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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  October 11, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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that new terror plot busted. >> thanks for staying up late with us. i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. the iranian government is being blamed for trying to -- a us citizen and texan resident is facing a number of charges. bob barnard is working the story in the newsroom. >> that was the picture of the saudi ambassador there, i want to clarify. at the heart of the government's case is an alleged plot by agents of the iranian government to murder the saudi arabbian ambassador to the us here in washington and to attack israeli embassies in washington and argentina. one of the two men charged in the case is apparently cooperating with the fbi. monseur arbsara is a 56-year-old us citizen, charged in court with trying to hire a mexican
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drug warrior with assassinating the ambassador to the united states. he was an informant to the dea. the terror plot included blowing up a restaurant in washington frequented by the ambassador and us senators. warned that 100 bystanders could be killed, he allegedly said, quote, no big deal. >> it reads like the pages of a hollywood script. the impact would have been very real and many lives would have been lost. >> reporter: us officials say arbabsiar has confessed to the assassination plot and blames his cousin, a general in the iranian military was ordering the hit. the alleged co-conspirator in the case is reportedly in iran and has not been captured. >> the complaint alleges that this conspiracy was conceived, sponsored and was directed from iran and constitutes a flagrant violation of us and international law. >> reporter: at the saudi embassy in washington tuesday, everything appeared calm on the
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outside. a marked secret service patrol car passing by every so often. a spokesman for the ambassador has issued a statement reading, in part, the attempted plot is a despicable violation of international normz, standards and conventions, and is not in accord with the principles of humanity. >> and it didn't stop there. the saudi ambassador's assassination was allegedly intended to be merely an opening act in a series of lethal attacks cooked up by the defendants and their cohorts in iran. >> reporter: among the terror plot's other purported targets, the israeli embassy in washington and its ambassador. one member of the select senate committee on intelligence calls it chilling. >> what we should be alarmed by is that this is the same government, in addition to trying to kill two ambassadors in the united states, is the same government trying to get ahold of a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: if it's true, why would the iranian government want to murder the saudi ambassador? well, international relations experts say the saudi royal
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family has been openly critical of iran's efforts to build a nuclear weapon, and they say iran wants to dominate the region and the muslim world and sees saudi arabia as its principle rival, shawn. >> when did all this begin unfolding? >> the alleged meetings between the accused and the informant took place this last spring, mostly in mexico. that accused, the one suspect in custody, was arrested september 29th, almost two weeks ago on a plane at new york's kennedy airport. >> bob barnard, thank you. joining me now to talk more about this assassination plot is steven emerson, he's one of the leading authorities on islamic extremist networks. in fact, he's the executive director of the investigative project on terrorism. steve, thank you for coming in tonight. i want to start with the overarching question which is i think why would iran want to stick itself out in the world community like this, going after somebody, a lot of people view as symbolic, the ambassador and do it on american soil?
