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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  October 13, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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pleasant. the caps got a practice in before heading to today's show downwith the penguins. we still have plenty ahead. your weather, traffic and all the top stories coming up. fox 5 morning news continues right now. now. let's head out to oxon hill this morning extake ex-- this morning, take a look at the fog. pretty thick in some areas so be careful. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. lets -- let's say hello to tony perkins. it is thick out there. cro we've got some fog, mist, drizzle. some of us are seeing some thunderstorm activity. -- we've got some fog, mist, drizzle. here is a look at hd radar. we are see something rain in
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portions of the area this morning off to the west where you see those red and yellows and the flashing there. that is where we've got some thunderstorm activity. so it looks like it is maybe out towards ashburn, some places like that, sterling maybe. route 7 looks like we are seeing some thunderstorm activity along that area, maybe great falls too and then off to the south and west, west of dale city and just south of manassas, maybe a little bit of -- we were see something flashing there. not seeing it at the moment. still some thunderstorm activity out there at the moment. much of the area not seeing any actual rain but mist or drizzle and the fog that you saw in the live shot. temperatures that you saw at the airports, they are mild as expected. hike tucker said a short time ago, no real changes in our temperatures over the last 4 hours or so. 63 at dulles. 63 at bwi marshall. the forecast for today, lots of
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clouds around. drizzle, fog, showers off and on during the course of the day. we're looking for a high of about 73 degrees today. we'll see if we can make that. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. we'll have more coming up in a little bit. let's check in with julie wright now. she has the latest on traffic. it kind of collects on the windshield a bit. i don't know where it came from. it doesn't feel like it is raining. there is this wetness on the windshield. it is kind of a problem. >> slick spots out there on the roads. tony mentioned route 7. this time of year, we get a lot of tree leaves on the ground mixed with the moisture. it becomes a very slick commute. allow extra time out there on the roads. pack your patience. i think you will need it. inbound new york avenue, no incidents to report. this is a nice, easy ride, northeast to northwest. no problems reported on kenilworth avenue, south of 50 towards pennsylvania avenue. northbound i-95 in good shape as well. no incidents to report out of dale city headed up and across the occoquan. lanes are open if you are
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traveling south on 270 coming in out of germantown and looking through the raindrops, the pace on the beltway so far not a problem for those traveling between college park and 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. following breaking news from montgomery county where there is an amber alert in effect for an 11-year-old boy. police say his mother was found dead in their apartment. >> reporter: this is a somewhat unusual case. we do have an amber alert for an 11-year-old boy. but it would appear that he has not been seen for nearly two weeks. i'm he here with cap tape -- with captain paul starks to fill us in. tell me how this got started. >> an acquaintance of mrs. mcquain contacted bethesda and
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filled out a missing persons report. yesterday evening, officers arrived at the residence. receiving no response, climbed in through an open window being assisted by fire rescue. and that is when they found her deceased in her bedroom. >> reporter: i understand the last time anyone had seen this young boy of hers was september 30th. is that accurate? >> that is the information that we have now. this is still a fresh investigation. and our challenge sometimes working overnight is getting to a lot of sources. hopefully, during the day, we'll be able to contact more family, friends and coworkers and determine more about this time line. >> she was found deceased in her bedroom but this is being called a homicide so this is not a death of natural causes. >> we're investigating this as a homicide. we'll wait until after the medical examiner has completed the query and provided us with some preliminary results to confirm that. >> and there is also an amber alert out for a car. do they believe this young boy
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may be actually be with whoever has that car. >> that's correct. that is white lookout for him and the car are relate thed to one another. we are asking anybody would believes they see that car or william to call 911 immediately. >> thank you very much, captain paul starks. i'll give that you information about the car. it is a 2011 honda crv. it belonged to jayne mcquain who is william's mother. we are live in germantown outside the apartment complex where she was found dead and this young boy was last seen. if you have any information or you see that vehicle, please contact police. i'm stacy cohan. back to you. also new this morning, two dozen maryland residents will need a new place to stay after their homes were damaged by fire. the flames broke out overnight along cherry hill road in beltsville. no injuries are reported. no word on what caused the fire. police in the district are investigating an accident of a pedestrian hit by a car late
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last night. this happened on new york avenue near florida avenue in northeast. it appears that the car stayed on the scene but we cannot confirm the condition of the pedestrian. we are going to get appear update as soon as we get more information. making headline being a disturbing discovery in northern virginia. the fbi wants to know why someone hid a stash of weapons near a middle school. construct works found a gun, some weapons parts and some pvc pipe buried in the ground just off interstate 66. this is near patrick henry drive in arlington. the fbi and the bomb squad quickly determined the items were not hazardous. investigators will be back out to the area today scouring for clues. an american citizen from northern virginia accused of spying for syria. the government says mohammed swai watched anti-syrian protest arers here in the d.c. region and sent video back to the syrian intelligence agency.
