five, six years ago. >> and i want to clarify here, starks, the alleged suspect here, she did in the have a relationship or does not have a relationship with the woman in the target store? it was unprovoked and they don't know each other. >> right, and when they first arrived, the police were reluctant to say whether or not it wasup provicked and as the day went -- unprovoked and as the day went on, it was. they don't know each other but walked up and began stabbing her outside of the target and took off and went to the home depot. the last thank you minutes, the law enforcement sources confirming this woman was accused of doing this before. >> i would imagine she's going for a mental evaluation. have you been able to confirm that yet? >> don't have that confirmed yet, laura. >> okay. >> we're still working the story and we'll have more at service:00. >> paul wagner, thank you -- at 6:00. paul wagner, thank you. >> all right. still developping in the district tonight, the "occupy
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d.c." protest continues. today on capitol hill, protestors walked from freedom pause to the heart -- freedom plaza to the heart office building. fox 5s john henrehan is live in northwest with the latest from freedom plaza. john. >> reporter: a reminder there are two calfs of protestors: one here at freedom plaza and another at mcpherson square b. an hour ago, the people from mcpherson square stepped out of a park and walked about 60 of them, down 49th street -- 14th street and blocking rush hour traffic into virginia. 14th street is still recovering. heads up, commuters and families of commuters. i suspect this is going to go on the next few days. this group over my shoulder, organized a protest at the capitol building today and that was mostly lawful, boisterous and noisy.
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there were someraphys. >> reporter: it was a brief demonstration and a noisy one. about 100 people gathered in the lobby and on the balcony around lunchtime. protestors above and below chantederaryeous messages. >> there is war now! >> reporter: this woman who gave her name as connie joe, came to washington, d.c., from milwaukee. >> there are a lot of people out there on freedom square here for many, many different causes. the one thing that brought them it is the factha this government doesn't work. it works for 1% of the people in this country and it doesn't work for the rest of us. >> and did you get back? >> reporter: the u.s. capitol believed to let the chants go on for a few minutes and then told the crowd the demonstration were illegal and protestors would have to clear out of the plazaiary of the building 689 most of the
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demonstrators complied by moving through adjacent hallways and several demonstrators did not leave and they were arrested and taken out. again, about $100 demonstrators participated and six were arrested. we didn't see any violence or vandalism from the protestors and police didn't use force. that is the latest from one of the two den straights downtown. shawn? >> all right, many demonstrations nationwide. john, thank you. president obama called today's scheduled vote on the job's bill a moment of truth. he's pushing his $447 billion plan nationwide. he said that yet will create nearly $2 million on the job and they pay for the car with 5% tax on people making a million or more a year. the vote is just procedural and it's not the final vote. we're staying on top of the day's big stories. a terror plot thwarted, one suspect is facing a why in new york right you in. we is -- we have a live report
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still ahead. and now twists in the michael jackson death trial and new tapes played in court today. the latest from los angeles is coming up next. >> keep it here, fox 5 now at 5 is coming back. g back. 