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>> that's an interesting question. some of it has been answered already by the confession of one of the defendants who was arrested several days ago, about a week ago, and who has been kept in a virginia safe house where he has been giving information 12 hours a day about the person from iran from the alquits force, that's the secret military force of iran that carries out assassinations, and he probably has revealed why they were so intent on killing the saudi ambassador. my perspective is because the saudi arabians were very, very effective in curbing iran's quest for nuclear facilities in terms of basically invoking sanctions against other arab
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countries that would supply it. >> i'm curious, do you feel the obama administration, compared to other administrations in the past, has a clear policy on how to handle these type of provocative actions in these types of countries? the situation with pakistan right now, it's very unclear as to where we stand and it's a very provocative move by iran against us. how are we going to handle that? >> that's a good question. for the first year of the obama administration, basically what the president did was to plea for negotiations in an effort to basically stem development of the nuclear option. that didn't work at all. the iranians refused to talk. this one really requires a response by the united states because this was so brazen and could also come from a robert ludlimb novel. they contacted an iranian-american citizen who had dual nationality. he then goes to mexico to meet with an informant who's working
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for the drug enforcement administration. he contends he's operating on behalf of a senior al-qaida operative from iran and wants $1 million for the assassination of the ambassador. in fact, they talked about where it would be. it's obliquely referred to in the indictment. it was going to be one of the restaurants where the saudi ambassador attended, and that's the monocle that's next to the senate buildings on capitol hill. the bottom line is iran operates according to a different set of metrics, not like you and i. they don't care if something like this gets disclosed because what's the worst that could happen to them, more sanctions? it's clear they know the west can do nothing further to them unless they take military action, which i don't think this administration will do. >> investigator of the project on terrorism. it's heartening to us lay people that we were able to discover
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this plot and stem it but as we talk about it, we wonder where we go next and what the next step is diplomatically or perhaps more sanctions or whatever it is down the road. thank you for coming in tonight and shedding some light on this. >> you bet. >> you can learn more about how this case unfolded by looking at the charging documents. we posted them online at a knife attack at a target store in prince georges county. police arrested this woman, antoinette starks. police say she also stabbed a woman at a nordstroms in 2005. she's accused of stealing two large knives from a grocery store today, then going to target and getting tape to tape those knives together. investigators say she stabbed the victim several times outside the store. ahead on the news edge at 11:00, we'll have an update plus surveillance video of starks from the store. the teenager who stabbed a teen at the national zoo on
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easter monday will go to prison. a judge sentenced the boy to nearly seven years. he pleaded guilty to attacking the boy outside the gates. the judge wants the teen to have psychological and drug treatment while in prison. to a fox 5 weather alert. you can see it there, rainy weather heading our way after days of perfect conditions, even summer-like temperatures. there is a big change coming. sue palka is in the weather center now. is the rain going to cause any flooding like we've seen, the two straight weeks of flooding that we saw? >> i don't think so, brian. it doesn't appear to be in the cards for us , but this is a slow moving system and taken awhile to get here and what we've seen around the region tonight has amounted to light, patchy rain. it seems to be moving to the west, and i think we'll see showers overnight into the wednesday morning commute. not much to see around dc. anything we've had is pretty
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light. a little bit heavier out to the west but not very heavy. only a couple of tenths of an inch of rain. a little bit more to the south towards charltsville, beaver dam and fork union. we'll watch this in motion and you can see where i'm talking about, where the bulk of the heavier rain is through west virginia and portions of ohio, but spinning in this direction and heavier showers and thunderstorms just off the coast of the outer banks. let's talk about what is happening. we've got a couple of areas of low pressure, weak ones that will ride along the front and that will keep us in a showery pattern for tomorrow. we expect not only showers but anytime after the noon hour, we can hear a rumble of thunder and within some of those thunderstorms, we could in fact get a little bit of heavier rain. when you get a thunderstorm, watch out for perhaps more moderate to heavy rain. temperatures right now still at 67 degrees and for the overnight hours, i think we are going to be looking at a couple of