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the leesburg man was arrested tuesday and faces up to 40 years in prison. powerful earthquake rattled indonesia's bali island overnight. it struck just offshore and sent people in the popular resort area running into the streets. so far, the 6.0 quake injured dozens of people but no tsunami warning and no deaths reported. another aftershock near the epicenter of the earthquake that rattled what happened here. this happened in mineral, virginia, a 3.0 in louisa county. portions of a pinnacle damaged during the august earthquake will be remoferred from the national cathedral this morning. the two ton pieces will be taken from the southwest corner of the central tower. crews are trying to make the pinnacle and central tower more stable until stone work can be repaired. the church will also use the same engineer crew that inspected the quake damage at the washington monument. maryland is getting a new area code. up next are we'll tell you if you will be one of the folk
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eight people are dead after a gunman opened fire at a hair salon in california. investigators say the motive may have been a relation high pressure gone bad. police say 4 #-year-old scott avenuens decree of huntington beach is now under arrest charged in the deadly shooting spree yesterday at salon marathon. an employee said the alleged gunman is the husband of another employee. a surprise in court from the man known as the returned wear bomber. umar farouk abdulmutallab unexpectedly pled guilty to the charges against him. he was charged with trying to blow up a northwest airlines flight on christmas day 2009 and some of the passenger whose jumped on him and put out fire were ready to testify. he could now get life in prison. maryland is getting a new area code. it is 667. the public service commission says the remaining numbers in the 410 and 443 area codes are
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expected to be exhaust bid next year and the new code will begin in march. the new area code will be assigned in central and southern maryland as well as the southeastern shore. the psc says existing 410 and 443 numbers will not be affected. there is a warning for some area home owners. up next, a recent wave of burglaries and the thieves are targeting particular types of items. we'll explain and we'll check weather and traffic coming up next. our 4 new rich & hearty soups really have people talking... [ guy ] ring, ring. hold on a sec... progresso... i love your new loaded potato with bacon. that's what we like to hear. where was i? oh right... our rich & hearty soups.. people love the thick cut carrots... we do too! where was i?
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you can barely see much of anything out there except for the lights right now. i believe this is oxon hill, maryland we are taking a look at again right now. we saw earlier this morning as well as it could be a little difficult driving around out there today with the fog. that is for sure. >> definitely dense in maces. this is the densest fog we've seen in a little while. we had fog earlier this week but not like that. we also have the mist and drizzle and even some real rainfall in parts of the area.
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so it is a messy morning. going to slow your commute down hopefully. >> it is going to get out of here though later on today? >> yeah, although i would for the be shocked if there were some fog hanging around in parts of the area later on. let's take a look at what is going on. i'll start with the sentinel radar and so you we do have some rain and some thunderstorm activity popping up and occurring off to the north and west. let me see. does this one have flashes on it or no? i can't tell you if there is lightning but we have had flashes earlier this morning right around rockville. 270 up towards 270 as well. and if it is not thunderstorm activity, there is certainly some heavy rain there. nokesville seeing a little bit
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of rain right near there, not into far from gainesville. we were seeing some lightning with that system as well a little bit earlier. you want to be aware of that. most of the rest of the region, if you are not seeing rain or thunderstorm activity, you are seeing the mist and the drizzle and the fog all across the region. thank you for moving that around. now, let's take a look at the big picture. we can show that you we got a couple of thins going o very active map after very quest cans last week into the weekend. heavier rainfall off to the north now. that has already come through our region. it is now north of new york city. here is what we're dealing with now. out to the west, there is a frontal boundary, a cold front that will gradually make its way here. the timing on that is that even though we'll with respect up with all of this later on today, as that front gets closer, it brings with it the chance of more shower ask tuft so by tomorrow, we'll have intermittent showers during the course of the day as well. temperatures arm the region in the 60s. cmptly, we are at 64-degree on this map here in washington.