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>> a metro transit police officer is under investigation for child pornography. the officer's been suspended of all police powers and is now in administrative duty without
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public contact. last week, the fbi and police raided the officer's home and seized his computers. the officer at this point has in the been charged but metro said that an internal inquiry is underway. and the 16-year-old who stabbed another teenager at the national zoo on east monday is -- on easter monday is headed to prison. the judge sentenced him to seven years in prison and pleaded guilty in june it stabbing a 49-year-old and the -- a 14-year-old. the victim survived and the judge recommended the teen get psychological, drug treatment, and educational services while in prison. >> a hearing for the former marine accused of firing shots at military buildings is delayed until next month. mala cursing was expected to plowed guilty to a case inliesburg. he was arrested in -- in leesberg. he was arrested in june for shooting at the pentagon and marine campus in caughtco. he tried to escape last month! week three in the trial of
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michael jackson's doctor. and today, theyvo describe the somber moments when michael jackson's family realized the king of pop was dead. claudia cowen has the latest from los angeles. >> reporter: dr. corat murray listening to himself talking to police two days after the only client, michael jackson, died. the jurors hearing the remaking tapes of the interview he gave to the l.a.p.d. murray describing how he consoled his mother after she was cold the -- told the king of pop was rushed to the hospital and died. >> and -- [ indiscernible ] and the doctors. she broke down. >> reporter: catherine jackson breaking down again in court as the tapes continued to recall the somber day. murray recounting how he broke the news to michael's children. >> and they were really
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weeping. i stay there and help them all and give them can the. >> reporter: the tapes allowing murray to give his version of the events without exposing himself to cross-examination. the l.a.p.d. smith admits he and his partner didn't know much about the death before talking to murray. the interview helped transform the investigation of jackson's death from a death inquiry into a homicide investigation. >> we didn't have any answers. it was an interview, an interrogation. >> reporter: on cross- examination, the defense trying to show that dr. murray hadding in to hide. >> did we make limiting as on the questions you could ask if. >> no, sir. >> did we say to you that is the subject we're not going to go into? >> no, sir. the prosecution is expected to call a leading expert to explain the drug effect and dangers to the jury and that is as it enters the final stations
5:19 pm
of the case claudia cowen, fox 5 news. and cooled off a little bit out there. >> yeah. >> and the noticeable difference is the lack of sunshine. >> absolutely. a gray day out there and what do we expect tonight, gary? >> more greatness, if you can see it. >> okay. >> and does that make sense some. >> yeah. >> and the rain? >> and thank you for beingis in to me. and let my should you what is going on. you're holding off the showers until the commute time and that is what is happening. for those of you that are commuting in the process of that are going to get home and you're waiting for the loved one to bit home and that is not a wet commute and we don't have to worry about that and in terms of where the showers are, there are just some farther away from us, basically farther down to the south and we'll be getting there and that seeing
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the showers and later met evening and we're going to have a better chance in the showers. it's 7:00 and just cloudy, a few showers around by 9:00 and they're still spotty. into the overnight area hours into the evening and early overnight, that is when they will be numerous. and if you're out and about you can get away and have the umbrella in case you're going to be out late. should be dry midwest of the evening and things get wet overnight into material and that is looks like another day without the sunshine. talk about the complete forecast into the weekend. two of the 33 chilean miners rescued after being trapped for 69 days are in the district this week. they're here to commemorate the first anniversary of the rescue. the national museum of natural history is called against all odds. they appeared in a news conference at the embassy and
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spent 69 days trapped underground until crews drilled a narrow tunnel and brought them -- dropped them up in -- off in a castle one at a type. still ahead, new reasons to reconsider your daily vitamins. >> and tonight, one study claims popping that pill can be harmful to your health.  everybody knows the best place for a good time is mississippi.  and that's only until they visited us in louisiana. which is a distant second to sunny florida. for beautiful vacation, nothing beats alabama. ok, we'll never agree on who's best. but we can all agree on one thing. the gulf's the worlds number one vacation spot.