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scattered showers, but a wet morning commute. our temperature will drop to about 60, so get ready for that wet morning commute and i'll let you know if we have any other chances for rain in the forecast and we're ahead to the weekend too. after all, it is almost wednesday. back up to you. >> thank goodness. we'll see you in just a few, sue. new tonight, a metro station shut down in the middle of the evening rush after a man was hit by a train. it happened around 5:00. metro says the victim jumped onto the tracks. he is alive but was stuck under the train several hours. all power to the station had to be shut off while fire crews had to free him. the incident caused major delays on the orange line. >> we were just sitting here for an hour, hour and 30 minutes waiting to see what was going on. we didn't hear the news. they shut the power off and it was very hot. >> the station reopened several hours later. there is no word on the condition of the victim, the man who was hit by the train. the fourth gop debate in the campaign for the nomination and a pretty big change tonight, as
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a result of the recent polls as the candidates jockey for the top spot. >> it was less mitt romney versus rick perry and more about criticizing obama. cane and romney are at the top while texas governor rick perry has takeeb a nose dive. her man cane took the first question. >> what would you do specifically to end the paralysis in washington? >> two things, present a bold plan to grow this economy, which i have put my 999 plan on the table, get serious about bringing down the national debt. the only way we're going to do that is the first year that i'm president and i oversee a fiscal year budget, make sure that revenue equals spending. >> after that, perry and romney
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each laid into the current white house for the president's different policies. >> i'd be prepared to be a leader. you can't get the country to go in the right direction and get washington to work if you don't have a president that's a leader, and three years ago, we selected a person who'd never had any leadership experience, never worked in the private sector, never had the opportunity to actually bring people together, and he hasn't been able to do so. he said he'd bring us hope and change. instead, he's divided the nation and tried to blame other people. >> you've got an administration that by and large has either by intimidation or overregulation put our energy industry and the rest of the economy in jeopardy. >> reporter: a recurring topic throughout the night, cane's 999 plan, getting attention from voters, 9% sales tax, 9% income tax and 9% corporate tax. at one point, bloomberg reporter julian porter tried to poke holes in it. >> your plan would raise no more than $2 trillion, and even with the short fall you'd be slapping
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a 9% sales tax on food and medicine. >> the problem with that analysis is that it is incorrect. [laughter] and the other candidates used part of their speaking time to denounce the plan. >> when you take the 999 plan and you turn it upside down, i think the devil's in the details. >> i must admit that simple answers are always very helpful, but oftentimes inadequate. >> to break tonight's debate down a little bit, we have mark plotkin here with some insights and knowledge on what happened tonight. so let's start with the polls recently. clearly, these debates are having an effect on the polls. we've seen her man cane go up and mitt romney go up and down. they are at the top and rick perry has surged. >> he's dropped. >> plunged. >> plunged is the right word. i can conceptualize this, laur
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alike new haven before broadway. no votes have been cast. that's where the broadway plays try out, and the performances on the debate have something to do with the polls. it's amazing, kain, who also ran or was a nonfactor is now almost the center of this debate with his 999. he sounded like steve forbes or ross perot and they went after him with a vengeance, and i thought rick santorum who is considered deep in the pack made a good point where he said how many in new hampshire want an increase of 9% in your sales tax where they don't even have a sales tax. >> 999, like you said, it came up a lot, because he's at the top of the pack right now. do you think voters are going to tire of this, and like one of the questioners, trying to poke holes in the plan? >> i think we'll find out where
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it registers, where all the contests are happening in the first month. if he gets no votes, he would have been a rhetorical musement. i thought an error competting and very shallow of a response when they pressed cain, who are your economic advisors. he came up with loury, who said he was from cleveland and it turned out he was from cleveland, texas. and couldn't come up with any other names. i don't think there's a lot of depth but his appeal is that he's never been elected to something, even though he's tried to be president. he lost the senate primary in georgia as well. he's considered a fresh face and there's a certain clarity to his candidacy but i don't think he's going to pan out. >> didn't do well tonight. >> they all did pretty well. i thought huntsman did better. he seemed to be alive. he really got into a sparring deal with romney. he cuts into romney. he's getting about 10% new hampshire and independents can vote new hampshire and they went