5:18 am
67 in annapolis. 63 in baltimore. quantico, 66 degrees. winchester, a cool 57. forecast for washington for today looks like this. clouds, drizzle, showers are possible looking for a high in the low 70s. about 71 degrees should do it for today. then for tonight, more showers are possible during the evening hours. 62 for your overnight low. most of you are your lows in the 60s once again. then the five-day forecast, we have a chaps some of intermittent showers as i said on friday. 72 for the high. highs in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees. even monday looks pretty good. i should mention that these temperatures are just about normal. our average high starting today is 69 degrees. now, let's get an update on this morning's rush hour traffic from julie wright. we got a little thunder and lightning going over here as well. so yeah, it is moving through the area. i wanted to pop up the camera you were talking about. rockville getting hit right now with thunder and lightning. i pulled up the camera here at
5:19 am
207 at falls road kind of in the heart of rockville if you will. i should say over towards the interstate. we are dealing with that as you come southbound. expect the volume to increase earlier this morning because people are trying to head out the door earlier, get to work on time. i understand that. wipers are getting a good workout. so far, we are incident-free as you travel southbound leaving the rockville interchanges and continuing out to the lane divide. lanes are open on 29. this no problems to report on georgia avenue inside of the beltway. 355 looks good as well as you travel south of the beltway headed south of nih. no issues to report out to the west on 66. lanes are open leaving manassas headed inbound towards centerville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a string of break-ins in northern virginia keeping the cops busy there. it is happening in the city of falls church and in arlington county. >> police believe these crimes
5:20 am
are related and they have a warning for home owners too. bob barnard has more. >> reporter: two of the ten homes burglarized between september 2nd and october 7th are here along north tuckahoe in falls church. >> they seem to be targeting big new houses and what they are getting apparently is electronics. >> reporter: high-end electronics according to falls church officials. laptop computers, ipads and iphones, a happened gun and expensive jewelry. >> time are tough but to resort to stealing is not the most profitable way to earn a living. >> reporter: city of falls church officials say in one case, somebody was home when the burglars broke in. nobody was hurt. police say it is best to fortify your home even though one house was burglarized after the bandits kicked in a door that was double locked.
5:21 am
>> it helps and we always encourage people to take every precaution. always lock your door even if you are out in the yard working on the yard and even your car doors and turn at large system on even though you have it, sometimes people don't turn them on. you need to make sure it is on. just be careful. >> reporter: betsy sherman says her home was once broken into. >> oh, my gosh, i freaked out. i absolutely freaked out. >> reporter: betsy says about two years ago, several cars were burglarized on this same street. tony scardino's was stolen. >> there were actually four. we don't mow if it was a gang initiation. >> reporter: most think the east metro station has something to do. >> i think it is kids that come out to the area and get back on the metro and carrying their backpacks, look like school kids and they go hem and they
5:22 am
sell it on the street. that is my feeling about it. >> reporter: bob barnard, fox 5 news. the new movie, the three musketeers opens next week. kevin mccarthy went to london to interview the stars of the movie. >> that is next. stay with us. ♪
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welcome back. taking a live look outside, you can see the wet roadways are something you are going to deal with, also fog. even some light anyone and norms we're hearing about in the area. tony will keep us up to date and we'll check with him later on. movie reviewer kevin mccarthy recently went to london to interview the stars of the new movie, the three musketeers. >> he hay little fun and did some sight seeing. let's show this photo of kevin recreigh aight the cover of abbey road. he asked actors who portrayed the three musketeers for advice on the fine wart of swash buckling. >> if i ever find myself in a sword fight, could you give me
5:26 am
some tips. >> always have a drink first. >> call paul. >> get paul to choreograph it. >> if you're going to be in a fight, you may was well have this choreographed by one of the best. >> and you want to say i win. >> write the script yourself. >> on a serious note, in the beginning of the film, logan's fathers looks at him says go out, live a little, make mistakes. his dream is to become a musketeer. i wanted to ask you guys, when you first knew you want today actors, was there a moment where you wanted to do that so well but was there always support from your family. >> for me, there was. but i think there is an understanding that if you jump into the asking business, i think my parents sort of -- i knew it would be precarious and hard at times. >> you kind of set yourself up already. you are either that person and people around you know it and they're not really as surprised
5:27 am