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>> did you know that 60% of all pregnancies in the distribute are not explained public officials say many of those are involving teenagers. today, several d.c. council members came together to speak out on an issue that is hurting young people academically, financially and is linked to higher arrest rates. fogs 5s matt ackland is has more on. this matt. >> reporter: many of the council members say it's time to focus on this issue in d.c. they say prevention is most important and education at a young age should be a part of what is taught at school and,
5:25 pm
more importantly, at home. the campaign to prevent type pregnancy got the backing of many city leaders right on the front steps of the wilson building. >> i don't know how you feel about this and i think we need to start meaningful sex education in our schools. meaningful. >> reporter: city leaders say not enough is being done to teach young people the consequences of having sex early in life. >> almost 30% of 8th graders have had sexual intercourse. that is their description sexual intercourse. >> reporter: leader say that it can be limped to a number of things hurting district residents: poverty, here dropout rates and a -- higher dropout rates and a connection to juvenile crime. look at this map of d.c. first, you can see the areas the district has with the highest number of teen pregnancy. now, this is a map showing the cases of juvenile arrest. >> here we have a special problem of extraordinary dimension that we have in our
5:26 pm
capacity to control simply if we shine light on it. >> reporter: although it is a controversial issue that teen pregnancy campaign would like to see contraceptives made more available to teenagers. also, city leaders say the parents need support after the birth. council member harry thomas became a dad at 19 and said that he was fortunate to have plenty of support and guidance. >> there are a lot of young people who don't have that opportunity. they don't have a sent mechanism. they don't have people around them to ensure that they stay on their path. >> reporter: by the way n 2009, 76% of the children in foster care in d.c. were born to teenage parents. there is some progress. the last few years, the teenage pregnancies in d.c. have reduced and officials say it's not enough. laura? >> they're shining a light on this, obviously. >> matt ackland, thank you. coming up next, we're staying on top of the latest developments in a foiled terror plot. >> one of the suspects is in a new york courtroom right now
5:27 pm
and we're live with that story coming up. and surveillance cameras catch a seventh grade student collapsing at school. you don't want to miss the amazing rush to the rescue on this one and how two quick- thinking teachers saved her life. that is still ahead.
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nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. , nice landing. it was. you're always looking ahead... to what's next... to what's possible confident... that taking action now, >> go to for the very latest on the delays than any equipment. -- guilt. >> a plot to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s. has been foiled. the plan would have gone down here in the d.c. and the justice department said the accused conspirators didn't
5:31 pm
care who else died in the process and twoem were there and here's more from linda at the federal court in manhattan. give us a sense of what is going on as we speak. >> reporter: good evening, laura. first of all, court is over for now and this happen and hour ago. the u.s. government had busted a major assassination plot and this was directed by a faction of the iranian government and two men are charged in the plot. one is in i ran and remains at large and the other is in new york northbound and he was in the federal courtroom a short time ago. he is a naturalized u.s. citizens, 56-year-old and has an iranian and u.s. passport. his name is mons ieur abasiear. he was arrested september 29th. what the government is alleging is that he and his co-61
5:32 pm
conspirators wanted to a sass nat the saudi arabian ambassador to the u.s. what they're saying they wanted to do was to blow up al-jabb ar at one of his favorite restaurants here in the united states that he frequented quote often. this is a restaurant also frequented. what this guy did is he travelled to mixco in may and he wanted to hire. he thought he was talking to someone who was a member of the international drug cartel to carry out the hit. he offered to pay him a million and a half to carry out the hits and it turns out the person was was a d.e.a. informant. they turn the information out to the government and havees on in on this suspect who remains at large in iran. >> and -- >> let's me ask a quick question. >> sure. >> and i'm curious about whether or not you were in the courtroom. did you see the suspect?
5:33 pm
and how did he act and look? >> he looked disheveled, 56 years old and his hair is graying and is long. he goes to the ear and i only sought left side of the face because of where i was positioned in the court and i couldn't see the right side. and as far as saying any, he didn't say anything because of a presentation. i spoke with the attorney after the proceeding and she said that despite the fact that the u.s. government is saying he confisted and he's cooperating with the investigation, that if he is indicted, they have two weeks, according to her, if he is indicted, that he's going to plead not guilty. again in court today, he didn't say anything and as i -- assed, he looked disheveled and has high blood pressure. the attorney put in a motion to get his high blood pressure medication while he's being tedaned. >> -- detain. >> and what is the next court day date for him? >> he's going to be back in court on october 25th. >> yeah.
