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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 12, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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if kinsler can get on. >> joe: here's an 0-2. kinsler flies one in to center. got under that. austin jackson. two out. [ applause ] feliz and feldman. getting loose. next on fox we've already blown right through "the x factor." the late local news if it's officially 10:00 in the east. that is all except on the west coast. two hours of the "x factor" tomorrow night. we've got that clock set a little bit fast. >> tim: just a little.
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>> joe: ball one inside. >> joe: elvis andrus is 1-4. but it was a big one. it's been a while since his last home run. hit five on the regular season. be tough on a cold, damp night to ride one out of here. this big ballpark except down the line. the line. there is a fly ball in is over. raburn puts it away. we go to the bottom of the tenth. inge, jackson, raburn coming up. tied at three. back after this. from your local fox stations. tin of wireless internet
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>> joe: you ever wonder what our crew does when they've been on the air for six hours? there is detroit's own mike tatameir, one of the camera operate torse who is devouring potato chips. they look like they're baked. so probably low in transfat. whatever that is. scott feldman takes over. there are his numbers from game two of the alcs. he was terrific in relief of derek holland.
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>> tim: in that game, the rangers tossed 8-1/3 scoreless innings. >> joe: breaking ball drops in. in the seventh, the guy at the plate did that. off ogando. to tie it. >> joe: just missed the outside corner. 1-1. feldman, a 17-game winner in 2009. >> joe: half-swing. feldman makes the play. one out. for scott, he went 7-11 last year. he was not on the post-season roster. had knee surgery after the rangers lost the world series to the giants.
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he didn't come back this year until the third week of july. he is a long man in the bullpen and he may get a lot of work here tonight after being tested in game two. here is austin jackson. the rangers did not make vavlerde work much in the top of the tenth. he threw only eight pitches. it looks like it may be he will go back out there. nobody is up for the tigers in their bullpen. >> tim: it makes all the sense in the world. nobody respects vavlerde any more than jim leyland. and now he is always ready to go to the post. >> joe: if this game gets to the 11th, it will be josh hamilton, michael young and
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adrian beltre. jackson. is hit by the pitch. >> tim: oh, boy! wrong guy to hit right there. feldman knows it. now you've got speed on the bases. >> tim: just nicked the uniform. the bloused part around the abdomen. and jackson is on. guess who is on deck? >> joe: the uniform is considered part of the body. so hit by the pitch. we haven't seen jackson tempt napoli or torrealba last night, trying to swipe a base. >> tim: you know what, joe? it will be interesting to see if raburn gives him a chance to steal and takes maybe a pitch or two. michael gonzalez is warming.
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>> joe: there he goes. just inside. the throw down is in time. two out. and napoli cuts down austin jackson. >> tim: right on the money! again, mike napoli telling us that he loves to catch and not d.h. because then he is right in the middle of the action. and was he ever then. the tag at home plate. and now the throw to get jackson. >> joe: raburn with the bases empty fouls it. and the count 1-1. i don't know if napoli and mike scioscia his former manager with the angels always saw eye-to-eye. i think napoli wanted to be more the regular catcher with the angels, but he was taught by one of the better fundamentally schooled catchers in the game in mike
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scioscia. and the rangers are reaping the benefits of that. >> tim: i think mike scioscia from a teacher's standpoint and a manager's standpoint is about as good as it gets. that is not an easy pitch to throw. because your transfer has got to be longer. you make the one-handed catch inside. he has to bring the glove around. you have to have quick hands to do that. napoli got his man. >> joe: now the count is 3-1 on raburn. with the big guy on deck. two out, nobody on. raburn was taking, it looked like. it's a full count. gonzalez getting loose. >> tim: yeah, if there is ever a time where pitcher has to make a hit or put the ball in play, it's now. >> joe: and he strikes him
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out. on a 95-mile-per-hour pitch. we go in to the 11th here in game four. big bats coming up for the rangers. tied at three. ♪ [ female announcer ] the road is not exactly a place of intelligence. highway maintenance is underfunded, costing drivers $67 billion a year, and countless tires. which drivers never actually check because they're busy, checking email. this is why we engineered a car that makes 2,000 decisions every second. the new audi a6 is here. the road is now an intelligent place. ♪ mike, thanks for doing that discount double check. you saved us hundreds. what was that? the discount double check? it's when we comb through your policies and make sure that you're getting all the discounts you deserve. no, i get that part, but you guys are doing my move. the discount double check move? that's my touchdown dance. so you're a dancer? no, i'm a quarterback. oh, a quarterback. mrr.