as you thought they would be. if it comes as such a come meet shock, then you are probably going against type. >> you don't become an actor. >> you don't choose to be an actor. >> it is a hard business. >> but when you do it for a living, i've been through times when i haven't worked for aier or more. and something in you never gives up. my family have always seen that and ad mured it as a fact that i've kept my goals alive. but-- admired it as a fact that i've kept my goals alive but it is a hard career. >> as actors, if you have a failure, a moment in your career where there was a moment, how do you pick yourself back up. >> you have to rely on the truth of the matter. if you are going to have a career in this business, have you to be honest enough with yourself not to kid yourself. it is feast and famine and rough time and good times. but being honest with yourself. >> not taking yourself too seriously. take the work seriously but not
5:28 am
yourself. >> exactly. >> there you've heard from the three musketeers. the big question is is the movie worth your money. kevin will join us tomorrow morning with his review of this weekend's releases. we are following several new stories from overnight including an amber alert related to a mysterious death. that is coming up income, plus some stormy weather in the area. we'll check in with tony for the latest coming up. coffee -- black, straight up. extra cream, three sugars. iced coffee french vanilla. for me. iced coffee with a turbo shot. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. drinkin' dunkin'. america runs on dunkin' coffee. and even though you do what you can to take care of it, sometimes you want to give your immune system some support.
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you can see just how heavy the fog is out there, wet roads too. it is a little messy out there this morning. take some extra time but we'll steer you through, it so to peek. tony, we'll charge you with that. >> a lot of folks aren't seeing rain right now. some are but most of us have the mist and the fog which is as problematic in some cases. the roads are click. you will use your windshield wipers and the like and you should slow down because of reduced visibility. we do have some thunderstorms out there as well. let's take a look at hd radar. it is limited but where it is, you are getting heavy rain, thunder and lightning. right now, it is to our north right around the gaithersburg area. we are still seeing flashes there on our radar. there is lightning with this. the lightning and thunderstorm activity we were seeing out to the west has -- it hasn't dissipated. it has moved to the north so that is why we're seeing it now
5:32 am
around the gaithersburg area, rockville area, places like that. germantown, some thunderstorms so you want to be aware of that. they will move through. much of the rest of the area, you see some of those green regions where you see the green, that is where we're getting some rainfall and the radar really does not pick up the mist or the drizzle out there. it doesn't do a good job with that. right now, reagan national reporting a temperature of 65 degrees. 65 at reagan national. humidity, way up there as you would expect, 97% and the winds are calm. but nothing really to push that fog out of here. at this point, it will take quite a while for that to, quote, unquote, burn off. forecast for today, cloudy skies. showers, highs in the upper 60s and low 70s depending on where you are and there will be periods of rain during the day today. that is a look at the weather. we'll have more coming up in just a little bit. this is one of those days that we'll just get through to get to the weekend. >> you kind of to grin and
5:33 am
bear it, absolutely. we're taking a peek at what is happening out to the west on 66. lanes are open. no incident to report coming inbound out of manassas. traffic volume but nothing stopping you there. overnight construct was scared off because of the weather. lanes are open traveling between annandale and merrifield. if you are traveling out of rockdale this morning southbound along 207 work are your way down towards montrose, no incidents to report but volume increasing here. the outer loop of the beltway starting to slow at university boulevard. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. breaking news this morning out of maryland. there is an amber alert in effect for an 11-year-old germantown boy. take a look. this is william mcquain. he is described as five feet tall, 85 pounds. his mother jane was found dead inside their germantown apartment last night. police searched the home after a tip from a friend concerned
5:34 am
he hadn't heard from her. police are investigating the death as a homicide. they say the last time anyone reported seeing william is september 30th. >> sometimes working overnight is getting to a lot of sources. hopefully during the day, we'll be able to contact more family, friends and coworkers to determine more about the time line. >> reporter: jane mcquinn's car is also missing and police say william could be with the vehicle. cle. if you have any information, they want you to call police. two dozen maryland residents will need a new place to stay after their homes were damaged by a fire. as flames broke out overnight along cherry hill road in beltsville, no injuries reported. no word on what caused that fire. d.c. police are investigating an accident involving a pedestrian from last night. a police major crash team first
5:35 am