5:34 pm
>> okay. >> the preliminary hearing is october 25th. >> thank you, linda schmidt. appreciate it. for the latest on the foiled terror plot and the courts documents filed against the suspect, log on it we have it all there. meanwhile, a developing story out of detroit tonight. the trial has started for the accused underwear bomber. the produce prosecutors say mutallab tried to detonate a bomb in his underwear. he tryd -- his attorney tried to get the judge to ban the words "bomb" and "explosive" to let the jury decide what caused the smoke and fire on the plane. the judge denied the motion saying it makes no sense. >> a new approach to homeland security in maryland. governor o'malley joined janet napolitano to talk about the change. the governor said it's a shift from focussing on prevention and response to ensuring the stat is resilient in the face of trouble. >> that is a new change in thinking. it's about not only preventing
5:35 pm
it's able to take a hit and to be a part of your capacity and to perform the essential of functions that are required not only to protect the public but to keep our economy functioning. >> the governor said creating the resilience is not something the government can do alone. everyone has to help. in tonight's health alert, eating chocolate could help lower a woman's risk of stroke. the swedish researchers studied 33,000 women. those who ate two candy bars a week had ate two candy bars a week had a lesser chance of stroke. the studies also believes that coke key cop-- cocoa contains flavenoids to suppress cholesterol levels. if you take daily vitamin supplements, you may want to consider. it increases them to an increased risk of older women. the university of michigan study looked at 38,000 women with an average age of 62 and
5:36 pm
they were 6% more likely to die compare today those not taking them and women who took copper supplements were 45% more likely to die. dr. gag gabrielle is here to help us make sense. thank you very much for joining us. >> hello, shawn. >> why is there an increased risk of death from something good and healthy for us? >> i think it's important to make the difference that they're look at sun pledges opposed to whole food. and they're made in with the molecular florida knows the same as what we find in nature, they're not and they're missing cofactors and chemicals that we can't identify. there are funds of phyto chemicals in a tomato, for example, that we can't reproduce in the lab. when you take a vitamin with this isolated form, your body can not use it the sail as if you were eating food containing the same nutrient.
5:37 pm
>> and i know that millions of women take daily vitamins. should we stop or stop taking the synthetic vitamins? >> we should stop taking the synthetic vitamins. there are whole food vitamins helpful and we should get our nutrition from organic food. >> and you're in the saying it's in the grocery store? >> no. >> and let's explain what you mean and how do people tell the difference between the two vins? >> a whole food vitamin is from food where they have simply taken out the fbiert and water and pulverizeed it. the way you can tell the difference is often the form of the vitamin you're reading and so, for example, vitamin apomet ate is the synthetic form versus beta caro teen, the natural form, the precursor to vitamin a or, for example, folic acid, the part of folate found in vitamins and it's overwhelming, the information. the best way is to ask a doctor
5:38 pm
or nutritionist or to do a lot of reading yourself or a simple rule that is sill 93 i tell my patients. if you can't pronounce the name, if it's a chemical, it's probably not good for you. >> good rule of thumb there. i heard -- maybe it's in the a myth, but you shouldn't take the vitamins with the iron. we get enough iron in the food we eat. >> many people get enough iron. it depends. menstruating women are iron definishient and that is a category of people who would need the supplement. >> all right, dr. gabrielle shapeis, thank you for -- shawnis, thank you for coming in and helping us with our ll be right back after s. >> w this.  you're always looking ahead... to what's next... to what's possible confident... that taking action now, is the way to create... a better tomorrow. that's why we're announcing, that with the planned merger with t-mobile, at&t will begin bringing five thousand jobs to america from overseas.
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>> you don't have to wait for halloween for this pumpkin. it's 1704 pounds, the winner of the world championship pumpkin weighoff in california.
5:42 pm
the winning grower? not even a full-time farmer. his bosses let him use a piece of the land to grow the enormous pull kin. kentucky up to is embracing the newest honor. take a look at this. lexington held what they call a sedentariy parade complete with pem on a motorized couch and a coffee table. not all the parade was slow going, though. residents showed off their dancing and aerobic skills in health magazine, by the way. it names lexington the laziest city in june. >> and that is >> it's good. they embrace it and folk fun at it. >> yeah. >> and clearly they have a good sense of humor. >> yeah. >> and maybe they can weapon award for. that. >> there you go. it was a mild day across the region. the clouds came in this morning. >> they did. >> gary's tracking a round of wet weather heading our way. how much rain? the full forecast is coming up next.
