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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 12, 2011 9:00am-9:27am EDT

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meantime, we have tucker barnes standing by down stairs in the weather center with details on the rainy conditions some of us are seeing. >> you got it rain throughout the day here on and off, it will be with us at times i think, evening commute still rain showers around be prepared for it, not going to rain all day, hd radar see shower activity, kind of hit and miss across the immediate washington area. watching the rain redevelop down towards charlottesville making a track to the north and east, down towards cull pepper, manassas, fort royal the rest of us will see on and off again rain showers. >> low pressure, off to our south and east, switch maps to viper see that shower activity watching showers redevelop, along an area of low pressure during the course of the day if we are getting a break now it
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doesn't mean we won't see periods of rain on and off during the course of the day and lingering into the night time hours. temperatures cool, 65 at regan national our highs today looking at mid-60s, humidity 84%, winds out of the north and east, 14, locking in the cool here is your forecast gain not going to rain all day periods of showers and rain,67 daytime high in washington. take a sneak peek at the weekend, alison back upstairs to you guys. terror alert this morning set off by an assassination plot, target, saudi arabia's ambassador to the united states the plan was to kill him in a bombing in his favorite restaurant in the district. the suspect said he didn't care if by standers died the name of the restaurant was not mentioned in the inditement. >> but we hear it is popular with congressman on capitol
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hill because of this there is a new terror alert issued for the united states. >> lauren demarco live outside the saudi embassy. >> reporter: good morning americans worldwide are asked to be on the lookout for for or activity right now also -- terror activity right now. obama administration saying they are not planning terror action in iran but they are looking to further isolate the country. the ambassador was targeted in the terror plot iran is strongly denying the accusations calling them quote an evil american plot but u.s. attorney general, eric holder says one of the two men charged in the case a naturalized u.s. citizen, tried to meet with members of what he thought was the drug cartel in mexico back in may. instead he was meeting with a
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dea informant. u.s. officials say we are not going the war with iran any time soon let's hear from secretary of state hillary clinton. we will be consulting with our friends and partners around the world, about how we can send a very strong message that this kind of action which violates international norms, must be ended and other areas where we can co-operate more closely in order to send a strong message to iran -- the plot also allegedly involved attacking the israeli embassy in washington and its ambassador. if you would like to learn more how the case unfolded we have posted the charge documents online back to you in studio. lauren thank you. the proof presented by the
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government is chilling, court documents show just how little the suspect cared if by standers would be killed in this attack the plot was mapped out over several months according to the government back in july, they made it clear the assassination needed to go forward even if doing so would cause mass casualties for example he says they want that guy done, if the hundred go with him, expletive them. there is more on the court documents at the trial of the accused underwear bomber got under way in detroit tuesday. he tried to detonate a bomb in his underwear and burn down a jet liner christmas day 2009. his attorney tried to get the judge to ban the word bomb or explosive to let the jury decide what caused the smoke and fire on the plane the judge denied that motion saying it makes no sense. new this morning a deadly
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hit and run in beltsville a man was struck walking near montgomery road and baltimore avenue just before 11:30 p.m. last night he later died at a local hospital. a witness gave officers a description of the vehicle and driver police made an arrest and found the car a short time later. prince georges county police cracked two other cases, officers arrested 30-year-old phillip flemming, he is accused of attacking two women during two separate incidents as they walked to the suit land metro station during the past two weeks one to have ladies was groped and robbed the other was sexually assaulted behind an abandoned building across the street. alison. officers used a taser gun to take down a woman accused of attacking a customer at a target store. 55-year-old starks, stabbed a random customer then ran toward home depot the customer is in stable condition police say starks also stabbed two people at a nordstrom store in
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montgomery county in 2005 and was just released from a state psychiatric facility in august. the teenager who stabbed another teen at national zoo, easter monday will go to prison. a judge sentenced that young man to 7 years he pleaded guilty in june to attacking a 14-year-old outside the gates of the zoo. the judge wants the teen to have psychological and drug treatment along with educational services behind bars. people in the tiny town at the epicenterrer of august's earthquake continue to pick up the pieces without the help from the federal government last week obama administration turned down a request for assistance now virginia governor bob mcdonald is asking president obama to visit mineral to see the damage for himself. uninsured property damage estimates, exceed $15 million. gop hopefuls faced off in another debate last night the economy remains the central focus one big name is grabbing
