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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 11, 2011 10:30pm-11:30pm EDT

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an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement lable only with liberty mutual auto insurance, if your car's totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer. to learn more, visit us today. responsibility. what's your policy? >> joe: tonight's game is sponsored by:. >> joe: darren oliver takes over. one out, nobody on. a run is home. don kelly, then jhonny peralta.
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a tight breaking ball from darren oliver. strike 1. kelly 0 for 3 tonight. came in since september 1st hitting .343 with four home runs. that includes the postseason. and home run in game five at yankee stadium with one out in the first. 0-2, the count. >> tim: darren oliver, one of the game's true gentleman, just turned 41 years old five days ago, october 6th. >> joe: this is a big frame for the detroit tigers. it has been all year. they are 80-0 when leading after seven innings, which they will be tonight. to the back end of their bullpen
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is that good. with two out, nobody on, the batter will be jhonny peralta. >> tim: you can patch up benoit with anybody in the game. that's how good they have been this year. >> joe: it will be an interesting decision on the part of jim leyland whether to take fister out with benoit and valverde having worked yesterday. benoit, an inning and two thirds. >> tim: i doubt he would be up and not coming into the game. maybe a little economical with fister, hoping that he will start game seven. >> joe: this ends the inning. oliver gets the two men he faces, as we go to the eighth. cabrera with a long home run started this seventh and the tigers lead by four. ♪ i'm burning out this useless telephone ♪
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deep voice: ♪ i love that talk ♪ when you talk like that so, yes? ♪ hoo hoo hoo hoo go bold with chili's $20 dinner for two. >> joe: in the upper 60s tonight in detroit. aerial coverage provided by directtv. if you call yourself a sports
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fan, you have to get yourself directtv. the detroit tigers lead 5-1 into the eighth. doug fister is back on the mound, dealing with torrealba, who has two hits. >> tim: that was a good call, joe. i didn't think fister was coming back out as long as benoit was warming and is loose. i guess jim leyland thinking perhaps in the middle of this inning to bring benoit in there, but first is starting the eighth. >> joe: you get the feeling the leash won't be very long. >> tim: no. >> joe: here is the 2-0. a lot of strikes from doug fister. >> tim: there are a lot of great leaders as managers in the major leagues. jim leyland among the best. when his team is down the most, that's when he's happiest. it's a very interesting definition of leadership, in my
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view. >> joe: he showed no panic on his face when when we went intos office tonight. >> tim: when he's up in a series, 2-0, 2-1, that's what he's suspicious. when he's down he shows his players he's not afraid, and again, that's the essence of leadership. >> joe: full count on torrealba. now the two big guns are getting ready for the tigers in their pen. fister will have to make that not relevant until the ninth. >> tim: he's the same in the eighth as he was in the first, inside to right-handed batters. he wants a fastball.
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>> joe: so did torrealba, as he gets it into left. one-hops the wall and he will beat torrealba, and he is safe, as the ball comes out! what a play for the texas rangers as torrealba was going to be out by ten feet. good throw by raburn out in left. >> tim: you can't take this chance when you are trailing by four in the eighth inning or any inning, for that matter. i think he knocked the ball out of the glove with his head. pops right out of santiago's glove. maybe not the head, the right shoulder. but the rangers fortunate that torrealba is safe at second.
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>> joe: endy got the start tonight. it's ruled a double for torrealba, who is 3 for 3. >> joe: chavez chops it. fister can take it to the bag himself with cabrera. one out. >> tim: we talked the whole game about how fister has worked inside hitters inside all night long. breaking bats. >> joe: he's about to get some kind of ovation here tonight. >> tim: got that right. [cheers and applause]
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it's time for a better burger. this is fantastic. make the switch. look for jennie-o at a store near you and join us at >> joe: don't know how much better doug fister could have been, the 27-year-old from california. he gave the tigers exactly what they needed. gave up a run after three batters. he's responsible for the man on third. one out here in the eighth. the tigers leading 5-1, down two games to nothing. benoit is into the game. here's kinsler, who is 2 for 2, plus was hit by a pitch. been on base all three times. strike 1. >> tim: ian kinsler and joaquin
10:44 pm
benoit came up through the texas rangers organization as teammates. benoit, a texas rangersger until 2009. didn't pitch, was injured, went to tampa bay, and has detroit ever thrived with that right arm of benoit. one of the best setup guys in the game. >> joe: kinsler went around. strike 2. >> tim: that's that change-up and benoit will throw to right-handed hitters with great effective necessary. a lot of right-handed pitchers throw only to left-handers but he throws it to both right and leftyies. >> joe: ball 1.