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-- well, this is the time of the year when the washington wizards should be lacing up their high-tops for the first preseason games on thursday. because of a labor dispute, there will by in games until at least november 22nd. last night, the lead commissioner david stern cancelled the first two weeks of the season. hillny alnwick is taking a look at the local impact. mel? >> reporter: owners and players said that they will lose hundreds of millions of of the the first whos we of the season. we went to the verizon center and to see what local businesses may lose. the answer we found was interesting. >> reporter: f street northwest, the home tub for the washington wizards. few people are singing the blues for the team. now locked out of their home court. >> i am really a basketball fan but i'm not really a wizard
5:47 pm
fan. >> the team's not that great. i wouldn't route for them. >> reporter: failure to reach a labor agreement between the player union and the league has forced the nba to cancel the preseason and at least the first who weeks of the regular season. that knocked five home games off of the verizon center game so far. >> it's changed my life. in the really. >> reporter: karen of the downtown d.c. business improvement district said that attendance is about 15,000 fans per game. a dent? yes. but a deep economic impact? >> you never want to say that a loss of the people coming in is not going have any impact. we don't believe it's going to be a significant impact. >> reporter: chinatown's grown a bit over the last few decades. there are theatres, destination restaurants, and high-end hotels. >> this was 10 years ago. there was nothing down here. >> reporter: on a random tuesday afternoon, rfd was packed with convention center business. the general manager said a
5:48 pm
capitol blockout would be a different story. >> it makes or breaks us. from the capitals, i would be worried about the restaurant. >> reporter: if the impact lasts all season, it may hurt more. >> and i hope they figure it out. hope they figure it out. >> reporter: the true basketball fans we found said the wizards need to return to their winning days. >> i can't wait to -- for them to resolve the situation. >> for had to matter more. >> reporter: and as for the people who work at thever, zone center, i reached out to aramark. the spokesperson said that there are a lot of events going on and that are going to keep them busy. hear is some examples, the calendar here. these are the games cancelled and there is three other home games scheduled in november and that would be until you get to the december calendar and into late december december where you have a lot of -- late december where you have a lot of games and it's going to take
5:49 pm
a bite out of the pockets of employee. the video, tough to watch. a seventh grader from texas is -- texas is lucky to alive. look at this. the security cameras capturing here the 12-year-old kylie shea collapsing and passing out on the way to the gym class last week. her friends ran to get help. in the meantime, two gym teachers plan span into -- sprang into action here. they tried cpr and he was not breathing. they grabbed the school's defibrillator to jewel start her heart. >> -- jump tart her heart. >> she was p ale and her lips started it wering bluff. i looked down and saw. this is someone's child. >> when a doctor tells you there is a wo% chance that -- 1% chance they end up like this is an amazing story. >> wow. what a miracle. the doctors diagnosed kylie with an arrhythmia and inserted a pacemaker following that. the family wants to spread the word about the benefits of
5:50 pm
having defibrillators at school. in in many chase places at theium. >> yeah -- many places. at the gym. >> exactly. and light talk about the weather and the coming rain? >> the rain -- . >> saw some sprinkles out there earlier today. >> a few. >> a few. >> i counted like six drops. >> i counted seven, actually. yeah. >> and not being sarcastic. that was all i had and that is good, though. >> yeah. >> and we did not forecast this to come in but to come up for basically later on and that is what is happening. you can see, you can still see the cathedral and you can see it back there and that looks look visibilities are diminishing a bit. in terse of the radar, we go to sentinel radar and this is one of the showers that might deposit one or two raindrops on the windshield. the dry commute is really, really nice and we go farther to the south. fredericksburg, this is trying to come up here and the trend has been as it gets up here, and that is beginning to fall a part. we expand the view, of course, to take you into north carolina and the big rains around cape
5:51 pm