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headlines for defending the bailout. aiynsley ear hart has more. >> unlike previous debate formats, cab dates sat down and held a -- candidates sat down and held a round table discussion. former massachusetts governor mitt romney defended the 2008 wall street bank bailout he said he would support another bailout if circumstances call for it. >> you do want to make sure we don't lose the country and lose our financial system and american jobs and all the banks don't go under you have the take action carefully to make sure you preserve our currency and financial system. john huntsman took a jab at rival herman cain's 999 tax plan >> i think it is a catchy phrase in fact i thought it was the price of a pizza. >> cain says it is a well thought out plan. >> it didn't come off a pizza box, no it was well studied and
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developed. >> michelle bachmann blames the financial melt down on the federal government. >> you can trace it back to the federal government they demanded banks and mortgage companies, lower platinum level lending standards to new lows. in order to fix the nations financial struggles you have to understand how it all began ron paul said. >> you can't cure the disease if you don't know the cause. >> rick perry says he understands the frustrations to many americans. >> one reason i think americans are so untrustworthy of what is going on in washington because they never see a cut in spending. gop contenders are expected to go at it once again this time in las vegas. in new york aiynsley ear hart fox news. now just hours before the debate, romney landed an important gop endorsement, governor chris christy gave him support praising his experience
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in small business romney could benefit from christy's ties to the tea party a group romney has had trouble winning over. >> president barack obama could blame the republicans for not bringing his jobs bill in. he will work with hairy reed to make sure -- harry reed to make sure individual proposals gain a vote. the house has no plan to vote on president obama's jobs bill. an extension of the permit for occupy dc protestors at freedom plaza a few were arrested after a protest inside the senate office building yesterday. a hundred got into the building and started chanting when protestors unfurled a banner police let them chant for awhile then told them protesting inside was illegal. most complied but six refused
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and were arrested. meantime national park service extended their permit at freedom plaza until december 30th. we now know who will be the headliners at sunday's dedication of new martin luther king junior memorial president obama will of course deliver the key note address in addition speakers will include julian bond, representative john lewis, reverend jesse jackson and members of the king family journalist dan rather will speak and aretha franklin will headline the ceremonial dedication the original date was postponed due to hurricane irene. for many women the threat of breast cancer can lead to mastectomy. >> two doctors in our area have come up with a new procedure to restore patient's breasts without the use of implants. they will join us live in studio next to talk about the new practice. back in a moment don't go any where ♪
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well, two doctors are here to talk about a new way to handle mastectomy it is a revolutionary way to reconstruct the breast for women who have had breast cancer we are joined by dr. noelle shebrook and dr. rad both in studio to talk about how love handles can be the answer for women who have under gone a mastectomy. when you say that it sounds very interesting and how does this work i will start with you, tell us about this new way to help women get back to normal. >> well, women who under go breast cancer treatment they can have partial or entire removal of the breast and want reconstruction options that don't involve breast implants they require a lot of
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monitoring, mri scans a lot of women would rather have their own tissue dr. rad helped develop a technique for that. >> you work together you are a dermatologist you are a plastic surgeon tell us how your expertise come in. >> this is a plastic surgical technique when women don't want an implant, to rebuild breast we can transfer tissue from some part of the body, tissue made up of fat to rebuild the breast in this case we can take fat from the love handle and who loves love handles, no body does and create an entire breast. >> that part isn't new but comes from other places often the buttocks. >> yeah, often time the buttock that is the old way it has been done you can imagine by taking a lot of fat from the central buttock area it really flattens it that was a major problem we wanted to look for a did i have aren't way to do it and we saw that there was a blood vessel going to the fat of the love handle we thought if we could
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use the fat, transfer that to the breast and rebuild the breast but still really improve the love handle area, that would be a win win. >> maybe some body out there, i mean we are talking about breast cancer surgery so it is not cosmetic deal, whole heartedly but you might thing what about the scar but there is an answer for that as well. >> absolutely. just as there is innovations in surgical treatments for breast cancer we have had major innovations in scar treatments with laser we can blend scar tissue with surrounding skin while we may not be able toker race it entirely it is no longer women are stuck with disfiguring scars that access a big reminder of all they have been through whether we are treating red raised scars, depressed scars, dark scars we have different lazars to treat them safely and effectively. >> who is eligible for this? as far as i would imagine there is a body type this works better for. >> exactly. yeah, any woman who does not want an implant they always