got the call around 9:30 and apparently found the driver still on the scene at new york avenue near florida avenue. investigate ours say the pedestrian is in critical condition this morning. also following a powerful earthquake in the south pacific overnight. it rattled indonesia's island of bali. the 6.0 quake caused widespread panic and injured some 50 people, most with broken bones and head wounds. other damage includes collapsed roofs but no tsunamis an so far, no deaths reported. anotherafter shock near the incenter of the earthquake. the u.s. geological survey says the 3.0 aftershock occurred yesterday afternoon about six miles southwest of mineral, virginia. a local middle school was briefly evacuated. the national cathedral continues to repair damage suffered from the august quake. portions of a pinnacle will be removed this morning. the two-ton pieces will be taken from the southwest corner of the central tower. the goal is to make the pinnacle and central tower more stable until stone work can be
5:36 am
repaired. church officials say they need to raise $15 million for initial repairs. it is schedule to reopen on november 12th. other stories making headline this morning, a stash of weapons discovered near a northern virginia middle school. a construction crew found a gun, two weapons, parts and some pvc pipes buried in the woods just off i-56 at patrick henry drive at arlington. neighbors say it is a cut- through used by kids. investigators determined the items were not hazardous and are hoping they can trace the weapons. they will search the area gain today. antoinette starks, the woman accused in a vicious unprovoked stabbing outside a target store, is being held without bond now. she is accused of using knives she had just stolen to attack the shopper standing here her car. she had spent time in a state mental hospital after stabbing two women at a nordstroms at montgomery mall in 2005. at family of a missing alexandria man says it is a sign there is sign of hope. a private towing company found lenny harris' car at an
5:37 am
apartment come electric on livingston road in prince george's county over the weekend. he was last seen leaving a rec center in oldtown september 21st. surveillance video caught a man trying to use his bank card at an atm on king street later that night. police are also looking for a white dodge caravan spotted near an atm in prince george's county. a syrian man from leesburg is arrested for spying against row testers. a federal judge ordered mohammed swayed to say in detention until tomorrow. he is charged with sending e- mails and videos about protests are here in d.c. back to the syrian government. prosecutors say the goal was to silence and intimidate demonstrators who have been calling for iri can't's president to step down since protests started last spring o. a friep frightening scene on the train tracks. a late night collision. this happened as passengers were unloading. wall street closed up
5:38 am
yesterday. the dow picked up over 100. the nasdaq gained more than 21 points and in japan, the nikkei is up 84 as investors are more and more optimistic that europe can resolve its debt crisis. we'll be right back. [ female annnnouncer ] if you're considering going back to school,
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explore your options at check the tag. made in france. wow. the price tag. double wow. up to 60% off. find what makes you happy at a price that makes you homegoods happy. making headlines, an amtrak train crashed into another train unloading passengers at a
5:41 am
station in oakland late last night. sixteen people were hurt during this. most of the injuries were minor. the train was traveling about 15 to 20 miles per hour at impact. the wheels of both eng ins were knocked off the track. cause of the accident still under investigation. eight people are dead after a gunman opened fire at a california hair sal son. investigators say the motive may have been a relationship gone bad. police say the suspect, 42-year- old scott afterrens decree of huntington beach is now under arrest charged in the deadly shooting spree yesterday afternoon in seal beach. he is reportedly the husband of a salon employee. a surprise twist in the underwear bomber trial on the second day of testimony. umar farouk abdulmutallab stunned the court by pleading guilty to all of the charges against him. there was no plea teal. he was acting at his own lawyer. had you business court appointed attorney strongly
5:42 am
advised against pleading guilty. he now faces life in prison. one mannance love of a superhero taken to the extreme. coming up next, his efforts to become a real life superman. >> he took it all the way to the operating table. we'll explain plus we're checking your morning commute and forecast. -- one man's love of a prosecute me -- of a superhero taken to the extreme. tutututututure,
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we have a lot of great information to share with you this morning so we hope you stick around all morning long. beginning in our 7:00 hour, holly is going to team up with our garden guy, derek thomas. we'll hopefully get the inside and outside of your place decked out for autumn. >> and in our 8:00 hour dr. oz will be here participating in his transformation nation challenge. he will answer some of your facebook questions so make thank you to send in your questions starting now. when is the last time you heard from big bird on a show like this. you are going to. big bird and other friends if sesame street are going to join us and find out how to tackle the topic of bullying.