hatteras right now for the eastern secs of north carolina and -- sections of north carolina and to the west of north carolina, eastern sections of tennessee and this is working in our direction. i'll tell you. what it looks like this evening, 7:00 mainly clouds, yeah, and there is that sprinkle or two and no big deal. some shower at 11:00 and looks like the rain gets a kick start overnight and through the day tomorrow. not only will it be showers but there is a possibility that some of this could be in the form of a couple of thunderstorms, too and this is future cast. i want to show you at midnight tonight, we're still dry here and we look with a lot of rain to the southwest. our guidance is suggesting that the heaviest of the rain will stay to the west of us as we take it through time. this is it were morning. notice some pockets of moderate rainfall. don't think there is go any thunder here. as we get up to noontime or so, there might being thunder and
5:52 pm
looks like 5:00, 6:00 tomorrow and the line is setting up along i-ive in. that looks like tomorrow morning's commute will be wet and we'll have showers through the day and tomorrow, e -- tomorrow evening's commute is wet as well and into thursday, it looks dryer. this is thursday morning and looks mostly cloudy. maybe a spotty shower or two and right you in, the way it's looking, most of thursday will stay dry and as we take you into friday, yet another system is coming on across and by friday morning, we can have some rain around and through the day on friday as well and it's looking like we get to the weekend and the things are better. some more steady showers will arrive tonight. the low pressure is into the upper 50s and some lower 60s. showers at noon and there might be a thunderstorm, two and that
5:53 pm
-- thunderstorm, too. showers lite likely all day long. spotty to's few showers on thursday and in the forecast on friday and into the weekend, at least for right now, things are looking drier and the sun comes back. the temperatures staying in the upper 60s in the lower 70s and at least we have that to look forward to. >> we do. thank you. and it's been somewhat wonderful weather to spend time outside. take a stroll, roll in some mound mid? we're in the kidding about the last part either. people are in on pace patrol in press william county, virginia. here's why. >> reporter: at the shelter issue you will find dogs, kittens and occasionally? >> once in a blue moon. >> a pat belly pig. they're -- . >> in the finish everybody. >> he got to be much for his owner they could not keep him contained. >> reporter: she set him free and monday, someone called prince william county animal control and after an hour of
5:54 pm
searching the animal control officer spotted the big on? country road. it was in the easy but he managed to wrestle -- wrestle the pig into the ditch and that is when the waiting began. >> how long would you say you were in the ditch? >> wilbur and i were there makingen froms with each other for about 30 to 45 minutes. >> and -- for a pay raise? >> i enjoy it. this is -- it makemy work fun. >> reporter: once the life stock trailer arrived, the deputy animal control officer linda hawkins and the supervisor loaded well bur on to the trailer. he's fenced in outdoors and is the talk of the prince william county animal shelter and he's unofficially remaimed -- renamed wandering wilbur. >> and how has he been behavingence is he arrived here? >> good, he's still in his pen. >> reporter: a rescue group will try to find him a hope. >> he's cute.
5:55 pm
i mean he's cute and there is a lot of pig behind this. >> 200 pounds, actually. and there are some disadvantages. >> they are extremely hard to take care of. you have to keep them contained very well. >> he's got a little slobber and drool . >> they're destructive and they need a lot of food. >> reporter: like any dog, wilbur enjoys a little rub behind the ears. make sure you -- . >> do your research. >> reporter: in prince william county, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> and the floor director said he would take him. >> and i think your sons would have a lot of fun with that just not a chance. >> and brian, uck use that. >> you know my theory on animals. we have two kids under five, i want to be done with the whole dirty, messy -- . >> and those are your animals. >> yes. no more for awhile. a man charged in a plot to assassinate the saudi
5:56 pm
ambassador to the u.s. made his first court aappearance. coming up, what we're learning about the foiled plans. >> and mitt romney picks up a new endorsement as the poll reveals which candidates are neck-in-neck in virginia. and you have never seen anyone get t-boned like this. an antelope takes down a mountain biker caught on camera. b
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> new details are being revealed about an iranian assassination plot against the saudi ambassador here in washington. goes -- good evening, i'm brian bomber. still a developing story at this hour. according to the charges, the conspirators hoped to bomb a d.c. restaurant frequented by


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