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it is going to be a test for these two bullpens. for detroit, the back end of it with benoit and valverde, and the big arm for the rangers in their pen, and kicked off last night in an 11-inning affair in arlington, texas. the 1-2 pitch. broken bat. run will score. he gets the out. two away. rbi groundout to make it a 5-2 game and the line is complete on fister. the in-game box score brought to you by geico. for texas kinsler retired for the first time, but now has the rbi. andrus has a hit. he's digging in with the bases empty. hamilton with the other rbi. torrealba three hits, including
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the double to start this eighth. here's elvis, 1 for 2. a single, a groundout, a sacrifice. ball 1. >> tim: at the very least i think torrealba has earned himself a start in tomorrow's game with that three-hit night tonight. >> joe: here is the 1-0. no problem with the velocity of benoit, 94. the count 1-1. >> tim: sometimes you don't need a breaking ball if you are in for only one inning.
10:47 pm
you can get by as the setup man or even a short reliever for one inning with fastball-change-up. there's enough of a difference between the two pitches to get batters out. >> joe: that one drops in for strike 2. a change-up from benoit. 2-2.
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full count. the guy on deck, josh hamilton, if he bats in this eighth inning, would be in a spot to make it a one-run game. it's up to andrus and the man on the mound, joaquin benoit.
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>> joe: a beautiful night. temperature has dropped a bit. and your name is lights. good to have you back alongside after terry francona joined us for the first two games. he walked out of the booth and he said i've never been so worn-out leaving a ballpark than i was doing that game. >> tim: did he really? >> joe: yeah. >> tim: oh, that's great. >> joe: avila 0 for 3, 0 for 12 in this series. oliver got the final two outs of the seventh.
10:53 pm
raburn next up, then inge. that's a foul ball, as torrealba let it go. a self-defense swing. strike 2. >> tim: alex trying to get out of the way, dragging that bat hit across home plate. alex avila has been hit once tonight catching. it will have a bearing on how the two teams play the game, the pitch called, ball to. >> and the middle language behind the plate trying to leave your pitching staff or catch your pitching staff and lead."
10:54 pm
with the tigers leading in this one by three. >> joe: a full count. that's on the inside corner. one away in the eighth. and the third strikeout for avila tonight. he's 0 for 4. that will be it for darren oliver. ron washington will make the move. bottom of the eighth, 5-2. tigers lead in game three.
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>> joe: jim leyland will be pleased with the offensive output of his guys tonight. 20 total innings tonight, 5 runs, ten hits. they have hit three home runs and lead by 3, trying to get their first win of this alcs, as tata takes over with raburn and inge coming up in the 5-2 game. >> tim: tigers with an excellent record as home this year. they were 50-31 while playing here at comerica park. >> joe: sidearmer is tata, and
10:58 pm
ready for it was raburn, as he whipped it down the left-field line. he will cruise into second base with a double. >> tim: when you are facing a guy like tata, when he drops down like that you know that no breaking ball can go down in the strike zone. it's got to say on a level plane. and it looked like raburn will have to ask him tomorrow if he was looking for this. there's no drop in it. >> joe: tata, who has the rare distinction of giving up grand slams to consecutive hit over two different relief appearances. he deals with inge. first at-bat for inge tonight. ball 1.
10:59 pm
>> tim: from a grand slam standpoint, that's not quite as good at fernando tatis in los angeles. >> joe: it was against chan ho park, i believe. >> tim: in '98, i believe, wasn't it? >> joe: two grand slams, same inning, same pitcher. >> tim: unbelievable. >> joe: that ball is outside. the count is 2-1. the red sox, september 3ed and then scott sizemore of oakland september 10th. sizemore was in that second base derby during spring training. will rhymes won that job. sizemore ended up with the a's. a fly ball into left. back is chavez. that's out number 2.
11:00 pm
and back to the top of the order, austin jackson. tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 eastern, 1:00 pacific, game four of this alcs. matt harrison and rick porcello. harrison, who won game four ever the division series in st. pete against the rays, 4-3 win, went five innings, struck out nine. and there's porcello, who lost game four of the divisional series. here's a pitch high. that was to the yankees here on september 4th, 10-1 and did well in relief on saturday night, two perfect in was a strikeout against the rangers. here's the 1-0. jackson has had a nice night.
11:01 pm
ball 1. three straight hits for austin jackson. one run scored, one rbi. that happened in the sixth. he bats in the eighth and takes ball three. strike 1. right now the tigers have it set
11:02 pm
up for jose valverde, who has been perfect all year in save opportunities. he is ready in the bullpen. a breaking ball. broken bat. fly ball to hamilton in center. the inning is over. we go to the ninth inning, game three. rangers coming up, their last chance. they trail it, 5-2. jennie-o is hitting the road, traveling l across the country win over people everywhere th the burger that's as lean as it is delicious. (woman) the flavor is fantastic. (man) that's turkey? this is amazing! it's juicy. (man #2) it's very surprising, the flavor is really good. (man #3) i think people will love it. (ancr) enjoy your burgers cooked thoroughly 165 degrees. i gotta get some of these. enjoy your burgers it's time for a better burger. so get on board and make the switch. look for jennie-o at a store near you and join us at [ male announcer ] you never know when a moment might turn into something more.