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are you ready? [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> joe: 3-3 in the 11th. nelson cruz provided the audi best play of tonight's game. the audi a-8. true greatness should never go unrecognized. and nelson cruz has been great in this l.c.s. with his bat there, with his arm, to keep it tied. final out at the bottom of the eighth. it was 3-3 and still is 3-3. and the big bats of hamilton, young, and beltre to face vavlerde. >> tim: we said it more than once and we'll say it again. watch the first pitch. 48 at-bats since his last home
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run. >> joe: he hit 25 during the regular season. has not gone deep this post season. last year's alcs mvp against the yankees. he rips one down in corner. good start in the 11th for the rangers, as hamilton has a lead-off double. >> tim: first pitch, high splitter. rifled down the right-field line. once again, it's like vavlerde just hangs it. line drive on the end of it. >> joe: the go-ahead run, second with nobody out in the 11th. michael young steps in.
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his rbi made it 3-2 in the sixth. rangers on top. tigers tie id it in the seventh. now a chance for texas. strike one. >> tim: you can see michael young trying to put it in play on the infield to move the runner along. his natural stroke is to right-field. clearly trying to move the runner there. >> joe: vavlerde has thrown ten pitches. eight last inning, two this inning and here comes the 0-1. strike two.
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>> joe: nothing-2, the count on michael young. that pitch was almost delivered with vavlerde staring back at hamilton at second base. he didn't get his head around until late. this one on a splitter down and away. ball one.
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michael young knocked in the go-ahead run in the sixth, his first rbi of the post season out of the clean-up spot. here is a 1-2. still 1-2. >> joe: struck out only once against vavlerde in seven at-bats. >> joe: he went around. if he didn't, he certainly told the umpire he did. he started to walk away before they even appealed. one out. >> tim: that is exactly right. he went too far and he knew
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it. that splitter, again, diving out of the strike zone. and michael young concedeed defeat. >> joe: strike-out number two. >> temporarily. >> joe: he started to walk away. no strike three call yet. then they t appeal to the first base umpire jeff nelson. rung him up. now the tigers will walk beltre. and pitch to napoli. >> tim: i tell you, this is an interesting move with beltre not getting a ball out of the infield tonight. he has grounded to third twice, struck out twice. and remember that left knee of his is bothering him. very painful, because of his at-bats last night. >> joe: let's say this about the guy on deck, napoli. he threw out austin jackson in the bottom of the tenth inning for the second out.
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which prevented miguel cabrera from even coming to the plate. who knows what that avoided. >> tim: right. >> joe: for the texas rangers. and he is the guy, napoli -- as there is ball four to put two on with one out. napoli threw out austin jackson with his effort. has had a great year at the plate. >> tim: best hitter in baseball from july 4 on. the most productive hitter in baseball. that's why i think when you combined beltre's health, with a bad knee, i'm not too sure that is the right move. normally it would be. i'm not sure about now. >> joe: napoli hitting .221 mid-june, went out on the d.l. with a strained left oblique. there it is again. and came in today's game hitting .368. the top average across major league baseball. whatever jeff jones said to
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vavlerde, it made him smile. it's two on, one out. napoli this season, coming in, he was traded twice within five days. career high 30 home runs that led all baseball catchers. and hitting .383 after the all-star break second in major league baseball. the top average since coming off the d.l. the first week of july. the pitch is inside. ball one. >> joe: certainly a double-play candidate but also an extremely productive hitter for the rangers.