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after each other and romney does not forget that four years ago, this fellow mormon, fellow utah resident supported john mccain instead of him and i think rick perry had to do better. he did better than he did last time but there's not a lot of flesh on the bones there. >> he seemed to have a pretty tough time tonight 92 he seemed to recede. it's always this texas posture and i thought there was kind of -- he kept on being repetitive, all we have to do is free up energy and that's his plan. >> well, it was interesting watching each candidate question each other too. it seemed to get pretty heated at those moments. >> yeah, those were good moments. the guy who is the most authentic and most matter of fact and gets the most applause is newt gingrich, but he's not going anywhere. thank god for these debates, otherwise they would be eliminated. at least they get some breathing room until the votes are actually cast. >> we'll see what the next polls
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show. thank you as always for being with us. back to you, brian. the american jobs act failed to clear a hurdle in the senate tonight, despite a last minute push from the president. the bill did not get theo pass . the president is not giving up, and is threatening to break the bill into pieces to get it to move. he told his aides today they could do without the help of congress to create jobs. >> identify all those areas we can act administratively without additional congressional authorization and just get it done. >> his jobs council recommended improving the country's roads, bridges, airports and seaports to create jobs but all that will need support from the house which is already weary of debt. the occupied dc protesters won a victory with the national park service tonight after having a run-in this afternoon. several protesters were arrested after refusing to leave the
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building. dozens more gathered with signs. the us park police granted them the permission to stay in freedom plaza through december 30 if they'd like. that gives them months to spread the word about their multiple causes. tonight, a well known gay rights activist died in his home. frank kameny launched some of the protests in front of the white house in 1965. he coined the phrase, gay is good. the commission released a statement, saying he launched the path for the civil rights movement and his family said he died of natural causes. he was 86. it looks like ordinary furniture but wait until you see what customs agents found inside. ab alleged attacker used this grandmother's cab as get away vehicle. find out how she helped police bust him. coming up tonight on the news edge, he rose to fame during the 2008 presidential elections and now joe the plumber is one step closer in a career in politics. we've got the details.
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>> strange things come through dulles airport, but this is probably a first. this month, agents see bed posts full of cocaine. they came in from el salvador heading to new york. the drugs would have gone for about $17,000 on the street. a frightening ride for a hagerstown cabby. the passenger committed the crime right in front of her. tonight, her call to nguyen. will thomas has the story you'll only see on fox 5. >> hi, mike. >> how are you? >> i'm fine, thank you. >> reporter: a face-to-face meeting between a nguyen operator and a maryland grandmother who drives a cab. kathy rhodes' terrifying ride last wednesday morning was all recorded here at the washington county emergency communication center a few miles outside of hagerstown sno this guy i went to pick up in wanesboro forced
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his way into a house. >> kathy picked up this man identified by law enforcement as juan rivera. she drove him to a house on wreath church road also near hagerstown. then things got ugly. >> i think he kicked the door in. but i do know he got in. i saw him hitting a woman. >> reporter: kathy called nguyen and got 31-year veteran mike shiffler. >> is there someone else around your vehicle? >> yes. >> who is it, is it him? >> reporter: kathy tried to be sly moments earlier. she quietly drove down the highway of the house where rivera was inside and drove down the road. when she got down the road and made sure her passenger door was locked, he jumped back in. >> her calm demeanor and the face she was going through was amazing. >> reporter: she led sheriff
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deputies here to a nearby mcdonald's. she urged him to keep ordering. >> and you're going to the mcdonald's out on mulgan's avenue, right. >> is there an officer at the drive through. >> yes. >> i want you to get out of the van and run. >> reporter: when kathy got out of the van at the drive-through, she didn't go inside the mcdonald's. she got out her cab and waited in the deputy's cruiser. the nguyen call continued. she could see the officer struggling with the suspect. backup quickly arrived at mcdonald's and deputies arrested rivera. the charges included assault and resisting arrest. they also found a butcher's knife in the back of kathy's cab. >> there were a lot of times during that whole call that it could have just as easily gone wrong, but it didn't. >> this is very nice to meet the person that helped get me through something like that. >> reporter: kathy will continue to drive a cab, but
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just remember, this is one grandmother you don't want to mess with. in washington county, maryland, will thomas, fox 5 news. the rangers trying to move a step closer to the world series and they've gone from the nfl's dream team to the nfc east basement. what in the world has gone wrong with the eagles? dave feldman has the answer in sports. mastn he t
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