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>> joe: jose valverde will take over in the ninth inning, trying to save game number three. 49 for 49 during the regular season. 51 for 51, including this postseason, and he has saved 53 straight dating back to last year. he's got a three-run lead and he delivers strike 1 to josh hamilton, leading off the ninth. 92 from his right-hand.
11:06 pm
outside, ball 1. valverde did a nice job in game two yesterday. he went two innings, allowed one hit, but did hit a batter, walk a batter and got out of a bases-loaded, nobody out situation in the ninth. hamilton went around. strike 2. >> tim: that's a splitter, and it can be devastating out of the strike zone. most splitters are out of the strike zone to get that swinging strike.
11:07 pm
>> joe: 2-2. >> tim: jim leyland and the tigers hopeful that those tacked-on runs will do the strict. one in the fourth, fifth, two in the sixth and one in the >> joe: into left center field. that ball will get down. austin jackson cuts it off. hamilton is in. his second lead-off double. hamilton on base for the second time in this game, and the rangers are one base runner away from bringing up the tieing run. >> tim: i guess when you are around the game a long time, you are not surprised at great swings. but i have got to say that josh hamilton has one of the prettiest swings i have ever
11:08 pm
seen. his balance is extraordinary. >> joe: he can do everything. run, hit for average, hit for power, play the outfield. that swing is like syrup. here's michael young, run everybody at second, nobody out. young still without an rbi. strike 1. beltre will stay in the game, despite that foul ball off his left knee. he's on deck.
11:09 pm
strike 2. >> tim: michael young gets on there, then beltre is probably thinking about that high fastball. he got to open the inning and double off valverde in last night's ballgame down in texas. that was the inning the rangers loaded the base was nobody out and failed to score. >> joe: michael young strikes out. one away. >> tim: that split finger fastball diving out of the strike zone to get michael young. >> joe: so young now with 29 plate appearances, no rbis this postseason, out of the
11:10 pm
cleanup spot. he got by the rays and now up two games to nothing. they are threatened by the tigers trying to get on the board in the series. strike 1 to adrian beltre. beltre has struck out, grounded out, flied out. a guy who hit 30 home runs on deck batting behind a guy who has hit 32. in front of a guy who has hit 29. ball 1.
11:11 pm
back and out of play, strike 2. valverde trying to navigate the heart of this lineup. misses ball 2. 2-2. >> tim: rangers, on the other hand, thinking just get the tieing run to the plate. one swing could tie it.
11:12 pm
>> joe: big home run threats to follow up and down this lineup with napoli and cruz. thexd 2-2. to the right. what a pick. cabrera, two out. a diving stop for out number 2. >> tim: you got to believe that beltre would beat that play if he weren't limping. but a traffic play by miguel cabrera to get beltre. >> joe: it was cabrera who
11:13 pm
started that 3-2-3 double play behind valverde in the ninth inning yesterday. and now here in the ninth he makes that diving play to his left. a quick visit from avila out to valverde. runner at third, two out. the last chance for the rangers for now is mike napoli. 0 for 3. ball 1 rides up-and-in.
11:14 pm
strike 1. napoli 2 for 10 in this lcs. trying to extend this game and get nelson cruz to the plate. in the air to right. back on the track.
11:15 pm
this game is over! kelly made the play in the corner and the detroit tigers win it, 5-2. down two games to one. >> tim: uphill climb for the tigers, but they kept pecking away, pecking away, and then boom, boom, boom, three home runs, and win it 5-2. >> joe: great pitching tonight from the tigers. and here for the final out, this ball carried a long way, don kelly. disappeared into our view. they called it a foul ball as it was caught as he crossed the
11:16 pm
line, and that ends the game. the reaction from valverde as he gets his third safe of this postseason. jim leyland has to be thrilled with the start tonight by doug fister. the best play of tonight's game is brought to you by the audi aa. true greatness should never foe unrecognized. it was by victor martinez in the fourth. the tigers added on, they win it 5-2. they now trail in this series two games to one. so getting a chance to return home. the tigers now are on the board. we look ahead to tomorrow afternoon with hairston and porcello. now the tigers have guaranteed
11:17 pm
that justin verlander will pitch again in this series, game five on thursday afternoon. there's the pitching match-up tomorrow. hairston was good in the division series. porcello a loser in the division series. good a couple nights ago in game one. let's go to ken rosenthal. >> ken: thanks, joe. he's doug fister. joaquin benoit joked with you about pitching nine innings. it didn't look that was going to happen. how did you turn it around. >> stuck with the same game plan. they hit a few ground balls and hit it through the holes and good hitters to. they came out firing. i stuck with the game plan and used our defense. tremendous plays out there. that's the name of the game. >> porcello tomorrow, verlander now in game five. can you come back in.