5:46 am
we'll talk with them at 9:00. we want to let you know about our coverage going on this weekend of the mlk memorial dedication. we'll carry the official ceremony at 11:00 a.m. sunday on our sister station wdca, my 20. >> allison and melanie alnwick will be anchoring this special. that is the mlk memorial dedication ceremony sunday at 11:00 on my 0 and that coverage will be streamed live on -- on my 20 and that coverage will be streamed live on >> we have a nice weekend this time. we'll talk about the weekend in a moment. first, let's talk about today, this morning, when we have dicey conditions out there. we have some thunderstorm activities that that been moving around. here is a look at the september nell radar. this is where we've most recently seen thunderstorm activity up to the north near
5:47 am
-- it came through germantown and damascus and up near brookville, rockville, just to the north of gaithersburg. this is where we have seen some flashes of lightning ads well and some rumble of his thunder, some thunderstorm activity. if that thunderstorm is diminished, we still see some pockets of heavy rain here so you are -- you do want to be aware of that. that is what is going on there. columbia, you might get some of this not too long from now. across washington, it is mainly drizzle and mist and fog. down to the south, we have a couple of showers. just a few spots here and there where we see a little bit of heavy rain near port royal, not in the northeastern spotsylvania county. there you go, a little bit more activity down to the south. we'll keep an eye on all of this down through the morning hours. the big picture for the mid high pressure thick and the eastern united states. there is one system that came will you yesterday. some heavier rainfall and that is -- has pushed off to the north. this is the morning event. this ill with be enhanced somewhat and we'll goat more during the daytime.
5:48 am
out to the west is a frontal boundary. that will come through and bring with it the chance some of rain showers tomorrow during the day as well. so you want to be aware of that too. futurecast, this is a look at what we think is going to be going on through the next 24 hours or so. today, or this morning, scattered precipitation. this is mixed in with some of that light rain and drizzle and mist that we have. then as the morning progress, more rain, more spots of heavy rain and maybe some thunderstorm activity here and there so wear not done with it yet. there will be periods where it breaks up. right around 7:00 p.m., still showing some showers through virginia, washington and maryland. during the overnight hours, things begin to wrap up a little bit but then, as we get into friday, we'll see more of that activity develop. so for today, cloudy skies, drizzle, showers possible. 71degrees for your high. actually, a couple of degree above normal. for tonight, overnight lows in the 60s. a few showers here and there. again, continuing during your
5:49 am
nighttime hours for friday, lots of clouds around. we do think we'll get some sunshine in here for part of the day. 72degrees with periods of rain. saturday and sunday, sunday, of course, as we told you, the martin luther king memorial dedication and the redskins hosting the eagles, thins look good for sunday, most hi sunny, 70 for your high. monday looks pretty good too, 68 and sunny. i know why you're talking about all of this fog. it is taking you back to your radio days as in the velvet fog, mel torme when you used to play big band radio. >> are you make a joke or are you aware that did i do that. >> i no he that did you that. >> i'm not that sold but yeah, my first radio gig, big band. >> and look highway far you've come. >> yeah. >> you're going how did she know that.