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>> joe: good fastball. strike one. >> tim: another thing about that intentional walk, unless napoli hits it to a double-play, then you are guaranteed that nelson cruz will be at the plate. nelson cruz right now is healthier than adrian beltre. >> joe: phil coke starts to get loose. a 1-1. napoli in the air to center. that is a base hit. here comes hamilton to the plate. he is safe. and the rangers lead 4-3 in the 11th. mike napoli delivers, as he did with his arm in the bottom of the tenth. he does with his bat in the top of the 11th. >> tim: hamilton with a
10:21 pm
tremendous jump at second base. instincts for the game. he knew it immediately. check the outfielders. realizing austin jackson was two deep and scores easily. >> joe: and so the rangers lead by a run again as they did back after the top of the sixth. still two on, only one out. and nelson cruz steps in. and he shoots one in to left center. back at the track. at the wall. goodbye! three-run home run nelson cru cruz. it's another 11th inning home run for cruz. and the rangers have broken it open here in detroit.
10:22 pm
>> joe: his grand slam in game two made the final 7-3. that three-run shot in game four makes it 7-3, as he gets vavlerde. >> tim: joe, as you did in game two, you talked about non-save situations. and jose valverde. you talked about it again tonight when vavlerde came in there. and once again, in non-save situations, he has been vulnerable. that leads the world in hits. >> joe: this guy nelson cruz has just hit his tenth career post season home run. in his 4 game. he is turning in to a machine in october for the rangers.
10:23 pm
who have a commanding lead, as we play in the 11th inning of game four. pitching change. vavlerde is out. rangers still batting in the 11th. ♪ [ female announcer ] the road is not exactly a place of intelligence. highway maintenance is underfunded, costing drivers $67 billion a year, and countless tires. which drivers never actually check because they're busy, checking email. this is why we engineered a car that makes 2,000 decisions every second. the new audi a6 is here. the road is now an intelligent place. ♪ mike, thanks for doing that discount double check. you saved us hundreds. what was that? the discount double check? it's when we comb through your policies and make sure that you're getting all the discounts you deserve. no, i get that part, but you guys are doing my move. the discount double check move? that's my touchdown dance.
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we concluded that running this commercial -would have been inappropriate. -i'm okay! [ spokesman ] so we didn't. you're welcome, america. [ male announcer ] it's the sure sign of a good time. the just right taste of bud light. here we go. ♪ >> joe: phil coke takes over for vavlerde here in the 11th. nelson cruz, he has had some firsts in this series already. first guy to end a post-season game with a walkoff grand slam. and another extra inning home run. the first player in post season history to hit two extra home runs in same series. he now has four home runs in the alcs. >> tim: texas rangers popped four home runs in this alcs,
10:26 pm
all by nelson cruz. >> joe: gentry comes off the bench to bat against coke. he flies one in to right. two out. how about alcs game two? 11th inning. grand slam. go home. and here tonight, in the road grays, 11th inning. three run home run. and again, he makes it 7-3. >> tim: all the players talk about him being the strongest guy in either league. making a believer out of everybody. >> joe: torrealba breaks his bat. it's a four-run 11th inning for the texas rangers. trying to win their third game of this l.c.s. the guy has been all smiles
10:27 pm
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get against-the-grain closeness comfortably with gillette fusion proglide. >> joe: josh hamilton, whose double started the four-run rally in the top of the 11th inning moves from center to left. craig gentry who pinch-hit goes to center. and neftali feliz who has been almost untouchable in this l.c.s.. there are his numbers this post season. four saves. he will take over in the bottom of the 11th inning. >> tim: i guess we can play what if. what if nelson cruz doesn't hit a three-run home run, would ron washington in a one run game walked cabrera to lead-off the bottom of the 11th inning? he walked him with a pitch the last time. kind of fun to think about. >> joe: instead, cabrera up there, fouls it away.