11:18 pm
>> absolutely. we've got to take this thing one step at a time. i'll be ready to pitch whenever the skip gives me the ball. it's a matter of doing it a day at a time. >> doug, thank you very much. congratulations. back to you. >> joe: all right, kenny. thank you. we will step aside for a quick moment. the chevy postgame show is coming up. after the break chris rose will be along to talk about this win for the tigers, 5-2 over texas tonight in detroit. 
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>> chris: welcome to the alcs postgame show on fox. your final score, the tigers a 5-2 winner over the texas rangers. doug fister was sensational. papa grande made it 52 for 52 in save opportunities. not a lot of dancing but a little bit of celebrating as the tigers cut into the rangers' lead in this best-of-seven series. hi, everybody, alongside eric karros and a.j. pierzynski, i'm chris rose. we talked about the offense need to go do something, and the heart of the order did that.
11:22 pm
>> they decided to show up. they have struggled up to this point. these guys are the heart of the offense. and what did they do tonight? they put five runs up on the board. miguel cabrera and victor martinez. here victor martinez is hitting one out. watch this one. he pulled a fat muscle but finished the game and got around the bases. miguel cabrera, this is an 0-2 pitch. drives it down into the corner for a double. drives in a run. he hits a home run later in the game. hey, what kind of count do you think this is? 0-2. again, not many guys do this 0-2. 0-2 you are up there protecting. but since these two have shown up, this makes this whole thing a different series. we talked about the tigers' pitching. it's been right there the last two games. the offense has it. it was here tonight and it will be here the rest of the series. >> just how much pain was victor martinez in this evening? let's head down to the field where our ken rosenthal actually
11:23 pm
caught up with miguel cabrera. >> ken: thanks, chris." miguel cabrera, rbi double tonight. home run how many did you turn it around? >> we needed to. we needed to go out there and play hard and try to win this game. you know, we looking for tomorrow's game. hopefully we can play good tomorrow and play hard tomorrow, man. >> ken: victor martinez, he hits a home run and he obviously was in discomfort. what happened? >> what? >> ken: with victor. >> i don't know. i have no idea. only thing i know he wasn't running good. keep in the game. hopefully he okay. he got nothing injury and hopefully come by tomorrow in the game. >> ken: now yourself, you haven't had an rbi in the series before tonight. what was the difference? >> oh, be patient, man. be patient. it will be a long series. it won't be easy. you have to play every day. and fight at-bats, every at-bat and every pitch and try to make
11:24 pm
something happen. >> ken: thank you very much. >> thank you. >> ken: chris, back to you. >> chris: all right, kenny. thank you very much. really maybe the story of this game, doug fister. what an acquisition. >> chris: doug fister, unbelievable. dave dombrowski, pat yourself on the back for this trade. comes from seattle, 6 home runs in 44 innings pitched in comerica part. watch these bowling ball sinkers. killed beltre. bye-bye bat. doug fister, tip your hat as you walk off the field because you deserve it. you were unbelievable today. dave dombrowski, pat yourself on the back. jim leyland said we like this guy, he can pitch for us and he pitched in another must-win game and won. >> how many times are going to tell dave dombrowski to pat himself on the back? >> no, no, they made the right
11:25 pm
acquisition in him. >> so pat yourself on the back. >> and tomorrow it will be rick porcello against matt harrison, the guy who closed out the alds for the texas rangers against the tampa bay rays. it will be a lot of fun. the pregame coming your way at 4:00 eastern on fox. coming up next, except the west coast, the late local news. and join us tomorrow here here e motor city. coverage begins 4:00 eastern, 1:00 pacific, only on fox. promotional consideration paid for by the following: >> chris: for more information on tonight's game and the latest on major league baseball news, log on to for joe, tim, ken, a.j., eric
11:26 pm
and the entire fox crew, i'm chris rose. we will see you tomorrow here in detroit! ♪ ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc. 
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>> fox 5 is all over three big stories. target dc, an international terrorist plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador in dc busted. details about one of the men behind the alleged conspiracy. this woman charged with going on a violent rampage inside nordstrom years ago, free for only weeks, under arrest again tonight. police say she stabbed a woman inside a busy target. a live look outside tonight, these roads will be wet in just a few hours. another round of rain is heading our way and could cause trouble for your morning commute. we're in


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