5:50 am
>> that is pretty good. i'm surprised. >> imally tell -- imally telling you. i know things. early are incident out near falls road has been moved out of the roadway. still jammed up badly as you work with your way out of gaithersburg headed for the lane divide. traffic slowing again at other fair oaks and approaching the capital beltway. just east of 210, accident activity reporting at 270 and livingston road. outbound on route 50 headed towards the capital beltway out of landover, accident activity reported here as well. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. a superhero look-alike is patrolling the streets in the philippines. designer hash earth chavez has spent the last 10 years having plastic surgery to look like superman. he has had a nose job, skin bleaching, cheeks, lips, chin,
5:51 am
even thighs augmented. up next, having an operation for muscular abs and getting metal placed in his legs to make him taller. >> okay. to each his own. >> can you think of all money he pent doing that. maybe he gets some sort of kickback. who knows? a new era in maryland terps basketball. what should we expect this season? one team stands just win away from the world series. we are talking with the sports junkies coming up next. ♪
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all right. it is time to say good morning now to our facebook fan of the day. it is wendy fleming and she says that she has never noticed a fan of the day from culpeper, virginia and she wanted to be the first. congratulation. thank you for being our fan of the day. so the rangers just one win away from another world series. skinned back on the practice field. the caps getting ready for their archrivals tonight in pittsburgh. join is now the sports junkies from 106.7 the fan. good morning. >> what's happening, steve? >> a tried to watch ile baseball. the rangers are getting the job done. my question is does anybody outside of texas really care that the rangers are one game away. >> no, they don't. baseball is in danger again of following up last year with low ratings. you will get the cardinals probably but if you got the brewers and texas, i can't imagine anybody outside of me
5:55 am
watching that. but that is the problem that baseball has. a lot of people complain that tbs has the coverage for the nlcs because no other network wanted it fox only wasn't one round. no one really watches it it is unless philly, new york, or boston or chicago. to answer your question, nobody outside of dallas and me. >> mopefully for your sake, hopefully it does well so they don't trim your bonus check, steve since it is being aired on fox. >> my bonus check is equal to pretty much zero. >> yeah. >> let's talk a little redskins football right now. until we get to the world series, i love baseball. i can't get into it with the teams that are there right now and this time year because to me, this is football season first and then hockey and we don't have the nba. let's talk football. >> can i say one thing? >> yeah. >> i do think that the coverage on fox is better than tbs.
5:56 am
>> i agree. >> but i like tim mccarver and buck better than i do smoltz and darling. this is something about the coverage that make it seem bigger. >> you just like fred sagger's jackets, do want you? >> everybody loves to hate on the red sox and yankees. when they are not there, we all complain. we want the red sox and yankees there. that makes baseball interesting. >> exactly. glad to see you rocking the nationals jacket. hopefully, it will be a couple of years before they get there. >> you got the redskins hat on as well. >> look how local. i got my d.c. unite. i got my nationals. i god my redskins. i got everything going on today. >> you really match. >> it either really matches or not anywhere close to matching. >> he is a local fan boy. you got to give hip props. >> well, two of the three are still playing now. let's talk about the redskins
5:57 am
having the week off. with philly coming in at 1-4 right now, is this a team that you have on watch for or are they just that bad? >> they're an underperforming 1- 4. their offense is averaging 450 yards per game. this a dangerous team. they made a lot of turnovers. it has been the formula against that eagles defense. ryan torain coming off that big performance. >> you have to love all the distress signals coming out of philly. jason avant hosted a players only meeting yesterday. so panic has officially set in in philly. >> if jason is the one taking charge to hold the players only meeting, that to me says panic has already set in. >> i like the way the match-up plays up, because if you look at all the thins wasn't to do, pound the football, we're third
5:58 am
in rushing. keeple bought away, we are first in the nfc in time of possession. limit them from scoring, we are third in the ffl in -- in the nfl in defense. even though philly is dangerous and explosive, i like the way the two teams set up. >> sorry. we'll have to cut it off right there. we'll talk with you soon again. we're back after this.
5:59 am
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