10:30 pm
strike one. detroit pitching was very good tonight. and in the bullpen held down texas until a four-run top of the 11th. cabrera pops it up. michael young gives it a look. and a catch. one away. if this holds, the rangers will be looking to clinch the pennant here tomorrow but they'll have to do it against the best pitcher in the game verlander. just listen try to get this alcs back to texas. -- justin will try to get alcs back to texas. there is the matchup. c.j. wilson, who has had two -- let's say one okay outing and one not good outing
10:31 pm
so far this post season as the top guy in the rangers rotation. he gets the ball for texas. one out. victor martinez grounds to young two out. tonight's game produced by pete machesky and directed by bill webb technical director and doing a great job as always is jonathan evans. associate producer is carol langely mcdermott. associate directors are aaron stoycov and larry lancaster. our thanks to the booth of steve horn, editorial consultant. kelly takes a strike. don with two out, nobody on. feature producers ryan viede viederman and broadcast associates are eric mandia and andy cavanaugh. that is up and away.
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just to finish, pre-game show produced by done bowie, directed by jonathan evans, thanks also to eric billing billingsmire. ryan declure, steve demeyer. pre-game show for help with the telecast. we came on the air at 4 zer 4:00 eastern and say good night after 10:30. tremendous game between the clubs. count is 1-2. nobody on. two outs. adrian beltre tries to end the night, as kelly grounds out and the rangers are one win away. what a night defensively. the throw by nelson cruz. the throw by napoli. that play right there by adrian beltre. they can do it all, they can beat you in many ways in the rangers -- and the rangers have beaten the tigers three times in this l.c.s.
10:33 pm
the winner is feldman. the loser is vavlerde, who has been asked to do a lot. in his second inning of relief work. got bounced around for a fou four-run 11th inning. >> tim: when you think about the rangers, it's hard to think of a guy who did not contribute. david murphy with three hits. josh hamilton, the go-ahead run. nelson cruz, the great throw. the three-run homer. kinsler with a big steal of third. michael young with his first rbi of the series. and you mentioned napoli in that great pitching staff. all of them contributed. >> joe: four hours in length of game after a two-hour, 13-minute delay at the start go to ken. >> ken: thank you, joe. mike, take me through the sequence in the 11th. first, how surprise were you
10:34 pm
that they walked beltre to pitch to you and second at-bat against vavlerde? >> player: i guess they were saying don't play. i got excited when they put him on. and you know, i like to hit with runners in scoring position. it fits me good but i stayed inside enough to get in the outfield. >> ken: nelson cruz not just the home run but the throw. talk about his night. >> player: unbelievable. we did it as a team. everyone had part of the game. it was great. great win for us. what an exciting game. >> ken: mike, thank you very much. joe, back to you. >> joe: all right. congratulations to mike napoli on a big night and the rangers. they are one win away from going to the world series in 2011. coming up next except on the west coast is your late local news. we remind you to join us tomorrow. from here in detroit, game five of the alcs. and that matchup of verlander and wilson. coverage begins at 4:00 eastern, 1:00 pacific only on fox. promotionm consideration paid
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for by the following -- >> joe: for more information on tonight's game and latest in major league baseball news, log on to powered by msn, the world's favorite sports site. for tim mccarver and the rest of the crew, joe buck. so long from detroit. it took 11 innings. again, as it did in game two. in game four, 7-3 win for texas. until tomorrow, so long from all of us at fox sports. captioned by closed captioning services, inc ♪ ♪ 
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 a local woman accused at a vicious stabbing at a target store has done this before, her violent past and why she was allowed back on the street.