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have options to use their own tissue usually we use the abdominal fat as first choice but in slim and trim women, slim waistline this is a great option keep in mind this is a very delicate procedure very few plastic surgeons do this operation it takes a good amount of time and expertise to perform it. >> if people watching are interested or know people who might be interested how do we get more information is this readily available now. >> it is available now patients, if they thing they may be a candidate for it, is to look for a plastic surgeon who is a certified by the american board of plastic surgery number one number two some body who specializes in micro vascular breast reconstruction. micro vascular means that person is able to connect tiny blood vessels under a microscope using threat thinner than a human hair you can imagine that takes a tremendous
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amount of expertise. centers like johns hopkins and major medical centers like that, ander son, debtorring they can offer these. -- kettering they can offer these. >> this is lest complicated -- less complicated than other strategies. >> less than the old way we used to do it taking fat from the butt tom area, it makes -- buttock area it makes the surgery more easy for surgeons to perform we can find that blood vessel fairly reliably and anatomy is simpler will not only speeds up surgery so there is less surgery time and anaethesia time but makes the surgery go smoothly. very important. >> i will end with you i am sure for people watching it is welcoming news that professionals like yourselves looking to advance, the aesthetics of this, after you have been so sick. >> absolutely and one thing important for women to know
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insurance will cover laser treatment options it is important to find a board certified dermatologist but someone who does treat scars routinely you don't want someone dusting off a laser and wheeling it out and they are not really comfortable with scars you have to be ginger don't want to trigger more scarring to that skin just ask your dermatologist how many scar treatments they have performed with regards to surgical incisions it is a great strategy to help women look wonderful on the other side of a did i have result experience. >> thank you so much. thank you for coming in today tony over to you. city leaders in topeka kansas making a controversial move why they have decriminalized domestic abuse it is leaving many activists upset. >> holly hanging out on the farm this morning hello holly. >> hello tony. i am specifically at air shire farm in upperville just one of
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the many farms that will be fee which ared this weekend on the louden family farm color tour you want to stop here, this is the only place you can see these beautiful beasts take a look at that, it is a shire horse a rare breed and on the engagerred list we will learn more about that and how to take in the whole tour later live in the hour. beautiful horse. all right holly thank you very much here is look at today's trivia question which state is most dependent on tourism with 30% of jobs being tour related? we will have the answer later on ♪
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well, the weather guys know about it, it is tough being super hero. a seattle super hero is back on patrol after being arrested sunday. the guy in the black and gold suit who goes by the name phoenix jones, is that a good super hero name? >> kind of. sounds like a pimp. he claims he pepper sprayed a group to break up a fight those involved say they were just dancing and having a good time
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jones was charged in connection with the incident later released on bail he is due back in court tomorrow. >> what are we looking at? >> this is video of phoenix jones in action. >> why does that guy have a clown outfit on. >> he looks like -- >> okay look at the clown outfit. >> what is going on here. this is all crazy. >> maybe that is a super villain. he is running away from a girl. where did you get that video sam. sam is now not talking. >> he looks like he was in pulp fiction. >> and then the way it was shot i feel that is something weird. >> we don't know all the behind the scenes stories. >> all right that a white dodge caravan spotted near an atm in prince georges county. a lawyer for the maryland man held in aruba filed a new appeal for his release. his attorney asked the court to immediately release his client
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or at least free him pending any trial. the gaithersburg business man is being held in connection with the presumed death of robin gardener, he denies any wrong doing he says gardener was swept out to sea while they were snorkeling. the prosecution in the trial of michael jackson's doctor is winding down. prosecutors are planning to wrap up the case by calling experts, to help make sense of the complex medical evidence. it was an emotional day in court yesterday as the court heard the remaining tapes of dr. murray's interview with police. katherine jackson broke down again as the tapes were played murray also told how he broke the news to michael's children. he is not dead is he and the doctor said yes and she broke down and then they were weeping really weeping, i had them all give them comfort to paris comfort to prince,
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comfort to blanket. the government could conclude the case in the next few days, or early next week. cooler fall weather may have you in the mood to head to the farm. holly has just the place for you but there is much more than farm activities to keep you busy details after the break. 


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