10:38 pm
>> a gray wet wednesday. while the showers taper off overnight we'll have to watch for very thick fog thursday morning and a couple more rounds of showers and maybe thunder. i'll give you the timing after the game.  this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a maryland woman is accused of stabbing a stranger at a local store and it's not the first time. tonight we're learning why she was allowed out of the mental hospital and back on the streets. the fbi is now investigating after a stash of weapons was found on an arlington trail. and the rain is making for a slow going commute around the d.c. region. will it stick around for tomorrow? thanks for joining us tonight, everyone. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. the woman accused of a vicious stabbing outside a lanham target store yesterday
10:39 pm
is held without bond. antoinette starks is the same woman who in 2005 was found guilty of stabbing two women in a nordstrom's store. starks was released from a state institution back in august. fox 5's paul wagner starts us off. >> reporter: antoinette starks has spent the better part of the last several years in a mental hospital. she was released in august and moved into this house in bowie. >> i think we were both absolutely in in disbelief. >> reporter: kenneth trombly is an attorney who represented one of the victims in the nordstrom attack. he said he was told starks had been ponding well to treatment. >> we were led to -- responding well to treatment. >> we were led to believe the mental health authorities made it a fining she was safe to be released -- a finding she was safe to be released into the community. >> reporter: but tuesday
10:40 pm
morning just before 10:00 police say starks stole several knives and walked over to target. the 9th-year-old victim was loading groceries into her -- the 39-year-old victim was leading groceries into her car in this parking lot when antoinette starks walked up and began stabbing her several times. starks confessed and said the woman did nothing to provoke the attack. >> i'm sure the court will order a mental health evaluation of her and we expect that will certainly happen. >> reporter: antoinette starks has been charged with attempted first degree murder and faces life in prison if found competent to stand trial. >> we're obviously concerned about her being dangerous. we certainly believe that she poses a threat to the community and we would like to make sure that she's not able to harm another citizen and that she should be held for so long as it's appropriate to keep our community safe. >> reporter: witnesses say starks was clanging the knives together and refusing to drop them when police shocked her with a taser.
10:41 pm
>> paul wagner reporting. larry finch with the maryland department of health and mental hygiene said the staff at clifton perkins hospital is devastated by the news of the new charge says against starks. finch says she was doing well. new tonight a disturb discovery in the northern virginia middle school. someone found a stash of weapons and tonight the fbi wants to know who they belong to and why they were there. fox 5 roz plater joins us with more. >> you can imagine just how shocked those construction workers were who actually found all this. the call originally came in as a machine gun buried in the ground and tonight investigators are scrambling to figure this thing out. >> reporter: it was in this wooded area just off i-56 at patrick henry drive that construction crews made a startling discovery early wednesday morning and called for help. >> next thing we knew was there was 12 arlington county police cars, arlington county bomb
10:42 pm
squad and more wagons which i figured was either fbi or the secret service. >> reporter: turns out, it was the fbi and that agency confirms what the workers found was a gun, two weapons parts and some pvc pipes. investigators brought in the bomb squad and portable x-ray machine and quickly determined the items were not hazardous, but it was enough to put neighbors here on edge. >> it's just very alarming. we're learning they're finding buried weapons across from where we live. there's a middle school right down not street, lots of kids around all -- down the street, lots of kid around all the time. >> reporter: that area neighbors say is a cut-through trail often used by kids. >> if you go through there, there's a playground. that's my concern is there's guns on ground used by middle schoolers. >> reporter: neighbors say investigatorred asked pretty pointed questions. >> they're also talking about
10:43 pm
military style. >> they were asking if anybody in the neighborhood, if we knew of anybody in the neighbor that was related to the military and we don't at least in this block. >> reporter: for now agents are pouring over maps and going over the area inch by inch hoping to solve the mystery. it would go a long way to give neighbors here peace of mind. >> a little scary to think. we can't live in fear. >> investigators hope to trace those weapons. tonight that yates roped off. we're told they will continue -- that area is roped off. we're told they will continue their search tomorrow. >> now to the weather, the rain not done with us yet, live look outside, still coming down. sue palka live in the weather center tracking this system. >> it's a lot lighter than earlier today, most places in the metro area down to drizzle. that will linger off and on and certainly the clouds are, too. it was heavier down to our south, but locally we picked up about 1/4 to 1/3-inch of rain. let's look at sentinel radar
10:44 pm
and show you we see lighter showers showing up in montgomery county, drizzle not really getting picked up well, but there's still plenty of drizzle out there. you can see the batches of heavier showers have now all pushed on to our north, but when we look around the region and specifically look out to the west, some of that rain was messing with detroit earlier tonight. they had the two-hour rain delay and there's a bit more to come. we can see it off to the west. for the rest of tonight we'll call for just drizzle or light showers overnight, but the showers will be back with us tomorrow and if the clouds break up a bit for bait of sun, we can't rule out a -- a bit of sun, we can't rule out a rumble of thunder. two tons of stone will come down from the national cathedral tomorrow. they are pieces from a pinnacle damaged in the august earthquake. crews want to stablize the damaged towers until the stonework can be repaired. then the stone will be put back into place. the cathedral has only been
10:45 pm
complete since 1990. work began 83 years earlier in 1907. new details in the search for an alexandria community activist who vanished three weeks ago. police have a clue in the disappearance of lenny harris last seen leaving a rec center in old town september 21st. fox 5's wisdom martin is following ther to for us tonight. >> the good news for the family is investigators found his car, but they did not find harris. in fact, they are still searching for the man caught on video using his car. tonight he disappeared. for lenny harris' wife debra and his daughter maya there is reason to have hope. >> i have a little flutter, a bit of flutter in my stomach. >> reporter: alexandria police found his 1994 corolla in prince george's county about they've weeks after he vanished. >> it was like wow, okay, they found the car. okay, and as long as he wasn't in it, i was good. >> reporter: harris was last seen the night of september 21st. his daughter maya last talked
10:46 pm
to him that day as she left for work. >> i was like bye, dad like we do every morning. say have a good day, love you, love you, too. >> that was at 12:00 that night when he didn't come home, i was just -- and 3:00 i knew something was wrong and 6:00 is when i got up and started looking, calling family and friends to say have you seen him? >> yeah. i called him. he didn't, but that's not like him. so he would answer my calls regardless. >> reporter: the next morning investigators found his cell phone on the woodrow wilson bridge, but harris and his car were nowhere to be found. investigators also had video of an unidentified man using harris' credit card on king street around 1:00 in the morning september 22nd. >> it's just unreal and i'm just taking it one day at a time, just being strong for my mom. >> reporter: then over the weekend a private towing
10:47 pm
company discovered his abandoned car at an apartment complex on livingston road in prince george's county county. >> we searched that area -- prince george's county. >> we searched that area, but he may know that area because he's everywhere with his pest control business and he had all types of friends. so maybe, but not where he would go and stay in a parked car. >> reporter: with the discovery of his car the family has hope that lenny harris is still alive and out there somewhere. >> his daughter needs him. i need him. we just want him back. we just want him home. >> you saw in this video police had video of a white dodge caravan with no front tag with more than one person inside. that video was captured during an attempted use of harris' credit card around midnight september 22nd. there is a reward for information leading to harris' whereabouts. uts. >> hopefully he's found very soon. we are following a still developing story out west tonight. several people are dead after a
10:48 pm
shooting inside a california hair salon, what may have led to the violence. a live report is coming up next. on the news edge new developments in a story on fox 5 we've followed over a year now, drivers handcuffed and hauled off to jail in d.c. because they have expired tags on their cars. who is calling for changes tonight? we'll be right back.
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eight people are dead after a gunman opened fire at a california hair salon. the motive may have been a relationship gone bad. laura evans in the newsroom with the latest on the developing story. >> the gunfire started around 1:30 this afternoon in salon maritage in seal beach just south of los angeles. when the shooting spree was over, the man drove way. police stopped him about a 1/2- mile away. he surrendered, was cooperative and was arrested. investigators have not released his name at this time. the victimwere scattered throughout the salon.
10:52 pm
they found six people dead, three people injured. two of the injured people later died at the hospital, one remaining in critical condition tonight. police do not know if the man stood at the doorway firing or sending them running or if he walked through the shop while he was firing. police say it looks like some of the victims were trying to take shelter when they were shot. >> i don't know who our witness was that led us to the arrest. i know within seconds of within a minute i would say of the shooting our officers arriving and were following the suspect. so we feel very confident at this point that we do have the single and only suspect in custody. >> now a salon employee who was not working today says the gunman is the husband of another employee. again seal beach just south of los angeles, it's a quiet community that has seen only one other homicide in the past four years. new tonight at 10:00 string
10:53 pm
of break-ins in northern virginia is keeping police busy in the city of falls church in arlington county. investigators have a warning for homeowners. fox 5's bob barnard has the story. >> police believe these crimes are related, nearly a dozen houses broken into in the past month all between the hours of 6 p.m. and 3 a.m. the advice from officials, fortify your home always locking doors and windows. two of the 10 homes burglarized between september 2nd and october 7th are here along north tucaho street in falls church. betsy sherman says her neighbor was a victim. >> they seem to be targeting big new houses and what they are getting apparently is electronics. >> high end electronics according to falls church officials, laptop computers, ipads, iphones, a handgun and
10:54 pm
expensive jewelry. >> i know times are tough, but you resort to stealing, it's not the most profitable way to earn a living. >> reporter: city of falls church officials say in one case somebody was home when the burglars broke in. nobody was hurt. police say fortify your home even though one house was burglarized after the bandits kicked in a door that was double locked. >> it helps and we encourage people to take every precaution. always lock your door even if you're out in the yard and lock your car doors and turn the alarm system on even though you have it. sometimes people don't turn them on. make sure it's on. just be careful. >> reporter: betsy sherman says her home was once broken into. >> i freaked out. i absolutely freaked out. >> reporter: bent is i says about two years ago several -- betsy says about two years ago several cars were burglarized on this same street. tony scardino's was stolen out of his driveway. >> there were four the night of my car. we don't if it was a gang
10:55 pm
initiation. they stole my sunglasses. >> reporter: most people think the east church falls metro station has something to do with their crime waves. >> i think it's kids that come out of metro and they've targeted this area and get back home afterwards carrying their backpacks, look like school kids. who is going to stop them? they get on the metro and go and sell it on the street. that's my feeling about it. >> falls church step, arlington county and metro transit police are all on the case. so far the burglar or burglars have not been caught on surveillance video. officials hope that changes if they strike again. >> bob barnard tonight. a virginia man is accused of spying on syrian protesters in washington and sending the message back to the syrian government. officials say the goal was to silence and intimidate demonstrators. fox 5's tom fitzgerald explains. >> reporter: his name is
10:56 pm
mohamad anas haitham, 47 years old arrested tuesday what i grand jury -- on a grand jury sealed indictment that included gun charges. according to the charges soueid has been photographing protesters in the u.s. and handing those materials over to syria's spy agency in an effort to intimidate and squash the protest movement want in u.s. soueid lived in this -- movement in the u.s. soueid lived in this house and police say it was here he designed a spy ring to collect information on people protesting against syria. court documents say from april to june this year soueid e- mailed 20 audio and video recordings of protesters in the united states and he is also charged with giving false addresses on a gun permit for a weapon he purchased at a lorton gun store. the operation's goal was to collect information on protesters who were calling for syrian president bra shier
10:57 pm
assad to resign and use -- basir assad to resign and use that information to harass the friends and relatives of the protesters. it was agreed with the prosecution's motion to keep soueid behind bars fearing he may try to flee to serbia, but u.s. officials charged soueid directly with top syrian officials. the indictment said this past summer the government paid for him to travel to syria where he reportedly met personally with the syrian president and questioned by fbi agents in august he denied collecting information on protesters in the u.s. or sharing any information with syrian government officials. if convicted, he faces up to 15 years in prison on spying charges, 15 years for the near arms charges and 10 years for making false -- firearms charges and 10 years for making false statements to federal investigators. tonight the obama administration is asking other
10:58 pm
national leaders for support in dealing with iran after a foiled terror plot. the justice department says elements of the iranian government was behind the plan to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s. one person has been arrested for the plan which would have been carried out in d.c. the vice president spent the money insisting iran would be held accountable. >> -- the morning insisting iran would be held accountable insight a very dangerous thing that they believe -- accountable. >> it's a very dangerous thing that they believed they could do this on u.s. soil, take a saudi ambassador and u.s. employees as well is a brazen act. a surprise in court today from the man known as the underwear bomber. umar abdulmutallab pleaded guilty to trying to blow up an international flight on christmas day 2009. his trial started in court yesterday and today he pleaded guilty to all eight charges against him. he faces a sentence for life in
10:59 pm
prison for trying to blow up a northwest airlines flight from the netherlands to detroit. a local gay rights pioneer is dead. tonight we recognize the founding father of movement still ahead here on fox 5 news at 10:00. 


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